Trust (2009) - full transcript

An artist must decide whom to trust when she receives messages from an unknown source claiming her husband is having an affair.

Yeah, it's pretty
cut-and-dry, Joe.

When they're done grilling him,
let the Homicide guys know

I'll bring everything
I got down to the station.

Fill in the holes for 'em.

She didn't see it coming.

No, none of us did.

The guy was sick.

Pure and simple.



Yeah, I know.

Of all the days
to be sleeping in.

I'm surprised you got
any sleep with all that

tossing and turning.

I'm sorry.

Listen, Jenna wants to have
dinner with us next week.

At La Fleur.

Isn't that the place where you
have to sell your first kid

just to get a window seat?

Come on, it's not that bad.

Let's just wait and see
what we hear today

before we commit, okay? Okay.

Bill is here.

All right, wish me luck. Good luck.

You gotta brush your teeth.


Hey, you.

He's gonna be down in
just one minute, come here.

Hope he had more
sleep than I did.

I've been up since 4:30.

Yeah, okay, so that's what
I want to talk to you about.

Bill, what is going on here?

Because he... he came
home last night

and he was really upset.

What is it?

It's just the standard argument.

You know, he wants to sell
the company, I don't.

I mean, he just
wants a safety net. It's a sety net.

I know, I get it.

But if we get this contract,
we'll be fine.

We'll be better than fine.

So you think you're
gonna get it?

Y'know, our design's better,

but X Corp wants
the track record, so...

Hey, Bill, let's go. Let's go.

You sure you don't
want me to go with you?

Hey, baby, we might not hear
'til after lunch.

I don't want you sitting
around, worrying all day.


Promise you'll call me
as soon as it's done?

As soon as you know?

Of course I will.

I'm clicking
and nothing's happening.

I see what you mean.

Don't worry, I can fix that.

All right, but it's gotta
be done before the show

or else I'm dead meat around here.

No problem.

Anyway, I gotta go.

Fine, okay.

We still on for Wednesday?


Good luck with your
date tonight.


Bye, hon.

Look, I said it an hour ago,

I said it last week,
I am saying it now.

I don't want to sell.

Bill, please.

Just keep an open mind.

I want to own what I've built.

Our funding is gone and we have
nothing in the pipeline.

Well... I'm getting nervous.

Look, we know everything
there is to know

about wireless technology,

that's why our design
is so great.

Nobody has a better
heart monitor... nobody!

If X Corp Reliant
gets the contract without us,

we'll lose everything.

I know that, but we'll get it.

Okay, let's say we do get it.

What if something goes wrong?

They'll withhold the financing.

Where is that gonna leave us?

If something's wrong,
we'll fix it. With what?

We've got nothing left, Bill.

We'll be bankrupt, sitting on
the curb with the dot-commers.

You and I have done that before.

We'll go out and we'll get
new investors.

We'll start over.

From scratch...
I can't do that again.

I'm not in my
20s anymore, man. No kidding.

I want the money
that we worked for.

So do I!

Bill, I'm practically broke.

I'm scraping by to
pay my mortgage,

and if we don't
get this contract,

I'm gonna lose my house.

Now, X Corp Reliant, they've
made a more-than-generous offer

to take us over and I...

That's because
we have the better design.

And they're scared we're gonna
beat them out of a contract.

But at least you and I
would be protected.

It wouldn't matter
if we got the contract.

We'd be set for life.

I don't want to sell,
especially to X Corp.

I know what they did to
you before you left.

Believe me, I understand.

But even if we got the project,

we'd be lucky to make payroll
before the check comes.

I designed a great system.

Don't worry, Matthew.

You'll see.

Money'll start rolling in.

Line five.

This is it.

It is just hitting me

that we are the new wave
in surgical technology.

Our design will help change
countless numbers of lives.

And we would like to thank
each and every one of you

for all of your hard work
over the past five years.

Without you, we never would
have gotten this contract.

Yeah, you guys stuck with us
through some really hard times.

And you definitely are
gonna see it

in your future paychecks.

And to think you wanted to sell.


I knew we'd get it.

You didn't tell me.

You did it!
My boys did it!

Congratulations, Matthew.

Okay, come with me.

Okay, excuse me.

Who was that?

That was the engineer.

It's Michelle.

She is so sauced,
but don't let that fool you,

she's damn good.

Come on, jealous girl.

Let's dance.

♪ Yes I ♪

♪ Don't want nobody but you ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

How you feeling?

Like death.

Champagne'll do that
to you every time.

Here, drink that.


Who's that?

No idea.

He didn't waste any time.


What, did you buy it
this morning?

I had it reserved just in case.

It's gorgeous.

For what I paid, it better be.

Bill, I'm gonna miss
these mornings.

Miss 'em?

Now that the contracts are done,

I'm not gonna need
those morning rides anymore

to go over details.

