Truffaldino iz Bergamo (1977) - full transcript

A funny musical comedy based on the famous theater play 'Servant of Two Masters' by Carlo Goldoni.

Comissioned by the State Committee
of the USSR for Radio and Television


Creative society for TV movies


Musical based on the comedy "The Servant
of Two Masters" by C. Goldoni

Episode 1

Screenplay V. Vorobiev, A. Goldburt

Stage direction V. Vorobiev

Director of photography D. Meskhiev

Art director I. Kaplan

Composer - A. Kolker
Lyrics - Kim Ryzhov

Sound - Ye. Nesterov
Editor - Yu. Holin, editing - Z. Sheineman

Directors - B. Pavlov-Silvansky, V. Terentyev
Photography - A. Taborov, A. Romanov

Dances - Yu. Myachin
Stage movement - K. Chernozyomov

Costume designer I. Vedernikova
Make-up artists - G. Vdovichenko, T. Pavlova

Designers - V. Slonevsky, I. Mishina

Pop and Symphony orchestra of the
Leningrad committee for TV and Radio,
Conducted by V. Rylov.

Production manager - L. Svetlov


Truffaldino - Konstantin Raikin

SMERALDINA - Natalia Gundareva

BEATRICE - Valentina Kosobutskaya
FLORINDO - Viktor Kostetsky

Pantalone - Lev Petropavlovsky
Clarice - Irina Driatskaya

Silvio - Viktor Krivonos
Dr. Lombardi - Igor Sorkin

Brighella - Alexandr Berezniak
Captain - Yevgeny Tilicheev

Extras: Actors of the Leningrad
Theatre of Musical Comedy

Oh, dear new day,
Send me some bread.

Oh God, help us
Perform better.

Let all the miseries
forget about me!

Let my audience be
Generous today.

What do they mean by galloping
madly around?

Nice prologue to the play.

- What is it?
- Just a minute.

It's such a sunny day

Such a hot sunny day.

Don't you feel lazy
To play with death?

The devil only awaits

Which of us shall get on

This spit like a turkey

Come on, you, big moustache
Steady your spear!

Don't back out, dude,
Not a step back.

We parried this lunge

We are pretty good at it!

Come on! Stab, him, Big Moustache!
I am with you.

But what is it? What is wrong?
What has happened?

Big Moustache is beaten
by his adversary,

But I always support those who win!

You are a brave guy.

I want exactly...

...such a quick Servant.

I like that,
Servants are now precious.

If the money you offer suits me
I'll gladly serve you.

Well, come up,
Come closer, Fatty!

It's not that easy to
Beat me that way.

Why did you stop?
Get down to business.

I'll make you dance
A tarantella.

I have never before seen
Such a stab.

Now try to get me
Taking a running jump.

Have a nice trip to the other world,

The winner stays under the sun!


Oh Venice, the town of lovers,

The jewel of the world

Young hearts here burn hotter

Than a thousand scorching suns!

They are so charming,
so nice to look at.

It is such a nice day today
I myself feel like singing.

Give me your hand, Signora Clarice

It is yours forever.

All the world is indifferent
to me except for you!

It's only you that I love!

- How nice the bride is.
- The bridegroom is no worse.

My heart has almost stopped beating.
I wish I were a bride too.

I love you immensely!

I swear I'll be faithful to you

Please, be witness to the engagement
between my daughter

and Signor Silvio, worthy offspring
of my friend, the good Doctor Lombardi!

Be happy, my children
Soon you'll be wed.

Let love never desert

Your young fabulous hearts!


Yes, it's a match made in Heaven...
If my business associate in Turin

signor Rasponi hadn't died
than this marriage could never be.

I promised my Clarice to his
Late father and

Would have kept my word.

How did he die so suddenly?

Poor Federigo was a smart guy.

I hear he was slain. In the dead
of night. A scandal with his sister.
I know nothing else.

Hurry, Smeraldina. Who is it?

- Please, father.
- Wait.

Let's go all together.
Some one has come to see us.

Gentlemen, there's a servant of some visiting
Signor. He wants to see you personally.

- Tell him to come in here. We'll see
Who he is. - This minute.

- Shall I retire?
- Where to?

- To my room
- No, stay.

I think it won't be wise to
Leave them alone for long as yet.

Ignoti nullo culido
(Those who do not know love... )

You are right. You act wisely
My friend.

My most humble greetings,
ladies and gentlemen.

Why, what a fine, fine group, you are.

Who are you, my friend?
What is your business?

Who's the ripe, juicy, succulent lady?

Clarice, my daughter.

- My congratulations.
- And she is a bride.

Very glad. And who are you, signora?

Me? I am the lady's maid.

How wonderful!
Very glad.

- Nice to meet you, signor.
- That's enough.

Enough small talk! Now what do you want?
Who are you? Who sent you?

Hey, hold your horses.

Three questions at once? Give a poor guy
a chance to answer them.

I suspect he is just a scoundrel!

No, I believe he is a joker!

- Are you also a bride, my beauty?
- No, not yet.

Look, you want to tell me who you are
or will you leave this house?

Well, if that's all you care about,
I'll tell you: I am a servant of my master.

Wait, wait! So who is your master from abroad?
He does have a name, doesn't he? - Yes!

Oh God! So many questions!

My master is Signor Rasponi.
Federigo Rasponi.

He sends his regards. And he's come
to see you. And he's downstairs.

He sent me to ask
if he can come up.

And he's waiting for the answer!

Is that enough?
Or do you want to know more?

So, getting back to what I was saying...

No, wait. Talk to me first!
What the hell are you talking about?

You want to know my name?

I am Truffaldino from Bergamo,

- Here comes another jester. There are
so many of them around. - Yes.

I don't care who you are.
Say your master's name again.

Poor old guy... deaf as a post.

My master is Signor Federigo...


- Rasponi...
- Rasponi!

- Of Turin.
- Of Turin!

- He's come to...
- Go away!

- But why?
- Because you are crazy.

- Signor Rasponi...
- Rasponi.

- Of Turin...
- Of Turin.

- Is dead!
- Dead, dead.

- What do you mean dead?
- Dead. There's nothing we can do about it.

Well, well, the master is dead.

What a pity.

When I left him downstairs
he was very much alive.

Wait! Wait!


He's dead. He sure is dead.

- Is he really dead?!
- Really dead.

Definitely dead. No doubt.

Madonna! How can it be?

Perhaps he ate something?

Farewell. I'll go
see for myself.

Well, what do you say he is?
A con-man or an idiot?

Analytically speaking, he
Must be both.

Ungvibus et rostro
(By any means)

But what about all this
Federigo business?

It's too bad if it is true.

It doesn't matter any more
if he is dead or alive!

You behave in a strange way.
It is not nice to fool a stranger.

I thought you were nice people
I might call you to answer for this.

I told you he was mad.

- What is it, my friend? Who offended you?
- You all did.

You told me my poor signor Rasponi
was dead. - And so?

So? Alive and kicking!

- Signor Rasponi?
- Yes, signor Rasponi.

- What? Federigo?
- Federigo in person.

- Rasponi of Turin?
- Of Turin, of Turin.

My dear fellow, go to the hospital
At once. You are mad.

