Trump 2024: The World After Trump (2020) - full transcript

I'm also gonna act on my own.

I've got a pen

to take executive actions
where Congress won't.

- The Democrats are
not trying to discover facts.

They're trying to invent a narrative.

- President Trump
tried to cheat; he got caught.

- If the facts that
they need do not exist,

then they'll just make it up.

- The objection is that
someone blew the whistle,

and they would like this
whistleblower identified.

- Read my lips.

- When there's a bill

that ends up on my desk as President,

you, the public, will have
five days to look online,

find out what's in it, before I sign it.

- Donald Trump doesn't give

an expletive about Ukraine.

- There
are no votes in the house,

majority votes for a wall,

no matter where you stand.

- That's exactly right.

- Nancy,
we need border security.

It's very simple.

- Of course we do.

- We need border security.

People are pouring into our country,

including terrorists.

- No, no, he cares about big things

that affect his personal interests.

- American
security has to be first.

That will be the foundation

of every single decision that I will make.

- Lord, help them to remember

that they can't ignore You.

- I think same-sex couples

should be able to get married.

- And get away with it.

- I want to tell you, Gorsuch,

I want to tell you, Kavanaugh,

you have released the whirlwind,
and you will pay the price.

- For we always reap what we sow.

- The first three
words of the Constitution are:

"We, the people"; not "Honest old Abe";

not, "Return to normalcy";

not, "Prosperity and progress";

not, "Yes we can."

Those campaign slogans
are broken promises.

Our nation was founded by
the people, for the people,

because America is about we, the people.

Let these questions sink in:

Ask yourself, "Will we, the people,

throw out our Constitution?

Will we, the people,

allow unnamed bureaucrats
to make our laws?

Will we, the people, be ruled
by a one world dictator?"

We're talking about America,

the greatest nation in history.

And yet today, we, the
people, are on the verge

of letting our God-given
sovereignty be stripped away.

Donald Trump - the 45th
President of the United States,

the most polarizing figure

to ever hold the office of the presidency.

Scripture tells us that

the authorities that exist
are appointed by God.

But what are God's intentions?

And what will the world look like in 2024

after a second term of President Trump?

Donald Trump. Love him or hate him?

- I think Donald Trump is one

of the worst things to
happen to this country.

- When he was elected, I cried.

- The guy has integrity.
- I think he's a racist.

- I think he's real.
- I think he's a crazy bugger.

- He's a businessman;
he's not a politician.

- I don't think you have

to be a businessman to be President.

- He needs a hiccup to stop.

- His policies that he's trying

to push forward is great for the country.

- Securing the border,

100,000 people a week coming over.

- I love him.

- This is ridiculous.

- I don't think he's
a typical politician at all.

- He's a danger for
the world and world peace.

- I love America and I
think that he does, too.

And that's who we want
in the White House -

somebody that loves America.

- It's difficult to deny that

the world has been heading
toward a global government.

Look at the United Nations,

NATO, World Bank, IMF,

World Health Organization,

treaties such as the
Paris Climate Agreement,

Transpacific Partnership,

and the Global Compact for Migration.

For some, this is the
dream of globalization.

For others, losing our sovereignty

is the worst thing of the United States.

The COVID pandemic helped us realize

that we had become too dependent

on other countries for our
medical supplies and drugs.

Globalism. What is at
stake for we, the people?

This great Republic of ours

was built on the notion
of individual liberty,

individual freedom,

and that means individual responsibility.

If we yield over and decide

that America is not
unique; it's not special;

it's not extraordinary;

there's nothing all that different

about it than all the other nations -

well, at that point

we've already capitulated to nothingness.

We no longer are the
United States of America.

We're just a piece of a bigger government.

- The New World Order -

a term coined by
President George H.W. Bush

after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Days later, Mikhail Gorbachev,

Pope John II,

and President Bush met
and announced the term -

New World Order.

The New World order is
another term for globalism,

which is the dream of globalists,

to have a one world government.

It is a movement to bring a
globalist approach to law,

to economy, to governance,

to control the entire planet

with one centralized government

whether Republican or Democrat.

There are those for decades
who have been working toward

a globalized governing body -

a one world complex where
there are no borders,

and no sovereignty.

The country was founded

to be a republic, not a democracy.

The left, in the words of Barack Obama,

want to fundamentally transform

the United States of America.

I don't.

I want to improve the
United States of America,

but I don't want to
fundamentally transform it,

because I love it.

You can't love something

you want to fundamentally transform.

The best way to describe

the concept of One World Order

is that it is a movement to try to bring

a globalist approach to the economy,

to law, to governance -

essentially to control the entire planet.

Nationalism believes that

countries have the right
to their own sovereignty.

That means that each country

has the right to protect
their own borders,

the right to teach their own history,

the right to uphold their own traditions,

and the right to worship
through their own belief system.

Globalism on the other hand says, no.

Globalism is run by a
small group of elites

who have the power literally

to control everyone and everything.

It started off with the

league of Nations, and that failed.

Then we went to World War II.

World War II ended in 1945.

The United Nations was born in 1945.

It was their effort

at a world government in our world today.

The theory is that if we would

go under global governance,

we would put all the
armies under one authority,

the United Nations.

And since you had one army,
it wouldn't fight with itself.

Globalism is this utopia,

this Pollyanna-ish worldview of one world,

that may very well,

according to your eschatology
or dispensationalism,

it may very well take place one day.

If the left prevails,

then America is fundamentally transformed,

and is no longer America.

And with millions that
they want to bring in,

bring in big government
values for example,

we will not be the United States
of America as it has been.

The challenges,
of course, for globalism

for a country is maintaining
your own identity

in the midst of this global economy.

A globalist
government is not a good thing.

A globalist government

would be the worst
thing that could happen,

simply because globalists
rule from one particular area,

and they're ruling everybody.

Like the European Union has
27 different countries in it,

but one group rules them
all from Brussels, Belgium -

these unnamed bureaucrats.

No one knows who they are,

where they came for,
or what they're doing.

They're not elected, and they're unknown.

They don't answer to anybody.

You know
that country you live in,

well we don't care about
the country anymore.

The EU is gonna govern you.

Greece, where I go every summer,

my relatives have suffered under this.

They have lost their
sovereignty, effectively.

Alger Hiss, the
architect of the UN Charter,

was later convicted of lying

to cover his activities
as a Communist spy.

The United Nations was created,

to be a socialistic one
world governing body.

But today everyone says

it's this great humanitarian organization

that is just here to help the people

and feed the people after a
tsunami and things like that.

That's not what it was created to be.

One thing we know,

that the final seven
years of Earth's history

are gonna be marked by
one-world government,

presided over a figure

the Bible refers to as the Antichrist.

The only thing we would say

about a global government is

that it's a set up in many
ways for the final hours

of human history and the
rise of the Antichrist.

What happens if an Adolf Hitler

would get control of the
only army that's left?

Then you've got the worst
tyranny the world has ever seen.

Many people say that would not happen.

But the truth of the matter is,

the Bible prophesies

that is exactly what is gonna happen.

Only someone worse than Hitler,

a person who's called the
beast or the Antichrist

will get control of this one
world governmental system

in the not too distant future.

That's how I look at NATO.

If you hear it in the news you think,

"North Atlantic Treaty Organization."

"Hey, that sounds pretty cool."

But it's not cool at all.

In Revelation chapter 13:2 when

the Bible talks about
a world governing body,

the Bible says the
dragon gave it its seat,

its power, and its great authority.

So this world governing
body that's being created,

the main driver behind
that, is Satan himself.

There clearly is a march

toward globalization.

We know that there is a counterforce

to everything that God does.

It's called Satan.

He's been planning and scheming
from the very beginning,

and we read that he does
it all the way to the end.

Revelation chapter 13 -

it talks about a final leader.

He is called the first beast.

He has a cohort known
as the false prophet,

and basically they are running the world.

The Antichrist is going to be

the ultimate globalist.

He will gain control of
the world for a season.

And God allows him to do it.

And when he does, it will
be literally hell on earth.

That dark hour is surely
around the corner.

- USA!






When the 2016
presidential campaign began,

I was trying to figure
out who I should vote for.

And I see 17 Republican candidates,

all the way across the stage.

I didn't know anything about Donald Trump.

And all of a sudden Trump begins
to speak against globalism.

