True Heart (1997) - full transcript

A brother and sister are plane-wrecked in Canada, where they must rely on the help of a native and his bear.

We have it as bad as you do.
Half the land in Washington is clear-cut.

Yeah. Between the logging
and the acid rain...

Dick says there's amazing wildlife up here.
Moose, elk, tons of grizzlies.

Big bear population in British Columbia.
Biggest in Canada, I think.

Friend of mine just bagged a grizzly.
Huge head.

People who hunt are disgusting.

People who marry people who hunt
are disgusting.

Would you give it a break?

Your stepfather's hardly a hunter, Bonnie.

And it's not the legal hunting
that's the problem.

It's the poachers.

Ask your Mom when we get
to the conference. She knows.

Come on, it's gonna be okay.

We can go horseback riding.
Maybe even kayaking.

You? In a kayak?

- What was that?
- A wind sheer. It's nothing.

See over here? This is the Tantalus Range.

Straight ahead is the Stolo Valley.
Right now, they're having a big fight...

...between the loggers
and the preservationists.

Sorry, folks.

We're catching some thermals
off the side of the mountains.

I'll try cutting to the west here.

Guess now's the time to apologize
for dragging you two off to Vancouver.

Wind out of the northeast.

Elevation 8,000.

Come on, girl.


We're almost there!
Just a little bit further.

Hold tight there, folks!




- All brace!
- My God!

Brace yourselves!


Help me!

Sam, please! Wake up!

Sam, wake up!

Quick. Come away from here.
There is much danger. Bad men in woods.

But my brother's in there.

Come, quick!

Come! Come, quick!

Lt's all right. It's okay.

We crashed.

I thought...

Who is this guy? What are we doing?

He's from the woods.
He said something about bad men.

What about Mr. Nelson? What about the...


What if he's crazy or something?

We can't just go follow him.
Someone will come.

Bonnie, I don't want to just
sit here and wait.

He'll probably just take us
to the nearest town.

- It's okay. Come on, let's go.
- Wait.

Mister, wait up!

Come, quick.

What is it?

Only skunk.

Play trick. Come.

Wait! Hold on! Please!

Can you tell us where we're going
and how long it'll take?

We go to Chook. Black Rock.

Foot of mountain where men cut trees.

But that'll take days.

- Isn't there anything any closer?
- Not to worry.

Tonight we sleep in Grandfather's cave.

My locket! Lt's gone!

Lt's a picture...

...of our father.

We don't even know your name. I'm Sam.

That's Bonnie.

I am Khonanesta. Come.


Thick Fur!

Wise One, you home?

Maybe we should go back to the plane.
Air control keeps a flight plan.

They'll send a rescue team.

But what about the bad men
he was talking about?

What bad men, Sam?

Who do you expect to find out here,
Jack the Ripper?

We sleep here tonight.

Grandfather not home.

We don't know what's out here,
and it seems he does.

Now, come on. It's like an adventure,
like The Island of Dr. Moreau.


Grandfather was here a few days.

Do you have a family?

You know, like a family?

Who is Grandfather,
and where does he live?

No family.

Tonight we sleep here.

When birds sing, we go Black Rock.

What's this?

Gift from moose.

- Who's that for?
- Grandfather.

Come on, move it!

Khonanesta. Come, quick.


What is it?

Quint, we found some tracks back there.

Never mind.

Just take what you got,
and let's get out of here.

Come on, move it!


Did you go back?
What happened? You're soaking wet.

Get clothes for sister.

Water cold. You change clothes.



I saw the men.
The ones he mentioned at the plane.

- They would've hurt me if he hadn't come.
- Who are these men?

Did they see you?

I don't know.

They might've heard me.

So, Khonanesta, who are these people?

Hunters. You call poachers.

Once was men honor bear.

Say to him:

"Thank you, brother, for speak with me.

"You come from Creator.

"Make men strong."

Now... kill bear, but not eat.

Take gall, head, paw...

...for sell, like these men you see.

Are you trying to stop them?

Long time...

...old Honey Paw come from Kodiak.

Men hunt him...

...but he more wise,
he who looks like man...

...stands and swims like man.

But bad men know
old wise one have strange sister.

Fur like winter grass.