I've been working on it
for so long now,

coming here has just become
part of my morning routine.

I guess I'll just keep
coming for the free coffee.

Well, if you do, you're gonna
have to find another route

'cause Matthew's
already talking about moving.

Yeah, I mean,
things are gonna change.

Change is good.

I mean, that new car of yours.

Yeah, you got that right.

Crap... crap.


You have a good time last night?


Did you have
a good time last night?


Matthew was in rare form.

I guess we all were.

You know what, let me go
prod him along for you.


God, baby, you scared the...

hell out of me.

I'm sorry.

I just... It's okay.

I gotta get going anyway.

See you later.

Yep, I'll be here.

Wait a second, I won't be.

I got a game tonight.

You really think you're
gonna be able to

play basketball tonight?

Don't know.

But at least I can sweat
all that crap out

that I drank last night.


Do you have something for me?

God, you're a hottie.

I gotta go. Go, you're gonna be late.

Don't do it, Sandra, don't...

do it.

He's not cheating on you
and you know it.



Trust him.

I trust him.

He's not cheating on you.

You're half my age.

That doesn't bother me
if it doesn't bother you.

But I'm married.

So am I.



We're sorry, the call-return feature cannot be used.

The number you are trying to reach...

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jackson Gunn Design.

Hey, Kelyn, it's Sandra.

Can I talk with Matthew?

Sorry, he's not in his office.

You know where he is?

No idea.

He's a popular guy, though.

Bill's looking for him,
and so is Michelle.


She's one of our engineers.

Would you like to
leave him a message?

No, that's okay, I'm gonna
call him on his cell phone.

All right, okay.

Hi, sorry you missed me.

Please leave a message
after the tone

and I will call you
as soon as I get it.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to wake you.

You should go back to sleep,
it's late.

It's like a quarter
after 1:00 in the morning.

I thought your game
was at 8:00.

It was.

But we stopped at B. Bonkers
and had some pops

and ogled the waitresses.

Aw, come on, I'm just kidding.

You know there's
truth in every jest.


I'll jest you.
Stop, just...

I'll jest you, come on.

No, please, Matthew.

Okay, okay, I give, I give.

What is that?


You got a hickey on your neck.


I do not have a hickey.

I know a hickey when I see one.

That's when I went up
for that rebound

and got knocked.

Man, boy, that's gonna
hurt in the morning.

You'll be happy to know...

I scored anyway.

Glad you scored.


Give me a kiss.

Good morning, good morning.

There's some...
there's some clean mugs

in the cupboard there.

All right.


I hear the Russian ballet
is coming to town.

Now, I know you've
always wanted to see them,

so I think we should
get tickets.

Good tickets.

Yeah, yeah, do what
you want, yeah.

Did I do something wrong?


It's that time of the month?

Okay, I'm sorry, I just...

I call a truce.


I gotta go.

Have a wonderful day.

I will see you for dinner.

I'll be here.


Matthew, this is Michelle... again.

I feel like you're avoiding me.

Call me.

Why are you wasting your lunch?

You can pay someone to do
that for you, you know.

I want to do it.

You like to rub it

Doesn't everyone?

Have fun waxing your hot rod.

"Waxing your hot rod."


Hey, sunshine.


What are you doing here?

I just drove up,
and I was in the neighborhood,

I thought I'd come by
and say hi.


Well, thank you.

But I gotta take
a conference call.

It might not be a good time. Okay.

And I'm late.
Go, go, go, go.

I don't want to keep you.

Hey, listen, I'm gonna
be at the studio late,

so you might wanna
pick up dinner for yourself

on the way home, okay?

Don't be too late.

You know I can't
sleep without you.

Yeah, I bet.

Detective Moon
will be back any minute.

I figured we'd save some time

and go over some
preliminary information.

All right.

Sandra... can I call you Sandra?


Sandra, we get people
coming in here all the time

asking for exactly what
you're asking for,

and when it's all said and done,

most of them would wish that
they were right back

where they started from.

I want to know.


Let me show you some.

Do you want to see
your husband like this?

I just hate to see the looks
on their faces

when he tells 'em.

It's the worst part of
the job, it really is.

So taking pictures like this,

it's not gonna fix
what's broken.

Only you can do that.

So if you really love this guy,

at least think about
talking to him first.

I'm sorry I'm late.

That's all right.

I've changed my mind.

Be with you in a second.

You did it again, didn't you?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Totally forgot.

Well, thanks a lot.

I'm so sorry.

I will make it up to you. You better.

Come on, I'll throw
something together.

You look fabulous.

Well, thank you, darling.

I thought that being single
the second time around

was gonna be easier...
it's not, it's worse.

The men are older and all they
want is younger and younger.

Jenna, can I ask you something?

I'm an open book, honey.

How'd you know that Sam
was cheating on you?

Followed him.

I sat in the car
outside his office

and watched him go to lunch.

