Trust (2021) - full transcript

In this sexy and twisty ride, New York gallery owner Brooke and her husband Owen each face exceptional temptations, with most unexpected results.

Right there.


I missed you.

I missed you, too.

You okay?

Yeah, why?

Are you?

I thought you were gonna
be there all night.

I'm sorry.

- Good night.
- No, no, no, no.

Owen, I'm sleeping now.

- But I'm awake.
- Mm-mmm.

Does this guy
not get the concept

of the difference
between time zones of countries?

He's here.

All of them.

You've been with all of them?

Yeah, they asked me to.

Well, some of the married ones
demanded more than asked.

Is that moral?

I don't know.
The question never came up.

Why? Do you model?

This is the poor Irish orphan
we paid to fly over?

So it's all about the sex, then?

I only paint those women

that are particularly special
to me.

It's intimate.
Sexual? Yes, but...

It's more than that.

It's that exact moment
of ultimate connection

that's captured forever
in paint.

Oh, boy.

Hey, we done here?


We're not doing
personal questions.

It seems like
the personal is a process.


She has a point.

Look, Brooke, he's brilliant.

But as your friend,
I'm calling it.

The other critics
will tear this apart.

Did you keep your day job
at Sotheby's?

Picasso, Klimt, Lucian Freud,

they were
all called pornographers.

Look, I know what I believe in,

and if the critics
don't understand us,

then they're wrong.

Hi, can I look at a few?

Awesome. This is still
for the cover, right?


So, um, you're the husband?

Yeah, hi, Owen Shore. Welcome.

She's badass, right?

I like that.

Yeah, I like
the tighter shots a lot.

You wanna... Can you reel
back to the tighter ones?


We don't want to be late.

Ooh, see, when women
get absorbed in me...

Can't talk to them.


To Brooke's amazing new gallery

- and successful opening.
- Cheers.

- Cheers.
- Oh, and to make getting to retire early

and fulfil my life's purpose
as a trophy husband.

Mm, let's not jinx it.

Hey, if that's what you want,

then you should do
a news story on it.

The feel good holiday piece
days before Christmas.

- It's local news.
- No, no, no.

Owen has already done so much.

Oh, come on. Isn't going broke

and betting the farm
what all good husbands do?

Hey, Brooke is living her dream,
and dreams are worth the risk.

Okay, when's our next vacation?

- That's my dream.
- Oh, yeah.

I was thinking Paris,
but just me and Brooke.

So sorry, guys.

Paris in the winter?

Text us pictures if your thumbs
don't freeze off.

You know, I've always wanted
to do Christmas in Paris.


I can't even think of a vacation
until this gallery opens Friday.

Well, I mean,
we should plan it soon

before things get
too complicated.

What does that mean?

Just, you know, whatever, life.

- Owen...
- Complicated.

- Are you guys pregnant?
- No.

'Cause that would be
like a shitty way to tell us.

No, the doctor says

that if we take
the pressure off,

it may happen naturally.


We don't have
to talk about this.

Is that the brooding hunk?

Can't be.
I left my phone at home.

No, it's, um,

Brooke's new Irish artist,
Hottie McHotterson.

Okay, his name is Ansgar Doyle.

He was a street artist in Dublin

until a few years ago,

but hasn't broken here

Wait until you see the art.

- Hot.
- Ooh.

This guy, he's always texting
at 3:00 a.m. with a crisis.

What's the crisis?
He can't find his paintbrush?

No, he's an artist. They don't sleep.

Actually, I learned
from his interview

that this is an artist
who's not sleeping

in a lot
of married women's beds.

- Ooh.
- That's not what he was saying.

Actually, that's kind of exactly what he was saying.

Well, as the two
divorce attorneys at the table,

I would just like
to say that men

like Ansgar are very good
for our business.

core to our business.

When you've been doing what
we've been doing for long enough,

you just conclude
that everybody cheats.

Although, the wives are
just better at not getting caught.

Yeah, I mean, I've been
hiring so many private investigators

I could teach a course
at Quantico.

I'll be right back.

Where'd those come from?


They're from you.

Mm, thank you.

They're beautiful.

Hey, I'm gonna make it
up to you.

I'm so sorry
I've been so busy and so bitchy.

You've been so great.

Okay, listen.

I wasn't kidding
about what I said

at dinner about Paris.

If you play your cards right,
you open the gallery on Friday,

and we drink champagne
all night to celebrate.

We get in the air on Saturday
on our way to Paris, France,

where we spend Christmas
next week,

French kissing,
a little menage a deux.

No, wait.

Now how about this place
to let it happen naturally?

- No.
- Right?

It sounds heavenly,
but I can't go then.

We don't even have
any Christmas plans to break.

Look around, we haven't even
had time to decorate.

I know but I have so much
to do after Friday night.