She not smart.

She do what she wants, like this sister.

So they think, catch her...

...catch him.

They make traps on ground like stars.

Cover with rabbit for smell
until maybe she comes.

She comes.

We got him!

Let's go!

Where's the big guy?

Gotta be close.


I thought for sure we'd...

Where is he?

Don't kill her yet!

We'll do this the hard way. Make her sing.

Come on!

Come on, bear!

Damn it, Johnny!

Christ. All this for a lousy female.

Pack her up.

Let's get the hell out of here.

No, wait.

What is it?

- Is it him?
- Where is he?

Shut up!

He's here.

Where's he coming from?

I want you, you bastard!

Come out and fight!


Was it him?

Was it the Kodiak?

Lt was him.

He come from woods.
He spare all men but one.

From that one, he take arm.

Now he hunt Grandfather.

What are you singing?

Song for Grandfather.

He come from north to fight.

His paw great.

I throw dust on me.

I am bear.

My paw great.


We go now.


Do you really think a bear
would hide like that?

You know, like, planning it?

I don't know, but he does.

There's something else about him, though.
Something weird.

You're telling me.
"I throw dust on me, I'm a bear"?

- Maybe we should...
- I know what you're gonna say...

...but he's better than
those other guys, right?

And now that they know where we are...

Come! We go!

Get packed.

- Here you go.
- Don't forget.

Of course, if we could catch them,
could you imagine?

Lt'd be like exposing a crime ring.

Sam, it doesn't make sense.

If Khonanesta is so concerned,
why doesn't he just go to the authorities?

I mean, maybe he's part of it.

Why would he try saving you
if he was part of it?

Why would he be helping us at all?

I don't know.
To use us as bait for the bears?

- Please!
- I'm serious!

You're an idiot.

Hang on.


I just wanted to say
I'm sorry for last night.

Thank you for saving me.

You born same time.
Like bears, always two.

How'd you know? Most people can't tell.

You have much to learn.

- I keep telling her that.
- Moron.

Bear tracks.

Is it the Kodiak?

Is he here?

Only see Grandfather when he wants.

Can't we do anything to stop them?

No. Better you go Black Rock, go home.

I help the wise ones.

Our stepfather works for the Department...

No! No people.

People lie.

Lie to Grandfather, lie to me.

Only me protect. Me!

But what about Grandfather?
Maybe he'd like help.

What if something happens to you?
What if he attacks you?

True heart no need fear.

Once I meet Golden Feet,
I say to him, "I protect you."

Then we sing together.

Only bad man need fear.

You wait here.


So what do we do now, starve?

Where'd he go?

Do I look like I know more than you?

I'm hungry, too.

I'm feeling a little uncomfortable
about my place in the food chain.

We could take a swim!

No, I don't think so!

Yum. Plenty of protein.

Go for it, Dr. Moreau.

Why are you in such a good mood?
Is your fat keeping you going?

Hardly. I hope Golden Feet eats you.

Mom probably thinks we're dead by now.

They're probably looking down
on hundreds of miles of forest, thinking:

"We should've been nicer to them.

"We should've asked them
if we could get married."

I can't believe we're in a forest
surrounded by bears and poachers...

...and all you can think about
is how bad Mom and Dick feel.

It's cheering me up.

Come! I find fish!


I wonder what his secret is.

I mean he's obviously got a past.

I wonder if he lives with people.

I don't know.
I know he's some kind of Indian, though.

Native American.

You think they call them that
when they're from Canada?

I don't know. Mom would...

You come now! Come quick!

Why'd she do it, Sam?

Why did she marry him?

I don't know. She was lonely, I guess.

Dad was never around the house, anyway.

I'd rather have no time with Daddy
than all the time in the world with Dick.

That's not an option, is it?
Now why don't you get over it?

Why don't you worry about
something besides yourself for once?

Fine! Why don't you just go live
happily ever after?

You're so concerned with
getting along with everyone... can't tell the difference
between a real father and an impostor!

Come on! Grow up, Bonnie!

You grow up, you collaborator!

- What's your problem?
- Your attitude!


You waste time.

You care for mother, father,
you go Black Rock.

He's not our father. He's our stepfather.

Yeah. Our real father died.

