Trunkfish (2021) - full transcript

A bored, middle-aged husband pushes his young wife into living out his every sexual desire, but when they takes things too far, he struggles to cope with his reality after the fantasy has ended.

(pensive music)

(woman moaning)

- [Woman] Oh fuck! (moans)

Oh, my god.


Yeah, yeah, oh, oh.

(rapid knocking)
- Yeah.

- Dennis, are you almost done?

- Just gimme one second.

- [Katherine] Okay, I
need to get in there.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] It is difficult at the bottom

of the food chain, but
luckily for the rabbit

it's over quickly.

- [Katherine] You know
it's all fake right?

- [Narrator] An easy meal for the faster

more powerful predator-

- What?

- Those documentaries.

- It's all fake.

It's all set up.

- [Narrator] Nothing
more than sustenance of-

- Yeah probably.

I like to watch it anyway.

- [Narrator] The pressure
moving on to find his next meal.

It's unfortunate, but the rules of nature

state it's survival of the fittest.

- [Woman] (moaning) Oh, oh my god.

Yeah, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck.

- Hey neighbor.

- Bill.


- I'll see you tonight, okay?

(pensive music)

(car horn honks)

- Morning, Stacy.


- Super behind today.

I need these inputted into the system

and scanned for errors by lunch.

- Well, that's not really my job.

- It's not?
- No.

- Dennis, you don't
want to sit at this desk

forever, right?

- No.

- Well, I'm the guy
who makes the decisions

on who moves up and who
stays at little desk limbo.

So uh, do me a solid,
you won't be forgotten.

(soft music)


- I need somebody to stay
late and finish those up.

- I can't.

- What do you mean you can't?

- Well isn't there somebody else

that can do it?

- Everybody else has plans.

- What if I have plans?


- Attaboy.

Lock up when you leave.

(soft music)

- How was your day?

- It was good.

How was yours?
- Good.

I got some paint samples
for the spare room

if you want to look at them.

- Whatever you're doing is okay with me.

- Okay.

Oh, the sink was backing up again.

So I think I'm going to
call a plumber tomorrow.

- You don't have to do that.

I'll do it.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah.

I'll take care of it this weekend.

- Oh.


- [Narrator] Every member of the pride

enjoys the spoils of the hunt.

But the rules of nature state

that there is a feasting order.

The alpha always eats first.

No exceptions.

It's a sign of dominance
over the rest of the pride.

And any breaking that order is dealt

with quickly and violently.

Any pass given is considered
a sign of weakness.

When he's eaten his full
only then will the others-

- All right.

I'm heading to bed.

- Um, okay, maybe I'll join you.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- Well goodnight.

- Goodnight.

(alarm rings)


- Hey neighbor.


- [Woman] So either we have dolls-

(alarm rings)

- [Woman] Oh my god.

- Hey neighbor.


- [Woman] Just saying because I'm-

(alarm rings)


- Hey neighbor.

- Telling much-

(alarm rings)

- Hey neighbor.

Hey neighbor.

Hey neighbor.

(cacophony of sounds)

- Hey, what's up?

- Oh, um, I-I-I'm, I'm sorry.

I'll get you some more tomorrow, okay?

- Well, what am I supposed to eat?

- I don't know.

Here, wait...

You can have some toast, there you go.

- Toast.

- Hey, neighbor.

- Bill.


- Are we still on for
the barbecue tomorrow?

- I don't know, I thin-
- Of course we're still on.

Can't wait.

- Great.

- Love you.

- Yeah.

- Anything-
(alarm rings)

- Do we really have to do this.

- Come on.

It's gonna be fun.

- No it won't.

You know, it won't.

- Okay, we've lived here for how long now?

And we don't even know these people.

It's gonna be fun to make some friends.

(doorbell rings)

I'll go get that and you
fire up the grill, okay?

- Hey.

Potato salad.

- Oh, uh, h- hey guys.

- Thank you so much for inviting us.