Lunch that day
was the number-five special...

at that hotel Ibot.

Big boobs, tight ass,
22 and blonde.

Yeah, but still,
how did you know?

I didn't.

I think I followed him

just to prove myself wrong.

Hey, you don't think that...


Good, because Matthew's
one of the good ones.

I have learned to hate men,

but even I can
tell he's a keeper.

Yeah, I know.

Don't do what I did.


When I caught Sam cheating,

it wasn't the first time
I followed him.

I'd been doing it for years.

It made me feel good to know

that he was doing what
he said he was doing.

Ever since Nicky Mosetti
cheated on me with

Kim Benedict
in the seventh grade,

I have checked up on them,
every one,

and I always
caught them cheating.

I didn't want to
with Sam, though.

And I didn't for a long time,


catching him made me think.

Is it really them or is it me?

That doesn't make any sense.

Marriage is based on trust
and I can't trust men.

It's something deep down inside.

I've tried, but I can't
break it.

Well, that still does not
excuse what they did.

No, it doesn't,

but I was looking for
something that wasn't there.

Especially with Sam.

I punished him for cheating
even though I knew he wasn't,

and, well...

we both know what
a bitch I can be.

I can't help but think

that things could have
been different

if I'd actually
been able to trust him.

We would have had a strong

He wouldn't have had
to look somewhere else.

So my advice to you...

is don't look for trouble
when there ain't any.

And then again,
if he is cheating,

I'll help you string him up

by his fuzzy little.

Surfing for a new husband?


Um, I want to talk to you

about these last few days.

I know that I have not been
very easy to live with, but...

I don't want to talk about that.

The last few weeks have been...

Well, they've been
crazy for both of us.

You with your show coming up,
and needless to say,

I've had other
things on my mind.

Sometimes the things that
really matter in your life,

you let 'em fall by the wayside.

I know I have.

But life won't be
like that from now on.


I promise.

Go sit down.

Close your eyes.


'Cause I have something
I want to give to you.

So just give it to me.

Close 'em.

Okay, open.

Nothing but the best
for my baby.

You don't like it?

No, it's just, um...

It's beautiful.


I want to know everything.

I want to know where he's going.

I want to know who he's seeing,

and I want to know the bitch
he's giving jewelry to.

Yeah, sure,
I'll track the fellow,

take pictures.

Go through his phone records.

Credit, bank accounts, all that.

Pretty much rip apart his life,

all without him knowing a thing
and guaranteed confidential.

So you still have those notes?

I threw them out.

But they were really plain.

They were just white paper.

What about the e-mails?

Yeah, I deleted those

and I've been trying
all morning to figure out

what that address was.

It was "friend" something.

It's probably just
a broad he's banging,

trying to break 'em up
so she can...

Um, I'm sorry.

I just prefer to be
blunt in cases like these.

I mean, there's no sense beating
around the bush, you know?

Leave that to
the country-club types.

Maybe it's best
if we got to work on this

by ourselves, okay, Sandra?

All right.

If you get any more e-mails,
notes, whatever,

save everything, all right?

I'll have a tail
on him by lunchtime

and we should have a pretty
good profile in a few days.


Now, what I need you to do,

I need you to go about your
business as usual.

We can't have him
know we're watching him.

You understand?



I'll be in touch.

Will you be paying
by cash or credit?

'Cause I much prefer...



I'm in position.

Looks like the lunch
whistle just blew.

Be ready.


Hello, Moon.

Hey, Charlie.

Yes, I need a favor.

Full infidelity check.

Hotels, frequent numbers.

You know, the usual.

So I will be back
around 2:00.


Thanks, buddy, I owe you one.

Listen, you haven't seen
an envelope full of pictures

lying around, have you?


I swear I left them in my desk.

Maybe they're in the car.

I'll see you in a few.Yeah.

Looks like he's crossing the street

to the no-tell hotel.

Well, he's going first class.

Something you've never considered.

What, the office couch ain't
classy enough for you?


What can I hit for you?

Three is fine.

Well, that was easy.

You want a mint?

No, thank you.

Hi, are you...


Not in the hall.


Sorry about that.

Okay, we got him.

He's in room 312.

Get this... he's buying.

Lloyd, Moon.

I need a room.


West side of the building,
third floor.

Any particular room number?

Something in
the 330s should do it.

Busy day for the third floor.

When do you need it?

I'm about ten yards
from your door.

Just in time
for the main event.



Not now, Francis.

He's leaving the hotel.

What the hell are you
talking about?


You know what, you just go back
to your nap, because I got it.

I thought you said 312.

I did!

Well, then, maybe I wasn't
the one napping.

Maybe you should think about getting your ass

back in your car.


I love it when you talk dirty.

Well, that was a bust.

Things are looking up.

Get off your dress and find
out what they're talking about.

I'm working here.

How's Thursday after work?

Tomorrow at lunch is better.

