True Love Blooms (2019) - full transcript

Spring is in full bloom when urban gardener Vicki fights to save her community garden from a handsome real estate developer. Both are caught off guard when it's not just the flowers that are blooming, but also love.

- Hi, I'm Vikki George,

and welcome to the
Community Garden.

This is a space where people
who don't have gardens

of their own get a plot of land

and get to build the
garden of their dreams.

So, today, you guys
are gonna get a plot

and the flowers that you
plant of your very own

will become fully
in bloom in time

for our Garden Walk Festival
at the end of the month.


- Is this your garden?

- No, sweetie.

But I do manage the
Community Garden.

My dad started this
garden 20 years ago.

For him, it was a way to

give something back
to the neighborhood.

So, who's ready
to see their plot?

- Me!

- Are you!

All of you?

- Yes!

- Okay, follow me.

So ta-da!

This is your garden clubs plot.

Now does everybody
have their seedlings?

- Yes!

- Okay great!

Well, let's get to planting.

Grab a shovel, dig on in.

- This was a great idea.

All of our kids
live in apartments.

They don't have
a garden at home.

- Well, that's why
we have the space.

Everybody deserves a right
to cultivate a green thumb.

And you would be surprised how
fast those flowers will grow.

I think they're really gonna
enjoy their weekly visits.


Please come back
for the Garden Walk

at the end of the month.

It's our big yearly festival.

- Vikki!

Vikki George!

- Hi Mr. Boyle, hi Ms. Hewitt.

Isn't it a lovely day?

- Vikki, I thought
you should have these.

All the rain we had this winter,

my tomatoes ripened early.

- The first crop of spring,
have a look at these beauties.

- Oh!

Wait, all of this is for me?

- There'd be plenty more
where that came from.

I can tell I'm gonna have
a bumper crop this year.

- Well, me too.

I have a perfect stuffed
tomato recipe to give you.

It's delicious.

- And stuffed peppers.

Don't forget the
peppers Ms. Hewitt.

- You'd never let me Mr. Boyle.

You can use the same
recipe with the peppers.

- Thank you.

I think it sounds like
a delicious combination.

Also, I made up flyers for
the Garden Walk Festival.

- Oh, we gonna win
Best Garden this year?

- We've got our fingers crossed.

- This is gonna be our
year, I can feel it.

Besides, can you
guys imagine a more

beautiful garden than ours?

I'm late, I'm late,
I know I'm late!

Ooh, sorry to
interrupt you guys!

I got stuck at the
Community Garden

giving a school tour.

- Hey Vikki, I was just
dropping off her lunch.

- I forgot it again.

Maybe on purpose.

- You guys are so cute together.

Like seriously, too cute.

I can't believe you've
been married for 12 years.

- See you at home honey.

- How do you do it Anna?

- Vikki, you too
could have it all

if you put half the energy
you put into that garden

into your dating life.

- Ah, that is a
horse that I'm not

interested in climbing back on.

Thank you.

- Yeah, well, maybe
if your last boyfriend

hadn't just gone
riding into the sunset.

- I know.

I cultivated it.

I waited for the fruits
to bloom and then nothing.

We just broke up.

Okay fine, he broke up with me.

And with no explanation.

- You weren't right for
each other to begin with.

- It doesn't matter.

Dating is just not for me.

Not now, maybe not ever.

I'm done.

You know, you are so lucky
you met Alex in high school.

You guys are like
the perfect couple.

- Yeah, we are pretty perfect.

For each other.

And if you just put
yourself out there,

you can find someone that's
pretty perfect for you too.

- Oh really?

Do you remember what
happened the last time

I took your advice and
I put myself out there?

I met Barry.

- That one was doomed
from the start.

The guy was severely
allergic to flowers.

- I know, and I work
with flowers all day.

I mean, I practically
am a flower.

He had to take an antihistamine
before every date.

Besides, I don't really
have time to date.

I've got Garden Walk in a month,

and I have to make
sure every plot

in that garden is perfect.

- And knowing you,
I'm sure you will.

- Oh, good afternoon Mr. Devine.

- Ilya, how many
times have I told you,

call me Chace.

- Oh, I'm sorry, Chace.

- Thank you.

I'm just going to look
at a new property,

but you can reach
me on my phone.

- Oh Chace, I just
wanted to say thank you.

- For what?

- You gave my brother a job
on your newest development

and I just wanted you to
know I'm very grateful.

- Don't be.

Plus, it's part of
what we do here.

Create jobs.

I gotta get going.

I'll see you when I get back?

- Okay.

- You're gonna have
to let me post that.


I'm gonna use this
to post a story

on social media about
the Garden Walk Festival.

- Oh great, the
more the merrier.

I'm actually having
flyers printed up

to distribute as well.

- You are so old school.

You need to get on social media.

- No.

- No, it's great for everything!

Friendships, staying connected.


- I would prefer to meet
someone the old fashioned way.

You know, like through
friends, or at a cafe.

- There's a cafe app for that.

- Thanks but no thanks.

Suite yourself.

- Excuse me, I'm looking
for Vikki George.

- Oh.

- Oh!

- Oh, I am.

Oh, I am so sorry.

Here, let me just.

- No.

- If I wait a bit.

- Just, making it worse.
- It's just rubbing it in.

- Okay, that's gonna
need to go to the cleaners.

- It's okay, it'll be fine.

- Sorry.

- Maybe you can help me.

I'm looking for Victoria George.

- Victoria?

Everybody usually
just calls me Vikki.

- Oh.

- Almost did it again!

Occupational hazard.

The dirt.

Anyway, yup.

I'm Vikki George.

- I'm Chace Devine.

I was told that
you could give me

a tour of the garden, maybe
answer a few questions?

- Oh, I'd be happy to.

I am the manager.

And after all, you actually
came at the perfect time.

Spring has sprung and
everything is fully in bloom.

It's my favorite time of year.

So this is Serena.

- Hi.

- She made her plot
completely out of wildflowers.

If you came here at six a.m.,

the aroma coming
from Serena's plot,

it's just indescribable.

It's as if night
blooming Jasmine

and honeysuckle had a baby.

Oh, and these are our
resident vegetable gardeners.

Mr. Boyle grows the
most elegant peppers.

And Mrs. Hewitt, the
most beautiful tomatoes.

This is Chace Devine,

he's just taking a
tour of the garden.

- Well, he can't leave
without a tomato.

No one leaves our
garden without a tomato.

- Thank you, but I...

- Of course he doesn't want one.

Not unless he has one
of these bad boys.

- Okay.

- Have another tomato.

Now you've got enough to make
a nice fresh tomato sauce.

- What are
you doing Mrs. Hewitt?

- I'm just helping this nice
man with his dinner plans.

- Really?

You're being the sweet old lady

with a vine ripened tomato.

And I'm just the old
codger with the peppers.

Vikki, would you
please tell her that...

- Don't you drag Vikki
into this, she's on a tour.

- They're actually very sweet.

They just get a little
competitive over their

But, anyway, that's our garden.