I mean, that's when
the real selling starts.

And I've got more press
lined up for Ansgar, too.

I can't leave him alone.

He needs me.

You know what I mean.

Let me earn the vacation
with sales.

That way we can relax
and we can enjoy it.

Sorry. Yeah.

Yeah, you're right.

Okay. I'm gonna go take
the trash out and work.

All right.

- Left my phone up here.
- Yeah.

You, uh, don't wanna miss
any text messages from Sarah.

Is that one of
the new producers?



My opening is in four days,
and these light fixtures

were custom ordered
three months ago.

I got to replace the pipe
that goes down to the basement.

It's gonna cost
about three grand.


Hang on. Tell him
to bring me the lights himself.

Thank you.

Why were you talking
to Amanda Gysler?

I was taken for lunch.
She's interested in me.

She has a gallery
full of artists

who showed potential
ten years ago.

She should be taking
them out to lunch.

I think you're jealous.

I think we have a contract.


Jacob, there's no more money.
Figure it out.

Okay, you'll be able
to pay him soon enough.

Told you I have news.

You may fall in love with me
when I tell ya.

That good, huh?

I have one.

You have who?

A customer.

The big one we need.

Damien Light.

Damien Light is here?

No, he's in Paris.

He's shooting
his next movie there,

but he saw one of my pieces
in Marais and he likes it.

He wants to see more.

His people want us there

for dinner
the day after tomorrow.

Wait, where?

The hotel at the Marais.

Oh, the Marias in Paris?


Look, we can leave tomorrow,

still make it back
in time for the opening.

You should really answer
my texts.

Do you see this gallery?
I can't go.

Oh, whoa, whoa.
I need you there.

I'm no good at the business.
I hate that shite.

If this is real,
this could be huge for us.

Oh, you think I'm making it up
to steal away with you?

I'm going either way.

I'll try to make it back
for my opening on Friday night.

Very funny.

Oh, you need to check in
with the husband first.

- Um...
- Are you more afraid?

To leave this mess?

To leave your husband alone...


Or let me leave without you?

- Oh, God.
- I know.

- I mean...
- I have to go.

You have to go. It's Paris.

It's work.

Right, it's work.

Oh, God, what do I tell Owen?

In person's good.

Um, run in, bring a coffee,
and just tell him you have

the business opportunity
of a lifetime.

Right. Just be direct.


Downplay the fact that you're
gonna be in a Paris hotel

with the world's
sexiest man alive.

Okay, get out of here.

Go talk to her husband
before have to represent you.

Hope I'm not interrupting.

- Hey.
- I thought you could use this.



Hey, that's so sweet of you.

Uh, this is Kim,
one of our new producers.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Are you Sarah?

- Natalia, new intern. Hi.
- Hi.

What are you doing here?

Well, you know...

What's going on?

Everything okay?

Well, I, uh...
I have a situation with Ansgar.

What now?

It's a long story.
Um, but it's actually amazing.

Damien Light is interested

in buying a few
of his paintings.

That's big news.

I know, I know.

I know and I would send him
alone tomorrow,

but things could get...

He's not a people person

and making the sale
could be huge.

It could really make
all this hard work pay off.

This... this is amazing.

Yeah. So I'll be back from Paris
in, like, two days. Yay!

What's that?

I said, "Yay!"

You're going to Paris?

Yeah, Damien's filming there.

You're telling me that you want
to go to Paris with Ansgar,

the myth-of-fidelity
guy, tomorrow,

after you told me
that we can't go on Saturday?

I know, I know,
but it's business.

And I would take you with me,
but it's gonna be all meetings.

And then,
I have to fly right back

for the opening Friday and...


Owen, please don't be that way.

So does this mean
I'm definitely free on Saturday

since we're not going to Paris?

Well, yeah, I...


Hey, Kim, is that shoot

for the New Yorker's Christmas
in Las Vegas

still available for Saturday?

I was going to give it to Jim,

but it's yours
if you can do it now.

Yes, I am available.

Let's book that.

Thank you for the coffee.

I gotta get back to work.

Natalia, see if you can book
Owen's flight

with seats near us.

Vegas, baby.


This has been Owen Shore
with the news you can use.

Have a great one, everybody.

Owen, I feel bad
we keep missing each other.

Not sure
if you're getting my texts.

Uh, my flight is tonight.

So, uh, when you get a break,
please call me.


- Hi.
- Hey.

That assignment
was late last night.

What was the story?

Yeah, I didn't want
to wake you up.

I'm trying to get
these two new producers

to put me on hard news stories

instead of these dopey features.

Kim's the one
you're going to Vegas with.


I'm sorry about yesterday.

I just wanted our first time
in Paris to be together

and Christmas there,
away from all this stress,

it just seemed like exactly
what the doctor ordered.

I'm sorry I got so upset.

