Trust (2010) - full transcript

A suburban family is torn apart when fourteen-year-old Annie (Liana Liberato) meets her first boyfriend online. After months of communicating via online chat and phone, Annie discovers her friend (Chris Henry Coffey) is not who he originally claimed to be. Shocked into disbelief, her parents (Clive Owen and Catherine Keener) are shattered by their daughter's actions and struggle to support her as she comes to terms with what has happened to her once innocent life.



I mean, it's pretty
dumb, but whatever.

Look at this.

Oh, my God, that's so pretty.

I love it. Thank you
so much, Aunt Nicole.

Isn't it pretty, Brit?

Dad? More decaf?

AUNT: So, you two. High
school. That's pretty great.

I guess. It's gonna
be sorta weird though.

LYNN: Really?

Our school is Kind of
a feeder for New Trier's.

So we're gonna know
like a ton of people already.

PETER: Here, Annie.

Happy Birthday!

It's like the one you saw
on The Hills, right?

LYNN: I don't think The Hills are
the role models we were looking for.

It's a bit revealing,
don't you think?

She's fourteen, you guys.

Yeah, no need to remind me.

- So. You did great.
- Mmm hmm!

Come on.

Come on what?

Give it to me. (ALL CHUCKLE)

LYNN: What's she talking about?

It's a heavy box. (ALL CHUCKLE)

It's the new MacBook Pro.

It's got a four
gigabyte hard drive

2.53 gigahertz proc...


What? I know what that means.


WILL: I think you're actually
passing wind at this point.





It's getting late, Banannie.

Five more minutes, Dad,
please? It's still my birthday.

All right. 11:15.



Who are you talking to?

I'm chatting, Dad.

My friend Charlie
from California.

He's a junior and plays
volleyball for his high school.

Ooh, a junior. Well, he's
obviously a very smart kid.

LOL. Laugh out loud. Right?

Nice one, Dad. (TYPING)


(CHUCKLES) "Parent
watching over my shoulder."

And what is that?

"Laughing my ass off. Me too."

No, wait. (TYPING)

Dad, can you go talk to Mom about
mortgage payments or something.

All right. Good night,
birthday girl.

Good night. Love you.

Love you.

COACH: All right.
Let's see what you got.


There you go, ladies.
Touch the line.

Make sure you're
touching the line.

COACH: Last one.
You're almost there.





Hey, Annie, come here!

This is Serena.

So, you're Peter
Cameron's little sister.

Your brother's hot as shit.

Uh, thanks, I guess.

SERENA: So, I'm having a little
party at my house Saturday night

and you, little
Cameron, are invited.

Okay. Uh, thanks, Serena.

Tell your brother.


WILL: Is it deliberate?

No, not at all.

LYNN: Hey, honey?

No phones at the table, please.


Katie, will you take a
picture of me and Peter?

Hey, what did Mom just say?

I was just gonna send a
photo to Charlie, but okay.

PETER: So, seriously,
what's this guy's deal?

Well, he's smart. And funny.

His brother's being recruited
by UC Berkeley for football

and that's where he wants
to go, but for volleyball.

Oh, right. The girl's sport.

WILL: What do his parents do?

His mom teaches kids with autism

and his dad works for ESPN.

I don't know, sweetheart.

Sounds like he's got too
much going for him for my likin'.



Hey. (CLICK)

know what you're talking about.

I'm looking at them
right now. (PHONE RINGING)

These are definitely for a
clothing company, right?

So why isn't anybody
wearing a shirt?

(CHUCKLING) No, I'm kidding. Yeah.
They're good. Go with it. Okay. Bye.

Hi, Mom!

LYNN: Hey, honey, how'd it go?

I made the team!

You did? That's great!

What happened?



Come on. Where are you?

ANNIE: About time.

Hi, Charlie. (TYPING)


Where's mine, bozo? (TYPING)

What? (TYPING)

"I'm really 20.
Sophomore at UC Berkeley."








SERENA: Hi, girls. So did
your brother come with?

No, he's packing for college.

SERENA: Great. Looks
like I wore these for nothing.

Come join us.

We're teaching Alexa
how to give a blow job.

She sucks. She keeps gagging.

Serena, where's your bathroom?

We have like six of them. Go
down the hall. You'll find one.

Hi, Dad.

Hey, sweetheart.
You have a good time?


Those girls kinda
freaked me out though.


I-I really want them
to like me, you know?

It means a lot.

Just be yourself.

If the Serenas of the world
don't like it, it's their loss.

No, it's high school, Dad.

If the Serenas of the
world don't like me

I'm screwed. You get it?

Not really, no. Sorry,
I've, I've really gotta...

Yeah, okay.




BRIT: Is that Charlie?

ANNIE: Yeah, he has a
big paper due tomorrow.

That picture he sent you
is so hot. He's totally ripped.

Sh. Shut up. My mom.

I got donut holes.

They're very good. Here.

Who was that?

- It was Serena and Tanya.
- Oh.

Get anything good?



She told me to buy a bra.

Oh, really? Let me see.


- You saved the receipt though, right?
- Mom.

If you think you're ready
for a bra like that

then we'll talk about it, okay?

BRIT: Serena kinda
made fun of her sports bra.

- Why?
- 'Cause it totally, like, flattens out my boobs.

She said that guys would
think that I was hotter

if I, like, had a better bra.

Does, like, Serena
say like all the time too?

Because, like,
you never used to.


You don't have to dumb yourself
down for guys, like Serena.

You know that.

Maybe she thinks that's
all she's got to offer.

BRIT: Her parents own half of
downtown Chicago. (HORN HONKING)

You get my point though, right?


It's a parking lot,
moron. Go around!

Did you get my point?

Yeah, Mom. I get it.

Oh, for the love of...

- Bite me!
- Mom!

Yeah, I'm gonna get the steak
sandwich, medium, with grilled onions.

And can I get a side
of chips, please?

Oh, I'm sorry, we don't...

AL: He means French fries.

Twenty years here, he
still can't say French fries.

