True to the Game 2 (2020) - full transcript

After her friend's death, a NYC journalist becomes the target of a criminal looking to collect on a debt.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

It's our first time
working for Jerrell.

You know we gotta do this right.

Stay focused.

Get off the 'gram,
pay attention.

I got all these chicks
on Instagram.

Look at this shit, dawg!

Yo, I ain't got time
for that shit.

You sound like
a whole nut ass nigga!

How I be a nut ass nigga?

'Cause you ain't focused!

I'm focused on that ass right...

Yo, yo, wait. Slow down!

Nigga, do you see that fat ass?

You wait, nigga.
We pulling up.

Let's do the drop and get
this shit over with, all right?

Yo, I know you're not
back there bitchin'.

You ain't even did nothing yet!

Yeah, but this is crazy!

Man, listen.
This shit, too easy.

Sweet as hell.
These niggas ain't built.

They ain't built like nothing.

So relax.

Toughen the fuck up.

And pick your gun up.

Damn, baby!

What's going on, baby?
You need some oil?

You need a mechanic? I know...

- Get the fuck down!
- Ooh, you dirty bitch!

- Right now.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Dumb ass bitch!

That's for Quadir, motherfucker!

Come on!

Hurry your ass up!

I don't know if I'm
calling him no more, girl.

You know, like.

He kinda look like he got
a wooden leg and stuff.

- Hey, Gena!
- Hey, Alia.

Girl, I ain't calling him
no more.

His breath stink. Mm-mmm.

What time did you
leave last night?

9:00, maybe 10:00.

And you've been
working here how long?

I don't know. Ten months now.

All right, so you've
been doing all that,

what, 10 months, and you
don't even like this job?

Okay. Gena, I'm hoping
you consider us friends

'cause I'm just gonna be direct.

I don't know
what you're running from,

what you're trying to forget,

but if you don't resolve
the issues that you have

you're gonna run
into a brick wall.

I don't have any issues.

Oh, yeah, right.
I mean, every woman your age

would love to just work
16 hours a day,

not hanging out with her
friends, and go to parties,

or be with her boyfriend.

I don't have a
boyfriend either.

Then maybe
you should get one.

That's offensive.

Then call the labor board.

Two weeks off,
mandatory vacation.

You can't make
me take a vacation.

You know, this is something you
probably don't know about me,

but back in the day
when I was a DJ,

I used to say
"You ain't gotta go home,

"but you've got to get
the hell up on outta here!"

I'm serious.

Take the time off.

Just find some peace.

See you in two weeks.

Take the GPS's off of
these two and we're done.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

Look, I know things
got hectic out there,

but you stood tall.

I appreciate that.

Just ain't never seen
nobody get shot before,

let alone die.

Welcome to the big league,
baby girl.

What we about to do
with all these drugs?

We are gonna break them down,

and we gonna hit these streets.

- For real?
- For real.

It's about to be
an early Christmas

in the hood, baby girl.

Let's do it, then.

What's up?

Yeah, yeah!

Philly's finest is
definitely in the building!

And then there's this nigga.

Good news is I heard
you had insurance.

Y-You okay?

I appreciate your concern...

I don't give a fuck about you.

You know what didn't
have insurance?

My shipment you
was transporting.

Saleem, how much
was that shit worth?

It's a meal ticket.

A fucking meal ticket.

Nigga, that's $1 million
of my money.

I got you.

How the fuck you got me?


The fuck does that mean?

On the real,
they came outta nowhere.

It's like they knew what we had
and where we was going.

She said it was for Quadir.

The fuck you just say to me?

She said,
"This for the boy, Quadir."

That's impossible.

Quadir Richards is dead.

And I know this
because I killed him.

So you know what?


we're gonna just chalk this whole
thing up as a bad first date.

- Tracy.
- What's up?

Can you give
me the room, please?

All right,
I'll be in the car.

I saw one of 'em.

Speak up.

I saw
one of their faces,

and I recognized
the bitch, too!

Why the fuck didn't
you just say that?

Come on, Titus, you gotta be
smarter than that, man.

You almost got yourself
fucked up for no reason.

Find out who the fuck he saw
and get back to me ASAP.

All right. I got you.

Keep talkin'.

Girl, you are gonna
live forever.

I was just thinking
about you.

Oh, my God.

I literally was just telling
my homegirl on the other line

how you doing big things
up in New York

at that fashion magazine!

Yeah, living my best life.

So what do they got
you working on now?


I'm on vacation.

Vacation? Must be nice.

So, are you gonna come home
for Quadir's memorial?

How do you know
about Quadir's memorial?

- Shoog told me.
- Shoog?

What you doing talking to Shoog?

She calls and checks
on me from time to time.

What's wrong
with talking to Shoog?

It ain't nothing wrong
with talking to Shoog,

but you ain't got nobody
your own age you can talk to?

Yeah, but they
don't know nothing.

Shoog be putting me up on game.

Where is Gah Git?

She's on the phone
talking to your daddy.

Oh, wait, hold up.
She's hanging up now.

Oh, my goodness, was that Gena?

Tell her I wanna talk to her!

Now you know she don't
talk on cellphones though.

'cause it cause cancer.

Oh, my God,
do you hear her?

Yeah, I heard her.

