Truman (2015) - full transcript

Julián receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada. The two men, accompanied by Julián's faithful dog, Truman, will share emotional and surprising moments prompted by Julián's complicated situation.

How are you?

Glad to see you.

I can see that...
You've got an erection.

Come in!

No wonder I get criticized
at neighbors' meetings!

Don't you remember Truman?
He won't bite you.

your uncle's afraid of you.

Where's your luggage?

At the hotel,
at the end of the street.

At the hotel?
Why don't you stay here?

You snore
and your dog doesn't like me...

Why the hell didn't you tell me
you were coming?

Paula told me
a surprise would do you good.

Yes, I know...

You talk to my cousin
behind my back.

You don't tell me much,
so what should I do?

I feel bad for not coming earlier.

You should!

I hope you find it hard
to sleep at night.

Well, I do have trouble sleeping.

I'm spending a fortune on therapy
because of you.


I've even changed therapists.

- Really?
- Yes.

Me too.

I have a kind of spiritual guide now.

A spiritual guide?

Yeah, a shaman from the Amazon
who lives in Vallecas.

I bought a few things
at the airport.

That's some really great whisky,
you'll love it.

How nice.

- Besides...
- What's this?

Ah, that's a drawing
from my kids.

Now see, these are the things
we'll have to avoid,


How many days can you stay?

- Four.
- Only four?

Yes, I have to be back
next Monday.

We got any money?
I'm broke.

Yes, we can do
whatever you want.

You hear that?
We're going to have a great time together.

You're not here
to talk me into anything, right?

No need to get so defensive,

Paula asked you to come
and change my mind, didn't she?

No, I came
because I wanted to see you.

- Besides...
- Besides?

It's true that when you told me
what you'd decided,

I thought maybe...
maybe we could talk about it.

- Really?
- Yeah. Can't we?

You can head back to Canada
right now!

- You can go back to your penguins.
- Julián, listen.

Look, take the chocolates, the whisky...
No, I'll keep the whisky.

Go back now, if you hurry,
you'll make the return flight.

Screw that.

You know
how much my ticket cost?

I'll stay four days,
you'll have to put up with me.

Go with your uncle.
I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about.

I'll join you in 20 minutes.
I have an appointment with the doctor.

Are you a friend of Julián's?



Give him this,
he ordered it days ago,

but I never see him.


That's 50 euros.

Oh, yes... of course.


Is Julián all right?

Yes, he's at home.


It's just that I haven't seen him
for days,

and when I saw you with Truman,
I thought maybe he got worse or...

No, he's fine.

Great... I'm glad.

- Tell him I said hi.
- I will.


- Great.
- Really?

Wait a minute.
Come here, Truman.

- Can I leave him for a while?
- Of course.

I'll be back soon. Thanks.

My neighbor,
she always looks after him.

Shall we go?

- Walking?
- Yeah.

First, I need to see the vet.
It's just some blocks away.



Which one should I put?

- What for?
- To put him up for adoption.

Do you want
to put him up for adoption?

Of course. What should I do?

What about your cousin?

No, not Paula.

She lives in a small apartment,
she has a cat.

I'm worried, really.
I haven't told him yet.

- What?
- What will happen.

- To whom?
- Truman. I tell him everything.

Dogs aren't plants, Tomás.

You have no fucking idea.
They have personality.

Yes, I've realized.

Earlier at the park, Truman asked me
about the bears in Canada.


Tomás, I have two children.

One of them's called Truman.

- Julián, he can see you now.
- Thank you.

- Hi, Julián.
- Hi.

Sorry I can't spend
more time with you,

but you can see...
I'm doing a test.

Thank you very much...
Sorry, Tomás, a friend.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- It's just a question.
- Tell me.

- Is it his paw again?
- No, no, his paw's perfect.

I wanted to ask you...
about something else.

How do you think dogs
experience loss... grief?

You mean if someone dies?

Their owner, for example.

How could we help him?

Well, just like
when they're abandoned,

the animal suffers
from the separation.

What might happen to him?

Would you both like to sit down?

- Yes.
- No, that's okay.

Well... he might be
kind of aloof,

and he might have
psychosomatic reactions,

like digestive problems,
irritable behavior...

I'm looking for a family
to adopt him.

What do you think?
Should I look for a similar...

I mean, a man on his own like me,

or a complete change,
such as a family with kids?

I don't know,
I really don't, Julián.

Do you think he could adapt
to living with other dogs?

It's not what he's used to.

It would be easier
if he didn't have to learn new habits.

It'd be important for him
to feel really looked after,

to feel that he's loved.

One last thing.

When I have to leave him definitely,

do you think I should leave him
one of my T-shirts,

or some clothes that smell like me,
is it a good idea?

Well, having his own things,
like a blanket to lie on,

or a ball, a toy, that'd be fine,
it'd be good for him,

I'm not sure about your things,
I don't know...

I could ask a colleague who specializes
in animal psychology for his opinion.

I'd be very grateful.

I'll do anything to help him.

I also want to pay for several visits
in advance.

I want his new owners
to bring him to you.

I want to be sure that, even if his new home
is far away from here,

that they'll bring him here.