I'm gonna have the same thing,
actually, except rare on the steak.

And to drink,
we'll have a bottle of...


'92 Rothschild.

Fantastic selection.

WILL: So what are
we celebrating?

AL: So A & A wants to
use us. For everything.

- They liked the campaign?
- Liked?

How 'bout I just got a
phone call from the CEO

that was basically
ten minutes of phone sex.

Hey, let me ask you something.

How old are you?

- Old enough.
- Oh.

I'm Claire, by the way.

Hi, Claire. I'm Al.

- That's Will.
- Hi.

Please let me know if
there's anything else you need.


Can you stop? She's nineteen.

One hour. That's all I ask.

Just one hour with that ass.

WILL: How's Barbara?

Oh, fuck off.




That is so weird.

Peter and I were just doing
exactly the same thing in his room.

ANNIE: Ah, Dad.

Okay. What now?

What? How old are you?

Why do you keep lying?


Why do you keep lying to me?

PETER: Man, you won't believe
the stuff I'm finding in here.

WILL: I'll say. You wanna
keep these Playboys?


Just kidding.

Oh. Yeah, me too. (CHUCKLING)

What, you packed 'em already?

Yeah, kinda.


You all right with this?

With what?

The whole college thing.

Yeah, I guess.

Don't feel pressured

into doing things
you don't want to do.

Wait. This isn't another
father-son talk, is it?

Oh, Dad, we had the sex talk,
like, three years ago

and I still can't order a salad
with cucumbers in it.

I just don't want you to lose
sight of what's important, like...

Taking responsibility
for my actions

living up to my potential
and personal expectations

staying true to my beliefs.
Basically, being a man?

Something like that.

Relax, Pop.
I got this. Trust me.

God. Come on. Let's hug it out.


I feel the same way.

You coming in, sweetheart?
It's getting cold.

Hold on a sec.

Um, I'm talking
to Brittany, Dad.

Two minutes.

Okay. Now go away.


How do I know that?


Well, are you still a virgin?

Good, 'cause that would
have been creepy.

So, um, how old
were you when you...?

Did you set the alarm?

Force field activated.

Is Annie upstairs?

She's in her room.
Peter's still out.

Amen to that.

You heartless witch.


You're happy he's
going, aren't you?

Two words for you. Home gym.


His room's gonna look great
with a treadmill in it.

Our poor kid is barely packed
and you're already redecorating.

What can I say? Except... good
riddance! (CHUCKLES)


Oh, for God's...

ANNIE: They're in their room.

Right now? Just a T-shirt
and some underwear.

No. With just the T-shirt.


Okay, it's dark now.

Oh, I guess. What is it?




Is that everything?


Katie, come give me a hug.

KATE: No. I don't
want you to go.


So, I'll guess I'm gonna
go to college now.

I love you. Email me, okay?

Okay. Hey, and check my tweets.

WILL: Okay, we gotta go, guys.

WILL: We'll see you later.

LYNN: Bye. Bye, angel. Bye.


Hi. Uh, it's me again.

Where are you? I'm sitting
on the bench just outside.



It's me. Charlie.

Hey, you.

God, I can't believe
it's really you.

Look at you. You're gorgeous.

Is this a joke?


No, it's me, Charlie.

What's wrong?

You're not 25.

Oh. Well, hey.

Don't get upset.

Annie, please.

Just give me
a chance to explain.

It's me, Charlie.

I'm sorry, I, but...

Okay, all right. You're right.

I just couldn't think
of a way to tell you.

You have to believe me.

Annie, please. Please?

Don't get upset.
You're killing me here.

Annie? It's still me. Okay?

Forget the age thing. All
that stuff that we talked about?

All the things that we
shared? It's me. Charlie.

I'm sitting right
here next to you.

Why do you keep lying to me?

Because of this.

I was, I was afraid

that you wouldn't be mature
enough to understand.

Annie, when you connect with
someone the way that we connected

when you find a soul mate the
way that we found each other

then nothing else matters.

I thought you were old
enough to understand that.

I mean, you made me think
you could handle this, Annie.

I mean, this is ridiculous.

I mean, it's me, Charlie.

The same guy that you've been
talking to every day and every night

for the last two months.

I love you.


And I don't get why age
has to change that.

Can we just walk a bit? Huh?

Talk a little bit more.

Just for a couple of minutes

before I have my long drive
back to the airport?

Come on. Just...

I was just looking forward
to seeing you so much.

I thought we were
friends at least, Annie.

This remind you of anything?

I was just thinking that.
Your year abroad in London.

All these American students
come in. I saw this girl.

Love at first sight.

Didn't work out.
I ended up with you.



LYNN: Go ahead, spin it.

ANNIE: The candy's
weird. It's better without it.

Can I have some of yours?


Yeah. You win. Pistachio rocks.

So Peter took off, huh?

You must be so excited.

Yeah, I'm happy for him.

I'm just gonna
miss him, that's all.

I just hope he doesn't
get caught up

into that whole
fraternity rush thing.

Sounds so stupid.

Yeah, there's definitely
some stupid stuff involved, but

I have to say I was a Delt

and there were some
great things about it, too.

I met some, some quality guys
that I hope will be friends for life.

Yeah, I just, when he drinks
he kind of loses control.

This one time he tried to text
me the sound of him vomiting.

It's kind of tough
to spell. (CHUCKLES)

It's kind of... I, I-I don't know.

It's like, "UG,"
I don't know. But...

I just hope he doesn't just
do it to party and get laid.

But, yeah, I guess that's
what college is for, right?

Finding out for yourself,
finding out who you are.



It's just

you amaze me. Seriously.

You're so intelligent
and sensitive, like

wise beyond your years.

It's just amazing, that's all.


Want me to teach you
the secret Delt handshake?


You can't tell anyone.

I won't.


Stick out your hand

like you're gonna shake mine.



You still mad at me?

No, not really.

Wanna check out your present?

Oh, yeah.

You said you'd want
one in red, so...

It's sexy, right?

I can't tell you how many
times I've thought about you in it.