I'm sorry, too.

It's just such a huge break.

I wouldn't be going otherwise.

Come here.

You know, I can't help

but want you to be happy

even if I don't trust that guy.

Hey, you only have to trust me.

And seriously,
I look forward to a getaway

of just us
without the pressure of trying.

I really, really, really do.

Well, you know,
we don't have to get away...

to start trying without trying.

I can't. I have to pack.
My car's coming in an hour.

In case there's a gym
I can work out in.


I need you
to be understanding here.

So no send-off sex?

I wish I'd just let it go.

'Cause now I have to be
more worried about it.

Come on. You guys have been
together since high school.

No way
Brooke would cheat on you.

Sometimes I wonder

if she stopped
being interested in me.

Are we in the Goop podcast
right now?

Am I Gwyneth?

- Another greyhound, hon?
- Hmm.

What? No. Are you trying
to get me in trouble?

You said just one.

I'm sorry. Cancel that, please.
We gotta go.

Fuck that needy orphan artist.

If I want to get drunk
to forget him, I'm gonna drink.

You forgetting
the last time you got drunk?

You tried to find a home for
every homeless guy in New York.

- I don't remember that.
- Yeah, exactly.

Come on. Let's go.

What? Come on. Just one more.

No, I gotta go.

I'm pretty sure Eleanor
put a tracking app on my phone.

Hi, there.

Wait a minute.

I know who you are.

You're Owen Shore.

It's possible.

You're pretty good.

You mean pretty great.

My friend's gonna die
when she gets here.

We're studying journalism
at Columbia.


You said in an interview once

that it's a reporter's job
to expose without shaming.

Wow. You're good.

I used it
in a media ethics paper

on microaggression.

- I'm flattered.
- I refuted it.

Shame is a useful tool.

Maybe you're too nice.

I do love your reporting.

I was actually just saying
how refreshing it is

that your stories are funny.

They're not supposed
to be funny.

Mm, you did
that one about the guy

who marries dogs at a chapel?

Ah, yes.

That was a fine moment
in broadcast journalism.

Are you guys together?

You mean together?

No, but he has been hitting
on me all night.

- I can't help myself.
- My wife's out of town.

He thought he had a window.


I think
your choices are superb.

And if you want the smaller one,

Fiona #3 to give as
a Christmas gift as well.


So that is five paintings
in all and, uh...



Plus, we have your permission

to use Damien's
name confidentially

with the list of collectors
that you've approved?

To Damien Light.

Please tell him how grateful
we are for his patronage.

Well, on behalf of Mr. Light,

we are proud to be the first

to champion the work
of Ansgar Doyle.


Enjoy the moment.

Paris is a wonderful place
to celebrate this time of year.

We will.


You're not leaving, are you?

My friend has to meet you.

Yeah, no,
I gotta get going, too.

That's a shame.

Uh, maybe I could get
an autograph before you go?


Okay. To...

Amy's fine.

To Amy Fine.

I guess that's better
for TV than...

Wait. Um, could you take
a picture of us?

Is that okay, Mr. Shore?

Of course, yes.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Nice to see you smile.

Oh, my God. That's my new
profile pic right there.

- Okay, we gotta go. Uber's here.
- Nice to meet you.

Wait, You can't leave.

You have to stay
and meet Brianna.


I don't know.

You don't know?

I mean, I could probably finish
the calamari.

Hmm, uh, you probably have to go
because of that thing

you were telling me
about, remember?

Why don't you both stay?

Sorry. Do you mind me asking
how old you are?

How old are you?

Okay, I'm out.

I'm kidding.

I'm gonna wait for Brianna.

Didn't know I had a fan club.


Okay, if he brings up
the forgotten homeless crisis,

cut him off.

So they have
my favorite martini here.

Have you ever had
a monkey martini?


One monkey while we wait
for your friend,

then I gotta get home.

I thought you said your wife
was out of town.

I'll be right back. Ladies room.


Order us two monkeys.

I really wanna ask your advice
on where to send my reel.

Two money martinis, then?

Actually, the check.
I should go home.

Listen, you were amazing
with them.

The way you told my life story,

only you made it way
more romantic than...

Okay, it's completely believable

- that you lived in the Shire.
- Oh, no!

Hobbits aren't Irish, okay.

- What are they?
- I don't know.

They're from Middle Earth
or something?

Oh, look, I hope that you know
that you deserve all of this,

and the respect even more
than the money.

They... they see
how special you are.

You trusted me with your work,

and, and I love your work
so much.

Do you know
what that means to me?


I was just
an auction house wage slave

with a normal job
six months ago.

Now look at us.


Take it all in.

Just be here.

Right here.

Ansgar, we should go.

Before we go back to our rooms,

let's just have one more drink.


Somebody's seriously trying
to reach you.


Okay. I guess we're done here.

