Trumpet on the Cliff (2016) - full transcript


It's okay, Aoi.

Everything will be fine.

I'll be outside, okay?


It's going to be okay!

It's Ms. Aoi.

I can never forget that light I saw in surgery.


The surface of the water.

Waves jumbling around like hairs.

But deep inside,

there's only the silent and still blue water...

Maybe everything started from that moment I saw the light.

Trumpet on the Cliff

How are you feeling?

Good. The wind feels nice and warm.

I'm okay now.

Aoi, your surgery wentwell so if you get some

rest enough here, you'llbecome healthy again.

Then you can take photos just as you wanted to.

And see Koichi again.


From now on, you can datea guy you like and do

whatever you want as anyother girls in your age.

As a normal girl.

A normal girl.


What is it?

Over there.

Woah, what a wonderful sunset!

Not that. There's a guy playing a trumpet...

A trumpet?

Yes, you're right. The sound of the trumpet suits perfectly to the scenery.

Hi, Mari.



Please look after Aoi from now.

Okay! If I don't get to, I'll mail you.

Huh? What do you mean?

If you write a wish on ayellow letter and put

it in a blue mailbox,that wish comes true.

A letter that makes your wish come true.

That's the story Mari is into right now.

I see. Something like Santa Claus?

Something like Santa Claus.

Ichiro, please take care of her.

Don't worry about it. Good that they get along well.

I want to have hamburger for dinner.Daddy's hamburger is the best.

Look at the sunlight, Mari. So great.

Aoi. Look at the flower.

So pretty. Will I take a picture of you with?

Wait a second. Get ready. Cheese.

Aoi, take another one.

Okay. Another one.

Smile. Cheese.

You're so cute.

The stars are so beautiful here.

Even with the same sky.

It's surprising how different it is from Tokyo.

You can come back here anytime.

It's a small island but you can earn money enough to stay with Aoi.

Have you ever regretted bringing Mari?

I did.

At first I regretted a lot but not anymore!

Does Mari still don't know about her mother?



When I first met Mari at the orphanage, I could just, not leave her there.

I see.




Thank you for letting Aoi to stay here.

Of course!

We're a family.

That's right.

Hometown is the best after all, right?


Yes. So tasty!

At the beginning of thesummer, you get to

hear the sad song of the dolphins.As the song

stops the monsoon endsand over the blue sea

and the clear sky, thesummer festival begins.

Sorry that I can't take you to there. I got work to do at the harbor.

It's fine. Take care.


Okay, be careful on the way back.


I don't like it.

You don't like it? What about this place?

I like it.

You like it? What's the trend these days?

The wind feels nice.

It seems like they are selling something cute. Do you want to go in?

That's not for sale!

Why not?

I'm only keeping it duringthe summer festival.

You can't sell somethingwith an owner.

Hamburger! Hamburger! Hamburger!


Thank you for waiting! Here you go.

This looks so delicious.

There's a lot left so don'tworry and help yourself. The

meat here can't be comparedwith the ones in Tokyo.

Not because you cooked it?


Daddy's hamburger is the best!

Daddy's hamburger is the best? Good that you like it.


Oh, Daddy! The summerfestival is coming soon,

right? Can I go to thefestival with Aoi in Yukata?

Good? Yeah.

That sounds good. We can go to the festival with Aoi this year.

Is that okay?

I'd love to.

Aoi. On the last day of the festival, people let off fireworks on the cliff.

Fireworks on the cliff?

Yes! It's really pretty.


I want to watch it with you this year.

Okay, let's go together. Eat.

Aren't you the one staying in Ichiro's?

Yes. I'm Aoi. Ichiro is my uncle.

So the princess in Tokyo Mari always talked about was you.

Me? A princess?

By the way, can I ask what your name is?

I'm Gio. Call me as Gio.



Seems like you went to the flea market. The summer festival is coming soon so...


I think I saw the same trumpet yesterday.

That's that, but how are you going to go back to your place?



Will I give you a ride?

If you're okay, I'd like to stop by somewhere.

Would that be okay?


This is where I live.

I can feel how precious it is to you.

This place. Every part of it seems like you put an effort on it.

To me this place is a family.

A family?

To me a family is somethingthat you can rely on anytime

you feel lonely or sad.Something you can ask and

talk anything you want. Getback together even after

a big fight. That feelslike the real family to me.


The trumpet.

When I was little I used to see the dolphins at the sea.

Who gave you the trumpet?

My dad.

He gave me this before he went out to the sea for the last time.

10 years ago, I was living in Korea and I've visited here to see my grandpa.

That's why you're name is Gio.


My mom is from Korea and dad is from this island.

But then, a huge typhoon struck this island.

Dad took mom to the sea and...

Since then I've been living here...

Sorry to ask you all of this.

Ah! After then I played this trumpet whenever I want to see the dolphins.

With the sound of this trumpet, they mysteriously come approach to me.

The dolphins come to you?

Maybe it's a present from my parents to not leave me alone.

I sometimes swim with the dolphins too.

Then you mean, you swim with the dolphins?

I do.

Do you want to see the dolphins?

