True History of the Kelly Gang (2019) - full transcript

Based on Peter Carey's novel. The story of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly and his gang as they flee from authorities during the 1870s.

"My dear child,

"I know what it is to be raised
on lies and silences.

"That is why
I write to you now.

"So you do not grow
to confuse fiction for fact

"and view your father
in an unsavoury light,

"as I did mine.

"You see, your grandfather
were a son of Ireland,

"a Son of Sieve,

"ripped from his home
by his English oppressors

"and transported to the prisons

"of Van Diemen's Land,

"I do not know what was done
to him there,

"as he never spoke of it,

"for he were a man who chose
to keep secrets from his kin.

"But I've come to learn

"secrets shackle one
tighter than any chain

"and lies fester
long after their invention,

"so as you read this history -
my history -

"know that it is for you
and will contain no single lie.

"May I burn in hell
if I speak false."

Fucking birds!

Ned. Get away from there.

"She always said it were
a mother God made her to be.

"Ma sought to protect us

"like a mia-mia
shelters one from the rain.

"There weren't nothing
she wouldn't do for her own."

Are we done?

I always pay in full, Ellen.

That should buy you a month.

Keep your little shebeen
open for business.

Now I'll get you
a bottle.

Do you like it out here, Ned?

Living amongst dirt
and disappointment?


What do you like about it?

It's quiet.

Is that what your dad
was in search of?

When I see him galloping
across Horn's paddock

in a lovely red frock?


He never.

Aye, he did.

Cross my heart.

What would you suppose
would possess a man

to dress like that?

Off to serve his fancy-man
husband, I suppose.

You're a good lad, Ned.

"Sergeant O'Neil's words
lay inside me

"like the egg of a liver fluke,

"filling my imagination
with vile thoughts

"that bred like maggots.

"When I chose
to share them aloud,

"my sister Kate led me
to a pile of rocks

"she would play atop of."

"It was there I discovered
my father's secret.

You're not to worry

about what your da done
or who he is.

You're a man now.

You're my little man.

You'll be everything he isn't.

You shouldn't let that sergeant
in our home.

Yeah, there once was a time
where he wouldn't.

♪ No ink
can tell the story

♪ Of how we came to be ♪

♪ Our songs are written ♪
in the blood of rogues... ♪

That's for customers,
not drunks.

- ♪ They just scatter... ♪
- They pay.

♪ In the ashes ♪
and the dogs... ♪

Where's the meat?

- ♪ But crying is... ♪
- Your family's hungry.

♪ ..for babies ♪
and for widows... ♪

They should know their
elder sister died in her crib

because her da
failed to provide...

Stop scaring the children,

You were
to bring us beef.

You want to know
where your meat is?

Here's your fucking meat.

Don't you dare.
Don't you fucking dare!

You get out!

You filthy pig!

Get the fuck out!

Stupid, filthy fucking animal!

You fucking animal!

Now we've got beef.

You good boy!

There's the little butcher.

Hey, we're going...

We're gonna feast tonight.


One for
the growing baby.

Thanks, Ned.

And a nice,
dripping slice...

..for the man of the house.

And a juicy morsel

for the woman he loves
most in the world.

On the count of three,

we're all gonna thank
your brother Ned

for feeding us this night, hey?

One, two, three.

Thank you, Ned!

Thank you, Ned.

Little butcher!

I'm the butcher!

There were no branding there.

Away, now, John.

Tell the truth.

Why this big hole?

I made a whip from it.

Did you?

You know, Bob,
John made a whip!

Good fellow.
Then go and fetch it.

Do you know Acts 7 and 8, John?

Our Crown laws prohibiting the
duffing of a man's livestock?

I got nae choice
but to lock you up.

I can't go back in there.


That's why it's such
a great shame.

I done it.

I don't believe that
for one minute.

I mean, look.

This cow's bigger than you!

- But it was me.
- Shut up, Ned.

Lock me up.

- I killed that cow.
- Now, listen to your dad.

I did it!

- Away, then, John.
- I did it!

Get a blanket,
pannikin and spoon.

Got a long ride,
my little gyppo.

Come on, Ned.

It was me.

Don't you go bringing your cock
around here anymore.

that upsets me, Ellen.

No, I don't like that at all.

"My father did not speak
to me again from that day on.

"And I soon became
a very serious boy

"who wore his guilt heavy,
like a cloak.

"But for the briefest
of moments,

"that all changed
when the boy fell."

"His name was Dick Shelton.

"He came from a home
worlds away from mine,

"full of riches
I ain't never seen before.

"People no longer saw me
as a thieving Kelly.

"I were a hero."

Here's some of
my boy's clothes.

My angel sent by God.

"Ma always said I was like
the fastest racehorse.

"She said it was blood and
breeding what mattered most."

Your boy has
given me back my son.

What bothers you
about that?

Nothing. On the contrary.

I've come to show you
my appreciation.

For Ned.

That's very fine work.

Thank you.

My son attends a school
in Seymour,

and I've spoken
with his headmistress

and she's open to the idea
of Ned boarding.

I would pay for it all.

You want to take my Ned
from me?

I'm sure you'd agree

a child's education is
of utmost importance.

I didn't go to no school
with straw hats.

No. No, but...if Ned did,

who knows what he could be?

All I ask is for your sanction.

My Ned is a thoughtful
and considerate young man.

I done that.

You may be able to live

without seeing your boy
every other day,

but family means more to me
than that.

I was merely trying to...

I know what
you were trying to do.

You English have been doing it
ever since you dragged us here.

Trying to bleed
our culture out

like you did
the blackfella before us.

Thank you,

but I'd just as soon teach my
son a lesson in family loyalty

than any from your fancy books.

You'd object to your child
having an education?

Only the Lord should take
my children from me.

Not no Englishman.

So, unless there's...something
else you'll be wanting?

You got your son.

You leave mine alone.

You mind your step, now,
Little Miss Riding Hood.

What does it say?

Let's read it.

It says, "To Edward Kelly,

"in gratitude for his courage,

"from the Shelton family."

Da! Da!

Da! Da!

Da, look what they gave me! Da!


"When I reached
the door of my father's cell...

"..I was too full of
a peculiar sense of pride

"to find it odd
that it were left open."

You done this.

I swear it wasn't me, Ellen.

I found him like this.