- You yourself are...
- Get him out of here!

Wait a moment! Let him call the gentleman
He calls Federigo.

- All right! Go bring the man
risen from the dead! - Sure!

He might well be risen from the dead.
That is none of my business.
But at present he is alive as you'll see!

We'll have time to chat later, signorina.

My darling, I am so scared.

Don't be afraid. Whatever happened
you are mine forever!

- That is all nonsense and lies.
- It is.

Here comes some scoundrel and disturbs
Everybody with his tales!

My dear friend, as I've already
told you I knew Federigo personally.

- They won't deceive me!
- Signor.

I must tell you at once
that the kindnesses

to which I had become accustomed via
our friendly correspondence is,

I fear, ill-matched in this, the treatment
to which I have been subjected today.

Having sent my servant to you, I had expected,
a quick and eager welcoming response,

only to find I had been relegated
to the street below without invitation!

Beg pardon, signor, but who are you?

Who are you?

Let me introduce myself.
I am Rasponi. Rasponi of Turin.

Signor? Forgive me, I...
I am speechless.

I'm happy to see you alive and well.
And after we had heard the sad news.

The story went I was killed, but thanks
to Heaven, I was only wounded.

Sir, I was told that you

No, not you, but signor Rasponi,
That you were dead!

He was dead.

And if you can't prove that you...
Than I shall...

I fully understand your qualms.

Allow me to present these letters from your
agents In Turin and from your own banker...

Open them, read, recognize the
Signature and rest assured that me is me.

Ah, Brighella!

Why, Good Sir,
don't I know you?

It was a while.
May be you remember me?

We met in Turin. I am Brighella?

Yes, of course! I do recognize you.
Whatever brings you to Venice,
my good and loyal friend?

- Don't spill the beans!
- Your secret's safe.

- Why, I run an inn, sir, in the town.
- Why, what a lucky coincidence:
I'll take a room at once!

Here... signor.

These letters introduce the person who carries
them as Signor Federigo Rasponi of Turin.

To disperse the last remnants of doubt signor
Brighella can attest that I am Rasponi.

- 10 gold coins.
- I can...

I can attest. That is true!


Well, if these letters and
Brighella too say that...

Please forgive me my doubts
Signor Rasponi.

- Please forgive me.
- It doesn't matter.


- Father, you mean he really is Federigo?
- Looks that way. He is alive!

Oh God! What shall I do?

Well, what do you say, my former matchmaker?
He is just on time. Very smart!

Sic transit Gloria (Thus passes earthly
glory). What the hell is he doing here.

You'll be mine! I'll save you!

Signor Silvio, signor Silvio,
I beg you, calm down!

- Calm down!
- Forward! Forward, forward!

- Who is this signora?
- This is my daughter.

- The one I'm engaged to?
- Yes, sir; the one you're engaged to.

- My regards, signora.
- Very glad.

- The welcome is on the frosty side.
- Forgive her. She takes
after me, she's very shy.

And who is this? Your relative?

Yes, yes. Of course, my relative.
My nephew.

No, not your nephew.

- I am the fiance of this signora.
- Yes!

What? You are engaged
to Signora Clarice?

That is strange.
She was promised to me.

- Let me explain it all to you.
- It's that way.

Believe me, dear signor. We thought
That a terrible misfortune befell you.

And since you are not alive
there can be no marriage.

That is why I had the right to promise
My daughter's hand to this signor. - Yes!

You can't blame me.

As for you, you are on time and
Haven't lost anything as yet.

Clarice is yours, if you wish,
I am a man of my word.

But I doubt that signor would like
To take as his wife

A signora who has given her
vow to another man. - Yes!

Don't worry, I am not too scrupulous.

I hope signora Clarice won't
Reject me?

Too late! Signora must
belong to me!

In case you wish to fight for her
Let a duel decide who gets her!

Just look at him! He'd rather
die than give her up!

Dearest signor, you are a little late.

My son must get married to the signora.
The law is clear on that point.

Do you happen to know "Dura lex sec lex"
(A severe law is still law)

- What?
- Whoever is first is right.

Why are you silent, signora?

I can only say that your arrival
Is my misfortune!

What? How dare you be so rude
To signor? - Signor, wait.

Don't be too strict on her. I know
For sure I'll win her over.

For now let's go and take care of the business
That was the reason for my coming here.

My balance is in order.


Get out of the way! Everybody!
Or my dagger

Shall make each of you tremble!
- Oh God, who could help us?

Get him! Tie him up!
Not me, him. Diabolo!

Please, let us go home.
He is out of his mind. He is so shaken!

His bride was given over to another man.
In his grief he seeks death.

So if I get it right
Your son is cuckolded?

Horns are blowing!

Damn Rasponi!

Bravo, Rasponi! A smart guy!


But he is dead!

Now I remember. Diabolo! Wait!

Signora Beatrice, good afternoon.

My good Brighella, please don't
Disclose my identity.

I am in trouble, I've lost my brother.

I don't know if it was Florindo
who killed him, but he is dead.

Can I share a secret with you,

I was in love with Florindo Aretusi. There
was a longstanding animosity between him

And my poor Federigo.
Not long ago there was a quarrel

I don't know the details yet, but
my brother was killed in a bloody duel.

While in fear of trial my beloved fled
Without saying farewell to me.

Believe me, my good Brighella

There's no bringing back my brother anyway
And I just can't lose Florindo.

Now you see what love is capable of.

Pray, my good Brighella, don't refuse
To help me.

You've always liked to act strangely,
signora. But I'll gladly serve you!

- And I'll be damned if I let your
secret be known. - Thank you.

I am sick and tired of waiting.

I'll grow pretty thin with
a master like this.

The clock has just stuck 12. But my
stomach tells me it's long past midday.

At least two hours past midday,
no less.

I wish I knew where we are heading.

A good fellow on hitting town finds
An inn and a bar first of all.

While my crank never though of that.
Very well! He went off to pay visits!

We are told: "Serve your master with love"
And what about having some pity on servants?

What actually do I want from him?

Feed me and don't make me
work too much.

It would be nice to switch places
With my master.

He would be the servant
and me the master.

Doing business and having a nice time

I shall always remember my servant

I won't send him on various errands

First I'll tell him:
"Have breakfast, Rasponi"

Let there be war, duel,
Plague, love, fire or any other misfortune

I'll never forget the essential thing

I'll not forget to say to my servant:
"Have dinner, my friend!"

My house will be like heaven to him

He won't want another master.

Years will pas and on my deathbed

I'll say to him...




...go to have supper"

By God I can't go any further;
the weight's killing me.

Yonder's the inn! Onward, man, it's just
three more steps. Can't you do that?

I can, but no more than three.

Oh no, help!
I'm going to fall down.

- Why then did you take the job? You wretched
thing. - Oh, sir? May I be of assistance?

Oh, yes. Do please,
Carry this trunk.

Right. Give it to me. That's it.

Bravo! There! See? That's
Good work.

Each labors to the best of his ability.
He is stronger.

Signor, the trunk is already there!

Thanks. What about the inn?

A good place, sir. Soft beds,
clean glasses, and the kitchen!