Unfortunately right now we
don't have any available plots,

but if you'd like, I can
put you on the wait list.

As long as you can prove
neighborhood residency,

it shouldn't be a problem.

- Those weren't exactly the
kind of questions I had.

- Oh?

- I've studied the zoning law,

so there's no questions there.

- Why do you care
about our zoning laws?

- Just trying to
think practically.

- Yeah, but about what?

- About how to properly
utilize this space.

- Well, it's a garden,

so you properly utilize
it by gardening.

You know what, I'm just gonna
add you to the wait list.

Way down at the bottom.

- There's no need to do that.

I'm not waiting.

- Tell me Mr. Devine,

what does your garden grow?

- Condos, from the ground up.

Thanks for the tour.

It's really a beautiful space.

Exactly what I'm looking for.

- "Devine Construction, building
better from the ground up."

- Chace Devine is a
real estate developer.

He builds condos.

- "From the ground up."

That's what he said
to me at the garden.

- What do you think this means?

- I don't know.

But I'm not liking the
feeling I'm getting.

I think maybe I should
talk to Mr. Mack.

- That's a great idea.

I mean you've been
renting from him forever.

He'll know what's going on.

- I'm sure there's
nothing to worry about.

He loves the garden.

- Yeah.

- My hands are tied Vikki.

- But Mr. Mack, you
love the garden.

You've told me so yourself.

- I do love it.

And I loved your dad.

Our deal goes back
to when he first

started the Community
Garden 20 years ago.

- I know, so then
why are you selling?

- My daughter lives in Hawaii

and she's having a baby
in a couple of months.

It's gonna be my
first grandchild.

- Well that's great news, but...

- Palm trees and
golden sandy beaches

that extend for miles.

How does that
sound to you Vikki?

- Like Florida.

Where we live already.

- I'm ready to retire.

Be around family.

- But do you have
to sell the garden?

- I sold the garden
this morning Vikki.

- What?

No, not to Devine Construction.

- I was gonna come
over to the nursery

and tell you in person,

but yes it's sold.

And yes to Chace Devine.

- Mr. Mack, that garden
was my dads dream.

A garden for the community.

A garden for everyone.

- The garden has always
been an investment property.

I made the deal with your dad

because we were old army buddies

and he had this dream and
I just couldn't refuse him.

But I never planned on
making any money off of it.

And then comes Chace Devine

and he offered me a
lot of money Vikki.

Retirement money.

Spoil my grandchild money.

- But why didn't you at least

give us a chance
to match the offer?

- Because you don't have
that kind of money Vikki.

You would have bought this
place long ago if you did.

I'm very sorry.

But you know what?

It's time for you to
make a new place for it.

I mean do what your dad did

when he first started
the Community Garden.

I mean show some gumption.

- Gumption?

- That was one of your
dad's greatest qualities.

Gumption, initiative.

Find the new spot for the
garden and build it back.

- From the ground up.

- Exactly, from the ground up.

- Thanks mom.

Your veggie lasagna
always cheers me up.

- Well, things will
seem a lot brighter

once you've got something
in your stomach.

You'll see.

- I think it's gonna
take more than lasagna

to fix this problem.

- I've got carrot
cake for dessert.

- It's gonna take
more than that too.

Although I definitely
wanna have that cake.

I don't know,

I just feel like
the garden was dad's

legacy to the neighborhood.

And I just feel
like I'd be letting

everybody down if
I just let it go.

You, the neighborhood, dad.

Especially dad.

- Vikki honey, don't put
this all on yourself.

- But it is on me mom.

It's all right on top of me

and I'm here at the bottom
just being crushed by it.

I mean he built that
garden out of nothing,

and there is no way
dad would let anybody

like Chace Devine stand
in the way of his dream.

- Have you tried talking
to this Chace Devine?

- Ugh.

- Maybe he's not as
bad as you think he is.

First impressions
can be deceiving.

- You're right.

You're right mom.

There's gotta be a solution.

Maybe if he just
understood how important

the garden was to the community.

I mean, he's gotta
have a heart underneath

that well-tailored,
very expensive looking
suit somewhere.

- Well sweetheart, there's
only way to find out.

Go to his office
and show him exactly

how persuasive you can be.

- So not me.

Look up, there's a way
over every obstacle.

- So, tell me.

What do you think?

I went for minimalism.

I thought it spoke power.

And you honey are the
most powerful man I know.

Less is more right?

I wanted it to feel
like an empty room.

- Well it does feel that way.

Which makes me wonder,

how did you spend
that much money

if you're going for nothing?

- I only bought the best.

- Uh huh.

- Take that sculpture.

It's my favorite piece.

Sure it cost $2,000,
but it's brilliant

because it's like a little table

but nothing will ever go on it.



You like it!

Thank you Chace.

Thank you for giving
me this opportunity.

I always thought that
I could be a designer,

but no one ever
gave me the chance.

- Well, you did a bang up job.

- You really think so?

- Yeah.

- I'm so glad.

This has been more than design.

This has been a voyage
of self-discovery.

- Okay.

- It's inspired me
to go minimal myself.

- That's great.

- I mean it Chace.

I'm gonna start paring
down, start fresh.

- Yeah.

- Next time you see me,
I'll be a whole new Marta.

We should celebrate!

- We will celebrate, tonight.

I just purchased a new property.

It's a garden I'm
converting into condos.

- Ooh.

- So we'll celebrate
the condos and you.

- Okay!

- Okay?

Yeah, see ya tonight.

Whole new Marta.


- I'm sorry, but no one sees

Mr. Devine without
an appointment.

- This is important.

If you could please
just buzz his office

and tell him that
Vikki George is here,

I'm pretty sure he'd
be willing to see me.

- I'm sorry, but we
don't make exceptions.

Now, if you'd like to
make an appointment...

- No, I don't have
time for that.

This is a pressing matter.

- Everything in Mr. Devine's
life is a pressing matter.

I'm sorry, but you're
going to have to go.

- Fine.

But I'm taking this back.

- Ilya, I need you.

Chace and I are
celebrating tonight.

He loved the new office.

I need you to make
the reservations.

Some place classy like Shiro's.

I'm so happy Ilya,
he really loved it.

- Oh, hi.

- Hi?

- Sorry, do you remember me?

- Of course, from
the garden, right.

Do we have an appointment?

- No, but you know what?

Appointments are so formal,

and I'm more like a fly by
the seat of my pants type gal.

And anyway, I just
need to speak to you

about something for a minute.

It'll just take a
minute of your time.

- For you I have several.

Like two.

- Oh.

Well, I brought you
a peace offering.

Like literally, this
is called a peace lily.

- I didn't realize
we were at war.

- A little sunlight, some water,

and this guy's gonna flourish.

And you could definitely
use some green in here.

I mean, it is sparse.

- It's minimalist.

- Yeah, well there's
very little in here so,

well done.

- I assume you didn't come
here to bring me a plant.

- Oh, I just never go
anywhere empty handed.

But yeah, I wanted
to talk to you

about the Community Garden.

- What about the garden?

- You can't dig up our garden.

