Trump Card (2020) - full transcript

Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza examines the ideas of socialism and the state of politics in America.

Look, I've confessed
I'm a religious believer,

admirer of capitalism,

a sexual pervert.

What more do you want?

Don't worry, Winston.

You're in my keeping.

For seven years,
I have watched over you.

Now the turning point has come.

I shall save you.

I shall make you perfect.

A specter is haunting America.

The specter of socialism,

corruption and the deep state.

America is divided.

Capitalism or socialism.

Free markets or state control.

Innovation and wealth creation

or stagnation and poverty.

They have a dream,
a socialist dream,

where we are strangers
in our own land.

In 2018, I began to work

on my new book,
United States of Socialism.

I saw socialism threatening
to take over America

for the first time
in our history.

Socialism allied with

the police agencies
of the government,

the so-called deep state.

I experienced it firsthand.


Is this Mr. Dinesh D'Souza?

Uh, yes, it is.

Please hold for the president
of the United States.

Hey, Dinesh.

I'm calling about your case.

I got to tell you, I knew
it was complete bullshit.

Dinesh D'Souza was indicted

on federal charges of violating
campaign finance laws.

filmmaker and author

Dinesh D'Souza
is the latest victim

to be targeted
by the Obama White House,

and he's also the man behind

the anti-Obama
documentary 2016.

All rise.

It is my judgment

that he be locked up overnight
for eight months

in a community
confinement center.

Five years probation.

Mr. D'Souza is required to do
community service every week

for eight hours for five years.

And he is to participate

in weekly
therapeutic counseling.

We are adjourned.

Well, I'm in the position

to fix it, so that's what
I'm going to do.

I'm giving you a pardon
in the morning.

Oh, my gosh, I...
I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

I want you
to have your life back.

You've been a great voice
for freedom in America.

Now, just go out there
and be an even bigger voice.

I-I will.

Thank you, Mr. President.

President Trump reminded me
of why I first came to America.

And I also recognize
that in America,

there was such a thing
as an American dream.

India doesn't have a dream.

No other country has a dream.

But this American dream
is a dream

not just of economic opportunity
or success,

but it's ultimately a dream
where you can be

the architect
of your own destiny.

America is a country
where you can be

in the driver's seat
of your own life,

in which your destiny
is not given to you.

It is constructed by you.

I see a movement that threatens

the very reason
I came to this country.

It threatens everyone's
American dream.

Hey, hey!

- Ho, ho!
- The DSA is

the Democratic Socialists
of America.

Socialism... it's starting
to get more popular in America.

We are unstoppable!

Another world is possible!

We have to say yes
to socialism,

to the word and everything.

This is clearly the future.

Democratic socialism.

Ah, what's the difference?

We got an early glimpse

of what this socialist dream
looks like

during the coronavirus

We, as a church,
were in danger if we met.

I'm just preaching
the word of God,

and look at
all these police car here.

We will shut you down,

we will cite you, and if
we need to, we will arrest you.

A Tampa Bay pastor
has been arrested

for violating coronavirus
social distancing rules.

Public health
and safety groups are turning

to drones
to monitor public spaces

and enforce
social distancing rules.

And I'm starting to feel like
I'm in a communist country.

There are powerful people

in politics, in the media
and in Hollywood

who want America to become
the United States of Socialism.

And if you disagree,

they'll beat you
into submission.

My hands are being put
in handcuffs.

My ankles are shacked.

In a period of 18 months,

I went through 23 different

audits or investigations.

FBI! Open the door!

29 FBI agents

with assault weapons
and hand grenades.

They had a battering ram
to smash in my front door.

They even tried
to overturn the 2016 election.

A deep-state cabal
involving the FBI,

the Justice Department
and the Obama White House

set its sights on former
national security advisor

Michael Flynn
until their plot was exposed.

So, you think this goes
all the way up to the top,

- to President Obama?
- Absolutely.

Is this true?

No president has ever tried

to frame and entrap
his successor.

There are millions of Americans
standing in the way

of socialism
and the deep state.

And they have a Trump card.

America will never be

a socialist country.

♪ USA! ♪

He's a fighter
with a peculiar talent

for tagging his opponents.

Sleepy Joe. Mini Mike.
Crooked Hillary.

♪ USA! ♪

Crazy Bernie. Crying Chuck.

Shifty Schiff. Nervous Nancy.

- I think you should let me run the country.
- ♪ USA! ♪

It's a lot easier
to act presidential

than to do what I do.

Anybody can act presidential.

♪ USA! ♪

He understands
that what's at stake

is the American dream itself.

We are Americans.

We are pioneers.

We are the pathfinders.

We settled the New World,

we built the modern world,
and we changed history forever

by embracing the eternal truth

that everyone is made equal
by the hand of Almighty God.

♪ Oh, beautiful ♪

♪ For spacious skies ♪

♪ For amber waves of grain ♪

♪ For purple mountain ♪

♪ Majesties... ♪

We are in a cold civil war,

one that reminds us
of the crisis

that Abraham Lincoln faced.

♪ America ♪

♪ America, God shed ♪

♪ His grace on thee ♪

♪ And crown thy good ♪

♪ With brotherhood ♪

♪ From sea ♪

♪ To shining ♪

♪ Sea ♪

In 1861, the founder
of the Republican Party,

Abraham Lincoln, boarded a
train in Springfield, Illinois,

making multiple stops
on his way to Washington, D.C.

♪ Oh, beautiful ♪

♪ For heroes proved ♪

♪ In liberating strife... ♪

Historians say that Lincoln,
the president-elect,

wanted to let the
American people check him out.

I think he was
checking them out.

He was trying to find out
if they were ready

for the tough days ahead.

♪ America, America ♪

♪ God shed his grace
on thee... ♪

A house divided

against itself cannot stand.

I believe this government
cannot endure

permanently half slave
and half free.

Today, America is also divided.

One party wants to keep
the founding principles.

The other party wants to move
in a socialist direction.

Which path is better?

In the 19th century,
America went from being

a poor agricultural society

to being the leader
of the Industrial Revolution

and the richest country
in the world.

Lincoln wanted to protect
the America

that was founded
on free-market principles,

property rights,
contracts and trade.

He credited America's success

to the political architecture
of the founding.

Of the patent laws, he said...

They added the fuel of interest

to the fire of genius

in the discovery
and production

of new and useful things.

While the American Revolution

was the most successful
revolution ever made...

...the Soviet Revolution,

the revolution that brought
socialism into the world,

was disastrous.

The death toll of socialism
is almost unimaginable.

Over 100 million casualties.

Half of humanity
bore Marx's imprint.

I remember socialism
from my childhood.

The monthly ration card needed
to buy rice and cooking oil.

My family was on
a seven-year waiting list

just to get a phone.

Socialism deprived
three generations of people

around the world
of their birthright.

And then another
Republican president

changed all of that.

Mr. Gorbachev,
tear down this wall.

Ronald Reagan led
America and the world

in defeating
socialist totalitarianism.

Eastern Europe revolted.

The USSR was forced to give up

its political ideology,

and its economic ideology,

Russia still has
major problems,

but it's better off.

India, too, is doing better.

India has had a kind
of an evolution.

An evolution away
from socialism.

And some of you remember,
your parents probably told you

when you were younger,
"Listen, Johnny,

"you better eat your food,

because there are millions
of starving people in India."

Now, interestingly,

you probably don't say that
to your kids.

In fact, what you probably say
to your kids

is something more like this:

"Johnny, you better study
really hard,

"'cause there are
millions of Indians

waiting to take your job."

China is also doing better.

China has done

a better job in wiping out,
uh, desperate levels

of poverty over, you know,

a 30-, 40-year period
than any country in history.

What the socialist
Bernie Sanders

forgets to add
is that China did this

by getting rid of socialism.

But China held on to its
communist political system.

Its one-party state
controls the lives

of a billion people.

This is also the regime

that unleashed
the coronavirus pandemic.

Why do you keep calling this
the Chinese virus?

It comes from China.
That's why.

Comes from China.

In response to Chinese tyranny,

the people of Hong Kong
are singing a different tune.

♪ Land of the free ♪

♪ And the home ♪

♪ Of the brave. ♪

Socialism is the most
discredited idea in the world

after slavery.

We don't have a major party,
certainly not

in the United States,
that says, "You know,

"the thing about slavery,
guys, is it was...

"it was a really good idea.

"The implementation
was always poor.

This time,
we're gonna do slavery right."

Nobody says that.
You can't say that.

You would be
immediately carried out

in a straitjacket.

But with socialism,
people do say that.

Socialists appear to be
a little silly.

Check out
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It's funny you ask this,

because I was
just reading today

about how Milton Keynes,
a famous, uh, economist...