Yeah, Ned, come here, boy.

Don't you fucking
touch me!

You have to be strong now.
For your ma.

My condolences.

I'll look in on you more
now that John's gone.

Stuff 'em with possum skin,
they'll fit.

You'll look after me.

"I were too guilty to admit

"life without Da had become
in many ways more pleasant.

"But my mother were not long
without suitors.

"Worthless men
who closed around her

"like yellow dingoes
on a chained-up bitch.

"But Ma sought one
to protect us.

"Ma sought one
to make me a man."


Why don't you go into town...

..and get a shoulder of lamb,

and I'll roast it up for
everybody when you get back?

Fuckin' hell!
It's Harry Power!

The man, the myth, the legend!

Are you still alive?

Are they for me?

Oh, you've still got
your sense of humour.

They're for the widow Kelly.

Go and get those flowers, Ned,

so the officer doesn't
have to get off his horse.

How are you keeping, Ned?
Are you alright?

Tell Ellen I sent me best.

Aye, it's always
a pleasure, Harry.

You look good.
You've put on some weight.

Fuck off.

Chuck 'em in the fire.

Oh, yeah.

♪ For curiosity, convicted ♪

♪ Sent to heaven on earth ♪
for my sins

♪ I wanna start fresh ♪
and have no regrets

♪ There's one in each town ♪
who won't let you forget

♪ Our soldiers ain't as bad ♪
as our coppers

♪ Our soldiers ♪
will earn their pay

♪ But a trap's gonna take ♪
Anything you can make

♪ He'll eat your wife's pussy ♪
off your dinner plate

♪ He's a cunst, he's a cunst, ♪
he's a constable cunst

♪ He's a cunsty little cunst ♪
of a constable cunst. ♪

You know what I'm talking about,
don't you?

I'm serious.

They're out for themselves.
Not for you.

Be smart.

Shall we sing?

♪ He's a cunst,
he's a cunst

♪ He's a constable cunst ♪

♪ He's a cunsty little cunst ♪
of a constable cunst

♪ He's a cunst, he's a cunst ♪

♪ He's a constable cunst ♪

♪ He's a cunsty little cunst ♪
of a constable cunst. ♪


Are you sure
you're not hungry, Harry?

I always have appetites, Ellen.

I've just...

..grown accustomed to being
denied the satisfaction of them.

Hmm. We'll have to see to that.

How'd you fancy some of my lamb?

I dream of lamb
like yours, Ellen.



Harry's gonna bring some cattle
down from the north.

I said you'd go with him.

He'll pay you well, you know?

But who's gonna
look after this place?


Me and your brother,
we'll look after it.

We'll still be here
when you come back.

You go out there
and be a big man.

You go out there
and show the world.

Home, sweet home.

Why has that got no windows?

Friends will leave you,
women will grow tired of you,

dogs will up and die.

Bullock Creek
has never let me down.

Up here, fuckin' Ali Baba.

Who's he?

He's an Arab lad.
With a secret cave.

Is this your secret cave?

No, sunshine. It's ours.

What are you writing?

I'm writing my story.

When a man farewells this world,

all he's got left is his story.

Don't leave it
for the English to tell it.

They'll only fuck it up
and steal the proceeds.

Can you read me some, Harry?

"Bullock Creek,
sometime in August.

"A pleasant enough day.

"Angry bunions, swollen veins.

"It is the queerest thing
to age.

"I have myself
an indentured servant,

"an apprentice to my trade.

"My companion and my right hand.

"Ned Kelly is his name.

"The finest shot of a cockatoo
in this victorious state."

I like that.

It's good.

Now I'm gonna write
about your horse riding.

This shouldn't take long.

"Here rests Dan Morgan.

"He took a man's livelihood."

"We took
the scoundrel's manhood."

What did he do?

Ask him.

This is you.

Stepping out of your
mongrel life into something new.

I like 'em.
Thanks, Harry.

You look like a fuckin' prince,

Read the menu.

- See what you want.
- What can I get you, Mr Power?

- How are you, Fred?
- Good to see you again, Harry.

No food for me.
I've got a stricture in my gut.

Makes shitting
a fuckin' nightmare.

- Oh, still?
- I'll just have some wine.

Maybe I'll have some whiskey
a bit later for dessert.

OK. Yeah.

- Harry.
- Cheers, Harry.

What do you reckon?

Roast beef and pudding,
or pancakes?

Why don't you have both?

A man who hasn't had roast beef
AND pancakes just has not lived.

Your glass there, Harry.

- Here we go.
- Thank you.

Just fill her
right to the top there, Fred.

And leave the bottle, thanks.

If you're gonna dine with me,
you're gonna drink with me.


Stay with the horse.

Get up! Get along!

Get up! Get up!

Is that your friend?

There is no friend.

There's no cattle. It's just us.

Go on, get up,
you bloody useless...!

- Get up!
- Stay here.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Move that horse!

Move it or we'll shoot it!

Move the horse or I'm gonna
shoot the fucking thing!


Are you slow, son?

Now, what's its name?

You ARE slow!
You're slower than a wet week!

Standing there shaking like
a cat shitting razor blades!

If you don't
tell me its name,

you'll be shaking in a minute,

because I'm going to shoot it

right in the head!

Pick up the guns!

That's the business, mate.
That's what we do.

You're a bushranger.

You lucky little bastard, eh?

Flamin' fuckin' pancakes.
Who gets that?

I don't want

I want to go home!

Home, my arse.

I, Harry Power, bought you, Ned.

Purchased you.

Your mother sold you
to be my little helper.

Ma wouldn't do that.

You'd be surprised
what a mother would do.

£15, you cost me.

And you're gonna
fuckin' earn that back.

Follow me.

I've got something cooking
upstairs you're gonna enjoy.

Just like that.

Now, don't move. Don't move.

Come on.

Fucking hell.

You feel that?

Feels lovely, doesn't it?

Stand up.

Fucking hell.

Close the door.

What the fuck
do you want, Harry?

a little private word.

It couldn't have waited
two minutes?

In front of the lad?
This is indecent.

Well, out with it.
What's this about?

This is about
your pizzle, Kevin.

And you making a mockery
of this boy and his family.

He's a sergeant, Harry.

He's a cunt, is what he is.

Now, I told your mother

no-one can ride with me
if they can't pull the trigger,

so get your gun out, Ned.