My ears pricked up and I thought,

"Does he know what he's saying?"

And then he started speaking
against the establishment.

Our movement is about replacing

a failed and corrupt,

and when I say corrupt,

I'm talking about totally corrupt,

political establishment,

with the new government,

controlled by you, the American people.

- I realized
that he was the only politician

that understood that
America was being sucked

into a one world government system,

and we had to be pulled out of it.

Well, when he
started talking about that,

then our ears pricked up.

We thought, "Oh my goodness.

Could he be the one?"

We didn't know if he
would be strong enough,

but I didn't realize that
he could stand in the face

of the international
community almost on his own;

and say, "We will not yield to this.

I will not yield up the sovereignty

of the American people to
this world governing system."

There is nothing

the political establishment will not do,

no lie that they won't tell,

to hold their prestige
and power at your expense.

And that's what's been happening.

Trump has pulled America

out of things like the
Paris Climate Accord,

the Trans-Pacific Partnership,

all because those were to entangling.

Those were designed to suck us into

the planned New World Order
or one-world government.

You have to understand

the sustainable development goals.

The sustainable development
goals which were signed onto

by 193 member nations

of the United Nations
in September of 2015,

is the United Nations' blueprint

for global governance
in the world by 2030.

But President
Trump understands this.

He's against globalism.

He's against the loss
of American sovereignty.

Global cooperation,

dealing with other countries,

getting along with
other countries is good.

It's very important.

But there's no such
thing as a global anthem,

a global currency, or a global flag.

This is the United States of
America that I'm representing.

The Global Migration Compact,

Donald Trump pulled us out of that.

Again, that was the United Nations' effort

to actually be able

to globally govern migration -

the movement of people
- to equally distribute

them throughout the planet.

Well, Donald Trump saw that,

and he said, "It's not gonna happen.

This is America first.

I am not gonna let a
United Nations dictate

who we let in and out of this nation."

So he simply pulled us out of that.

In my first week, I withdrew

the United States from the
job killing catastrophe

- that we know what that is-

TPP, and the Paris Environmental Accord.

Not too good. Not too good.

Well, the
election of Donald Trump

caused a gigantic pause button

to be pressed on the agenda of globalism.

The US should never cede

its sovereignty to some
foreign national entity,

and especially to some
globalist governing body.

And the president
totally understands that,

and he put America first

rather than putting some nebulous

global entity above America.

Now, if Donald Trump
would have had a hat that said,

"Make the WORLD great again,"

the world would have fallen
over in love with him.

Donald Trump says,

"I'm a nationalist. It's
gonna be America first."

And I hope everyone in America

really realizes what he's doing.

We had leaders in this country

that were selling us down the river.

They had yielded up so
much of our sovereignty,

people didn't realize it.

And before it was over with,

we were gonna be enmeshed in
this world governing body.

is a system of government

where government controls the economy.

It doesn't work.

is based on the fallacy

that as human beings we're better off

with someone else controlling,

not only what we do and what we produce,

but what we receive from it.

- If you take from one group of people

who are actually making
money and overtax them

in order to give it to people

who will not or do not
work by their own choice,

then you lower the
incentive by a great measure

of the people who are actually working.

Socialism is thievery.

Socialism is taking from
someone who has earned it

to give their money to
someone who has not.

Thatcher is famous for saying,

the problem with socialism is that sooner

or later you run out of
other people's money.

Socialism is all
about control, control, control.

- It's not about free college

and free healthcare for everybody,

and this that and the other.

They like to throw the
term "free" out there.

But in the end, socialism
is all about control.

It's unfortunate that our

state schools today are
controlled by socialists,

and these are people that
want to take us backwards.

only works when the government

who is running socialism is willing

to kill several million people

to keep everybody in the system.

But it never works organically.

The Democratic party has turned

into basically a socialistic party.

If you look at their principles

and everything they're trying to push,

their platform has become socialistic.

We actually have democratic socialists

who are trying to run for president.

- "No
matter what label they use,

a vote for any Democrat in 2020

is a vote for the rise
of radical socialism

and the destruction of
the American dream."

Democrats are
collectivists. They're socialists.

So therefore, they have to keep people

in a plantation mentality,

that if we all just kind of stay together,

you're gonna have overseers and rulers

to make all decisions for your lives.

They want to make every
decision over healthcare,

every decision over education,

every decision over housing,

every decision over
where you're able to work

or who you're able to work for.

This is not freedom. This
is not freedom at all.

- Venezuela,

is in crisis.

Venezuela's symptoms include,

high inflation, violent
crime, electricity rationing.

People discuss
often in addressing

the question of socialism

is to look at Venezuela, to look at Cuba.

Venezuela was
the most prosperous country,

not just in South America.

Venezuela was the most prosperous country

per capita in the world
until they went socialist.

And from that, they collapsed,
and now people are starving.

And it's a disaster.

I saw a picture the other day

of their money laying in the
street up against the curbs -

piles of their dollars.
It's totally valueless.

Why anybody could even successfully

go into our government like they are now,

and suggesting socialism
and being taken seriously.

Venezuela, one
of the first things they did

is they took all of the
guns away from people.

And this has happened
again and again and again.

In Russia,

I was meeting of the number
two man in the Orthodox Church.

I said, "Under communism

what was the relationship
with the church?"

He said, "There was no relationship."

He said, "They persecuted us."

I said, "What happened to the priests?"

He said, and he leaned forward.

He said, "They killed all of them."

"All of them."

I said, "They killed all of them?"

"All of them."

So people
who advocate socialism here,

for the most part, not all,

but mostly are very young people

who have zero frame of reference

when it comes to historical socialism.

50% of generation Z

thinks socialism is not a bad idea.

Absolute ignorance of
history and nonsense.

It was once said
about the Soviet Union,

the government pretends to pay people,

and the people pretend to be working.

We can look under any

and every distressed Zip
Code in this country.

We can look at Camden.
We can look at Compton.

We can look at wherever government

controls absolutely every
area of peoples' lives:

from their healthcare to their education,

to their housing, to their
economic advancement.

This is government - this
is the welfare state.

We already have it, and we don't want it.

78% of black husbands were
in their homes married

to the mother of their
children, when they started

the social engineering
of the welfare state.

Fast forward 50 years.
78% of black children

are being raised in
single head-of-households.

This is destruction personified.

Think about it
prophetically speaking,

if we implement socialism in this country.

The Bible tells us that the
end-time world government,

the United Nations and the Antichrist,

their entire government,
will be socialistic.

So why would we want the United States

to go in that direction?

We wouldn't even be discussing,

contemplating, implementing
socialism in this country.

If that continues,

and we see socialism achieving
its goals in America,

then America will no longer be great.

And as we were flying over Iowa

one Saturday afternoon,

I said, "Mr Trump, I believe you're going

to be the next President
of the United States."

He's said, "Do you really
believe that, Robert?"

I said, "Yes sir, I do."

He said, "Well then let
me ask you a question.

Do you believe it was God's will

for Barack Obama to be President?"

- "We are five days away

from fundamentally transforming

the United States of America.

You will see a time in which we

as a nation finally
recognize relationships

between two men or two women
as just as real and admirable

as relationships between
a man and a woman."

I said, "Yes sir, I do.

I believe it was God's will

for Barack Obama to be President."

And I quoted Romans 13,

that God is the one who
establishes authorities,

and nothing happens without
His divine permission.

The Bible tells
us in Romans chapter 13,

that all authorities are appointed by God.

They are in effect ministers of God.

That includes a person
who is a police officer;

that a person is an authority,

a person who is a Mayor of a city,

a person who is in control of the country,

even by devious means.

- Now sometimes
we're giving evil leaders

because the people are doing evil.

God actually says,

"If the people do evil,
I'll give you evil leaders.

If the people do righteous,

I'll give you righteous leaders."

When Barack Obama was president,

I didn't vote for him
but I prayed for him,

because I realized he
was placed there by God.

In fact, God used him and
used some of the things

that he did to bring us to
the situation we're in now;

where Donald Trump comes on the scene

to clean up some of the mess.

And Donald Trump is God's man.

It's his time in history.

I believe
all those that are in authority

have been appointed by God.

Even bad presidents that we have had,

I believe have been appointed by God.

President Trump

is in the right place, at the right time,

literally by divine appointment.

It's like God looked
down on America and said,

"I'm Gonna give you one more chance."