It was so sweet of you.

Look who I convinced to
hang out with the cool kids.

- Hey Miss Breck.

- Oh, uh.

K-Katherine, please.

- Katherine.

- Mrs. Breck is fine.

- Oh hey, don't press down on 'em,

makes all the juices come out.

And, uh, don't flip them
over and over either.

That's a myth about the even seer.

- Know how to cook a burger Bill.

- Hey, I'm gonna be in
Europe all summer, okay.

This might be the last decent burger I get

for a while so I want it to be right.

- The whole summer?

- Yeah, yeah, we're not
getting any younger, right?

I figure it's the right time.

I had a couple good years financially,

so I mean, I got the money, right?

(laughs) You know, one of the best times

I had in my life was this
backpacking trip I took

when I was in college.

Oh, (laughs) the women.

And they love Americans.

- So, you're the adventurous type?

- Yeah, sure.

Aren't we all?

- Guess not.

- What?

You never wanted to try new things?

- No.

- Huh.

Well you better get on it, buddy.

Life is gonna pass you by.

- So, Conner, are you looking forward

to your trip?

- Yeah, I'm not going.

- No.

- No.

He's headed to college in a couple years.

So I figure it's time
for him to have a little

responsibility, you know?

He's earned it.

- Oh, yeah.

- Yeah.

4.0 GPA, top rank wrestler
in his class, right?

Class President.

I mean, you tell me.

The kid is perfect.

Schools are breaking
down the doors already.

He's gonna be a leader of men someday.

- Yeah.

- Hey, and, uh, Amy and
I would appreciate it

if you keep an eye on him
more while we're gone.

Maybe just poke your head and once

in a while, make sure he
hasn't burned the house down.

- Sure.

- So if you ever come
over and hang out like

video games, whatever.

Door's always open.

- Thanks?

- So you need another beer?

- Don't ask me stupid questions.

(rapid knocking)

- Hi.

Is, uh, Conner here.

- Who?

- Conner.

He invited me.

- Oh, Conner.

Yeah, Conner.

Come on in.

- Okay.


- Yeah, Tara.

- Nice.

- Can I get you a soda or something?

There's burgers, they're almost done.

- No, thank you.

- Well.

- Yeah, I mean, the uh,
the beaches in Europe

are glorious, you know, the girls

are all topless.

You'd kill it.

- (laughs) Oh my God.

- Burgers are done, I got it.

- What?

- Who's that?
- Huh?

Oh, friend of Conner's.

I don't know.

- Oh.

She's cute.

- Is she?
- Yeah.

Lucky guy.

- I guess.

- So you're starting to remodel?

That's so fun.

(soft music)

- What do you think of that, Dennis?

- Huh?


- Hi, Mr. Breck.

- Dennis.

What's all this Mr. Breck stuff?

- Okay, Dennis.

Do you mind if I go in the
house and use the restroom?

- Yeah, yeah.

Make yourself at home.

Just, of course.

- I just didn't want to
assume I could just go in.

- Let me help you.

- No, that's okay.

- No, it's my pleasure.

- Um, okay, thanks.

So, Tara was pretty nice.

Is she a girlfriend, or?

- I just met her today.

- Really?

You guys seem pretty familiar already.

- It's why she's here.

- What?

- I met her on the Hook'dUp app.

- What's the Hook'dUp app?

- See there's this app,
just upload a photo

of yourself and description
of what you're looking for.

Your girl likes what she sees, she just...

You know...

- Like fuck?

- Yeah, basically, no strings attached.

Just hooking up.

- This can't be real.

- It's very real.

- Well, what about like,
dating and relationships?

You know, making a connection?

Aren't you interested
in something like that?

- Yeah, maybe someday.

But for now, girls are
looking for the same thing.

Why waste time with anything else?

Plus, it's better than
watching porn, right?

- You know what? Call me old fashioned,

but maybe I want to know the
person sleeping with, you know,

I couldn't just hook up with a stranger.

