True Legend (2010) - full transcript

Su Qi-Er retired from his life as a renowned Qing dynasty general in order to pursue his dream of a family and his own martial arts school. However, Su's peaceful life is shattered when his vengeful adopted brother, Yuan Lie, kidnaps his son and leaves Su for dead. Saved from his demise by his wife Ying and the reclusive doctor Yu, Su resolves to perfect his technique so that he may defeat Yuan Lie and reunite his family. Suffering from visions that he aided in his training by two of the "Eight Immortals" in the form of the mystical "God of Wushu" and the eccentric "Old Sage" master of Drunken Boxing. He embarks on the path that would eventually give rise to the legend of the "King of Beggars."




China. 1861. It is
a turbulent time.

While foreign powers
threaten invasion...

As the nation descends
into disorder...

the Qing Dynasty is on
the verge of collapse.

The people remain defiant.

The practise of Wushu flourishes.

And from the ashes of chaos...

a new warrior arises.


Su Can, the court's bravest
soldier and his men...

rescue an Imperial Prince
who's been kidnapped.

Quick. Follow me.

Kill him.

Kill him. Kill him.

Archers. Cover us.
The rest, follow me.


I'll kill you.

Son of a bitch.

I'll kill you.

Son of a bitch.

Your Highness. Are you alright?

Su, let's get out of here.

Ma, stay behind.
Yuan, come with me.

Yes, sir.

You bastard.

Son of a bitch.


Son of a bitch.


Yuan, take the Prince to safety.



Your Highness. I'm
afraid Su is dead.

Dead? Are you sure?

Take an elite team
to find General Su.

Dead or alive, I want him here.

Yes, sir.

Su is back.

Soldiers. Take him to the doctor.

Yes, sir.

My dear brother.

Your Highness. Colonel
Ma and I are back.

Su, you are a great soldier.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

Su, you saved my life.

I'll ask the Emperor...

to make you Governor of Hubei.

I am grateful for
your consideration.

But I cannot claim all the credit.

Yuan was also there.

I know Yuan is your
foster brother...

and the blood brother
of your wife.

But he is too reckless...

you need to control Yuan.

If you're afraid of
hurting his feelings...

I will send Yuan to Sichuan.

I hope you'll accept.


General Su led us to
countless victories.

Enemies have fallen
under his sword.

Let's toast our triumphs.


Ma, this is for you.

I can't accept.

A great sword deserves
a great warrior.

- You don't like it?
- No. Of course, I do.

- Then it's yours.
- Thank you.

- Put it to good use.
- Yes. I promise.

Why aren't you drinking?

A warrior should
watch his drinking.

Yuan, a sip to our
victory is okay.

I'll ask them to
come drink with you.

With you here, I am not needed.

You're my brother.
They'll respect you.

You must take care of the
troops when I'm gone.


You're taking the
promotion? Nonsense.

I've decided to go home.

What? You just won a big battle.

This is your time.
Don't walk away.

My mind's made up.
I leave tomorrow.

Honestly, you're more
suited for battles.

I've asked the Prince
to make you Governor.

The Prince despises me.

I know.

But if I'm not here...

he will look at you differently.

Since we were little I always
got what you didn't want.

I do not feel like a man.

We grew up together. I
share everything with you.

You really don't
want to be Governor?

I seek the highest ideal in
Wushu so I can teach others.

And I want to start my own school.

When my Wushu practise
flourishes I'll

realise the true meaning of life.

My other wish is to have
a family with Ying...

and live in peace together.

You and my little
sister... a family?

Su, I wish the two
of you all the best.

You've been so kind.

One day...

I'll repay you.



Guests come to see my parents.

My parents are not in

I ask the guests to take a seat.

Then pour them tea.

One more time.


A snake. At your feet.

You lied.

Look at you. A mother and
still so rambunctious.

You don't pay any attention to us.
You just practise Wushu all day.

Who doesn't pay attention to you?

Mother. Father. What about me?

Help. Save me.

What's going on?

I want to play.

You two are parents...

but act like crazy children.

- Father.
- Father.


Little Feng.

Give me a hug.


Have you been good?

I have some news.

Yuan is coming back for a visit.

My brother is coming home?

After all these years...

I knew he'd return one day.

Ying, let's get out the best
wine. We must celebrate.

My son...

Yuan is now a Governor.