Just tell her I'mma call her
on the landline.

All right.

How you doing, baby?

I'm good.

I was just talking
to your daddy.

And he told me to tell you hello

and, uh,
he's getting out on parole.

Good for him.

Oh, baby, now
don't be talk like that.

God don't like ugly.

How else
am I supposed to be?

Baby, listen.

Matthew's 18:21.

"Lord, how many times am I
supposed to forgive my brother

"who sinned against me?

"Seven times?"

And you know what Jesus said?

He answered,
"No, not seven times,

"70 times seven."

That's why you need
to go see your daddy,

so you can have closure.

I'm good.
You can handle that.

Oh, Lord Jesus.
Baby, listen.

I hope you're gonna come on home
for Quadir's memorial.

You come on home
to your Gah Git.

I do-I don't know, Gah Git.

It's just, you know,
the memories.


Lita... mom, Quadir.

I feel like I just wanna go
somewhere I can disappear.

Baby, trust me, I understand.

But sugar, I want you
to understand something, too.

Quadir is in your heart
and in your soul.

So wherever you go
and no matter what you do,

he's gonna always
be with you, baby.

All right, I'll talk
to you later, Gah Git.

I love you.

I love you, too, precious.

A writing opportunity?


Hey, girl.

Yo, I can't believe they
really killed Moot and Taj.

I sorta knows.

I can't believe
you was with them.

What's this?

I saw an opportunity
with Shoog, and I took it.

Oh, so you hustlin' now?

Yeah, I was born with
a little hustle in my heart.

Larceny, too, obviously.

But this ain't you.

What you gonna do with it?

I was thinking you
could help me move it.

I mean, you got all them tricks
and stuff that be coming in...


I'm a massage therapist.

All right,
and I'm a damn astronaut.

Nah, but for real, I'mma kick
you 10% of whatever you sell.

Thirty percent.




Welcome to
the space program, bitch.

Long time no see!

What the fuck, man?
I'm out the game.

It's like a boa constrictor.

The more you struggle,
the tighter that shit gets.

Now tell me who the fuck
took my shit.

Tell me what the fuck
I need to know!

I don't know what the fuck
you talking about, man.

You killed Quadir, man.

You won.
I'm out of the game.

I let you live,

and you can keep living

if you tell me who the fuck
hijacked my shipment.

Four women. Who were they?

The fuck make you think
that's my business?

Because they said
Quadir Richards sent them.

And you're the last nigga
living of Quadir's crew.

So who the fuck was it?

I'm telling you I don't know

what the fuck
you're talking about.

I don't think you understand
the magnitude of this situation.

I've got people to answer to.

And if I don't get
my shipment back,

somebody gotta pay for it.

So gimme some names.
Who the fuck was it?

I'm telling you
I don't fucking know.

You got one more chance, nigga!

I don't know shit!

Well, congratulations.

You about to be famous.

Time's up!

...correctional facility.

Press five to accept.

What up, T?

You ain't out here trying
to be a college nigga

and shit still, is you?


Better than these streets,
I can tell you that much.

What's good?

Be real with me, bro,
'cause I'm hearing shit.

What's up
with this nigga Saleem?

He really fuckin'
y'all up right now.

He got your whole operation
hot as fuck.

I'm not trying to come home
to no crazy shit.

It ain't got shit
to do with Saleem.

Saleem earned his position
while you were away.

So, I need you
to let that shit go.

I'll fill you in
when you get out.

Yeah, well it might be sooner
than you think, bro.

I just talked
to the appeal board,

and shit, I might be up out of
here less than a week.

Nigga, you lying.

Fuck, man. That's...

That's the best news
I've heard all week.

Yeah, me too, nigga.
Best news I heard, too.

Just let me know when
you need me to scoop you up.

Nah, for real I'mma need you.

Hell, yeah, how the fuck else
am I gonna get from up here.

And I'm hungry as hell, too.

First stop,
Tootsie's and a water ice.

I love you, boy.

I love you, too.

Nigga, stay up.

So, what we look like?

Shit's quiet.

What that mean?

I'm saying niggas is thirsty.

Everyone's tryin' to re-up.

So what you tell them?

Told 'em
I'd get back to 'em.

You said it like that?

Or you said it like
we got some shit

coming down the pipeline?

Or did you say it like we ain't
really got nothing for 'em?

I just said it.

Why, what's up?

We've got about two more
weeks before we run dry,

then we're outta business.

If the streets find out
that we're out-out,

the wolves are gonna
scoop up all our regulars.

And I didn't take out
Quadir and his crew

to lose one inch
of territory in this city.

Plus on top of that,

we've gotta replace
that shipment.

The ticket's about to be due
on that shit.

So, I really need you
to think about it.

Who in Quadir's crew would have
the balls to hijack my shit?



Rasun's no longer with us.

Everyone knows
he's putting in work

with the Mexicans out in Cali.


The Mexicans is global.

They ain't worried
about us in Philly.

Who owes us money?

Jordan, he's a month behind,

but it ain't the first.

Go see him.

You want me to get heavy
or just talk?

I don't give a fuck
if you throw him out the window.

Just get my bread.

Matter of fact, go and collect
from anybody that owes me.

No excuses.

All right, I'll go see him.