- Have you ever tried it?

- No.

- Well then you don't know
what you're capable of.

We're basically just
animals: eat, fuck and fight.

It's all we know how to do.

- It's a little bit more
complicated than that.

- Maybe, but I haven't seen it.

It's purely physical
and just sex after all.

And there's no love to it or anything.

It's not a big deal.

- What are you, like, 12?

You don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.

- Hey, are you ready?

- You're probably right.

I don't know what I'm talking about.

- What's your problem?

- It's just that little punk kid,

what's his name, Conrad.

- Conner?
- Yeah.

You know, like, try to be cool.

Try to be his friend.

He's just so smug.

You know?

So arrogant, it's irritating.

- Really?

The son of the world's
most perfect parents.

I find that hard to believe.

- Well you should have
heard some of the things

he was saying.

- Like what?

- Just never mind.

Okay, but let's just say that
I should have popped him one.

- Okay.

Well, can you...

Can you pop this back over to Amy for me?

- I'm serious.

One punch, That's all I'd need,

I'd knock him out.

(woman moans)

(tense music)


- Oh, ow, ow, ow.

- Oh, what's that.

You okay?

- No, no it's okay, it's okay.

- Okay, okay.

- Are, are you almost done?

- Yeah.


(alarm beeping)

- [Woman] Oh my God.

(pensive music)

- This is stupid.

- Hey, do you have a copy
of the matrix reports?

- Oh, uh, yeah, of course.

- Thanks. Can you give
me a hand with these?

I'm having trouble inputting them.

- Yeah, of course.

What are you doing?

- Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me.

- Dammit.

Oh hey!

- Hey.

Hey, did you get the mail,

I'm gonna go check the mail.

I need to check the mail.

- No, wait, wait, wait,
first can you, uh...


(phone buzzing)

(tense music)

(car horn honks)

- What?

- Who's Eva?

- Dennis?


Are you still with us?

- Yeah.

- We were talking about the
sex app that you downloaded.

- Yeah.

- Do you want to talk about it?

- I was just curious.

That's it.

I never cheated on you, I swear.

- [Therapist] Then why did
you download the app at all?

- We've been married
for a little while now

and things aren't

exciting anymore.

When we first got married, right?

I mean, it was like I hit the jackpot.

I mean, look, she was beautiful

and she was young and she was into me.

I mean, I couldn't believe it,

I don't get lucky like that.

But now it's like she
doesn't even care anymore.

There's a whole world out there.

Just wild stuff.

Crazy stuff.

Crazy sex stuff.

I mean, it's all over the place
and our sex life is just...

Well, I feel like I'm missing something.

We never do it anymore, and when we do

it's like you're bored.

I mean, do you even like it?

- Sometimes.

- You don't act like it.

- Real girls don't have screaming orgasms

like the ones in your videos.

You don't think I know what you're doing

in the bathroom every morning.

God, you spend more
time in there than I do.

- Well, you know what,
it doesn't take a lot

of time to not do your hair and makeup.

- Okay, okay.

Well, why don't we just take
a little breath here, okay?

So, Dennis, do you watch pornography?

- Yes.

- What is it that compels
you to watch these movies?

- It's a release.

Because it's satisfying.

Because it's sexy.

God I wish I could fuck like that.

- Like what?

- Savagely.

You know, without consequences.

Just nobody gets hurt.

I mean, everybody's satisfied.

It's perfect.

It's amazing.

You can have anything you want,

right when you want it.

When I'm watching those
movies, it's like I'm,

it's like I'm watching
everything that I will never be.

- And you can't have that with Katherine?

Did you know that he felt this way?

- No.

- So clearly, this is not a sex issue.

This is a communications issue.

It can be really hard
to express your needs

to someone that you love.

It can make you feel vulnerable.

I mean, once it's out there,

it's hard to take it back.

- Exactly.

- So I have something
that just might help.

What I want you to do
is write down a fantasy,

each of you.

Keep it simple, start small.