It's crazy, I'm so
nervous and excited

to be sitting here with
you finally after all this time.





You look ridiculously sexy.

No, don't go.

I'm serious.

Come here.

Come sit down.

CHARLIE: Have you
thought about us like this?

I know you have because
you told me about it, didn't you?

ANNIE: You don't
think my body's weird?

Are you kidding?

You're, you're gorgeous.

So you're not...
Disappointed or anything?

Annie. Annie.

You're perfect.

You take my breath away.

Can I just...?

No, wait, Charlie, wait.
Hold on.

It's okay.


It's okay.

Charlie, wait.




It's okay, Annie. Don't worry.


I'm just taking these off.

Oh. Hold still, Annie.
I've gotta take these off, too.

That's my girl.

Oh, God. Look at you.


CHARLIE: This is perfect.

LYNN: How about the boys

KATE: They're okay.

LYNN: Are they?

KATE: Um, we're making
bowls in pottery class, but

mine looks like an ashtray

which is kind of funny
because I don't smoke.



How 'bout you, Annie?
How's school?



School. How is it?

LYNN: Annie?


GIRL: He's so cute.

SERENA: I know.

You should go out with him.

BRIT: Did you get my text?


Why didn't you call me back?

GIRL 2: Check it out,
Annie. Your boyfriend.


I told you before.
He's not my boyfriend.

GIRL 2: You keep saying that.
Makes me think you like him.

If you're so obsessed with him,
why don't you fuck him?

- What's your problem?
- Yeah? He's cute!

ANNIE: Pick up, please pick up.

BRIT: Is this about Charlie?

ANNIE: No. No.

BRIT: Annie, what happened?

That was him
at the mall, wasn't it?

How old is he?

It doesn't matter.

Annie, wait.

Oh, my God.

ANNIE: It's not
that big a deal.

We met up on Saturday.
We had sex.


ANNIE: We're in love.

BRIT: Oh, my God.

Now just drop it. I'm serious.


TEACHER: The word ciao

comes from schiavo,
or servant, and was used as...

WOMAN: Sorry to interrupt, uh

mind if I borrow Annie
Cameron for a second?

ANNIE: Ms. Worley, why
are we going this way?

Oh, it's all right,
Annie. Come on in.

Why don't you have a seat?

I know, yeah.

Holy shit! Dude, dude.


WILL: No, it's Antigua. Anguilla
is a totally different island.

Honestly, I was hoping
to get the crew

and the equipment
in the same place.

Yeah. Hang on.
Hang on just a second.

Hello. Speaking.


Sorry, I, I don't understand.

LYNN: Will. Will!

What happened?

They won't tell me anything.
I just, I just got here, and I...

Excuse me. Annie
Cameron. We're the parents.

Let me find the nurse.

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron?

I'm Officer Gomez.

Your daughter wants you
to know that she's okay, but

maybe you should have a seat.

- What's going on?
- What?

We don't know exactly
what's happened.

What we do know so far

is that we think
she was assaulted

by her alleged
boyfriend three days ago.

She hasn't got a boyfriend.

Well, apparently on Saturday

she met up with a man
she calls Charlie

at a motel, where she
was sexually assaulted.

The man is at least
35 years old.

Jesus Christ. Where is she?

She's in an exam room
with the nurse

collecting evidence for
the rape kit. She's okay.

One of the counselors
from the hospital is with her.

I have to see her.

Look, there is a private
waiting room just down the hall...

We have to see her right now!

We want to see her right now.

She's having an exam.
You'll see her in a minute.

NURSE: I'm almost done.

I just need fo get one more
picture of that abrasion.

WILL: This is fucking insane.

Oh, baby.


It's okay. We're
here. We're here now.

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron,
I'm Gail Friedman.

I'm a counselor
with the hospital.

I'm glad you're here.

- Annie here is an amazing young woman.
- Gail.

- Ah. This is Special Agent Doug Tate with the FBI.
- Hi.

- FBI?
- Why?

DOUG: Well, any time
a crime is committed

against a child
using the Internet

and the suspect is a traveler

someone from out of
state, they call us in.

Look, Annie, I know
you've had a rough day.

But I need to ask you a couple
of questions. You feel up for it?

Do we have to do this now?

Trust me, the sooner we start
this investigation, the better.

Gail, do we still have the clothes
she was wearing that night?

- Yes.
- Are they here?

No, they're at her house.

Okay, I need to get those
from you as soon as possible.

Is that okay?

Yeah, I guess.

Mr. Cameron, Mrs. Cameron

I would like to talk to Annie
alone. Could you please just...

Look, I've had enough of this.

This is our daughter.
We wanna be with her.

GAIL: You've got to
understand that right now

Annie's a victim of a crime and
you and your wife are just witnesses.

That's why we interview
everybody separately.

So as not to contaminate
anyone's testimony.

Now if you can just give
Annie and I a second alone

and then I'll come
back to your house

and we can all
sit down and talk.

Fair enough?

LYNN: So how
long will this take?

Well, it depends if we get enough
genetic material to run a profile.

And if there is, how long?

Right now, there's
a nationwide backlog.

In Illinois alone, we've
got 2,000 unopened kits

sitting in freezers
waiting to be processed.

Some people have been
waiting a year.

- What?
- How is that possible?

We'll run this through
the FBI facilities.

So, two weeks,
a month on the outside.

A month?

Now can I see
the family computer?

MAN: Doug.


- Did you copy the hard drive?
- Yup.

- We'll take that with the evidence down to the lab.
- Okay.

Apart from Teen Chat

were there any
other networking sites

you used to communicate?

No, not really.

Did you guys ever
speak on the phone?

You spoke to him.

DOUG: Now, you said
his mother was sick.

Yeah. Cancer.

Yeah, okay.

Tell him you feel awful
about his mother

that you really
wanna talk to him

that you lost
an uncle to cancer.

I-I don't know.

You don't know what?

I just don't wanna lie to him.

What are you talking about,
sweetheart? He lied to you.

LYNN: What do you
think of writing to him

and just telling him
how you feel?