Don't worry, Julián.
We'll take care of him.

He'll be fine, I promise.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

- Bye.
- Thank you. Bye.

Warn me ahead of time
before the next scene like that.

I'm going to tell you
something important.


The only things that matter
in life are relationships.


Family, you and me,
Truman and me...

I need some breakfast
before going on with the day.

Who would have thought

we'd be friends
for so many years?

I wouldn't have, really.

You know the main thing
I've learned from you?

What you've taught me
all these years unknowingly?

Why don't we keep walking?

Because I'm saying
something important,

can't you wait one more minute?

Why are you here?

I want to have breakfast,
so that I'm ready.

What's that important thing
you've learned from me? Let's see.

You never expect anything
in return.

You never want a payback.

You're generous, unlike me.


- And me?
- What?

What have you learned from me?

From you?
Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Maybe illegal things...

To be brave.

You've always faced
everything squarely.

Like now.

You see, this alone made the trip
from the North Pole worth it already.

Sorry I'm late, Julián.

Don't worry, doctor.

I know you'd rather see my cousin,
she's cuter than my friend here,

but he's come for a few days
and I just can't shake him off.

He came from Canada.

- Hello.
- Hello.

To say goodbye.


As I told you, we should start
another round of chemotherapy.

We're going to change
the medicine,

to try to have a greater effect
on the tumors.

As I told you the last time we met,
I'll schedule you for a CAT scan,

to see how far those new tumors
on the liver have gone.

Could you come in tomorrow
or the day after for some tests?

And I'll schedule
the CAT scan for Friday?


I've come to tell you
I'm not coming back.

Julián, when we talked
about the test results the other day,

I gave you the impression that...

We've done everything we could,
haven't we, doctor?


We've fought hard
these past few months, right?

I don't want to spend whatever
I have left in and out of the hospital.

I'll miss the nurses very much,
that's for sure, but...

I'm done.

I've been fighting
this lung cancer for a year,

and when I was taking
some time off,

this son of a bitch goes
on excursion all over my body.

What good will it do
starting chemo again?

I mean,
if I start the treatment again,

will I be cured?

I know people don't usually ask
these things, but I do.

Will I be cured?

I don't think so.

I'm going to die anyway,
no matter what I do, right?


Why should I go on with it?

To gain some time, Julián.

Of course, of course.

How long are we talking about?

You promised to keep silent.

You think I flew across the globe
to keep silent? How long?

It's hard to say,

but it'll be quicker
without the treatment.

Well, it might be worth it.

I've already made up my mind,
you know that.

Sometimes we react impulsively,
and we make decisions,

but then after thinking it over calmly,
you see things differently.

I've been thinking this over calmly
for a year.

You're the one
who just got here, Tomás.

I should have come with Paula.

If we don't continue with chemo,
how much longer can he hold on?

It's hard to say...

It'll depend on how the disease
plays out in the final stages.


Do I need to sign any papers?

Er... no...

I'll write a report
for the hospital committee,

I'll explain your decision,

and if you want, we could meet
in two weeks to see how you are.

- Do you agree?
- All right.

Prescribe all the drugs you can, okay?


I brought you something.

It's a very bad movie
I made a few years ago,

but since you told me
you like crime stories.

- Yes. You didn't have to, Julián.
- I know.

- Thanks for everything, doc.
- You're welcome.


Thank you.

I didn't mean to reproach you
for anything before.

- Okay.
- We're all doing the best we can.

No one's to blame.

Well, my wife is.
She's to blame.

She made me come,
I didn't want to.

I knew something was fishy...

Do you think I felt
like coming with you to...?

No, I suppose not.

She said if I didn't come now,
I'd regret it later...

so I had no choice.

- Where are we going?
- To eat, weren't you hungry?

We're going
to a friend's restaurant.


Where are you going, Tomás?

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm looking for books
about animal psychology.

Pets. Dogs.

- Behavior patterns...
- Yes. Follow me.

All the books about animals
and pets are here.

You have nutrition,
dog behavior, health.

This is everything we've got.

- Great, thank you.
- You're welcome.

This one looks good, doesn't it?

I'm giving you these two. Okay?

Thank you.

This one?

"Death, a New Dawn."

"The author makes us understand

that death is an experience
similar to birth."

Sounds interesting,
don't you think?

This one.

"Helping to Die."

If I were going to Thailand,
I'd need a map, that's the same.

I'm a bit dizzy.

Let's go.

Who is it?

Someone who has chosen
to ignore me.

Maybe he didn't see you.

No, he did see me,
but he's pretending otherwise.

He's an actor.

We've worked together
many times.

He's not really a friend, but...
and his wife saw me, too.


Why wouldn't they say hi?

Because people don't know
what to say to me.

They smell death
and they get scared.

- Got it.
- They don't know what to do.

They prefer to avoid me.
I guess it's logical.

I guess.
Can we change the subject while we eat?

Yes, sorry.

- Be right back.
- Julián.


- Gerardo.
- Julián!

- How are you?
- Nice to see you.

Please, don't bother...

How's everything?

- Fine, fine.
- Glad to hear it.

She's swamped with work.