I mean it's a vital
part of our community.

We host numerous
year-round events.

Children have their
birthdays there.

My best friends
got married there,

but it's not just that.

It's a beacon.

I mean it reminds people
that you can come together,

and you can't just
take that away.

- What do you propose?

- Well I was sort
of wondering if you

could just find it in your heart

to renew our lease
and save our garden.

- Vikki, right?

- Yeah.

- I'm a business man.

Anyway you slice it,
gardens don't bring

in the green the way condos do.

And people depend on me
to bring in the green.


I've acquired all the
land around the garden,

which functions
as a parking lot.

But now that I've acquired
the garden as well,

my company can build condos
for people to live in.

I wish I could help you, but
it's business, not personal.

- You know, the thing
is it is personal.

And I think that you are
making a terrible mistake.

And I'm gonna prove it to you.

- I'd love to see that.

- Oh, you will see it.

Because I'm gonna be
back with concrete proof.

Which you'll appreciate
because there's

concrete in buildings
and that's the only thing

you seem to care about anyway.

So, I'll be back.

- Look forward to it!

- Guys, if I could just
borrow you for a minute.

If everybody could
gather around, thanks.

So I know that some
of you have heard

by now that our beloved
Community Garden is in trouble.

A developer named Chace
Devine has bought the garden

and he plans to rip it
out and build condos.

- That's awful.

- We have to do something.

- You're right, we do.

- Then he'll think
twice about bringing

his condos into
our neighborhood.

- But how do we do that?

- We can have a bake sale.

- Oh, what a good idea!

I have a good cupcake recipe.

- Please, guys.

I have an idea.

I think if we could
just start a petition,

we gather as many
signatures as we can

and that way we can
show how much support

we have within the neighborhood.

- If he's a man of
business, he can't deny

something black and white
right in front of him.

- I can start an
online petition too.

Post it on social media,
every single platform.

- Oh, that's a great idea!

We can use as many
signatures as we can get.

- What about the
Garden Walk Festival?

It's only three weeks away.

Are we still participating?

- This year more than ever.

Not only are we
gonna participate,

we're gonna win
that Garden Walk.

This year, when our
neighbors open their doors

to their gardens, we
should be front and center.

If we can win best garden,

Chace Devine is
gonna have a very

difficult time ripping
out this garden

and then having to justify it
to the entire neighborhood.

I think if we can
stand together,

we can stop him from
taking down our garden.

Now who is with me!

- Yes!

- We can do it!

- Let's save our garden!

- All of us.

- Okay, everybody
grab your clipboards.

You're good.

We need to get as many
signatures as possible.

Thank you so much.

Here you go.

- Save our garden.

Thank you.

- Oh hey!

Could you sign?

Right here.

Thank you.

- Hi, do you mind signing
save the garden real quick?

- Sure, sure.

- Right there.

- Another tomato Mr. Boyle.

I'm almost done with my basket.

- That's because
these baskets hold

more peppers than tomatoes.

Sign here, get two peppers.

- Two tomatoes with
every signature!


- Hey, great.

Thank you.

Back right on time.

Thank you.

Awesome, thank you.

- Got it!

- I got 75 signatures.

- I got 82.

- And make sure there's
plenty of reporters

at the ground breaking ceremony.

We need the name
Devine Construction

in a positive light
as much as possible.

After that, we'll focus
on the garden property.

There's been a little push
back from the community.

Nothing we haven't seen before.

Well don't worry.

We're set and on schedule
with the garden property.

Nothing's gonna hold it up.

Yeah, I'm gonna have
to call you back.


- What's that?

- What, the plant?

It's a gift from Vikki George.

- And who is Vikki George?

- She's a disgruntled citizen.

Runs the Community
Garden I just bought.

- And she brought you a plant?

- What?

She was just trying
to convince me

not to build over the garden.

She's very passionate,
I admire that.

- Well, I don't admire that.

It doesn't work with
the minimalism Chace.

- Don't you think
it brings the space

a sort of homey quality?

- We're not going for homey.

I'm just gonna...

- I like the plant.

Even if it doesn't
match the aesthetic.

- Come on Chace.

You Know you've really
helped me change

my entire outlook.

- How so?

- Not only am I looking
into designing full-time,

but I've been going
through my apartment

and giving away all the things
I don't use to charities.

It just feels so
good to pare down.

- Well that's very admirable.

- Well, I guess
Vikki George isn't

the only one you admire.

I'll see you later.

- Where are you going?

- Shopping.

I may have gone a
little too overboard

giving things away.

- Ah.

- I need to make a reservation
with a personal shopper.

The Mayoral Gala is coming up

and I need to look my best.

- Hi.

Me again.

- Did you have an appointment

or do you just not
believe in them?

- Oh come on, we're old friends.

Friends don't let
friends appoint.

Besides, I brought
you something.

And this one doesn't
require as much

water as the other one.

And it can keep this
little guy company.

- What are you doing
here Ms. George?

I assume it's not to
bring me another plant.

- Well, first of all,
I think I've asked

you to call me Vikki.

Second, you just like to get

right down to business don't ya?

Okay, fine.

Here you go.

Concrete proof.

- Proof of what?

- Proof of what the garden
means to the community.

That's a petition
to save the garden

and not cold-heartedly
rip out peoples plants

and destroy peoples dreams.

AKA, build your condos.

'Cause I've got over
1,000 signatures,

which means I don't
think your condos

are gonna go over very
well with the neighborhood

which is really something
you should consider.

- 1,000 plus signatures.

You did this pretty quickly.

- Well it's easy when
you believe in something.

And I believe in this garden.

- I'm impressed Ms. George.

- Oh, Vikki.

- Vikki, right.

Shows a lot of...

- Gumption?

- Gumption.


I like that word.

You don't hear it very often.

- It was one of my
father's favorites.


- So, I'm impressed
with your gumption.

Impressed but not convinced.

See, even 10,000 signatures

wouldn't change my mind.

- But we have the whole
neighborhood standing with us.

- It's like I said before,
it's business not personal.

Also, if I change my mind

it impacts a whole
slew of people.

- This isn't over.

I'll be back.

- I assume without
an appointment.

I look forward to it.

- Well you shouldn't,

because when I put
my mind to something,

it usually happens.

- Well when I set my mind to
something it happens as well.

- Well good, then we
have one thing in common.

- Yes, but that means
we have an impasse too.

- But there's a way
over any impasse.

- 1,000 signatures.

She's really something.

Don't look at me like that.

- Wow, I guess it's official.

We're being evicted by
Devine Construction.

We have to be out in
less than a month.

That's right after Garden Walk.

- A lot can happen in a month.

So what are you
gonna do sweetheart?

- I don't know.

I mean, I guess the
only thing I can do,

show Chace Devine just how
much fight I have in me.

- You are your
father's daughter.

- What do you
think dad would do?

- Sleep on it.

It'll come to you.

You've got the drive,

all you need is a plan.

- A plan to stop Chace Devine.

I know exactly what to do.

- Hi.

I see the press is here.