And call up Vaughn, too.

Tell him I wanna meet with him.

We'll cop from him
in the short term

until I figure out
this hijacking shit.

Who got Quadir's bank
when I knocked him off?

I don't know.

His moms and his pops
got his property, though.


They ain't even in the game.

They wouldn't know
where to start.

You know niggas on the streets
probably kept

everything they owed
once you knocked him down.

Yeah, I know,
but Quadir had M's.

Who would he trust
with that kind of cash?

The real money.

Gena Rollins.

Quadir's ghost wanna
take food outta my mouth?

We'll see if he returns
from the grave

when I do the same to her.

'Scuse me.

Come in.

Venus Nielson, right?

Yes. Please, have a seat.

Thank you.

And thank you for coming
in on such brief notice.


Well, let's get straight to it.

I have something that I think
will be really good for you.

What's that?

So, we do articles on icons
and global influencers.

And we were hoping
that you would do a piece

on millionaire entrepreneur,
Carlos Sanchez.

He's at the forefront
of branding and distribution

for cannabis in California
and in every...

Yeah, yeah,
I know exactly who he is.

Okay, good. So, our company

has been tracking your writing
for a few months now,

and we would love
for you to go to LA

and do an interview on Carlos
and a five-page article.

Me? Five pages?

In LA?

Yes, you ever been
to the West Coast?

Yes, I have.

Did you like it?

"Like" is an understatement.

It's probably the best time
I've ever had in my life.

Okay, so good.
This shouldn't be a problem.

Not at all.

We'll pay you a stipend
of $100 per day,

an Airbnb.

I'll send you
all the information via email,

and let me know
when you get there.

Sounds good.

Say, boss, you know
the word is on the street

they got booked for a ticket
out in Philly, right?

Happens to the best of us, bro.

What up, Vaughn?

The cost of living.

Didn't expect you to drive
to New York yourself

for this little bit of work
like this, man.

I was just in the city
for a little business,

figured I'd pay you a visit.

We good?

Yeah, we Gucci.

This stays between me
and you, right?

Who the fuck I'ma tell?

Say less.

- All right.
- My man.

Don't call me
when you count that shit.

Oh, you know somebody will.

Excuse me, mami.

Whatever he wants, it's on me.

All right, look.

When you get back to the city,
anybody runs dry?

That shit oughta hold them over.

Back to the city?
You're not rolling with me?

Nah, I'ma stick
around New York.

See if I can find
Quadir's bitch.

Rumor has it she's sitting
on a pot of gold,

and nigga, I needs to find out
'cause I need that money.

Hold up, wasn't she there
when you downed him?

She never saw me.

This nigga was playing

and pushed her to the ground
before I started letting off.

Get down, get down!

All she know, I could be having
a cup of coffee with her,

and she'd never know
that I was the nigga

that killed her man.

You a wild bull.

- I appreciate that.
- Real one.



But check this out, all right.

I need you to hit the streets.

I mean hit
the motherfuckers hard.

We gotta find those bitches
that took my shit, you feel me?

Matter of fact,
they're supposed to be throwing

a memorial service
or some shit for Quadir.

I need you to pull up.

See if they show up to that.

This nigga dead
and they still celebrating him?

Fuck that nigga still.

I'm out.

You don't want
a ride back to the hotel?

Nah, I'm good.

It's New York City.

I'ma hit the ground real quick.

What's up? I'm looking for Lucy.

I'm Lucy.

A friend of mine said you have
some paperwork ready for me.

Friend got a name?


New York Black or LA Black?

Miami Black.

Yeah, David James.

Why David?

Because David slayed Goliath.

All right, Miss Lucy, so I need
your help with two more things.

Talk to me.

Hey, Bria.

Hey, what you doing?
You on your way?

Well, there's been
a slight change in plans.

so you're not coming?

No, I'm still coming,
but I got an opportunity in LA,

so I'ma go there first.

LA? Okay, you big poppin'!

Well, okay, that's cool.

Well, you know
I was just coming to Philly

'cause I had
to drop something off,

but it's better this way

'cause now I can spend
more time with you.


Well, just call me
whenever you land, all right?

Okay, all right. I love you.

Love you, too.

I can't believe you're actually
going to drive to California.

It's not exactly right
around the corner, you know.

Well, I mean, I got an opportunity,
so I'm gonna hit the road.

I get it. Okay.

Um, well, bless you.

And are you sure that you're
not forgetting anything?

Yeah, everything is mapped out
in my phone,

and I text you my address just
in case there's an emergency.

These bags? I'm taking them?

Oh, no, it's okay. I got these.

All right.

I'll see you in a couple weeks.

See you in a couple weeks.


Let's go.

Morning, may I help you?

Hi, I'm calling
from Winston's Flowers,

and I have a delivery
for Gena Rollins,

but I'm a little confused
about your address.

Oh, wow.

Look, unfortunately,
she's not gonna be here

for another few weeks.

Oh, these will be dead by then.

And they're so beautiful.

Two dozen Juliet roses.

Why you don't just go
to her apartment?

Um, sure. What's her address?

Oh, God.

Hold on, lemme get that for you.

I'm gonna get one of them.

Girl, why you messing around
in my kitchen like this?

I'm sorry, I'm hungry.

