Truffe (2008) - full transcript

In a near and uneasy future, global warming has had an unexpected impact on the city of Montreal. Very suddenly, the ground of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district has begun sprouting vast quantities of precious, pricey truffles. They are an immediate sensation worldwide with gourmands, bringing prosperity to Montrealers. When a fur-stole factory sets up shop in the neighborhood, no one doubts that it's a front for a greedy corporation seeking a monopoly over the valuable truffles. Before long, the earth begins to give up the last of its riches and poverty returns to the working class. The enigmatic company does have one challenger - Charles, an independent truffle - hunter with an exceptional sense of smell, permitting him to make great hauls of truffles. Ready to do anything to block the competition, the company sets in motion furious diabolical plots to undo Charles and his companion Alice. Alone again the powerful organization, the couple can count on none but themselves to survive...

The young family
from east of town

discovered the truffles
in their backyard

while excavating the premises.

It's really strange -
people thought it was funny at first,

but now it's literally

a new kind of gold rush.

Montreal has officially become

the world capital
of black-truffle production.

Bad news for
the Hochelaga truffle farmers -

the truffle prices are falling




300 bucks?

She's not even worth that.
It's a shitbox.

It's my shitbox.

If things keep going like this,
your shitbox is where we're gonna sleep.

How much?


You piss me off, Tremblay.

All of us around the block,
we dig up 40 pounds;

you, you go by yourself and find 34.

Hey, Mr. Celebrity...

"The Champ from Hochelaga"!

"Ever since global warming created

"a growth of tons
of rare mushrooms

"known as ascomycetes,

"more commonly known
as black truffles,

"in the eastern sector
of Montreal city,

"a man has shown
extraordinary abilities

to find these little black pearls
of gastronomy."

30 bucks. 30 bucks a kilo.
You won't get better ones.

25 bucks for you.

20 bucks... for my family.





Your parents are gonna be waiting.


Did you do this?

No, it's not mine.

Is there a card?

- Try it on.
- We're gonna be late.

Madam Tremblay. Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon!

Good afternoon...

So, ahh...

How's it going?

It's going.

And the...

the restaurant?

It's doing well.

He's good.
I like that guy.

Well... shall we go?

Isn't that pretty!

It's... it's for you.

Can I finish your balls?

Don't ever give me
a gift like this again.

- Can we help you?
- Yes, ahh...

There's a flaw.

We got bitten.

Yes. Effectively.

Does it happen often?


I was hoping...

Can we get a refund?

Madam Kinsdale?

Good afternoon.

We got bitten.

It won't be long.

We graciously offer you
a his-and-hers fur-collar ensemble.

I was wondering
if we could get a refund.

It doesn't really suit us.


Thank you.


We fixed the problem.

Very well, Madam.

They're throwing us out.

If we don't pay by the 30th,
they're sending the bailiff.

Can you believe that last year,
same day,

they would give us 100 bucks
for that little thing?

Now what do they give us?
Two, three bucks?

Can you tell me
where we're gonna find $2,300?

I don't know.

The House of Fur Collars is looking
or men from 18 to 70

for its new branch
in the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Competitive wages. Social benefits.
$2,300 cash advance on recruitment

15-2, 15-4, 15-6, 15-8
and 2 makes 10.


Tomorrow, that's right.

Are you okay?

I'm okay.

To me, a man who can't take care
of his woman is not a man.

And I don't know what else I can do
to make ends meet.

To make things all right for you,
you know?

I think we would make more money
selling tomatoes...

I gotta find something else.

There ain't a man in town
who's more a man than you, may man.

They're gonna have to walk
over my dead body

if they want to take the diner.

They won't walk over your dead body,

'cause they're gonna have to walk
all over mine first.

And they're gonna have
a hell of a hard time

before they walk over my dead body.

2,300 bucks??

You're here...

What's that?

I got a part-time job.

They gave me an advance:
2,300 bucks.

It settles our debts.

What are we going to do
to harvest the truffle?

At night.

It's just until things
get back in place.

2,300 bucks!

Hello, Champ!


Wow, you look good.

A beer, my love?



So, how is it?

It's a job.

But what do they ask you to do?

Skills tests.

You look tired.

It's a job.

Your parents.

They called, so I told them.

So? How is it?

Apparently you find a job? Hey?

I already have a job, Dad.

Ah, yes, of course,
that's for sure, but...

You're looking more and more
like your dad, son.


Oh... Alice.

We wanted to see Charles
before he went to work.

And we...

we didn't want to wake you up.

What time is it?

It's five-thirty.

That's right... five... five-thirty.

I think he's not there...

It looks like a really...

interesting position.

If we had just five years less...

Well, we're gonna let you wake up.

Goodbye, Alice.

Have a nice day.


I have an MBA...

in management.

It's where we met.

I have an MBA in finance.

We're looking for a...

...a part-time job.

Not for the money, no.

More by... interest.

To stay in the game.