Not me, but... What about you?
Are you at the theater?

- That's right.
- We'll come see you sometime.

Don't wait too long,
my run's almost over.

We'll see when we can go...
Are you eating here?

Yes, over there,
at that table back there.

We just got here,
we didn't see you.

Yeah, you saw me,
but you pretended you didn't.

Come on, Julián.

I'm not asking you to call me
and ask how I'm doing,

but if we run into each other
like today,

saying hi, giving a hug,
some good wishes...

would be appreciated.

I think we won't meet again,

so... I'll leave you.
Don't want to bother you.

- Better?
- Better.

- Paula.
- No, no.

Paula, come on.
Aren't you good friends?


I'm begging you, take leave.

Please consider my plea
and go away.

My mother will be here
any minute and...

if she found us like this,
we'd both be in serious trouble.

Why does my heart beat
so strongly

when I write to you?

Don't get desperate.
Your friend, Cecil.

Do you like it there?

Have you ever thought
of coming back?

No, never.

You're very certain
about things.

- It seems so, doesn't it?
- Yes.

Haven't you ever considered
going back to Buenos Aires?

I did last year,
when my ex and I split up...

I really considered it,
but it's impossible.

Separating Valentina
from her father wouldn't be right.

He's having another baby soon.
Valentina's happy she'll have a brother.

What can I do about it?

It serves me right for getting involved
with a Spaniard, it was my fault.

Thank you for answering
all my emails all these months.

I'm good, I'm a very efficient
secretary, aren't I?

What did the doctor tell him?

You think he could reconsider?


In fact, he went to the doctor
to say goodbye.

Haven't you had a talk with him?

He listens to you,
he values your opinion, Tomás.


I tried.

- But...
- But what?

I didn't have any good arguments.

I didn't know they were necessary
to keep on living?

What could I do?

Hey, don't get angry...

No, I'm not angry,
I'm tired.

Julián has lots of friends,
they invite him to parties...

But then each one
has their life...

Real friends are far away...
or just come for a visit.

No, you're right.

And I'm sorry.
It took me a long time to come.

I know...

He's the first of my friends
who is dying and...

I don't know how to...

I brought you a gift,
some chocolates,

but I'll give them to Truman.

Julián, what's wrong?

Well, what do you think?
I'm sleeping.

It's 4:00 in the morning.

No, no, I don't want to talk.

Okay, let's see.

Why do you want me
to open the window?

So that you smell the marijuana
you bought me, it's excellent.

I got so hungry...
Come over to my place. Aren't you hungry?

- I don't want to eat, I want to sleep.
- Yes, so do I, but I can't.

And when I finally do fall asleep,
I just keep dreaming...

Mostly about my parents.

I was reading one of those
instructive books you got me,

and it says it's normal to dream
about dead people in my situation.

You know why?

Yes... No... Well,
I don't remember right now.

Because it seems to be a way

of subconsciously preparing
ourselves for the journey.

Thinking about who's going
to come meet us.

They're going to meet you?

- Of course.
- I see, and where?

I don't know yet,
I'm still on the first chapter.

And you...

Who would you want
to come meet you?

My mother, I guess.

Or Marilyn Monroe.

I never got along too well
with my dad, you know that,

but it'd make me feel safe
if he came.

My mother was so flighty,
she's sure to be late or get lost.

Weren't you an atheist?

Very, yes, I used to be very atheist.
Not anymore.

I see...

Well, I'll keep reading.

Sleep well.
Thank you for coming.

I love you.

Good morning, sir.
Here's your breakfast.

Yes, leave it right there,
please, thanks.

I ordered scrambled eggs
and orange juice.

That's what you have for breakfast
in Greenland, right?

I want to give Truman
a quick bath.

He hasn't gotten one in a while,
because I don't have a bathtub.

And Paula won't let me do it in hers,
I don't know...

Hurry up! We're meeting
an adoptive family.

What's your son's name?

- Sasha.
- What a nice name.

We adopted him in Russia,
he was three years old.

Have you had a dog before?

No, honestly, my wife didn't want one,
but we finally convinced her.

Sasha is really excited about it.

So Truman,
do you like the house?

It's very nice, very nice.

I was telling them
we've never had a dog before...

No, we had a cat.

I've always liked cats better,
specially in an apartment...

But since we moved here,
I have no excuse.

He seems very well-behaved.

And very clean.
I sent him to a private school.

I'm having a hard time finding
someone who wants him.

Almost everyone wants puppies.

That won't be a problem for you?

No, it's part of the therapy.

It is? Therapy?

Yes, the idea is adopting an animal
like we adopted him.

It seems that identification between them
could be very beneficial for Sasha.

That's interesting, isn't it?

Yes, very much.

Why do you want to get rid of him?

Well, no...

I'm going on a trip...
on a long trip,

and... I can't take him with me.

Well, you can come visit him
when you're back.

Thank you, that would be nice.

You'll see when you meet Sasha...

It's really quiet here.
It's as if we're not in Madrid.

Why don't you leave him
here with us?

To see how it goes.

Right now?

Yes, to try for a day,
to see if he gets along with Sasha.