I believe the Lord has

appointed Trump to be our president

in that he had stopped a cycle of policies

that are anti-life,
anti-faith, anti-Israel.

Those things are at this point
near to the heart of God.

Jesus rules
over all governments,

all galaxies.

He has the final say on everything.

The Bible tells
us that God establishes kings,

and he removes kings.

He puts those in power that he wants,

and he removes those from
power that he doesn't want.

No matter what someone would say,

God has put President Trump in power.

The question for us is to ask why

and what should we do about that.

What the
reason is or the purpose is,

I don't always know,

or understand.

sometimes ask me, "Why do you

think God appointed President
Trump as President?"

And I would say, "You
have to ask God that.

That is in the secret
councils of the Lord."

I think it's one last reprieve

that God is extending as an olive branch

to the believers in America,

that if you just turn from
your wicked ways and seek me,

I'll bless your land.

I do believe
this could very possibly could

be God giving America a last
chance before his return.

God ways
are higher than our ways,

His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

He sees the bigger picture
that we can never see.

God really is in charge of his world.

The fierce
opposition to President Trump,

is because President Trump

stopped the enemy of
America in their tracks.

And I'm not talking only about
the enemies of the outside,

I'm talking about the enemies
of America from within.

The radical left who wants to
transform the United States

and change it, and continue
that vision of President Obama.

You know there's
a tremendous opposition

to President Trump for
a number of reasons.

Number one, he's trying to
bring America back to its roots.

The progressives say, "No,
we're getting way beyond that.

The Judaeo-Christian ethic
is a thing of the past."

Much of the opposition he faces

is coming from those who
are opposed to his values,

and by the way, who were opposed

to Christian values, as well.

And now here comes Donald Trump

to set things back in order,

to make America what it supposed to be,

to revisit our founding principles -

Christianity, capitalism,

a Constitution that really has meaning.

President Trump
has been so strong and vocal

in his support of conservative
values in this country,

he is hated for it.

Donald Trump says no no no,

we were great in the past by living

the Judaeo-Christian ethic,

the 10 Commandments, the
reason the country was founded,

why the pilgrims came over,

how this country is built and
became a world superpower.

And so the whole idea is, he wants

to bring that back again to America,

which it can be brought back,

which it has been brought back.

If you saw in the 20th century

the men in my family
and the women marching,

and when they demonstrated,

there was one particular
sign that's very famous.

It says, "I am a man."

They got that out of,
"Aren't we one blood?

Aren't we the human race?"

Martin Luther King Jr.
Even went so far as to say,

we must all learn to live
together as brothers,

and I added sisters,

or perish together as fools.

They didn't say cousins;

they didn't say another race,

and all the races would get along.

But we must all learn to live together

as brothers and sisters.

And I remember when President
Trump was Candidate Trump.

He was elected to office. At
his inaugural speech he said,

"We all believe the same."

I said he understands Acts 17:26.

We're not color blind, we could see.

We see color, we celebrate color,

and we're one blood.
We all bleed the same.

President Donald John Trump sees one race,

and he also sees a great America.

I have to believe

when we see this extreme hatred

that behind the scenes there
is a spiritual warfare.

The Bible
says we're not wrestling

against flesh and blood,

but against principalities,
power, wickedness and darkness.

Not just, "I don't like him."

Not just, "He's not my
kind of politician."

But raw hatred.

I have never
seen anything to compare

with the general opposition
to this president

from the media and journalists.

He's sort of triggered something.

The reason that he's so disliked

in Washington is because
unlike previous presidents,

Democrat and Republican,

not just partisan,

he's not a wholly owned
subsidiary of the donors.

He went there with his own money.

Something has happened where

this president has almost
stuck his finger in the eye,

or he's put a stick in the hornets' nest

in a way they feel that
somebody has gotten

in who isn't part of the club;

and who isn't willing to play

whatever game needs to be played.

He's hated because

he is a disruptive force politically.

He came in like a bull in a china shop,

and he's done exactly
what he said he would do.

Washington DC is not broken.

Washington DC is a very well-oiled machine

that needed to be broken,

and Donald Trump is breaking it up.

Something is
going on beyond the veil.

Something is deeper than mere politics.

I believe it is a spiritual warfare,

particularly because I believe the enemy

was excited, angered, over
his support for Israel.

I have to conclude there has been

a Satanic element involved in it,

because of his support
for the Jewish people.

Because, the devil hates
God's chosen people.

- After the reign of King Saul,

the tribes of Israel appointed David King

to rule over Israel and Judah.

It was in the year 1003 BC.

King David captured Jerusalem,
and made it Israel's capital.

We need to remember that at the time,

this was a surprising move.

For King David choosing
Jerusalem was primarily

political, economic, and strategic.

No Judge or King had established

any capital before that time.

Then, 30 years later,

King Solomon built Israel's first temple

on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

God said to Solomon concerning Jerusalem

and the Temple Mount,

I will put my name there forever.

In 586 BC, the Babylonians
destroyed the first temple

and carried the people
of Judah into captivity.

After 70 years of exile,

the Jews returned to Jerusalem

and rebuilt the temple and the wall.

The Romans destroyed the
second Temple in 70 A.D.,

and Jews were scattered
throughout the world.

After World War I,

control of the Middle East shifted

to Great Britain and France.

On November 2nd, 1917,

British Foreign Minister
Arthur Balfour wrote,

"His Majesty's Government views with favor

the establishment in Palestine

of a national home for the Jewish people."

This historic statement became known

as the Balfour Declaration.

In 1939, World War II
brought 52 million deaths.

Among these were six million Jews

that Adolf Hitler shipped
off to concentration camps.

The collective guilt

of the world's nations
was compelling enough

to grant the Jewish people
a place to call home.

On November 29th, 1947,

the United Nations voted
to partition the area

into an Arab state and an Israeli state.

After 2000 years,

the Jews once again had
the promise of a homeland,

but the Arabs immediately
rejected the UN plan.

Perpetual conflict began,

caught in the middle, Britain pulled

out of Israel on May 14th, 1948.

And on that day, Israel
declared its independence.

The next day, five Arab nations,

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq

launched a war against
the newborn Jewish state.

In 1949, a ceasefire was reached.

During the 1967 Six Day War,

Israel took control of East
Jerusalem, reuniting the city.

In 1993, Israel issued
the Jerusalem Covenant

that stated that Jerusalem

would never be surrendered or divided.

On October 23rd, 1995,

the US Congress passed
the Jerusalem Embassy Act.

The law required the
moving of the US Embassy

in Israel from Tel Aviv to
Jerusalem by May 31, 1999.

The act called for Jerusalem
to remain an undivided city

and to be recognized as the
capital of the state of Israel.

If the US President believed

this would endanger national security,

he could sign a waiver delaying
the move for six months.

For 22 years, Presidents
Clinton, Bush, and Obama

used the excuse of endangering national

security signing the
waiver every six months.

When God says the nations

who bless Israel will be blessed,

and the nations who curse
Israel will be cursed.

We either believe that what we don't.

Last time
when I read the promise

in Genesis that those that
bless Israel would be blessed,

I did not see an expiration date on that.

I didn't see that that was
for a limited time only.

That promise is
as real and as powerful today

as it ever was.

God essentially told Abraham,

"If they attack you, they attack me.

I'm gonna take it personally."

It's like a father with a little kid;

you're walking down the street;

somebody attacks your little kid;

they attack you.

God said, my covenant with you is so real,

so binding and it's an eternal covenant,

and it's an unconditional covenant.

Meaning, no matter what man does,

I'm still gonna perform this covenant.

Donald Trump
recognized a biblical truth:

Israel is God's land.

God gave it to the people
of Israel, Deuteronomy 1:8.

And I said
to him, "Mr. President,

you know there are two things

that evangelicals find nonnegotiable.

One of them is the sanctity of life,

and the other is Israel."

And he kind of did a double
take, he said, "Israel?"

And I said, "Yes sir.
It's not just important;

it's nonnegotiable."

I think it took him
aback just a little bit,

but I told him, I said,
"You have to understand,

that to those of us who are evangelicals,

we're people of the book."

We have been blessed as a nation

because we have supported Israel

and taken a strong stand for Israel.

Our president, in particular,
has been very strong in there.

I believe one
reason God has blessed America

is because of our steadfast
support for Israel.