Okay, I'll let you know.

All right.

Just give me a minute.

I don't want to walk in together.

That stupid kiss the other night

already has people talking.

You're really too much.

Hi, it's Matthew Gunn.

I'd like to leave a message
for Xavier Thorgan.

No, Xavier told me
that he'd be out.

Can you please just
ask him to call me on my cell

when he gets back?

Thank you.

Your mail just came in.

Kind of late, wouldn't you say?

Hey, let me see that.

It's a bit of
a departure for you.

You don't like it?

No, it's great.

I don't know
who's pissing you off,

but they should do it
more often.

I'm guessing it's your husband.

How come you never painted
like that when we broke up?

I gotta go.

Hey there.


I'm gonna take a shower.

You wanna join me?

Aw, come on.

No, really, I'm not in the mood.

I'm not.

You're never in the mood
anymore, are you?

What are you doing?

No, it's all right,
he's in the shower.

Did you find out anything?

Well, let's just say
it's been interesting.

Nothing concrete, but yeah,
I got some leads.

Well, he's in for
the night, so go home.

He won't leave again
until about 8:30.

All right.


Looks like the assembly line's
in good shape.

Great, let's get going.

Hold on, I'll see if they're in.

Xavier Thorgan, X Corp Reliant.

What the hell does he want?

Who knows?

Take a message, please.


You know you
have to get out more.

How else are you gonna get laid?

I get laid.
Yeah, when?

Okay, it's been awhile.

Too long.

You know, I have
the perfect girl for you.

Whoops, excuse me.

Excuse me!

Did you see that?

I did.


Very subtle.

It got the job done.

Anyway, so I was thinking about Kelyn.

Why don't you go out with her?

She's too young for me.

Come on, she's cute.

I know, she's cute, but...

My car!

My brand-new car!

They did this!

That's why that bastard
called this morning!

X Corp did this
as a little payback

for us getting the contract.

First Xavier screws my
reputation and now this!

We do not know it was them.

Who else would it be?!

If I ever catch that...

So you're not gonna
show this one?

I don't think it fits with
the rest of the pieces.

Well, who cares?

This is some of the best
work you've ever done...

and I love the way
the colors blend here.

I mean, the strokes,
those are really powerful.

The lines, great lines.

Great curves.

That's passion.

Alex, don't.

Does he know how much
you like this?

I can make you
forget about Matthew.

I can't do this.

Sure you can.

This is the part that
we're really good at.

No, I'm married now.

It was a long time ago.

I'm a very different person now.

I won't do this to him.


I get it.

Thanks, guys.

Sorry about your car, Bill.


No witnesses, no prints.

Doesn't look good.

That's a nice necklace.


Kelyn, why don't you grab
some lunch with Bill today?

He's eating alone.

You're not hungry?

No, I should finish up
a few things here.

I'll grab something later.

Okay, see you in a bit.

See you.

Hi, Michelle, it's Matthew.

And here we go.


Let's just skip the small talk
and get right to it.

A lady that takes control.


So spell it out for me.

Well, I was right.

It can't be fixed without
starting from scratch.

It's a coding
error in the kernel

and we can't isolate it

because it's woven too deep
into the code.

How long until it fails?

Actually, it works just fine,

but if a specific sequence
of commands is given

in the right order,

the heart console
could fail catastrophically.

And while the sequences
that I'm talking about

have like a one-in-a-million
shot of actually

being plugged in,

if it does, it's a major
bug and it can't be fixed.

But it would be difficult
to find, right?

Yeah, well, I doubt
that they would be able

to find it on their own,

but we have to tell them
that it's there, Matthew.

People could die
because of this.

Yeah, I know.

Not quite the getting down to
business we're looking for.

Have you told the tech
department yet?


I was waiting to see
how serious this was first.

It's bad,

and I told you
that three weeks ago.

Well, it is still
just the two of us

that know about this,
right, so...

Are you saying that
Bill doesn't even know yet?

I told you that I would wait

until we got the contract, but...

I'll tell Bill.

Just give us
some time so we can prepare

a press release so we don't
bury ourselves, okay?



Thank you.

Xavier Thorgan, please...
this is Matthew Gunn.

Hey there.

Sorry, I know that I said
I'd be home for dinner,

but I'm tied up with things here at the office.

I'll try not to be late,
all right?


Mind if I sit down?


You have reached Jackson Gunn Design.

Our office is now...


So I have a few problems
I need to iron out

and that's why I'm sitting here

trying to drum up the courage
to do what I need to do.

Life really isn't that bad.

Maybe not for you.


What I mean is, it doesn't
have to be that bad.

Not tonight.

I'll make you
forget about your job.

I have a place nearby.

She doesn't have to know.

I'd know.

That's the problem.

I'll let you do
anything you want to me.