There's economist
Milton Friedman,

there's economist
John Maynard Keynes,

but there's no "Milton Keynes."

She can't even get
the guy's name right.

Is anyone else on the stage

concerned about having
a democratic socialist

at the top
of the Democratic ticket?

Even so, we have to
take socialism seriously.

Socialism is no longer
on the fringe.

Raise your hand if gover...
if your government plan

would provide coverage
for undocumented immigrants.


It has now captured

the leadership
of the Democratic Party

and entered the political
and cultural mainstream.

First, they insist that
capitalism may be efficient

but it's profoundly unjust.

There's plenty of money
in this world.

There's plenty
of money in this country.

It's just in the wrong hands.

The old capitalism is gone.

The new capitalism
is a cruel and evil system.

That ideology is not sustainable
and cannot be redeemed.

We have a grotesque and immoral

distribution of wealth
and income.

Second, "Who says
that socialism doesn't work?

"It works right now
in Scandinavia

and all across Europe."

The American left wants

the successful socialism
of Scandinavia,

not the failed socialism
of Venezuela.

I think we should look
to countries

like Denmark,
like Sweden and Norway.

Third, the left today
advocates identity socialism,

a marriage
between classic socialism

and identity politics.

If you have a problem
figuring out whether

you're for me or Trump,
then you ain't Black.

Our-our country should be more
fearful, um, of-of white men.

But the thing of it is,
the blue wave

is African American.

It's white, it's Latino,
it's Asian, Pacific Islander.


It is disabled.

- Yes! Yes!
- It is differently abled.

- It is LGBTQ.
- Yes!

It is made up of those
who've been told

- that they are not worthy of being here.
- Yes!

It is comprised
of those who are documented

- and undocumented.
- Yes!

For Marx, socialism
was about class division.

But for Democrats today,
the division in society

isn't just between the
capitalists and the workers.

It's also about
whites versus blacks,

males versus females,

straight versus gay,

legal versus illegal.

Fourth, the left rejects
the authoritarian socialism

of Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

It prefers
democratic socialism.

They want the same democracy
that we have

in the political arena

to extend
to the economic arena.

Socialism is... everybody
has a seat at the table,

and everybody gets
a slice of the pie.

in democratic socialism

is on democracy.

We need to make
the moral case for capitalism

and show that its rewards
are just.

We need to expose
the Scandinavian illusion.

We must discredit
identity socialism

on its own terms.

We need to show that socialism,
even democratic socialism,

inevitably leads
to misery and tyranny.

♪ Ah, free ♪

- ♪ Mm ♪
- ♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Free money... ♪

More than anything else,

what defines the socialist left

is the promise of free stuff.

- Free. - Free. - Free.
- They should be free.

They will receive

- $500 a month.
- $1,000 a month.

Childcare for all
working families.

Cancel student loan debt.

- Free college.
- Tuition-free.

Medicare for All.

Any doctor they want,
any hospital they want.

When the socialists say "free,"

what they mean is
someone else is going to pay.

The left justifies
robbing Peter to pay Paul

with the concept
of majority rule.

But the very idea
that a majority,

even a democratic majority,
can seize our money is unjust.

Should 51% of Americans
have the right

to take away your possessions?

Whether it's
a socialist dictator

or a socialist majority
that takes your stuff,

either way,
you're being robbed.

And then we have
the Green New Deal.

The world
is gonna end in 12 years

if we don't address
climate change.

I think it is the existential
threat to humanity.

You know that movie
The Day After Tomorrow?

It's today.

No challenge poses
a greater threat

to future generations
than climate change.

Great news,
'cause the Obamas...

...are officially
Martha's Vineyard residents.

They just bought
a 6,900-square-foot home

for $11.75 million.

And here's the Bidens'
beach house in Rehoboth Beach.

Clearly, they don't think
the coast will be underwater.

What's the point
of this racket?

It's to exploit
the politics of fear,

to get us to agree to things
that we wouldn't otherwise.

Just like with coronavirus.

What's the opportunity...
to your question...

uh, for reimagining, uh,
a more progressive era

as it relates to,
uh, capitalism?

Only in America
does the president...

when the president tweets
about "liberation"...

does he mean "go back to work."

I think a lot of people
should just say,

"No, we're not going back
to that."

The best thing going
for the socialist agenda

is the moral anxiety
about capitalism.

Does capitalism
allocate rewards fairly?

The uniqueness of capitalism
is that it's based

on entrepreneurs
who take chances.

The test case we've chosen
just happens to be

the president
of the United States.

For most of his career, he was
the quintessential capitalist.

The entrepreneur's psychology
is different than most.

You can see this
from an incident in the 1990s

when Trump was deeply in debt.

Can you spare some change?
Anything helps.

Can you spare some change, sir?
Anything helps.

There you go, sir. God bless.

- Isn't that just so sad?
- He's a beggar,

but he's worth about
900 million more than me.

The deepest critique

of what capitalists
actually do comes from Marx.

In his view, capitalists
supply only capital.

Other than that,
they do nothing.

Therefore, a company's profits
belong entirely to its workers.

Is Marx right?

Let's consider
one of Trump's earliest deals.

The starting point
of Donald Trump's career,

he writes in his best-known
book The Art of the Deal,

was his realization
of his own ambition.

My father did very well

building low-income buildings
in Queens and Brooklyn,

but I didn't want to be
in the same business as him.

I wanted Manhattan.

I was out to build
something monumental.

This was the '70s,
and the city was in the dumps.

But where people saw crisis,
I saw opportunity.

And there were
four hotels for sale.

The fourth was in big trouble.

The Commodore Hotel had been
losing money for years.

Nobody wanted to touch it.

But I saw a superb location.

Millions of affluent people
pass by the location every day.

The problem was the hotel,
not the location.

Because the hotel was a loser,

I was able to negotiate
the price down to ten million.

At 27, did I have
ten million? No.

Did I know how
to run a hotel? No.

But I had a vision.

With my option to buy
the Commodore in hand,

which didn't cost me a cent,
I sold my vision to Hyatt.

I'd build it, they'd run it.

Now that I had the option

and the top hotel chain
in the country,

it was time to find the money

for the hotel
and the renovations.

I went to my father.

He refused to believe
I was serious.

So, with my option
to buy the Commodore,

I went to the banks...
many of them.

People fought me
on the renovation,

saying we could save millions

by just refurbishing
the old Commodore,

but why put lipstick on a pig?

No, this place needs
to be an event.

I even got pushback on
replacing the historical brick

with highly reflective glass.

By choosing this glass,

I've created four walls
of mirrors.

Now, when you go
across 42nd Street and look up

at the Grand Hyatt,
you see Grand Central,

the Chrysler Building

and all the other landmarks
this city has to offer.

New York City, the Hyatt
and banks and myself

all benefitted from my deal.

What's the drive, Donald,

that... you don't have
to do this anymore...

that keeps you wanting
to build more and more?

It's a creative process,
Larry, and it's...

it really gives you something
to do with your life,

and it's something that you can
feel fulfilled and proud of

when you're finished,
if you do a good job.

So, the one thing
that Marx said

capitalists provide,
namely capital,

they typically don't provide.

The other things that
capitalists do provide...

vision, organization,
assumption of risk,

Marx ignored completely.

No one ever makes
a billion dollars.

Mm-hmm. Hmm.

You take a billion dollars.

The most
successful entrepreneurs

don't just supply wants and
needs; they anticipate them.

Nobody wrote a letter
to Steve Jobs

telling him to make a phone
that would do e-mail

and take photographs,
play music and show movies.

He invented it and built it

before we knew
we couldn't live without it.

This is capitalism's
trump card.

It encourages
creativity and empathy,

and then puts them
at the service

of the wants and needs
of people.

The inequality
the socialist left despises

isn't created by entrepreneurs.

It's created by us.

The proud boast
of democratic socialism

is that it puts the people
in charge of the economy.

What control do you have over
the post office or the DMV?

We vote in elections
every two or four years,

but as consumers,
we exercise our choices daily,

directly through the market.

The free market is far more
reflective of popular consent

than democratic socialism.

We don't have to extend

from the political
to the economic sphere,

because we already have it.

Capitalism, not socialism,

is the true form
of social justice.

Black trans and cis women,

gender nonconformity
and nonbinary folk.

Gender fluid.

Ze, hir, hir.


Xem, xyr.

- Agender.
- Intersectionality.

We turn to identity socialism,

which aims to create
a majority coalition of victims

based on sexual orientation,

gender and race.

Should our politics
be determined

by our skin color
and our sex organs?

Ladies and gentlemen,

please put your hands together

to welcome comedian
and political activist

Terrence K. Williams.

First stop, Black Americans.

I was in the White House.

That's called Black privilege.