Lift it up.

Aim your fuckin' gun!

Are you here to make
a murderer of the lad, mate?

Fuck you, cunt!

I am not...

What are you doing
with me, cunt?!

- ..your mate.
- Fuck!

Nice bit of sausage
you got on you, Kev.

Must take a big vein

to get the blood
down to that fuckin' pizzle.

When we shoot it off,

I bet there'll be
an awful lot of bleeding.

- Oooh!
- Luckily for you...

..I've applied a tourniquet.

- This isn't funny!
- Get up.

You'll rip me fuckin'
bollocks off!

- Take it easy!
- Get up!

Righto, Ned.
Shoot his cock off.

I'm tellin' you,
your life will be

as wretched and forgotten
as this old bastard!

- Shoot his cock off!
- Fuck you, Harry!

You smell that? That's fear.

Stinks, doesn't it?


..shoot him.

I told your mum
I was gonna make you a hero.

Shoot his cock off.

divven't listen to him.

Let's just calm down
for a minute.

Just do us a favour, yeah?

Just...take your finger
off that trigger.

Go on.

Make a name for yourself.

Take it easy.

Don't be a coward
like your father.

I ain't nothing like my da.

That's right.

Arggh! You fuckin' shot!

Fuckin' shot us, Ned!

What the fuck
are you doing, Harry?!

I'll kill you if I have to.

Put a bullet in Harry...

..the same way
you put one in O'Neil.

Go on, boy.

Go on.


Divven't fuckin' do it, mate.

You've gone too fuckin' far
this time, Harry.

I'm gonna have
your fuckin' necks for this.

"Asking me
to pull that trigger

"were the only time Harry Power
were ever really truthful.

"His arrest came swiftly

"and, I'm sure, was met
with little opposition.

"For a man can never
outrun his fate,

"nor the crimes of his past."

It can go like that.

That's good.

He said you can keep your £15!

What are you doing here?!

So you come back with nothing?
He was to teach you.

Teach me what? To kill men?

To survive.

Ain't it bad enough
you sell yourself?

You had to go and sell me too?!

Don't you touch me!

Nothin' comes free
in this world, son.

Nothin' is free.

Something should.

- Don't you touch me!
- Get inside!

You get inside, then!

Where's your da's boots?

What have you done with them?

I shot him, Ma.

I shot the sergeant,
but I couldn't kill him.

I didn't mean no harm
to come to you.

I'm scared, Ma.

I'm really scared.


He'll come for you.

But you're strong.

And he's weak.

Our Father,

Who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread,

And forgive us
our trespasses,

As we forgive those
who trespass against us.

And lead us not
into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.


"I don't know how I were
arrested by Sergeant O'Neil

"and taken from my family.

"I were but a child.

"No razor had yet touched
my upper lip,

"yet I were already
travelling full tilt

"toward the man
I would become."

Kill the Irish cunt!

This what you want, huh?!

You know what you are? You're
a dancin' fuckin' monkey!

- Now, get the fuck in there!
- Alright.

Get the fuckin' bastard!

Pummel him, Neddy!

Fuckin' Irish prick!

Do you not want more of that?!

Yeah, fuck you,
you Pommy bastards!

my incarceration,

"I tried to carve out
an honest, simple life

"far from the dirt
and disappointment

"of our selection.

"I was a child no more.

"Although, in truth,
I do not know

"what childhood or youth
I ever had.

"All my life,
I'd wished for a mate,

"and I had found one
in Joe Byrne.

"He were a bright fellow
with a taste for dark gum

"and a partiality
towards my company."

Hey, Joe.

Give me back my book, Joe.

Give me my book back.

Read me a line, Ned!
You read me a line!

I'm not gonna read you a...

"Maybe we are not such fools
as we look.

"But though we be,
we are well content,

"so long as we may be
two fools together."

Mate, that's fuckin' beautiful.

That's fuckin' beautiful!

They're talking about us there,
aren't they?

- Eh?
- They might be, Joe.

I think they are.

"It had been 10 years
since I'd been there,

"but that cell where I bled
were just as I remembered it."

"I had done my best to remain
far from my family's selection,

"to pretend I were more
than just a Kelly.

"But my kin were never far
from my mind,

"my mother's call
always in my ear.

"The longer I stayed away,
the louder it became.

"Until one day, I were home.

"My family were grown..."

It's alright. I'm back.
I'm home, Ma.

"..Dan and Kate no longer
the children I had left behind.

"And my ma
had taken herself a lover

"young enough to be myself."

"The land I'd once laboured on

"had now become
a stranger's territory."

You abandoned us.

I was always gonna come back.

When we're all in soil?

I've got money now.

Don't want your money.

Who's the young fella
dressed like a clown?

George and I are to be married.

- He's from California.
- Yeah?

So, where are
those horses from?

Don't matter
where they're from.

What say you help he and Dan

escort them across the Murray

George says there's more
where they come from, too.

A great big mob of them
on James Moody's property.

Them horses are stolen?

Nah, I've come to farm,
not steal.

And your boy husband
shouldn't be

talking Dan into duffing,

George King has taught
your brother to be a man.

Like Harry Power
was to teach me?

You know nothin' of my life!

You ain't been here.

There ain't a thing on this land
for a woman but loneliness.

When have you ever
been lonely, Ma?

Da's bed were barely cold before
you were screwing men in it.

You're the one who turned your
back on this family, not me.

- I never turned.
- Oh, no?

I was taken.

Years cut from my life
'cause of you!

And where
have you been since?

Where have you been?

Promise me you'll help
your brother with those horses.

You're never to abandon
your kin again.

Promise me.

I missed you.

My boy.

Oh, he's not that bad, Ned.

- You like him, do you?
- Yeah, I do.

He's, uh...he's good to Ma.

He's a fucking great thief.

Why don't you come with us?

It'll be great. Take you out,
show you the ropes a bit.

He knows what he's doing.

Nah, I'm not stealing shit
no more.

We make a lot of money
with him around, huh?

- You've been making money?
- Yeah.

Yeah, we've been...
we've been making money.

- Yeah, we have.
- Who are you?


It's the ugliest
fuckin' thing I ever seen.

You come ridin'
with your brother and I,

you don't have to be out there
looking for stray nags.

Yeah? Why would you need me?