Put it in a box

and blindly pull one out.

- Jesus.

- Oh, this...

- No, no, no, don't, don't cover up.

You look amazing.

- Really?


- Come on, come on, come on.

Come on.


- Wait, what...

What's wrong?

- I thought it'd be different, you know,

you dressed up like that.

But it's the same.

It's always just the same.

It's not you, okay?

I just.

I mean, maybe I just built
it too big in my mind.

I just wanted something
crazy and wild and just...

I'm the one who fucked up, not you.

- What does that mean?

- I don't know, just maybe,

maybe we're just not the kind of people

that are meant for this kind of thing.

Maybe we're just...


- No.

- What?

What are you doing?

- Are you telling me that
I married a boring quitter?

Okay, no, no, no.

If that's you, then
what does that make me?

- I didn't mean you.

- Listen.

I'm not old and I'm not boring, okay?

- What are you doing?
- We're not boring.

Say it.

Say we're not boring.

- We're not boring.

- I don't believe you.

- We're not boring.

- Oh, hello, somebody's back.

- Yeah.

Yeah, that's it.

- Harder?

- Harder.

As hard as you can.

(coughs) No, don't stop, don't
stop, no, don't, don't stop.

Wait, no, no, no don't stop.

Don't stop.


Use this.

Do it.

Go, go.


- Babe, babe, wake up, wake up!


Are you okay?

- Yeah.

Do it again.


(intense music)

♪ I know who you're looking for ♪

♪ You love ♪


♪ Oh ♪

♪ And I know who you're looking for ♪

♪ But you won't, you're
never gonna find me ♪

♪ Yearning a side of innocence ♪

♪ Oh baby won't you come and
I'll catch ya, more discipline ♪

♪ Oh ♪


- What is that?

It smells amazing.

- It's goetta.

- And what is that?

- I don't know, we
haven't tried it before.

- Oh, you fancy.


- Hey, Dennis.

Looking good, today.

Do something new with your hair?

- Actually, I've been working out lately.

Like a lot.

- Well, keep it up.

- Plan to.

- Stacey.

Get in here.

- I got to go deal with that.

- Are you, are you sure
there's no one here?

- Yes, I'm sure.


Let's do this.

- Yes.

Can you step into my office, please?

- You wanted to see me sir.

- Yeah, I've been going
over your work here

and it's unacceptable.

- Oh, no, I'm so sorry, sir.

I did the best that I could.

- Well, I'm afraid that
the best that you could

isn't good enough.

I'm gonna have to fire you.

- Oh, please, please don't fire me, sir.

Is there anything that I can do?

- I'm sorry.

Nothing I can think of.

You're fired.

- There's nothing that you can think of?

- There might be something.


Shit, shit!

- You said that no one was here.

- Shush.

Shh, shh!

(tense music)


- Man, what the hell
are you doing back here?

- I thought I saw some lights
on it came to check it out.

- Yeah, ain't nothing
happening back here, let's go.

- Well somebody was in here,

there wasn't a fucking
tornado in my office.


I'm looking right at it.


Well maybe you should get
better security guards, asshole.

- Hey, Dennis, I'm gonna
need you to take care

of this for me today,
I'm just not up for it.

- No.

- Excuse me?

- No.

Got my own stuff to do, I
can't be carrying you too.

- Please, you couldn't handle my job.

- What?

Playing with my phone all day,

pushing my work onto everybody else?

I can handle your job.

- Well.

What if I was to write you up, huh?

What if I was to fire you?

- For what?

- Insubordination.

- Insubordination?

You file that report with
HR and you explain to them

why I'm being insubordinate

for not doing your fucking job.

(phone rings)

- Back to work.

- It was like something out of a movie.

I'm so worked up right now,

can you feel my heart beating?

I just wanna...

Here, come on, let's do something out

of the fantasy box right
now, something wild.

- Um, now?

I was thinking we could slow it down

for a little bit.

- Slow it down?