Such a smell - what they call "a comfort
smell." I had a word with the waiter.
He is very polite.

- And what do you do?
- I'm a servant.

- From here in Venice? - Oh no.
I started out in Bergamo. Saint-Bergamo.

- Say, do you have a master now?
- Now? Now? You know...

Now? To tell you the truth,
at the moment I don't.

- What do you say if I hire you to be my
servant? - Your servant! Why not? How much?

- How much do you want?
- I'll be honest:

My last master gave me 12 lires
a month and all I could eat.

I can manage that.

- You could pay a bit more.
- How much more?

- A couple lires and other expenses.
- What expenses?

Well, sometimes I have to run errands.

Something and other.

All right, for something and the other.

So be it. I am yours to command.

- I want to make some inquiries about you.
- Oh, inquiries? That is easy.

You only have to go
to my beloved Bergamo

There everyone knows Truffaldino.

All right. You seem trustworthy to me.
I hire you.

- Shall we try?
- We shall, sir.

Your first errand will be to go to the post
office and inquire if there are any letters for

Florindo Aretusi from Turin and
if there are bring them here.

And you'll order dinner, sir?

Excellent. Bravo!

Funny fellow.

What a servant! Where have you been?

- I've been waiting for you, sir! - Then why
are you here when I told you to wait there?

I went for a stroll to see the town.

Well, stroll to the docks and
get my trunk. Here's the receipt

Take it to the inn of Master Brighella

- The inn is right here. Do you understand?
- Be quick about it. I'll be waiting at the office.

Wait! Also go to the post office and see if
there are any letters for signores Rasponi.

For Beatrice and Federico. My sister
was to come with me but was held back.

But letters may still be there.
So you ask for letters to her and to me.

So you ask for letters to her...

- The sister must be coming
- Yes.

Well, well. What shall I do?
A scandal is inevitable.

No one as yet managed to serve
Two masters at the same time.

- But I shall manage.
- He is like that.

- I am stubborn.
- He is like that.

- I am Truffaldino of Bergamo! I am like
that! - He is Truffaldino of Bergamo!

I'll have to move faster and
be smarter to serve two masters

But I'll be paid double
And fed double.

- But I shall manage.
- He is like that.

- I am stubborn.
- He is like that.

- I am Truffaldino of Bergamo! I am like
that! - He is Truffaldino of Bergamo!

- But I shall manage.
- He is like that.

- I am stubborn.
- He is like that.

- I am Truffaldino of Bergamo! I am like
that! - He is Truffaldino of Bergamo!

Fight bravely! Never turn back!
Where is the enemy? Don't fear!

Come out! Here is my dagger!
Blood! Death! Dust! Earth!

Never retreat. That's my tradition.

I will never concede
my bride to anyone.

The guy from Turin will have
to give up Clarice

Or I'll... or I'll
Or I'll pierce him with a...

I'll pierce him with a spear.

Or I'll pierce him with a spear.

- I say, my friend.
- Yes sir?

- Where is your master?
- That depends.

- Could you ask him to come down?
- I won't be a minute.

- I am waiting!
- Whom are you waiting for?

And I am not going to...
I am no going to wait long.

I wonder which one shall I call?

I don't care that he is
risen from the dead!

I'll fight for Clarice
till my last breath!

Let him get the hell out
of my way!

Or I... Or I...

Or I'll send him...
I'll send him to his forefathers.

- Diabolo!
- Or I'll send him to his forefathers.

Here is this very bellicose signor.

- I don't know him. What is it he wants?
- He never told me.

I am going to collect our letters and
I have no business meddling in your affairs.


You wanted to see me, signor?

- Sorry, I don't know you.
- The servant, who just left

told me that a man with a bellicose
manner wanted to see me.

I am so sorry. Must've been a misunder-
standing. I wanted a word with his master.

Well, that's me. I'm his master.

- You are his master?
- Of course. He serves me.

Then I beg your pardon,
but either your servant is identical

to the one I saw this morning,
or he is servant to another master as well.

No, I'm his master, I swear.

If that's so, I...
beg your pardon once again.

That's all right. Mistakes happen. Are you
by any chance a stranger to this city?

I am from Turin.

Funny. The man I wanted to see
is from Turin as well.

I may know him.
If he has insulted you,

I shall gladly help you
obtain satisfaction.

- Do you know Rasponi from Turin?
- Ah! I knew him only too well.

I have a score to settle with him!
He makes a claim of matrimony,
based on the father's promise,

to the fair lady I love,
whom this very morn' swore to be my wife!

Rest easy, friend, he cannot
steal away your bride.

- The man Rasponi... is dead.
- No, the news was not true.

This morning he showed up in here.
His arrival spelt misery for me.

He came here? That can't be.
I am staggered!

- And so am I.
- I assure you, Rasponi is dead.

- Signor, he is alive. I give you my word.
- You are mistaken, believe me.

Signor Pantalone, my bride's father,
has made every inquiry.

He has incontestable proof
that Rasponi is alive.

- It means he was not killed in the duel?
- I don't care if he was killed or not.

He must give up any claim on Clarice!
When you see him, signor, tell him

That he must abandon all hope
For this marriage.

My warmest regards from me
Silvio Lombardi.

I don't know how he managed to survive.

I saw his body stabbed
through and through.

He lay on the ground
and didn't breathe.

His soul apparently left the body.

But if miracles still happen

Then thank heaven!

I'll go to Turin immediately as fast
As my steed can speed!

I'll go to my beloved Beatrice!

Oh, Beatrice! I am happy again.

I await our reunion!

I want to drink your breath
with my lips,

Oh Beatrice, my love!

Oh Beatrice, my love!

Go back, my friend
and wait over there.

Over the corner. I'll call you.

- So here you are!
- Here I am, signor.

- Will you go with me?
- Where to?

- To Turin, immediately.
- When?

- Immediately!
- Right off? Without having dinner?

- We can have dinner. Agreed?
- I'll decide by the end of dinner, signor.

- Have you been to the post office?
- Yes.

- Found any letters?
- I did.

- Where are they, then?
- I'll find them in a minute.

- What is taking so long, give them to me.
- Just a moment.

I must confess, sir:
Not all letters are yours.

I met this servant I used
to know in Bergamo

And when he heard I was going
to the post office, he asked me to take
his master's letters as well.

I believe one is for you, the other for him
But I don't know which is which.

- Give them to me. I'll find mine.
- Here.

I wanted to do a friend
a good turn.

- A letter for Beatrice?! Is she in Venice?
- That must be my friend's letter.

- Who is your friend? Who is his master?
- His name is Pasquale, a good chap.

- Who is his master?
- I don't know, sir.

But if he told you to pick up his master's
letters, he must have told you his name.

Of course he did. I don't recall.

- You don't?
- I don't. I swear to God!

- He wrote it on a piece of paper
- So where is the paper?

- I left it at the post office.
- What a day, Madonna.

- Do you know where Pasquale lives?
- Signor, I honestly don't know.

But how are you going
to hand him the letter?

We made an appointment to meet in the
square. Give me the letter, signor.

- I'll open the letter
- God forbid! It's a sin.

I know.

Well, well, well. That's it.

My regards, signora. Your departure from
this city has given rise to much talk.