Mother remarried another man.


You not like him.

You want kill him?

No! I mean, I don't want to kill him.

Maybe maim him.

Why? You not like him.

It's against the law.
You know, like, civilization?

Besides, I don't think
it'd make Mom very happy.

Why you not happy for her?

You miss father. Good.

Not sad.

Father here.


Besides, we still got each other, right?

- What's that?
- Poachers.


Gone one day. Four, five men.



Are you okay?

Long time...

...I have wife.

She quick, like fox.

She wise, like one who knows.

One day...

...she looking for...

Grow from old trees.


Hunter see her.

Hunt her.

But she too quick.

She know forest.

But they trap her.

They not take her.

She have knife...


Sam! Khonanesta, help!

Get away from him!

No, Bonnie, stay back!


- He's going to drown!
- Don't worry! I catch him!


Please! Hurry!

Hang on! We're coming!


Bonnie, hurry up!


Bonnie, hurry!


Sam, over here!

Go get his rope! Lt's in his bag!


Khonanesta, hang on!

Bonnie, hurry up!


Belay me, like in rock climbing!
Use the tree!


- Now hold it tight!
- Okay, I got it!


Khonanesta, I'm coming! Hold on!

Sam, be careful!

Hold on!

You okay?

Okay, I got you. Trust me.

Okay, pull, Bonnie!

Thank you.

Come, you old friend, you.

What's that?

Makes men not tired.

Maybe it's like ginseng.

It tastes like licorice.


- But they're just like the ones you gave us.
- No, these ones bad.

You see spots? And this?

We go now.

Not much more.

Great. Rain.

No rain. Listen.

Birds not sing for storm.

Yeah? How'd you learn that?

Many teachers. Sky teach.

Rainbow in morning, rain.
Afternoon, no rain.

You see?

Lichen on north only.

Sun teach, too.

South, winter...

...north in summer.

But Honey Paw best teacher.

He teaches man to swim, climb...

...dig, even make bed in winter,
but, most important...

...Grandfather hears all.

You speak, he hears.

If I say I do this and not do...

...he knows.

He has true heart.

You find wood like this. Bring many.

Dead ones or alive ones?

Not matter.


Now... bring cedar.


I go for food.

You're going hunting?

Can I go?

Don't worry about me. Go hunt.

I'll gather.

Really, it'll be okay.
I promise I won't run away.

Don't worry.
She has a mean whistle if anybody comes.

Show him, Bonnie.

You stay.

What do people gather?

So what are we looking for?


Come on, shoot it.

Why shoot?


What are we doing here?

Never shoot wolf.

Go away, friend.

He not know better.

See this? This good.

How about these seeds?

Thank you, friend.

It's like circle.

Bird feed us.

When we die, we feed world that feed bird.

You sound just like my mom.

My mom's a biologist.

She studies plants
and animals and people...

...but my father...

You miss him?


He was a scientist, too.

I think you would've liked him.

You like new man?

I don't know. He's all right, I guess.

He's pretty smart.

I know one thing for sure,
Bonnie doesn't like him...

...and I just try to be nice to him
for my mom's sake.


...sometimes, I just feel that I...

I think now we go try fish.

What am I doing?

Please. I don't want to hurt you.

I want to help you.

You must know. True heart.


You're never going to believe it.

Khonanesta showed me
how to fish the way bears do...

...and we saw another bear trap,
so we're still in poacher territory.

He came.

Who came?

He was here, the Kodiak.

Are you sure it was him?

Lt was him, believe me.

I talked to him like you said.

He kicked up a lot of water,
but he didn't hurt me.

"Who's is it?

"He who goes.

"Who finds it?

"He who is lost."

Lt's a place...


If bad men come, you help him.

Help Grandfather.

What's Khootsini? Where's that?

Is that where the bear goes?

He's losing it.

I don't know.
Maybe it's a riddle or something.

Come. We go. Quick. Come!


We overslept.

- Hurry!
- Okay, I'm coming.

- Come, quick!
- I'm starving.

No time. Eat later.

- My gosh, it's a helicopter!
- Flag it down!

No! They will see you! No!

Down here!

Down here! Down here! Over here!

Come back! No, children, wait!