I was born in Oklahoma City.

I actually grew up
in foster care.

My mother,
she was a single mother.

She had nine children.

There were
six different fathers,

and she was addicted
to cocaine.

You are natural fodder
for the Democratic Party.

- Yeah.
- How did they lose you?

When I was Democrat,

I felt like the world
owed me everything.

"You owe me this,
you owe me that."

"Oh, I'm not working for that."

But I figured out,
not working for stuff,

you won't get nothing.

So I lost
that mentality very quick,

'cause I realized
that if you want something,

you have to go out there
and get it.

Where did you learn
the idea that,

despite your hardships
and circumstances,

this is America,
and this is a place

where, if you've got something
to offer, you can make it?

- Who taught you that?
- Ms. Solomon.

She was one
of my foster parents.

She taught me that you can be
anything in this country

as long as you get up

and-and believe in yourself

and stop blaming the world
for everything

and making excuses.

Don't nobody owe you nothing.

I don't owe you nothing.
I don't owe you nothing.

You know who owe you something?

You owe yourself!

He's a very successful guy.
Say a few words.

- Please. Hi.
- Thank you, President Trump.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much. Thank you.

Yeah, let me... Yeah, this is
a little too tall for me.

First of all, I just want to say

I love
President Donald J. Trump.

Now, it seems
that you don't just like Trump;

you love Trump.

Oh, I love
President Donald J. Trump.

He didn't get
the majority of the Black vote,

and he still won.

So he could've got in office

and-and-and decided,
"You know,

"I'm not gonna do anything
for the Black community,

because they all
didn't vote for me."

But you know what,
it wasn't about that.

Where do you think we are

in this country
in racial politics?

Martin Luther King's dream
was for, simply,

his Black children
could play at the playground

with white children,

could eat at the same table
as white children,

and we are there now.

Do you think that for the left,
division is a political weapon?

Especially when it comes
to Black people.

Because if they control
the Black community,

they control the Black vote.

Next stop, Hispanics.

For the left,
it's all about the illegals.

I'm going to, once again,

legalize all the DACA students.

These DACA students
are more American

than most Americans are.

Why would he say that?

Illegals can't vote.

But the Democrats want
legal Hispanics, who can vote,

to believe Trump is

and anti-immigrant.

Not all Hispanics
are buying it.

Please give a warm welcome
to my friend, Rick Figueroa.

I discussed this

with a prominent
Mexican American businessman

and activist, Rick Figueroa.

My mom worked 36 years
in a hospital kitchen.

She's my hero.

She personified to me
the American dream.

She was the one that
instilled principles in us.

- What were they?
- "Get your butt out of bed

and go to work."

Number two is: "Don't expect
anybody to help you."

Number three is:
"You help others when you can."

Number four is:
"You pray every day."

Number five is: "You find a
good woman and you marry her."

Number six is:
"You raise godly kids."

And number seven is: "You honor
God in everything you do."

The principles that your mom
outlined seem very congruent

with what the Republican Party
stands for.

These things were established
in the Hispanic communities

well before Republicans decided
to believe in them.

What comes to mind when you
hear the word "socialism"?

Fear. Capitalism gave me
the opportunity,

created a lane.

I don't see that in socialism.

Where I am, coming
from the barrio of Bay City,

government housing,
youngest of eight,

there was nothing exceptional
academically about me,

but there was a constant hunger
to do more and want more.

My goal was to have a house
with central air and heat.

Then we had that. Then I wanted
a little bigger house.

Then I wanted a family,
and I wanted a yard

for my kids to play in,
and I wanted them

to go to college, and I wanted
my wife and I to retire.

The lane was created
by capitalism to do that.

A Democrat would say,

"But, Rick, uh, wouldn't you
have felt better along the way

"if you had known, hey,
I'll have my college paid for,

uh, I'll have free health care?"

Why would you rather
not have driven in that lane?

My son, I tell him
to go feed the cows,

and they always whine
about feeding cows.

"Dad, it's too cold.
It's too hot.

I don't want to feed the cows."

When he had his own cow,
I never heard him complain

one bit about it,
because it was his cow.

When something's given to you,
you don't appreciate it.

I think you typically
just take it for granted.

The Latino community embodies

the pioneering spirit
of America.

We're a nation
that loves adventure...

and you love adventure...

that celebrates risk-taking

and that embraces
faith and family

as the true center
of American life.

Vote them out! Vote them out!

Vote them out! Vote them out!

Next stop, women.

On the surface,
this is about protecting women

and the #MeToo movement.

We believe survivors!

We believe survivors!

Brett's assault on me
drastically altered my life.

Christine Blasey Ford
had a different agenda.

He will always have an asterisk
next to his name.

When he takes a scalpel
to Roe v. Wade,

we will know who he is.

We know his character,
and we know what motivates him,

and that is important.

It is important that we know,

and that was part
of what motivated Christine.

No means no! No means no!

For them, too,
it's all about abortion.

It's all about protecting
Roe v. Wade.

In the church
of gender identity politics,

abortion has become
the ultimate sacrament.

My daughter Danielle is the
author of the forthcoming book

The Choice:
The Abortion Divide in America.

How radical are the Democrats
on this issue today?

You can be nine months pregnant,

dilating, going into labor,
and get an abortion,

and the Democrats
really celebrate that.

New York passing
a sweeping abortion law,

allowing many abortions

up until the day
of the baby's birth.

They lit up
the One World Trade Center pink

to celebrate this...
as women's empowerment,

women's freedom,
abortion is health care.

How do we know that
the contents of a woman's womb

are, you might say, not her own?

I'm in my 20s,
so I see my friends,

let's say, post on social media
that they're pregnant,

or they'll post a photo
of their ultrasound,

people will comment on it,
and so we can see

that when you step
outside of the abortion debate,

you can see that everyone knows
that it's a child.

They know that, "Oh, look,
it's a family of three now."

So, only when you go
into the abortion debate

do people say, "Oh, no, no, no,
this is a 'cluster of cells.'"

But the reality
of what it means to be pregnant

is "with child."

Even if you look
at first-trimester abortions,

the baby has a head, a nose,

a face, fingers, toes,
a heartbeat,

and we also know
that it even feels pain,

because it secretes things
like cortisol,

hormones that we also secrete
when we're under duress.

Should my
right to life be dependent

on whether I am
a wanted child or not?

Your human rights are intrinsic.

Your value comes from the fact

that you're a human being,
and I think we should all

be able to support
basic human rights,

which is the right to life,

the right, literally,
just to be born.

My body, my choice!

My body, my choice!

My body, my choice!

What about the right to choose?

My choice ends at the point
where it reaches you.

The left likes to talk
about pro-choice.

And the choice to do what?

And that is the choice to kill.

It's the choice
to take another's life,

a life that is not your own.

Next, sexual orientation.

We've had gays, lesbians
and bisexuals for centuries.

What's new is that this
has now become an ideology.

I spoke with Scott Presler,
a gay conservative

who organizes cleanups
in major cities.

Making Baltimore beautiful...
that was the goal,

as trash cleanup efforts
continued today

in West Baltimore.

Conservative activist
Scott Presler

put the all call
on his social media.

There is a common thread
among many of the volunteers.

Scott, here we are
in Downtown Houston.

It's the Black neighborhood,
it's a brown neighborhood.

What are you, a...

white, gay conservative,
doing here?

I feel a responsibility.
I'm a private citizen.

You know, we don't need
the big government to do this.

I'm gonna come in and do the job

that deep Democratic cities
like Houston

haven't been doing,

and sweep up trash
in an act of love.

- What cities have you been to?
- Well, we started

in Baltimore city, and we
picked up 29 tons of trash.

Then we went to
Los Angeles, California,

and picked up 50 tons of trash.

We went to Chicago
on 63rd Street...

dangerous territory.

Now, trash is a symbol

for a lot that's gone wrong
in these neighborhoods, right?

Broken families...

- Yeah.
- ...uh, high crime rates,

terrible schools.

A lot of money has been spent
to fix these places up.

Why do you think
they've never gotten fixed?

I think, quite frankly,
the Democrats don't want

to solve the problem, because
they want to be the solution.

And look at what we're doing.

Private citizens
coming together,

putting on our work boots,
rolling up our sleeves

and doing the work ourselves.

The-the conservative

- Yes, absolutely.
- Do you feel comfortable

calling yourself
a gay conservative?

I'm a bleeding-heart

who happens to be gay.

I don't let my identity
define me.

So, the Democrats have created
this game of identity politics,

and they have, uh,
the Oppression Olympics,

where if you're not Black

or gay or a woman

or disabled, then it's
almost like you don't exist.

I came out as gay

after the Pulse nightclub
terrorist attack.