Yes, yes...
But I didn't bring anything.

Not even his toothbrush
or pajamas...

I think it's a good idea.

Don't you think?

Since we're here...

To see how Truman feels too, right?

I don't know.

Why not?

- Why not?
- Maybe another day.


Listen, we'll take good care of him.

He's not used to sleeping alone,
or outside.

Maybe he could sleep
in the boy's room.

- Of course.
- He drinks a lot.

You could give him dog food
but I usually boil rice,

and add small pieces
of red meat.

He really likes that.
And muffins.

- Muffins?
- Yes.

- Coffee?
- Yes.

- Well...
- Well...

I'll call you tomorrow
to pick him up.

Or we'll bring him to you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Same here.

Be good, Truman.

Don't make me look bad.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Come on, let's go.

It's been so many years.

We sleep together,
have showers together...

- Enough, enough...
- Okay.

Tonight you're staying
at my place.

I don't like sleeping alone.
You can sleep on the sofa...

Wherever you want.

What are we going to do here?

If you want, you can wait at the park.
It won't be fun.

Who did you say you talked to?

A woman. I talked to her
a couple of weeks ago.

I said I'd come to see her,
but I couldn't make it until today.

I guess it was Beatriz.
She's not here today.

- If you don't mind, I'll help you.
- Yes, of course.

Basically what I need
is an estimate.

What kind of burial?
Who's the deceased?

- Me.
- Oh.

It will be me.

He accompanies me
and helps me with all the procedures.

- I'm sorry.
- Thank you.

One moment, please.

Will you come with me, please?

What had you arranged
with my colleague?

Well, nothing, in fact.

I'm not sure whether I want...

a regular funeral or cremation.

I see. Well, that's
a very personal decision.

Regarding prices,
they are quite similar.

It depends on the quality
of the materials,

both of urns and coffins.

Do you have a family niche
or plot to be buried in?

- No.
- No.

We have some urns
for storing the ashes

in the family home,
so that they are on display.

These urns have different designs,
and very good details.

We also have biodegradable urns,
which are buried like coffins.

And finally, urns made of salt,
which dissolve in the sea.

No, not in the sea.

- No?
- No.

If you prefer, we have
the White Porcelain option,

it's this one with golden ornamental
ribbons, which give the urns solemnity.

Excuse me, I have a question.
Aren't they a bit small?

I mean,
do all the ashes fit in there?

Of course, yes.

Well, they end up... in just a tiny bit.

I'll show you now...
the souvenirs and memorial cards.

We can suggest an assortment
of poems if you want.

Some cards play music
when you open them.

- Music?
- Yes.

Classical music,
people like it a lot.

We also handle the flowers,
the ceremony,

whether it's religious or not.

If you want live music,
we have a small quartet.

What else?
Ah, yes, very important.

We make DVD with photos...

and images of the person,

which are shown at the ceremony.

I'd love it if you could send me
several estimates,

with everything
that's included in them.

Could it be by email?

Certainly, of course.

Let me load your information
into the computer.

- Yes.
- This way, please.

I can leave you some money
if you need it.


You'll need it.

How much have you got
in the bank?

In the bank, nothing.

I owe money to the treasury department,
and they'd keep it all anyway.

The only bit I've got is
in a cookie jar...

I don't want to tell you where
because I don't trust you yet.

I won't offer it again.

Tell you what.

Before you leave,
without me noticing it,

you can leave me some money
somewhere... and that's it.

If I see Marilyn,
I'll tell her about you.

What are you doing?

- Nothing, I'm hiding.
- Why?

- Is he sitting down yet?
- He's sitting down, yes.

Who is it?

A friend.

A friend?

What did you do?

I slept with his wife,
and soon after they divorced, that's all.

He's heading this way.

- He's coming over?
- Yes.

If I were you,
I'd stop playing the fool.


- Hello, Luis... How are you?
- Fine.

- Such a long time...
- I'm fine.

I didn't see you.
Did you just get here?

Yes, we've just come in.
I wasn't sure if it was you.

How are you?

Well, very well.
Working, like always.

- Hello.
- Still got your studio?

Yes, I've got a French partner now.

He gets me a lot of work.

I'm glad to hear it.


I'm really sorry
about what's happening to you.

I just heard recently and...

I'm really sorry
you're going through this.

I just wanted to tell you.

I often think of you.

Thank you, Luis.

Keep your spirits up.

I'll let you get on with your meal.


Sorry to interrupt...

I was just leaving and...

I wanted to say goodbye.

This is Mónica.
This is Julián.

- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.

Thank you for saying hello earlier.

After what happened,
that you said hello the way you did,

I didn't expect it.

I'm really thankful.

I'm very moved
and I want to apologize.

No, it's not necessary, Julián.

Yes, it is necessary,
it really is.

I want to apologize
because you were my friend,

and what I did was despicable.

And I especially apologize
for not saying I was sorry at the time.

Especially for that.
I could have done it, couldn't I?

I accept your apologies.
Thank you.

However, if that hadn't happened,
I wouldn't have met Mónica.

She's pregnant.

Really? That's great.

She's pregnant.


- Thank you.
- Well, I take back my apology.