I was about to go get
me something to eat

'til you gave me with that
911 call to get over here.

I've got some baked chicken
on the stove

and some broccoli
and some mashed potatoes,

and it be ready
in a few minutes.

Now that's what
I'm talking about.

Let me get my hot sauce, yeah.

So what's going on?

Lord Jesus.

- What's the matter?
- I'm worried about Bria.


What'd she do?

It ain't any one thing,

but she got
this air of disrespect.

She been disrespecting you?

Not per se, but I did have
to use my hands on her

- a few weeks ago.
- Oh, Gah Git.

You can't be laying your hands
on these kids nowadays.

It ain't like
when we was growing up.

You could go to jail.

I know that, I know.

I ain't trying
to go to jail, baby.

Lord. And that's why
I've been trying

to just keep this level
of restraint since then,

but I don't know
how long I can keep this up.

That's why I want you
to talk to her

'cause you two are tight.

That's true.

Where's she at now?

Say she in the gym,
but there ain't no telling.

Shoog, please talk to her?

Know what's crazy?


She asked me to talk to you
about being overly protective...

- Get out.
- ...but she didn't nothing

about you laying
no hands on her.

And she better not either

'cause if she know
what's good for her...

Stop that.

I know I ain't supposed
to be saying stuff like this...

But, girl, I'm worried.

Worried about her.

I don't want her to go
down the same path as Gena.

Speaking of Gena,
how is she doing?

I've been meaning to call her.

She in California, working.

Say she don't ever want
to come back to Philly

'cause of all the bad memories.

And I'm worried about her.

I don't wanna lose Bria
like I lost Gena.

Especially now that she
got that new boyfriend.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'm gonna talk to Bria for you.

You gonna see.


Gimme a hug.

Oh, thank you, girl.

- Mm, mm, mm.
- It's gonna be all right.

Need your help.

Now fix me something to eat!

- Oh, child, please!
- Thank you.

I'm gonna make you...

It's my pleasure!

- I like dark meat, okay?
- Okay, I know.


Remember when we first
hooked up?

And I told you I wasn't looking
for anything serious?

Yeah, you said you didn't want
a relationship.

Look I'm still with that,

but if whatever reason
we wanted to modify that.


Like, if one of us
got in our feelings

and thought that maybe we should

make our relationship exclusive.

Look, I think it's worth a try.

So you're saying
that you're into your feelings

and you wanna be exclusive?

I'm telling you
I'm keeping it 100 with you

and let you know
where I'm at with everything.

Hmm, nice.

So nice that you'd wanna
be exclusive?

No, nice
that you're keeping it 100.

Damn. That's it?

I mean, I was feeling
like we was all good,

but now I'm not too sure.

Wait, wait, wait.
What happened?

What's going on?

My grandmother
is blowing up my phone.

Besides, I don't have time
to be complicating myself

with all these extra feelings
and shit.

Look Bria,
I don't know what happened,

but I like you, all right?

And I like you, too.

And if you want to kick it,
I'm with it.

But all this extra shit,
I don't have time for it.

Okay, I'm sorry, um...

We can kick it.

I'll hit you up
when I wanna kick it again.


Oh, what's going on, man?
Forgot your umbrella, huh?


No, actually, I was coming
to meet my cousin, Gena Rollins.

Have you seen her around?

Oh, no, she, took off.
She's driving to LA.

She already went to LA?

She's on her way.

Oh, crap.

And my cell phone
is completely dead.

Can you be a good friend
and help me out?

Uh, otherwise I'll be lost.

Okay. Do you need, uh...

I mean,
I have her itinerary, if you...

Would you?

Yeah, message would be
a lifesaver.

I hate to do this to you,
but I don't have my glasses...

- Yeah, that's fine.
- if you could just read that.

- Yeah, of course.
- Okay.


20928, Pacific Coast Highway,

- Thanks a lot, buddy.
- All right, yeah, you got it.

- Okay, tell her I said hi.
- Will do.

All right. Uh...

Gena's cousin, right?

Yeah, on her dad's side.


Yo, I put everything
in play like you said,

but everyone's still on edge.

It's Philly.
People are born on edge.

Yeah, but the police
is harassing the trap houses,

asking about Rasun.

They just going through
the motions,

trying to justify
they paychecks.

I know, I know.

But I think it'd put everyone
at ease if you slide through.

That ain't gonna happen.

I'm in LA, blending in
with the Cali folks.


I just left you in New York.
What are you doing in LA?

Gena Rollins.

Gena Rollins?

You really don't think
she's got bread, do you?

Well, let's see,

She been working for an
online magazine for a year,

but she lives on Park Avenue
and drives a Range Rover.

What do you think?

You think she got a sponsor?

Nah, she doesn't
really give me that vibe.

Now you got
a vibe on her, huh?

Nigga, I ain't out here
for shits and giggles.

What you working on?

Just tying up
some loose ends with Jordan.

I just found out where
they're doing the memorial at.

I got eyes all over it.

All right.
Let me know what you find.

All right, I will.

I'll holla at ya.

All the bedrooms have
the exact same view.

Mesmerizing, isn't it?

It's incredible.

Glad you like it.

The key, garage door opener,

- and my card in case of an emergency.
- Okay.