I want to make sure that the
people coming into our country

don't want to murder me...
I feel like that's

a pretty low bar to set,
don't you think?

Presler's fear points
to a dangerous element

of identity socialism...

the connection
to radical Islam.

International businessman
Alan Bender

has told us
he has the inside scoop

on radical Islam's
sinister scheme for America.

- Are you a Muslim?
- I am a secular Muslim.

I'm married to a Christian.

And you're based in Canada.

You're a member
of the Liberal Party.

You have been what could be
loosely called

in the Middle East a fixer.

businessman Alan Bender,

seen here to the right
of Waleed bin Talal,

who Mr. Bender represented
in settlement negotiations.

I'd like to talk
to you a little bit

about the configuration
of politics in the Middle East.

The Iranian regime
actually believes that there is

no coexistence with America.

The path of the Islamic sharia
is the only way.

And that leads to a clash

between the pro-American states
in the Gulf region

and the Iranian regime.

The Iranian government controls
the government of Qatar.

The Iranians don't pay,
so they use Qatari money

to pay whomever
they need to pay.

Now, you have had some
experiences which, I think,

remarkably suggest that,
uh, not only are

the Iranians and the Qataris
trying to influence

the politics
of the Middle East over there,

but they're actually
trying to influence

American politics over here.

During my meetings with
the top officials in Qatar

to discuss potential, uh,

major investments
in North America,

and they reiterated the fact
that they produce more gas

and oil than any other country
in the region.

So they don't really need

the return
on their investments.

However, their investments
in North America

is a powerful weapon
to influence the elections

and see to it that the outcome
will fit the Iranian interest.

- Which is to defeat Trump.
- To defeat Trump.

They said,
"We are looking forward

"to the defeat of Trump.

"And then we will see
the first Friday prayer

"taking place
in the White House,

"uh, as a symbol
of our victory and, uh,

the rise
of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Her name is Ilhan Omar.

She's a former refugee
from Somalia.

She's a Muslim American,

and she is now the Minnesota
State House Representative.

What did the Qataris
tell you about her?

They refer to her as
"Sister Ilhan," and to them,

she is the jewel
of their political crown.

And, uh,
they told me face-to-face

that they financed her.

Heavily financed her.

And they groomed her.

And they said, "You don't
need to worry about, uh,

skeletons being found,
because the media will bury it."

We've seen more than
six different scandals

involving Ilhan Omar.

- Nobody investigated her.
- Campaign finance violations,

- for example.
- Exactly.

How do they control her?

Her weakness: money and sex.

How do they actually use
their financial leverage

to either influence or control
people like Ilhan Omar?

America is a-a country
of law and rules.

We do it indirectly,
and there are always loopholes

that allows us to,
uh, get through.

I actually brought up,
"What about the media?"

They said, "I think
we're almost at the top of,

"uh, controlling that.

"And we have
a lot of journalists

who are on our payroll."

You're actually saying
that these Islamic governments

are making direct
monetary payments

to members
of the mainstream media?


These are not remote figures,

but people
in mainstream institutions?

- That is correct.
- What you're saying is that

there is serious
Middle Eastern...

and specifically
radical Islamic... intervention

coming from abroad
into U.S. politics.

Exactly. And I think
it's more, uh, dangerous

than the so-called
Russian collusion.

But doesn't identity socialism

and radical Islam
make strange bedfellows?

I raised the question
with Imam Mohammad Tawhidi.

Any Islamist will tell you

that America
is the enemy of Islam.

They're chanting "death
to America" every single day.

I did it for seven years.

"Death to America,
death to Israel."

What is the fundamentalist
and jihadi agenda for America?

The future of America
has to be Muslim.

So here's a paradox.

In America,
we have a political left.

It's a progressive left.

As you know,
it's sexually permissive.

And this political movement

appears strangely allied
with radical Islam.

Can you explain this?

When I was an extremist,
Islamist, fundamentalist,

I would only vote left.

- Why is that?
- I saw them as very stupid.

I would fear the conservatives,

because they come
with principle.

That's not someone
they can brainwash.

But the left,
I know they have no values

and no principles to begin with.

I dare you to find
one Islamic extremist

that votes for Donald Trump.

Would never do it.

They'd give their vote
to the leftist

who wants to, uh, run around

in-in, uh, Pride parades and...

Islamic extremists
are against gays

and homosexuals
and-and transgenders,

but they want the left to go
and get busy with that.

They want them, "Go, go,
go speak about the climate.

"Go, go.
Go speak about abortion.

Go, go kill yourselves.
Go, go do that."

Ilhan Omar, she's fighting
for abortion rights

and all the other...
"My body, my choice."

Yes, go do that, go do it,
but would she have an abortion?

Never. Never.

Would she kill a Muslim
in her stomach? Never.

What's your take on her?


extremist, Islamist,
jihadi ideology,

a threat to national security.

- ISIS with lipstick.
- Now, would it be fair

to say that
what Ilhan Omar wants

is for all of America
to look like her community?

Without a doubt.

Firstly, the Muslims
in Ilhan Omar's district

are more radical than radicals
in the Middle East.

New report by Congress says
more than 250 Americans

have attempted to join ISIS.

One in four is from Minnesota.

Many of them former refugees.

You feel more
comfortable living under

American law, or do you feel
more comfortable

living under, uh, sharia law?

Uh, sh... I... sharia law.

I'm a Muslim.
I prefer sharia law.

You prefer, uh,
sharia law over American law?

Of course, yeah.

What's the relationship between

radical Islam and socialism
in America?

Votes and common interest.

The Muslims
are delivering the votes...

- Yes. Yes.
- their leaders.

And-and what do the socialists

and the progressive left
give in exchange?

They give them a platform.

They give them the media.
They protect them.

If we have Islamic domination...

which is the goal,
as you suggest...

will Americans become strangers
in their own country?

Americans who have values,

who believe
in freedom of speech,

freedom of belief,
freedom of religion,

Americans who want to raise
their families as Christians,

they will feel as strangers.

Treason, division

and the politics
of fear and exclusion.

This is their socialist dream
for America.

So, what is the left's
blueprint for socialism?

And my policies
most closely resemble

what we see in Norway,
in Finland, in Sweden.

But it may be better
to consult an actual expert,

former Danish Prime Minister
Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

I know that, uh,
some people in-in the U.S.

associate the Nordic model
with some sort of socialism.

Therefore, I would like
to make one thing clear.

Uh, Denmark is, uh, far from
a socialist-planned economy.

Denmark is a market economy.

The major political parties

on the center-left
and the center-right

would oppose
many of the proposals

of Bernie Sanders.

Scandinavian countries

are capitalist
in wealth creation

but socialist
in wealth distribution.

For Swedish historian
Johan Norberg...

It's really not a way
of taking from the rich

and giving to the poor,
which is the, uh,

perspective... or the hope...
of many American

and European intellectuals

when they look at the, uh,
tax levels in Sweden.

What we do instead
is that we tax consumption.

We have a 25% V.A.T.
consumption tax in Sweden,

which means
that the poor pays...

they pay the highest
proportion of that.

The Scandinavians
don't soak the rich.

They soak the whole society.

Scandinavia is not
the left's real model.

So, what is?

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

Where did Bernie go
for his honeymoon, Stockholm?



You know, it's funny.
Sometimes American journalists

talk about how bad a country is

'cause people
are lining up for food.

That's a good thing.

Where did Michael Moore go

to champion health care?

Copenhagen? No.

- Havana.
- The Cuban people

have free,
universal health care.

They've become known
around the world as having

one of the best
health care systems.

This is not
a normal Cuban hospital.

This is.

This is the emergency room?


Doctor, how old
are these syringes?

That thing looks like
it's from the last century.

Do you have
sufficient facilities

to sterilize
all these old syringes?


Most of your shelves
have nothing.


The hospital in Moore's movie

is only for foreigners
who can pay

and elite members
of the Cuban regime.

So Moore is colluding
with the Cuban socialists

to intentionally mislead
his viewers.


How these progressive leftists

idolize socialist dictators.

...of my friend,
President Chávez.

He is one of
the most important forces

we've had on this planet.

Like a sick
Hollywood love story.

♪ How long has it been? ♪

♪ We can bring it back again ♪

♪ Anything to spend
another day... ♪

Yes, this is the left's
real model: Venezuela.

My wife Debbie was born
in Venezuela.

She now mourns that
her once prosperous country

is now in ruins.

Many Venezuelans
fled to America,

like my wife's friend.

Gabby Franco was
the first female shooter

to represent Venezuela
at the Olympics.

She showed off her skills

on History Channel's Top Shot.

She and Debbie are big fans
of the Second Amendment.

One of the things that is,
I feel, a parallel

between the Venezuelan left
and the American left

is their obsession
with gun control.