I suspect this is more
than a homecoming.

You must be cautious.

Father, you worry too much.

Are you still thinking
of his real father?

Yuan never uttered
a word about him.

He knows why you
killed his father.

Not mentioned does
not mean forgotten.

You raised him and
Ying as your own.

Ying is my wife.
We are one family.

There should be no hard
feelings, stop worrying.

I hope you're right.

Thank you.

Thank you. This way please.


Thank you.

Hurry, hurry. Father's
school opens today.

I want to watch the Lion Dance.

Lower the carriage...

Raise the carriage.

Do you still remember me?

Of course. You're my only brother.

Little Feng, this is Uncle Yuan.

Little Feng.

You're Su's son. You
should be brave.

Father really misses you.

Really? Then let's
celebrate his birthday.

- I have to tell you something.
- Come. Tell me tomorrow.

The three of us we
look like a family.

My dear Father...

Happy Birthday.

Your timing is perfect.

Everyone missed you.

We're so happy you're home.

Father, I have not re-paid
you for raising me and Ying.

My health has deteriorated.
Age has taken its toll.

I don't have many good days.

But I pray everyday
for your safe return.


We have much to catch up on.



It was I who killed your father.

Su loves you as his brother.

Please spare his family.

Father, you think so little
of Su, your own son?

Your father went too far
with the Five Venom Fists.

He killed many innocent people.


I had to stop him.

I have perfected the
Five Venom Fists.

Did you think I will ever forget
that you murdered my father?

After you killed him...

you forced me to be your son.

You told the world my
father deserved to die.


I am the only one you should hate.

Your son stole my only sister.

Governor. We've got her.


Don't ever touch my sister.

I never blamed you.

Ying, we are finally together.

What will you do to Su?

Uncle, what's in your hand?

It's a pig's head.

Let's go pay respect to
your real grandfather.

Let us go.

Su treated you as
his blood brother.


Thank you.

Excuse me. This way please.

Young Master. Something
terrible has happened...

What's going on?

Yuan killed your father.
He came for revenge.

Young Master.


It's been 18 years.

Today, I've finally
avenged your death.

Forgive me for taking so long.

Come, Little Feng.


Little Feng, come here.

Pay respects to your
real grandfather.

Governor. Su's here.

Yuan, how could you?


Iron Twins, stand down.

I must welcome my brother-in-law.

Yuan. Father always
treated you as his own.

How could you?

Be careful, Su. Run.

We will be ok.

Your blood will be an
offering to my father.

It's dark gold armour.

Sewn onto my flesh inch by inch.

I am invincible.

Your fist is harder than a blade.

Five Venom Fists?


You know what your father
said before he died?

He begged me to spare your life.

You are a monster.

I've hated your family
for a long time.

- Father.
- Little Feng.


- Please don't hurt my father.
- Little Feng.

- Run.
- Stop. Stop.

- Run, Little Feng.
- Uncle. Please stop.

Come here, Little Feng. I'll stop.

For the sake of your
son, I'll let you go.

- Su.
- Father.

You're Little Feng's Uncle.

Ying. Don't.



Someone save her. Ying.

Governor. The water's too fast.


Dr Yu, he woke up.

Su. Good.

Now you needn't worry. He's okay.


This is Dr Yu.

She saved our life and
treated your wounds.

Ying told me everything.

You are safe now.

I am the only one here
on Beidou Mountain.

You can stay as long as you like.

Thank you.

Keep still. There are still
traces of toxin in your blood.

Luckily, you're strong.

I was able to expel
most of it out.

Someone not as tough
would be dead by now.

Be careful. My blood is toxic.

Don't worry. Dr Yu has
researched every herb.

She is now immune to all poisons.

I am eternally grateful.

I must thank Ying. She tends
to the wine-making...

so I can focus on my research.

She's a wine-maker?

She sells her wine in the city and
distributes the money to the poor.

She also provides
medicine to the sick.

A true angel of mercy.

You are making too
much of what I do.

These needles will
aid my research.

I'll walk you out.

Most people harbour hatred without
realising the value of life.

One life is connected
to many hearts.


What's wrong with my arm?

The tendons are torn.

Dr Yu said you'll be okay.

But it will heal slowly.

Eat something.

You should've stayed
with Little Feng.

Why suffer here?

Yuan will not harm Little Feng.