Tiffany, the way
you are looking,

which is stunning,
don't get me wrong,

you'll have no trouble having
someone find you

and take you up
on your offer tonight.

But I want you.

I'm sorry, I said I can't.

She's a lucky woman.

Depends on the day.

He didn't.

I heard.

You look damn fine, too.

If he was fooling around on her,

he'd have taken
you up on your offer.

Yeah, too bad.

Looked like a good ride,
if you know what I mean.

Thanks, darling.

Nice doing business with you.

You, too.

Stay safe, Tiff.

I will.

Now, I went back five months

and I checked every phone call.

Office, home, cell.

None of it adds up to anything.

Credit cards...

they check out, too.

There's nothing
out of the ordinary

'til the jewelry last week.

And that jewelry box
you asked about?

Turns out it was a necklace,

but he returned it that
same afternoon.

Sandra, I've been
doing this a long time.

Matthew's clean.

He's not cheating on you.

In fact, I personally
heard him tell people

how much he loves you.

And, hell, even I believed it.

You know how much that shocks me

with all the crap I've seen?

Look, why don't you do
yourself a favor?

Tell him what's going on.

Hey, hey.



Needed that today.

What's going on?


Come on, you can tell me.

What's going on?



need to talk.

How long has he been
following me?

A week.

Are you kidding me?

But he just came by an hour ago

and told me that
you weren't cheating.

Of course he told you that
I wasn't cheating, Sandra.

I'm not!

Why didn't you come to me
and talk about this?!

I don't know.

You instantly assume that
I'm just cheating on you?

What kind of marriage
do we have?


God, I'm so sorry.

Are there any bugs
around here listening in?

What about my office?

I don't think so.

Well, I have to know, Sandra.

I deal with confidential
documents all day long.

This would kill
the entire contract

if somebody finds out
about this.

Are you gonna tell Bill?

Hell no, I'm not
gonna tell Bill.

I'm not gonna tell a soul.

But what I do want is anything

this Moon guy has recorded

or taken pictures of or
whatever, and I want it now!

She was a hooker.

Your wife had
nothing to do with that.

That was my idea.


Very nice.

This one isn't even me.

Yeah, sorry.

That was a little mixup.

Now, is this everything?


You better not be holding
anything back.

I know how you guys operate.

Mr. Gunn, I might not be in
the swankiest line of work,

but I'm not out
to screw nobody either.

This is it.

All right.

I took out everything that
has to do with my business

and I left anything that looks
like it's related to

the notes,
e-mails... stuff like that.

You've got experience with
stuff like this, don't you?

Yeah, yeah, of course.

Has anybody else
touched the note?

No, just the two of us.


You mind putting
that in a bag for me?

And I'm gonna need your prints.

All right.

I meant Sandra.

I already got yours.

I'll have these
analyzed overnight.

By tomorrow, we should know if
someone else has touched 'em,

the make of the paper

and the printer they came from.

And if you remember the name of

the screen name on that e-mail,

definitely let me know.

We will.

You surprised me, Matthew.

That takes some doing.



You have a lovely
night, Mrs. Gunn.

Matthew, I'm so sorry.

What kind of wife am I?

It's okay, Sandra.

I love you.

Boy, I am mad as hell
at you right now,

but I do love you.

That's not gonna change.


Nothing's gonna
change that, ever.

I love you so much.

If I would have got those notes,

who knows what I would
have thought?

Probably the same as you.

But I checked out, right?

Yes, you did.

That means something, right?


Yes, hi, Francis,
this is Sandra Gunn.

Those e-mails are back.

A little lower.

A little lower.

Right there is perfect.


This place looks great.


You know, I can't stop
thinking about yesterday.

Yeah, let's...

let's pretend that didn't
happen, okay?

You do all these?



So what'd you find out
about the letters?

That paper's about
as generic as it comes.

The printer's no different.

It's an HP,

so pretty much every
office in America's got one.

So we got nothing.

You didn't let me finish.

I found another print.


That I don't know.

But whoever it is doesn't have
a criminal record... yet.

And what about the e-mails?

Still working on it.

Okay, so what do we...
what do we do?

Narrow it down to some likely
suspects, grab their prints.

Go from there.

I got an idea.

Can I get you another?

Yes, thank you.

No problem, Ms...


Jenna Ray.

Ms. Jenna Ray.

Got it.

Remind me never to
play waiter again.

My feet are killing me.

Welcome to my world.



You look good enough to eat.

Thank you.

I don't see him.

Are you okay?


So how're we doing?

It's like shooting
fish in a barrel.

Okay, wait, Donald.

Wait a second, I wanna
get these out before I forget.

Amy Soloff, Crystal Remy,
Bill Cash.

No, wait, hang on a second.

No, I don't know those people.

Yeah, well, they know you.

Whoever's sending
you these letters

could be some
crazy obsessed fan of yours.

I mean, do you really think it
could be a fan of my work?

Sandra, nothing's going to
happen to you here.