Not worry. Only scratch. Quick! You go!

Come on!

Go get them! I'll get the old man!

No, stay down.

Hello, little chickens.



Where the hell is he?

Right there!

Did you see him?

Take George and go after him.

Louie, watch my back, for Christ's sake.

Did you get him?

Clear out.

Go. Just go.

Come. Quick.


Look, Khonanesta, I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Not your fault.

I not know they so close.

But I don't understand.
Why do they want to kill us?

They have no spirit.

Grandfather bring much money.

Wait. What about Mom and Dad?

Are they in danger
if they go to the plane crash?

You're right. What if they walk into a trap?

- We've gotta warn them.
- But we go Black Rock. Radio there.

Yeah, but what if they go
to the plane first?

- The poachers might be there.
- No, Khonanesta's right.

We should just get to Black Rock.

Dick can call
the Department of Fish and Wildlife...

No. No people.

People bad.

People aren't bad.

Some people care.

Dick cares.

You trust him?

In this, yes.

You take.

Now what?

I don't know.

Let's go find out.

Sam, wait.

- I'm tired of waiting.
- Let's just wait.

I decide.

We go different ways.

You go Chook.

Black Rock, north.

I go plane, find parents.

There's no way we'll find Black Rock
in all these mountains.

You find. I help.


Big bear in sky...

...point to big light in little bear.

You follow. Always true.

That's it?

You get that?

I think so.

Do not fear.

Big bear, little bear look out for you.



You keep knife.

This is not cool.

You said it.

- You know what? This was your idea.
- My idea?

- You wanted to go to the plane, not him.
- It made sense.

Besides, you brought up Mom and Dick
in the first place.

- Just don't complain if you're scared.
- I'm not the one complaining.

Let's just get going. We won't get there
until tomorrow at this rate.

If we're lucky.

No time to make mistake now.

There must be a myth
about how the bears were put in the sky.

No wonder Khonanesta
believes they can see everything.

Bonnie, don't tell me you believe in that.

- That's where it came through.
- Are those the kids' tracks?

How're we ever going to find them?

Lf we were retailing paws and galls
in Hong Kong, we'd all be millionaires.


What happened?

You got a problem
you want to share with us, George?

Maybe it's the rescuers.
Maybe Khonanesta found them.

Slow it up. There's something down there.

Check it out, George.

Quint, wait till you see this.

Well, what do you know?

You, what you doing down in that hole?

Louie, get the rope.

It's okay, Bonnie. They won't hurt us.

Sam, they were shooting at us
this morning!

No! Put the knife down!

I don't care! I'm not giving up!

There's no way you're going to win!

I've been waiting for this.

You kids climb up, okay?

You can do it. Come on. Hand over hand.

You want me,
you'll have to come down and get me!


The girl's got a knife.
Says she's not coming up.

Go in and get her. We haven't got all day.

What's the matter?
You afraid of a little girl?

But Quint, there's two of them.

Christ almighty!

Okay, you two, stop acting stupid.

If I'd wanted to, I'd have shot you already.

You tried that, you liar!
I'm not coming up!


Then, I got a better idea.
How about I shoot him?

- No!
- Bonnie, put the knife down!

That's right, Bonnie.

Just put it down,
or better yet, throw it up here.

Bonnie, please. Hand it over.


Okay, boy, toss it up here.

And no games, or I might change my mind.

Come on, now.
Get your tails up here, quick.

Come on. That's it.

There you go.

Okay, now you, firecracker.
Come on, come on.

Come out! Show yourself!

- Who are you?
- Dick...

Hold it, folks.


Put your weapons down.

We're the police.

Put it down.

Sir, I'd like to see some identification.

What's your name?

Not ask name.

- Not ask his...
- Please.

Wait a moment.

I think he's a Tlingit man.

Please, sir...

...there were children on this plane.

They're missing. Their bodies are...

Children gone. Much danger.

- But they're alive? They're safe?
- Yes.

Thank you. Thank God.

Where are they?

I send them Black Rock.

The logging camp?

We've got a ranger there.

Virgil, let Darcy Station
know we're going there...

...and tell June we might have a suspect.

Sir, we'll have to
take you in for questioning.

Suspect? For what?