- Yup, from all
the local papers.

We even got TV.

- Great.

We need all the good
press we can get.

We're breaking ground on the
garden property next month

and I don't want any
controversy around my name.

Fingers crossed, we
can have both crews

working full-time.

- I think we can handle that.

- Yeah.

- You about ready?

We don't wanna keep
them waiting too long.

- As ready as I'll ever be.

Thank you all for
coming out witness

Devine Construction's
20th build.

It's gonna be a
landmark property

that we think will bring

a sleek, modern look
to Saint Petersburg.

- Grow flowers, not towers!

Grow flowers, not towers!

Grow flowers, not towers!

Grow flowers, not towers!

- Change is hard.
- Grow flowers, not towers!

- Grow flowers, not towers!

Grow flowers, not towers!

Grow flowers, not towers!

- Guys, guys!

- What is all this?

- Oh, this is for your office.

You know, I didn't
want come empty-handed.

- You're leading a protest.

- It doesn't mean
I have to be rude.

- What is it gonna take
for you to stop this?

- You, saving our
Community Garden!

- I already told you Vikki,
that's not gonna happen.

- Well then this
isn't gonna stop.

Because I told you
that I was gonna fight.

- Even if you can't win?

- Not so sure about that.

I mean, just how much bad press

can you afford Chace Devine?

- Excuse me, but are you
available for an interview?

- I would love to
do an interview!

- Can I get your name?

- Yes, my name is Vikki George

and I represent the Community
Garden in Saint Petersburg.

Last week Mr. Devine
here bought our garden

in an attempt to tear it
down and build condos.

So today, we're
here to stop him.

- Not only is she
stealing my publicity,

but she's making me
out to be the bad guy.

- Well aren't you the bad guy?

- No.

It's not a black
and white issue.

People need housing in this
city and we provide that.

Saint Petersburg is
growing at a rapid pace

and if housing
doesn't grow with it,

the prices are gonna
become unaffordable and...

You really think
I'm the bad guy?

- You're taking
away their garden.

- To give people
a place to live.

- Okay, whatever you say.

- Do you realize that
giving people jobs,

providing housing, it's
why I do what I do Marta.

- Well, maybe you could
do something different.

You inspired me to
change for the better.

Maybe it's time
you make a change.

- You guys, listen.

I know that everybody
has seen the headlines

and that was a great start,

but that's all
that was, a start.

Having the public on our side
is not our ultimate goal.

Right now, there is one man

and one man alone
who controls our fate

and that is Chace Devine.

- So what can we do?

- We make it so he
can't ignore us.

We have to keep infusing
ourselves into community events

so he sees how
important we truly are.

- What about our
Annual Ladybug Release?

- What do you mean?

- What if we open it up
to the whole neighborhood?

- That's a great idea.

That's a great idea!

We make it a true event.

We invite everyone,
including Chace Devine.

We show him the kinds of
things that we do here.

Once he sees the community
part of the Community Garden,

he's gonna have second thoughts
about shutting us down.

Serena, you're a genius.

- Yes, I saw the news,

but it's gonna blow over
in a week, I promise.

We proceed on schedule.

The public has a short
attention span but...

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Vikki George.

- Chace Devine, this is for you.

It's an olive branch.

Actually, it's an olive tree,

but I think you catch my drift.

It's for your office.

You could really use
some green in there.

- I'd love to stay and
chat, but I have a meeting.

- Oh great, I'll walk with you.

- My own personal escort.

- Something like that.

First of all I want to apologize

for hijacking the
groundbreaking ceremony.

- It was just a bump in
the road, but thank you.

- And ask a favor.

- You have a favor.

- Yes.

So, we're hosting an event.

A ladybug release.

And I'd really like
for you to come.

See how important the
garden is to the community.

- I don't get it.

Why are you doing this?

Can't you just plant your
flowers somewhere else?

- This garden was
started by my dad.

It was his passion
project before he died.

- I'm sorry, I didn't know.

- It's okay.

He died three years ago,

which is both a long time

and also no time at all.

It was just really
important to him

that everybody have a
little piece of land

to call their own.

Pride of ownership.

That's what he used to say.

- You know, my dad passed
away when I was young.

It forced me to
grow up real fast.

I had to take care of my mom.

Everything I did was to keep
her happy and cared for.

She passed away last year.

- I'm so sorry.

- There's a lot we don't
know about each other.

- You never know,

in another life we
might have been friends.

- You never know.

Tell you what,

I can't guarantee that
I can make it to the?

- Ladybug release.

- Ladybug release.

I've got a really
packed schedule,

but I can guarantee
that I'll try.

Hopefully that's good enough.

- It'll have to be.

Thank you for trying.

- Oh, and thank you for,

for your olive branch.

I'll add it to my collection.

- Good.

I'll make a gardener
out of you yet.

- I wouldn't count on it!

- Look, look at this one.

- Ah, you can do this, right?

But she likes you.

Let's just walk
in and say hello.


- Are you here for
the ladybug release?

- I guess.

I guess I am.

- Well we better hurry.

You know, this is a
historical occasion.

This could be the
last ladybug release

before that horrible
real estate developer

takes over the garden.

Are you coming in?

- You go ahead, I'll
be in in a minute.

- What do you think it means?

I think it means that
he's warming up to me.

I mean warming up to the
idea of saving the garden.

Why else would he
get me a plant?

- Maybe he likes you.

- No way!

- Oh he definitely likes you.

- There is not a chance.

- Why else would he
bring you a plant?

He's flirting with you.

- He is not flirting with me.

He is not flirting
with me, okay?

He is mister dress to
the nines business man

and I'm, me.

You know, I like to think of
myself as happy and carefree,

and I don't think those two
words are in his vocabulary.

- I don't know.

But you know what they
say, opposites attract.

Besides, are you
really so different?

I mean you're both
very determined people.

Well maybe he's
attracted to that.

- That may be, but
yeah, we are different.

Very different.

Too different.

Besides, have you
seen his girlfriend?

- He has a girlfriend?

- Does he have a girlfriend?

I mean she's so
gorgeous that you can

hear the whiplash
when the heads turn

when she walks in the room.

- Aye, but is she determined?

- You are infuriating.

This conversation's over.

- Okay, okay!

He may not like you,

but I know you

and I think you like him.

Just a little bit.

- Come in!

- You had a delivery come in.

- Oh, thanks Ilya.

Those are the documents
for the garden property.

Hey Ilya.

Have you been
following this whole

Community Garden mess?

- Of course.

It's part of my job.

- What's your opinion on it?

Your honest opinion now.

Pretend you're not
talking to your boss.

- My honest opinion?

- Mm hmm.

- Well, I'm a gardener.

And gardens have always
been special to me.

They're soothing, meditative.

Besides, there's no
greater feeling than

caring for something and
watching it flourish.

- That's how I feel
about my buildings.

Not only do they provide jobs

for the people who
construct them,

but the construction themselves

become housing.


Plus, I'm really proud of them.

- Well, maybe you
can show her that.

- Who?

Vikki George?