You're like an extinct species,
you know that, don't you?

You could stuff me and put me
in a display cabinet.

That's a good idea.

I could get back
the money you owe me.

Mr. Alfredo, how are you?

- Am I interrupting?
- You never interrupt.

My friend Tomás is visiting me
for a few days.

Mr. Alfredo's the producer of the play,
and the owner of the theater.

- Nice to meet you.
- The theater has no owner, Julián.

Have a seat, please.

I've learned about your disease.

When I was told, one week ago,
I started crying.

And I have no words of comfort.

Thank you.

But I also...

I also got mad at you.

I got mad because I thought

I should've been
the first person to know.

We're friends, aren't we?

Of course.

Who gave you your first job here
in the theater?

You did, Mr. Alfredo.

And back then, nobody was hiring
Argentine actors.


I didn't mean to upset you.

I know, I know...
dear Julián.

Julián, what you need now is rest.

Stay at home,
let others take care of you.

I have to see to it
that this boat stays afloat.

So everyone can get paid
at the end of the month.

It's been very hard
to find someone else.

He won't be as good as you are,

but after some training,
he learned his lines.

We've arranged that he'll start
at the end of the month.

You still have a few days
to say goodbye.

You understand, don't you?

I think of you all the time.

What was that?

I'd say he's just fired you.

Everything's going to hell.

Argentine rock.

- Paula.
- Yes, Paula.

You talk to her, come on.
She wants to get today's report.

You answer...
You two get on well...

Hello... Hello.

Good morning, it's Julián.

Yes, the dog's owner.

No, I wanted to know
what time I could pick him up.

Did he eat?


Great, great, no problem.

Oh, I see...

No, that's no problem at all...

Okay, right.

Thank you.

See you tomorrow.

What's wrong?

Nothing, nothing...

They asked if he can stay
for another day.

The Russian boy
got home late yesterday,

they spent very little time

They want to take them
to a park to play today.

Well, that's good, isn't it?

Means things are going well,
it's a good sign.

Yes, I don't know...
I guess.

What do you want to do?

What surprises have you got
lined up for me today?

None, I was going
to pick up Truman and that's it.

How old is your son?



- He'll be 22 tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Well, we can ask him to dinner.
Let's celebrate it.

To dinner? When?

Well, today if you want.

If I want... I'd love it but...

If you want to be alone
with him, I can...

No, no,
he'd be glad to see you,

I always quote you as as an example,

I don't know of what, but I do.

We get the tickets online,
don't we?

- What tickets?
- For the plane.

What plane?

Nicolás lives in Amsterdam,

Nico lives in Amsterdam?

Yes, he's studying there,
I told you that.

Well, I didn't remember.

So you want us to go
there for lunch?

It was your idea.

Yes, yes, but I didn't know
he was in Holland.

Well, what's the problem?
It's near, we'll be back soon.

- Yes, sure... What?
- What?

You want us to go there,
have lunch and come back?

- Isn't it a good idea?
- it is, and very original, too.

Hey, you asked me
what I wanted to do.

- Yes.
- I told you...

"I want to go to Amsterdam
to see Nicolás, my son."

I haven't seen him in a while.

- It's his birthday tomorrow.
- Yes.

Plus I'd get out of Madrid,
which will be good for me.

But if it's not true
we can do whatever we want...

- You said we had money.
- That's right.


Don't worry.
I'll go when you leave, that's okay.

We can make some sandwiches
and go to the park to row.

We can rent a rowboat.

We'll have a great time!
Don't worry.

They're not serving anything,
not even coffee or water.

I told you that.

I was about to show them
my test results, maybe that way...

- Have I said thank you?
- Yes, my leg hurts.

How's Nico?

- How's he coping?
- He's better now.

He doesn't talk much
about his feelings...

He's nothing like me in that sense.

But he's fine.

He doesn't know
the whole story anyway.

What doesn't he know?

He thinks the cancer's
under control.

I haven't told him
about this last month,

or that I'm quitting chemo...

What for?
There's no need.

I want him to be calm,
there'll be time to...

What's wrong?
Why do you have that look?

What look?

The one you had,
as when you disagree.

Well, maybe I do disagree,
that's all.

- He's happy now, he's happy...
- I know.

He's with his girlfriend,
living abroad...

He's had a rough year.
What good is it to upset him?

I don't see why people insist
on making others suffer.

He has the right to know it.

Did I ask for your opinion?
I don't think so.

Everyone says what they think,
gives me advice.

They're all fucking clueless.

Fuck everyone else.
I paid for the tickets, I'm here.

I'll give you my opinion if I want to.

When you're dying,
call me and we'll talk, fuck you!



I'm reading, don't bother me
or I'll call the flight attendant.

Okay, I'm sorry,
you're right.

Each person...

Each person dies
as best they can.

So what's the plan?
What did you arrange with Nico?

Want me to find a restaurant
for lunch?

To ask about local dishes
to celebrate?

I don't know,
I haven't heard from him yet.

What do you mean?
He doesn't know we're coming?

I guess he does,
I left him another message.

What if he's not there?

Why so much trouble?

It's not that hard
to make sure before...