Slowing it down is the exact opposite

of what we should be doing right now.

I've never felt like this before.

I don't wanna stop now.

This is when we push it,
push it as far as it can.

I'm wanna drive this
car off a fucking cliff.

No consequences.

- Hey Conner.

- Uh, hey Mr. Breck.

- I'm sorry I haven't stopped by lately,

you know, I told your dad
that I'd be looking after you.

- It's all good, I don't
need anyone to look after me.

- No, I know that, I don't think

you're a child, I just
didn't want you to think

that I had abandoned you, that's it.

- It's all cool, really.

- Okay.

You know what, why don't you
come over this afternoon.

Yeah, we'll order out, it'll be great.

- I can't, I've got plans.

- Oh, well that's too bad.

- Actually, I know my parents asked you

to check in on me and all,
but I was gonna invite

a couple friends over tomorrow night.

- You mean like a party?

- Not a party, just like
a couple close friends

just hanging out, you know?

I figured you'd be cool with it.

- Oh, yeah, I'm cool with it, yeah I'm,

I'm cool with it, I'm-
- Awesome.

Just don't want anyone
calling the cops on me

or anything, you know.

- Yeah.

- I don't wanna ruin my parents' vacation.

- Yeah.

I know, some of the
neighbors are kinda lame.

Listen, have it at my house?

- What?

- Yeah, we'll use the
pool, we'll grill out,

it'll be perfect.

- Really?
- Yeah!

That way I can keep an eye on you,

you know what I mean, no one's gonna call

the cops at my house.

- Um, I don't know, I just don't want

to be like an inconvenience
to you all or anything, uh.

- What are you talking about?
- Are you sure Mrs. Breck's

cool with it?

- What, Katherine?

(scoffs) Katherine is cool with it, man.

- Uh.
- You know what, I insist.

Yeah, if you've having the party,

you're having it at my house.

- Uh, okay I guess.

- All right!

- Thanks.
- Sure.

Hey, it's better this way, trust me.

(upbeat music)

- Hey, hey, hey, come on, come on,

you need to relax.

- How am I supposed to relax,

there are children drinking alcohol

at my house right now.

- Like this.

What, have you run out of fun?

- No, no, I don't.
- Come one, just one shot.


Come on, one more.

One more, one more, just one more.


(upbeat music)

- I just...

Tara, you came.

- Yeah, well, after
Conner told me that you

personally extended your invitation,

how could I say no?

- Uh, come in, there's food and drinks,

just make yourself at home.

- You all right?

- Huh?

- Are you all right?

You looked a little stressed out.

- Oh, is it that obvious?

- Look, I can get all
these people out of here

if that's what you want.

- Oh, no, that's, that's not necessary.

- You sure?

It's not a problem.

- Yeah.

I mean Dennis is having fun, so it's fine.

- What about you?

- What about me?

- You having fun?

- Not exactly.

- Yeah, me either.

- Aren't these your friends.

- What?

I thought you knew them.

You know, you're allowed to enjoy yourself

every once in a while.

- Oh, I-I know.

I've just had a lot on my mind lately.

- Like what?

- You don't wanna know.

- Okay.


Tell me something I do wanna know.

- Like what?

- I don't know, anything.

Whatever you want.

- Did Dennis send you
over here to talk to me?

- No.

Why would he do that?

- Nevermind.

- Wait, you've telling me
that you're a cheerleader?


- What about that is so hard to believe?

- I don't know, I just...

Cheerleaders always just seem so prissy.

- Really?

- I'm glad you came.

I didn't think I was gonna
get to see you again.

- Yeah, well, from what I've heard,

you've seen quite a bit of me.

No, no, no it's okay,
really it's, it's fine,

I kind of liked it.

- Really?

- I mean, yeah, I've
never done that before,

you know, have somebody watch me.

Chalk it up to new experiences.

- Gotta keep it fresh.

- It was definitely hot though.

Being watched.

- Really?

- Like, yeah, I can add it to my profile.