Venezuelan authorities

have vowed to crack down
on guns as a pillar

of domestic security policy.

It's, you know, like,
everything starts with the lie:

"This is for gun violence,

- control..."
- "Safety."

And at the end of the day,

how can people rise
against the government

- when they are disarmed?
- What's striking to me

is this... the closeness
of this gun parallel.

But it's only the beginning
of these parallels

between the two countries.

One of them would be
identity politics.

Right. So, Hugo Chávez
won the election in 1999.

And he was indigenous.

Venezuela's a very
multicultural society.

It has Italians,
it has Germans.

But he felt like

there were not enough
indigenous people in government.

It was too white for him.

So he decided to demonize the
white people in-in Venezuela.

Another parallel is
the demonization of the rich.

Much of the attack

of the rich was for those
entrepreneurs making a living

selling goods and services,

so he decided
to put a stop to that,

setting price controls.

So it drove many businesses
out of business

and out of Venezuela.

What about, uh,
wealth confiscation?

Hugo Chávez had
a national television show

where he showed,
walking down the street,

and taking any apartment

or any house he wanted
and giving it to the homeless.

And today,
if you leave your home

in Venezuela and you go abroad
and you come back?

Someone else will be in it.

For Ruben Barboza,
the future looks bleak.

Over the past 40 years,

he's built up a thriving
cattle and dairy operation

in western Venezuela.

But this month,

Hugo Chávez's government
expropriated 30 farms

in the region,
and his could be next.

I developed all of this

using my own intelligence
and my own labor.

And now that everything
is going well,

the government comes along
and steals it from me.

Strips me of my land
and my ideas.

There are more
than 100 people working here.

If there is an expropriation,

we're all going to be
out of work.

Let's turn
to a different parallel.

And this is the war
on fossil fuels.

How is it possible,
in a country that is so rich

in resources,
that you would have

electricity blackouts

and gas lines for people
to fill up the car?

Well, first of all,

Hugo Chávez brought all
his bureaucrats to take over.

They had no idea how to run
an oil company whatsoever.

The American
and British oil companies

that were in Venezuela
were basically run out.

All the engineers, everybody
who knew how to do the job,

they had to leave the country.

For fossil fuels,
Hugo Chávez hated them.

And he decided to do
hydro energy instead.

Venezuela had
many, many droughts.

Therefore, caused
rolling blackouts.

Another parallel
is the left-wing militants.

There is a group of criminals

- called colectivos...
- Mm. Venezuela,
and they're very similar

to our antifa people here.

Colectivos got support

from the government
of Hugo Chávez

to work as
the government's strong arm,

intimidating and even killing
members of the opposition.

Anybody raise their voice

against certain ideologies
of the government,

they get terrorized
by this group.

I grew up in
a socialist country, India,

which moved toward capitalism.

And so,
India's doing a lot better,

but Venezuela, which moved
in the opposite direction,

from a capitalist society
to socialism,

seems to have crumbled.

This is how Venezuelans spend

most of their time now:

in line not for luxuries
but basics.

I moved, uh, from Venezuela
to the Rio Grande Valley,

and I thought I was moving
into a third-world country

after coming from Venezuela,
because it was so wealthy.

We had everything
we needed and wanted.

It seems there's
one class of people

who are living pretty well.
Who are they?

They're called the Chavistas.

They're socialists.

They kept their cars,

they kept their way of life.

Um, they don't seem
to have any problem

with food shortage there.

Hugo Chávez died
a billionaire.

Under Chávez,
and now his successor Maduro,

Venezuelan socialism
started out as democratic

but quickly became

Venezuela is where
the Democrats are taking us,

whether they admit it or not.

Today, I ask every member
of the Maduro regime:

end this nightmare of poverty,

hunger and death
for your people.

Let your people go.

Set your country free.

We've seen gun control

as a socialist tactic
in Venezuela.

So, how does the politics
of gun control play out

in America?

Biden used to be a strong
supporter of gun rights.

Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.

Not anymore.

If I'm elected, NRA,
I'm coming for you.

And, gun manufacturers,
I'm gonna take you on,

and I'm gonna beat you.

I'm the only one who's gonna.

And who does Biden want

to work with on gun control?

Hell yes, we're gonna take
your AR-15, your AK-47.

They claim
that guns are to blame

for tragic events like this.

911. What is your emergency?

I think I hear gunshots.

Are you at the school?

High school, shots fired.

1200 building.

They're saying it's a male
in a hoodie.

He could not describe what...

At least an AR-15,
if not an AK-47.

I love you. I love you.

It's gonna be fine.
Can you hide somewhere?

Can you play dead?

My daughter has no voice.

She was murdered last week,
and she was taken from us.

Shot nine times
on the third floor.

No, w-we, as a country,
failed our children.

Andrew Pollack,
a grieving father,

has investigated the roots
of the Parkland shooting.

There's not
a moment that goes by

that I don't think of her.

And your book is titled
Why Meadow Died.

- Why did Meadow die?
- They wanted to avoid

and end
the school-to-prison pipeline

and end suspensions
and expulsions.

So, they just wanted to stop
holding kids accountable.

In Broward,
children were allowed

four misdemeanors
per school year

without ever getting introduced
to the judicial system.

Now, did... the shooter
himself, he had a history.

My name is Nik,
and I'm gonna be

the next school shooter of 2018.

You're all going to die.

45 calls to this individual's
house without an arrest.

And this is after
we're already familiar

with Columbine, Sandy Hook.

One of the things you say
that I find very striking

is the fact that the policies
of the school had the effect

of taking kids who were
very disturbed and violent

and classifying them,
in a sense, as handicapped.

You could have a kid
that's emotionally disturbed,

or they call it "oppositional
defiant disorder"...

it's O.D.D.,
which is another word

for, like, a psychopath
that's a juvenile...

and they label them
special needs.

And that's what makes them

within the school district.

The man whose job it was
to keep students safe

was arrested today.

Surveillance tape shows
the school resource officer

never entered the building
as bullets flew.

In some of the video that I saw

from the body cam,
you can see a deputy

getting out of his car,
and you could hear the gunshots

that could be killing
my daughter,

and he's taking his time

going to the back of his car
to put his vest on.

And he never goes, even,
in the building.

Do you think that,
if-if there was a coach

or a teacher or teachers
who were trained and armed,

that your daughter
might be alive today?

I know, a-as a fact, that
my daughter would be alive.

What have you found the role
of the media to be

in covering these shootings?

They don't want to hear
the truth, the media.

And I almost feel
like they gloat

when there's a mass shooting.

And that, before the victims
are even buried

and the facts are out,
they're blaming, uh,

the-the president or they're
blaming, uh, the scary rifle.

They want to attack
the Second Amendment.

That's their agenda.

The Second Amendment means
a lot to me now because,

like I said, my daughter
was on the third floor,

and no one came to save her.

A lot of times you call 911,

it doesn't mean
they're coming to help you.

So, why should I give up
that right to defend myself?

Now we turn
to the socialist left's

biggest allies...
Hollywood and the media.

The left owns these megaphones
which dominate our culture.

Actor Isaiah Washington
is best known

for playing Dr. Burke

on the hit show Grey's Anatomy.

So here you are.

You're an African American,
you're a patriot,

you're an anti-communist,
you're a veteran.

You're a lonely guy
in Hollywood.

Yeah, I have no friends.

- I have no friends.
- You have no friends.

And here you came to Hollywood,
you... as an outsider.

I always knew
that it was very...

it would be very difficult
for a personality like me

to actually be in Los Angeles,

'cause I've always
considered myself

a Frederick Douglass Republican
without a home.

But actually,
it's just destiny for me

because now I feel like
I am at home.

Are you saying
that you feel more at home

in the GOP as Trump defines it?

I feel more comfortable
because Trump...

Yeah, I have to give the credit
to President Donald Trump.

Well, what is it about Trump
that-that drew you?

I-I lived in New York in 1980.

I knew who he was.
He was a hero to me.

He was a billionaire.

Before he became president,

he was someone
you looked up to.

Every rapper was singing about
trying to be Donald Trump.

I read The Deal twice.

The Art of the Deal.
I know it.

I'm assuming Hollywood
has always had left-wing tilt.

It seems like
what's different now

is not that Hollywood is left

but that Hollywood has become
so insular and monopolistic

about being left wing

that it actually terrorizes
people or attempts to.

You have to understand
that the majority

of the people
that are running Hollywood

were abused in most
Southern states for being...

because of maybe
their sexual orientation

or being creative
or being different.

So they've been treated poorly,
and they've been pushed,

and they find themselves going
to Hollywood to be

more liberal, be more free.
Everything is okay.

No behavior...
There's no boundaries.