All the town now knows that you
have gone to join Signor Aretusi.

As soon as the Authorities have
discovered that you fled dressed
as a man - this is also known -

they issued an order
for your arrest.

Truffaldino, find this servant Pasquale,
And find out who his master is,

find out if his master is a man or
a woman, find out where he stays,

and if you bring the fellow here
you'll both get a finder's fee.

I'll try. How can I give him
the letter open like this?

Tell him it was by mistake.

- It means we are not going to Turin now?
- I'll wait, but hurry up.

What a smart guy! Almost a genius!

Porter! Here quick!
Take the trunk.

- Where shall I take it?
- To the inn.

- Who'll tip me?
- Did you get it?

We agreed on 30 soldi.

- So be it 30.
- What people!

- Have you been to the post office?
- Of course.

- Any letters?
- There's one, but not for you.

- For whom then?
- For your sister.

- Give it to me.
- Here.

- But it's been opened! - That's
lmpossible! No way! When? By whom?

- Yes.
I have no idea how it could happen.

You have no idea? You scoundrel,
arrogant swindler!

All right! I'll tell you the truth.
Any one can make mistakes.

There was a letter for me at the post
office. But I am not good at reading

So I opened yours by mistake.

- If that's so, it's all right.
- Of course it's so. You may be quite sure.

- Did you read it? - Oh, no, signor.
Besides the handwriting is almost illegible.

- Did anybody see it?
- God forbid! Certainly not!

- I'll get you.
- God forbid! God forbid!

I have some things to do.
Go to the inn, here are the keys

Open the trunk, air all the clothes.
When I come back we'll have dinner.

I am a success again.

- Where's your master?
- He is gone.

Any idea where to?
Will he be back soon?

Well, I suppose he will.

Give 100 dukats to the signor
As I promised.

I'll call on him later.

Wait! He didn't tell which master
Shall receive the money.

- So? Did you find Pasquale?
- Alas, signor, I couldn't find him.

But I ran into a bum
who gave me 100 dukats.

What? A hundred ducats? Why?

Tell me signor in all honesty that you
do not expect to be getting any money.

Yes, I am. A certain sum of money
Must arrive.

Meaning these hundred ducats
are yours?

- What did the man who brought the money say?
- Well... He said to give it to my master.

So the money is for me!
Am I not your master?

That's so.

Master you are.

- Do find Pasquale.
- Only after dinner.

- Well then, hurry to hurry up dinner.
- Yes.

This time I didn't make a mistake either.
I handed the money to the necessary master.

Exactly to the one who was to have it.

Have you forgotten me
My long awaited happiness?

Or is it taking you so long
To get to me?

My beloved is not with me
My darling is not with me

Love has a lot of dark moments
And very few bright days.

I am tired of waiting for happiness
And still he is not here

There is so little time left to live
I am seventeen already!

It's not easy to love
When he is not nearby.

The anxiety grows stronger
And stronger.

When will my most cherished
Wish come true?

Love has a lot of dark moments
And very few bright days.

I am tired of waiting for happiness
And still he is not here

There is so little time left to live
I am seventeen already!

There is so little time left to live
I am seventeen!

No more arguing!
You'll marry signor Federigo!

I gave him my word and I'll keep it!

Father, do as you wish
But this is

- Shut up, girl!

- You never rejected Federigo.
- Only out of respect for you.

Nice respect! Calling me a tyrant!

Now tell me, what do you find
so disgusting about him?

Can't you understand? I love Silvio.

Silvio... that sniveler!

That can't be helped, my daughter.
Just make an effort.

I won't survive. I can feel it.

Take heart, my darling,
it can't be helped.

Signor, signor Rasponi is here.

Show him in.

- My greetings, signor Pantalone.
- You servant, sir.

- Did you receive the hundred ducats
that I sent to you. - No.

I gave the money to your servant.
You said he was honest.

I must have missed him. Not to worry, he'll
give me the money when I get back to the inn.

What's with signora Clarice?
Is she crying? Why?

Believe me, dear sir,
It's only because

it was rumored
that you were dead.

But I am sure time will
Heal the wound.

- Let's go this way about it.
- Yes?

Do me a favor: Leave us alone.

I'll see if I can make her smile.

Certainly, sir.

Sweetheart. Now entertain your fiance.
Be smart and play nice for Goodness sake.

He is my trustee, we have joint business
I wouldn't like to make him angry.

At last we are alone.

Leave me alone.
You are disgusting to me!

Don't be so strict with me
Will you.

Marriage to you means my death.

When you come to know me closer
You'll be more polite with me.

I know you enough, sir.
You are here to disturb my peace.

But I have the key
to quell your qualms.

Wrong, only Silvio has my qualm key!

- I want to share a secret with you.
- I promise you nothing.

Your severity is incomprehensible.
But I could make you happy.

Make me happy? You?
You can only make me miserable.

Wrong, madam! And I am going
to convince you.

You don't love me,
that's just as well.

Your heart is already taken?
Well, so is mine.

And if you promise to keep secret
what I am going to tell you

I will tell you something. That will
completely restore your peace of mind.

I vow to keep your secret.

- I am not Federigo.
- Not Federigo? Who are you than?

- I am his sister.
- You are a woman?

Yes I am, just think
if I wanted to marry you.

But what about your brother?

Killed in a duel.

Sadly the person dearest to me
is suspected to be his murderer.

As before I am not going to retreat.

My heart is broken,
my honour is at stake!

Let Pantalone keep
his word

Or I, or I...

Or I'll make
I'll make him eat dirt.

Or I'll make him eat dirt!

Diabolo. Go ahead!

I know that Pantalone was wrong.
He wronged you.

But still it is no excuse to behave
Like you do.

Silvio, Silvio! You'd better
Leave it to me, my boy.

I'll talk to him and I am sure
I'll make him see the error of his ways

explaining what honour is.
Keep calm!

- Now leave this place.
- No! He'll answer for the insult!

Believe me, I am wiser I know
the world and eggs do not teach hens.

I want you to obey.

Conditio sinequa non. (The necessary
Condition). Do you understand?

All right. This time I'll leave!

But pray in the name of love
and friendship keep my secret.

- But to Silvio
- I absolutely forbid you.

- All right, I won't tell him, signora.
- Not a word to any one.

- I swear again I won't
- Give me your hand now.

What for?

Are you still afraid?
Shall I offer you proof?


Bravissimo! Bravissimo!

You must be a magician, sir.

We must make arrangements
for the marriage this minute!

Father, don't let us make haste.

What do you mean? You were hugging
and I am not to hurry?

And what if something happens?
Who'll be to blame?

No, no, the wedding will be tomorrow!

Sir, first we have to complete our
business and go over our accounts.

We'll do everything, settle all accounts
And then tomorrow the wedding rings

- But dear father, why so soon?
- Me dear daughter, we can't waste time.

Sir, signor Lombardi is here.

- I'll go to say a couple of words to him.
- Oh don't, why...

Oh, I see.

- Well, good-bye
- I say, sir...

- Since you are a bride and bridegroom
- Father!

All right, my children, all right!

Father! Let go!

Ah, signora Beatrice, I fear my
Troubles are not yet over.

