Trust Me (2010) - full transcript

A comical fresco on human misdemeanors and betrayals... A film about our right to not be perfect.

I won't play what others decide,
I'm no small cog.

I create my own things. All great
actors work like that, as you know.

So... what do you say?
Will we still get the subsidy?

The subsidy?

You're not here for the fun of it,
right? You'll decide, subsidy or not.

I don't understand...

From the Cultural Services, right?
- No, I'm not.

Listen up!

We'll listen to a group that might
play during the representation.

They are from Chile and are called
Silvio and Friends. Friend.

Please, the stage is yours.

You know what we found?
- No?

A mattress with a disgusting smell
of piss.

I almost puked when we got rid of it.
And it was surrounded by food scraps,

milk cartons and crusts of bread!
Really disgusting.

Nice jacket.

May come in?

Well... This might seem strange
but came here 'cause there's

something'd like to tell you.

Maybe a bit out of the blue, but...
I mean we hardly know each other.

I've seen you here at the theatre
and... feel attracted to you.

And now'm here to ask you if
we could meet some time... like...

maybe tonight, go out to have
a drink or... have dinner.

If want to go out and have dinner?

Hey, you scared me!
- There they are...

I knew had spare keys somewhere.
I don't know where the others are.

Well, I'll be off.
- What happened?

A waitress. Hysterical.


It smells of cheesecake.
- Cheesecake?

Why don't you take a shower?
You've got a clean shirt over there.

It's cool, no one will notice.
- Are you going around like that?

I have got to go.
I have no time for a shower.

Why don't you want to take a shower?

Of course want to take a shower.

There's a towel in the bottom drawer.

What's wrong?


There's a gift for you.

Excuse me,
could you spare a cigarette?

It was a nice gift.

A really nice book.
Quite interesting, think.

And the card was nice too.

Did she like it?

We start rehearsing in five minutes.
First your scene with Jessica.

Where is Jessica?
- She's... not here.

Not here?
- She's a bit... She needs to be alone

What? We start in five minutes.
- Yes, but she's not... feeling well.

I'm not feeling well every day,
but don't skip the rehearsals.

She's had a tough day today.
- Is that so?

Is this a pre-school or a theatre?
What can make you skip rehearsals?

Getting to know she's pregnant.
- Pregnant?

You'd better come.

What's going on?

I'm here to tell you that
you must leave the premises.

We have a contract. You can't
just give us notice like that.

It's according to the law.
- What do you mean "to the law"?

Here have proof that there's
bad practice in these premises.

Well, where shall begin?

Maybe here.
Blocking of emergency exits.

Smoking in the premises.
Absolutely forbidden.

Using the premises as a home.

llegitimate business.

Unidentified preparations in toilets.
I myself took this out from the loo.

Plus... as if that wasn't enough,
twice delayed payment of the rent.

And finally, the worst...

You need a licence for that.

This is ridiculous! Business?
It's a box for coffee money.

And here'm resting.

And this one...
These are props. Theatre props.

This is absurd!
- No need for discussions.

My lawyer told me this is enough
to get you evicted.

That's for sure,
really nothing to thrash over.

So that's it. I'll be back on Monday
bringing along the documents.

You have nothing to say
in this matter.

You must be out on the 15th
when the new tenant will come.

A new tenant?!
Who even knows about these premises?

The new tenant was here
to have a look.



The girls are waiting to start the
rehearsal. You'd better talk to them.

And you know the worst?
He's getting married this spring.

- What? Is he dating somone?
- Yes, they've been dating two years.

He said Jessica isn't
the motherly type.

- Christ!
- He's a fucking pig!

And what did Jessica say?
- She was so angry and told him off.

At the end she threw a pie at him.

He was all smeary inside his shirt,
Jessica said.

No, it wasn't a pie, it was
something else. A cheesecake!

- Christ!
- It's awful.

You can't believe it's true.

Have you been unfaithful to me?
With Jessica?

Have you been unfaithful to me?
With Jessica?

What do you mean?
- What I mean?

What is it in "been unfaithful to me,
with Jessica?" you don't understand?

Answer me! Have you cheated on me?
- No.

I'm not that kind of guy.
- You fucking liar!

Why did you have cheesecake
on your shirt? Tell me that!

This is ridiculous...
- I'll show you who is ridiculous.

Can you look at me and say that you
haven't cheated on me with Jessica?

Katja, I have not cheated on you.

But... you're pathetic.

Don't you see that already know
that you knocked up Jessica?

You won't take responsibility,
so she smeared you with cheesecake.

For the last time. Tell me the truth.
Have you been cheating on me?

In a way... But can explain.
- Yeah, you'd better explain!

Take it away! It's not a real one.
- Oh, yes, it's real.

Stay calm.
- Calm?! You've been cheating on me!

You're out of here!
- OK, I'll just take my clothes.

Forget your clothes.
- But can't go out in a kimono.

Get out!
- OK!

That way.
- Take it easy.

Please, put down the gun. I'll do
what you want, but put down the gun.

Please put down the gun.
This is unpleasant.

Come on, continue walking.
Towards the exit.

- I want you out of here.

Open the door.
- It's cold outside.

Get out!


It's freezing outside and there's
plenty of people, I can't...

Get out!

Can't we talk about this like adults?

Get out!

I know that it all seems strange.
I'm aware of that.

Stay there.
- Give me a chance to explain.

Don't try to escape. I'll shoot.
- Let's sleep on it.

Tomorrow you'll think differently,
and we'll be able to laugh together.