The revenge of the hurt.

- Right.
- Yeah, revenge of the hurt.

- Yeah. There you go.
- Well, it also explains

the sort of amoralism
of Hollywood, because when...

when you feel repressed, then...

then "anything goes"
becomes a sign of freedom.

Good point.

Even more influential
than Hollywood

is the mainstream media.

Trump calls them "fake news."

The press
has become so dishonest.

Democrats, radical left

and their media partners

standing right back there.

What is fake news?

It's not just about bias.

It goes much deeper than that.

In the early 1970s,
Saul Alinsky discovered

that George H.W. Bush
was scheduled

to give a speech.

Some activists
wishing to protest Bush

came to Alinsky for advice.

Alinksy had a radical idea.

An idea that would transform

the tactics
of the socialist left.

The people of the world

agitate for free expression
and free thought

that only liberty allows.

Don't compare Bush to the Klan.

Come dressed up
like the Ku Klux Klan.

The media will do the rest.

Is there any limit

to the deception
of the mainstream media?

When a presidential nominee
is involved in a sex scandal,

it's obviously a big story.

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪

Meet Larry Sinclair.

What do you do for a living,
Mr. Sinclair?

I run a nonprofit in Cocoa,

building affordable housing.

Now, in 2008, when Obama

announced his candidacy
for president,

you made some explosive
allegations about him

that dated back to some events
that occurred in 1999.

Is that the year
that you met Barack Obama?

It is.

- Where did you meet him?
- Outside of a bar in Chicago.

- What were you doing?
- I was on a night out.

I had asked a limo driver
if he knew anyone

that would be interested
in showing me around the town,

and it was clear
for the limo driver

that I was looking for someone
to enjoy the night with.

The introduction was made
through the limo driver.

And what happened?

Uh, we had a few drinks.

Uh, I had made some comments
about wanting coke,

so we got in the limo
and left, and...

we started drinking,
I started snorting,

he started smoking.

I actually put my hand
on his knee

and started
to rub up his thigh,

and I performed oral sex
on Barack Obama.

The following day,
I actually get a knock

on my hotel room door
in Gurnee, Illinois,

only to find Barack Obama
standing in front of it.

He had actually come back
for seconds.

I performed oral sex on him
in the hotel room

at the Comfort Inn and Suites
in Gurnee, Illinois.

Were there drugs involved
on the second night, as well?

- There was.
- Who produced those?

He actually brought those
with him.

Now, Obama at that time was
a state senator?

I actually had no idea
who he was.

And then when did you find out
that it was Barack Obama?

Watching the 2004
DNC Convention.

Thank you very much, everybody.
God bless you.

Thank you.

And it hit me.

And, um, at the time,
I was just kind of floored.

Good afternoon.

Uh, my name is
Montgomery Blair Sibley.

I'm the attorney
for Larry Sinclair.

Now, you have
this press conference.

I performed fellatio on
Senator Obama in the limousine

during the time Senator Obama
was smoking crack cocaine.

After the press conference,
you are arrested.

By the D.C. Police Department
upon the orders of Beau Biden,

attorney general for Delaware.

- So, this is Joe Biden's son, Beau Biden?
- It is.

Apparently, he had
a grand jury indictment

from two weeks
after I went public on Obama,

accusing me of theft
that never took place.

Shortly before you made
these public allegations

about Obama,
you were contacted, you say,

by a man named Donald Young.

Donald Young was
the choir director

in Jeremiah Wright's church
in Chicago.

This is the church
Obama attended?


And what did Donald Young
tell you?

That he, too,
had intimate relations

with Barack Obama
and had for... for years,

and that I needed
to protect myself.

That they were going
to come after me.

What happened to him?

He was shot point-blank
in his apartment in Chicago.

The murder was never solved?

No, it wasn't.

Donald Young's mother
subsequently made

a public comment,
I believe reported

in one of the tabloids.
What did she say?

She wanted to know
why her son had to die

to protect his friend,
the president,

which was referring
to Barack Obama.

Did you have this kind
of a conversation

where you describe
what happened to you

on any of the major networks?


Did The New York Times

or The Washington Post
interview you?

- No.
- Have you heard of Stormy Daniels?

Who hasn't
heard of Stormy Daniels?

On the alleged affair
between Donald Trump

and adult film star
Stormy Daniels.

Please welcome Stormy Daniels.

Please welcome Stormy Daniels.

Here we go.

22 million viewers

tuned in to 60 Minutes Sunday
to hear Stormy Daniels' story.

I hereby,
along with my colleague,

Mayor Pro Tem John D'Amico,
declare it

Stormy Daniels Day
in the city of West Hollywood.

What happened
to Larry Sinclair Day?

Whether or not
you believe their stories,

these two did not get
equal treatment from the media.

The power of the media
is not just

the power to twist the news.

It's to make the news
and even to fabricate the news.

What's the solution?

We have to create
alternative forms of media,

and we have to reduce
the power of the media

in our minds.

Another ally of the socialist
left is the deep state,

the police agencies
of government...

the IRS, the FBI,
the CIA, the DOJ.

One of its early targets
was Catherine Engelbrecht,

whose organization
True the Vote

investigates allegations
of voter fraud.

So you file your application
for nonprofit status

for True the Vote
with the government.

And then what happens?

Well, then suddenly,
we began being visited

by an alphabet soup
of federal agencies,

starting with the FBI,

uh, requesting to see
member manifests,

meaning that they wanted
to find out

who was attending our meetings
and what we were talking about.

Uh, that then moved to the IRS,

who came in and began auditing
our-our personal taxes

and our business taxes.

In a period of 18 months,

I went through
23 different audits

or investigations
or inquiries. 23.

What were some of the things

that the IRS wanted
to find out about you?

They wanted to know

every Facebook posting
I've ever posted

and every tweet I'd ever tweeted

and everywhere I'd ever spoken

since the inception
of the organization

and to whom and what I said

and if I was gonna run
for political office

and who was on my board and...

They wanted to know things

that amounted
to opposition research.

Why would they target you?

I think they saw that
True the Vote was going to,

for the first time,
ask the tough questions

and ask citizens
to take a look for themselves,

uh, into an area
that has long been, uh,

the bastion of the radical left.

Did you realize even then

that this mobilization
of powerful institutions

represented the weaponization
of the U.S. government

against you
and what you were doing?

I didn't want to believe it,

but it was undeniable.

Do you believe
in the deep state?

I lived it.

The deep state's
ultimate target is Trump.

They've been talking
about impeaching him

ever since he ran for office.

I'm concerned that if we don't
impeach this president,

he will get reelected.

Because we're gonna
go in there, and we're gonna

impeach the mother.

He is a dictator.

This must not stand.

He's impeached forever.

The organized attack on Trump

began with a young staffer
on the Trump campaign...

George Papadopoulos.

I met with him
and his wife Simona.

I want to talk to you
about a series of characters

who came into your life
in those crucial months

in the spring and summer
of 2016.

First, you ran into a fellow
named Joseph Mifsud.

Uh, who is Joseph Mifsud?

Joseph Mifsud is the infamous

overseas professor

by Bob Mueller and the FBI
as a Russian agent.

There could be nothing further
from the truth.

Ironically, Simona,
you knew Joseph Mifsud.

Joseph Mifsud is somebody
who has many ties

to, uh, intelligence,

uh, particularly
Western intelligence.

So, what you're saying is
that Joseph Mifsud,

far from being a Russian agent,

is actually part
of what you would call

- the-the Western deep state.
- Western intelligence.

So, here comes this guy Mifsud,
and he meets you.

Over brunch one day,
he leans over

in a conspiratorial manner.

He tells me, "George,

"I've just come back
from Russia, and I've learned

that the Russians have
Hillary Clinton's e-mails."

It's quite clear
that he was an operative

who was supposed to deliver
this information to me

with the hope
that I would then transmit it

to the campaign,
which would eventually

create a conspiracy case.

I never told anybody
on the campaign about e-mails.

So, Mifsud exits the scene.

And so, another character
is now dispatched

to meet you... Stefan Halper.

I didn't understand

that he was tied directly
and indirectly

to the CIA and to the MI6.

What was he saying to you?

He was accusing me

and Donald Trump
and the campaign

of working with Russia
and WikiLeaks

and, uh, to coordinate
this e-mail release.

And what I told him...

"What you're talking about
is treason."

You now encounter
a guy named Charles Tawil.

He characterized himself as

an Israeli businessman
who knew about my work

and wanted to hire me
as a consultant.

Immediately upon, uh,
landing in Israel,

I'm, uh, brought to a hotel

where I'm in a room
with Charles Tawil,

and there's $10,000
in his hand in cash.

So, the money was ostensibly
for this research

that you were supposed to do.