If I didn't follow you,
you would've died.

Look at me.

I can't even hold a bowl of
rice. How can I save our son?

You never accept defeat.

I'm useless.

No, you're not.

You were looking for
a worthy opponent.

Now you've found two:

Yuan and yourself.


Su, it's ok.

Here. Hold this.

Use your right hand.

Come on. Hold it.

So what if I can hold it?

I'm still useless.

Are you all right?

Are you afraid?

Yes, I am.

But I'm more afraid
you'll give up.

You're the only hope
for our family.

I'm waiting for you to
come to your senses.

You were looking for
a worthy opponent:

Yuan and yourself.

You're not useless.

You never accept defeat.

Try some.

Now I understand why
your wine is so special.


Because it contains your essence.

Stop it.

Soon my strength will return,
and I will rescue our son.

Great levitating skill.

I've never met a skilled
master like you.

Please take me as your disciple.

For revenge?

How did you know?

Your eyes revealed everything.

To be our disciple you must
first defeat the God of Wushu.

The God of Wushu?

How can I defeat him?

Your right arm was injured...

Now it's healed.

But you've lost your
confidence, right?


I have not lost my
confidence. My arm is fine.

You might die fighting
the God of Wushu.

If my skills are weak
what's the point of living?

Are you afraid yet? Go
home if you're scared.


Too slow.

Faster. Faster.

To challenge someone like you...

is a dream come true.

What did they do to you?


Only the weak die at home.

A warrior dies on the battlefield.


Finally you've come
to your senses.

Yes, like you said...

I'm the hope of our family.

God of Wushu.

I'm here. Still alive.

You've recovered?

Your right arm is worthless.

Let's chop it off.



Ying said your arm
has strengthened.

Take a look.

Let me check how you're doing.


The toxins are gone.

Thank you so much.

My body has healed.

And I'm getting stronger each day.

I must go practise.
Please enjoy dinner.


Su has gone mad with his training.

That's not possible.

Please listen. His
pulse is erratic.

His heart is racing and
his eyes are blood-shot.

He's going mad.

This can't continue. His
training must stop.

Dr Yu, he's with me everyday.

He goes off to the Old Sage daily
and returns home with wounds.

I see it with my own eyes.

On Beidou Mountain, we're
the only ones here.

I know it's hard to believe.

Old Sage and the God of
Wushu are supreme beings.

Just like you, they come and go.

- Have you ever met the Old Sage?
- No.

But I believe in my husband.

How many times have I told you?
Do not enter my practise chamber.

You don't listen. If you
die, I'll be alone forever.

Uncle, my feet hurt.
Please don't lock me up.

If you try to run away
I'll chop off your feet.

Uncle, I won't.

Little Feng,

you're my only family now.

I will not lose you.

I will protect you.

So no one can harm you.

It's been another year, I wonder
how Little Feng has grown.

I've been thinking.

After I save Little Feng
we'll move to the country.

We'll hold hands
like this every day.

I haven't seen your
smile in a long time.


After you save our son will
you spare my brother's life?

He's part of our family.

If he lives, I'll make sure
he cannot fight again.

Heavenly God. Please
bless our family.

I pray that we shall
never be apart.

We shall never be apart.

I must find a way to defeat you.

Have you ever met the Old Sage?

Su has gone mad with his training.

God of Wushu.

Let's go again.

You may be strong.
But I'm stronger.

I will defeat you.

Ying. I'm home.

I almost beat the
God of Wushu today.

He's really powerful, but
I'll defeat him one day.

That's enough.

I now realise the way
to defeat an enemy.

That's enough.

What God of Wushu?

Are you alright?


Do you know you're going mad?


I said, you're going mad.

I'm getting stronger.

And I'm more powerful than before.

I know you miss Little Feng.

I went to the cliff to
watch you practise.

I didn't see the God of
Wushu, or an Old Sage.

You were alone.

It's all in your head.
Don't you realise?

You went to the cliff?

I promised the Masters I
wouldn't bring my wife.

Wake up.

You were practising by yourself.
Don't you understand?

That's impossible.
Look at my wounds.

They're real.

You did it to yourself.

I know you suffer so much.

Are you not feeling well?

If you love me, you
have to believe me.

It was you who made
me want to be strong.

I need you to believe in me.

Guests come to see my parents.