Stop! said stay there! Stop!

Do you really think that there's
a real, loaded gun in a theatre?

What kind of gun was it?
- A starter's gun, for races.

Been there for long, but it shouldn't
be in a theatre, you need a licence.

Because of the banging sound.
- How did Jessica know about the gun?

One of the guys
fired a shot one night.

She went to see what happened,
and gave them a severe scolding.

Tonight she understood right away.
- Yeah, that banging sound...

I understand Alex was scared,
that he fell and hit his head.

Oh, it's you.

Well, come in.

I'm packing my things.
It's all over now.

It is!

Yeah, we could try to find
other premises but where?

And how long would we have to
look for it, like six months...

And no representations
during all that time...

And if we do find a place, could
we afford it? This place was cheap.

Then one more thing. mean...
I'm the only one who really cares.

And you know the worst?

To have to tell my Mom about it.

You don't like me.

It's always like that. When
like someone, he doesn't like me.

I don't know why, if it's because
I'm too strong. Some guys get scared.

Anyhow, like you.
I'm drunk so I'm telling you...

You want some?

- Why not?


Come on...


Did you cut your hair?

Just so you know.
I'm tired. I had a hard day.

Do you want anything?
- Just coffee, please.

One coffee, please.

I wanted us to meet, because...

I wanted to apologize.

It's OK.

Maybe I should be apologizing, too.
I was a bit blunt the other day.

But you had a bad timing
for your appearance...


Thank you.

Alex is the father.
Maybe you saw him at the theatre.

Katja's boyfriend?

And now you wonder why'm having
an affair with my friend's boyfriend.

Yes, well... no...

You should be wondering about it.
That's what'm doing.


You know, the thing is that
was dating Alex before Katja.

He wasn't exactly
the love of my life, but...

There was some kind of relationship.

Although it was mostly the sex,
to be honest...

Then one day heard through the
grapewine that he was dating Katja.

He hadn't told me about that.

Our relationship wasn't really
official, but... you're disappointed.

You really are, so of course
I told him to fuck off.

I didn't see him for a year, like...

But then we met again, he told me it
was over with Katja, he was single,

and we started seeing each other
on the sly.

I didn't feel right about that,

I think considered the fact
that'd been first...

Well, maybe not that interesting
for you.

Well, yes, do find it interesting.

So, what about you?
Inviting me for a coffee at night?

Don't you have any friends?
- Well, wanted to see you...

Actually it was because
I wanted to tell you...

that really like you.

I can't live without the theatre.
Without acting don't exist.

I know. For me it's books.
collect books.

Mostly Japanese books. There are
incredibly nice pictures in them.

I've arranged a corner at home
as my library with a big armchair.

I can sit there for hours.
- Yes, I know.

I like reading too, theatre,
reading, and of course music.

There's an old CD-player here,
and lots of old CD's...

If go to the right, I'm wrong,
to the left, I'm wrong.

If work much, she's complaining,
and also if I work less.

It's... as if she wants me
to be wrong all the time.

It's as if she's feeling great
if I'm a failure. You understand?

I've realized that she's incapable
of being only a mother,

wanting to be the center of attention
and considered the best in the world.

You get it?
You understand how hard that is?

I don't know.
I think need something new.

I'm tired of this life, of always
being out chasing for something.

I'm tired of discussions
about nothing.

You meet a lot of people all the time
and yet you feel... all alone.

The more people you meet,
the lonelier you feel.

I'd like to keep the child,
if it was possible...

I think it could be... fun.

Do you think...?

Is there a place for me?
- What do you mean?

In your life.
- Why do you want to be in my life?

After all talk tonight I've realized
what kind of person you are,

that you're not like other people.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but...

You're a real human being, not
hiding, your words mean something.

Well... can't really explain it,
but do feel that...

I do like you a lot.


I'm pregnant and that's a rather
complicated moment in my life.

I know that.


I've shown tremendous patience.

The premises have turned into
something they weren't aimed for.

People sleeping over
and God knows what...

We've been running a theatre here.
- Well, a real farce!

Well, there's not much to discuss.
We just need a signature.

Let's see... There and there.

Don't sign it. I no longer
want to rent the premises.

- I've changed my mind. I back out.

I don't give a damn.
You're out of here!

But don't want these premises.
- I'll find a tenant. I've had enough.

Sign it.

Well, then... That's it.

I think you'd better wait a bit.

Oh, yes? Now what?

It concerns the theatre.

And it concerns you.


There's something
I'd like to show you.

- I think you want to see it.

Before anyone else does.


Let's get over with it quickly.

What are you up to?

Well...I didn't know
that you were here.

Pikner told me the premises would be
liberated, that could have a look.

He didn't say anything
about evicting you.

It doesn't matter any more.


I've changed my plans.
There'll be no eviction.

The situation has changed.
They can stay here.

You can still rent the place.

I'll send you my bill.
- Of course.

What happened?

Don't think he wants me
to show this to his wife.

What made you do this?

You know, you must do things
for other people as well.

You can't just receive all the time.
You have to give as well.

It's so strange. There's a man's suit
missing from the store-room.

What do you say about coffee?

Like a date, or what?

Yeah, like a date.
- OK, why not?

I never thought about that before
but your eyes have an unusual colour.

I know, some kind of green
that very few people have.

Did you borrow my safety razor?
I think someone used it.

It's so strange.
There was hair on it.

And think someone had a shower,

just want to lie here
doing nothing.

I think I'm getting old.

What a drag!

So fucking ugly.