There's something I didn't tell you.

- What, Simon?
- Let's get to Black Rock.

Now, what's he up to, anyway...

...sending you off on your own?

He went to get help,
and he's bringing back cops and rangers.

You'll be lucky he doesn't trade you in
for one of his precious bears.

He doesn't care for people...

...just animals and rivers and trees.


What are we gonna do with them?
They're just kids.

Leave them to me. I'll get them to talk.

Now, that's an idea.

Tell you what, son.

You tell me where the old man is
and his damned bear...

...and I won't let him...

...near your sister.


He went to the plane.

We were afraid you'd hurt our parents
if they looked for us.

- Sam.
- Shut up!

Tell me about the Kodiak.

I don't know anything about it.
I've never seen it.

Don't lie to me! You've been with him.

He knows everything about these hills.
He's cost me traps, bait, even men.

Now you tell me what I want to know,
or, I promise you...'ll regret it for the rest of your life.


He said something about
where the bear goes.

Don't, Sam.

Where is it?

Come on, now. Remember.

It's some place called Khootsini.

He said something like,
"He who is lost, he who is found."

- Quint, he means...
- I know what he means.

What else?

That's all I know.

Let me give you a hand here.

The kid says he doesn't know, Johnny,
he doesn't know.

Cut it out.

I told you I was right. You're sure
you didn't see anything out there?

Nothing. Nothing but a bunch of rocks.

We ain't looking for rocks, are we?

Damn it!
What's the matter with you guys?

Back off, Johnny. Back off, I said.

Louie! Shut up, both of you!


Lt never occurred to me.

- Even way out here?
- You bet.

We got sting operations going all the time.

There's a huge black market
for bear galls and paws.

But it doesn't make sense.
Why did you go back to the plane?

Tell you of danger.

So, let me get this straight.

You say you were helping the kids,
then you split up to help us.

Dick, I was afraid that the kids
wouldn't be able to survive on their own.

- Now with these poachers out there...
- He could be lying.

- Maybe Simon's caught his man.
- True heart not lie. I tell truth.

Then tell me.
How well do you know these poachers?

Not know. See.

There's a lean-to in the fork
in the Snake River.

The river that turns south of Black Rock.

You seen it?

My home. Why?

What? Simon, what is it?

The conservation officers at Black Rock
went out last night on a tip.

They found a load of galls
and two dead cubs.

All in that lean-to.

So you've been lying to us!

You think this is a game?

Lf those kids are hurt, I swear...

Hey you! I'm talking to you.

I say get rid of them.

- Over my dead body.
- That'd be my pleasure.

Shut up. The two of you.

You hearing spooks now, Quint?

Shut up!

What is it?

Who's there?


I'm jammed.

George! You take him!


- Shoot him!
- I can't. I'll hit Johnny.

Move! Come on!

Here. Cut yourselves loose.

Wait up.




- Man, he was huge!
- I told you.

Do you think he did that for us?

I don't know.

Maybe he just smelled
all the skins and stuff.

We have to get out of here.

Which way?

I insist. Ladies first.

Maybe they'll think we went this way.

Cross your fingers.

Watch your step.

Keep down.

Help her out, here.

Okay, now. Head for the trees.

Head for the trees. Keep down.

Tim! Charlie!

Hello, Simon.

Thanks for the help, Chuck.

- No problem.
- There's no sign of the kids yet.

Kim, you cleaned out that shed, right?

- Yep.
- And he needs first aid.

Tell them we won't be
bringing him in till the morning.

Yes, sir.

What about the kids?
Are we going back out?

Wanda, we couldn't see them
even if we flew over them.

You need to sleep.
In the morning we'll get an early start.

Dick, the kids have been
out there for three days.

They're all alone.

I know,
but if the old man's telling the truth...

...they could be almost home.

I need to send a fax to Vancouver.


Sam, listen.

My God.

Excuse me, sir!

Excuse me!

Is there anyone in charge around here?

Ranger's just around the corner!

Okay, thank you!

Stack them up on the other side.

Shut it down!

Simon! Boss, over here!


- My God! You're alive!
- Bonnie! Sam! You made it!

I can't believe it.

Boy, you guys sure gave us a scare.
Just look at them.