- Correct?
- That's right.

You arrive later
in Dulles Airport.

As soon as I land
at Dulles Airport,

I see a badge flipped out.

"This is the FBI.
Come with us."

Two agents walk me
into this, uh, side room.

FBI agent one
rummaging through my luggage.

Looking, presumably,
for the $10,000, right?

- That's absolutely right.
- And do they find it?

- No, and...
- Why not?

They didn't find the money
because I left it

with a lawyer in Greece.

I ask FBI agent two,

"What's going on?
What did I do here?"

"This is what happens when
you work for Donald Trump."

The next moment,
I'm looking down.

My hands are being put
in handcuffs,

my ankles are shacked,

where I'm then taken
to a dirty cell in Alexandria.

So, you were drawn, Simona,
directly into this plot

in an encounter with the FBI.

Did they want you
to wear a wire on George?

Yes, they wanted me
to cooperate with them

and basically spy on him.

So, George, here you are
under arrest.

- Charged with what?
- Lying to the FBI

and obstruction of justice.

- What was the penalty?
- 35 years in prison.

So, this is a story

of how your own country's
intelligence agencies,

in cohorts with the
intelligence agencies of other

Western countries,
conspired together

to entrap you

into making admissions

that were, in fact, not true,
with a view of using you

against Trump... true or false?

Absolutely true.

And the evidence
backs it all up now.

Corruption in government goes

all the way to the top,

according to author
and researcher Peter Schweizer.

Peter, when I listen
to leading figures

on the political left railing
against, uh, multimillionaires

and billionaires, I...

you kind of get the impression
that they don't care

about money, but they do care
about money, don't they?

Absolutely, and they show it in
all sorts of ways, especially

when it comes
to their own finances.

The Bidens have done very well,

and Joe Biden's been
very, uh, sophisticated

and shrewd
in the way he's done it.

He's essentially offshored
the corruption, which means

he's been in politics,
was in politics

for more than 40 years,
uh, and during that time,

his net worth
really didn't grow,

but what did grow was the net
worth of his family members.

Politician like Joe Biden...
he has to disclose

if he has $1,000
in General Electric stock.

He has to disclose if he gets
a $200 campaign contribution.

But if his brother gets
a massive government contract,

if his son does a massive
private equity deal

with a foreign government,

there's no disclosure

Let's track a little bit
of the Biden family racket.

Biden's brother... James Biden.

Go back to November of 2010.

A guy named Kevin Justice
shows up

at the vice president's office
in the White House.

Three weeks later,

Kevin Justice appoints
James Biden,

who has no experience,

as the new executive
vice president of HillStone,

a construction company
that he has just formed.

In six months,
this new construction company

lands a contract to build
100,000 homes in Iraq.

And what is
that contract worth?

About $1.5 billion.

During this time,
Joe Biden was the point person

on Iraqi reconstruction.

Now, there's another
Biden brother.

I'm Frank Biden.

I'm the non-attorney
senior advisor

to clients statewide.

So, Frank Biden had been

a largely unsuccessful
real estate agent in Florida.

His brother is elected

vice president
of the United States in 2009.

And he decides he's going to
get into the energy business.

His brother,
in the spring of 2009,

makes a trip to Costa Rica,

meets with Costa Rican
President Arias.

Within a couple of months,
Frank Biden is in Costa Rica.

He has meetings with Costa
Rican government officials.

And he signs an exclusive deal

with the Costa Rican
national power company

for green energy projects
in Costa Rica.

His company, Sun Fund Americas,

is involved in a project
that includes $47 million

in taxpayer-backed loans
in Jamaica.

Let's turn to Hunter Biden.

In 2013, Hunter Biden
accompanies his father,

Joe Biden, vice president
of the United States,

to China.

Hunter Biden is there

because he's trying to finalize
this incredible deal.

It's a private equity deal
expanded to $1.5 billion.

The Chinese government is
putting money into this deal.

And is it a deal to invest
in the Chinese economy

in ways that are not typically
open to Western investors?

Yes. This is the key.

Hunter Biden has no background
in private equity.

He has no background in China.

He gets a deal through
the Shanghai Free Trade Zone

that nobody else
operating in China has.

The Chinese have had a strategy

throughout the Asia-Pacific
region of striking deals

with the family members
of political figures,

like Joe Biden,

because they expect
favorable policies in return.

And if you look
at Joe Biden's trajectory

as an official as it relates
to talking about China

when he was a senator to now,
when he's vice president,

and then afterward,
he has become incredibly soft

in his criticism of China.

It is in our self-interest

that China continue to prosper.

And I personally believe
it is directly linked

to the fact that his son
was doing multiple deals

with the Chinese government
at the time

that he was vice president
of the United States.

Was there a Biden
family racket in Ukraine?

Oh, absolutely.

Go back to 2014.
Barack Obama says,

"I want Joe Biden
to be the point person

for policy towards Ukraine,"
which means all aid dollars.

Within three weeks
of that appointment,

a Ukrainian energy company
called Burisma

starts writing checks
to the vice president's son.

They were $83,333 a month,

paid twice,
because both Hunter Biden

and his business partners
are on the board of directors,

and that amounts to a
million dollars each per year.

These payments started
in the spring of 2014

and continued, uh,
for almost five years.

And these 300-page documents
show that's the amount

that they were paid
consistently every month.

Now, there was
a Ukrainian prosecutor

looking into all this.

What happened to him?

We have a tape of Joe Biden
bragging about how he gets

Mr. Shokin fired.

W-We're not gonna give you
the billion dollars.

They said,
"You have no authority.

You're not the president.
The president said it."

I said, "Call him."

I said, "I'm telling you,

you're not getting
a billion dollars."

I said, "You're not getting
a billion.

I'm gonna be leaving here."

And I think it was, what,
six hours?

I looked, and I said,
"I'm leaving in six hours.

If the prosecutor's not fired,
you're not getting the money."

Well, son of a bitch.

He got fired.

Of course,
Biden denies wrongdoing.

The larger goal
of the socialist left

isn't just corruption
or economic confiscation.

It's to force you
into conformity.

As with coronavirus,
the left starts

with the repression
of religious freedom.

♪ Lead me on... ♪

I interviewed
Kelly Shackelford,

the president of First Liberty,

who has devoted his life

to fighting
for religious freedom.

The one thing
that a totalitarian regime

cannot allow are citizens
who hold an allegiance

to one higher
than the government.

So, whenever you see that type
of oppressive regime

coming into play,
the first flashpoint

will always be
religious freedom.

I have never seen anything
like what we're seeing now.

Now we're seeing cases
where the government wants

to force people
to violate their religion.

I mean,
it's the ultimate intolerance.

And we've seen it
in lots of examples.

I mean, the wedding cakes,
the bakers. Uh, there's no...

Because of the Christian baker
in Colorado

who was forced to bake a cake

even though he believes
that gay marriage is wrong,

it violates his conscience,

but they're gonna
make him do it.

We have clients from Oregon

that had the same situation
with custom wedding cakes.

You'll find that in every case,
they serve everybody.

They serve every LGBT person.

It's just when they're asked
to endorse certain messages

they can't endorse
that there's a problem.

Do you really want
the government to force people

to say things
they don't want to say?

Does anybody really believe

that the government
should punish a Black baker

because he won't bake a cake
for the Klan rally?

They're trying to force people
to engage

in affirmative actions
that violate their conscience.

Isn't this part
of the political strategy

of the activist left?

Yeah, it-it's the ultimate

The idea of trying to use
the power of the government

to force somebody
who disagrees with you...

that's as un-American
as anything I can think of.

To me, the case
of the Bladensburg Cross

is a perfect representation
of the absurdity.

Justices on the
U.S. Supreme Court will decide

whether a cross
on public land in Maryland

an illegal endorsement

of religion by the government.

It's a veterans memorial that
was put up almost 100 years ago

by mothers who lost their sons

in World War I,
and by the American Legion.

But then,
come along decades later,

the American Humanists said,
"Hey, wait.

You can't have this big cross
on government land."

Separation of church and state.

And if that point of view
prevailed, couldn't one

take the same logic
to Arlington Cemetery?


One of the judges said,

"Why don't we just cut the arms
off the cross?"

Because, that way,
we can keep it there

and not have to tear it down,
but, quote,

"nobody will be offended."

Well, I think a lot of people
would be offended.

You would have to go
into every community

of every state of this country
and tear down the crosses,

the Stars of David,
the religious symbols.

♪ Precious love... ♪

In a stunning victory

for Shackelford
and the veterans,

the Supreme Court ruled
seven to two

that the Bladensburg Cross
must stay.

This shows the importance
of keeping the Supreme Court.

Our basic liberties
depend on it.