Everything may happen,
Only I can't marry you.

A shame! A shame!

I would consider it a shame
To let such a woman live in my house!

The daughter of a person who
Doesn't know how to keep his word!

Remember, that you've insulted me!

Neither me, nor my son, nor my family
will forgive you! You'll pay dearly!

Go, go away!
I don't care!

I am not a bit afraid of such threats.

I have more respect for the house of Rasponi
than for a hundred Lombardi houses!

Qui visfacer parabellum

Who wants peace must
Get ready for war!

- My God! He is here.
- Remember your vow.

Father related to me the news
That I can scarcely believe.

Yes, you can. Everything he
Told you is true.

That's enough, I understand!

It means that the wedding between Clarice
And signor Federigo is all settled?

Exactly. We have decided so.

I am appalled at
your arrogant tone.

You... you have no honor!
You don't know how to keep your word!

You have no right to talk like that
To an old man!

If you were not old I would pull out
Your beard at once!

- And I would break your knees!
- I could pierce you through!

You came here to make havoc?

I suggest you come out.
Let's settle everything outside your house.

You know, you surprise me!

If there is a drop of honour left
in you I ask you to come outside.

You have no respect!

You are a coward! A rascal!
An old scoundrel!

And you are a cad,
a brigand and a villain.

Damn! I swear to God
I'll pierce you through!

I am not a frog, sir.

Help! Help!


End of part one

Comissioned by the State Committee
of the USSR for Radio and Television


Creative society for
TV movies


Musical based on the comedy "The Servant
of Two Masters" by C. Goldoni

Screenplay V. Vorobiev, A. Goldburt

Stage direction V. Vorobiev

Director of photography D. Meskhiev

Art director I. Kaplan

Composer - A. Kolker
Lyrics - Kim Ryzhov

Sound - Ye. Nesterov
Editor - Yu. Holin, editing - Z. Sheineman

Directors - B. Pavlov-Silvansky, V. Terentyev
Photography - A. Taborov, A. Romanov

Dances - Yu. Myachin
Stage movement - K. Chernozyomov

Costume designer I. Vedernikova
Make-up artists - G. Vdovichenko, T. Pavlova

Designers - V. Slonevsky, I. Mishina

Assistant directors - O. Andreyev, G. Pushkova,
assistant art designer - M. Struchkova,
assistant sound director - L. Seliukova,
assistant light director - V. Yeliseyev.

Pop and Symphony orchestra
of the Leningrad committee for TV and Radio,
Conducted by V. Rylov.

Production manager - L. Svetlov

Part two

Hey, help!


- Son-in-aw, help!
- I am here, don't worry!

Ah-ha, so you are here!
The very man I sought!

Here you come, scoundrel! I'll teach
You a lesson for your dirty tricks!

Hey, easy signor! Mind you I've got
My sword and I am no coward!

Fight, despicable creature, who has
Enticed another man's bride!

I can defend myself and I can
Show the cad his place!

- I am ready!
- Me too.

- Let's start.
- Right.

- I am waiting!
- What for?

- And you?
- For you!

- Ah, so?
- So.

- I am here!
- Me too!

Fewer words and more business!

It's too early for you
to be weary of life.

It's such a sunny day

Such a hot sunny day.

Don't you feel lazy
To play with death?

The devil only awaits

Which of us shall get

Which of us shall get on
This spit like a turkey

Well, fight to the bitter end,

Don't close your eyes
He is himself afraid.

It's no use pretending
To be brave

And it's dangerous
Waving your spear.

Be careful lest this fight
Become your last one.

But is it? What's gone wrong?
What's the matter?

We strike the enemy with the spear

And win again as usual!

Stop, stop! Stop.

My dearest Clarice,
For your sake I grant life

To this signor.

And you as a sign of gratitude
do keep your vow.

Come on.

That's it! That's it! That's it!

That's it! That's it! That's it!

We are saved, my darling!

Damnation. Despicable traitor,

Whom are you calling "darling"?

The fiance whom you betrayed?
The one that you mocked so cruelly?

I do not deserve your reprimand.
I love you and am still faithful to you.

Liar! Why humiliate me?

You call a treason faithfulness.
You just now made a vow to another man!

I never did and never shall do such a thing.
I'd rather die than leave you.

- Your father announced your marriage!
- Father could not have told you such a thing.

He told me that
You were alone

In your room with
your fiance Rasponi!

- I won't deny that.
- Isn't it enough?

Do you expect me to believe
You are faithful to me

When you were so close
With another man?

I know how to guard my honour!

As my fiancee you shouldn't let another
Man into your room.

- It was my father who left us alone!
- But you agreed only too gladly.

Equally gladly I would have run away!

I heard him speak about
a vow you made.

This vow has nothing to do
with my betrayal.

- So what is this vow then?
- That I can't tell you.

- But why?
- I promised to keep silent.

This is the proof of your guilt.

- Not in the least!
- An innocent woman has nothing to hide.

But telling you I'd
Commit a crime!

- To whom did you make this vow?
- To Federigo.

Is this vow so sacred for you?

I must inform you that I am
Going to keep it.

And you say you do not love him?

Liar. I don't want to see you.

You are blind! Had I not loved you

I wouldn't come running here
To save your life!

What do I need it for
When I owe it to you.

Believe me, dear, I love you!

And me... and I despise
You with all my heart!

Please stop or I'll die.

I'd rather see you dead than suffer
Such deceit on your part.

So you wish me dead?

Yes! Death is the only
Reward for treason.

- Rejoice then.
- Wait! Stop!

And you, signor, can look with indifference
when blood is shed before your eyes!

You are a tiger! A lion!
A soulless crocodile!

Just look at this smart aleck!

The poor bride is ready to disembowel
Herself for his sake!

As for you, signora, you are too polite with
him. I am not sure he really loves you.

And if so... he doesn't deserve
to be loved! Let's go home.

Let's go home! There are
lots of men on earth!

I can easily find a dozen
of them for you!

Ungrateful man! So it is true that it makes
no difference to you if I am alive or dead!

But bare in mind that I'll still die,
I'll die of undeserved suffering!

Some day people will learn that
I died innocent.

But it'll be too late to repent!

You'll come to my grave
To grieve for your loss...

But I won't come out to you

Any more!

Now I don't get it:

A girl is on the point of killing herself,
and you stand there watching and waiting.

Are you crazy? You don't really think
she was going to stab herself?

If I hadn't showed up,
she'd be gone now.

That's too much! She was far from it!
All women know how to pretend!

Better watch yourself.

We only talk, but you do business!

You are the source of all evil
and all slander!

You always say spiteful things about women
While you keep silent about men's doings!

If I had the power
I would issue and order

That all unfaithful men
should carry a green branch

then all towns would become
lush green gardens!

Beyond any doubt Clarice is unfaithful

My bride was alone with him!

I strive for revenge, and that type
from Turin shall soon find his grave

Otherwise I, otherwise I...

Otherwise I shall dep...
I shall depart this world forever.

Otherwise I shall depart
this world forever!

Hey, Truffaldino!

Hey, Truffaldino!

- Hey, Truffaldino!
- Truffaldino!

- Truffaldino!
- Truffaldino!