Why wouldn't he be there?
He lives there.

Maybe he's gone away
with his girlfriend, I don't know.

Maybe they rented some bicycles,
it's common there, and went to Belgium.

- I don't know, Julián.
- Why don't you go jerk off?

You're very nervous,
it'll calm you down.

Go and jerk off.
Do you remember how to do it?

I can ask the flight attendant for help.

What are you doing?

Looking for his boat,
this is the right street,

but I don't know
where his boat is.

- I think it's this one.
- He lives on a boat?

Let's see.

Er... Is Nico home?

- Shall I translate?
- Please.

He's not here.
He left early.

He's left by bike.

Hello, how are you?

Hi... Fine.

Ask him how to get
to the university.

Where's he going?

To write down the address.

He said we can take the tram
right there.

I bet they spend the whole day
smoking pot,

listening to music, fucking...
I envy them...

Being young is the best.

Maybe we're here for a reason,
you know?

Maybe you're right and...

I should tell Nico everything.

I should.

Wouldn't it be better
if the two of you were alone?

You can talk calmly...
I'll say hello but then I leave.

You have lunch together...

No, no, I think it'll be good
if you are there.

I'll signal you when the time comes
and you go to smoke...

I don't smoke.

Well, go to the bathroom,
I don't know.


What signal? Like what?
So I don't...

A gesture. Something simple.

- Nothing else.
- Okay.

Nico, have you heard
my messages?

In Amsterdam, I told you.

Now at the university, exactly.

I don't know, first floor,
the hall...

You can see me?

Where are you?

Dad, what are you doing here?

Give me a hug.

- What's up? What's wrong?
- Nothing, nothing's wrong.

I've come with Tomás.
Remember Tomás?

Yes, hello, Tomás.

He's here in Amsterdam
for a conference,

and he invited me, I accepted,
and this way I get to see you, too.

- It's your birthday tomorrow.
- Yes...

Why didn't you tell me
you were coming?

It just came up all of a sudden,
I hadn't planned it before...

And I wanted to surprise you.

- I see...
- I left you a message.

Yes, but surprises...
I don't...

I haven't heard
the messages either.

I see.

Well, I thought
we could go out to lunch,

for a little celebration.

Yeah, but I've made plans,
and then I've got an exam.

And tonight we're going
to a concert...

If you had called ahead...

Don't worry, please, that's all right.

We'll hang out for as long as you can.

Just having seen you is enough for me.
I could head back right now.

That's it.

How's Truman?
His leg's better?

Yes, he's better.

- Everything's fine.
- Yes?

Everything's fine.

I was getting lunch now.

- If you want something quick.
- Yes. Let's go then.

Er... Sophie's coming.


In fact, I came here
to meet your girlfriend.

I already know you.
Let's go.

What a nice place.

You always come here?

Yes, sometimes...
The Wi-Fi...

- I met Sophie here.
- Did you?

You like her.

You're really involved
in the relationship...

- What's this?
- A gift.

I couldn't come empty-handed,
could I?

It's a hip flask... for whisky
or whatever you put in your drinks.

I used to do that.
Truman chose it.

Thanks, Dad.

I don't drink much, but thanks.



How's everything going?
Things okay?

- Yes.
- Really?





I said all that before,
but I'm glad you came.

I know.

I'll carry this.

What's your conference about?

- Which one?
- The one you're here for.


- Robotics?
- Yes.

I work for a company in Montreal
which creates prototypes,

and I teach at university.

I went to get a doctorate,
and I stayed...

Watch out.

Why-- No, I don't think
I'll stay in Amsterdam.

I said that when I went to Madrid,
and how long have I been there?

Think about it.

No, I think...

I'll go live in Buenos Aires
for a while.

I didn't know it...

I've only been there
a couple of times and...

How long have you had
this plan, this idea?

For a while now.

I'll get a smoke.

Why didn't you tell me
your father was coming?

I didn't know he was.

It was a birthday surprise.

Ah... Do you want to be alone?
Am I interrupting?

- Not at all.
- No.

- You're sure?
- Sure.

I can't smoke these ones...

Sophie, this is Tomás,
a friend of my father's.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Where are you from?
- Paris.

Well, let's see.

Let's order something,
whatever you want, it's on us.

Will you be here for long?
You can stay on the boat.

That would be great
but no, thank you, Sophie.

We're going back
to Madrid today.

This was a lightning visit,
to see Nico,

and celebrate his birthday...

You make a very good couple.

Very good.

Okay, Dad.

No, "Okay, Dad" no,
that's the truth.

And it's because of her,
she's much cuter than you.

Although I imagined her differently.
I don't know, more Dutch.

I told you she was French...

Yes, but...

The same happened to me.

- Really?
- Yes, Nico tells me about you.

- He talks about me?
- Yes, always.

That's weird,
he never tells me anything.

That's why
I had to come to meet you.

Are you feeling better now?

Yes, much better.
Thanks for asking.

Why don't we order some drinks
and have a toast?

- Yes...
- It's Nico's birthday.

- That's why we're here.
- Happy birthday.

When are you coming to Madrid?

When I finish my exams.
You already asked me that.

Oh, yes.