I think you'll say anything
to have yourself a home.

Ned, I intend to slap
a white dress on that woman,

walk her down the aisle,

and then, just for one moment,

that you didn't come kickin'
and screamin' out of that pussy.

She told me
what she did to you.

Sold you off to a thief.

Reminds me of a dog
that I once had.

It was a mangy old thing.

And I am a cruel bastard, so
I would whip it every which way.

I'd beat on him
just for looking at me.

So, I figure if you hate on
something for long enough,

well, he just comes to love you

just for those few moments
when you don't.

That's a good story,
Yankee boy.

I'm gonna be your daddy.

Hello, brother.

Get it off
before I burn you in it!

Fuck off, Ned!

Why are you wearing
a fuckin' dress, Danny?

Wouldn't you like to
fuckin' know, Ned?

Whose horses are they?!

Whose horses, Danny boy?

- Don't fuckin' call me that!
- Yeah, whose are they, Danny?

- Fuck off back to the city!
- Yeah?

You're not my fucking da!

Yeah? Neither's that Yank guy
stood there.

Is this what you're teaching
him, eh? Is this your doing?

Where the fuck have you been,
huh?! Where have you been?!

Why are you wearing
the fuckin' dress?!

- Where'd you get the dresses?
- What are you talking about?

Where'd you get
the dresses, Danny?

Wouldn't you like to know?!

Oh, you're an outlaw now,
are you, Danny?

Yeah, no, go on, shoot me, then.
Shoot me.

Fuckin' shoot me. Shoot me!

If you're gonna use it,
shoot me, Danny!

Dan, get inside!

Get inside now!

Son, you don't like it here... go.

- You go.
- Yeah.

I will.

Hi, Ned.


Where'd you get 'em?

I took 'em from Miss Robinson's.


'Cause I wanted them.

Missed you.

Missed you too, Danny.

Don't fucking call me that.


Take me to America.

I will. I will.

Ohh, they're my fuckin' dresses!

You fuckin' thieving
Mick bastard!

Your brother fuckin' did it!

He's always fuckin' pissin' off
with my dresses!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Vera!

- Vera, no!
- I know what goes on!

I'm fuckin' returning them!

Thieving Mick bastard!

I'm bringin' 'em
fuckin' back to ya!

And this one's my favourite
ball gown, you mongrel!

- Shhh!
- You've fuckin' ruined them!

I'll offer you
three guineas for them.

They're worth twice that.

Five and you're doing me
a favour. OK?

- Oh, darling.
- Mm-hm?

Now, go fetch some company
for our visitor.

No, I'm not stayin'.

Oh, you don't care for women?
Only their dresses?


Kelly, you cunt!

Molly, darling, come with Vera.

Which Kelly are you?


People call me Ned.

Oh. You're the child assassin.

I've heard tall tales
of you, Ned.

I'm Constable
Alexander Fitzpatrick.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I saw you fight the other night
at the Governor's. You're...

You were very impressive.
Do you box often?

I don't care to.

Just gonna have a drink.
Do you want to join me for one?

No, I don't fancy the taste.

What, an Irishman who cares
not to drink or fight?

That's a bit novel.

Are you charging me
with larceny?


If you prove to me that
thieving's not your only vice.


Come on, now. In you go.


OK. Molly, you're with me.

Everybody else,
let's get out of here. Come on.

Wakey-wakey. Move. Come on.

Come on, girls.
Get movin'.

Offer her one as a gift.

- What?
- The dress.

I'm Mary.

I'm Ned.

Thank you, Ned.

You're Irish.

Where are you from?

I was born in Beveridge.

Oh, so you're a colonial?

I don't right know what I am.

I'm from Templecrone.

How is it?

- You look lovely.
- That's just the dress.

No, it's not.

Can I undress you?

Are you cold?

- Why do you ask?
- You're shivering.

I'm alright.

Can I kiss you, Ned?

You haven't kissed a lot,
have you?

Should we try something else?



Ah. Thought you'd never be done.
Come on. Let's...

Fine if you don't drink,
but how about a little smoke?

Come on. A smoke's nice after.

Oh, no, not again.

Have you ever fucked...
in a dress?

It's nice.

Kind of feels like you're, uh... know, breaking the rules
or something.

Do you think that's what
Dan and his friend were up to?

Fucking in their dresses?

How was Mary?

- She was alright.
- Yeah?

You're not going to...
get attached, are you, Ned?

Otherwise, I've done you
a big disservice.

Mary's character's
not one of a wife's.

You don't want to take
this place home with you.

Robinson's, it's...

..just a place to seek sanctuary
from life's monotony.

Do you you hate me?

Well, is it because I'm British
or because I'm a trooper?

I ain't never met a man like you

who didn't want to take
something from me or my family.

Yeah? Well, what would I wish
to take, Ned?

No, I ain't
figured that out yet.

Alright, this one's
for my little Ellen!

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh, ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Whoo-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ One night, as I lay sleepin' ♪

♪ With my wife and child ♪
aside me

♪ A vision stood inside ♪
the bedroom door... ♪

This is your heart line.

Your head line.

Your life and head cross,

so that means
you're very strong-willed.

- Mm-hm.
- And then...

You have very soft hands,
by the way.

And then, um...and then this
heart line, it's quite curved.

You see how it's quite curved
across there?


That's actually a state...
uh, actually...

..a sign of being
quite promiscuous.

Would you say that's right?

♪ And I dreamed ♪
I saw a raging fire

♪ And I thought I heard ♪
an angel cry... ♪

Have a...could I have
a little kiss? On the cheek?

♪ Tumble, tumble, tumble ♪

♪ I go blind with the power ♪

♪ And I don't know if I... ♪

Is that man to be your new da?

I have no say in who
my mother lies with.

What about
in who Dan rides with?

What are you talkin' about?

He's a thief, you know,
George King.

And it appears so too is
your brother, Daniel.

Relax, Ned.
You and I are friends.

Although, I do have a warrant
for Dan, I'm afraid.


I'm suggesting an agreement.

- Oh, yeah? What would that be?
- Your sister, Kate.

I find her to be the most
remarkable young woman.

I was wondering
if you thought she would...

..see me, socially.

♪ The devil's hands ♪
are soft and clean... ♪

If she would,
I'd be most grateful.