Hey, Truffaldino!

Hey, Truffaldino!

Hey, Truffaldino!

Hey, Truffaldino! Lazybones!

Hey, Truffaldino!


Hey, Truffaldino!

Hey, Truffaldino!

Did you find Pasquale? Where is he?

I thought I was supposed
to look for him after lunch, signor.

I have no time for dinner,
I have some urgent business.
Clean my clothes and have dinner yourself.

You are the master,
it's for you to decide.

If I am not back for dinner you'll find me
In the Cathedral square. I'll be there.

And find Pasquale!
Take this and lock it in the trunk.

Come here, my friend.

- Truffaldino.
- Damn.

I am here, sir!

Did signor Pantalone give you
A hundred gold ducats for me?

- Yes, I got the money.
- Why didn't you tell me?

- Was it for you?
- For whom else? What did he tell you?

- He told me to hand it over to my master.
- Fine. So who is your master?

- You are. - Then why did you ask
if the money was mine?

So it appears to be yours.

- Here is a bank check, put it in the
trunk. - Yes, sir. This minute.

- Is Brighella here?
- He is at home.

Tel him I am expecting a guest for lunch,
Let him prepare some nice food.

How many dishes would you like?

I suppose signor Pantalone, modest
as he is, will have five or six.

- But the best ones. Tell Brighella...
- Don't worry. Everything will be all right.


First course, we shall have soup.

Then something for the second course

Then boiled meat and a fricandeau.

I know the first three, but what
was the one you named last?

It's French. With gravy...
That tastes very good.

French? Right. And then?

Then salad, meat pie and a pudding.

What? What did you say?

- Pudding.
- Sorry...

I said pudding. An English dish.

- They are no angels. Common people
- Not "angelic". A dish that the English like.

Oh, the English! I understand.

Now tell me, how shall we
Set the table?

- Don't worry about that, the servant
will see to it. - It's not that simple.
That's a subtle business.

I shall myself attend to it. It is very
important to serve the table well!

Well... Well, the soup
May be placed here.

The second course goes over here.
And fricandeau here.

- And what will be in the middle?
- Let's place gravy in the middle.

God forbid, my dear friend! You can't
place gravy in the middle, barbarian!

You place soup in the middle!

- Meat will be here and gravy - there.
- God forbid! Never!

That way we won't get anything right.
Attention! I place 5 dishes.

Here in the middle we have soup.

Meat goes here.

Fried meat on this side.

Gravy here.

And here goes the dish

That I don't know the name of.
OK. Did I lay the table well?

You did, only the gravy
Is too far from meat!

I'll take the liberty to assure you

That you counted those mirrors
and wax two times.

Might be, we'll have to check it up.
All the accounts are here.

We'll move it closer!

Hey, Truffaldino, what's
Going on here?

- I mark the placement of dishes.
- And what's this? Some papers?

- Oh damn, I forgot.
- This is my check!

- Forgive me. It was my fault.
I'll fix it. - Fix it!

Just see, dear Pantalone,
what he's done to your check!

Well, this is can be helped easily. I'll
right out another check for you. Come here.

It's all because Brighella
doesn't know how to lay a table.

- He wants to do everything his own way!
- I just know how to do it!

- Get out.
- It's important to lay the table!

- I said get out!
- Get out.

Serving at table is very important.
I won't delegate it to any one.

Because I know. Yes!
Where, what and when!



Signor Brighella, what about lunch?

5 dishes and two course have been ordered.
You'll have to wait.

What 5 dishes? No ceremonies, please.
I'd gladly have some meatballs.

So you'll serve us meatballs and
Whatever else you find appropriate.

Yes, sir. This way, please.
I'll tell them to serve lunch.

Please, tell Truffaldino
to come and wait on us.

- I will this minute.
- Thank you.

Pray forgive the quality of lunch.

That's all right, dear signor Rasponi,
Your hospitality is comforting to me

I'm still a little shaky from
this morning's events.

Hadn't you showed up just in time
The madman would have killed me!

I am glad I could be
of service to you.

Hey, Truffaldino, hurry up our lunch!

Go on and we'll watch

Be as quick as you may

You can't serve two

Hungry masters!

But I can!

Let's wait and see.

- I am stubborn
- Let's wait and see.

I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!

Right you are,
You are a braggart from Bergamo!

- Where are you taking this dish?
- I am serving it.

- For whom?
- For you.

- How come when I am not here yet?
- I saw you through the window.

Then why do you begin with the second
course? Where is the soup?

According to their custom they always
Eat soup towards the end of dinner.

- I am accustomed to a different order.
Serve me soup and take this back
to the kitchen. - Yes, sir.

- And hurry, bring me everything!
- Just a moment.

Yes, you are right.

You are a braggart of Bergamo.

Hey guys! Lunch for that signor!

Just look at him! That's something!

Let's see if the swindler can serve

Dinner for two parties

And lose nothing.

But I can!

That depends.

- But I am stubborn
- So what?

I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!

Yes, you are right, you are
A stubborn guy of Bergamo!

Be you stubborn as a hundred donkeys

You can't be on time everywhere.

You'll get out of breath
serving at two tables

And break a lot of pottery!

But I can!

That depends.

- I am stubborn
- So what?

I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!

Yes, you are right.
You are a braggart of Bergamo.

Wait! Wait, wait!

Yes, you are right!

- I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!
- You're Truffaldino of Bergamo!

I managed to do everything
and everybody is content.

I managed to serve two masters
And none of them suspected anything.

So, if I managed to work for two

I'll eat for four today.

Hey, anyone there?

Are you looking for me, signora?

Yes, for you, signor.
Sorry to trouble you.

- That's all right, I'll listen to you.
- You seem to be having lunch.

- Yes, I was just having lunch when
you called. - I am so sorry really.

But I assure you...
I am... I am happy.

To tell the truth I am fed up
While your eyes are like pudding to me.

- Pudding, an angelic dish.
- Is it really?

I'll place a bottle here...

Now I am all yours...

My darling.
- Darling?

I've brought this note here from
my mistress for signor Federigo

But since I did not dare come in myself
I decided to call you outside.

Well, I'll give him the note.

But I must tell you that I too have
An errand for you, signora.

- Can you tell me, whose order it is?
- It's from a certain signor.

- Tell me, do you know
signor Truffaldino? - No.

- He knows you.
- Well...

The name sounds familiar.

But I can't place him.

He is a handsome guy.

Not tall, but very witty
And speaks well.

More over he is a master
of ceremonies.

- I don't know anybody like that.
- But he knows you and loves you.

- You want to make fun of me?
- Not in the least, signora.

If he had the slightest hope
He would make his feelings known.

Well, if I should find him attractive
I won't refuse to get to know him

- Well.
- Well.


- I can call him now. Would you
like me to? - Do, please.

He is gone. So it was not him?

That's something I don't
understand at all.

- Did you see him?
- See whom?

- The one who is madly in love with you.
- There was no one but you.


- So you are the one in question?
- Yes, that's me.

Why didn't you confess
your feelings to me at once?

I am shy
And I was never in love.

You embarrass me.
I am a bit shy too.

Two shy people could make
A happy couple!

We are so similar.