I'll make sure of that.

Honey, just go out
and enjoy your party.

This sort of thing doesn't
happen every day, you know.

All right.

Mr. Moon, how about thinking
before you speak?




There you are.

That dress is fantastic.

Yeah, you like?

Yes, I do.
Do you?

So sweet.

Tonight sure
looks like a success.

We are so happy
with the turnout.

And what about that other thing?

It's going good, going good.

Jenna, Jenna!

Would you get the cameraman?

Boys, we've got to
capture this moment.

A little bit this way.

Okay, okay?

Now come on in.

Say "Camembert."

I like that one.

I want to get an extra copy of
that one sent to me, okay?

You got it.

I think I should make a speech.

Come with me, guys, come on.

Thank you all
so much for coming.

I hope that everyone is
having a good time.

Well, first of all,
I would just like to thank

these wonderful artists

who have been gracious enough
to share this evening with me.

It is your work and your

that has made this
work space what it is.

So please feel free to stay
as long as you'd like.

Drink up, but most importantly,

support these artists

and take their wonderful works
home with you.

Thank you.


How was that?


Now go show off.Okay.


This piece over here.



It's brilliant...
and it's sold.

Tell me you have
something that's similar.

I'm happy to say that
that one is one of a kind.

Can you put that
one upstairs, honey?


I would have given you that one.

What fun would that be?


So we're gonna see you
tomorrow night, right?

This time I'm buying.

We'll see about that.

All right, you get home safe.

All right.



I'm so glad I don't have to
clean up this place.

No kidding.

Are they still working in there?

No, they're just packing up.

Moon says they'll start getting
results tomorrow sometime.

Please take me home.

You read my mind.

It was a good night.

Yeah, it was.

I'm late again.

Here, take this.

One more reason why I love you.

Hey, wait a minute.

Come here.

That's more like it.

Yes, it is.

All right... wait, have you
seen my cell phone?

No, but I can't help you look
for it now, I have to go.

Wait, wait, here,
take this to Bill.

From last night already.


I had them deliver
it this morning.

That was fast.

I need it for the press release.

Remember, I got that

subcontractor review today, so...

So I won't see you
before midnight.

I'm not gonna let it go late.

That's what you say every time.

I will see you at Toot's Grill
by 8:30, I promise.

We're meeting at Bill's.

That's right.

See you tonight.

Nice work, Jenna.

Garage Gallery.
Sandra, it's Bill.

Hey, did you get your car fixed?

If I ever get the authorization

from my insurance company.

You are still there? Can you believe it?

First I got the runaround
from the dealer

and now this hangup.

That sucks. Yeah, tell me about it.

I've been running
around all day.

Anyway, change of
plans for tonight.

We're meeting at La Fleur.

La Fleur?

I thought we were going to Toot's.

After your show, you deserve
a night out to celebrate.

Okay, well,
I take back what I said

about picking up the check.

Yeah, like that's a surprise.

All right, I'll call
Matthew and let him know

we changed our plans.

No need.

It was his idea.

I talked to him just before he
got sucked into another meeting

that I thankfully escaped.

And he couldn't
get an 8:00.

Is 7:00 all right?

Yeah, yeah, that'll be fine.

I'll see you then, okay?


Xavier, I am very happy to
hear you've come on board.

I was a little concerned that
you wouldn't be interested

in the price we were asking.

X Corp Reliant is always
interested in

acquiring a quality product.

We've been looking
at you for a while now.

Well, then this deal will
work out great for both of us,

and we will see you next Friday
to sign the papers.

Been looking forward to
seeing Bill again

after all these years.

We didn't part
under the best of terms.

That's water under the bridge.


Mind if I don't walk you out?

Not a problem, see you Friday.

Say hi to your wife.

I will.

Do I know that guy?

Not unless you're into
medical technology

as a side business.

Hey, you, where are you?

You're not answering your
phone, you're not here.

I guess I will see
you at Bill's at 8:00,

just like I promised.


Why are you here?

Did you find something?


Is your partner here?

No, why?

I don't know how to
tell you this.

We got a match on that print.

It's his.

No way.

You must have made a mistake.

That e-mail account?

It came back registered to
a fake name, of course,

but to this office's network.

So we started matching
everybody that worked here

against the print.

Bill's a 98% match,
and that, my friend,

is as good as it gets.

It's not Bill.

How can you be so sure?

Well, I've known him for years.

Listen to me, Matthew,
the print matches.

It's him.

Sorry I'm late.

I was just trying you
on your cell.

Good luck with that.

I can't find it.

I know it's in
the house somewhere,

but I don't know what
I did with it.

Well, that must be why Matthew

can't get ahold of you, either.

He just called, said he's
running late,

but we should
go ahead and order.

I told him this morning subcon
review always goes late.

Don't be too hard on him.

He saved me from
having to be there

and it's not like it's fun.