I can't believe you walked that far.
That's incredible. You're heroes.

We knew they'd have a radio here,
so we came here and...

Wait a second.
Khonanesta. We've got to find him.

Hold on. Khonanesta?

- Is that his name?
- Yeah.

I think we met him.

You did? Where...

At the plane.

Is he here?

What happened?
Did you do something with him?

The thing is, we weren't sure whether
the man was telling the truth...

...and then everything got complicated.

Mom, what are you talking about?

Kids, we think he may be a poacher.


You've got to be kidding.

I'm not kidding.
We found illegal bounty in his camp.

He's in our custody, charged with
six violations of the Wildlife Act.

But Khonanesta wouldn't do that.
He couldn't. You know that.

Look, kids,
obviously he's not so bad if he helped you.

Maybe he just doesn't understand.

Mom, you don't understand.
There are poachers out there.

They tried killing us and Khonanesta.

- They what?
- We're trying to tell you.

They threatened to kill us unless
we told them where the Kodiak was.

Kodiak? Bear?

Folks, please, we'll sort this out, I promise.

- But if the kids saw these men...
- What about the contraband?

What about the issue of the animals?

That's true.

How can we be sure
your friend's telling the truth?

After all, for a man like...


Khonanesta. Right.

For a man like him
to elude the authority for months...

...he'd have to be pretty smart.

Pretty clever.

So why be surprised
if he misled you, too, right?

No, that's wrong.

You guys don't know
Khonanesta like we do.

We spent three days with him.

He's not like those other men.
He loves animals.

Guys, honestly...

...Bonnie and I didn't believe him at first.

And Khonanesta wouldn't lie, either.

He knows the bears are watching,
and they always know the truth.

Look, you kids just need
some food and rest.

- But, Mom, we're not crazy!
- We're not saying we don't believe you.

Then will you help us?

Help you do what?

I think Khonanesta was framed.

She's right.
Those poachers will do anything.

Will you just let us talk to him?
Please, we can prove he's innocent.

He's in the first-aid shed.

- Great.
- Hurry up.

Okay. Come on.

- Charlie, you got the keys?
- Right here.

He's not in here.

Charlie, what the heck's going on?

That's impossible.
This thing was locked the whole time.

He's going to save the bear.

We've got to help him.
He's going after the Kodiak.

Help him?

Simon, you want us
to track this guy down?

That might be difficult.

But we have to try.
There's poachers out there...

...and Khonanesta's hurt.

No. You're not going anywhere.

- But, Mom...
- No buts.

I don't want you getting
more involved than you already are.

Why not?

Why not?

Look, they're alive
because Khonanesta helped them.

Now they want to help him.

Isn't that what you'd want them to do?
Isn't that the right thing to do?

Simon, how about it?
Can we get a little search party together?

- We could be wrong about him.
- But we don't know where he's going.

That's just it. We do know.

Sort of, but...

It's a place called...

Khootsini. It's Khootsini.

Do you know it? I mean, the poachers...

Khootsini is a sacred place,
supposedly out near Hoots Rock.

I've never seen it.
I don't know that anyone has.

If only we had that riddle.

I have a feeling
we might be able to help out here.

This is it.

Did he give it to you?

Not quite. He put up a fight...

...but we took everything
from him before we brought him in.

"Whose is it? He who wanders.

"Who finds it? He who is lost.

"Where is the sun?

"In the eye of the lonely one.

"Where does he walk?

"North by ten and ten

"East by five and five

"South by two and two

"And so through."

Okay, this first part's pretty easy.
The "it" in "whose is it?"

Lt's Khootsini.

It's a sacred place, right?
But "he who wanders" and "he who goes"?

Lt's the Kodiak, right?

What's this next part?
"In the eye of the lonely one?"

What's that mean?

"Lonely one."

Maybe it's a solitary rock or tree.

But "where is the sun?
In the eye of the lonely one."

Could be the sun hitting it at a certain time
and pointing the way, see?

Wait a minute. Just hold on.
This doesn't mean we're going after him.

Then what? What are we gonna do?
We've got to help him somehow.

Tell you what, Hoots Rock is not too far.

Virgil and Kim took the chopper,
if they could meet me...