Our docile temper is well known

If we can't find an understanding

Shame on us!

We've found each other,

I don't want any other destiny.

If I am not an exemplary husband

I'll be damned.

Only a stone could fail to respond

To such words.

Your words make me feel
Like I were in heaven!

My face burns.
Neither wind, nor snow can cool it.

Shyness shall not
Prevent our happiness.

Our marriage will be mutually

We won't be shy all the time.

If a single day passes
without an embrace

We'll die of shame.

We are overly shy,

We can make a lot of mistakes.

We'll be ashamed to have

Less than ten children.

We'll be ashamed to have

Less than ten children.

Are you a virgin?

- What a question?!
- Meaning "no"

- Meaning "yes"! - I understand.
This takes care of the formalities.

- Give me the letter. I'll be right back.
- Take it...


- Do you know what is in it?
- I don't know but I am curious.

What if there's something awful on the
letter? I don't want to get into trouble.

I have got to know what they write to him
about. Otherwise I can't give him the letter.

It can be sealed afterwards!

I know how to do it.
No one can tell.

- Then open it. We'll learn everything
at once. - Be more careful.

Don't worry. I know
A wonderful secret.

- The letter becomes as good as new.
- Read it.

Better you read it.
You'll manage better.

The mistress's handwriting
is so illegible.

- I can't make out anything either.
- Why did you open it then?

Oh you bastard! I'll get you!

- You won't with your rheumatism
- Oh

- Why did you open my letter?
- I don't know. It was Smeraldina's fault.

What has Smeraldina got to do with it?
It was you!

Two letters in one day! Scoundrel!
Come here.

Come, come.

Pray, sir, why shout like this.

Why? Why?!

That's why, bastard!

Good! Once again!

More, more! Thank you!

More, more!

Now let me do it myself!

That's it! That's it!
Gratitude for all the good things!

Thank you!

That's it!

Damn you!

What meanness!
Beating such a man with a stick

If you don't like your servant,
discharge him!

Hey, Truffaldino, what did you say?

It is mean to beat with
a stick another man's servant!

It's an offence for the master
whom I serve so selflessly.

That's right, Truffaldino.
That's an insult to me.

- Who beat you up?
- I don't know myself!

- What did he beat you for! - For
trifles! I accidentally spat on his shoe.

- So you allowed him to beat you like that?
- So you allowed him to beat you like that!

- You never even tried to defend yourself?
- You never even tried to defend yourself?

- Your behaviour insulted me.
- Your behaviour insulted me.

You disgrace your master.

Fool. Idiot! Lump!

Now it's me who'll
Give you a thrashing.

Truly I serve two masers and
Get my pay from both!

Soon it'll be midnight in Venice

The dreamy stones are becoming cold.

I've been waiting for you so long

In the small boat under your window.

Let me have your smile as a present

I shall give you a worthy reward

I'll get moonlight from the sea

And place it at your beautiful feet!

The moon is sailing over the sea.

Soon it'll be midnight,
the time for love

If night wind... still blowing

I'll wrap you in a coat

Of my kisses.

What a handsome man.

The face seems familiar,
He looks like my master.

The one that is sleeping.

But no, it's some one else. The wig
And dress are totally different.

Hey, Truffaldino!

Damn. He did wake up after all.
I am here.

Hey, Truffaldino!

Hey, Truffaldino!

- Hey, Truffaldino!
- Yes?

What the hell are you doing here?

You told me yourself to
Air your clothes.

That's what I am doing.

- Whose trunk is this?
- No idea. Perhaps it's our neighbour's?

Give me my suit, quick.

And what's this?
Incredible! My portrait!

I gave it to Beatrice as a memory.
How did it get here?

Oh, sir, forgive me.
I must confess, it is mine.

- I value it and I hid it in your trunk.
- How did you get it?

I inherited it from a certain signor

Who died quite suddenly
And left various trifles to me.

Among them was this portrait.
- Madonna mia!

When did you former master die?

I'd say a week ago.

What was his name?

- I don't recall. He lived under an
assumed name. - My God! An assumed name!

- Tell me, was your master young?
- Yes.

- Where from?
- Where was he from?

He told me, but I forgot.

- May be Turin? - Exactly.
I remember he mentioned Turin.

Tell me, are you absolutely sure
He is dead?

No mistake.

My God!

It's all over!

Beatrice is dead.

The poor thing could not
stand the suffering!

It happened so quickly.
She is no more.

I can't live with this!

What's wrong with him? He is crying.

Seems like all hell is crazy
About this portrait.

He must have known the man.

Hey, Truffaldino!

- Hey, Truffaldino!
- Here I am.

- Have you got the keys to the trunk?
- I have. I always carry them.

- What did you place my trunk here for?
- To air your clothes.

- Are you through?
- Yes.

- Open it. And whose trunk is this?
- It belong to a visiting signor.

- Get out the book. It is under
the dress in the trunk. - This one?

No, not his one.

- My God! It's queer.
- What's wrong? Are you OK?

I am all right.

Tell me, Truffaldino, how did
this book get into my trunk?

- No idea.
- Tell me the truth!

Signor, please forgive me, but
it was I who put it into your trunk.

I was afraid to lose it. It's mine.

Why are you giving me the wrong book?
Didn't you recognize your own book?

It has become mine only recently.
I couldn't recognize it at once.

How did you get it?

I served a certain signor,
Who died not long ago.

So he willed me this book

When did he die?

10 days ago.

Tell me, Truffaldion, do you remember
His name? Was it Florindo?

Florindo. That's right, signor.
It was Florindo.

And his surname? Was it Aretusi?

Yes, yes. I remember it was Aretusi.

Are you certain he died?

That's right.
Absolutely right.

- How did he die? Where is he buried?
- You see

He fell into the canal. Perished.
Was never seen since.

My God!

Florindo is dead!

The only man I ever loved!

This now

- A woman?!
- She is.

- Well now!
- Incredible.

Could you believe it?

Looks like now instead
of two masters

I have a little less

One master

And one mistress.

My salutations, dear.

You bow to me? I am surprised.

I have news for you,

Perhaps you want to tell me about the
Wedding? To hell with the wedding!

- Forget your anger. I want to tell you...
- Speak up, damn you.

If you wish, the wedding
may take place!

Thanks a lot. No need to worry.

My son has got a weak stomach,
Let the guy from Turin have your daughter.

If you knew who the one from Turin is
You wouldn't be saying such things.

Damn him whoever he is!
Once your daughter had time to

- Listen he is
- Enough! I don't want to listen!

- You don't want to listen? As you wish.
- Let's wait and see.

Si vis pacem para bellum (who wants
peace must prepare for war).

You have no right to talk
that way about a girl!

- Go to hell!
- Go to hell yourself!

Shameless, unfeeling scoundrel!

Damn you!


Greetings to signor Silvio!

I wish I could pierce him
with my sword.

- Let me tell you good news.
- What is it?

I want to inform you that the wedding
of my daughter Clarice and Rasponi
has been called off!

- I sit true?
- I swear it is so!

If you wish my daughter
will become your wife!

I am so happy! You are bringing
Me back to life!

But still how can I approach her
When she was so intimate with another man?