Well then if you're okay, let's go see tomorrow.

For real? I really want to see them!

Aoi, something good happened?

No, nothing. Isn't it tasty? Let's have it.


That he will let me to see the dolphins tomorrow is a secret of mine.

So I didn't even tell Mari about it.

Maybe I wanted to make a secret like a little child.

Then I recalled Mari's wishing letter.

Sorry, Mari. Let me borrow it just for a day.

If you write a wish on ayellow letter and put

it in a blue mailbox,that wish comes true.

This is the donor information you asked for.

A year ago,

he came to the hospital brain dead.

Instead of the patient, the guardian have signed for the donation.

I got it.

Would it be possible to contact the guardian?

I'm sorry.

I understand what you're going for but it will only remind

the guardian about the death of his only grandchild.

At the last night of summer festival,when all the fireworks go off and silence

comes along everyone in this island standon the cliff and listen to the sea.

Then far away from thesee, you get to hear the

last sad song of thedolphins of that year.

Are you okay?


I'm okay.

Are you really okay?


I really am.

Shall we go now?

When I was little, dad used to read me fairy tales.

And I got to realize something funny.

What was it?

I realized that every fairy tale ends with similar sentence. I caught that too fast.

What kind of sentence?


Mostly it ends as 'they got to live happily ever after'.

Right. That is true.

At the end, I think fairy taleis a wish of somebody who

wants to live happily everafter with their family.

At the beginning of the summer, you get to hear the sad song of the dolphins.

As the song stops the monsoonends and over the blue

sea and the clear sky, thesummer festival begins.

What is it?

I'm not scared of water anymore for some reason!

Maybe because I'm with you.

Actually this is the first time to swim in the sea for me.

I used to be scared of water.

Some salt and some lemon.

Thank you.

It's so good.

Is it because I swam?

Aren't you having some?

I can have it anytime. Help yourself.

Excuse me.


I have booked a car.

Would you show me your license?

Thank you.

Drive safe.

Thank you.

Hello. Mom, it's Coichi.

Yes. I just got here.



What was uncle's address again?

Ishigaki Island Okinawa Prefecture...

Yes, I found it.

What is that?



What is it?

You're at uncle's?

Okay. I'm coming.

Thank you for today.



Aoi, Coichi said he will buy us Yukatas to wear for the summer festival.

You'll come with me, right?

That's great, Mari. Let's go and buy the most beautiful Yukata in the world.

What about school?

I took a year off.

Well, it's better in some way.

We will get to graduate together if you come back to school next year.



Since I'm never making the same mistake.

Where are you staying by the way?

I just saw that you got some space in your room.

Stop joking around.


I actually booked a resort near by. I'll go drop off my bags.

I see.

See you then.

See you.


Thank you for coming all the way here.

If you get better this time, let's go back together.

The time I first learnedthat my heart is bad, I

was so scared I wanted torunaway from this world.

From school, fromphotography that I liked so

much and most of all,from the one I loved.

But after becoming completely alone, I got to miss him again.

At then I was...

I see something there. What do you like, Mari?

This one.

Here you go. A white one.

The white one looks cute.

It's cute.

Isn't it too small?

- It is small on you.- Is it? Sorry.

Mari, you want some ice cream?


Then wait a bit, I'll go get some.

Should we look for some more while waiting?

Mari. Will you go back home after having ice cream with Coichi?


Thank you.

Did you wait for long?




I wanted to cook with Ichiro for you.

It looks great. What is it?

It's fried oyster.

Thank you for the treat.

Is it good?

So good.



Let me see.

You look great. Even the back.

- Really?- Yes.

Thank you!

Aoi must be at the small house on the cliff.

These days she goes there alone before she comes back.

Really? Thank you.

Okay. I must go.

Get home safe.

See you.

What is that?

This is my own observatory.

Where my dream comes true.

Though it's not finished yet.

It's great that you drew the constellation with pearls.

You're fast.

That's Orion, that's Pegasus, and that's Scorpio.

I need three more pearls though.

It's so pretty. The pearls do look like stars.

Happiness is not a dream.

Spending the time with the one who you love.

Everything has an end. You have to cherish the time you have left.




Did you eat something unusual?

I did have some oyster.

Do you have an allergy to oysters?

No, I used to have it often.


Wouldn't she need to go into a hospital?

She's getting better. So it will be okay.

Good to hear. Thank you.

Why did you wander around alone? You're not completely well yet.

Sorry. I had something to do.

What if Coichi wasn't there?

I said I was sorry.

Excuse me.

She had an oyster. She was fine with oyster until now though.

That is what happened?

Maybe you can check what kind of allergy the donor had.

Does that really happen?

Rare but yes.

It hasn't been medically discovered but sometimes the nature of the donor stays along.

After all, it's a heart so.

Is that so?

This is the contract of the donor.

Thank you.

(Ishigaki Island Okinawa Prefecture)


How do you feel?

I'm okay.

I'm sorry. I thought you'd like oysters.

I do like oysters.

Maybe because my body is not so good right now.

It's not your fault. Do not mind.