So grateful that I'd explain
to the Commissioner

that unfortunately,
the evidence we have

is not enough to convict Dan
of the alleged crime.

♪ Hey! ♪
Tumble, tumble, tumble... ♪

What do you say?

Are you saying
Dan will be a free man?

- Yes, a free man.
- I'll think about it.

♪ I don't know ♪
if I'm dreamin' anymore. ♪

Thank you.

♪ God save
our gracious Queen

♪ Long live our noble Queen ♪

♪ God save the Queen ♪

♪ Send her victorious... ♪


This is Mary Hearn.

Pleased to meet you, Mary.

This here is my fiancé, George.

Pleased to meet you.

Why are you lookin' at me?

I-I ain't lookin'.

You two know each other?

I ain't never met her, no.

I hear
you work at Robinson's.

I'm gonna go get a drink.

Kiss me before you go.

I don't work there.

They just took me in
after I gave birth to my son.

Vera Robinson
don't take in no girl

who doesn't earn her a quid.

I told you,
it's not like that, Ma.

That's a lie.

Mary's come to get to know you.

I sometimes help
with the chores.

I bet you do.
Pretty thing like you.

You've got one of them cunts
men fall in love with.

Don't you fuckin' dare!
Don't you fuckin'... Ellen!

Jesus Christ! Have you lost
your goddamn mind?!

You and your filthy slut
have turned my mind mad!


I thought you loved me!

How was I to know
she had my bastard kid?!

I got you a horse.

Were they all out of dresses?

Want to hold him?

- Can I?
- Mmm.

Oh, he's got chubby legs.

He eats a lot.

Oh, how are ya? Hey?

Why'd he leave?

You plan on marrying
that girl Mary?

Raising her baby as your own?

I'm happy for you, son.

You all deserve a good life.

Yeah, what happened
to your face, mate?

I got swooped by a magpie
while cycling

and used my face
to stop in a tree.

- A magpie?!
- Yes.

Everything in this fucking
country is trying to kill us.

Kate, I got a little...

I got a gift for you.

I hope it fits. It's, um...
I wasn't too sure.

- Can I try it on?
- Mmm, yeah.

It's pretty.


Yeah, no, it fits perfectly.
Look at that.

Would have cost
a pretty penny.

- What do you think, Ma?
- It's beautiful.

I think you're a lucky girl.

Let's have a twirl.


What do you say?

- Thank you.
- Mm-hm. Yeah.

Can I have a little kiss?

Thank you.

Sit. Have a seat.

Take...take a seat. That's it.

Did you speak to your man
about Dan?

Yes, I did.

What did he say?

He, uh...

He couldn't persuade
the Commissioner.

I like the lace.

Couldn't persuade him to what?

To have you walk free.

- But you promised us.
- I promised I'd try.

You should still
be grateful, though.

I got it down from a year
to only four months.

Four months?! I'm not going
to fucking jail for four months!

- Get your hands...
- Hey! Hey!

Get your filthy hands off of me.

- Dan, that's enough!
- You fucking lied to us!

Get off me! I don't want to go
to fucking jail!

- A year and four months now.
- Oh, shit!

Get out.

Fuck, what is it with you Irish?

Too stupid to even
help yourselves.

I think it best you go.

- I'm leaving.
- Fucking go!

Where's George this evening?
Our Yankee friend?

George King ain't here no more.

Oh, right.

A shame, isn't it?

Hmm? For the...

..boy not to have his father
around, don't you think?

What are you talking about?


Come on. George King liked
to visit Mrs Robinson's too.

Where do you think
the boy came from?

Come on, Mary.

Whose...whose is it?

Don't listen to him.

Did no-one... No-one told you?


None of you thought
to tell him? Really?

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry, Ned.

I'm just so sorry.
I didn't mean to...

Get the fuck out.

I'm as mad as you are, Ned.

Is there anyone in this room
that American hasn't fucked?

- Shut up!
- 'Cause he's fucked you.

- And he's clearly fucked you.
- Shut up!

- Did he fuck you, Kate?
- Fucking limey...

- He fuck you before I could?
- ..son of a...

Oh, fuck!

You stupid bitch!

Holy shit!

Oh, Neddy, you just shot
a copper!

You shoot him!
You shoot him!

Shoot him like
the fuckin' pig he is!

Ned, don't do it.
He's not worth it. Don't do it.

Shoot him!

I tried to warn you.

- Yeah?
- Tried to warn you about her.

I tried to warn you
about the baby.

You tried
to warn me of shit.

At Mrs Robinson's. I told you.

I told you not
to bring her home.

Look, this isn't you, OK?
This isn't you.

Put it down.
You're killing them all.

If you pull that trigger, you're
killing everyone in this room.

You shoot him
like a pig, Ned!

- You shoot him!
- No, Ned, don't! Ned!

They'll take us all
for fools! They always have!

- Neddy, put it down.
- Shoot him, Ned!

- Ma!
- Shoot him!


Get the fuck out
of my home!

Are there no men of substance
in this godforsaken country?!

You just let every trap
in the state know

he can have his way
with the Kellys!

Pack your things now!

I'm not going and leaving
my Kate behind

for that blue bastard
that's out there!

That you sold her to!

Be who you are meant to be!

Come on, Ma. Come on.

You're a Son of Sieve.

Ned, we've got to
fucking go, mate.

- We've got to fucking go.
- You are a Son of Sieve!

- We've got to fuckin' ride.
- Ned, come on.

Get off. I'm not leaving Ma.

Get the fuck off me.
What are you talking about, Ma?

No. We've got to fuckin' ride!

We've got to
fucking ride, Ned!

Ma, I'm not leaving you!

"Many nights,
I have imagined

"those final moments in the hut,

"how they could have
played out different.

"But a man cannot
change the past,

"nor ever outrun his destiny.

"And I was to learn

"that inside my mother's words
was the key to unlocking mine.

"I were a Son of Sieve."

Your boys can't hide.

We've got troopers
searching the entire state.

If you give them up now...

..they'll live.

Do you want to eat? If you want
to eat, you'll help me, Ellen.

Can't remember the last time
I weren't hungry, Constable.


Ned hates you.

You realise that?
I mean, I've seen it.

It's on his face, the look on
his face. He can't stand you.

My Ned loves me.


No. No, no, no.
You're mistaking...

No, you're mistaking fear...

