True to the Game (2017) - full transcript

A charismatic drug lord tries to start a new life after he falls for a young woman from Philadelphia.

What the...?

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Come on, bitch,
answer the phone, please.

Why do you keep callin' me?

Because I'm tryin' to make sure
you gettin' ready.

I'm putting on my make-up.

I had to finish my homework
and then I had to wait

for Gah-Git to go
to her Bible meeting.

Well, I hit a lick and bought
some new shit.

I'ma be the baddest bitch
in the club.

And as sexy as that sounds,

why are you puttin'
so much on this?

You gotta live more, Gena.

You have not been out
since you was

with that pussy ass nigga Jamal.

Uh, because I'm trying
to graduate from college.

It helps if you study.

One night in New York.

Let's do this.

Okay, and we gon' do it,
but I can't do it

unless you let me get off
the phone

and finish getting ready.

All right, all right.
My Uber's here anyway.

I'ma go home and change and I'll meet
you at the train station, all right?



I gotta stop by the crib and
change my shirt before we hit New York.

Triflin' ass hooker
got lipstick on it.

So, uh, who's this kid
we're finna go see?

Man, his name Young World.
Man, he next up.

- Young World, huh?
- Yeah.

Next up.

He gon' have the bitches
there tonight, man.

- What it do?
- Besides me?

Nothin'. Philly's finest.

Just as Allah has willed.

Where you been at, Qua?
It's been weeks.

You said
we were supposed to kick it.

It's been hectic,
and I didn't say that.

Disagree all you want,
you know I'm right.

Hey, I told you
I'm handlin' business.

You need to handle
this business.

Your business
doesn't pay, it costs.

All right then, Qua.

I see how you do.

Just keep that thang
lookin' right and tight.

Keep it right, I'ma come
through later, all right?

...the left side
of the court.

Passes it quickly
over to the right,

dribbling up to the...

Throwing it up to the top of the key.

Fakes his shot to get his man in the air.

Drives down the lane.

- Beautiful pass!
- Yeah?

We straight?

I'd have called you
if we weren't.

It's in for two!

Interuptin' my game.

See, I don't even know
why you deal

with all that right there, man.
She rude,

got you too close to the curb.

She keeps me tight,
she keeps me right.

That's exactly
where I'm supposed to be.

- ♪ Fuckin' it up ♪
- ♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She twerk with no hands
She twerk for the bands ♪

♪ She don't give no fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She up on the pole ♪

♪ Mommy go up
And money go up ♪

♪ She don't give a fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She twerk for them bands ♪

♪ Don't got no man
She don't give a fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

Shit, we in free?

Yo, what up family?

- How you?
- Playin'.

- How you?
- Qua?


- What's up?
- As-Salaam-Alaikum, huh?

And them two.

Them right there?
I got you.

- ♪ She fuckin' it up ♪
- ♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She twerk with no hands
She twerk for the bands ♪

♪ She don't give no fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She up on the pole ♪

♪ Mommy go up
And money go up ♪

♪ She don't give a fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She twerk for them bands ♪

♪ Don't got no man
She don't give a fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She dance for the bands ♪

♪ Them broke niggas
Don't got a chance ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She's fuckin' it up
She's fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She's fuckin' it up ♪

♪ Doin' her dance
Not givin' a fuck ♪

- Hey Quadir.
- How you doin', beautiful?

- I got you set up in VIP.
- All right, all right.

♪ I'm ready to buy her
Whatever she want ♪

♪ Maybe them niggas is broke ♪

♪ Manny get money and stunt... ♪

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

♪ ...In the club
And I'm only 19 ♪

♪ Fuck it, girl, I got
a pocket of green ♪

♪ Fuck who you came with
You leavin' with me ♪

♪ I valeted the car
They gonna throw me the key ♪

♪ Yeah, I could buy you a V ♪

♪ But I'd rather
Just give you the D ♪

♪ A hundred bottles
Hundred models ♪

♪ When I'm in ace of diamonds ♪

♪ Diamonds ever landing
flexing ♪

♪ Straight to my section
blessing ♪

♪ She lookin' all good... ♪

Hey, yo,
ain't that Quadir Richards?

Who's Quadir Richards?

That nigga move more weight
in the city than anybody.

He looks
just like a regular dude.

Nah, it ain't shit regular
about Quadir.