Well, you see there's this app...

- Oh, I-I know about the app.

- You do?

- Yeah, I uh, I signed up for it.

- You scoundrel.

- Yeah.

- Wait, does-does Katherine know?

- Yeah, hey, we're cool.

You know, I mean, we're
married but we still party.

- Lucky dog.

- Graduation's a couple years away.

- Well that, that's exciting.

- I guess, I mean it
would be nice to finally

get out of here, I just
don't know what I want

to do with my life.

- Well, you know, I
graduated many years ago now

and I still don't know what I wanna

do with my life either,
but that's life, though,

you know, you just try new
things and if you don't like it

you can move on to something else, or...

- Yeah, like, my dad wants me

to go to college of course, but why?

What's the point?

Everyone goes to college.

- But you have to go to college.

- Why?

You went to college, right?

- Yes.

- What did you study?

- Social work.

- Why?

- Because I wanted to help people.

- See, that's awesome.

I wanna make a difference too,

you know, I don't wanna be locked down

in some job that I hate
forever or obsess about things

like my house or my lawn.

- Well, what do you have in mind, then?

- I was thinking about
joining the peace corps.

- Oh, that-that's so admirable.

I mean, it's actually really nice hearing

someone your age thinking about more

than, like, likes and
followers and shares.


It's cool.

- Well, I think you're cool.

- Oh.

- Seriously, seriously, hey,

I can't talk like this
in front of my friends.

- Okay, um, well, I
need another drink, so.

- This is fun.

I'm glad you came.

- Me too.

- So you're good to drive, right?

Cause you could totally crash here,

I have a futon in the spare room.

- No thank you, but really, have fun.

- Okay.

- What?

Like together?

- Well, I think I had one too many.

I'm gonna go ahead and head to bed.

- Can I help clean anything up?

- No, just leave everything out,

I'll clean it up in the morning.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

- He's a good guy.

- Oh, yeah, he's a great guy.

- Well, thanks for letting
us party over here.

Hopefully we didn't
mess things up too much.

- Oh, no, it's fine.

- Maybe I should start getting
my friends out of here.

Or at least the ones who're
still awake, anyways.

- Oh, yeah, I-I would rather you guys

just stay here than be out
trying to drive right now, so.

- Well, okay then.

It was really nice talking to you.

I guess I'll just see you around.

- Um, actually, I have
something to show you.

You wanna come with me?

- What's going on?

You all right?


(pensive music)

(rapid knocking)

- Yeah.

- Hey.

Are you taking a shower?

- I was about to, yeah.

- Oh, um, maybe I'll join you.

- Uh, no.

I'm not really feeling up to it.

Kind of under the weather, you know.

- Oh, okay.

- Yeah, sorry.

- It's almost ready.

Um, well you remember that cool Filipino

market we went to?

I got some tocino.

- Um.

It's all right.

- It's just alright?

- Yeah.

- Well, if you don't like it,

I can make you something else.

You know, I also got some-

- No, you know what, can
you just get me some,

like, cereal or something?

- Oh, you don't want that,

they've been in there for weeks now,

it's stale, I really don't
mind making you something!

- It's fine, really.

- O-okay, okay, if that's what you want.

Is everything okay?

- It's fine.

This is exactly what I wanted.

(tense music)

- Dennis.


We're getting a little behind out here,

I was thinking about
asking somebody to stay.

- Um, yeah, I'll stay.

- Really?

- Yeah, it's fine, I'll do it.

I don't have anywhere else to go tonight.

- Okay, yes.

See, it says here that
you have to go to college.

- That's if I want to
be a boss or something,

I'm just looking to be a grunt for now.

- What's going on?

- Oh, hey.

I, Conner and I were just going over

the requirements for the peace corps.

- Hey, Dennis.

- Yeah, I'm sorry, you said you were gonna

be late and I didn't want all this food

to go to waste, so, I...

- You ate without me?

- No, no, there should
be enough left for you.