The First Amendment protects
not just religious freedom

but also freedom of speech.

That's also under assault,

as journalist Andy Ngo

Let's talk about
the fateful day where

you were covering antifa.
What happened?

While walking with the people
who were demonstrating,

they were chanting,
"No hate, no fear."

No hate! No fear!

What happened next was
complete anarchy and chaos.

A group of people...

first hit me in the back
of the head really hard.

That knocked me forward.

And before I could even
catch my footing,

then all the hits kept coming.

When I thought
the beating was over,

it was just the first half.

The second half
was then the mob throwing

hard objects at me.

And at the end of the day,
I ended up in a hospital,

diagnosed with
a brain hemorrhage.

Here you are.
You're not a fascist.

What scares them about you?

Because I have dedicated
my journalism work

to exposing
their violent extremism,

exposing their links
to the mainstream left.

When pushed, self-defense
is a legitimate response

to white supremacist
and neo-Nazi violence.

They are strictly
principled anti-fascists.

There are certainly aspects
of them

that are true to a cause
that is a good cause.

It says it right in the name...

Anti-fascism, which is what
they were there, um, fighting.

The original antifa started

as a paramilitary connected

to the German Communist Party
in the interwar years.

The original antifa
described themselves

as anti-fascist,
but what they really meant was

that they were against those
who were critical of communism.

The original antifa actually
didn't oppose Nazis so much.

Who they opposed was
the Social Democrats,

the center-left party,
the liberals.

No Trump! No fascist USA!

Anybody who pushes back
is deemed a fascist.

Me, for example.

These socialist thugs
are the true descendants

of Mussolini's Blackshirts
and Hitler's Brownshirts.

They exploited the injustice
of the killing

of a Black man, George Floyd,

to unleash a national wave
of violence and terror.

Trump declared them a domestic
terrorist organization,

putting antifa in the same camp
as ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The near enemy
and the far enemy

working toward the same end.

The socialist left and the
Democrats want us to grovel,

to make us into worms.

They want us to repeat
what they say and believe it,

even if it's
two plus two equals five.

The British writer
George Orwell,

himself a man of the left,
recognized that all forms

of socialism
become totalitarian.

In his dystopian novel, 1984,

lies pass for truth,

freedom is defined as slavery,

and the main character,
Winston, is ground into dust

by the all-powerful state,
Big Brother.

The turning point has come.

I shall save you.

I shall make you perfect.

- That was 40.
- Please.

You see,
the dial goes to a hundred.

You are clinging to a disease

under the impression
that it is a virtue.

You prefer
to be a minority of one.

You also believe that the nature

of reality is self-evident,
but I tell you, Winston,

that reality is not external.

It does not exist
in the individual mind,

only in the mind of the state,

which is collective
and immortal.

Do you remember writing
in your diary

that freedom
is the freedom to say

that two plus two make four?


How many fingers
am I holding up, Winston?


And if the state says
this is not four but five,

then how many fingers?


How many fingers?


Four! Four!

- How many fingers?
- What else can I say?

How many fingers, Winston?

- How many fingers, Winston?!
- Five! Five! Five!

You are only saying that

because you want
the pain to stop.

I want to see five!
I'm trying.

Are you trying to persuade me
that you see five,

or do you really want
to see five?

To see them!

How many fingers
am I holding up, Winston?


We are not content
with negative obedience,

nor even
the most abject submission.

When finally
you surrender to us,

it must be
of your own free will.

Before we end the session,

do you have any questions?

It is switched off.

Do you have a question?

What is two plus two?

Whatever the state says it is.

Anything else?

Does Big Brother exist?

Of course he exists.

The state exists.

Big Brother is the embodiment
of the state.

Does he exist in the same way
that I exist?

You do not exist.

Want a vision
of the future, Winston?

Imagine a boot...

stamping a human face...


♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪

Lincoln was a moderate man

who found himself
in an immoderate situation.

The Democratic Party
in the 1850s

had become gangsterized.

Lincoln realized he would
have to do things differently.

Early in the war, the
Confederates passed an order

that every Black
Union soldier captured

would be executed.

In response,

Lincoln signed
an executive order.

It is therefore ordered

that for every soldier
of the United States

killed in violation
of the laws of war,

a rebel soldier
shall be executed.

Order of Retaliation,
July 30, 1863.

Why would a moderate man

sign such an order?

Because he recognized
that he had to do to them

what they were doing to him.

they would never stop.

♪ America, America ♪

♪ God shed his grace on thee ♪

♪ And crown thy good ♪

♪ With brotherhood ♪

♪ From sea ♪

♪ To shining ♪

♪ Sea... ♪

♪ Oh, beautiful ♪

♪ For spacious skies ♪

♪ For amber waves ♪

♪ Of grain ♪

♪ For purple mountain ♪

♪ Majesties ♪

♪ Above the fruited plain ♪

♪ America, America ♪

♪ God shed his grace ♪

♪ On thee ♪

♪ And crown thy good ♪

♪ With brotherhood ♪

♪ From sea to shining ♪

♪ Sea... ♪

♪ America, America ♪

♪ God shed his grace ♪

♪ On thee... ♪

Lincoln died defending

the American dream
against slavery.

What price are we
willing to pay

to protect our American dream

against the new form of slavery
that is socialism?

We're going to fight
some capitalism

with some basic
socialistic programs!

Aw, shut up.

Just as Lincoln
stood up to the Democrats,

Reagan stood up
to the radical left.

This has to stop,
and it has to stop,

like, the day before yesterday.

Reagan lived
in a different time,

and a different tone
was appropriate.

If Trump appears to be
a mud wrestler,

it's not because he created
all this chaos and division.

It created him.

I think people have always
seen me as a fighter.

They-they know that I don't
take a lot of crap from people.

I think a lot of people
are tired of watching

other countries ripping off
the United States.

Next time they fire
so much as a bullet at one

of our ships, we ought to go in
and take over their oil.

Trump's fighting
spirit goes way back.

He doesn't run from problems.

He runs toward them.

In 1991, Trump was out
for a ride on the town.

Oh, my God.

That guy's being mugged!

Stop the car!

- Hey, put the bat down!
- Call the cops.

I didn't do nothing, Mr. Trump.

What do you mean
you're doing nothing?

You're hitting a guy
over the head with a bat!

- Uh, Driggs and Metropolitan.
- Is that man okay?

Marla, call the police.

My whole life,
I've been a fighter, and now

I'm going to fight for you.
We're gonna fight.

He fights because
he knows what's at stake.

America's the place
where anyone can rise.

And here on this land,
on this soil,

on this continent,

the most incredible dreams
come true.

This nation is our canvas,

and this country is
our masterpiece.

We look at tomorrow
and see unlimited frontiers

just waiting to be explored.

Our brightest discoveries
are not yet known.

Our spirit is still young.

The sun is still rising.

God's grace is still shining.

And, my fellow Americans,

the best is yet to come.

With Trump as our leader,

we will leave socialism
on the ash heap of history.

This man is fighting for us,
so I will continue

to fight for him and to fight
for what is right.

Are you gonna give up?

Absolutely not.

America's worth fighting for.

America is just not worth
fighting for.

I think it's worth
even dying for.

I will never give up,

because life is worth
fighting for.

I've never been more encouraged
about what I see happening.

The fact that I see us winning.

America was founded
on liberty and independence,

and not government coercion,

domination and control.

We are born free,
and we will stay free.

♪ And the rocket's red glare ♪

♪ The bombs bursting in air ♪

♪ Gave proof through the night ♪

♪ That our flag was
still there ♪

♪ Oh, say, does that ♪

♪ Star-spangled banner ♪

♪ Yet wave ♪

♪ O'er the land ♪

♪ This land of the free ♪

♪ And the home ♪

♪ Of the ♪

♪ Brave... ♪

♪ God bless America ♪

♪ This land that I love ♪

♪ Stand beside her ♪

♪ And guide her ♪

♪ Through the night ♪

♪ With your light from above ♪

♪ From the mountains ♪

♪ To the prairies ♪

♪ To the oceans ♪

♪ White with foam ♪

♪ God bless America ♪

♪ My home ♪

♪ Sweet home ♪

♪ God bless America ♪

♪ This land that I love ♪

♪ Stand beside her ♪

♪ Please guide her ♪

♪ Through the night ♪

♪ With your light from above ♪

♪ From the mountains ♪

♪ To the prairies ♪

♪ To the oceans ♪

♪ White with foam ♪

♪ God bless America ♪

♪ My home ♪

♪ Sweet home ♪

♪ My home ♪

♪ Sweet home ♪

- ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
- ♪ My home ♪

♪ Sweet home ♪

- ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
- ♪ My home ♪

♪ Sweet home. ♪