I know.

Anyway, this will be nice.

We haven't had
dinner alone in a long time.

When was the last time?

I remember.

It was that horrible
seafood restaurant.

The Kettle-O-Gumbo.

I had raw shrimp
and you had the...

The grouper with worms.

Okay, it's making me sick.

Yeah, I'm never gonna live
that one down, am I?




Okay, he's not here.

I just tried his cell
and he's not answering,

and neither is Sandra.

I told him if we were
gonna be late, leave,

but I'm five minutes early.

I'm just gonna take this
opportunity to look around.

No, no, no, we can do better,
we can do better.

What do you got?

This is breaking
and entering, you know?

We didn't break anything.

Yeah, but it'll still
get us 13 months

with good behavior.

What are we looking for, anyway?

I don't know.

But it'll stand out when
I see it, believe me.

I'm telling you,
there's nothing here.


I just realized who that guy was

coming out of your office.

Who, Xavier?


I got pictures of that guy

banging some broad
in a hotel room.


You set that up, didn't you?

I... I don't know what
you're talking about.

Blackmail's a dirty
business, my friend.

Yeah, yeah.

That's what I hear.

I wasn't gonna use it.

I'm saving that for a rainy day.

I thought Bill didn't
want to sell the company.

He doesn't.

You're not as clean-cut
as I thought, Mr. Gunn.

Not one bit.

Yeah, I guess not.

Holy crap.

No, you're not gonna
want to look in there.

What? Trust me, he's our guy.


If you didn't believe
me before, Matthew,

this has to ice it.

He's with Sandra.

Okay, we gotta find him now.

Let's go. They have reservations
at Toot's.

Sandra, if you hear this,
don't leave the restaurant.

If you already have,
go to where there's people,

lots of people.

You go to the restaurant,
I'll go to the house.

I'll see you there.

That was Matthew. Is he done yet?

Yeah, yeah.

He said that
he's sorry about dinner,

but that he is going to

meet us at my house for drinks.

After a subcon review,
he's gonna need one.

Can I help you, sir?

Gunn party, where are they?

The Gunn party?

Yeah, they had 8:00

Yes, you did, but no one
showed up for the table.


You want a nightcap?

Sure, what do you got?

Anything that you desire.


You make a great vodka martini.

Well, then, one great vodka
martini coming up.

So you and Matthew
are finally gonna have

your own office space.

That should be nice?

I don't know.

I kind of like
sharing the office.

I think I'm gonna
miss it, really.

Here, shake this up.

Got it.



I'm gonna repaint this place.


At least the bedroom.

What are you thinking? I don't know.

Got any ideas?

No idea... let me
go check it out.

Forever the bachelor.

So what do you think?

You haven't seen it
yet, have you?

What's wrong?

Let me see that.

How could you?

What are you talking about?

I've seen your bedroom!

Wait, Matthew, what is going on?

I trusted you!

Matthew, stop it!

Stop it, Matthew!

There's a gun!


My God!

It's okay, it's okay.

Baby, Sandra,
look at me, it's okay.

You're okay.

Baby, listen to me.

I have to call the police, okay?

I will be right back.

Stay here.

Yes, hello?

Someone's been shot.

I think I killed him.

No, please, just send somebody.

Just send somebody fast.

No, this is not my house.

Yes, yes, that's the address.

Yes, fast, fast.

All right.

My God!

I don't want you to see this.

Come on, come on.

No, no, no, no. I can't believe it.

Come on, it's okay.

Pretty cut-and-dry, Joe.

When they're done grilling him,
let Homicide know I'll bring

everything I got
down to the station.

Fill in the holes for 'em.

She didn't see it coming.

No, none of us did.

The guy was sick.

Pure and simple.


Like I said before...

I tried, but she...

she didn't have her cell phone.

What I'm unclear on is
where the gun came from.

We fell onto the table...

then it was just there.

I... I didn't even know
he owned a gun.

Well, do you own a gun?

God, no.

Did you know that
one of your employees

was reported missing
this afternoon?


Michelle, Michelle Jablonski.

What are you saying?

She's dead.

Shot twice in the chest.

We're not gonna hear
from Ballistics

for the next few days,
but the wound caliber,

it was an exact match.

You think Bill did that?

Well, what do you think?

After tonight, Detective,

I don't know what
the hell to think.

Did you happen to...

Listen, please, detectives,

I've already told
you at least three times

what happened, okay?

I would just like to
please take my wife home.

Okay, but you're not gonna be
going anywhere tomorrow,

are you, Mr. Gunn?



We'll be stopping by your house
to take formal statements.

Okay, that'll be fine.

All right, you can go.

All right, thank you.

Let's go home.

Now I know why you didn't
answer your cell phone.

Where'd you find it?

It was in the office.

It must have fallen
out of the charger.

I swear I looked there.

Here, this'll help.

