True Friends (1954) - full transcript

Alexander, Boris and Vasily are three old friends, who now rarely see each other as they are busy with their professional life. They embark on long-planned voyage on a raft down the Volga river, which turns into a series of comical accidents but also strengthens their friendship.

Loyal Friends

Whether I was in faraway lands
Or away at sea

My loyal friends were always there with me

At the time of worry, on a dark day

The light of our friendship illuminated our way

30 years ago, three best friends lived near the Yauza river in the Lefortovo district of Moscow...

Straight ahead!

Lift up the anchor!

Hurry up, feline lord!

Chizh, why is Mr. Cocky ordering around here?

Orders upon orders!

You're not the only one captain here!

Who will be in charge then? You?

Overweening, Vasya!

Go back to your place!

Listen, Chizh.

Mr. Cocky is overweening again.

Should we dip him?

Keep going!


Ease the sails!

- Got you!
- No, guys!

Dip him!

Don't be arrogant next time!

I'm still the captain!

Mr. Cocky!

Still stuck no matter the dipping!

All right, I will never forget you that!

Factory folks coming.

Moscow birches

Rustled far away

A little boat on Yauza
Kept rocking on its way

A little boat on Yauza
Kept rocking on its way

We're doing great!

I swear, all of Yauza can hear.

Ah, our Yauza is good.

Except the shore is visible.

No space.

They say, there are such rivers -

no end,

no edge!


If only we could sail there someday.

Well, we will!

Guys, let's swear that we will!

- Swear!
- I swear too!

- I swear too.
- But let's keep this promise.


- Ripped your trousers again!
- Danger!

...many years have passed since then...

Professor Chizhov did a miracle!

A superb surgery!

All's great.

Will be back to jumping like before.

Thank you.



Feline lord!


Hey, friend!

- I came to you right off the plane.
- That's good!

- Oh, who you are now!
- What did you think!

Are we really going then? I already lost hope.

- Why?
- We've been planning this for six years straight.

Well, dear, our promise is above everything else.

Of course.

- How did you part with your favorites?
- What favorites?

Aphrodite, Behemoth, Baron. I don't remember.

I haven't parted with them, they're here with me.

Did you bring your entire herd to the institute?

My entire herd is in my pocket.

- Oh!
- Look at them.

Oh, my brother! Wow! Beautiful!

Comrades! Comrades, please come here.

Here, I recommend to you my ancient friend.

Look at the beauties he breeds.

How marvelous!

That's Hurricane!


Bred by the experimental livestock university!

The head of the institute is the Doctor of biology,

Professor Alexander Lapin... Forgot the patronymic.


- That is him in the flesh.
- Glad to meet you.

Very glad to meet you!

Likewise, general. Isachenko, if I'm not mistaken?

You are right.

Alexander Fyodorovich,

I've been meaning to talk to you about elite stallions.

Oh no, comrade general, I'm sorry,

but I won't give him to you now.

We're having a very important conversation.


Well, where's our academic?

Where's the captain?

Can't get to the captain through the phone.

Cannot reach him whatsoever.

Where is he?

In the Planning Authority maybe.

Are you done working for today? Let's go straight to him.


Academic Nestratov is on the site.


Academic Nestratov is unavailable.

In the Moscow City Council.

Vasily Vasilyevich is away.

It's my seventh day coming here!

My work trip is ending tomorrow!

Dear comrade, every time I ask what business do you have

for Vasily Vasilyevich, you always refuse to answer.

I'm telling you I need to see him personally!

Is it forbidden?

I never said it was.

Any worker could be received by Vasily Vasilyevich.

Come next week.

I told you I'm not coming tomorrow. I came from Osokino.

- Do you know where it is?
- What does Osokino have to do with this?

A stockbreeding town is being built and you have no idea!

Oh who knows what's being built in our places!

Komsomol ordered me to,

so I'm not leaving!

Dear lady, please tell,

what do you need from us?


Silicate bricks we're forced to bring from 300km away.

There's pink tuff right near us, as much as we want.

What's the difference?

But the authorities got stubborn.