DOUG: Yeah, Annie.
Would that be good?

Yeah, I guess.

Okay, good.

DOUG: Okay, just keep
it simple. Be yourself.

Maybe he didn't even like me.

He didn't.

LYNN: Will!

WILL: It wasn't like
that, sweetheart.

The man tricked you.

WILL: What?


- WILL: Is that him?
- Charlie.

DOUG: Okay, now,
remember, he's gonna test you

to see if you told anybody.
You haven't, okay?

Tell him that you're concerned

and a little worried that
he hasn't called. Okay?

Should I?

Yeah, answer him. Yeah.

WILL: A-are, are
you guys tracing this?



It says private. What
do I do to answer it?

DOUG: Frank, are we good?

We're good. (PHONE RINGING)

DOUG: Annie? Look at
me? Just, just talk to him.

All right?







CHARLIE: It's kinda late.
Where are your parents?

They took Katie to the movies.





CHARLIE: Shame on you,
Annie. (HANGS UP)


Charlie, are you there?


Damn it!

Frank, did we get it?

Well, that's it. He's gone.

Why did you make me do that?


DOUG: He probably got your
cell number off your website.

DOUG: Look,
I'll give you a call

when I get back from the motel.

Tell me something.
Did she yell for help?

I mean, did she
scream, tell him to stop?

Just because she
didn't scream for help

does not mean this wasn't rape.

Now that guy is 20 years
older than she is.

He groomed her for weeks
just to get her into the motel room

and she's armed with what?
The eighth-grade biology

and the expectation that
the world is a decent place.

I'm gonna fucking kill this guy.

No, you won't. That's why
I'm here. Now, we will find him.

And what am I supposed to do?

You go back inside,
you support your daughter

and you let us do our job.

What, with just five of you
guys working the whole state?

There's gotta be something I can do.
I'm not just gonna stand around and wait...

Mr. Cameron, I promise you.

I put everything
I got into these cases.

You just gotta give us a chance.

Now, my cell is on the back.

You call me
if you need anything.

I'll drop you aline tomorrow
when I get back from the motel.

LYNN: You want me to
sleep with you tonight?

No, I just want my blanket.


No, please, stop.

ANNIE: Stop, please!

Dad, please help me to stop him.

Please, Dad, help!

(SCREAMING) Help me!
No, get off! (SOBBING)

Don't. Please, Dad, help me, please.

Stop! No!

AL: Will.

You all right, buddy?

Yeah, of course.

If Mrs. Van Dersey
wants the meeting, fine.

But I think that we should
dictate the parameters.

No more of this bullshit.


Is there any more coffee?

Grab another coffee.

WILL: Hey. I got
you a new cell.

Now, you have to promise me

that you're not
gonna try and call him

or text him
with this new number.

Remember what Tate
said about the old one

that if he tries to call you on
that, you tell us immediately.

I'm gonna have
to check the bills.

And if I find out that
you've tried to contact him

I'm gonna have to take it back.


So what? Do I just start
talking like Tony Soprano?

Boy, I hope not.

I'm glad you came.

Yeah, well, my parents
said I had to.

Well, even so, I'm still glad.

I want this to be a place

for you to feel
safe and comfortable

talking about anything.

I just wanna be helpful to you.

You think I need help?

I think that what you've been
through must be very difficult.

You know, what's the big deal?

There are girls at my school

who've had sex
with half the football team.

I lose my virginity
and my parents

make a federal case out of it.


I think they're more concerned

that you may have been in danger

more than anything else.


That's 'cause
they don't know him.

You know, the thing is

I bet my dad would
really like him

if they'd met, you know, before.

What is it about him you think
your father would like?

He's sweet, and smart,
and really funny.

And gives great advice and
which, by the way, worked.

I made the team because of him.

You think that's the only
reason you made the team?

Because of his advice,
and not your own ability?

Well, he's older.
He's been playing longer.

What'd you think
about him being older?

At first I thought
he was 16, okay?

And then, all of a sudden
he's 20 and I'm like, what?

And then we kept talking

and I was, like,
what's the big deal?

He gets me, you know?

He's not judgmental.

He's encouraging.

And despite my age
difference he still loves me.

And he thinks I'm beautiful.

What'd you think about him

not being honest about his age?

You know, Charlie said that

when you connect like we did

when you find that soul mate

that's the only thing
to think about.

Don't you believe that
when two people are in love

nothing else matters?

I can understand how strong
those feelings are, Annie.

But, there are reasons why
girls your age and men his

aren't supposed to be together.


He loves me. I know he does.

And he's dying
to call me or email me

but he knows it's not safe

thanks to my parents
and the FBI.

I just...


I just hope he's okay.


What, he go to lunch early?

He went home. Said
he wasn't feeling well.


Will, it's Agent Tale.

I wanted to give you an update.

Now, look, the motel
didn't give us much.

He paid cash for the room.

He told the manager
he lost his wallet.

He even ordered a credit
card right in front of him.

The, uh, the cell phone was
prepaid. It was purchased in St. Louis.

He paid cash for that,
too, whoever he is.

So his name's not
Charles Hightower.

Yeah, not that we can tell.

I found seven of them living
in the U.S. so far

but none of 'em
fit the description.

There's nothing that even
confirms he's from California

we, uh, we actually traced his
IP address to the Czech Republic.


It seems he's running
some sort of ghost program.

It's a software
that basically bounces

his IP address from
one server to another

all over the world.


Sorry, I don't understand.

What does that mean?

It means he's good
at what he's doing.

But don't worry, don't worry.
This is exactly how it starts.

You need to go on
through, go get your stuff.

Yeah, one minute, please.

What about the car? Anything?

Hang up the phone, sir.

It was an airport rental. He
must've swapped the plates.


WILL: Look, I'm, I'll have
to call you back. Okay?

Seriously, is my conversation

that much of a threat
to security?

Thank you, sir.

Is it over?

Yeah, you missed
a pretty good fight.

LYNN: When they do Real
Housewives of Chicago

I am so auditioning.