- Sorry, I-I guess I got
a little carried away,

I've just been working out so much lately

that I've been hungry all the time.

- Oh, oh no, I'm, I'm-,

I didn't realize it was all gone.

Oh, with that young metabolism,

you have to enjoy it while you can.


- [Narrator] Suddenly a new
lion makes a play for the alpha.

There will be no negotiations here,

a fight is inevitable.

A clash and a brutal display of violence

and aggression unmatched
anywhere else in nature.

They both know what is at stake.

The loser-
- Dennis?

- Yeah?
- To die a lonely and painful-

- Why don't you turn
off the TV for a minute

and come in here?

- I'm in the middle of this.

- Well, I think I have
something you'll like more.

- Oh, oh yeah, yeah
you, you're, you're hot,

so dirty, oh like it, like it like that?


Is everything, is everything all right?

- Yeah, it's fine, I just...


I'm just distracted, that's all.

- Okay.

Um, well m-maybe, maybe I can, um.

- No.


You know what, to tell
you the truth, this,

this isn't doing it for me.

- Oh, um, okay.

Uh, well it-it was in the box.

- Yeah, well it's just not working.

Maybe you should just change.

- Okay.

- Dennis.




- What?

- What is going on with you,

your performance here lately.
- Excuse me for a second,

I don't feel very well.


- What the fuck?

- No, wait, just, for
one second, just wait.




- Oh, hey sweetie, you're home early.

- Actually, I have something
I have to talk to you about.

- What's up?

- What's he doing here?

- Oh, Conner is fixing the
pipe underneath the sink.

- It's all good under here,

you shouldn't have any
more problems with her.

- With her?

- The sink.


- So what did you need
to talk to me about?

- Nothing.

I just didn't feel very well,

I had to leave early, that's all.

- Aw, well you look a little flush.

You don't feel warm, though.

- Yeah, it's probably nothing.

- Okay, um, well, why
don't you have a seat

and I'll make you some tea, okay?

- Okay.

So Conner fixed the sink.

- Yeah, it looks like it.

- No more back ups, then?

- Nope.

- He sounds pretty handy.

- I suppose.

- So did you call him or did he just...

- No, no, I-I just, I ran
into him randomly outside.

I must have mentioned
it and he-he volunteered

to come over and help.

- Yeah, you just randomly met him outside.

- Yeah.


- I could have fixed that sink.

I just, I've just been busy, that's all.

- I know that.

- It's just a sink, it's not very hard,

I could have fixed it.

(alarm beeping)

- [Narrator] The trunk fish is a strictly

monogamous species.

The females pair with a male,

lay their eggs and wait patiently

for their partner to fertilize.

However sometimes, once the eggs are laid,

a different male, taking advantage

of a vulnerable situation,
secretly fertilizes

the eggs himself, producing a cuckold

in the process.

The new male's legacy will live on

while the monogamous male's lineage,

sadly and unbeknownst
to him, comes to an end.

- I don't know what to do anymore.

It's like since he got
laid off he wants to sit

around the house all day on his phone.

- Yeah it's gonna be hard losing his job

at his age.

- Okay, I know, I know
we probably seem ancient

to you, but we're not that old.

- Well you're not, you're super chill.


He just tries too hard.

- Not everyone can be
perfect like your parents.

- My parents?

You think that fucking
pill head Amy is my mom?

- Pill head?

- Yeah, it's the dude's third wife.

- Third?

Are you serious?

- Trust me.

My parents are far from perfect.

- Hey Conner.

Start spending any more time
here we're gonna have to start

charging you rent.

- Yeah, I was about to head out anyways.

- Good.

- Yeah.


Later, Kathy.

- Kathy.

You two seem to be getting pretty close.

- He's a nice kid and he'd just looking

for a little guidance.

His parents aren't giving it to him.

And I think that he sees
us as like contemporaries.

- Us?

Or you?

- He has a ton of respect for you,

he talks about you all the time.