..for love.
They're all scared of you.

You've hurt them all with fear.
But I'm not scared of you.



Get off!

Alex, your friend...

..your friend is here.

Sorry I'm late.

Do you like boats?

I like this one.

It's the USS Monitor.

An ironclad Monitor.

An impenetrable
American warship.

Forged of steel. 11-inch guns.

Killing machine.

Fuckin' beautiful.

When my da proposed
to my mother,

he claimed her to be
the prettiest woman he ever saw.

They was married within a week.

When's your wedding?



What is it you're after?

Oh, I'm not asking
for anything.

I'm suggesting an agreement.

I don't think you have
anything I want.

What you be wanting is me.

You're giving yourself up?

In exchange for what? Hmm?

My mother.

She's to be released

and pardoned of
what she's done to you.


It's very gentlemanly, but...'s just not gonna work.

Got the entire Victorian Police
Force hunting you now, Ned.

I give it two, three days
at most

from when you leave my home till
I see you locked up in chains.

- Alex!
- It's fine.

So, if you don't mind,
our dinner's getting cold.

Thank you for the offer,
my friend,

but I do believe
I'd rather see to it

that you and your kind suffer,

and that you and Dan
be locked up

either side of that whore
you call a mother.

What makes you think I won't
kill the both of you right now?

For the same reason
you didn't in your home.

'Cause you're not the man
you pretend to be.

Nor the man
your mother wished you were.

You're a boy.

A boy looking for a captain
to tell him what to do.

I'll tell you what to do, Ned.


Run as fast as you can.

Who are the Sons of Sieve?

We're rebels.

Flies in the ointment
of the English.

Bandits. Warriors.

And you're one?

Yeah. Well, me and my friends.

And you all wear dresses?

They're not dresses.
They're masks.

Men have been dressing like this
in Ireland for years.

Scares the fucking bejesus
out of the English.

Men are most afraid of
what they don't understand.

Not a rifle, not a blade.

But if you wear a frock
to a fight,

they'll think you're crazy.

Nothing scares a man like crazy.

And what exactly
are you the sons of?




Bastard sons, more like.

And Da was one too?

Yeah, he was.

Why did she tell you and not I?

'Cause I was there, Ned.

And you weren't.

We can go round 'em, Ned.

Joe, those coppers
have come to kill us.

Ned. We can go round 'em.



No, don't, mate.

Put your fucking hands up!

Steve, get him!

I got him, Ned!
I've got him!

Oh, fuck!

Don't let him go! Get him!

- I fucking got him, Ned!
- Get the bastard!


Yeah! Fuck! Yeah!

Fuck, what are you
doing, mate?

Nothing scares a man
like crazy.

We could have
gone round 'em, Ned.

I want to take these men home.

And for Godsakes, have a shave
before you see their families.

A bit of respect.

What if we were
to keep running, Ned?

Not interstate,
but all the way to America?

There's a ship
that sails from Eden.

No-one will be looking for us
there. No-one will know.

If we stay here,
we're as good as dead, mate.

I hear America has these fluffy
white cakes with holes in 'em.

They call them 'doughnuts'.

Fuckin' doughnuts!

Ned, it's like biting into
a fuckin' cloud, they reckon...

I don't give a fuck
about no doughnuts.

I have to write.

Yeah, you gotta write,
do you?

Every man should be an author
of his own history.

You know you're killers now.

We all are.

No turning back.

You boys want to build an army?


Then get some of
those friends of yours, Dan.

Oh, we'll need
some new dresses.

We're going to war.

We're the Kelly Gang now.

You're to be my banshees.


We're the Sons of Sieve!

"My mother was sentenced
to three years' jail.

"My skin was sour with death,

"my hair gluey
with men's blood,

"and we had the entire
Victorian Police Force

"hunting us.

"Yet all I could imagine
were my ma

"waiting for me
in Melbourne Gaol.

"I now knew
what I needed to do.

"I would become the Monitor.

"I were to smith myself
into a warship

"just like that
on Fitzpatrick's wall.

"I would be
the Ironclad Monitor."

You given up on my boy?


I'm pregnant with his child.

His name's George.

Your sons need you, Mrs Kelly.

And what can I do for them
from here?

If you were to write a letter
to Ned, I would take it to him.

Have them let you
serve out your sentence.

Tell Ned to go far away.


Ned sent this to me.

He indent...intends to draw
troops from the city

and murder them
before coming to rescue you.

He thinks you'll ride out
of this cell together.

He believes to have
bore witness to his future.


I've seen that same future.


You would have your son
die for you?

There'll come a time, Mary,

when you'll ask yourself,
"Am I a good mother?"

And the only true answer
you'll have

will lie in the lengths your
children go to care for you.

Hey, baby George.

Will you die for your mammy?


"When I asked for justice,
I was given none,

"so I'd seek 'em out, hunt
those who now hunted me.

"And the British Empire
had supplied me

"with no shortage of recruits
willing to join,

"boys whose fathers' lands
had been taken from them."

Do you swear your allegiance

to the shamrock
and the Sons of Sieve?

"We were to take hold of an inn

"and any unfortunate souls
who were inside of it.

"They were to be the bait to
lure the police from Melbourne

"and away from my mother."

Alright, they'll be coming
from Melbourne on a Sunday.

Ain't no passenger trains
on a Sunday.

That means that
any train that we see

will be full of troopers.

Now, when you hear the train
approaching, you take position.

The train will fall there
after we've torn up the tracks.

There shouldn't be more than 20
survive the crash,

and we pick those off
one by one.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

And you stay close,
protect one another.

You are warships, remember?

Nothing gets through
your armour!


You're bloody
bulletproof, boys!

Who wants it?!
Who's ready to go to war!

Who's goin' with me?

Who's goin' with me?!

Are wese gonna take Melbourne?!


I said, are we gonna
take Melbourne?!


Are we gonna take the future
and make it ours?!


Are we gonna rewrite
our own history?!


Are we gonna write it
in blood?!


Are we gonna kill
some coppers?!


"There is not a man born
who could have the patience

"to suffer the injustice
I have,

"and yet in every paper
that is printed,

"I am called the blackest
and coldest-blooded murderer

"ever on record.

"We are but stolen men
in a stolen land

"and we are to take back
what is rightfully ours.