- They say, if that's what got approved, it's final.
- That's right!

It's easier for you to change the project than for us to drag these bricks on barges from 300km away.

Dear comrade lady, if Vasily Vasilyevich Nestratov would let in

and listen to representatives of all Komsomol organisations

who have, so to say, their own architectural ideas, then...

That would be pretty good, actually.

Are you from the City Council, comrades?

No, comrade, we're not from the City Council, we're not even from the audit.

And we're not even Govcontrol, don't worry.

In that case, what is your business, comrades?

We need Vasily Vasilyevich Nestratov.

He must keep his promise.

Promise? I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're talking about.

- Will he get it?
- No.

He won't get anything.

In that case, Vasily Vasilyevich is away,

and I don't know when he will be back.

Incredible, you don't know?

- No.
- Where can he be approximately?

At one of the building sites.

Which one approximately?

Maybe he's at one of the high-rise building sites.

Maybe at an agricultural exhibit.

Maybe at the embankment, at the site 17.

- Maybe he's at...
- Thank you, that's enough destinations for today.

Agreed. We should've taken the lady with us.

She's gone now. Alright, let's go.

Vasily Vasilyevich is lying,

but he can't hide, we'll still find him.

Find him and bring him to our Yauza.

Excuse me!

Where can academic Nestratov be here?

There, there's some inspection on the 34th floor.

Where did the academic climb to!

- Thank you.
- Welcome.


Oh my, it's so high!

My head is spinning!

Are we going higher?

And he's climbing up there twice a day!

Mr. Cocky's good, then.

Ay, comrades!


Who do you need?

We'd like academic Nestratov.

Vasily Vasilyevich Nestratov?

Academic Nestratov doesn't go above the second floor, and here's 35th!

- He's not here?
- Let's go.

- Watch out!
- Ah, damn!

Drink kvas.

Ay, where are you going! Ay!


Wait, what are you doing! Madman!

- There are people here! Jump!
- You'll break something, hold on!

I said jump!

Oh! We're stuck.

We are.

- Resin.
- Asphalt.

Holds tight!

The devil.

- Your hands, come on.
- Here.

- What do I need your bottle for?
- Help me.

Do you think we're here for long?

I don't know. Oh just you wait, academic!

Goodbye holidays.

All right.

New paragraph.

"The opinion of the academic of architecture Nestratov

on changing the project

is positively negative".

Galya, the back of your head is curled perfectly today.

Where are you going!

Hold up, comrades!

This is not a building site.

It is not reception time now, comrades.

Comrades, it is not reception time!

Where is Nestratov?

Give him to me.

I said, it is not reception hours now.

Listen here, young man.

My speciality is to fix human skulls,

but right now I have a strong desire to do the opposite.

Where is Nestratov?

Don't trust builders. This folk is seasonal.

But we have to build for centuries ahead!

I see.

He never even went anywhere!

We'll sort it out.

- I've explained to them many times-
- Borya!

Sasha! My god!

I'm so happy!

"Happy"! We've been searching for him everywhere while he was sitting in his office!

All day, all night.

Doesn't matter. Dear friends, welcome to my apartment!

Let's talk.

I can't talk in this "apartment".

- I can only kill.
- Kill!

I have a meeting.

Stop, stop.

This is our Yauza.

Hello, lovely.

Let's go!

One moment.

By looking at the counter, dear Vasily Vasilyevich,

you will easily discover,

how much it costs for a regular Soviet citizen

to search for academic Nestratov.

- Please.
- Welcome!

The pigs! Cruised around for 328 roubles!

It worked.

First time in a while when I finally hear

some human sounds coming out of Mr. Cocky.

Just think about it, friends. This is Yauza.

Once again, all three of us are here.

Motorboats are now here.

Do you think that out of that corner

our happiness might suddenly float by?

Our broken little boat.

Feline lord!

Remember, Boris, he always had cats on him?

Still the same.

But now with a moustache!

- Is that really our Yauza?
- It is.

There's nothing left of the old Yauza.

- Look!
- It's still ours.

It just dressed up a little, put on some stone shores

but it's still flowing out of the same underground sources.