There is a
real challenge going on now

in terms of the whole nation

understanding the spiritual rewards,

and I'm gonna say economic rewards

attached to supporting Israel.

Look at the
United States of America,

we're the most blessed,

by far the most blessed, in my opinion,

we're the most blessed
nation on the planet.

And we're Israel's greatest
ally in the Earth today.

Our history,
for the first 70 years almost

of Israel's history as a modern state,

was that of bipartisan support -

Republicans and Democrats.

This is the
first time in human history

where the nation of Israel and the church

has coexisted on earth, first time.

So I believe that we're in the last days,

I believe that you're gonna see increased

anti-Semitic sentiment
throughout the world.

I believe the news is reporting that.

We see tremendous
anti-Semitism rising in Europe,

and of course in this country

with Representative
Omar, and a few others.

They clearly have a visceral hatred

for the Jews and it's coming out.

And I think if Americans
can't stand against

that at this point, we're in trouble.

One of the strange
things that we've seen lately

in our country is a rise of anti-Semitism

that comes mainly from the left.

And I believe that our country

is going to suffer God's judgment

unless we turn from that anti-Semitism.

President Obama concerned me

when he legislated against
and made moves against Israel,

because I felt that it
really put our country

in a dangerous place
regarding God Almighty,

who said, "I'll curse
those who curse Israel."

Obama was in the lame duck

two months of his administration

before the Trump administration took over.

He still had the power.

So he sent a signal to
the nations of the world:

"Go ahead and pass your
resolution against Israel."

On December the 23rd, 2016,

there was a resolution put on the floor

of the United Nations Security Council,

and it stated that Israel's
presence in the West Bank,

including East Jerusalem

was a flagrant violation
of international law.

All the US had to do was
raise it's hand and vote no.

We had absolute veto power,
but it didn't happen.

Obama had ordered our
ambassador to abstain.

It was a stunning moment,

because it was the first time since

the reformation of Israel in 1948

that any president,
Democrat or Republican,

had left Israel essentially
just twisting in the wind.


Every move
he made was anti-Israel

and pro-Palestinian.

I think it was a betrayal.

I think the Obama administration

clearly betrayed our ally Israel.

Most of the United
Nations today is against Israel.

Of all the resolutions they have passed

against the different nations,

over 50% of all resolutions

are against one tiny nation of Israel.

So the UN is horribly
prejudiced against Israel.

They have said Israel cannot
have Jerusalem as its capital.

They recognize every other
capital of every other nation

that they choose - every one - except one.

Donald Trump
has made many achievements

in the first couple of years

as President of the United States.

By far his greatest one

is moving the Embassy from
Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,

recognizing Jerusalem as the
eternal capital of Israel.

By moving the Embassy
from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,

it sent a message to the whole world.

An incredibly bold
move, that's called leadership.

It's like when Reagan said,

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

Mr. Gorbachev,

tear down this wall.

It's almost a prophetic act.

Our Congress passed an act

called "The Jerusalem Embassy Act."

That happened in 1995,

and it said the President is required

to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Well, the Presidents have made
excuses from 1995 until 2017.

For 20 years our Congress,

our Presidents have talked

about moving our embassy to Jerusalem

and recognizing that as
the capital of Israel.

And they didn't do it.

Donald Trump did it.

We're grateful for that
type of leadership,

and I think it's very strategic.

He made the
decision against all odds,

and against unbelievable pressure.

And he was getting it from the Europeans,

he was getting it from
everyone in the Middle East,

he was getting it from
every person in Congress,

and virtually everybody
in the State Department.

And he did it anyway.

And I asked him, "What caused
you to finally just do it?"

And it was very simple.

He said, "Number one,
because I said I would.

And number two, because it
was the right thing to do."

And I thought, how extraordinary.

We have
repaired America's friendship

with our cherished ally,
the state of Israel.

We recognize the true capital of Israel

and opened the American
embassy in Jerusalem.

And we recognized Israeli sovereignty

over the Golan Heights.

We've seen
through history God's hand

upon those people - only nation
in the history of the world

to go out of existence and then come back.

Israelis want nothing but peace.

Israelis want to have
peace with their neighbors.

Israelis honor God in their life.

As a part of Judaism, they teach,

"tikkun olam,"

repair the world, make
the world a better place.

America stands with Israel.

- Is America in the Bible?

That's a common question
for many who are interested

in studying the prophetic
events of the Bible.

The majority of experts agree,

that America is not clearly,

if at all referenced in Scripture.

However, there is an interpretation,

that if believed could
place the United States

playing a significant role
in the end time scenario.

This is one interpretation
that is speculation,

and the truth of which will
not be known for certain,

until that time it is
revealed clearly from God.

One of the
great perplexing questions

in Bible prophesy, is, "Where is America?"

And the fact is, America
is not overtly mentioned

anywhere in the Bible
regarding the end time.

Is America in some way

a lesser power in the last days?

Kingdoms come
and go, they rise and fall,

this is the history of our planet.

And the United States is just
a blip on the radar screen.

The Scripture
makes it clear that

nations will give their allegiance to

a political leader that will arise.

We refer to him in
Christianity as the Antichrist.

But I personally believe that
by the time that happens,

that America will not be the
America that we know today.

I don't
know about the United States.

I don't see it there.

I do understand that there is

an enormous level of belief

that the various kingdoms

described in Daniel 7

relate to modern kingdoms today.

That could be true.

Honest answer is, I don't
know one way or the other.

- This is one
interpretation of prophecy.

In Daniel chapter 7, there
is reference to an eagle.

Could the Eagle represent
the United States?

We know the
prophecy is written in symbols,

but they're symbols
that can be understood.

Well, throughout Bible prophecy,

a beast always represents
a nation or a kingdom.

- Daniel writes,

"Four great beasts came up from the sea,

each different from the other.

The first was like a lion
and had eagle's wings.

I watched till its wings were plucked off,

and it was lifted up from the Earth

and made to stand on two feet like a man,

and a man's heart was given to it."

Daniel then describes a
bear with ribs in its mouth,

and a leopard which had
four wings of a bird,

and a final terrible beast
with iron teeth and 10 horns.

This last beast, most understand

to represent the final
world global government.

Later in Daniel 7, it says,

"As for the rest of the beasts,

they had their dominion taken away,

yet their lives were prolonged."

chapter 7 also tells us that

those beasts symbolize nations
that would be on the Earth

at the time of the second
coming of Jesus Christ.

If that is true,

that means all these nations

in this prophecy should
be on the Earth right now.

- This
interpretation of prophecy sees

the lion representing Great Britain.

The bear, Russia.

The leopard, Germany.

And the 10 horned beast,

the final global world government.

I went to Great Britain

and I stood in front of Trafalgar Square.

And there's a huge lion looking north,

one looking south, one looking east,

one looking west,

because that is the official
animal symbol of Great Britain.

But the prophecy said
the lion had eagle's wings.

Well, there's a major
nation on Earth today

that has the symbol of an eagle.

And it also prophesies,

that the eagle's wings were
broken off of the lion,

and made to stand upon the feet as a man,

and a man's heart was given to it.

The United
States' symbol is the eagle.

It's right on the back of our dollar bill.

And the eagle was growing out of the lion.

Where did we come from?

Our mother country - Great Britain.

- The apostle John,

who was given visions and
wrote the Book of Revelation,

sees these individual
beasts representing nations

come together into one beast,

representing the final
global world government.

Revelation 13 says,

"Now the beast which I
saw was like a leopard.

His feet were like the feet of a bear,

and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.

The dragon gave him his power,

his throne, and great authority."

However, the eagle is missing
from this combined beast.

That's one
of the ways that we know

the United States will not be involved

in the world governing body.

So all the powers, the nations

in the vision of Daniel,

those nations are now gonna merge

into a one world governmental system,

and that's happening right now.

We're moving towards global governance.

There is one more reference

to the eagle in Revelation 12;

A woman, Israel;

a male child, Christ;

and the dragon, Satan.

The verse describes the
eagle protecting Israel.

"Now when the dragon saw
that he had been cast

to the Earth, he persecuted the woman

who gave birth to the male child.

But the woman was given
two wings of a great eagle

that she might fly into the
wilderness to her place,

where she is nourished
for a time and times

and half the time."

So we know
that the United States

will not be part of

the world governing body in the end time,

this new world order that
we've been talking about,

and that we will pull out of that

and stand with Israel
all the way to the end.