I'm sorry. I...


That was a little...

Was it?

Look, um...

I love my wife.



Look, I've never done
this before,

so I don't really know how to...

Uh, shit.

Get rid of me?

Uh, no, I mean, like, you know,
wrap this up.

Pretty sure you just did.

I hope you don't think
that I'm playing games with you.

I'm not that kind of guy.

Well, maybe I'm the one
playing games.

I hope not.

I mean,
I could use someone to help

my reel get into the right hands
when I get my master's in June.

You're serious?

You're right.

We really can't see
each other again.

No, we can't.

We should agree on that.

I'm sorry you'll be cutting
your stay with us short.

I hope you found
the accommodation satisfactory.

Yes. Just a change of plans.

- I missed you.
- I missed you too.

Thanks, man.

So, I have a new work.

I want you to hang it
as the centerpiece of the show.

I would have to rearrange this
entire installation to add this.

I worked hard
to finish it today.

And trust me,
it's worth it.

It's uh...

Is she...
Does that... Um...

You know, I don't think it's
quite finished yet, actually.

Maybe you want to put
some clothes on her?

Well, none of the others
have clothes.

The other ones
don't look like me.

Oh, you think this is you?

What's it called?


Look, I'll find a place for it,
but you can't call it Brooke.

Then how about
Dreams in Paris?

That's even worse.

we'll take it.

Oh. Fantastic.

I heard he paints
from his imagination.

I heard he paints
from his experience.

Where is Brooke?
Let's see her before we go.

Uh, yeah, I haven't
seen her in a while.

I don't think
he's very good.


I think they're
so sensual and immediate.

And we just bought $10,000
worth of sensual and immediate.

There they are!

Bravo! Bravo!

They're talking.
How much did you drink?

Please, please.
I wanna go talk to the artiste.


Your beautiful art
will hang on my walls.

And every time I see it,
I will think of you and your great talent.

Well, thank you so much. That means...
That means so much to me.

Really does.

What's all the whispering about?

Some things are private.

Are they?

We spoke to someone
at New Museum.

They love Ansgar's work, and they're
interested in one of the large pieces.

Really? Which one?

The new one.

New Museum, Adam.
Go buy another one, right now.

Brooke is an expert
in making things happen.

Now, if you'll
excuse me.

Hello there.


You look like
you need a drink.

I have to get a check
for the caterer.

I will come with.
I want to hear more about Paris.

Oh, my God.

- What?
- That woman.

Who is she?

No one.

Why does she look so familiar?

I have a serious
problem right now.

Is... Is that the girl
from the bar?


Why would she
show up here?

She probably just
knows the artist.

Don't know. I think
she's looking for me.

- Why?
- Because I didn't give her my number.

Okay, look, we have to
get our story straight.

Our story?
What the hell happened?

Look, you have to
back me up on this.

Oh, my God.
Are you stupid?

You're the one
who left me at a bar

with a woman who's
clearly coming on to me.

That's our story?

You know I can't
get drunk anymore.

All right, look, listen to me.
We've never seen her.

Bad idea, okay?
Just say you met her at the bar...

I can't. I can't.
I can't. I can't.

You took a fucking picture
with her, asshole.


I'm about ready
to close up.

Yeah, let's close up. Yeah.

Who's that?


That woman.

Do you know her?

Uh, it's possible...

I don't know her.

Maybe you've met her.

I haven't.

Yeah, he meets a lot of people.

I thought she looked familiar.

We have, like, a bunch of
new interns at the station.

Yeah, she looks like
she would be an intern.

Let's ask her if that's
how you know her.

I've never seen her before.

Brooke, this'll lovely lady
was just saying

how much she liked
my newest painting.

The one the New Museum wants.

Would you like to buy it too?

If only I could.
This is your gallery, yes?

Yes, yes. Hi.
Brooke Gatwick.

Amy. Hi.

This is my husband, Owen.

We've met, right?

I don't think so. Hi.

Oh, um... You must
look like someone.

I must be confused.

Gramercy's, Wednesday?

- Oh.
- Uh, were you there?

I thought so.

Probably off the television.

I hear you're
incredible with dogs.

Dog weddings in a chapel.

Right? Oh, that's why
you're going to Vegas, is it?

Well, it's late, uh...
Should we all get going?

Just us, then.

- All right.
- All right.

- I will see you.
- I will call you.

Thank you for everything.

Good night.

I'm gonna be locking up
in a few minutes.

Oh. Okay. Um...
I read your profile in ArtNews.

I'm so happy
to have met you.

it is an honor, truly.

You know, I'd like to buy art someday.
I could use some pointers.

Um, I'm going to
get going, okay?

Oh, please wait.
I'm almost done here.

I'll be waiting outside.

I would love to give
you some pointers.

You know, I should really
probably get going.