Yeah, right.

I talked to Jennie.

Brittany's really upset
you won't call her back.


She was only
trying to help, honey.

Yeah, well, she's a bitch.

No, she's your best friend.

Best friends don't
narc on each other.

Not like she'll ever
get a boyfriend

but if she does, I hope
someone ruins it for her, too.

WILL: Lynn?

WILL: Did you get my message?

Yeah, I called you back

but it went to voice mail.
Did you eat?

Have a look at this a second.

You won't believe this.


What is this?

This is the National
Sex Offenders Registry.

There's perverts all over
Wilmette, not just Chicago.

See this? All these red dots.

They're everywhere.

Oh, my God.

This guy here is literally
three blocks away on Linden.

What's going on?

Hi, sweetheart.
Um, come here a second.

I, I need you to do
something for me.

These men are all registered
sex offenders in the neighborhood

that fit the description.

I need you to look through them.


In case one of them's Charlie.


No. N... No.

LYNN: Honey, you should.
One of them could be him.

None of them's him.

Forget the hair and the
mustaches. Just look at the face.

Could any of them be him?

I said, no.

God, what's your problem?

My problem is you were attacked.

It wasn't like that.

Besides, none of them
are Charlie, okay?

Are we done?

LYNN: Pervert Tracker.
What is this?

It's a group I met with today.

WILL: Supposed to be the best in
the country. They hunt predators.

Today? It says
they're in New Jersey.

You were in New Jersey today?

You got on a plane today
without telling me?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I swear to God, Will

if you ever get on a plane
again without telling me

I swear to God,
I don't know what I'd do.

I'm sorry.

Honey, you're right. I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go check on her.


ANNIE: I've gotta
get out of my house.

How come?
What's happening at home?

You know, they think I'm
stupid for meeting up with him.

Going back to his hotel.

They said that?

My dad looks at me
like I'm an idiot.

He wants to kill Charlie.
That's all he talks about.

Getting his hands on him.

Well, what would you do if
he got in touch with you

have you thought about what
you would say to him?

I just wanna talk to
him. Hear his voice.

See how his mom's doing,
and his little dog.

See how we're gonna
make this work.

I just wanna talk to him
about what happened.

We haven't really
talked about that

about what happened
in the motel.

Are we supposed to?

In my experience,
it helps. It really does.

But only if you're ready.

It's kind of weird, you know.

Like it wasn't really
happening to me.

Like I was watching it
from above.

Sometimes when you can't
physically escape from a situation

where you feel frightened
or threatened

you find a way to remove or
distance yourself psychologically.

It's a way
of protecting yourself.

Does that make sense?

Still have ten minutes.

Yeah, well. I'll see you later.

AL: Chicago has a very
strong sense of history.

Kinda like when they bought
Marshall Fields, turned it into a Macy's.

They lost half
their client base.

WILL: It's a fine line.
You want a fresh look

but you don't want to
alienate your loyal customers.

We loved what you did with A & A

in the tween market.

Well, that was mostly
Will's work here.

Well, I don't know
if that's true

but I'm very happy
to take the credit.

MAN: Rebecca?




Hi, Jerry.

Look at you. You're gorgeous.

You really think so?

Yeah. Can't believe it's you.

Did you bring your stuff?

JERRY: Uh...


DOUG: Hey! Hey! Stop! FBI!

BECKY: Hey, get that guy!

DOUG: Go, guys, get
him, get him! Come on!


Actually, there's
a lot of similarities

between your company
and Academic Appeal.

It's just you have a much more
sophisticated client base.

Everybody wants to broaden
their consumer appeal

especially in the tween market.

I mean, it's like
the Holy Grail of...

Sorry, would you just
excuse me a minute?

DOUG: Look, I'm
really sorry, Will.

So what made you think
he was our guy?

The program he was running
to scatter his IP address

the chat rooms he used.

Mostly, Will, it was
his conversation.

It was the way he spoke.

It was very similar
to the way Charlie chatted.

How do you know that?

I was able to get transcripts
of two months worth of IM chats

between him and your
daughter from Teen Chat.

You're kidding.

No. I'm not.

So when can I see them?

You can't, Will.

It's an ongoing investigation.

I'd completely lose
Annie's trust.

Now, I do have some good news.

The lab was able to extract
enough DNA for a profile.

We're gonna run it through
CODIS, the national database

and if there's a hit
we should know

within a week or two
at the most.

Hey, I'll be right back.
I gotta call in.

WILL: Lynn.

Will, what are you doing here?

I just came from seeing Tatfte.

What's wrong?

You're not gonna believe this.

What? What is this?

Read it.

What is it?

Just read it.

"I can't stop
thinking about it."

"You inside me. I get
wet when I picture it."

Okay, stop.

Our daughter wrote this.


"How big are you?
I bet you taste good."

Will, stop it.

"Wanna see it right now."

Stop it, Jesus God!

I mean, she's 14. Where
the hell did she learn this?

She's 14, she didn't
make this happen!

Yeah, but we're gonna
have to talk to her about this.

- You are not gonna talk to her.
- But look at it!

Our daughter sounds like
a fucking porn star!

You cannot confront
her about this.

- I'm gonna kill him.
- No.

I swear to God, I'm gonna find

this animal and I'm
gonna fucking kill him!

Stop it!

Oh, my God.
You're acting crazy, Will.

No, you're not gonna...
You're not gonna read this.

Just leave it alone.
Give it to me.

I'll see you tonight.

DOUG: Now I need you to bring
that back to me right now, Will.

I'll get it back
to you tomorrow.

You do know it's
a federal crime, right?

WILL: I just think I
have a right to know

who my daughter's talking to.

No, no, no. You are
interfering with the investigation.

You've betrayed your
daughter's trust to me.

She doesn't need to know.

You're not letting me
do my job, Mr. Cameron.

I need you to bring them
back to me right now, Will.

Yeah, I will.
I'll get it back to you.


Oh, you son of a bitch.


Hey, stranger.

This is something, huh?

Oh, yeah, it's great. I feel 80.