Actually, there's something I want to show you tonight.


Will you come with me?

Please don't for get about this moment, this time.

That will be enough, for me.

(2 years ago)

Are you going to look for the star of the sea again?

I will look for the last pearl for the Pegasus today.


Thank you.

I feel so happy.

Wish I could stop the time.

(Organ Donation Agreement)

I'm here!


What is it? What made you so serious?

It's nothing.

We do it annually but there's not many applicants for this year.

So you're doing it instead?

People in this town are all tooconservative about this so,

I'm thinking of filling thenumber this time at least.

I get it. You need donors every year. I didn't know that.

Just a second.

Thank you for the call.

Finding the room means finding yourself.

This is Yagima of Heya Celeb real estate agent in Yagoto.

Hi, can I talk to Nanami Aykawa?

Hi, this is Nanami.

Hi. Sorry to call you while you're working.

Did you decide when to move to Ishigaki?

Are you guys ready?

Don't dive too deep. Don't go too far.

Now come back! Hurry!

We're okay!

Don't be so stubborn and come back!

We're okay I said!

What if a wave comes!



Please Gio.

I will always be beside you.

If you get to read thisletter, it means something

really sad happenedbut it will be okay.

As the sun be beside youall day and as the moon be

beside you all night, I willbe with you all the time.

Even in the other world...

(In the present)

This is the contract of the donor.

Since his guardian is in Ishigaki, how's it to go see him?

Is that so?


Excuse me. Anybody there?

Nobody lives there.

Excuse me.

Are you looking for Koyama?

Do you know him?

Yes, what brought you here?



Let's do it together.

Aoi? Are you okay?

I'm okay.




Hello? Where are you right now? Aoi is not good.

I have to find the guardian of the donor.

If I get to know about the donor, they can cure Aoi.


Coichi, Listen. I'll look for the guardian, you stay with Aoi.

Aoi needs you more than anyone. Please. You're like a family to us.

A family...

Please take care of Aoi, please!

Mitsuko? Mitsuko?


Are you okay?

Are you happy?

Ha ha ha ha!

I'm so sorry to you.

From now on, don't worry and rest in peace.

Be careful, one, two, three!


Aoi, are you okay? Aoi, can you hear me?


You're at the hospital.


I hear... the trumpet...

Are you Koyama?

Are you Koyama?


Please, Koyama. Tell me about your grandchild. Please.

He's my only grandchild.

He went into the sea 2 years ago andfell into unconsciousness. Then became

brain dead. But he didn't give up hislife until the end. I could feel it even

while he was brain dead. He was niceto the kids more than anybody. All the

kids liked him too. Then one day, as ifhe saw the future he said something.



Soon it's the summer festival. Let's go together this year.

If I'm free, let's do that.

We must go together!

I got it.

It was the last thing he wanted and I couldn't make it come true.

The trumpet...

At least his trumpet...



That's right! Where is the trumpet?

But I have just thrown it into the sea.

Who are you?

Where did you throw it?

Do me a favor. If you're okay, can you come see me every summer?

Who... Who are you?

Come out!

You'll also be in danger! Forget about it!

I can do it! I'll find it. I can definitely find it!


I can do it!


I'm myself but at the same time, I'm you.

You're me and yourself?

That's right.

Think of me as a family.

A family?

Yes, a family.

Stop pushing it too hard. You did your best.




I found it!


It's the trumpet. Gio's trumpet.



Good bye...





you're the friend that you can rely on anytime I feel lonely or sad, right?


I can ask and talk anything I want, right?

Of course!



We will get back together even after a big fight, right?


Because you're my real family.


Mom... Thank you for being my family.



What a nice weather.

I heard all the seats to Tokyo is sold out today.

Good that you guys booked it already.

The hospital too.

You guys are lucky.

See you then, Mari.

See you!

We'll come back soon.

Drive safe.

Let's go back in.

Mari, what kind of wish did you wish for today?

For Aoi to get better and come back again.

But I didn't write it on the letter.

Really? Why?

Because today's wish is a real wish.

I know that you read my letters.

Is that so?

Mari, you grew up so fast.

Thank you for being beside me, daddy.


Though it's my brother's, I never believed in the fairy tales he wrote.

But now...


I feel like I can believe in anything.

That one is my favorite.

At the beginning of the summer,

you get to hear the sad song of the dolphins.

As the song stops the monsoonends and over the blue sea and

the clear sky, the summer festival begins.Then I thought, the song of

the dolphins from the far sea wasmaybe the sound of Gio's trumpet.



Did you know it already?

Know what?

The one who gave you the second life was from this island.

What do you mean?

It's a boy in your age, named Gio.

I heard that he liked to play trumpets.

What does that mean?

His grandpa told me that I can tell you about it.

Well, then...

The heart I have, this heart is Gio's?

I promise! I'll come see you every summer before the festival!

So don't forget to keep your promise!


(One year later)

The wind feels nice and warm.


It feels like this island welcomes anyone.


It feels comfortable here.

Can you hear it? This sound?

The present you gave me.

I'll never forget it.

Thank you, Gio.

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Nene Otsuka