Oh, and there's a store
five minutes up the way

if you need groceries.


So, what do you do
for fun around here?

I personally play volleyball.


I haven't played volleyball
since I was in high school.


Well, if you haven't played
volleyball in a bikini

on the beach
next to the Pacific Ocean,

then you really haven't played
the way

it's meant to be
played, now have you?

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

If you're interested,
let me know.

I stay just up the road.


Uh, want help with your bags?

Oh, no, it's fine.

Okay, well, call me
if you need anything.

Will do.

Thanks, Mark.

Looking back to see
how far I've come.

I fight to overcome

the struggles of my past.

Every reflection
is a lesson you seek.

It's the whispers
that the universe will speak.

So rise to you,

rise to your truth,

rise and be true.

Mm. That feel good?

Yeah, feels good as fuck.

You got a lot of tension
in your neck.

You want me
to relieve that for you?

Turn around.

So, what's all the stress about?

Can't be that bad.

Me and my mans got hit
for every bit of coke we had.

Is that bad enough?

Maybe I was wrong.

Y'all know who did it?

All we know is that
it was just a bunch of bitches.


Like girls?

Is there any other kind?


I ain't even worried about it.

We gonna figure it out
like we do everything else.

But what I do know,

some bitches and their family,
they gonna feel it,

and that's on God.

♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

That's her right there!

You sure?

Positive, my G.

♪ But now I see

Who hired Faith Evans?

Didn't you hire her?

No, and I didn't authorize
that song!

Well, you don't get
to authorize it.

You just get to enjoy it.

♪ That saved

♪ A wretch like me

Is Shoog coming?


She say why?

She's just laying low
for a minute,

and she said this is a ploy
for Quadir's mother

to get some attention.

Quadir is gone, and we just need
to keep him in our hearts.

I know that's right.

♪ I see

Hey, everyone.

I'm so glad that all
of you could make it

to celebrate my son's life.

He was a good boy.

A good man.

I've been going back and forth
the last few days trying

to figure out
the right things to say.

And now I don't know
what to say,

except I'm glad Gena
sent Faith Evans to sing

because she expressed
my sentiment.

I miss him.

So, beyond
the 20 acres of land

that we are developing
for harvest,

we're also creating
designer strains

like the one you saw over there.

Okay, that's nice.

So, will I be meeting
Mr. Sanchez after the tour?

Mr. Sanchez doesn't run
the day-to-day operations

of the farm,

but he did want to make sure
that you got a thorough tour.

I understand,

but when will I actually
be meeting Mr. Sanchez?

Uh, we would have
to get back to you on that,

but it'll be soon.

- Soon?
- Very soon.

Now, let me show you our
branded packing facility.

You serious?

Yo, hey, girl!


Well, me and my friend
made a bet.

If this Range is yours
or your boyfriend's?

Does that bet mean
you're hitting on me?

You wanna
know what I guessed?

No, I just
wanna pump my gas.

All we were trying
to do is talk.

Yeah, you drooling right now.
I'm just trying to pump my gas.

- Thank you.
- Fuck her, bro!

Gentlemen, gentlemen!

I have a strange feeling
the lady is not interested.

So, we're gonna keep
things respectful

and just keep it
moving, right?

Thank you.

Sorry about that.

And a lady should not
be pumping her own gas!

I'm good, thank you.

You sure?

I'm sure.

All right.

Well, at least let
me give you a business card.

Thank you, David.

Take a couple,
in case you need it.

I don't need five.

I'll give you six!

- Okay.
- What's your name?

- Gena.
- Gena?

- Nice to meet you, David.
- Pleasure's mine.

- You definitely not from here.
- No, I'm not.

- Where you from?
- From Philly.

Philly? Okay.

Well, welcome to LA.

Maybe I'll see you
around, Gena.

All right.

- Hey.
- Hey, it's Mark.

Did I, uh...

Did I catch you
at a bad time?

Just doing my morning Tai Chi.

You want me to let
you get back to that?

No, no, no.
It's fine. What's going on?

A group of friends
and I are gearing up

to go play volleyball.

I wanted to know if
you wanted to join us?

Hello? Gena?

Yeah, yeah, I'm here.


Sure. Shoot me the address.

Yeah, I'll
send it to you now.

We're five minutes
down P.C.H.

Okay. I'll see you
in a little bit.

Yeah, sounds good.

You okay?

I thought you said you
never played before?

I haven't. Well, I have.

It's just...
It's been a while.

Playing hard out there.


I mean, you got
sand all over you.

Yeah. Jesus.

- Thank you.
- Christ.

You got a little sand
on you, too.

Well, it comes
with the territory, right?

Yeah. Thanks, Partner.

Okay, Partner.

Yeah, me, too.
Throw me the ball! Let's go.

All right,
two serving three.

There you go, Gena.
Serve it up! Here we go! Do it.

There you go!

- Yeah!
- That's how you play!

I haven't!

That was...
That was not that!

What do you mean?

I saw you out there!

- You killed it!
- Whatever.

Hey, I'm sorry about the guys.
They get overly competitive.

They're just dicks.

No, it was fine.

No, really.
I had a really good time.

- Yeah? So did I.
- Yeah.

But... just so we're clear,

just... know I'm not
a dick like those guys.