"For I am a widow's son

"and my orders must be obeyed."

I want it printed
in its entirety.

And if you don't,
I will come back here

and I will cut every word
into your stomach.

What are you making?



I came to talk about...Ned.
He's robbing banks now.

Making quite a name
for himself.

I wanted to offer you a chance
to save him.

From what?

From himself.

How are you and your son?

I've been worried about you
while Ned is a wanted man.

Am I able to assist in any way?

- Uh, how are you financially?
- No. We're fine.

Perhaps you could show me
your savings book.

Those clerks are scallywags.

Sometimes they forget
to write in interest.

I can't.
I have to put my baby to bed.

- He's unwell.
- Oh? Really?

He looks OK, don't you?
Yeah. Come here.

- Let me examine him.
- He's unwell. I...


Hello, little one.

He says, "Mum, I'm fine.
I don't need sleep. I'm good."

So, Mary...

..if I were to see
your passbook,

I'd find no unusual deposits,
would I?

No, don't chew on your fingers.
Don't chew on your fingers.

Look, here we go.
Have a little chew on this.

Play with this. There we go.

Where was I?

A magistrate could declare that
you cannot support this child

and it be, as we say
in the law, 'endangered'.

I haven't done anything.
I haven't seen Ned.

- I don't know where he is.
- That's it. There we go.

But if you were
to see him, Mary,

could I rely on you
to inform me?

- I hav...haven't seen him.
- Listen.

I'll give you your boy
when you stop lying to me.

- I haven't seen...
- Tell me right now.

- When did you see him?
- I'm not lying!

OK, well, if you do see him,

are you going to tell me
or not?!

I haven't seen Ned.

Don't. Not now.

Not fucking now!
Mary, look at me.

When you see him, you're
going to tell me, aren't you?

- That's all you need to do.
- Please give me back my boy!

That's all you need. He didn't
come to check on him?

There's that. Come on.
I don't believe you.

I haven't seen him!

- I don't believe you.
- I haven't seen him!

- I haven't seen him!
- Shut up! Shut up!

Oh, my God! I s...

What the fuck do you think
you're doing?

Put the gun down.

I was conducting an interview.

It was good to talk.

I plan on putting a bullet
in Fitzpatrick.

Need more coppers
after us, eh?

Haven't we got enough?

Yeah, a nice, big trainful, eh?

Oh, Neddy. Come back, mate.

I'm your mate.

I wish to fucking God
I weren't.

But I am.

And while you can fool
the others

into believing you're
Jesus Christ,

I know none of this is
the work of God.

You're just a man...

..on his way to be hung.

We all are.

"I wrote first
for the newspapers,

"though my truth
were never printed,

"for a myth is more profitable
than a man.

"But then I received word from
your mother and discovered

"that my writings were not
to be in vain.

"I was to write for you,
my child.

"I was to educate you
on your family,

"on your father,

"on who you were to be.

"I had killed innocent men and
forsaken you and your mother.

"Many would call me a murderer,

"but others, knowing my curse,

"knowing the truth of
persecution and injustice

"that I had been the victim of,

"would call me a hero."

Well, that's
a mighty fine dress, Ned.

You've come to fuck?



Come on. They won't let me
chase you anymore!

Claim me to be inept!

Come on, fucking do it! Go on!

Do it! Come on, Ned!

But know I'll always be
on the right side of the truth.

You'll always be the Kelly
and I'll always be the copper.

♪ For curiosity ♪

♪ Convicted ♪

♪ Sent to heaven on earth ♪
for my sins

♪ I wanna start afresh ♪

♪ And have no regrets ♪

♪ But there's one in each town ♪
who won't let you forget

♪ He's a cunt, he's a cunt ♪

♪ He's a constable cunt ♪

♪ He's a cunsty little cunt ♪
of a constable cunt

♪ He's a cunt, he's a cunt ♪

♪ He's a constable cunt ♪

♪ He's a cunty little cunt ♪
of a constable cunt. ♪, heave!
Three, two, one, heave!

"The train were
now on its way

"towards the inn
and its captives.

"The English would dwarf my army
in size, but not in spirit."

"Like the Whiteboys, Ribbonmen
and Levellers before us,

"we would be the Irish rebellion
to take down the Crown."

"We'd not repeat the tragedies

"of Vinegar Hill
or the Eureka Stockade.

"This time, it were to be
the police, not us,

"who would be trapped
inside their horror

"like a bird inside a church."

What are you writing?

You give the appearance
of an author, Mr Kelly.

My name is Thomas Curnow.

I teach in town.

What do you want with all of us?

I've read a lot about you,
Mr Kelly.

Don't you worry.

We'll be gone
when we hear the sound.

What sound?

I teach English.

Could I read?

May I?

"I lost my father
at the age of 12.

"I know what it is to be raised
on lies and silences.

"That is why leave my story
behind for you,

"so that you do not grow
to view your father

"in an unsavoury light.

"This history is for you
and will contain no single lie.

"May I burn in hell
if I speak false."

It's rough.

I didn't know you were a father.

What do you think?

It's very good.

It's very lucid.

- What?
- Lucid.

- "Lucid"?
- Lucid.

What's that mean?

I can see...

..your story here.

I mean, is this your life?
Have you written everything...

You can see my story?

I teach in town, as I said,
and, um...

..if you like, I have books
nearby. I could help you.

- What books?
- Those I use at the school.

- To do what?
- English.

English? You want to teach me
English, do you?

I want to help you write...

Then how about I put this
in your fuckin' eye?

Teach YOU some fuckin' English.

Fuckin' teach me shit.

What books?

Grammar. Parsing.

There is fault with the parsing.

I always wanted to be a writer
like you, Mr Kelly, but...

Well, what happened?

- Nothing happened.
- I guess so, yeah.

Five minutes, it would take me.

I could get you the books,
we could collate this, any...


..any issues we have with
the, uh...grammar, parsing.

Five minutes maximum.

The schoolhouse is...
right there.

No-one's to leave.

I see this as
a story worth telling.

- You're gonna come back?
- Mm-hm.


You have my word.

Go on.

"Who was I
to consider myself an author?

"That teacher thought me
no more than a fool.

"And in truth, a fool is
no more than what I were."


Count to 1,000!

Don't forget to stay close!

The armour will protect us
if there's no space between it.

Oh! Come on, fuckin' hurry up!