- Maybe if she can see
from your point of view

she'd appreciate it.

Would you like me to take
care of those for you?

- No.

No, they're my plants.

I'm responsible for them.


you just gave me a great idea.

Thank you.

You're right.

- Vikki!

- Yeah.

- Vikki!

- Yeah.

- You have a visitor.

- Who is it?

- He's coming in now.

- Chace Devine.

- Vikki George.

- Didn't expect this.

You, to see you.

For you to come here.

You know what I mean.

This is my best friend Anna.

- Oh.

- Hi.

- Please to meet you.

Though, if you're part
of the garden community,

I'm sure I'm not your
favorite person right now.

- You're not not my
favorite person right now.

Especially if you're
here for the reason

I think you're here for.

- Okay.

- I'll go.

I'll be by the register.

- That's a good idea.

I'm not even gonna
begin to try to

decipher for you what she meant.

- It's okay.

- Okay.

- So, what are you working on?

- Well, it's tulip season so...

You wanna smell 'em?

- Sure.

It smells like spring?

- I know, most people
think they have no scent,

but I think they
smell like heaven.

For you.

- What?

- Yes, for you.

- No.

At least let me
pay for this one.

You're running a business here.

- It's a gift.

Besides, I've seen your office,

we both know you need those
tulips more than I do.

- Okay, thank you.

So, I'm here to...

Are you free today?

There's something
I wanna show you.

- Well, we are pretty busy.

- Oh.

- But yeah, I guess
I could sneak away.

What'd ya have in mind?

- Actually, we're running
two months ahead of schedule.

- Really?

- We're efficient.

It's something
I'm very proud of.

Besides, we've got about
75 people on this site,

another 20 back at the office.

It's quite a lot of
jobs on this build.

- Mr. Devine, the
foreman's looking for you.

- Thanks Mark.

Hey, there's someone
I want you to meet.

This is Vikki George.

- Nice to meet you.

- A new friend of Chace
Devine is a friend of mine.

- How's the family?

- Ah they're doing
great, really great.

He's always asking
about my family.

You see, a couple of
years ago I lost my job.

I met Mr. Devine,

he personally hired me
on his regular crew.

- Mark's being very generous.

You're one of the
best employees I got.

We couldn't do the
work we do without you.

- Honestly, if he wasn't able
to keep our crew working,

we'd all be out of a job.

But enough chit-chat about that,

this building isn't
gonna build itself.

Chace, don't forget
about the foreman.

- You got it.

- Very nice to
meet you Ms. George.

- Yes, very nice to
meet you as well.

Wow, I had no idea you were
responsible for so many people.

- It's not just
about the buildings

it's about how they get here.

And the source of pride
they are to the architects,

and the construction workers,

and everyone else involved.

- Hm.

You know, I have to
admit that I never

even considered any of that.

- Hey, what are you
doing right now?

It's a beautiful spring day,

how about lunch?

- Together?


- Yeah?

- Sure.

- Great.

I'll make a
reservation at Shiro's.

- I think if we're
gonna have lunch,

we should do it on my terms.

I am really glad you
showed me that build site.

- I just wanted
to open your eyes,

help you see that
I'm not a monster.

- I never thought
you were a monster.

Alright, maybe
just a little bit.

Like a small
corporate troglodyte.

But can I ask you a
question, seriously.

How come you didn't come
to the ladybug release?

- Oh it didn't seem appropriate

with me being the one
taking away the garden.

I didn't wanna seem
like a villain.

Hey, if I could figure out
a way to save the garden

and put up my building, I would.

But as it stands, there's too
many people depending on me.

- Okay.

But I am gonna keep
trying to change your mind

because I have a lot of people

depending on me as well.

- Well, we'll just have
to agree to disagree.

- For now.

But I'm pretty sure
you're gonna come around

to my way of
thinking eventually.

- I don't know about that.

- Very persuasive.

No way.

It's a four leaf clover.

- Wow.

- You know what this
means don't you?

Good luck is coming our way.

- Let me see.

So when does the
good luck start?

- Who knows, maybe
it already has.

- No, what does that
mean for the two of us?

We want different things.

- Do we?

I just mean...

- Ah!


- Oh no.

- Maybe we should...

- Yeah, no, we should go.

- I've got a meeting.

- I mean I have to get
back to the nursery.

- Yeah.

- Rain.

Got it.

- Thanks for lunch Vikki.

It's always an adventure.

- It was my pleasure.

This looks so nice, thanks
for having me to dinner.

- Oh we always love having you.

- He got the recipe
from Ms. Hewitt.

- Oh, but don't tell her I'm
using Mr. Boyle's peppers.

- My lips are sealed.

- Good.

I hope you like spicy.

- Yeah.

- Speaking of spicy,

tell me about your
date with Chace Devine.

- It wasn't a date.

- You had lunch.

A picnic lunch.

- Half a picnic lunch.

There was a rain delay,
so half a picnic.

- Still, half.

- It was interesting.

You know, I guess
I never realized

how many people are
behind the scenes

of a man like Chace Devine.

I guess this whole
time I've been

so focused on him
being the bad guy,

I never thought about things
from his point of view.

- He opened your eyes.

That's cool.

- But does that
change your mind?

- What do you mean?

- Well I mean, what about
the people from the garden?

Are they just supposed
to abandon their

little spot of
green, their plots,

their piece of the community

just because a developer
wants to build condos?

- Don't be crazy.

Vikki would never abandon
the Community Garden.

- Of course not.

If we were to let go of things
like the Community Garden,

we'll have no community left.

Chace may have opened my
eyes to his perspective,

but there is nothing
that will make

me let this garden go.

- I'm glad you didn't budge.

And you know you have the
support of the entire community.

But mostly, your
best friends support.

- Thank you.

And don't worry, I am
never gonna stop fighting.

No matter what.

Diane, what are you doing?

- Vikki, I'm so sorry.

My friend Tim is
letting me use some

space in his garden

and it's a guarantee.

It's not going anywhere.

Please forgive me.

- Of course.

Hey, Serena what's going on?

- A couple of the
gardeners are threatening

to drop out of the
Community Garden.

They see the inevitable coming

and they don't want to
wait until the last minute.

It's only a few
weeks until we have

to be out of the garden.

- Well, no, that's
not necessarily true.

And you know, it's fine.

I'll just call some
people on the wait list.

- Vikki, people don't
wanna join the garden

if they know it's gonna go away.

No one wants to
commit until they know

the garden's future is decided.

- Well I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.

Garden Walk is in two weeks

and there's no way
we're gonna win with

a bunch of bald
patches everywhere.

It's gotta be full and vibrant.

- Don't worry, we
will rally the troops.

The garden will be ready for
the Garden Walk Festival.

- Thank you Serena.

- Yeah.

- What am I gonna do with you?

Mr. Boyle, good afternoon.

Can I help you?

- Well Vikki, I
need to approach you

with a delicate matter.

- Shoot.

- I wanna move to a new plot.

- Really?

Now with Garden Walk
just around the corner?

I've already got one
giant bald patch to fill.