No, I don't want those.

I think that it might relax you.

I think it'll help you forget.

Okay, maybe later.

All right.

Okay, come on, come on.


Sit down, I'll brush your hair.


Matthew, please, don't.

It's just so weird.

I understand.

The brushing was nice.


Did Bill go to the office today?

Did Bill go to the office today?

No, he was dealing with his car.

Matthew, please tell me,
was it you, please?

What are you talking about?

Finding the picture
from last night,

how did Bill get it if he
didn't go to the office?

How the hell could you?

Sandra, I...

Hey, whoa, whoa.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

Please, Sandra.

Hey, you have to let me explain.

Come here.

Come on.

Sandra, Sandra.

No, no, hey, hey.

Stop it, stop it.

No, no, no.


Come on.


Sandra, just give me a chance.

Sandra, open this door now.

No, no, no, give me that.

No, no!
Give me that!

Get away from me! Give me that!

Get off of me!
You stop it!

Stop it, okay?

I had to or we would
have lost everything.

What are you talking about?

What do you mean?

There's a problem with
the software

in the heart console.

And if it gets out,
it will destroy us.

They will void our contract

and we will end up with nothing.

If we sell the technology as is,

we'll earn our payday

and X Corp gets
stuck with the problems.

Don't you see?

I had to do something before
it was too late, Sandra.

We were gonna lose everything.

The company, the house.

So losing this prestigious
24 "abbott,"

that drove you to
kill your best friend!

I had to.

Bill wouldn't even
talk about selling.

If we kept ownership,

he would have told them
about the problems.

He was too honest.

He would've let us
all go down with the ship.

I couldn't let that happen.


Just listen to me.

Sandra, please,
would you just listen to me?

All you have to do is tell them

exactly what you saw tonight

and we will be all right.

You don't have to lie.

It is so easy.

Then we'll have it all.

It's perfect.

Baby, he was
infatuated with you.

He stole those pictures
off my desk.

He sent those
e-mails from our office.

He kept calling you
and then hanging up.

He sent those letters.

You sent those letters.

They don't know about that.

Moon will say that it was Bill.

I played him perfectly.

He's a perfect alibi, baby.

All his evidence
proves that it was Bill.

Hell, his prints were
all over the letter.

Baby, I just want to
grow old and gray with you.


And if you help me,

we can have everything
that we ever dreamed about.

Matthew, you still
think that we can?


We'll be together.

That's all I want.

What do I have to do?

You don't have to
lie about anything.

You've got to tell me
everything that you did.

And make sure that
you didn't make...

any more mistakes.

I went to Bill's

and set up the shrine
during lunch.

Then Moon came to
the office looking for Bill.

He followed the clues
right to him.

And then we went to the house

and found the shrine
just like I planned.

So you had the gun.

I planted it.

But the police will
never know about that.

And all the letters
and all the phone calls,

that was just you setting him
up so you could kill him

and get away with it.

Don't you see?

All the evidence
points directly at Bill.

You don't have to lie.

You just gotta tell the police

exactly what you saw happen.

We're gonna be fine.

What about the heart monitor?

Does anybody else know about
the heart monitor?

Not anymore.

I love you, Sandra.


I only did this
so we could have the life

that we talked about.

Do you remember 12th Street?

I remember us working two jobs
just to pay for that dump.

I remember laying in bed
and watching TV.

We had no furniture.

I'd lay in your arms

and we'd talk until
I fell asleep.

And the garbage truck
would wake us up at 6:00 a.m.

Making love was
a morning ritual.

But we never went out to eat.

We never owned anything nice.

I was so happy when
we finally could move.

I loved that place.

I hope by next week,
we can buy it.

Baby, we're gonna
have so much money.

It's okay, it's okay, baby.

It's gonna be okay, you'll see.

This way, come on!

Clear here!

Put your hands
where I can see them!

Back away, Miss.

Are you all right?


Did he hurt you?

No, he wouldn't hurt me.

Put your hands on your head.

Cuff him!

♪ Just say the word ♪

♪ Let me know ♪

♪ Is this love for real... ♪

In the six months since our last showing,

some of our artists have
taken their work

into some exciting and
surprisingly new directions,

so show these artists
what you think

of their work by taking it home.

And once again, I'd like to
thank all of you

for being here this evening.


- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

♪ Comes a ray of light ♪

♪ To heal... ♪


What are you waiting for?

What, anybody buying my stuff?

No, no one.


Sorry, couldn't resist.

♪ Streams of rain ♪

♪ Softly dry hoping for... ♪

Happy anniversary.

That's this week?

I just bought your painting!

♪ Everyone knows ♪

♪ Everyone knows ♪

♪ Guess I suppose... ♪

I'll be waiting for you

when you're ready, Sandra.

♪ Some are too strong to face ♪

♪ But with each one there's a new day ♪

♪ Through every storm comes a rain ♪