No, you're not a dick.

In fact, you were a
perfect gentleman.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- I had a great time, though.
- Me, too.

Thank you. Thank you.


Do this again soon?

- Sure.
- Yeah?

But, I pick
the sport this time.

Perfect! Bowling, I love it.


I'm good at bowling.


Thank you.

I'll see you soon.

See you.

So, you're sure?

The same chick
from the picture

is the same girl
that robbed us?

A hundred percent.

They was all at
the memorial together.

You saw them
at the church together?

Yeah. It was a
nice memorial, too.

There was a couple
of celebrities in there.

Faith, Stevie James...

All right. All right,
nigga, I got the point.

But, we still don't know
who the third chick is, right?

Nah, the old chick
was like old-old.

And Gena used
to live with them.

It's her cousin
and her grandmother.

I think Gena set
the whole thing up.

See, you was right
to follow her out to L.A.

Well, find out who
the third chick is

before you make any moves.

We don't wanna
scare 'em away.

All right, bet.

All right.

I'll hit you back.

You don't know Gena Rollins.

Excuse me?
Who are you?

It's not important.

What is important is
that you do exactly

what I'm asking you.

You don't contact her.

You don't text her.

You don't know her.

Look, I don't know you.

The last time I checked
this was America...

I'm only gonna ask
you this one more time.

Stay the fuck away from Gena.

I'll do whatever I want.

Stay the fuck away from Gena!

You wanna talk shit?

Tell me what the fuck
you gonna do, huh?

Stay the fuck
away from her!

Fuck, man! Stop!

You gonna kill me?

Look. If you in the trunk,
you pretty much dead, already.

What you punishing me for?


I can get medieval.

But I...

Look, check this out.

You got two options. Life...

Okay! Okay!

Bria wasn't even
really checking for me!

She was using me for sex
and food and whatever!

For the right price

I'll push that skinny bitch
off the bridge.

What's up?

Shit. Obviously not you.

Who's got eyes on the girl?

I got Titus and Big Man

watching Bria
and Alia 24 seven.

They gonna hit me
if they make a move.

Bria lead you
to the other chick yet?

Nah, she just be kicking it
with this young bull, Dalvin.

He just be playing ball
and selling weed.

Anything heavy?

Nah, he trying to
move up in the game,

but the boy ain't
got no heart.

We could snatch her ass up

and make her tell us
who the other chick is.

Or you could end
up scaring her away.

Listen to me, Saleem.

When we hit 'em, we're
gonna hit 'em all at once.

So, chill
the fuck out, nigga.

No loose ends.


How's it looking on your end?

Shit. It's looking all right.

I talked to her today.

Sounds like you feeling her.

Nigga, ain't nobody
feeling nobody.

I'm just trying to
get in good with her

till I get the money.

Once I get my eyes on it,
it's lights out for her.

So, don't be trying
to fucking play me.

- I was just saying.
- Don't just say shit.

Matter of fact, nigga,
how about less fucking and more work?

Get your ass in them streets.
Find that shit out.

All right.

Fuck out of here.

Yes, we do to-go's.


Two cokes.

- Hi.
- Two with no cheese.

Hey, how you doing?
Can you give me one second, please?


Two cokes.

Okay, it'll be
ready in ten minutes.

What name should I
put the order under?

Okay, thank you.
I'll see you in ten minutes.

Good day. How are you doing?
How may I help you?

Yeah, I called in
an order for Gena.

One second.

- Gena Rollins?
- Yes.

Right here.
That will be $14.33.

Oh, I paid for it
by credit card over the phone.

Now, if I didn't
know any better,

I'd think that you
were following me.

Gena, right?

Yeah. David?


You got any bad guys
you need me to run away?

- Nah, I'm good.
- You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

But I will tell
you, you guys in LA,

you're a little different.

No. Not all guys
in LA are the same.

And I would love
to show you that

if you just use the number
on that card I gave you.

Offer still stands.

You know, I just might
hold you up on that offer.

All right, I just
might like that.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Well, you have a nice day.

You do the same... Gena.


Mr. Sanchez?

Gena Rollins.

It's so nice
to finally meet you.

I admire all of your

Such a pleasure.

Did you get
everything you needed?

Yes, I did.

Danielle e-mailed
me everything.

Then, I guess we're good.

Would you care to join me?


Okay, recording.

So, what prompted you
to become so heavily involved

in the cannabis business?

I think I answered
that question

in the press package
Danielle has sent you.

Yes, but it was
because of your support

that the law
was passed, right?

I'm sure I answered
that, as well.

Okay, so you were
born poor in Mexico.

What was...

Let's not talk about
these nonsense issues, huh?

Ask me what
you want to ask me.

I'm sorry?

You're a nonsense issue?

Everyone knows.
I'm rich, I'm powerful.

Ask me what
you want to ask me.

I knew Quadir.

You knew Quadir.

My Quadir?

I've always wanted to meet
the captivating young lady

that won the heart
of my dear friend.

God rest his soul.

But how? Why?
I don't understand.

Quadir was a very
good friend of mine.

The last time I saw him

was the last time
you two were in California.

I'd never seen him so happy.

He was a good man.

So that's why I'm here?


To ask questions that I
might have answers to.

Help you fill in the blanks.