But we've got the riddle,
we know where the bear...

Sam, no, it's too dangerous.

And you're tired and hungry and filthy.

But, Mom, there's no time!

Sam, I don't want to talk about it.

It seems like that's all you want to do!

Isn't it your job to save the animals
and the environment?

And isn't it yours, too, and yours?

What good is any of this
if the bear ends up dead?

Bonnie, it is just a bear.
Your lives are far more important.

Mom, it's not just a bear!

Honey, listen.

We'll just check it out,
scare these guys off...

...until the rangers get there,
then we let them take over.

We could take horses,
cut straight through the valley.

That okay with you, Charlie?

Fine by me.
Horses could use some exercise.

Please, guys, let's hurry.

Sam, hold it.

I don't want to step on your turf here.

It's your turf now, too.

All right, let's do it.

Yes! All right!

Listen up now.

We go out, we come back. No heroics.

Send Virgil and Kim out
when they get back in.

I'll radio the station as
soon as we find the place.

I'll saddle up some horses.

Sure you're up for this?

Doesn't seem like I have much of a choice.

Bit more than a conference.

I can't believe I agreed to this.

There it is!

We're almost there. Through these woods.
Whoa, girl.

This is it.

Wait here.

The horses sense something.

No wonder no one's ever found this place.


These are boot prints.

Are you sure, Sam?

Yeah. At least three guys have been here.

The poachers, they've been here.

Yeah. They've been here recently.

Their footprints haven't deteriorated at all.

Not bad, Sam.

Come on, let's go.
That's what we came for.

Let's find this place.

Can we estimate the sun,
tell which way it's traveling?

We can do better than that. See...

...the lichen faces north.

And since it's summer...

...the sun should be setting...


Or we could just use my compass.

I was right.

Okay, where is "the lonely one"?

What is "the lonely one"?

How about this?

You can just leave the horses.
Just hang the reins.

There it is, the eye.

Now, the sun coming
through the eye of the tree...

If the sun were higher...

It would come right through that way.


Now comes the hard part
where we have to walk the rest.

Will you do it?

Let's go.

All right, here goes.

"North by ten and ten

"East by five and five,
south by two and two."

"And so through."

Okay, north by ten and ten.

That's twenty.

Sixteen, seventeen...

...nineteen, twenty.

Now ten to the east.

Could be we're on a wild goose chase.

Now, wait a minute.

What comes after "ten to the east"?
"Four to the south"?

Yeah, "and so through."

Whatever that means.

That's it.

I'll have to radio the station.

I'll go first.

Black Rock, do you read me, over?

Black Rock, do you copy, over?

Sam, look.


What'd you say?

That's what Khonanesta calls the Kodiak,
and sometimes "Teacher" and "Wise One."

And "Honey Paw" and "Golden Feet."

Folks, it's getting late.
I don't know where Verge and Kim are.

Black Rock, this is Black Crow.
Come in, please, over.

But we came all this...


Lt's the poachers!

Get down!

- Let's go! Go!
- Get the kids out of here!

Go for the trees! Go!

There's children here! Hold your fire!


Get under cover.


Read you, Simon, go ahead, over.

Charlie, we're being shot at.
Where's my backup, over?

Simon, they should be there.
They left over three hours ago.


Send the helicopter, then.
Send anything, over.

This is the police!
Throw down your weapons!

You're under arrest!

Get him!

Leave him alone!

Get down!

Stay here!


Get your hands in the air, now!

Get over there! Lean!

Dick, how's Wanda?

She'll be fine. You okay?

I'm okay.

I've never seen anything like it,
that Kodiak.

- You okay, Mom?
- Yes, I'm fine.


Khonanesta, please! You're free!

You don't have to be afraid!


Are you okay?

I just want...

I just wanted to say good-bye.

It's all right.

I'm sure wherever he is, he's...

There he is.

Come on.

You're free, Khonanesta.

You and Grandfather are free.

My locket.

But how did you...

When you went back to the plane.

Here, keep this.

So you have something
to remember us by.

It's good to remember.

Sometimes, it's good to forget...

...and go on.

All right, folks.

The chopper will pick them up tomorrow.

We'd better move on,
or we'll be spending the night out.

No more nights out, please.