Oh, no, no.
You just got here.

You want to close up?
I can come back.

It's okay.

I'll give you a quick tour.

Oh, okay.

It would be wise to say your
goodbyes to your paying customers.

And I love that you're always
thinking about pleasing the customers,

which affords me the luxury
of thinking about the art.

Thanks for the ride.

So, this where you live?

No, I just have to
drop something off.

No need to wait, though.

It's okay. I'll wait.

Oh, what the fuck?


Is your wife home?

What do you want?

Is she home?

No, she's not.

Please let me in.
I need to tell you something.

Oh, come on!

For fuck's sake!

I never talked to her about us.

That's not why I went to the gallery.
I promise.


Okay, look, you have no idea
of the whole story here.

What are you talking about?

You don't even understand.

I actually met your wife
a few days ago.

Men like Ansgar are
very good for our business.

Core to our business.

When you've been doing what
we've been doing for long enough,

you just conclude
that everybody cheats.

The wives are just better
at not getting caught.

Yeah. I mean, I've been
hiring so many private investigators,

I could teach a course
at Quantico.

I'll be right back.


Are you okay?

Owen's been giving me shit about
Ansgar texting all the time,

but he gets up and texts
in the middle of the night too.

Owen is a news guy.
The news never sleeps.

He's been acting weird lately.

Do you think he's
messing around?


You're just letting the
stress of the opening get to you.

Put your phone away.
Pay your man a little attention.

It's all he wants right now.

Right, Right.
Just be direct. Right.

Downplay the fact that you're
going to be in a Paris hotel

with the world's
sexist man alive.

Okay, get out of here.

Go talk to her husband before
I have to represent you.


Owen told me who he was
texting late at night.

He says, it's one of the
new producers named Sarah.


And... I stole his iPad.

That is a complete violation
of privacy and trust.

Do you his password?
Yeah, you do.

I'm just trying to figure out
if I have a reason to worry.

Okay, well, this iPad
is marital property.

So legally, I see nothing wrong
with what's happening here.

Okay, first, I want to say,
in my defense,

I did not want to snoop,

but I just saw
his messages come in.

And he's been
acting weird.

He's been staying out
later than usual.

And he says it's
just work assignments,

but I don't know
where he really is

or what he's really
doing with her.

So many men use
the working late excuse.

You want to have
a child with this man?

I know, but this is Owen
we're talking about.

So many years
of nothing but good,

I'm not worried at all.

Honestly, I don't think
he's really cheating,

but it just makes me wonder
if he would cheat.

It's the sliver of doubt
that's killing me.

God, I hate this about myself.

Okay. There's a few way
we can do this.

I'm listening.

I always tell my clients,

if you want to prove
that your husband's cheating,

you should hire
a PI to tail him.

But if you want to know for sure

that your husband
wouldn't cheat,

you hire a decoy.

- What's that?
- I use them all the time.

A decoy is going
to flirt with him,

give him an opening
and see what he does.

And if the husband
takes the bait,

does the decoy
go all the way?

No! No, no, no, no, no.

They have a professional code of ethics.
Like hitmen.

Damn. That's dark.

- I don't think I need to know that badly.
- You don't.

Owen is the sweetest guy ever,

and you're lucky
he puts up with you.

I know.

But if you do find
your insecurities

keeping you up at night,
call this agency.

They're open 24 hours.

- I won't call.
- You shouldn't.

But if you do,
get my volume discount.

Hi, this is Owen Shore.
I'm sorry I couldn't take your call.

Please leave
a message.

If you get a break,
please call me. Bye.

Right here's fine.


Are you, Brooke?

I am.

Are you the one they're sending?

Yes. Amy, I'm the operative.

Sounds official.

It's just a job that's
paying for grad school.

Speaking of payments...

Yes, I take half now

and then the other half
when I bring you the video

from the video guy
across the room

and the audio from my phone.


Has he been unfaithful before?

I don't think so.
I don't know.

Do you have kids?


Not yet.


Uh, and I'll just need
to see a picture.

They said you didn't attach one.

I'd rather not send this.

You know, I'm not sure
you're his type.


Yeah, maybe, um,
it's hard to tell.

I... I'm more attractive
when I go out.

Um, is there a perfume
he likes, or...

I'm not gonna tell you
what kind of perfume he likes.

You're wearing Chanel.
My mom has that perfume.

Look, I know this is probably
really strange for you,

and you don't know me at all,

but honestly, you have nothing
to worry about with me.

I have a boyfriend who
I'm very much in love with.

This gig is just
really good money.

Thank you.
Uh, this is my number.

I already have you saved
into my phone as Brianna.

And if you decide at any point

that you don't want
to go through with this,

just send me the message:
"Sorry. Have to bail."


And you respond,
so I know you got it.

Yeah, I'm like a normal
person who texts.