To ease your mind
with any information

that I might have about him.

Have you been
sending me packages?

And I'm not talking
about the press packages.

Why am I here?

What do you mean,
why you here?

Because you are the
man of the hour, Titus!

It's a big day for you, man.

A big day for you.

You're doing big things
in the street, huh?


You know,
what I can't seem

to understand
for the life of me

is how you
fuck up a drug deal

like you did so royally

and don't have the good sense
to get the fuck out of Philly.

Fleeing the scene of a crime!

You know, he's really right.

He's right, Titus.

And you know what's
even colder than that?

Dem niggas
you running with

don't give a fuck about you.

See, right now, you need
to look out for yourself.

Right now you need
to be worried about you

and everybody that you love.

Help us help you for them.

Fuck it.

I'll help y'all
'cause y'all gonna help me.

As I told y'all,

I didn't shoot nobody,

I ain't kill nobody.

You got the video.

Shit got chaotic.

I had to get
the fuck out of there.

But that work...

that shit was Jerrell
Jackson's work.

You, uh...

You do this a lot?

Take girls out on yachts

and treat them
to fine dining?

Yeah! All the time!

No, I'm joking.

Actually, a buddy of mine
let's me use his boat

whenever I'm in town.

It's pretty soothing,
though, right?

It's all right.

But, it ain't got nothing

on this Italian restaurant
Bistro Romano in Philly, baby.

Okay, no argument from me.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- You been to Philly?
- No, never been.

So, what
brought you to LA?

Well, partly for work.

I own a construction company,

and a buddy of mine from
Orange County hired me

to help him out with
this housing development.

And the other part?

I needed a change of scenery.

To be honest with you, uh...

I lost my wife
about a year ago.

Everywhere I went in D.C.
reminded me of her.

So, I had
to leave the city.

I'm sorry, I...

I completely dampened the mood.

No. No, it's okay, really.

I lost somebody close
to me recently, too.

You mind if I ask who?

My boyfriend.

Sorry, my fiance.

We had just got
engaged when he passed.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It's okay.

Did you have kids?

No. You?


I mean, we...

We planned to have kids,

but I had just
started my company,

and my wife decided she
wanted to go back to school,

so never quite
got around to it.


Life has a way
of sometimes

getting in the way
of your intentions, huh?


I like this.

You know, actually,
it's... kind of a relief.

Think about it.

We both know each
other's circumstances

and that takes
away the pressure

of us trying to force
a relationship too soon.

That part.

What's up?
How's Cali treatin' you?

- Shit. Better than Philly.
- I bet.

You want me to scoop
the young chick up?

Nah, let somebody else do that.

We don't want it
to look like what it is.

Just because
we're under pressure

don't mean
we have to get sloppy.

Otherwise, we have a whole
new set of problems on our hand

when we get
to the other side.

So, check this out. Look.

I gotta take care
of this shit on this end,

you hold it down in Philly.

I'll be out-of-pocket for a
minute, but, you know what to do.

All right, I got you.

All right.

What's that about?

You like it?

I do.

Me, too.

What do you have
planned tomorrow?

Nothing in particular.

Why? What's up?

I was thinking that maybe
I could return the favor.

I was thinking that maybe
I'd really like that.

So, I know we ain't
been out-out in a while,

and my man is having
a party tonight.

I think we
should slide through.

Is there gonna
be any food there?

'Cause every time we go to
one of your homie's house,

all they ever have
is Henny and Coke.


There's gonna
be a DJ, food.

It's gonna be, like,
four stars or something.

Okay, but, don't have
me out there hungry.

I told you, I think
it's actually catered,

to be straight.

You think they'll
have popcorn shrimp?

Look, tonight, I'mma text you
when I'm on my way, all right?

Ooh, popcorn shrimp
is so good!

All right, and bring me some
Twizzlers, too, when you leave, okay?

Yeah. Yeah. I got you.

For real.

I'mma see you tonight.

For sure.


I told you we straight.

That bitch would do
anything for a free meal.

It's all set.
It's crackin' off tonight.

And I'm gonna
take care of Alia and Bria.

She gonna bark like a dog

by the time
I get done with her.

What's up?

What's up?

Nothing, I'm just
checking on you.

What you doing?

I'm chilling.
What's going on?

Not too much.

I mean,
you just standing there,

- You ain't gonna let me in?
- It ain't even like that.

I just wasn't expecting you.


So, is you gonna let me in?

What you been up to?

Hey, it's your boy,
London on Da Track.

We got London on Da track!

Why are you calling me
when my tennis match is on?

You know I love Venus,
Serena, and Coco!

Good serve!

I need you
to come get me.

Why, what's going on?

I'm at this party
with Dalvin, right?

And ever
since I got here,

he's been
acting real strange.

Strange, how?

First of all,
they ain't even got no food.

Just some dry ass chicken.


One minute he's
acting all nice, right?

And trying to get
me to do drugs.

And when I say no,
he got all hostile.

He put his hands on you?

No. I didn't let
him get a chance.

He started tripping.

I'm upstairs in
the storage room.

I locked myself in here.

Text me the address.
I'mma be on my way.


Come in! It's open!


Hi, sorry.

I'm still getting dressed,

but I'll be down in,
like, five minutes.