Well guess
what's happening right now?

The whole world is against Israel,

they all told us we must not
move our embassy to Jerusalem,

and we must not recognize
Jerusalem as the capital,

but Donald Trump did it anyway.

And in so doing, he is actually fulfilling

Revelation 12:14,

aligning the United States
against the world government,

and yet protecting Israel.

And we're gonna continue to do

that all the way to the
Battle of Armageddon.

- Is the eagle
a reference to America,

or is it a reference to God himself?

Only time and clarity from
God can give us the answer.

What is extremely clear
is that if we, the people,

do not continue to elect
leaders that will preserve

and maintain the sovereignty
of the United States,

then America is no more,

and will no longer be
the home of the free.

- This isn't
about winning an election,

this is very simply,

very, very simply about what's doing

what's right for the country.

- The border
wall is Trump propaganda.

- Well let's find out.

- Nancy,
we need border security.

It's very simple.

people a week coming over.

This is ridiculous.

We have
to stop illegal immigration,

not just to protect our
country, but to protect

the immigrants who want to come here.

I respect what my
parents or grandparents

had to do to come and gain citizenship.

The wall is ridiculous.

And you also have the

criminal gangs coming in.

They don't walk through
the points of entry.

They come where nobody is around.

I don't believe in open borders.

I believe that our citizens have the right

and responsibility to protect
and secure our nation.

I'm a border security guy.

I want people coming here
legally, not illegally.

Any person supporting open borders -

they're actually advocating
for the continuation

and the growth of human
trafficking and sex trafficking.

We have terrorists.

We caught 10 terrorists over

the last very short period of time. TEN.

The head of
the SWAT team told me

they're monitoring 2500
active Hezbollah members

operating in the state of Texas alone.

So we know that the drug cartels
are working with Hezbollah.

We know that the MS-13 gang members

now are working with Hezbollah.

- No, we don't need

a wall from the Atlantic
Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

That's not gonna solve anything.

We will get it done.

Thank you all very much.

Thank you. Thank you, fellas.

Thank you, sir.

- It is no
accident that the border wall

has become the focal point
of the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump
understands if we don't defend

our borders, we have no
national sovereignty.

According to the Department
of Homeland Security,

half a million people enter

into the United States
illegally each year.

Today it is estimated

over 12 million illegal
immigrants live in the US.

That is roughly 3.7% of the US population.

What is the real reason

behind the border wall being
such a contentious issue?

The Democrat
agenda of open borders

is morally reprehensible.

The President
says if you don't have borders

you don't have a nation.

You know we're being told today

that a wall is immoral.

I don't know how people can
say that with a straight face.

As a former military member,

I have fought in combat.

I've been to Iraq. I've
been to Afghanistan.

I've witnessed chaos and anarchy,

bloodshed, death,
destruction - you name it.

Knowing what I have seen, and knowing

the threats against America,

we have to have strong national security.

We have to protect our land.

We have to protect the
people of this nation.

I believe that 9/11 taught
us that lesson the hard way.

And that's something I never
want to see happen again.

It's truly sad though

as to how many Americans have
already forgotten that day.

It really is sad.

We have a problem. It's
at our southern border.

Drug cartels, human traffickers,

gang members, murderers, and
all sorts of other criminals

are coming here and wreaking
havoc in our nation.

Socialism - you put
up a wall to keep people in.

But when you have
capitalism in a free country

that is enviable and
the envy of the nations,

you have to put up a
wall to keep people out

until they can come in legally.

Those of us
who are legal immigrants

to the United States understand

the exceptionalism of the United States,

because we escaped tyranny.

We know what it's like to live under

a place where people
can knock on your door

in the middle of the night

and take you where you will
never be heard of again.

There is nothing
immoral about a border wall.

The fact is, if walls are
immoral, then God is immoral.

Revelation 21 says there's gonna be

a wall around Heaven.

The purpose of the wall

is not to keep good
people from getting out,

but from evil people getting in.

It is God who has put

people within the
boundaries of their nations

and has established their borders.

God says that He's made
nations, and He's made borders.

So the God of the Bible

has established nations
for a great purpose.

It's the greatest betrayal

of the American middle class,

and frankly American life.

Our country has as a whole,

nobody's seen anything like it.

People are pouring in,
but we stopped them.

I'm not opposed to immigration.

We need immigration; we know that.

But we need to know who is
coming into this country.

When I came
to the United States,

I paid for my own airline ticket.

I paid for my Visa to get my Visa.

I paid for all my medical bills.

I had to go and take blood tests.

I had to be stuck with
needles to make sure

I'm not bringing any
diseases to the country.

And I did it gladly, because
that was a part of the price

I had to pay to earn
the privilege of being

an American citizen or
becoming an American citizen.

And then I had to study

a two-inch-thick book,
written by the Daughters

of the American Revolution
about America's history.

By the time I became an American citizen,

I knew more about America's
history and heritage

than my American-born husband did.

I've been to a
ceremony where people who went

through the right channels
were sworn in as Americans,

and it brought tears to my eyes.

It was a beautiful.

They were proud to have assimilated.

They were proud to be a part of America.

They wept. They cried. It was beautiful.

When you work
for something so hard,

you appreciate it.

You value it.

You treasure it. It's
your prized possession.

For those of us who did it
by the book to come here,

we worked so hard -

even harder to show
people that we were worthy

of you accepting us into your culture.

So for those who say,

"Oh, you're a racist!
You're anti-immigrant!"

I'm a brown-skinned woman
from the Middle East.

My mother tongue is Arabic.

I came to this country.
I did it the legal way,

the right way.

Those are the type of immigrants

we want to bring into the country -

people who can become a
part of the American fabric.

I remember
as a young boy growing up

in the southern part of the United States

you could not find a Republican,

because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

The entire South was Democrat,

all the way up until 1964,

and then it began to slowly shift.

But I remember as a young boy

(Discussions, of course, in the schoolyard

"We've got to support abortion,

because there's too many
Negro children being born.

And if we don't support abortion,

then they will take over one day."

And so this was the conversation.

So, I believe abortion is racist.

I admire
Margaret Sanger enormously.

I am really in awe of her.

And when I think about what she did

all those years ago in Brooklyn,

I am really in awe of her.

And there are a lot of lessons

that we can learn from her life

and from the cause she
launched and fought for us.

- According to
"The Washington Times" in 2017

Planned Parenthood was founded on racism.

Margaret Sanger, the founder
of Planned Parenthood,

is quoted as writing,

"We do not want word to go out;

we want to exterminate
the Negro population."

We hear the cries of those
who say, "Black Lives Matter."

Yet, abortion is the number one killer

of black lives in the US,

and Planned Parenthood is
the greatest perpetrator.

The Roe V Wade landmark decision

of the US Supreme Court in 1973,

ruled that the Constitution
of the United States protects

a pregnant woman's
liberty to choose to have

an abortion without excessive
government restriction.

68 million babies have been aborted

in the US since that godless decision.

Let's put that into perspective.

Between 1941 and 1945 -
the World War II genocide -

six million European Jews were murdered.

During the Vietnam War
conflicts, 1955 to 1975,

there were recorded 1.2 million deaths;

not to mention the history of deaths

from worldwide pandemics.

That's a whole generation
of Americans, gone.

Doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers,

policemen, firemen, even
a politician or president.

I was watching the debates

with President Trump when he
debated Mrs Hilary Clinton.

When the question of abortion came up

and President Trump
looked at her and he said,

"Ripping little babies apart."

- Out of the womb of the mother

just prior to the birth of the baby.

Now you can say that that's okay

and Hilary can say that that's okay,

but it's not okay with me.

She was speechless
before she could regroup

and began to attempt to answer

about a woman's rights of
what to do with her body.

But the President painted so vividly

what happens to an innocent child,

that it was very clear that whatever

his position on abortion
had been previously,

he is fully for the sanctity of life.

The President
is extremely pro-life.

That is not a political thing to him.

That's a very personal thing to him.

I've watched some things, I'm just saying,

I remember we were dealing

with the situation with life, infanticide.

Because we're not just fighting
right now for the unborn,

we're actually fighting for the born.

We're fighting to say
when a child comes out,

due to its sex, due to
you, due to whatever.

Do you save this child?

There's a big difference
between grace and mercy.

Grace, getting what you don't deserve.