Glad to have met you.

You know, I didn't think I'd get any
more jobs till after the holidays.

It's a slow time of year.

Just be here.
Right here.

Ansgar, we should go.

Before we go back to our rooms,

let's just have one more drink.



I just have to
send a message

and cancel something
really quick.

I gotta go.

I thought you said
your wife is out of town.

I'll be right back.
Ladies' room.

Order us two monkeys.

I really want your advice
on where I should send my reel.

Look, relax. Hey.
Look at where we are.

I mean, is there anything
better than this?

You're right. All good now.

I'm back.

I have to go.

Now do you think
they'll actually pay us?

They better.
Or I'll break their legs.

Oh, is that what
gallery owners do?

That is what
gallery owners do.

That is why I got into this
business, for the danger.

Oh wow. Okay.
Back off.

Let me ask you.

Amanda Gysler was pursuing you heavily
and her gallery is established.


why did you go with me?

You're more beautiful.


And I didn't want to share.

Ah. The real reason.

How you were willing to go
all in on me for a solo show.

I appreciate
that commitment to risk.

The feeling's mutual.

And you are more beautiful.


Mm. So have you
always loved artists?

I love art more than
I love artists.

Come on,
you like me.

Well, you're the exception.

So why did you choose me?

Your work was
the most beautiful.

You know,

when I look at you,
I see colors.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I found out there's something
different about my brain.

When I see colors, I hear music.

And when I hear music,
I see colors.

That's called synesthesia.


I look up
at the sky,

I see blocks of color
moving, and hear music.

And everything about us,

is color and music...

in my brain.

I love that.

You know,

there's something in my room
we want to show you.

Would you like to see it?


Everything okay?

I'm just waiting on a message.

Um, I don't have any bars here.

I think I have to go
find some reception.

Look, your husband's
probably working late.

Can you just...

be here?

I can't.

I might have made
a huge mistake at home.

Excuse me. I have to...
Have to get a hold of Owen.

I think we should just
say goodnight night now.

I think... I'm sorry.

Come on. Come on.

God, come on!

Come on. Come on. Come on.

You sure you just don't want to help me
with my reel to get my foot in the door?

You want to answer that?

I should.

You should.



Finally, you answered.

Yeah, everything okay?


Did I wake you?

What time is it there?

It's... It's after 7 a.m.

I tried to text you
and call you last night.

Yeah, they just
came through now.

Oh, there must have
been a delay.

How'd it go?

Great. We sold five paintings.


This is not important.

No, it is.

Did you, uh, end up
at Gramercy bar?

Owen, did you go
to Gramercy last night?

I got... I got a quick
drink and I came home.

I'll see you tonight.

I'm coming home early.


Yeah. Well,
mission accomplished.

You know, I have
so much work to do.

I have to get back.

All right, well...

You should probably get to bed.
I'm sure it's late there.

Yeah... bed.


We're okay?

Are we?



I love you.

Love you, too.


Sit down.

Where you going?

I have to go home now.

But our tickets
are for tonight.

You understand
why I have to get back.

No, Brooke. If you
have feelings for me,

if there are
feelings here, then...

Let's not judge it.

Let's not resist it, like...

I can't stop thinking about you.

You worked so hard
to get here.

I'm yours.

I'm sorry.

I have to go.

I'll find a place for it,
but you can't call it Brooke.

Then how about
Dreams in Paris?

That's even worse.

Hi there.

Oh, hi.

You're early.

Um... That's okay.

Come in.

- This...
- What?

Was that the artist
that just left?


Okay, so what do you
have for me?

All right. Uh... I have to
tell you something.

I let something happen
that I shouldn't have.


My phone died.

It died?

I have too many apps
or something, um...

Um, I don't know what's wrong
with my battery.

It's a...
It's a new phone...

too, so I didn't get any audio.

What about video?

Video guy didn't show.


I know it looks
really bad, um...

Nothing happened.

He was completely faithful to you.
He passed.

Can I get you a coffee?

- Water?
- Yeah.

I have to be somewhere, so...

But you must have a little time
to tell me what happened.

Please, sit.

Um, okay.

Yeah, I...

I got to the bar.

I spotted your husband.

Last time
you got drunk,

you tried to find a house for every
homeless guy in New York City.

I don't remember that.

Yeah, exactly.
Come on. Let's go.

Come on. Just one more.

That's when I noticed
my phone was dead.

I gotta go.

I'm pretty sure Eleanor
put a tracking app on my phone.

Hi, there.

He was getting ready
to leave with his friend,

so I stalled them by asking
a question about journalism.

- Let me ask you a question.
- Okay.

Do you and your wife have a
top five list for a hall pass?

What, like a list of celebrities

that we give each other
permission to sleep with

if the opportunity
ever presented itself?

- Exactly.
- No. No.