If you want, you can make
yourself a drink at the bar

in the living room.

Well, would you
like one as well?

Well, I can't have you
drink by yourself now, can I?

You're right.


Hi. You look amazing.

Thank you.

You look very handsome.

Thank you.

Red roses.

I believe you said that
they were your favorite.

You're so sweet.

Thank you.

You're very welcome.

To new beginnings.

New beginnings.

Oh, hold on one second.

Let me just grab my phone,
if you don't mind.

- Of course.
- I'll be right back.

Open this door!

Quit playing with me, Bria!

So, what you been doing today?

Nothing much.

Had a few clients
earlier and that's it.

You got anyone here with you?

Nah, it's just me.

You cooking anything?

No, but I got
something to drink.

You thirsty?

What you doing?

You think I
wasn't gonna find out?

Find out what?

You knew
who it is this whole time,

and you didn't say nothing.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Could've saved yourself.

Now you gotta check.

So, what?
You gonna kill me, huh?

You couldn't kill this
pussy, so you gonna kill me?

All right, go ahead, kill me.

- Couldn't kill this pussy?
- Kill me. Kill me.

Couldn't kill this pussy?

You wanna get fucked
one last time?


Hi, Mark.
What can I do for you?

I'm sorry I
didn't call sooner,

but I would hate myself if
something happened to you

because of this psycho.

What are you talking about?

Some guy, he ran up
on me and beat me

because I was seeing you.


I'm still laid up
in bed with three broken ribs.

And my face? My face is shit.

Why would somebody do that?

He's obsessed with you,
I don't...

Uh, okay, so...

What did
the guy look like?

He was a Black guy.

Brown skin, six-foot,
6'1", maybe.

He had a beard.

He's one of those tough guys,

but not the loud ones,
the quiet scary kind.

Okay, um,
did you get his name?

No, but he had
an East Coast vibe to him.

Okay, Mark.
Look, I have to go.

Text me your address,
and I'll come by your house.


We got London on Da Track.

Philly, what the
fuck is up right now?

Oh, shit.

Hey, baby,
you trying to dance?

You know Dalvin?

Yeah, I know Dalvin.

Where he at?

He upstairs
with his girlfriend right now.

But, you still trying
to dance, mama?

Oh, baby.

What's wrong?

I know this is really bad
timing, and I'm really sorry,

but I have an emergency
and I have to go right now.

- I'll go with you.
- No, I have to go by myself.

But, lunch,
tomorrow, on me?

Please? I'm so sorry.

Yeah, no, you don't
have to apologize.

I understand. Things happen.

Thank you.

It's just really unfortunate

that our night had
to end so abruptly.

I know.

I'm really sorry.

It's all good.

At least let me see that dress
one more time before I leave.

I mean, that's the least
you can do, right?


You think I'm fucking stupid?

What's going on in there?

Oh, just trying to get
my bitch up out of there.

Maybe you can help out.

Bria in there?

Yeah. Wait.

How'd you know her name?

That's how.

Bria! It's Shoog!

You okay? You good?

- Yeah.
- Let's go.



Wake your ass up.

Niggas always sleepin'.

Hey! Get your ass up!

Get your ass up!


Your little buddy, Mark, just
had to come ruin everything,

didn't he?

Guess I gotta finish
him off later.

- You hit me?
- Mm-hmm.

- Why?
- Caught your ass good, huh?

Look, Gena.

You've got Quadir's money.

As far as I'm concerned,
that's my money.

And I need that.

And I need to know
who the fuck hit my truck

with your cousin Bria?


How you know Bria?

What are you talking about?

Hey, we can play
this game all day.

I ain't got nothing but time.

Matter of fact, I've
got 20 more ways

that I can punch
you in your face, all for real.

Or one of two things can happen.

Either one,

I can leave this
house a little bit richer,

or two...

your whole
family can die.

Fuck you!

Let me go!

Let me go!

You fucking bitch!

I don't want
to kill you, but I will!

I'll fucking kill you.

You fucking bitch!

You better hope I die.

Bitch, I'm gonna
fucking kill you!

And this shit ain't even
have to be all about the money!

But fuck it.

It is what it is.

Where you think
you going, bitch?

Yeah. Like I said.

Like I said, fuck you, bitch!

Yo, bro, it's a fucking party!

Get the fuck out my face!

Fuck him up!

Oh shit, get him, get him!

Bitch ass!

Chopped me in my
motherfucking throat?

Who the fuck does
that shit, huh?

Where the fuck is the money?

Gena! Gena!

Gena, wake up.

Wake up!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Who did this to you?

Where the fuck
is my money, Gena?

I'll be right back,
I promise.

Don't you think that's
a little bit too easy?

Why don't you
get your hands dirty?

Isn't this... poetic?

Come on!

Come on!

And now,
I gotta kill you again.


Look who's famous now.


I appreciate you helping us
solve these murders.

Now, I just need you

to match the faces
with the names you gave us.





Look, Titus.

I need a statement today
confirming all the information

that you gave us
on these suspects is the truth.

Just be truthful.
All right? We will call you.

All right?

Nice suit, by the way.

You did pretty good, Titus.

Thank you.

I don't mind.

We partners, now, right?

Subtitles by explosiveskull