I'm fine, thanks.

MAN: Hey, great party, man.

AL: Will, come here!


Will. Are you all right?

No, I'm, 'm, I'm
just feeling, I'm...

S... Sorry.


Will? Will!


I heard the door.

WILL: That was me.

I, I couldn't sleep.
I took a drive.

Well, you scared me.

Will, you scared me.


All right, so,
are you coming up?

In a bit.

What are you doing?


Is this you?

Are you, are you
Sad Little Girl?

What are you doing?

You're posing as a teenage girl

to chat with men
on line, seriously?

That's what they do.
They showed me.

Oh, my God.

It's a way of drawing them out.

Good night.

LYNN: I spoke to Pete today.

He's coming home for Halloween.

LYNN: Well, he said he
would try. He's got a lot of work.

But, and he sounds good. Happy.

You didn't tell him, did you?

LYNN: No. But I...

Don't, okay?

Oh, about what? What?

Remember what we talked
about upstairs, sweetie

about Annie being hurt?

I'm serious, okay?


How 'bout we go to the
movies this weekend?

Is there anything you wanna see?

Nothing you'd be interested in.

Well, try me.
I may surprise you.

Yeah, right.

What does that mean?

Why are you being so
mean to me? What did I do?

I'm not being mean.

Katie, am I being mean?


How 'bout we go on a
bike ride this weekend?

KATE: Well, yeah. Uh, can
we also go along the lake?

Yeah. And we can go to that
favorite rock that you like.


ANNIE: Great.

LYNN: You know, you
don't have to do this, honey.

Yeah, I know.

Well, call me if you
need anything, okay?

Honey? Give me a kiss.

I love you.

See you later.


You're gonna have
to talk to me sometime.

I'm really sorry, Annie, okay?

I didn't know what else to do.


You're sorry?


Do you realize what you did?

You fucked up everything.

Charlie, my parents, everything.

I was scared, okay?

No. It's not okay.

I kept every secret of yours.

Annie, you're my best friend
and I was worried about you.

"Was." I was your best friend.

Do me a favor and
never talk to me again.



AL: That was fucking
embarrassing at the big launch party.

Oh, yeah, I know, I'm sorry.

It was just some personal
stuff. It was nothing.

You're sure?

Because you've been kind
of MIA around here lately.

There just could not be a
worse time to be distracted

while I really need
your head in the game.

What, you don't think
I'm giving a 100%, Coach?

Well, you tell me. I put this
on your desk a week ago.

Mel's been waiting since
Monday for you to sign off on this.

Well, tell him, then, fine.
Run with it.

You haven't even looked
at it, have you?

What the hell's going on?

It's Annie.

She was sexually assaulted.


Oh, my God.

I had no idea, Will.

She's fine. I mean, she
wasn't, but she's okay.

They catch the guy?

They're looking for him.

They started with the
crime scene in the motel.

Jesus. She was kidnapped?

No, she... She sort
of knew the guy.

I... I don't understand.

It was someone she met online

someone she'd been
talking to for a while.

Oh, I thought you meant she
was like attacked, you know. I...

You scared the shit out of me.

She was raped.

She's 14. The guy's in his 30s.

I know, I know. It's
just that I was picturing...

Well, you don't wanna
know what I was picturing.

Could have been much worse.

Hey, can I come in?

I guess. What's up?

How was school?


Was it weird seeing
your friends again?

It was fine, Dad.

Did you see Gail today?

No, tomorrow.

How, how's that going?

Great. I'm cured.

Still no contact from "Charlie"?

I hate when you do that.

Say his name like that.

It's not his real name, is it?

What do you want, Dad?

Has there been any contact?


None at all?

What, you don't believe me?

You wanna check my phone?

Would you have
a problem with that?

Yeah, I would.

Why, if there's nothing to hide

why would that be a problem?

You're unbelievable.


Take it. What's your problem?

What is my problem? My problem
is you lied to me, sweetheart.

From the second that you knew he
wasn't 15, you should have told me

and you didn't. You lied.

Why didn't you come and
talk to me or your mother

and say what was going on?

When you found out
for the first time, what...

What were you thinking?

You didn't know then that
something was wrong?

When you, you met him in the
mall and saw him for the first time

what do you do, you don't
call me? You don't run away?

You get in a car with him?
It's like rule number one.

You know, I'm trying
to understa...

Please just leave me alone.

But talk to me. I...

You're just pissed
you didn't know.

No, that's not...

No, everything
would've been fine

if everyone would've
just chilled out.

- What are you talking about?
- Charlie and me.

Are you out of your mind?

You're the crazy one!

Checking my phone,

bringing out sickos on the web.

I'm trying to find the scumbag!

He's not like that!

You don't even know him!

My God, you're protecting
him. The guy raped you.

And you're protecting him.

He didn't rape me!

Get out, get out of my
fucking room right now!

I hate you. Get out!

Get out!

Get out of my room!

I just wanted to know
how Annie's doing.

You know I can't discuss her
treatment with you, Mr. Cameron.

I'm sorry, but this still
doesn't make sense to me.

She's my daughter. A minor.

If she needed an appendectomy

you'd need my signature
for surgery, right?

Therapy is different.

Yeah, but this whole...

None of this makes sense to me.

And I'm really starting to...

What's going on?

I cannot stop thinking about it.

I'm driving my car

whatever, in the office,
in the meeting

and I think about him
on top of her.

The other night I had
this dream. I'd got him.

I was beating
the life out of him.

I was on top of him
and I was punching him

and punching him
and his face was caving in

there was blood going everywhere

and I could actually taste it.

I woke up, I found I'd actually
chewed the inside of my mouth.

It's my own blood I was tasting.

What if they did catch him and they put him
in jail him. How would that make you feel?

Good. Relieved.


Why angry?

Because I'd still want to rip

his fucking head off
and now I couldn't.

What else are you angry about?

I'm angry I didn't know
what was going on.

I'm angry that Annie lied to me.

That I didn't know the extent
of her intimacy with him.

That I couldn't...


Stop it?