What the fuck is that?!

"As the sky
lit up above me,

"my army of boys
fled in fear...

"..leaving the Kelly Gang

Fuck! Ned!

It stopped before the tracks.

But how could they
have seen the tracks?

They didn't.
Someone warned them.

Yeah, well,
who fuckin' warned them?!

Who fuckin' warned them, Ned?!

Come on, quick!

Where's our fuckin' army?!

What the fuck is that?!

It's them.

Who is that?

- Ned, who the fuck is that?
- Go.

- What is it?
- Go now.

- What is it?!
- Its fuckin' them! It's them!

- It's them! Run!
- It's who?!

The coppers.

Dan, it's gonna be OK!

Get the fuckin' guns out!

- Fuckin' go!
- They're coming up. Joe!

Help with the guns.

Just spread out! Find a window!

Find a window and stay low.

Get the ammo down there.

- Fuckin' get down there.
- Fuck!

You're alright, Joe.
You're alright.

You're alright, OK? It's OK.

We're meant to be
hunting THEM, mate!

Steve, turn out
the fuckin' lights.

You keep your head down, OK?

- Danny?
- Yep?

You right? You'll be alright,
OK? We'll do this, yeah?

Keep your heads down
and you'll be fine!

You'll be fine. Yeah, Joe?

Load up!

You're alright. You're good.

Open the fuckin' latch.

OK, ready? On three,
we go together.

You aim at the lights.



- Whoo!
- Fuck, yes!

Hey! That's not so bad,
hey, boys?


- We're fuckin' 'em!
- I got one, Ned!

- I fucking shot one!
- Good man!

- There's a fuckin' boy!
- Good one, mate!

- There's a fuckin' boy!
- You fucking got him, Ned!

- You fucking got him!
- We should put on some armour!

This isn't made of metal, mate.
This is made of fuckin' lace!

- Fuckin' hell!
- Fuckin'...!

Fuck! Get me a pistol!

Come on!

Oh, fuck!

Hey, Joe.

Hey, are you alright?

Where's our army?


Where's our fuckin' army?

Take that. Take that, Joe.

Where's our army, Ned?

- It's alright. It's alright.
- Fuck!

No, it's not.

We'll get 'em on the next one.

We'll get 'em
on the next one, alright?

- Joe, I...
- This is on you, you fucker!

- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- This is on you!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm...

- I'm sorry.
- No, you're not!

I am. I am! I'm fuckin' sorry!

- No, you're not!
- I'm fuckin' trying!

- I'm fuckin' trying to...
- Fuckin' shut up!

I'm fuckin' trying!
I'm fuckin'...


What have I done?

- Ned!
- Dan. Dan, it's alright.

- Fuck you, Ned!
- I'll fix it.



I'm gonna...I'm gonna go see
what's going on, OK?


What's happened?


Get out!

Stay down!

Fuck! Arggh!

Ned! Ned!



I'm gonna pink 'em all,
you hear me?

You hear me? You hear me?

I'm gonna pink 'em all.

Feel that. Feel that.
I'm not going anywhere, right?

I'm gonna pink 'em all.

You said you're...

You said you're the Monitor.

Yeah, that's right.
I'm the Monitor.

Look at that.
Feel my skin, yeah?

Nothing's gonna get
through that.

- You're fuckin'...
- No, nothing's getting through.

You make her proud.

Go out there
and make her proud.

Go, Ned.

There we go.


Time to go to work, boys!


- Oh, fuck!
- Yeah, Neddy!

Come on, then, you bastards!

- Do it!
- We are the Sons of Sieve!

Go, Neddy!

- I'm getting fired up, boys!
- Yeah, Neddy!

I'm coming out,
you English fuckin' dogs!

You can't get me in here!

I'm the fuckin' Monitor!

Ohh, come on, then, you cunts!

You're trapped! I'll get
every single fuckin' one of you!



You fuckin'...

I hate you fucking cunts!
Don't you fuck with me!

I'll rip your fucking heads off!

You come to me, you try and blow
my fuckin' house down!

You try to fuckin' rob my ma!
Rob my father!

We're the Sons of fuckin' Sieve!

I'm coming back to you.
I'm fuckin' coming.

I'm coming, Danny!

I'm fuckin' coming.

My boys!

My boys!

My boys!

"I had the Monitor, Ma.

"I'm a Son of Sieve."

Ma, I'm sorry.

Ain't nothing to be sorry for.

I'm proud of you, son.

Look at you.

I'm scared, Ma.

That doesn't make me
a coward, does it?

No, son, it don't.

When I go...

..they'll come.

There'll be a governor
and a priest.

And they'll escort you
to where it's to be done.

Agnus Dei,
qui tollis peccata...

I'm told a man by
the name of Upjohn will do it.

Agnus Dei,
qui tollis peccata mundi...

And they'll ask
if you want to say anything,


Kyrie eleison.

It's hard to be strong
when you speak.

Credo in unum
Deum Patrem omnipotentem...

You're not to give them
the satisfaction.

When the time comes, you
just...look straight ahead...

..and think of me.

Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.

And then what happens?

Then you're to die like a Kelly.

What is it
about we Australians?

What is wrong with us?

Do we not have a Jefferson?

A Disraeli?

Can we not find
someone better to admire

than a horse thief
and a murderer?

Why must we always make

such an embarrassing
spectacle of ourselves?

I have in front of me
the writings of a madman.

My reward for putting an end
to the Kelly outrage.

He was right.
His parsing was poor.

On his final day, Ned Kelly
seemed calm but pale -

this effect might have
been produced

by the white cap
placed over his head.

As he stood on the drop,

he remarked in a low tone,

"Such is life."

And with the snap of his neck...

..the outlaw
known as Ned Kelly...

..was gone.

"My wish for you,
my dearest child,

"is that all the coarse words
and cruelty

"I have related in these pages

"seem queer and foreign to you,

"like some strange tale
from an ancient world.

"But if they do not,

"and you, like I,
have suffered from injustice

"at the hand of oppressors,

"remember that you are a Kelly,

"and never forget that you were
mine and that you were loved.

"Whatever they write about me,

"whatever names I am given

"or whatever falsehoods
are attributed to me,

"know that much is true.

"So go out into the world
and make of it what you wish.

"Write your own history.

"For you are my future now."