What? Brooke would never
go for such a thing.

- What?
- Ever.

Why, who's on yours?

Well, I got my boyfriend
to agree to a list

but it's um...

it's kind of eclectic.

- No judgment.
- Mm.

Okay. Come on, just tell me
who's number one on the list.

Well, it's not number one
I'm afraid to tell you,

it's number four.

- Number four?
- Yeah.

The suspense is killing me.

Number four...

Owen Shore.

Shut up.

There's some news you can use.

We talked for 20 minutes.

I gave him some openings,

but he clearly
was not into me at all.

I thought maybe if I could
get him to have another drink,

it might up my chances,

but he would not have
one more drop.

He was a perfect gentleman...

Completely clear about
where he stood.

Aren't you bothered that
no one's talking about

the homeless crisis anymore?

So bothered.

I tried to reach you.

I texted you the code
to call it off

but you never responded.

Well, you didn't need to
'cause he wasn't interested.

So you talked about work
for those 20 minutes?

Yeah, we talked
about the business.

We talked about
how to get a leg up.

Breaking in.


Owen gets uncomfortable when
he's approached about work.

That wasn't my perception.

Okay, well, right now
I'm getting your perception,

but what I need are the facts.

The fact is this:
your husband passed the test.

I made some clear advances,
and he declined.

Amy, I have no proof
that you were even there.

I have proof. Hmm.

Uh, this is a napkin
that he autographed.

So are we good?

I have to pay you.


You know what,
I'm not gonna take that.

But it's not your fault
that your phone died

and the video guy
didn't show, right?

Please. Take it.


You should come
to the opening tonight.

You can meet Ansgar.

Will your husband be there?

What does it matter?

I think you'd enjoy it.


Dog weddings
at the chapel.

Right. Oh, that's why
you're going to Vegas, is it?

Well, it's late.
Uh, should we all get going?


Just us then.

There you are.
I need to tell you something.

Are you fucking crazy?

What are you doing?
You can't be here.

You have no idea
what's going on here.

- I think I do.
- No, you actually don't.

- Hey!
- Hey.

- Found you.
- Hmm.

So uh, fancy grabbing a drink?

I really should go.

It's... It's still early.
Come with me.

Brooke, I'm leaving.

I will see you in the morning.

Oh, the husband scowls
in the shadows.

Fuck off.

Fuck off?

Well, fuck me, news boy.

Yeah, fuck you.

Help! Help!

Oh! Owen! Get...

Get off of him. Get off!
What is wrong with you?

He's so jealous
he can't control himself.

- You're fucking crazy.
- Fuck you!

- You okay? You're bleeding.
- I'm fine.

Oh, my God. Do you need
to go to the hospital?

I'm not going to the hospital.

You are not getting on
your motorcycle.

She's right. You're a mess.

Look, I'm done.

If you wanna grab a drink,
let's go.

Okay. Fine, fine. Let's go.

Are you hurt?



I'm dropping him.

Let's go home.

Owen, are you sure
you don't know that woman?

The one that was with Ansgar?

I don't know her.

So you didn't meet her
at Gramercy Bar

when I was in Paris?

Not that I remember.

Do you remember this?

What... She gave this to you?

When did she give this to you?

What did she say?

I want you to tell me.

I... I don't understand.

- She gave that to you?
- Yes, she did.

Okay, maybe I gave her
an autograph.

I don't remember.

You know, it was crowded,
and I can't...

So you talked to her?

I just don't understand why you
couldn't say that to begin with.

Honestly, it was all a blur.

Okay? Okay, look.

All right, I... Right.

I was leaving with Adam.

Some girl comes up,
she asks for an autograph.

Is this something we need
to make a big deal out of?

A girl at a bar?

Do we need to make
a big deal about it?

You tell me.

I don't know.

She's a fan.
She could say anything.

Like what?

Who knows? Crazy shit.

You think she would do that?

You never know, like...

Well, you try to be nice,
you give an autograph,

give 'em a picture.

Oh, you took a picture
with her, too?

Yeah. Yeah.

On her cell phone?


She said she was
gonna put it online,

which I was not
very happy about.

Are you sure she
used her cell phone?

Yeah. Adam took the picture.

Look, what difference
does it make?

You're lying.

No, I'm not.

I want you to tell me exactly
if something happened

more than what
you're telling me.

Don't lie to me.

All right, all right.

- All right what?
- You're right, okay?

There's... There's more
to the story.

There's a story?

Look, okay, I never meant
for things to get out of hand.

- What?
- And...

You were spending
a lot of time with him,

- and I was losing it.
- Oh, my God.

- Okay?
- What did you do?

Oh, my God.
Um, can we pull over?

- Can we just talk at home?
- No, no, no!

I need to get out.
Can you let me out?

- Brooke...
- Yo, can you stop the car?