Mercy, not getting what you do.

And when you think about the
state of affairs in America,

68 million babies dead
through abortion in 45 years,

homosexual marriage where
we now have challenges

with adoption and foster children

who are being just destroyed.

- My body, my choice.

I don't think you can celebrate

the murder of 1.4 million children

every year through abortion

and expect God's blessing on our nation.

For a child to be aborted,

God just looks at that
like that's an abomination.

That's the
bottom rung of the ladder

You can't go lower than that.

There is no lower than that.

If that's the way you view life,

you're done as a country.

And if we don't stop
the killing of the innocent,

God only knows what
judgements he will bring.

How can we
judge anybody for any sin

or wrong or crime,

when we legally will kill a baby?

Abortion is
a crime against humanity,

as a people that God once brought to bear.

This is
wrong in the sight of God,

and just in the sight of pure humanity.

If we have President Democrat,

we see what they want - infanticide.

They want womb to tomb
control over people's lives.

They want euthanasia.

This is where The Left
has taken this country.

Today in
the Trump administration

is a very high level,

sophisticated, spiritual kind of battle.

I think being pro-life,

which is an agenda that
has a biblical root,

has drawn out a lot of enemies.

What you can't
argue is the fact that

the President's commitment
to defending life

in the womb and out of the womb.

His pro-life stance resonated

with the Hispanic American
community, on steroids.

30% of Hispanics voted
for President Trump,

in spite of everything the media said,

in spite of even some of the tweets.

In spite of that, they supported
President Trump, because

life trumps-no pun intended-
absolutely everything.

I think that women
should have the right

to choose what they want to
do with their own bodies.

It just seems like a very archaic

way of handling women's health.

People say,
"Oh, well that's murder."

Well it's really not.

It's just a heartbeat
and a lump of tissue.

The New York
Governor, Andrew Cuomo,

essentially inviting infanticide

into America to be mainstream.

Governor Northam of Virginia,

endorsing that same concept.

I mean it's absolutely insanity

to see when Cuomo signed that with a sneer

and the wickedness

that was behind the faces.

So I want to
take it a step further.

And I want to pass this year

a Constitutional Amendment

that writes into the Constitution.

Those who
believe that a woman is doing

what she wants with her own
body and having an abortion,

that is a different lexicon of language.

It's not her body; it's in her body.

If I were an atheist, I
would have that position.

It's nothing to do with God, nothing.

It's either in her body, or her body.

If it's her body, then it's
the equivalent of a pimple.

Can a woman remove a pimple? Yes.

No one has an issue with
women removing pimples.

We have just passed bills

where when the baby is born

the mother can decide whether or not

that baby lives; if it
survived the abortion.

They stand there while that baby gasps,



I remember, I
was in a very private dinner

at the White House,

and it was the President, a few senators,

a few faith leaders.

And that had pretty much just happened.

And the President went
behind a senator and went,

"So, you can just kill
a child for any reason?"

I tell millennials,

young adults when I speak
to them all the time,

"I said you are a generation,

you are the generation,

that can end this holocaust of abortion.

You are the generation
that God. I believe,

is raising up to end

this terrible thing that
we know as abortion."

It is my profound honor

to be the first President in history

to attend the "March for Life."

He's now appointed
two Supreme Court Justices

and there's a pretty good chance

that he may appoint the third.

President Trump
puts Kavanaugh forward.

It goes through this
battle of his appointment.

What was the battle for?

What was the vehement
rejection of who Kavanaugh was

by the opposition, we'll call them?

That he was pro-life.

I want to tell you, Gorsuch.

I want to tell you, Kavanaugh.

You have released the whirlwind,

and you will pay the price.

You won't know what hit you,

if you go forward with
these awful decisions.

Profoundly pro-life.

So you might ask how does
that dovetail into the Bible?


The Bible tells us that
regarding righteousness,

we're commanded as believers
to speak up for those

who are destined to death
to those who have no voice,

to those who are going to be
crushed, the Scripture says.

That Old Testament prophet

just described to us an abortion.

Kavanaugh's appointment via Donald Trump

has resulted in the savings of thousands

and thousands of babies lives.

Answer? God is honored.

I believe
we are at the threshold

of seeing Roe V Wade
essentially overturned,

and this issue going back to the states

and the vast majority of states embracing

the sanctity of human life.

I know for a fact

that if President Trump is re-elected,

we will see Roe V Wade overturned.

Every child is a precious

and sacred gift from God.

Together we must protect,
cherish and defend

the dignity and the sanctity
of every human life.

How many lives have been saved

because of President Trump?

- Every life
brings love into this world.

Every child brings joy to a family.

Every person is worth protecting.

And above all, we know
that every human soul

is divine and every human
life, born and unborn,

is made in the holy image of Almighty God.

And I say with true passion, thank you.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Thank you, all. Thank you.

- Character is
defined in the dictionary

as the mental and moral qualities

distinctive to an individual.

The six pillars of character
are trustworthiness,

respect, responsibility,

fairness, caring, and citizenship.

- Trump is about Trump, that's it.

He cares about himself.

- I think he's frightening.

- I like his integrity.
I like his forthrightness.

I like the fact that he gets things done.

- He is only doing his job

for making more money for himself.

- I know a lot
of people who love him

and I will never be able to understand it.

- Character can be animated

in the life and blood of
a human with personality,

emotion, meaning, conviction,
passion and purpose.

- I think he's a buffoon.

- He is unconventional.

- He may have
some good business ideas,

but it's lost in all the
rhetoric and the nasty talk.

I got a good tax break this year,

so maybe that's good.

He incites fear instead
of bringing people together.

- And somehow he became President.

- Character is

a full-sized painting of one's life.

We don't
expect any of our politicians

to keep their promises. Why?

Because they don't.

- President
Trump is a force of nature.

That's one way that I would describe him.

Promises made and promises kept,

about life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness.

And he puts his money and
his heart where his mouth is.

President when he ran in 2016,

he said he's gonna put America first.

And he is doing that
in the business aspect.

He's doing that in the security aspect.

And he's just carrying
out a campaign pledge

that he made to the American people.

To be a man
who keeps his promises

that's a character issue.

And people who want to
question, for example,

the character of the President,
his right to be president,

I say, keeping promises
is a character issue,

and on that he flies high.

I've never
seen him throw a punch,

not where he starts the fight.

But on the other hand,

he's also the guy that
wakes up every day swinging.

And he's just fearless. He's courageous.

Trump, unlike other politicians

doesn't know what he can't do.

He knows what he wants
to do and he does it.

And I've seen so many
what I would call strong,

even Christian leaders

who have folded in the face of opposition,

and this President hasn't.

When I joined the Marine Corps,

I took an oath to support
and defend the Constitution

of the United States against all enemies,

foreign and domestic.

I swore that I would bear true faith

and allegiance to the same,

and I did it all within the context

of the last line of that of oath,

"So help me, God."

Back in 2017, I watched my President

put his hand on a Bible and
swear his allegiance to America.

We made the same vow,
to preserve, to protect,

to defend the Constitution,

to protect our sovereignty,

to protect what our
founding fathers fought for,

what they bled for, what they died for.

For life, for liberty, and freedom.

Our President shows tremendous leadership.

He's courageous. He's
staring evil dead in a face.

He's standing firm.

He's not backing down
to those who hate him.

And the values that he stands for?

He fights for the unborn.
He fights for Israel.

He fights for our national security,

our economic well-being.

He has done exactly what
he said he would do,

and I am proud to serve
under his leadership

as our Commander-in-Chief.

When the founders

talked about we want our leaders

to be men of character,

Would they put themselves

and their own interests in a corrupt way

before the people they represent?

Or, would they put the
interests of the people

they represent, who elected them,

before their own interests?

When my father passed away,

we went up to Washington.

His body was held in honor at the Capital.

And then he had our family over

to the White House for dinner. He said,

"Now Franklin, I'm
gonna come to Charlotte,

to his funeral. I'll be there."

Well, the day of his funeral,

there was a windstorm on the
East Coast in Washington, DC.

It was the first time in
the history of our nation

that the nation's capital
was closed due to a storm.

Trees were falling down.

Power was being knocked out.

And so the Air Force
said, "We can't fly today.

The plane is not positioned
right at Andrews."

He said, "Well then, move the plane."

And they took it to Dulles.

And he went to Dulles
to catch the airplane

instead of Andrews.