Who doesn't care?

You do not care.

But we were the ones who built it.

The architects, builders.

It cost me so much blood.

Health, strength.

- But see!
- Oh, poor you.

The poor fella did this all by himself.

Even lost some weight.

- All by himself.
- Right.

Imagine, yes.

Building, brother, is not the same as cutting stomachs open.



Look at what we have created!

Mr. Cocky!

There he goes showing off.

Is he overweening, Sasha?

I think he is.

Let's dip him, maybe?

If you may?

Let's dip.

Building, my friends, is a colossal feat, colossal!

We understand.

Dip him! That's for overweening!


Go on, get this off your chest.

I won't go anywhere with you!

Wait, wait.

You will be ashamed later.


I looked forward to meeting you so much, thought we'd finally meet.

Go on a vacation together.

So what?

Been planning this for years.

I thought we'd remember the old days.

We will.

We'll remember our promise too.

And we will travel all over our rivers,

that have no end, no edge, eh!

Sasha, what river travel can there be at our age?

We need to restore our health.

Let's go to Sochi or Gagra.

I'll sort out the papers.

Believe me, I'm positively exhausted.

I've got lung emphysema.

- From all these performances, speeches.
- From what?

Believe me, I went abroad with a delegation.

Seventy performances in a month.

Nobody pities our brothers.

"Do it, do it"!

- Got a clot as a result.
- Phlebitis.

And my heart started acting up. I cannot sleep on my left side whatsoever.

Keep seeing nightmares.

But the promise! The promise, Vasya!

What promise? I need to keep myself safe! For the business, for the government.

For who?

For the government!


Believe me, I'm not worried about myself.

So what do we decide?

- Good!
- Thought up of some nonsense again?

Where do you get the strength from?

- You don't have enough problems?
- Oh no, Chizh came up with a good thing.

What thing?

You'll find out.

So we're not going anywhere, right?

Oh no, we are, tomorrow.

Meeting is at the train station, you'll get all the instructions over the phone.

Boris, remember, I have a clot.

Here, look. Don't believe me?

Everything will be fine, I'm telling you as a doctor.

Alright, fine.

- Right, and since you've paid for the taxi, Sasha and I are buying the tickets.
- That's right.

How noble, Chizh!

Let's go, go.

Where are we going to, brothers?

To faraway lands, my friend.

First to Krutoyarsk by train,

and then down the river.

They've got comfortable ships there, wonderful.

All right then.

- Swear?
- Swear.

- Comrade first mate!
- Yes?

They're waiting.

Sasha, how's the transport situation?

All sorted out.

It must be a luxury cabin!

Luxury, sure.

I'll go check how things are going.

One moment! Put all the money in the shared chest.


Well, the trip will last for about 20 days, no longer.

Considering the new price decrease,

we take 300 silver per person.

Then, please follow my reasoning:

extra money for transport,

and the rest...

Wait-wait, professor!

Aren't you too extreme?

Leave some money for unforeseen circumstances.

- What unforeseen circumstances?
- You never know.

What could they be?

Card debts, bribing the authorities?

Leave some, I say.

- Just in case.
- Fine.

- Fifty more silver per person.
- Cheapskates.

- That's even too much.
- What about the rest?

And for the rest, Vasya, we will sail.

Hold it.

- We're off to the post office.
- And I'll go check.

Sasha, the luxury cabin is at the front!

Sure, sure, you'll have your front.

We will sail.

Where to?

Boris! Take this.



4000 roubles to the city of Beryozovka until claimed by Nestratov.

Are you crazy? I thought this was a joke.

- Stop!
- Don't grab my hands.

You're drawing attention.

How many times did I tell you? Don't get upset.

"Don't, don't". When they issue a reprimand then you'll know.

Nobody will issue anything.

But a reprimand is needed!

Not for you, Katya.

Something tells me you won't finish building in time.

And us, stockbreeders, will be to blame.

Natalia Sergeeyvna, we would've finished early,

it's all because of our boss, Nehoda.

He needs Moscow all the time.

Demands academic Nestratov!