- I realize the
timing isn't the best,

but I need to get
away from Ms. Hewitt.

She's too, distracting.

- Distracting?

- Yes distracting.

Namely her tomatoes
are distracting.

- And how are her
tomatoes distracting?

- Oh they're an A-list
vegetable Vikki.

Which is malarkey.

Since technically,
technically they're a fruit.

Now how are my peppers supposed
to compete with her fruit?

- Well, the good news is,
it's not a competition.

- Ah, life's a
competition Vikki.

And at the moment,
my delightful peppers

are playing second
banana to her fruit.

- Maybe if you stopped
calling them fruits.

- Ah, can't do that.

Gotta keep an edge up.

- Okay, Mr. Boyle, I
will think about it,

but this new plot would
have to be eye catching.

I can't replace a pepper patch

that is flourishing
with a brand new one

that would just be
getting started.

- I'll plant zucchinis!

- How is that different?

- Come on, zucchinis!

What could be more eye
catching than zucchinis?

Because they sprout flowers!

- I will think about it.

Mr. Boyle I promise.

- Well you better think quick

because Garden Walk is
just around the corner.

- Don't I know it.


From the ground up.

Hi, Chace Devine's
voicemail please.

Chace, hi, it's Vikki.

Remember when I went
to your build site?

Well it's your turn
for a field trip.

And I tell you what, I
will call your assistant

and make an appointment
because I know

how much you love those.

Oh, and if you own
anything that's not a suit,

wear it.

Two trowels.

- Two trowels check.

Two dibbers.

Two pruners.

Two people.

- I do not like your
tone, this is business.

- And I think you mean business.

- Anna, I'm just doing
this to save the garden.

- Mm hm.

- Am I interrupting?

- Oh, no.

We were just getting
ready for our field trip.

- Just getting ready.

- You look great in not a suit.

It's suits you.

- Thank you.

I don't usually
have the occasion

to wear not a suit.

- Well, you do today because I

am gonna teach
you how to garden.

- This is gonna
be a long lesson.

I don't know the first
thing about gardening.

- Yeah you do.

Because the first thing is
just knowing what you like.


step into my parlor and tell me.

What do you like?

Just take a look
around and see which

flowers speak to you
and we'll go from there.

- These.

- Yeah?

- My mom would
always plant them.

- See, you've got
gardening in your blood.

Trust me, you're
gonna be a natural.

So, these will be
the centerpiece

and we'll just find other
flowers to compliment them.


- Yes.

- You wanna help us
pick some plants?

- Sure.

- Great.

So, take a look around,
see what else you want.

- Just, okay.

- Yeah.

- His mom used to plant azaleas.

The plant he got
you is an azalea.

- Shh, stop it and help me.

- How about ornamental
sweet potato?

You have to admit
that means something.

- Yeah, it means I
remind him of his mother.

Not romantic.

So, oh!

Chace Devine, are you ready
to get your hands dirty?

- Lead the way.

- Okay, so, the first
rule of gardening

is you can't garden
while standing.

There you go.

- Okay, I get that.

How's this?

- It's great.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, I just didn't
realize you were so delicate.

- I'm not delicate.

- You just kneeled
down like you were

about to be knighted
by the queen mum.

Okay, show me your hands.


- Okay.

- Great, now you're
ready to garden.

- I wanna just
loosen it up right?

- Loosen it up and
then we're gonna

get a shovel and we're
gonna dig a proper hole.

'Cause what we're gonna do...

- Yeah.

- Is we're gonna squeeze
this a little bit

and make sure it's
not root bound.

- A little guy.

- It's a little guy.

We just wanna loosen
up the roots a little.

So first we'll focus
on the centerpiece.

We'll get the azalea
placement perfect,

and then we'll build
the rest of the garden

around the azaleas.


How's that placement?

- It's perfect.

- So not all soil's
the same right?

- Oh, no.

Soil is the most important
part of the garden.

There's six main types of soil.

Feel it.

It's kind of soft and
soapy to the touch.

- Ah, I see what you mean.

Here, let me help you out.

You clearly don't have enough.

There, maybe some here.

- Thank you.

- Right there.

Yeah, dirt suits you.

Oh, okay.

That's fine.

That's fine.

'Cause I didn't really work.

I worked really hard on that.

- Oh.

- Go ahead.

- No, that's.

Do you need it?

- No, go ahead.

- I was just gonna clear it out.

- Wow, look what we did.

- I know.

Not too shabby if
I do say so myself.

- I mean it's nice
to see what we can do

when we work together.

- Yeah.

It is.

- Whoa, I gotta go.

You're okay here right?

- Yeah no, good.

I gotta finish up anyway,

make sure everything's pristine.

Sort of how I roll.

- Thanks for today.

It brought me back to when I
started working construction.

It felt good to
work with my hands.

- Oh.


- Well,

see ya around Victoria George.

- Sorry.


Vikki I have to use the...

- Oh my gosh Anna, are you okay?

You're out of breath.

- I know, I need
to up my cardio.

Ooh, do we have oxygen?

Tell me we have oxygen.

- Anna, what is it?

- There's a gala, tonight.

A Mayoral Gala.

- Well that is very exciting,
but we are not invited.

- But what if we crashed it?

- What?

Why would we crash it?

- Because the mayor
will be there.

Maybe you can talk to the mayor

and convince her to
declare the garden

some sort of landmark
or something.

- So Chace Devine
can't build his condos.

- Exactly.

- Wait, but why would she
declare it a landmark?

- Okay, not a landmark,

but I don't know.

It's been 20 years since
your dad started the garden.

It's been a part of the
community for a long time.

That has to mean something.

- I don't know,
crashing the event,

that just seems crazy.

- Vikki!

We have two weeks
before we have to

be out of the garden.

This might be the sort of
hail Mary play we need.

So put on your big girl pants

and let's crash the gala.

- I mean we live in a
world with so much stuff.

And I was so focused on things

that I didn't
really have a path.

And now look at me.

I'm a designer who
focuses on minimalism.

You know who the real enemy is?


- Would you like to dance?

- Oh, that would be wonderful.

- So just give him
the invitation.

- You give him the invitation.

- Don't tell me you
forgot the invitation.

- You were supposed to
bring the invitation.

- No, I distinctly
remember telling you

to bring the invitation.

- And I told you to
bring the invitation.

- She forgot the invitation.

- I can't believe
we got in here.

- I know.

I told you, all we had
to do was look the part

and say we forgot the tickets.

- Do you see the mayor anywhere?

- Oh look, there she is.

- Okay let's go.

- Thank you for the donation.

Enjoy your night.

- Oh madam mayor, I'm
so sorry to interrupt.

- No don't worry, I'm
happy to speak with you.

- My name is Vikki George

and I run the Community
Garden in Saint Petersburg.

- I read about it in the news.

- Then you know a
developer is planning

on tearing it down to
build condos on the land?

- I read about that too.

- Well the reason
we approached you

is we were hoping that your
office could do something.

Maybe declare the
garden a landmark

or a pillar of the community.

Something, anything to stop
them from building on the land.