He said, "I told Franklin

and the family I was gonna be there,

and we're gonna be there."

I mean,
Look what he did with this

missionary named Andrew Brunson

who was in a jail in Turkey.

Any other President would have

let that poor man rot in jail

and let a couple of

junior level State Department
employees do what they could.

But he made an international
event out of it;

put sanctions that made
their stock market plummet.

And they said,

"Oh you can have this missionary
if you'll quit doing this."

His children are
some of the most respectful,

kindest, caring, loving
people that you'll ever know.

I could start and talk about Eric

and what he's done for St. Jude's.

Ivanka, how brilliant she is.

Jared and Ivanka not needing
to go to the government.

These are people who are very successful.

Ivanka went and worked for her father till

she came out of school and worked

for herself and was successful.

And for an environment to grow up

and have that kind of wealth,

and that kind of society,

we don't see so many
children turn out quite

that responsible and with
that kind of integrity.

And that speaks volumes.

Absolute volumes, as to what
kind of man he is as a father.

I'm gonna use this term,

and people will laugh when I say it,

but he was humble.

He is humble. He listens.

He is a good listener. He asks questions.

And he is very considerate.

Now that's not what a lot of people

see through the lenses of the media.

In August of 2016 in Louisiana,

there were these massive floods.

It was right after the
Republican convention.

I was a delegate to the convention;
spoke at the convention.

He wanted to go ride in the areas

that had been flooded.

And so we got in the car

and were driving through
these neighborhoods,

literally every house flooded.

People pulling out soaked and
soggy belongings they had,

pulling them out to the
curb to be put in the trash.

And the president repeatedly said,

"Stop, stop, stop. I wanna get out."

And he would go up and he
would talk to the family there.

He didn't have to do that.

But he would go up, and
it's hot and sweaty.

It's August in South Louisiana.

And it was as if he was really
empathizing with the people.

And he committed $100,000
right there on the spot

for the relief effort that
was going through our church.

And I've seen that same
side of him repeatedly -

that he cares.

And I think that's

why so many average
Americans connect with him.

He is as cool as a cucumber.

And every time that I leave him,

I always think this is the kind of person

you want running your country -

somebody who is steady and
calm under intense pressure.

He was chosen
for such a time as this.

I am probably one of the most...

I'm right up there with
the most outspoken;

"God gave us grace."

And it hasn't hurt my business one bit.

Every day they say, "Mike,
are you getting hurt by this?"

And I say, "No, every day my busiest day

is what we're in right now."

You can't live in fear.

Business owners can't live in fear.

People can't live in fear.

We have got our leader

and the only leader
that can get this done.

"With our great President,

Vice President, and this administration,

and all the great people in
this country praying daily..."

He prays about almost everything.

He's the most praying
President we've ever had.

I don't know if people know that.

He works 21 hours out of a 24-hour day,

and he works for you.

He's a winner.

He believes in winning.

I don't know how many
times you ever listened

to the previous Commander-in-Chief

talk about Isis or Afghanistan,

but you never heard
him use the term "win."

Donald Trump's a winner.

He believes in winning.

So ask yourself, how did he,
in such a short period of time,

decimate Isis in Iraq and Syria?

How did he decimate them and
take back all the territory,

about 92% of the territory they controlled

when he became the Commander-in-Chief?
How did he do that?

He relied on the commanders,
not the politicians.

He relied on the commanders.

He said, "Tell me what you need to win.

What do you need in materiel?

And what do you need in
rules of engagement?"

They gave it to him, and he gave

them the right rules of engagement;

and he gave them a materiel
they said that they needed.

And now look what's happened.

We are going to keep on working.

We are going to keep on fighting.

And we are going to keep on
winning, winning, winning.

Is Donald Trump qualified

to be the Commander-in-Chief?

I would say that is a resounding, "Yes."

- It's been said,

birds of a feather flock together,

haters will be haters, and
tweeters will be ridiculed,

mocked, lied about, hacked,

attacked and banned.

If we live our life by
tweets, news headlines,

Facebook, then everyone is corrupt,

greedy, whoremongers, racists,

homophobics, xenophobics, all the phobics.

When did we become people of society

that don't have an original
thought or moral compass?

There is truth way down
deep inside of our soul.

We must close out the noise,

seek humility, offer forgiveness,

and look at what God
says about flawed people.

Why does God used flawed people?

Because that's all he's got.

Is president Trump flawed?


Am I flawed? Yes.

Are you flawed? Yeah.

So all God has at his disposal
are flawed men and women.

Well first
of all, we're all flawed.

We're all sinners, every last one of us.

And God uses flawed people,
just look at the Scriptures.

Look at King David.

He was a great leader of Israel.

The people loved him.

He brought Israel through many hardships.

He was famous, but he wasn't perfect.

He made a few bad decisions
that had serious ramifications.

He committed adultery;
he committed murder;

and this was God's chosen leader.

So I guess the
question ought to be asked,

can God use flawed leaders?

Because if God cannot use flawed leaders,

then who's he gonna use?

It's about the
perfect God, who was capable

of working through imperfect instruments,

to bring about his perfect purpose.

he can use flawed leaders

better and more powerfully

than he can use leaders who
are more morally upright;

because, sometimes a sense of humility

or brokenness can come with that.

It's the
perfect pristine leaders,

that on occasion, on many occasions,

more often than not,
are full of themselves.

But when you're flawed,

your dependency is on the
grace filled work of God.

I am a Christian pastor,

and I'm a human,

and I understand that no one's perfect.

That's why I have a Savior.

That's why I have Jesus Christ.

Now, to be fair,

President Trump has created
a lot of his own problems:

speaking so bluntly,

sometimes speaking with a great sense

of hyperbole and
exaggeration. Let's be fair.

He sometimes will say something
in a tweet or in a speech,

and even I, who love the guy

and voted for him and helped him,

I go, "Oh my, my! This is
gonna be a problem today."

I understand where a person

may be offended at some of his comments.

I understand that. But
again, he's not my pastor.

And that's not what he ran for -

to be the pastor of this nation.

He's the President. So he
cusses when he gets mad.

He says things that are brutally honest,

and that's very offensive to some people.

But you have to look past that

and look at what he's done
for this country so far.

If you don't like,

"Oh, he said something wrong and

hurt somebody's feelings." I'm so sorry.

Whoop-de-do! Look what he's getting done.

When we elect a
President of the United States,

the President is a secular leader.

We don't elect a pastor
to lead the country.

We don't elect a bishop or
a Sunday school teacher.

If you go get a doctor
you want the best doctor.

You don't necessarily check off

whether they are a Christian doctor.

And although President Trump

will be the first to say that
he is an imperfect vessel,

I believe God has used
him in a very powerful way

to help return our nation to some

of the core biblical principles

that has caused God's
blessings upon our country.

So many people
will hold an elected official

to a standard that is almost Christ-like,

almost Messiah-ship-like.

We need to pull back from that.

A lot of the people want to be thinking,

"Well, I'm not gonna vote
because this or that."

Listen, Jesus Christ is not on the ballot.

He never will be.

The Messiah will not
arrive on Air Force One.

It's not gonna happen.

So the people that
are judging President Trump,

number one, don't know him.

I personally know that.
They don't know him.

They've never sat down with him.

They don't know what is truth;

they don't know what's not truth.

I personally know the remorse that he has.

I personally know that maybe

even I would say shame, regrets.

We have to
understand that something

that you did 10 years ago,

is different than something
you would do today.

JFK did horrible things,

brought prostitutes routinely
into the White House

while he was President.

We haven't taken him
off the $0.50 piece yet.

So many times,

I have other Christians
challenge me and say,

"How could God use an ungodly
person like Donald Trump?"

And I say, "Well, he's
using you, isn't he?"

Voting is a
tremendous responsibility.

We recognize that those rights were given

and had to be fought for -

for the black community, for women.

It is so important

for citizens to understand their power

and the power of their vote.

It's not enough to be informed.

It's not enough to pray.

Prayer needs to be coupled

with action in order to make a difference.

Our form of government is such

that it's not for spectators.

If we want to preserve our republic,

which our founders created,

we have to be participants.

We've got to be engaged in it.

If you just stop

and look at the Mayflower Compact.

It's so short.

It says that we've left Europe

to come to this continent to
establish a Christian nation.

Who hears this any more?