- This nigga got hoes...
- Yo, son, make a hole.

Hey, nigga, watch
where the fuck you goin'.

Fuck you, motherfucker.

Okay, all right.
Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.

Punk ass Philly niggas.

We'll see that nigga later.

♪ She twerk for them bands ♪

♪ Don't got no man
She don't give a fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ Yes, she is
She dance for the bands ♪

- Y'all good, okay?
- We good to go in?

Enjoy yourself.

- Appreciate you meetin' with me.
- As-Salaam-Alaikum.

- Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.
- Respect, respect.

- Yes, sir.
- Give me one second.

♪ Can't even choose
Can't even front, y'all ♪

♪ I'm lovin' the view ♪

♪ Think I'm a Crip
All this money I blew ♪

♪ Investing, caressing,
texting, sexing, spending ♪

♪ Just the shit that I do ♪

♪ VIP. lit
She a bad bitch ♪

♪ Chances are I already hit
Don't ask who I'm with ♪

♪ I keep to myself in the cut
Throwin' cash on a bitch ♪

- ♪ Swag on a bitch... ♪
- Mm-mm.

He probably makin'
good money, too.

Needs some parental guidance
on how to spend it.

Oh, you gon' help him spend it?

♪ Got her head right
I'm watching all night ♪

♪ And she be twerking
All night ♪

♪ She the girl in the club
That I came to see ♪

♪ Bad bitch
Now she fuck with me... ♪

What you think about him?

He good, real good, man.

Let's got to the bathroom.
I gotta freshen up.

♪ She don't give no fuck ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up ♪

♪ She fuckin' it up
She fuckin' it up ♪

In the music business as well?

I'm a little bit of everything,

but right now, I'm in
the expansion business.

Opening up new territories,
and if we do this right.

Everybody's winning.

Everybody know if you say it,
it is what it is.

I'm ready to suit up
and work, man.

- Right now.
- That's what I like to hear.

That's what I like to hear.
I'm only asking you

for two things...

loyalty and consistency.
That's it.

Well, look here, Q.
As a man

where I come from,
when it come to loyalty

and consistency,
we give it back 300 times, man.

I bring it.

I like that Winston.

I like that.
Ay, ay, Ra!

Get him a shot, man.

Come on, girl.

Listen, let me tell you.

I'm the baddest jawn
in this spot tonight, okay?

Yo, I'm about to get mine.

Mm, you need
to slow your ass down.

Now we said
we was gonna have fun tonight.

Now, let's have
some fun, all right?

- Okay?
- All right.

Now, I'm ready.

I'm gon' get my life.

- Now, I'm ready to go.
- Well, go ahead.

- I'll be out in a minute.
- All right,

I'll be out here.

See what we got, oh.

Black, count it in the bag.

We don't want
the whole fuckin' world to know.

- We good.
- You sure?

We good.

We good?

The baby got new shoes.
We out.

My man, Winston.

- Ay, white Corolla out front.
- All right.

All right, listen to me.

From now on, you need anything,
you go through Ra.

- Nobody else.
- Absolutely.

- All right?
- Respect Q.

- Respect.
- All right, man.

All right.

All right, brother.

- My man, make me something dark.
- You got it.

- Yeah.
- Hey!

- Sahirah?
- What you doin' up here?

Come here.

Nothin', girl. Just takin'
a break from the city.

What, you puttin' in
work in New York, huh?

- Girl, who you here with?
- My girl Gena Rollins.

I don't think you know Gena.
She from Philly, though.

- Is that right?
- Mm-hm.

- Okay.
- So, what's up?

You ain't gonna
order me nothin' to drink?

Oh, I'm sorry love.

- Yo, my man.
- Can I have a vodka and orange?

Actually, make that a double.

- You got it.
- Thank you.

- So, what's good?
- Man, you tell me.

Okay, don't tell me that.

Hey, you used to hit
that right?

She community property.
That jawn spread like butter.

Yeah, I see. Nigga, look.
She over there dick riding

the budget nigga
from Quadir's crew.

Everybody and their mama
from Philly

up in this piece tonight,
even Fat Winston.

You know his fat ass
always lookin'

- for a new connect.
- And Quadir got that pure shit.

Nigga, I know
Quadir ain't puttin'

that fat ass nigga down.