We could really use your help.

- I'm glad you came to me.

I always want my
constituents to feel

like they can talk to me.

- Wait, so you'll help us?

- I don't know what
I can do off hand,

but I can have my staff
do a little digging

and maybe I can get back to you.

- I'm sorry to ask, but
how quickly would that be?

It's just that
we're under a little

bit of a time crunch.

We've got Garden Walk
coming up in two weeks.

- Tell you what,

I will have an answer
for you at Garden Walk.

- Thank you much madam Mayor.

- I can't make any promises.

- No, of course not.

But just looking into
it is promise enough.

- It's the promise of hope.

- Yeah.

Of course, it'll be my pleasure.

Now if you'll excuse me.

- Sure.

It worked.

- I know, it worked!

- Well fingers
crossed it worked.

- Yes, fingers crossed...


- Did you know he
was gonna be here?

- I'm gonna go get
us some drinks.

- Vikki.

- Chace.

- Wow.

- Oh, stop.

I feel kind of silly
dressed like this.

- Really, you look beautiful.

- Thank you.

- So, wanna dance?

What about Marta?

- Oh, Marta and I broke up.

Yeah, we decided it was time
to focus on other things.

She wanted to minimize
everything, including me.

- Oh no!


- I'm not.

Really, it's for the best.

For both of us.

So, about that dance?

- I would love to,
but the truth is

I'm not really sure I know how.

- Come on, it's a piece of cake.

I'll lead.

There we go.

Okay, so this goes here.

- Okay.

- Now you just hold onto me.

Thank you.

- Hey Chace, can
I ask you a favor?

- Of course.

- Before you make your final
decision on the garden,

would you come to Garden Walk?

I just think it
would be a great way

for you to see the
community spirit in action.

- Tonight I couldn't
refuse you anything.

- It was really my pleasure.

- I'm glad.

- So you'll come?

- You don't stop do you?

Where do you get
that determination?

- My dad.

He'd always say "Look up,

"there's a way
over any obstacle."

So I guess I'm just
always looking up.

- I like that.

Sounds like he was a wise man.

- He was.

- Look up.

I guess I'm the obstacle huh?

- Look up Chace.

- I should let you get
back to your friend.

But I'll come to
the Garden Walk.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- Okay you guys,
I need everybody

to be on their A game.

Everything has to be perfect
for Garden Walk this year.

No cutting corners.

Everything's gotta be spot on,

and remember, they're
judging on fullness,

organization, and varieties.

Okay you guys,
let's get to work.

- Vikki!

- Yeah!

- I have a complaint.

- Is it about Mr. Boyle?

- Well of course it's Mr. Boyle.

- How did I know?

- He's helping everyone
with their streamers but me.

- Okay, but maybe if you
just asked him nicely.

- Ask?

You think I'd actually ask him?

Have you heard the rumors?

He's been trying to move plots

to get away from my tomatoes.

There's no way I'd
ask him for help

with an attitude like that.

- Okay, but you do need help.

- Yes.

- From Mr. Boyle.

- Yes.

- So what's the solution?

- You ask him.

- You want me to
ask him for you?

- Exactly.

- Ms. Hewitt.

Okay fine.

I'll do it, okay.

But we really all
have to get along.

We have to put our
differences aside.

- I'll put mine aside,
once he puts his aside.

Is that fair?

- I guess it'll have to be.

Okay, I'll talk to him.

- Thank you.

- Oh you're welcome.

- Vikki, I wanted to
show you the dresses

I ordered for the event.

- Okay, do we have
to do this right now?

- I pinned six dresses
and ordered them all.

Which one's your favorite?

- You know what, this one.

It's perfect.

You're gonna look beautiful!

- That one's my favorite too.

- Great.
- Thank you Vikki.

- Oh my god.

- Yeah, any word from the Mayor?

- No, and she was
supposed to give us

an answer by Garden Walk.

- So she's cutting it close.

- Yeah, I know.

Aren't we all.

- Ladies and gentlemen!

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the

46th annual Saint
Petersburg Garden Walk!

Have a wonderful day!

- Hello, welcome to the garden.

Thank you for coming.

Thanks for coming.

Thank you for coming
to the garden.

Hope you guys enjoy
your time here.

Thank you so much.

Hey, thank you for
coming to the garden.

You came.

- You're surprised?

- I mean a little.

- Well I wanted to
check on our plot.

Make sure you're
taking care of it.

- You wanna come
see for yourself?

- After you.

- Thank you.

- This place looks great.

- Mm hm, it's pretty cool what
a couple of weeks will do.

What do you think?

- Wait a minute.

This is the, this is the one?

I helped do this?

- No, you did do this.

I helped you.

I always say that
a garden is like

a little slice of home.

It's also a reflection of
the gardener who planted it.

And this garden,

especially because of your mom.

It's a reflection of you.

- I don't know what to say.

- You don't have
to say anything,

you can just kinda take it in.

- Hey.

- Hey.


So, I guess there's some people

I'd like you to meet.

Everyone this is Chace Devine.

This is Alex.

- Hi.
- And you know Anna.

- And Serena,
you guys met before.

- Nice to see you again Chace.

- Hello.
- And this is my mom.

- I actually helped
Chace plant this azalea garden.

- Well I love this garden.

- Yeah.

- This is the exact spot

we danced on our wedding day.

- Yes it is.

- So they got married here?

- Yup.

- I had no idea.

- We all decorated the
garden, did it all in white.

It was really a
beautiful wedding.

You see, our garden's
part of the community.

People love it as much as I do.

They wanna make it a
part of their lives,

we're like a family.

- Don't you think this
is a wonderful event?

- I do.

But you know what would
make it even better?

A little dancing.

- Oh I don't know.

- I have just the
partner in mind.

- Mr. Boyle?

- You want me to dance with her?

- Why not?

- I haven't danced in years!

- Come on!

It's like riding a bike.

- Who would've
though the two of us

would be dancing together?

- They say Garden Walk
is a magical time.

- I never told you how much
I admire your tomatoes.

- Thank you Mr. Boyle.

- Oh don't mention it.

- And I have to say,

your peppers are coming
in beautifully this year.

- Ah they are aren't they?

Aren't we a pair?

- A pair of old shoes.

- But at least
they're dancing shoes.

- Oh.

- Let's do a little spin.

- Ladies and gentlemen,
please gather around!

I am here to announce the winner

of this years Garden Walk!

Congratulations to

The Community Garden!

After touring 17
gardens, hands down,

you have embraced
the beauty, charm,

and polish we look for.

As well as that
community spirit,

we cannot deny.

- Thank you.

- Speech.


- You know, the thing
about this Community Garden

is it really does belong
to the entire community.

So this isn't just a
win for us gardeners,

this is a win for the
whole neighborhood.

So congratulations to us all!

Oh, would you like this?

- Congratulations.

- Yeah, it is pretty great.

Hey, do you wanna see something
else that's pretty great?

- Sure.

- Shh.

The butterfly bushes bloomed.

- Why are we whispering?