My parents are not in

I ask the guests to take a seat.

Then pour them tea.

Little Feng.

Let's go home.

Let's go, alright?

If Little Feng hears me sing...

he will stop crying.


we are husband and wife.

We share good and bad times...

and this wine together.

Su, you show great improvement.

Yes. I've become much stronger.

Even your confidence has returned.

Ying says I'm going insane.

She says you're an illusion.

- What do you think?
- Who are you?

Who are you? Who am I?
It's not important.

What's important is you're
ready to save your son.

Ying is right. You
are just in my head.

Leave me alone. I never
want to see you again.


Dear Su,

Watching you live in your
own fantasy scares me.

I fear I'll lose you
and our son forever.

It is now clear to me that I
must go save Little Feng.

We made a promise. Our
family shall never be apart.

- Wait for my return.
- Ying.


How long has he been in here?

Little Feng.


Little Feng.

I thought I'd never see you again.

I missed you so much.

- Why are you in chains?
- Hush.

- Uncle may hear us.
- Ying?

You're alive.

This is great.

Finally, we can live
happily as a family.

It's been so long. Do you
know the pain I've endured?

I think of you every day.

You've had your revenge.
Now let my son go.

Is Su dead?

You destroyed his arm.

He can never fight
again. Please let us go.

Now that you're here I'll
never lose you again.

He's here. He's here.

Close the gate. Quick.

Governor. Su is fast approaching.


Ying. I am so happy.

We can finish what we
started. It all ends here.

Then you must deal with me first.

- Mother.
- You're scaring your son.

Does this make you happy?


I've known only sorrow
since you left.

I can only fight for what I want.

You understand?


That's more like it, Su.

Su, I should have trusted you.

I was wrong.



Tie her up.

- Little Feng.
- Mother.

- Uncle. Don't kill her.
- Little Feng.

Let go.

- Mother.
- I won't kill your mother.

But if your father kills me...

she has to die with me.

Because we're one family.

But I will not lose.

Bury her in the forest.

No matter what happens... You
must stay with your father.

Remember our family
shall never be apart.

Promise me, Little
Feng. Promise me.

Governor, it's been done.

Does anyone else
know where she is?


Good. Get up.

Yes, sir.

Kill him, brother. Quick.


Little Feng.

- Where's your mother?
- You'll never know.


Father, stop. We
need to find Mother.

Father, don't kill him.

Father, you're killing him.

Stop. Father.

Don't kill him.

Uncle, you can't die,
Uncle, please live.

Little Feng, he is our enemy.

He buried Mother alive.

Only he knows where she is.

If he dies...

we can't save Mother.

Let's go find her.


In the forest.

- Ying.
- Mother.

- Mother.
- Ying. Where are you?




Careful. It's hot. Here it is, go.

Roasted potatoes. Sweet
roasted potatoes.

Mister, how much is one potato?

Two copper coins.

I only have one. Can I get one?

Okay. Consider it charity.

Here. One for you.

Thank you.

Teacher. Teacher.

Wake up.

Get out.

Our Teacher's dead. Money
won't bring him back.

Your Teacher was weak.
Our fighters are better.


Master Ma.

Head of the Wushu Federation?

- Master Ma. You need to help us.
- What happened?

They lured our teacher to a
match for 30 silver coins.

Said he'd get 5 coins
if he surrendered...

But it wasn't a
match. It was murder.

Accidents happen. People die.

He did surrender. Your men
still beat him to death.

That's outrageous.

How can you call that a match?

If you have any grievances,
settle it in the arena.

All right.

Tell your people...

if I win, they'll have
to close the arena

and go back to where
they came from.

Deal. We'll be waiting.

Here. Take this. Buy
something to eat.



Excuse me. Who is this guy?

Oh my god.

How did a stinky
beggar get in here?

This is not Ying's wine.

This is my wine. Give it back.

Don't push me.

Get out.

You stink.

Don't touch me.

Just wait.

I'll get someone to kick you out.

Hey, come here if
you want to drink.


Is this Ying's wine?

Drink it, and you'll know.


Give me the wine.

Clear head. Drunken form.

Mind meets fist.

Stop obsessing about form.

Heart and fist are one.

To lose is not to lose.

To win is not to win.

Offer wine to the Gods.

Hug the barrel in farewell.

Raise the jug with
tons of strength.