- I bet he does, bet he's just touting

my name as he's nibbling on your ear.

I don't want you hanging
out with that kid anymore.

(ominous music)


(alarm beeping)

- Okay if you don't want
Conner over here anymore

I get it, okay?


Can we make up, now?

- Just not in the mood.

- No?

Not at all?

- No.

- We can pull something out
of the box if you want to.

- Stop it.

- What-what's the matter with you?

- I'm fine.

- You're not fine, Dennis, you won't,

you won't touch me, like, you won't,

you won't even look at me.

I fucking knew this was
gonna happen, I knew, I,

I knew this was gonna happen.

- Look, I'm fine.



I'm fine.

You know what?

I got a new idea for us.

- Wha-what is it?

- It's something I've been dying to try.

- Okay, okay well, um, just,

just put it in the box.

- No.

Now. We have to do it
now, we have to do it now.

Come on, come on.

- No.

No, well wait, hold on, no.

- This is gonna be, this
is gonna be just like

you've always wanted it.

- Dennis w-what, j-just,
this, what the f-.

- Just...

- Dennis, stop.

Dennis, stop!

Stop it, get the fuck off me!

Get the fuck off me!

- What?

I thought that's what you wanted.

- You're fucking sick.

- I'm sick?

I'm not the one who fucked a child.

What is it about this kid?

I want to know why he can
make you cum and I can't.

I mean, what is it about
this kid that makes you

cum so hard?

- He treats me like I'm
a fucking human being,

not just a fucking hole
to shove things into.

- That's what you wanted.

- You knew what you were asking me to do.

- You wanted to do it, you know you wanted

to do it and you did it.

And you liked it more
than you liked it with me.

- If you have any regrets
that is your fault.

- I can't even look at you anymore.

- Just get the fuck out, get the fuck,

just get the fuck out of my house.

- Fuck you.
- Get the fuck out.

(pensive music)

- Hey, Tara.

- Um, hey Dennis.

- What a coincidence, huh?

Where you been?

- Uh, cheer practice just started

for the summer so it's
been taking up a lot

of my time.

- Yeah, I don't think I've seen you since

the party at my house.

- I think you're right, actually, yeah.

- That was a crazy night, huh?

- Did it...

did it get crazy?

- Yeah, things got pretty wild,

you should have stuck around.

- Oh, oh, okay, cool.

- Yeah, it was, it was
filled with those new

experiences you like, you
know what I'm talking about?

- I'm sorry?

- Remember when we were talking about

new experiences, remember?

New experiences.

New experiences.

How's this for a new experience?

- Whoa, what the fuck?

- Wait, what?

I thought that you were into this,

I thought that-
- No, into you?

Are you crazy?

- No but I thought, you were...

You act all sexy, you
acted all interested,

you acted like you were into me,

then when it's time to put out
you don't give me anything?

Oh, but you'll fuck a complete stranger.

- That is none of your business.

- Fucking slut.

- I'm a slut?

- Yes.
- Really?

Get the fuck out of here.

You're an old man coming
up to the high school

trying to find little
girls to prey on, really?

- What the fuck?

- I wonder how you wife
would feel about that.

Let's see how your wife likes that.


(ominous music)

- Hey.

- You shouldn't be here.

- You don't get to pretend
like you didn't do anything.

Like nothing's wrong.

- Nothing is wrong.

You knew what this was about
and if you've got a problem,

that's your fucking problem.

- You ruined my life.

Fight me.

- What?

- You have to fight me.

- Why?

- Because that's the way that it works,

those are the rules.

- Look.

My parents are on the way home right now

and they're definitely
gonna fuck up all our shit

if they heard what happened.

- You have to fight me.

- How about instead, I
call the cops and tell them

that your wife fucked a 16 year old

while you recorded it.

Or we can forget any
of this ever happened.


- Motherfucker, you can't
just do whatever you want.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

It wasn't supposed to be like any of this.

(soft music)

This is exactly what I wanted.

(pensive music)

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