- Because I thought it was
more charming like that.

Okay, just smell it.

Come on.

- Alright.

- Mm, it's heaven.

- Wow.

- I know right?

When I was a little girl

I used to pluck the
petals off this plant

and rub them between my fingers,

put 'em on my wrist

and pretend like I
was wearing perfume.

I felt so grown up.

You wanna try?

- I don't really wanna
smell like a flower.

- Oh come on.

- How 'bout I put it on you?

- Okay.

- So I just pluck
it off like that?

- Vikki!

Vikki where are you?


- I think you're needed.

- Yeah.

- Come on, I'll help you up.

- Vikki!

- It sounds so important.

- Yeah.

- Will you excuse me?

- Sure.

- Vikki come on!

- What is it?

- The Mayor is here.

- The Mayor?

- Yes, she's been waiting.

Mayor Price.

- Vikki, congratulations
on your big win today.

- Madam Mayor, thank you so much

for coming down to the garden.

- Well, I wish it could be
under better circumstances.

- What do you mean?

- My office looked
into your case

and unfortunately
there's nothing we can do

to help you save the garden.

It looks like that
decision will entirely

be left to Chace Devine.

- Well.

Thank you so much for
trying Mayor Price.

- I'm just sorry
I couldn't come to

you with good news.

- Oh I understand.

Chace, if there is any
way you can think of

to save our garden...

- I wish I could.

- Just please try
to think of a way.

Just try.

- Ink Chace, just think.

- Knock knock.

Thought you could
use a cup of coffee.

- Bless you.

- Don't mention it.

Are you alright?

- I'm stuck Ilya.

How do I tell her that
there's no solution?

That I'm gonna have to
shut down the garden.

- You're a smart man Chace.

If you want it bad enough,
you'll think of something.

- I hope you're right.

- It's so peaceful
here at night.

- It's peaceful
here all the time.

I can't believe tomorrow
this will all be gone.

- Honey, you can't
think like that.

- But it's over mom.

I failed.

Tomorrow Chace shuts
this property down,

soon construction will begin

and dads dream will be
but a distant memory.

- But we'll always have
the memory sweetie,

if not the garden.

- I know.

It's just this place
has become more

than just memories for me.

It was a way to bring
people together,

but it was also just
this feeling, you know.

For the whole neighborhood.

It's home.

Dad always said, "Look up,

"there's a way over
every obstacle."

I just wish I was able to find

my way over this one mom.

I wish I could have
figured it out.

- Look up.

There's a way over
every obstacle.

Look up.

- Come on Chace.

Don't let me down.

- Hey Ilya, can you run
this by engineering?

- Hi Chace.

Surprised to see me?

- I have to say I am.

What can I do for you?

- I came here to thank you.

- For what?

- I've been hired by a
New York design firm.

- What?

- And I wanted you to be
the first to hear the news.

You were the one
who believed in me

and gave me my big break.

So if it weren't for you...

- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

- That's great news.

- I know.

I saw you dancing at the gala.

Was that Vikki George?

- Yes.

- You seem quite taken with her.

- Well she's really opened
my eyes to what's important.

It's not just the buildings,
it's the people inside them.

Everyone around them,
the entire community.

- I'm happy for you.

You looked perfect together.

- I don't know if
she feels the same.

I did something that she
may never forgive me for.

- You're a good man Chace,

and if she's as great
as you think she is,

she'll see that.

- I don't know.

- Well as you all know,

Chace shut down the
community Garden.

But I just wanna ask
you to sit tight.

I am determined to come up
with some sort of solution.

The garden started
off as my dad's dream,

but it's really become mine.

And I promise, I'm
gonna find a way

for us to start over.

- I'm so sorry Vikki.

We'll get the garden back.

- I know.

It just takes a little faith.

- Call you later?

- Yeah.

Love you mom.

- Love you too honey.

- Vikki.

- Mr. Boyle, Ms. Hewitt,
it is the hardest

to share this news
with the two of you.

I know how much the
garden meant to you both,

but I promise, I really am...

- Hey hey, Vikki
we have some news.

- We're, well I
guess we're dating.

- Wait, what?

- We're dating.

Isn't it fantastic!

- Yeah!

Of course, but, how
did this happen?

- It was the day
of the Garden Walk.

Maybe it was the
music and the dancing.

- But we realized all
our constant bickering

may have been a result of some

unresolved feelings between us.

- Well this is amazing.

- She's about tomatoes
and I'm all about peppers.

- Oh, I am so
happy for you both.

- Thank you Vikki.

- But those weren't the
only sparks we saw that day.

- Yeah, we admit
that you were burning

pretty bright yourself as well.

- We were hoping maybe you had
some good news of your own.

- Oh no, that's something
that can never happen now.

- Sure.

Sometimes all it takes is to put

your differences aside.

- Not with the garden.

There's been too much
that's come between us

for us to ever be together.

Especially now.

But I am so happy
for the two of you.

I really am.

Oh it's wonderful.

I tried so hard.

- Vikki, Vikki!

Just let me talk to you.
- Chace.

- Let me talk to you.
- No, no, no, no, no.

- I don't wanna talk to you.

- I know you're
still angry with me.

- No, I know what
you're gonna say.

You're gonna say
there was no solution

and I get it.

But I had just hoped beyond hope

that you would think
with your heart

instead of your head

and help me find a
way to save my garden.

- I couldn't save the site.

There was too much
money invested,

too many jobs at stake.

- No I understand.

I really do.

I'm just not ready to
forgive you for it.

Because for me,
this was everything.

This was my dream.

And you crushed it
Chace, you crushed it.

Chace, look at it.

There's nothing left.

- I know, I know, but Vikki...

- No butts Chace.

- Vikki, just let me...

- I saw you.

- What?

- I saw you with Marta.

- When?

- You were at your office
and you were hugging her

and I saw you Chace.

- Vikki that was nothing.

She got a job in New York,
I was congratulating her.

- Why should I believe
anything you say?

- Because I've always
been honest with you.

- It doesn't matter.

It doesn't change anything.

- Vikki.

Take one more walk with me?

Please, trust me.

I promise I won't let you down.

Almost there.

- We're in your office building.

- Just a little further.

I just want you to know

I made some changes
to my business model.

Changes inspired by you.

I took a hard look
at what's important.

It's not just about
succeeding to honor my mom,

it's to honor her
spirit as well.

I wanted to put a piece of
her in all of my buildings.

A piece of my home.

And Vikki, you're
the one who made

me realize what
home means to me.

So, I took your dad's advice.

When faced with an
obstacle, I looked up.

This is for you.

- You moved the garden.

- I did.

- It's all here.

- I told you I would come up
with a compromise if I could.

But I think I came up with
something even better.

A rooftop community garden.

And this won't be the only one.

I'm converting every rooftop

in every one of my buildings
into garden spaces.

And Vikki, I'm gonna need
someone to run them all

and I hope that
someone will be you.

- You moved every single plot,

every single plant.

You saved the garden.

- Is that a yes?

- Chace,

you saved my dream.

And you've given me a new one.