I think that...

we still have
a lot of things to offer... the community.

If one of your colleagues steals
truffles that belong to the company,

how would you react?

I think I would convince him
to admit his crime.

A) You ask him to give you half

of the truffles he stole.

B) You do nothing.

C) You reprimand him

and immediately inform
your superiors?


Bon app?tit.

Excuse me, but...

you forgot my truffles.

I'm really sorry,
the harvest wasn't really good today.

Harvest?! What harvest?
All I see is three flakes.

I didn't come here
to get screwed, you know!

Listen, it's not my fault, sir.
We don't want to screw you at all.

You don't call that screwing?

Three flakes!

If you're not happy,
just go get your truffles yourself!

Don't think
that because we're labourers

we don't have feelings, miss.

He's ready.


Where were you?

I was delayed at work.

There's nothing left at the diner.

When are you going
to collect the truffles?

As soon as I have a minute to myself.

They have limited resources.



We have a surprise for you.

My parents are joining the company.

They're going to give us a...

a benefits package.


...a future-ready position.

They are sending us
to the annual congress.

We're coming back Friday.

I left truffles at the diner.

The company paid for it.

What are you talking about?

What are you doing, Charles?

Well, we have to go.

They have limited resources.

So do I... have limited resources.

I need you here, Charles.

It's just until things
fall back into place.

It's time for a truffle

Time to welcome

Now you can get your truffles
in the comfort of your own home.

Guaranteed freshness
thanks to Mr. Truffles.

Don't accept imitations.

Choose Mr. Truffles,

available very soon
in your neighbourhood.

Thank you, Mr. Truffles.

I'm going to kill him!

He's stealing my truffles!

I'm not gonna lose my promotion,

I didn't work my ass off
so you can screw me, asshole!

Next time I catch you
playing in my truffles,

I kill you, asshole!

The House of Fur Collars
welcomes you.

If you know the extension
of the person you wish to speak to,

dial it now.

To consult our listings,
press pound now.

Enter the name of the person
you wish to speak to.

No entries have been found.

Enter the name of the person
you wish to speak to.

No entries have been found.

Enter the name of the person
you wish to speak to.

You are at Mr. And Mrs. Tremblay's

Please leave a message.

Hi, it's Alice.

Ahh... I was wondering
if you were back from the congress.

It's been three days
and I didn't hear from Charles.

Call me back when you get home.
Thank you.

Mommyl I'm hungryl

I know, sweetie.

- You placed an order?
- Moml

It's Mr. Trufflesl

Give yourself some sweet time.
Give yourself Mr. Truffles.

It's time for a truffle

Time to welcome


Thank you, Mr. Trufflesl

Freshness guaranteed
or get your money back.

Mr. Truffles is a registered trademark
of the House of Fur Collars,

the world's
number-one truffle producer.

Madam Tremblay?


can you call my husband?

I'm gonna be late for dinner.

Alice, can you call my wife?

I think I'm gonna be late for dinner.

What are you doing there?

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I can't get my act together.

I think they overestimated our skills.

I think I'm having a burnout.

- Where's Charles?
- He got a promotion.

You have to tell me where he is.
Where did they bring him?

Excuse me, miss?

Miss? Can you help me?

I think I won't meet my quotas today.

We must kill the competition.

We should call the office to tell them
we won't check in tomorrow.

You're never going back there,
Madam Tremblay.

We're gonna lose
our benefits package.

I'm hungry...

Come on, Alice, open up!

It's not funny anymore.

Open up! I'm hungry, dammit!

I have to go.

- No.
- Well, yes.

Or else what?

Or else I'm gonna...
take you upstairs in my bed

and force you
to stay there all day.

Oh, help me!

Help me!

We're closing!

Yeah, what the heck,
we're closing!

What are you doing?

Armand, you scared me.

It's closed.

- I'm looking for truffles.
- I said it's closed.

Stop fooling around.

From now on,
fresh truffles are for clients only.

Nobody's gonna tell me what to do
on my own property.

Let go of me!
You're on my property!

Is there a can somewhere?

Don't come back here.

I can't speak for long.

They are rationalizing resources.

Where are you?

Tell me where you are,
I'm gonna come get you.

We're gonna figure it out, Charles.

I don't care about the money.
Don't worry. We'll eat potatoes, okay?

I have to go.

They don't want us
to take many breaks.

I want you to come home, Charles.

Come in.

The prototype is ready.

Send it.

Fresh truffles! Fresh truffles!

Fresh truffles!
Fresh truffles!

Mr. Truffles's truffles...

Don't accept imitations!
Choose the best!

You placed an order?

Where's my man, dammit?

Okay, guys, let me splat the bitch!

Here, Charles. Go for it.

It's not their fault.

The prices just went up.

Did you see this?
- It's about time.

200 bucks a kilo.

Are you okay?

DVD Subtitling: CNST, Montreal

DVD Subtitling: CNST, Montreal