I'll tell you in short that signor
Rasponi has all of a sudden
turned into his sister Beatrice!

I don't get it.

Silly head! He is not him.
He is a woman! See?

- In man's clothes?
- Yes!

Oh Madonna!

- Now I see!
- Thank God.

- Father!
- My son!

I am so happy!

You've brought me back to life!
Where is my Clarice?

I'll hurry to see her!
Quicker! Quicker!

I am so glad!


Madonna! Is there no justice?

So much grief for me alone!

I've just lost my dearest brother

And another loss so soon!

Oh Madonna! Florindo is no more!

What wrong have I done to deserve it?

How can I live without love and hope?
I don't know.

Oh Madonna, I curse life itself!

Oh, Madonna! There is no more
sun in the sky for me.

I dreamt and prayed in vain.

Only the flames of hell
will dry me tears.

Oh Madonna, accept my soul!

- Beatrice!
- Oh my beloved.

- Why did you want to die?
- I got news that you were dead.

- Who told you so?
- My servant.

So did mine.
Hey, people, who is there?

- What do you desire?
- Where are our servants?

- Signor, I don't know, but I can look
for them. - Please, send them here.

I know only one of them, but I'll tell
my servants they probably know both.

Let me congratulate you heartily!
I would very much regret burying you.

Do kiss as much as you like,
But please choose another place to die.

I keep my inn for the living!

- We probably were supposed to suffer.
- But what shall we do now?

There is no way we can return to Turin now.
We both will be arrested immediately.

My dear, no more sad thoughts. You are alive,
we are together! We'll think of something.

So, for now here is one of them. Take him.
We'll go and look for the other.

- We mast have them both.
- Where is the other?

- I don't know. Probably in the kitchen.
- Let's go look for him.

Let me say something to you.

I'll tell you the whole truth!

I've got absolutely nothing to do with it all.
It's all Pasquale's fault. Their servant's.

While I was out he mixed up the trunks
And begged me to save him.

I'll do anything for a friend.
So I lied to get Pasquale out of trouble.

I never thought you would get so upset
Learning that some other person was dead.

That's it. I swear to God.

- You mean Pasquale is signora's servant?
- Exactly.

- Why did you not say so?
- He begged me not to tell you.

- Pasquale?
- Yes.

- And you dared hide it from me? - Believe
me, it was out of pure love for Pasquale!

You both should be thrashed!

The long interrogation
is not yet over?

- I know all the details now.
- I beg you, please save Pasquale!

If you wish, do punish me, but
me alone. Don't harm Pasquale.

- Do you love Pasquale so? - Very much!
I love him like a brother, like a father!

Now I'll tell signora that it all was my
fault, that I am to blame. Let her punish me!

Let her beat me up,
but I'll save Pasquale.

He is a kind guy.


- What have you been telling
this signor so long? - I'll explain
everything to you signorina.

This signor has got a servant.
His name is Pasquale.

He is a unique fool
A real blockhead!

He mixed up the things in both trunks
And feared that he would be sacked

So he asked me to think of something.
I invented the story about this book

About my master drowning.
I tried to take the blame upon myself.

Right now I told that signor
That it all was my fault!

- Why did you take all the blame
upon yourself? - I swear to God
only out of love for Pasquale.

- I entreat you to forgive him.
- Forgive whom?


You are both scoundrels!

One of us sure is.

Let them be!


They did it all without malice.

They should both be punished,
But we are so happy, let's forgive them.

Where is he?

I believe signor will now
Pay a visit to signor Pantalone.

- So what?
- I have a favour to ask you.

- What are you asking, Truffaldino?
- Signor, me too, I am in love.

- You're in love? Really?
- Absolutely.

She served in Pantalone's house
And so I am asking you

- But what has I got to do with it?
- Well, nothing of course

but you would do me a great favour if
you could talk to signor Pantalone.

Does the girl love you?

Of course she does.
What else can she do?

All right, I'll tell him.

O Venice, a fairy town,

You've been built for joy.

You bestow love on all
those who are young

To all those who are
in love you give happiness.


- I've found you!
- I've found you!

It's such a nice day!
There never was a brighter day!

Give me your hand, signora Clarice.

It's yours forever.

I love me, my Beatrice!

I love you, Florindo, I do!

Anybody will enjoy such a sight.

To tell the truth,
we are no less beautiful.

I love you endlessly!

I swear to be always faithful to you!

Let love never desert

your young hot hearts.

No more grief and suffering

Here is a happy ending.

- It looks like everyone is happy now!
- It does.

- Not everyone, signor.
- What?

- Oh yes.
- Exactly.

Forgive me, signor, but I would like
To ask you a favour.

I am at your service.

My servant asks your permission
To get married to one of your maids.

Oh, another fiance! He is cute.

I'd like to get just
one glimpse of him.

- I have no objections.
- Me too.

But what about the girl?

If I were sure that
this marriage

will be a success.

What is your servant like?

He seems to be honest and able.

I was about to marry Smeraldina to
Sognora Beatrice's servant.

Surely now I let you do as you like.

Oh in that case I withdraw my proposal.
You candidate seems more appropriate.

On no account! Let your proposal
be the only one, signor.

- I beg you to go on with
your arrangements. - I won't.

You are so considerate but I've already made
up my mind that my servant won't get married!

But if yours doesn't get married
I won't allow another do it either!

At least we will be quits.

That's it. Because of the masters' ceremonies
I am not getting any husband at all!

Let's settle it somehow.

Signors, just look at the young lady.

It's painful to look at her!

- She wants to get married and you
just keep talking. - I won't agree
to let her have my servant!

I am of the same opinion concerning mine.
I make the way for your servant.

That's some nice business.

The masters are playing patty-cake,
and I'm standing here without a wife!

- Please, go ahead.
- Please, do go ahead.

- No, you go ahead.
- No, you.

- No, you go ahead.
- Let me...

Let me say a word. I'll settle everything.
Signor requested the hand
of Smeraldina for his servant?

Yes, you heard everything
with your own ears, Truffaldino!

And you acted on behalf
of signora Beatrice's servant?

So be it.
Give me your hand, Smeraldina.

What have you got to do with it?


Since I serve both signor and signora.
Both of them.

- What a scoundrel!
- What a rogue!

- You mean to say you served us both?!
- Well?

I did. I won't deny it. But I seem
To have been doing everything well.

If there was some mix-up
There never was any evil intention.

Just think how much diligence,

What is it? You are having fun.

I got you!

Clever me!

I beg your attention
and yours madam

to hear our verdict!

This is the end of all of them.


I want to tell you that the
High court of Turin

Acquitted Florindo

Because the real murderer was found.

Captain - Yevgeny Tilicheev

BEATRICE - Valentina Kosobutskaya

FLORINDO - Viktor Kostetsky

Clarice - Irina Driatskaya

Silvio - Viktor Krivonos

Pantalone - Lev Petropavlovsky

Dr. Lombardi - Igor Sorkin

Brighella - Alexandr Berezniak

SMERALDINA - Natalia Gundareva

Truffaldino - Konstantin Raikin

Extras: Actors of the Leningrad
Theatre of Musical Comedy


The print was made using
the "SVEMA" negative.