Who reads this in school?

You know it was John Jay,

the first Chief Justice

of our United States
Supreme Court who said,

"God has given us the
privilege in this nation

to choose our leaders,

and it is our duty and responsibility

to prefer and select
Christians as our leaders."

God will ask you

why you allowed the most
God-centered free country,

founded by people who believe in God,

"In God We Trust," is its motto;

and, you didn't vote to sustain it?

What is your excuse?

It is still: "We, the people."

And that's a very important thing.

Will we blow it?

Will be fumble this ball
close to the endzone?

Or will we rise to that lofty calling

that God has placed upon every
citizen in the United States

to let our voice be heard

in how we elect and who we elect?

Because America determines

the direction of the world in many cases.

So until that time of globalism,

we need to stand strong and recognize

God is making America great again,

like he did in its early founding years.

How much time do we have?

It's up to us.

If you
stay home and you do not vote,

you may elect - by default - someone

who does not share your values.

Sooner or
later a secularist is gonna win.

When that day comes, I
think for us Christians,

they're going to come after us.

The Democratic Party

is becoming a godless party

by their effort to remove God
from their party platform.

To erase, "So help me God,"
from the oath of office.

Their support for the barbaric

practice of late term abortion.

If you are
a Christian, and you say,

"I don't believe same-sex marriage.

I'm a minister.

I don't want to marry same-sex couples.

That violates my religion."

We're on the verge of
the government saying,

"You better do it.

If you don't do it,
we're coming after you.

You'll lose your business."

Our children
are taught in schools,

and they're being taught now,

not only that same-sex marriage is equal

to natural biblical marriage;

but now they're teaching,

being taught that they
can choose their genders.

It's absolute lunacy and depravity

that has been unleashed on our society,

and the door was opened by Barack Obama.

When President Obama lit up

the White House in rainbow colors,

that was a classic example
of misunderstanding

this issue of religious liberty.

For the Government to get
behind a particular view

of human sexuality or of the human person,

those are religious issues.

One of the darkest days

I think for the country

was the day the Supreme Court

did something they had no authority to do.

And that is preempt the issue
of marriage from the states.

What you basically had was
five unelected, robed judges

appointed with no accountability

for the consequences of their action;

who usurped the rights of 50 states,

34 of whom who had already voted

to affirm traditional biblical marriage

between one man and one woman.

The problem I have, a lot of people say,

"Well, you're homophobic.
Or, you're anti-gay."

No, it's not about that.

It's whether or not we
are a nation of law;

or whether or not we're a nation

of emotions and political pressure.

The election
is about the Supreme Court.

And who do you trust to
appoint someone to the bench?

I would live
for the day when liberals

would not want to see the Supreme Court,

legislate from the bench.

Because if they can
legislate for The Left,

they need to remember some day

that court can legislate for The Right.

I think as Christians,

we need to be willing to serve.

That means we need to be
willing to put ourselves

out there to become candidates for office.

For Christians who say,

"I don't want to get
involved in politics."

"It's really dirty."

Yeah, it really is.

But so are the dishes in your sink.

I think that
women should vote their values,

not whether they like someone or not.

For Christians, we're supposed

to look beyond their faults; see the need.

If you're a Christian,

can you be grateful for the fact

that we have protected lives
in and out of the womb?

Can you be grateful for the fact

that religious liberties stand protected

so we can preach the Gospel of Jesus?

President Trump, by
fortifying religious liberty,

by having the audacity of
saying, "Merry Christmas,"

by having Rose Garden ceremonies

where unashamedly, people
come in and actually give

a testimony on how they were transformed

by the redemptive
grace-filled work of Christ?

In the White House?

On a National Press Conference?

Who does that?

My plea with Roman Catholics,

fellow Catholics,

"Don't betray Jesus with your vote."

Jesus said, "What you do to
the least of these my brethren,

you do to me."

Would you vote for Herod who
was trying to kill Jesus?

Would you vote for Pilate who
condemned an innocent man?

If you wouldn't, then why would you vote

for a proponent of the
slaughter of innocent babies?

It's a betrayal of our faith;

and it's a betrayal of Jesus, Himself.

nation is on a tipping point.

There are 65 million
self-identified evangelicals.

Those people, according to the script,

believe the Bible is the Word of God,

have had a personal
relationship with Christ,

and attend church an
average of once a month.

Half of them are not registered to vote.

And half of those that are
registered to vote, don't vote.

If those people ever showed up,

we'd take this country back in a minute.

He wants to
make America strong again.

He wants America safe again.

He wants America healthy again.

He wants America wealthy again.

He wants America proud again.

He wants America great again.

And I think that he's onto something.

If we win in
2020 then a new generation

can see what prosperity is all about.

Every time
we go into a voting booth,

we're casting a vote for righteousness

or for unrighteousness.

I want to be
faithful and do what God called me

to do and entrusted to me -

the highest privilege on this planet.

And that is the right to choose

the leadership for the
United States of America.

I'm gonna show up.

I'm gonna take everybody
that I can to show up.

And I'll make sure that I'm
registered and that I vote.

And anyone that doesn't do
that, will have to give account.

- And we will live

by the words of our national motto,

"In God We Trust."

- What is at
stake for "We, the people"?

That is, you and me?

There are decisions here
on Earth we can make.

We live in the greatest
country that has ever existed -

a land of the free, home of the brave;

a nation that offers us equality

in life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness;

a nation that prohibits
any law limiting freedom

with respect to religion,
expression, and peaceful assembly.

If we don't elect people who are willing

to fight for our freedoms, sovereignty;

if we don't fight for
the right to pursue life,

liberty, and happiness;

then we may cease to experience

what has made our country America.

We must protect our rights.

These decisions are up to us -

"We, the people."

There is also a decision facing you,

one of great concern and consequence.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is the value of your soul?

Is there a God?

Where will you spend eternity?

Where there is life, there is liberty.

Where there is salvation,
there is eternal freedom.

You know
there's a reason most of us

won't go to Heaven.

But the reason is not what you think.

It's not because you gotta
be perfect to go to Heaven,

because actually, you can't be perfect.

It's that most of us will never give up

our pride about being
imperfect and acknowledge

that we are something
we don't like to claim:

That we're sinners.

God loves you
and has a plan for your life,

and that plan includes
salvation - to be saved.

What does it mean to be saved?

It means that all your sins are forgiven.

Heaven is
not a place of good people.

Good people are gonna
miss Heaven altogether;

and a lot of bad people
will end up in Heaven.

Here's why. Because to get to
Heaven you have to be perfect.

And if you're thinking, "But
I can't be, and I'm not."

That's why Jesus Christ came to Earth.

Jesus Christ is perfect.

He lived his life just like
you and I do as a human being -

but He lived it without sin.

This is the
salvation that God has given us:

it's by faith in Jesus alone.

He went to that cross for you and I.

He died on the cross for our sins.

God required payment in His justice.

The only
people who go into Heaven

are those who are stamped, "Forgiven."

The Bible tells us

that God so loved the world,

that he gave His only begotten Son,

that whosoever believes
in Him should not perish,

but should have everlasting life.

Jesus said, "I am the way."

He said, "I am the truth."

He said, "I am the life.

No man comes to the Father but by me."

He was put on a cross.

He died on that cross

taking all of our sins with Him.

And then three days after His death,

He came out of the grave

to once and for all say,

"Not only is death
destroyed, but so is sin."

If you're willing to repent,

and turn from your sins,

and by faith believe on
the name of Jesus Christ,

God will forgive your sins
and he'll heal your heart.

And when you do that,

He will transform your life.

You don't transform your life.

You don't have to transform your life.

He will transform you.

Jesus said, "I
stand at the door and knock:

if anyone hears my voice
and opens the door,

I will come in."

So just invite Christ to come
into your life right now.

And I promise you, according
to God's Word, He will.

Just simply
pray this prayer with me.

Just say, "Dear God, I am a sinner.

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

I believe Jesus is Your Son.

I believe that He died
for me on the cross;

He was buried for my sins;
that You raised Him to life.

And I want to invite Him
to come into my heart

to take control from this
moment forward. Amen."

The Bible says

if you prayed that prayer to God,

and you really meant it
with all of your heart,

you've been forgiven of your sins;

you have the assurance of Heaven one day.

And all that
part about being perfect?

Don't worry. He'll take care
of that when He gets you there.