We can't control what
happens to us or our loved ones.

What happens when Annie
goes to college?

What are you saying?

People get hurt.

There's only so much we can do

to protect ourselves,
our children.

The only thing we can do

is we can be there
for each other

when we do fall down,
to pick each other up.






MAN: Can I help you
with anything today, sir?

PETER: Hey, Pop!

WILL: Hey.

PETER: You look older.

WILL: It's only been
six weeks, smart ass.

PETER: Yeah,
still, maybe it's, uh

like Einstein's
special relativity.

You know, six weeks to me,
five years to you.

WILL: I think I preferred you
with a high school education.

PETER: Dude. No way.
I don't want you to hurt yourself.

So how was the ride in?


Okay. I'm still a little, ech.

Oh. Big night, eh?

I was off my face, wasn't I?

Come here.

Jesus, Pop. What is it?

AUNT: Where are the kids?

LYNN: Come on, kids. Hurry
up, the food's gonna be cold.

PETER: All right, ready?



It's fantastic.

LYNN: Look at the
toilet seat cover.

It was her idea.

Let me help you off with
your flippers so you can eat.

KATE: No, Mom, that's cheating.

That's not a very
scary mask, Pete.

It is to Grandpa.

Don't get me started.

He's a socialist.

Oh, Cal, now come on.

No costume, Annie?

This is my costume.

KATE: You're not
supposed to wear a penguin

you're supposed to be a penguin.

Do you want me to come or not?

Okay. I guess you can come.


PETER: I'm sorry I
didn't get to email much.

You know, things
have been really crazy.

It's no big deal.

No. No, I should have
called more. Checked in a bit.

You know I love
you, right? Right?

kids ever hear the story

about when Grandpa and
I met on Halloween?

He asked me to take
a picture of him

next to this statue
of a werewolf.

They've all heard
the story, Susan.

LYNN: No, no, we haven't.

Okay, good.

So, he goes up

and he stands right under it

trying to impress me, of course.

But it turns out it's just a
guy in a costume, right, hon?

And he grabs Grandpa.

And Grandpa starts
screamin' like a girl.

- GRANDFATHER: I did not.


Annie, honey. Is that corn cold?

Because I could heat
it up for you, sweetie.

Mm. It's fine.

Annie, you have to try the sweet
potatoes. They are amazing.

Oh, they are, sweetheart, they are.
Just, just have a little. You'll love 'em.

You guys wanna cut
my steak, too?

So, I hear you got a girl, Pete.

What? No. No, God, no.

No, it's just this girl
I met at a mixer.

Yeah, she's a DG.

But we're not... you
know, we're just friends.

She's super athletic though.
She plays tennis and lacrosse.

You'd really like her.


But, you know, she's, she's
not my girlfriend or anything.

We just started hanging out.


Peter, it's okay for
you to have a girlfriend.

It's pretty normal. Right, Dad?

I'm not sure I understand.

You don't understand?

Have you guys had sex yet?


Was she good?

That's enough.

ANNIE: What?

You can tell everybody
about my life

about me having sex and
who with, but I can't ask him?

I asked you not to tell him.

That's the only thing I asked.

Thank you, Dad.

I hope you guys
have an awesome time.

Honey, please, please stay.

ANNIE: No. No. Let me go.

DOUG: Okay. Good news.

We ran the DNA from his shirt

through the national database.

And we actually found a match.

That's, that's incredible.

So what happens now?
You arrest him?

DOUG: It's not that easy.

While the DNA is on the database

it's still a John Doe. We
don't know who it belongs to.

I don't understand.

Well, there were
other cases, Will

three of them, where
rapes were reported.

We were able to recover
genetic material

from the victim
and the crime scene.

The DNA profile is the same.

It's just that we don't know
who it belongs to.

So he's done this before.

- Yes, he has.
- LYNN: Oh, my God.

Well, he's had other
girlfriends before. I told you that.

These weren't girlfriends, Annie.

These were minors
who reported a rape.

Well, DNA can be wrong.

The odds of these four samples
not coming from the same person

are in the hundreds of
millions. It's the same guy.

Now, look. We, uh, we
don't normally do this.

We're very careful
with victim information.

But I'm hoping there
might be some kind

of connection between
all four of you girls.

Maybe you went to
the same camp together

you shopped at the same mall.

I can't give you their names
but I was hoping that

you might take a look
at their pictures.

LYNN: Wait a minute. I don't
know if this is a good idea.

No, no. I want, I want to. Yeah.

All right, Annie,
do you know this girl?

She's from Cleveland.

She's fifteen years old.


No? Okay.

This is the Milwaukee case.

This photo was taken
about a year ago.

She's fourteen.

Now, this girl was assaulted
in St. Louis seven months ago.

She's twelve.

LYNN: Oh, my God.

ANNIE: I don't,
I don't know them.

DOUG: Okay. It's okay.
You did a good job.

Thank you, Annie.


ANNIE: No. I'm fine.
I just need a second.

So you're telling me the FBI's
been chasing this guy for years?

It looks that way, yeah.

Look, on the upside, Will
there's more information for us.

There's more evidence for us.

The investigation is seeing
a real breakthrough.

I bet the agent in St.
Louis said the same thing

to some family
about seven months ago.

I understand your
frustration, Will, I do

but I'm working as hard
as I can for Annie.

Yeah, but it's
not enough, is it?

I mean, that sick fuck is still out
there grooming other girls, right?

Will, I'm doing all I can. I'm
sorry you don't see it that way.

LYNN: Annie? Annie!

Did she come down here?



GAIL: You okay?

You want something
to drink? Water?

There were other girls.

What other girls?
Tell me what you mean.

Charlie. He had other girls.

Three of them. Like me.

There were other
victims, you mean?

He said that I was special.

That I was the only one for him.

But if there are other girls...

They weren't even... They
weren't even that pretty!

Tell me why it matters.

No. No. No.

Why does that matter?

(SOBBING) Because
they were just like me.

He told me, he said
I was pretty.

What's wrong with me?

Why does it mean that
something's wrong with you?