Being drunk is fake.
The fist is real.

A good fist is an
unstoppable fist.

Take it and drink up.


A broken heart needs mending.

What are you doing here?

From now on, let me take you
to wherever you want to go.

What a stench.

Master Ma, this is the
lunatic I told you about.

Su Can?

General Su?

He is a General?

Su, it is Ma.

We fought many battles together.

What happened to you?

You don't remember me?

You gave me this sword.
Don't you remember?

Su, wake up.

Foreigners are killing Chinese
fighters for amusement.

I have to fight them tomorrow.

Win or lose, I have no regrets.

I've always looked up to you.

A warrior once told me:

To give is better than to receive.

What happened to
that great warrior?

He died with Ying.



For the sake of your
son pick yourself up.


I return this sword to you.


I've never asked you for anything.

Now I am asking you to
take care of my son.

Father. What are you saying?

Su. He is your son.

Look at me. Do I
look like a father?

He has no future with me.

Only suffering.

I beg you. Please take him away.

I see.

Don't worry.

I'll take good care of him.

I won't go with you.


Don't send me away, we
must stay together.

Who will take care of
you if I'm not here?

Father. I won't go,
I want to stay...

Father, I won't go.

You don't need to take
care of me. Now go.

Father. No.

- Go.
- No.


I only need wine, not
you. Understand?

I don't want to go.


Father. Open the door.

Open the door.

I don't want to go.

Open the door. Father.

Uncle Ma...

I'm sorry, but I can't leave him.

He might be crazy, but
he's my father...

And we cannot be apart.

I understand, Little Feng.

Come to me if you need anything.

Think of me as your family.

Take good care of your father.

I promised Mother...

that I'd always stay with you.

Our family shall never be apart.

Uncle Ma.

We've come to support you.



Can you get us in?

Of course.

Get out of here.


Are you all right?

What are you doing here?
We have a dress code.

He's with me. How dare you.

After you.

Have a seat.

I need to check something.

We know you'll win, Uncle Ma.

Now, the most important
match of the day.

The challenger is Master Ma...

Head of the Wushu Federation.


Killer Anton's
Invincible Wrestlers.

This is a free-style match.

No time limits. No holds barred.

No set number of fighters.

No weapons allowed.

The last man standing wins.

The prize is 100 silver coins.

The odds right now
are fifteen to one.

Final bets now.

The prize tonight is
100 pieces of silver.

Show me how you can break
these Chinamen's necks,

the way you do these iron bars.

The Challenger...

Master Ma.

You win, boy, or don't even
bother to try and come back.


Are both fighters ready?




Stop. Uncle Ma.

Don't hurt Uncle Ma.

Let me go.


Malotoff, what the hell?
Have you lost your head?

Father. Help. Father.

Let me go.


Get up. Malotoff, get up.

Uncle Ma. Are you okay?


Finish this Chinaman
once and for all.

Grab it.

It's a three-way fight.

Father. Be careful.

Father, don't fight
any more. Run away.

Little Feng, I never back down.


This will help you on your way.

You will feel no more pain now.

Now go. Win the prize.

Father, please stop.

Father. Please stop.

Don't let him rest.


He just violated the rules.


Ladies and gentlemen...

Stay back.

The last player of
Killer Anton's is off.

The Chinaman is the only one left.

Get up.

In accordance with the rules...

- Get up, Father.
- If he can get up...

Get up.

He is the winner.

- Get up, Father.
- Su.

Father, I beg you. Get up.

Please don't die.

Father, I beg you. Get up.


Get up.


Did you see that?

I knew it. You've
perfected your skills.

Don't leave me again.

I've never left you.

I was always by your side.

Father, wake up, get up quickly.

Father, get up.

Father, wake up.

Get up, Father. Don't leave me.

You're awake.

Get up. Quick.

He's up. The Chinaman is up.

He wins.

The loser will be
banned from this arena.

Ladies and gentlemen...

according to our rules...

the last man standing wins.

And today's winner is...

the Chinese Man on this stage.

That is my father.

Beggar Su wandered the
land with his son...

searching for truth through
the Drunken Fist philosophy.

Today, it is practised by
millions around the world...

and its creator, Su Can is
indeed a True Legend of Wushu.

Kid, let me teach you a trick.

Look at me.

I saw the hole in the first place.

You are a fake.