- Nigga, we bigger than Winston.
- Damn right.

How ya doin', queen?

You tell me, king.

This queen got a name?

Oh, so, we just... we gon' play
this game all night?

- I mean, I can go all night.
- I bet you could.

All night.

See look at this, look at that.
See that?

All these distractions,
pretty distraction,

pretty distraction,
pretty distraction.

All I seem to be able
to focus on is you.

- Really?
- Yes. So, let's make a deal.

I guess your name right,

you leave with me right now.

- No questions asked.
- That's not gonna happen.

Gena, how you doin'?

- How do you know my name?
- Rollins, right?

Philly, right?

Okay, this is too weird
for words.

How do you know my name
and where I'm from?

So, you're saying I won?
Did I get it?

- I mean...
- Where I'm from,

- you make a deal...
- Gena!

- stick to your deal.
- Really? Does it?

- Gena!
- We should be out...

Yo, what's up, Quadir?

What's up, big homey?
What you doin' up this way?

Hey, brother,
I don't know you.

Let me make the introduction.
This Jerrell Jackson,

this Rich Green,
and they homegirl...


They makin' a few moves
in the streets.

A few moves?
I don't know who you talkin' to.

- No, no, no.
- I'm talkin' to you.

- Like I said, a few.
- No, it's all respect.

I don't understand
what this conversation's about.

We respect what you're doin'
in the streets. We just wanted

- to say what's up.
- I'm sorry, I don't know...

what it is you think I do,

but, ay, it was a pleasure
to meet you. As-Salaam-Alaikum.

All right? Turn up.


I'm so over it.

You rushed me to come here,
now you rushin' me to leave.

- Chill, we not leavin'.
- Then why are we outside?

We waitin' on Rasun
and Quadir to come out.

But you could've seen them

Mm-mm, then Rich Green
would've seen me.

- Who is Rich Green?
- Did you see

the scary lookin' guy
with the beard?

Girl, every guy in Philly
got a beard.

Well, I used to fuck Rich Green

and I don't want Rasun to know.

Rasun and Quadir are friends.

That's why you gave him my shit.

Now, I told him your name.
I can't help he texted Quadir.

Come on, here they come.

- Just let them take us.
- I gotta go to church

in the morning, why you...

Hey, so they about to bring
the car around.

What y'all tryin' to get into?

Ay, man, you know
what they tryin' to get into.

- I say we ride home with y'all.
- I like that.

Because it's too late
to get on the train, right?

It's too late, it's too late.

You famous, motherfucker!

Teach yo' ass, nigga.

Oh my God,
this is so good.

Yeah, nothing works up
an appetite like being shot at.

You know,
Gena really loves lobster.

- Is that right?
- Mm-hm.

Well, you should, uh,
come down to...

to the restaurant.
My chef makes a...

wonderful lobster.

- You've got your own restaurant?
- Who, my man Qua?

He got the hottest restaurant
in the city.

Oh, we already in there.

- Ain't that right, Gena?
- Yeah, maybe.

Mm. I gotta go
to the ladies' room, like, now.

- Gena?
- I'm good.

I gotta go, too.


Why does it gotta to be
so much killin' out there?

Why you talking to me
like I'm responsible?

I'm just sayin'.


- It's crazy to me.
- It is.

What are you gonna do about it?

- Me?
- Yeah, you.

I don't know,
that's up to the politicians.

- I'm still in school.
- Oh, you in school?

- What you majorin' in?
- English literature.

- You tryin' to be a writer?
- I am a writer.

- Let me read some of your work.
- I'm sorry,

I don't let strangers
read my work.

You do know
that when you sit down

and break bread with somebody,

technically you're not
a stranger anymore?

Listen, Quadir, you seem
like a really nice guy.

I appreciate dinner.
You taking us home

is really nice,
but I know what you do.

- Oh, do you?
- Yes,

- and I've been there before.
- Mm.

And I know most girls
would just take the money.

So, you think...
you think... you think

that I care more about what's
in between your legs than...

Come on, we both know
you're not interested

in reading my work.
All you wanna do

is hit and that's good for you.
But, that's not who I am.


Thank you for keeping it 100.
I appreciate that.

I don't hide what I do.
It was a conscious decision.

I'm a young, black,
successful criminal.

Yeah, that's what I do.

That's not who I am.

I love reading.
I love music