If he lied to me the way he lied to
those other girls, he never loved me.

He lied so he could
have sex with me.

What, Annie?

Oh, my God.

He raped me.

He, he raped me.

How could I have been so stupid?

All he wanted... My God.

All he wanted was...

God, I'm so sorry.

LYNN: Oh, God.
She's finally asleep.

This guy is one sick fuck.

Will, I'm so worried about her.
I've never seen her like this. I'm just...

He's just destroyed her.

He sent her
a picture of his dick.

Please stop looking
at this shit! (THUD)

What are you doing?

What the f...
What are you doing?

Why are you down here when
you should be up there with her?

You think finding this guy
is more important

that it's gonna make her
better? Do you think that...

Well, it might. Or it might save
some other poor fucking girl.

I want this guy out of my house.
I want him out of my house!

You want me to go up there and
talk to her? I've tried.

She won't fucking talk to me!

Shut up!

She finally fell asleep.

You'd fucking know that if
you were up there with her.

It's Annie. It's Annie.

She is in pain. She
needs you and you're just...

You're sitting there
doing nothing!


Here, here you go. (SNIFFS)

COACH: Cameron!

Look, Vicki's sick.
She can't play today.

You're gonna start in her place.

I don't know, Coach. I...

We need you, Annie.

Can I count on you?


That's the spirit.

COACH: Okay, at the net!


KATE: Annie! Harder!

BRIT: Hey, guys. Hi, Lynn.

LYNN: Hey.

You having fun? Yeah?

Dig in!

Nice set!

Block it!


You having a good time?


You enjoying this, looking
at all the young girls?

What's that?

You sick fuck!

WILL: I'll kill ya!
You fucking shit.

WILL: You sick fucking cunt!
I'll kill ya!

LYNN: Oh, my God!

Dad, are you okay?

COACH: What happened?

LYNN: What are you doing?

COACH: I'm calling the police.

MAN: Hey, hey, no,
no, there's no need.

It's, it's just
a misunderstanding.

Dad, you're hurt.

No, no. Pumpkin, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm sorry if I scared you, I'm okay.

- COACH: Are you sure?
- MAN: Absolutely.

It's just a misunderstanding,
that's all.


COACH: Okay, can we get the game
going again, please? (BLOWS WHISTLE)

How could you do that to me?

I'm really sorry.

You're sorry? Gee, Dad, thanks.

That makes everything
so much better.

I lost my temper. I don't
know what else to say. I'm sorry.

Don't you get it?
There's nothing anybody can say.

My life is ruined.

No, it's not ruined.

We're going through a tough
time but your life's not ruined.

We're going through
a tough time?

We didn't get raped.

We're not the laughingstock
of New Trier. I am!

I got raped. Not you!

I know that.

Nothing's ever gonna
be the same. I know that.

But, please, can you please stop
reminding me of it every second?

BRIT: Annie, wait!
I'm so sorry.

ANNIE: For what? It's not
your fault my dad's a psycho.

What? No. I swear to God,
I had nothing to do with it.

Wait, what are
you talking about?

The Internet thing.


Oh, uh...

BRIT: Annie!



Oh, my God.

My God.








LYNN: (DESPERATE) Will, where have
you been? I've been calling you.

What, what do you mean?
I'm, I'm here. Where are you?

On my way. Is, is Annie there?

No, I don't, why?

Just... Brittany called me.
Something's happened.

Is she there?

What? Annie?
What, what happened?

I... don't... just go check,
please! Call me back.





Annie, are you in there?


Annie, open this door!

(HITS DOOR) Annie!


LYNN: Will?

WILL: Call an ambulance!

WILL: How many
pills have you taken?

ANNIE: I'm not really feeling well.

(SCREAMING) Call an ambulance!

(SOBBING) Hello?

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth, sweetheart.

LYNN: We need, please...


LYNN: She's taken
too many pills?

Yeah. Come on.

It's all right.


WILL: She asleep?

I'm through talking.

Brittany's spending the night.

Good night.



Are you okay?

You remember the first
time you went in the pool?


You probably don't.
You were two.

Peter was scared to death
the first time he went in.

He screamed and cried
so much, he didn't stop.

He was fine in
the bath, but pool...

Not you.

You were fearless.

I remember.

You were amazing.

Came in with me and almost
immediately started laughing

and playing and
splashing around.

You just had this confidence.

It wasn't just swimming.

You just had this...

Trust... in things, people,
the world.

It was who you were.

No fear.

God, I loved that.

I was so proud of it.

I envied it.

And I was so afraid that
you'd lose it as you grew up.

That confidence. That faith.

But you didn't.

And then I failed you.

It was my job to make
sure you didn't lose it.

To keep you safe.

What am I if
I can't protect you?

And to see you lose
that confidence

to see you question yourself.

That the idea would
even occur to you

to want to hurt yourself.

Or for you to think
for one minute

that you weren't as beautiful...

I don't know if you can
ever forgive me, Annie.

I really don't know
if you should.

But I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Dad. Daddy.

I love you so much.


BOY: Dad. Come on.
How much longer?

FATHER: We just
got here, buddy.

Let's at least pick up some
stuff for the park. Okay?

What a day.

Susanna. Grab some
apples, will ya?

BOY: Hey, Dad.
Can I do it for awhile?

Okay. Be careful,
all right, buddy?

Well, hello. How do I look?


Yeah. Probably so.

TYLER: Mr. Weston.

Hey, Tyler, how's it going?

I'm good. How about yourself?

I'm good.

Uh, Mom, Dad,
this is Mr. Weston.

Hey, very nice to meet you.

He's my physics teacher.

Pleasure, pleasure.
Hey, Susanna.

One of my students, Tyler.

Oh. Hi, Tyler.
I'm Susanna. Nice to meet you.

WESTON: My wife, Susanna.

And I'm Jennifer.

Hi, Jennifer.

And this is our boy, Mark.

TYLER: Hey, man.
How's it goin'?

WESTON: So, great day, huh?

JENNIFER: It is gorgeous.