Promise me this time
you'll come with Sophie, okay?

You can stay at my house.
You'll have privacy. I'll go to your mother's.

I'd like to see that,
you and mom together.

How much
have you got on you?

- How much what?
- Euros.

No, Dad.

Dad, it's not necessary.

Yes, yes, it is necessary.

I haven't sent you money
for weeks... It's necessary.

You can have dinner
somewhere nice.

Money's not an issue. He owes me a lot,
I'm always lending him.

That's true.

Well, thanks.

- We have to go.
- Yes.

- Tomás...
- Bye.

- Bye.
- It was nice to meet you.

The pleasure is all mine.

- Look after him for me.
- Yes.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Well, it was a short visit,
but it was worth it.

- Yes.
- Wasn't it?

Well... We'll see each other
in a few weeks.


- Your lighter.
- Ah, it's okay...


I couldn't...
I tried, I did try but...

It's okay.

You'll have another chance.

- Just a minute.
- Where are you going?

To cry a little... alone...

I'll be...

Don't you answer?

No, it's the theater.

- You have a show?
- Yes.

- Did you forget?
- No, I didn't.

But don't worry,
there's no problem.

They've got somebody else,
don't they?

I'm sure he'll answer.

I'm going to get drunk tonight,

and so are you,
you deserve it.




All this.

It's your fault, you know that.


Amsterdam, that he's so happy,
all this...

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

When are you leaving?

Day after next.
Tomorrow's my last day.

Come over to my place
for dinner.

I don't want to be alone with him,
I'm fed up with him.

So am I.

I'll try but...

I'll cook, don't worry.

Then maybe I'll come.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Great.
- Okay.

Well, good night.

Your vitamins,
don't forget to take them.

Where are we sleeping tonight,


How did the Russians treat you?

Badly, can't you see
he's swollen, his breath stinks,

I don't know what they gave him.

You have breakfast here often?

No, I'm with another candidate,
she's in the restroom.

She might adopt him.
She phoned this morning, you were snoring.

It's good to have more options.

Since the Russian
doesn't want him.

- He doesn't?
- No.

What did they tell you?

the boy is afraid he'll die.

- The boy is afraid he...
- Yes.

Yes, because Truman is old...
The boy couldn't take another loss.

They hadn't considered that,
not even the therapist.

Now they want a puppy,
or a turtle, a parrot...

What was I saying?

That your husband
doesn't like dogs.

Not my husband,
my ex-husband.

Yes, sorry.

My friend Tomás. Elena.


Have you got a deck
or a balcony...

so Truman
can get outside a bit?

I've got a patio with a tree.
He'll love it.

- That's good.
- It's not very big but... I love dogs.

When are you leaving?

- Where to?
- Canada.

I told her we're moving
to Montreal in a couple months.

Perfect, I'd like to fix up
the patio a bit.

When you come to Madrid,
you can always come visit him.

- Thank you very much.
- You can come to dinner.

That's very kind of you.

I'd ordered another beer!
A long time ago!

Maybe you're deaf?

- I'll bring it right over.
- I have to go now. Forget it.

- I've got to run.
- Yes.

Call me tomorrow or whenever you want,
and you come to see my house.

I'll call you.
My pleasure.


I'll call you in a few days.


She's a woman, Truman,
you'll get used to it.

- You must be kidding.
- Why?

You're not leaving Truman
with that woman.

What's wrong with her?

She's a racist, did you see
how she treated the waiter?

Think about it.

Yes, I will.

I don't know what they fed him,
he'll be like this all week. Let's go.

Can I have the check, please?

Truman, my friend, how are you?


My God...
What a surprise!

What are you doing here?

Are you back from Canada?

No, no...

I'm just here for a few days.

I came to see Julián.

Where is he?

At the pharmacy.

Julián didn't tell me
you were coming.

Well, we don't talk
that often...

It was a surprise visit...

- And I'm leaving tomorrow.
- Well, well, well...

My ex-wife and my best friend
together, what's this?

How are you?

Fine, fine...
I spotted Truman here alone...

Did Nico tell you?

No, what?

We were in Amsterdam yesterday.

We gave him a surprise.

You went to see him?

We couldn't stay long,
because they had an exam,

but we had a drink,
we had lunch and celebrated...

We talked.

I'm glad, Julián.

That's a weight off my back.
I didn't know how to handle this.

Nico called me last weekend.
I know you wanted to tell him,

but he just kept on asking
more and more questions...

He realized something
was wrong.

So I told him.

- Haven't he told you?
- Yes, of course.

I told him about your decision
so he can be prepared.

- I'm sorry if...
- No, no. Don't worry.

We didn't talk so much
because Sophie was there...

but... everything was fine.

I'm glad to hear it.
Nico needed to see you.

He was devastated.
He wanted to call you,

but he didn't dare to speak
on the phone.

- I understand.
- You know him.

He follows
every test you get done.

Nico promised he'd bring Sophie
to Madrid soon.

Let's hope so.

Well... I've got to go,
it was great to see you, Tomás.

- Take care.
- You too.

- Call me if you need anything.
- Of course.

The inseparable friends.

Come here.