- Brooke, stop!
- Stop the car right now!

God damn it!

Brooke. Brooke! Hey!

Hey, just come back
to the cab, okay?

We can go home and talk...

Just say what you have to say.

Oh, my God.
You can't even say it.

Brooke! Hey! Hey.

Look, I made a mistake.

Don't touch me!

You have to hear me. Okay?

In all the years
we've been married,

I have never done
anything inappropriate.

I've never done anything
to undermine our relationship.

Owen, did you
have sex with her?

You had sex with her.

Look, I feel terrible, okay?

I don't know what...
I'm sorry.

Brooke, please,
just listen, okay?

- Just listen. Hey...
- Get away from me!

All those women at work
that you go on trips with,

your late night outings...

Give me your phone.

- Please, let's go home.
- No.

I want your phone to look through all
your texts and everything right now.

I know the truth.

Oh, no. What did you do?

You have no idea...

You don't understand.

I actually met your wife
a few days ago.

What are you talking about?

She hired me.

- Hired you?
- Yes.

For what? Like a job
at the gallery?

- No.
- Then for what?

She hired me as a...
an operative.

A decoy.

A what?

I knew you'd be
at Gramercy that night.

She set me up?


You were supposed
to have sex with me?


No. Okay?
That was my own fuck-up.

Because, actually,

you really are number four
on my list.

Sorry, I don't want
to talk about it right now.

Hey, Owen,
did you just call?

We've got lots of Senator
McVane tips coming in,

so keep your phone close by.

Kim says we'll send you out
on the best lead

if we can confirm the address.

Oh, I didn't want to text this
because I know it's a surprise,

but my aunt said her
Paris apartment is all good

for you and Brooke if you want
it for Christmas, okay?

So, call me. Bye.

What are you doing here?

- What are you doing here?
- I live here.

Amy just went inside.

This is a situation...

Oh, shit.

Did he call and tell you
I wasn't here?

Did you rush over?

She just wanted us all
to be on the same page.

Look, I realize
I crossed a line. I...

- Yeah, when?
- What?

When did you decide
to cross that line?

I was enjoying
our conversation.

Oh, about what,
your boyfriend

that you're very much
in love with?

- I had a hall pass.
- Oh, really?

Brooke, Brooke.

Oh, protecting your
little prostitute?

I'm not the one who paid her
to have sex with me.

She wasn't...

You weren't supposed
to do that to me.

I thought that you
would be able to say no.

I was banking on the proof

and in comfort of knowing
with 100 percent certainty

that my husband
would be faithful.

I thought that,
you know, even if I...

What? Say it.

Say what you did to me.

Even if I created
the circumstances.

I have never made a move
in my life

that wasn't about you.

You're right. I fucked up.

I reacted.

And I did something wrong.

But the ironic thing is,
just for a second I thought,

yeah, I'm doing
something fucked up.

And I'm doing it for me.

For me, just for once.

But it wasn't.

You did this to me.

Fuck you.

Okay, I just really
have to say for the record

that I have always been
completely professional

and I have never had
an incident like this before.

You really have no shame.

That might be true.

But you know what?

I'm not the one who dangled
a chick in front of my husband

to see if he'd fuck her.

I don't know why you'd
mess all this up.

You have
a really nice apartment.


"Hey" what?

You wanna talk about it?

I need to know, Brooke.

Did anything happen in Paris?


Full honesty?

Hey, all cards
out on the table.

No, I'm not gonna
answer that question.

Well, would you please
fucking answer that question?

Were you unfaithful to me?

And what if I was?


I may have made
a huge mistake at home.

We should say goodnight, now.

I think I'm... I'm sorry.

Owen's cheating on me.

I know it. I can...
I can feel it.


Cheating, as in fucking
someone who's not me.

And it's all my fault.


Can I show you something?

Hey, come on.

Now, can you see
that corner there?

Two years ago,
I was sleeping there,

on that sidewalk.

I had no one.

I was drawing pictures
on walls with chalk.

Some people helped me.

You, most of all.

And now I'm here.

And you're here.


If Owen's away somewhere...

that's good news.

It means you're free
to do whatever you like.

No rules.

Live for each moment.

Do you think it matters
to the universe...

if you kiss me or not?

Be totally with me.

Totally with me.

In this exact moment.

All cards on the table?

As they say in Vegas, baby,
when you tie, it's a push.

Meaning what?

Meaning you hiring Amy
makes us even?

Meaning what?

I can't.

Meaning I don't have
to tell you,

and that's what makes us even.

The car's here.


Are you coming back
for Christmas?

Is this it?

Your Vegas ticket?


Departs in three hours
from JFK.

Christmas in Paris.

Two tickets.

I think she wants
to wait until morning

to open all her presents.

Should I make some hot cocoa?

I could get my money back.