Julián, let's go.


Do you want anything else?

Are you okay?

I'm a bit upset.


Because you're leaving tomorrow.

And I won't ever see you again.

I hate goodbyes,
I'm not going to the airport.

I want to make it clear.

I don't want you to come either.

- Fine, we'll say goodbye on the street.
- Fine.

You take a taxi and go back
to the North Pole, that's it.

I think it's a great idea.

How come I didn't realize,
when he hugged me?

Why didn't I realize?

Call him.


I'll go to the bathroom.

That was fast,
I thought you went to the bathroom.

I've just peed on myself.

It's okay, don't worry,
let's go home.

I used to be a romantic hero,

A romantic hero.

It's delicious, Tomás.
When are you going to learn?

What for?

I invite you to dinner
and you never come.

I never come
because you end up ordering pizza.

What's wrong with pizza?
It's not any pizza, it's a special one.

It's this thin and made
in a wood-fired oven.

It's delicious.

When we lived together,
he never cooked.

- I imagine.
- Never.

Since you're in such a good mood,

I'll tell you something.

Oh, here we go.

- No farewell speeches.
- No. This is not a speech.

So what is it,
one of your secrets?

- In a way, yes.
- What secrets?

Sorry, we're all ears.

It's just that I've decided
I won't wait until the end.

- What do you mean?
- Julián...

It's just that...

When things start to get ugly,
really ugly,

I'm going to lie in my bed,
take some pills

a doctor friend of mine
gets for me, and...

- That's it, just that.
- Just that?

Why are you telling me?
I don't understand.

Why should I know it?

Screw you, Julián!
You made me come over to hear this?!

No, no, in fact, I've been meaning
to tell you for a while.

But it's...

just ending it all a bit earlier.

We'll save ourselves
all that damned agony at the end.

I don't want you
to end up wiping my ass, Paula.

Not even my son.

Or worse,
to die in a hospital...

full of nurses wanting
to get a picture with me.

Julián, is it because
of what happened today?

- No...
- What happened today?

I peed myself.

So what?

Okay, maybe I made a mistake,
I'm sorry,

I shouldn't have told you,
a letter would have been enough.

You already spoke,
you've already made the mistake,

don't play martyr now.

- Paula, please...
- What? I'm tired, too.

It's hard for me, too.

- Okay.
- Don't get angry, please.

I want you to tell me
this is one of your jokes.

What pills?
I don't understand.

Some pills...


How long have you been
considering this?

Since the day I got my test results,
and they told me I was dying.

Since then, Paula.

Why don't you just die then
and leave me alone?!

If that's what you want!

What about you?
Don't you have anything to say?

Right, you're just visiting him,
aren't you?

I'll be here if he wants.

No, I don't want you to come back.

I'll do it on my own.

I wanted you to know
so it didn't catch you unawares.

Well, I'm glad you told me.

And I'm glad I came.

You can go to hell!
Both of you!

It's our Italian blood.

She'll be okay.

You can take it if you want.

It's mine.

I know,
that's why I'm telling you.

What time is your flight tomorrow?

At... 12:30.


So I'll come to the hotel at 10:00.

See you tomorrow.

They've gone fast...
these four days.

I feel like we haven't really
talked much,

and I would have liked...

Thank you for the envelope.
It's too much money.

Do you want me to walk Truman?

No, no, it's not necessary,

- See you tomorrow.
- See you.

- Is Julián at home?
- Of course. Why?

I thought you were going out,
you have such a great time together.

- Where are you going?
- I forgot my phone.

Can you wait a minute, please?

- What for?
- I don't know.

So we can say goodbye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

I'll keep you posted. Or not.

I don't think you'll like
what's going to happen soon.

- It's no one's fault.
- No.

We're all doing the best we can.

Some more than others.

Don't try to make me feel guilty,
because you won't succeed.

- I'm sure of that.
- You know why?

I have no idea.

Because I'm proud of Julián,
I'm proud of him.

How nice,
have you told him that?

No, I couldn't.

I tried, but I couldn't.

I would have started crying.

Heaven forbid!

Let's not part like this.

We don't deserve it.

Shall we go up to your room?


Truman, come here.

Makes sense.

- I left my phone at your house.
- Yes, I noticed.

- Have you called a cab?
- No, we're taking my car.

- Yes?
- Yes.

Will you wait or...?

Shall we say goodbye here?

- Yes.
- It's a good place.

- We'll keep in touch.
- Sure.


And also this.

- What?
- These are Truman's papers.

And his ticket.

I talked to the company to see
if he could travel with you,

but he's too big,
he has to go in the cargo hold.

They assured me
you'll get a container for dogs.

They'll take him
when you check in.

These are...

all the vaccinations he's received
over the years, his tests, everything.

And this one.

This one is really important,
I did it this morning.

The vet certifies that Truman
does not have rabies.

This is vital. They'll ask for this
at customs in Canada.


- Here.
- Julián...

I gave him some pills this morning,
which will relax him.

Don't worry if he drools
or looks half drunk.

It's okay.

Give him a bath when you get home.
That will be good for him.

And tell your Viking children
to treat him well, okay?



Please, go.