Don't be upset.

I'm telling you again, they'll sort it out in Moscow.

- As if you understand much!
- More than you do.

More than I do? That's it, I don't want to speak with you!

Don't quarrel!

Natalia Sergeeyvna! That wasn't even quarrelling for us.

Katya, are you not ashamed?

In front of strangers.

- Seryozha?
- Yes?

Did you place us together?

Yes, Natalia Sergeeyvna, together with Katya.

Then I'll go settle in the cabin.

Of course, go!

- Why should I be ashamed?
- Well, Natalia Sergeeyvna is here.

- As if you see her for the first time!
- Quarreled again...

Tickets, please.

These two are with me.

Sasha, wait.

Where is our luggage?

Over there already.

In the luxury cabin. Go.

How's things?

Here, everything is ready.

Sasha, the cabin is the other way!

No, we're going this way.

I know these cabins are at the front!

This is a new design.

New design, luxury cabins at the back.


There it is. Well?


We'll go on this?

Not go - sail.

Right. Oh, how beautiful of a life that is, to sail on a raft!

No shaking, no rocking.

If you want - go ashore, if you want - keep sailing. Beautiful!

Although not long to sink.

Thank you very much. But I will leave that to my friends.

- But if you can't take the heat...
- I'm not going anywhere!

- Where are my suitcases?
- Here.

Enough of playing around. Everything has a limit!

This is outrageous!

Remove the ramp!

Quick. Sail!

What are you doing?

Please take my suitcase!


Comrades, please, be kind...

What are they doing to him?

What is needed, that they're doing.

- Good luck!
- Make yourselves at home.

That's your luxury cabin at the front.


Good luck!

Got it!

Got it!

Comrade academic, allow me to borrow salt from your all-important suitcase.


- Beautiful.
- Beautiful?

Heard that, professor?

He likes it here.

I don't like it HERE,

I like it THERE.

Oh what I have remembered just now.


Just like us at Yauza years ago.

Moscow birches
Rustled far away

A little boat on Yauza
Kept rocking on its way

A little boat on Yauza
Kept rocking on its way

Away to different sides,

We have moved long ago,

But loyal to our friendship
We are just like before

But loyal to our friendship
We are just like before!

The Motherland sky's is above us
And everywhere's so bright

As if we're on a little boat

Just like in good old times

As if we're on a little boat

Just like in good old times

Water is flying under the paddles,

The wheel in hands won't quiver

The little boat keeps sailing
On the morning river

The little boat keeps sailing
On the morning river

Our path is never-ending,

The river plain is wide

The wind rushes the boat
Along the river tides

The wind rushes the boat
Along the river tides!


Look at that funny raft.


Boris, what's wrong with him?


No, nothing.

Sasha, what's wrong?

Nothing. Pass the guitar.

Why is my heart, why is my heart

So worried?

As if the wind touched upon a string.

There are many songs about love,

Let me sing one more to you.

There are many songs about love,

Natalia Sergeeyvna, what's wrong?

Let me sing one more to you.

I will plant spring gardens,

They will rustle across the whole country.

And when the spring comes,

Let them tell you about me.

And when the spring comes,

Let them tell you about me.

Natalia Sergeeyvna, what's wrong?

- Are you crying?
- No, it's fine.

- What is it?
- Nothing. The song...

I haven't heard it in a long time.

Got upset. It's silly.

This song...

One man used to sing it 8 years ago.

You loved him, right? Natalia Sergeeyvna?

You used to love him?

I love him, Katya.

I love him.

Where is he?

I haven't seen him in a long time.

But when I manage to do something truly right,

I always remember

that somewhere out there is a man I love.

Does he love you?

He... He doesn't know anything.

It's too late to talk about it now.

You have real love going on.

Seryozha and I do not have it like that.

I know everything, he knows everything.

And everybody else knows everything.

Oh no, Katya.

Your love is real too.

I got restless for some reason.

The weird thing is...

The voice is the same.

The voice... not just the song.

So then the fool I'm talking about

suddenly realised that he fell in love with her.

Realised and then got confused.

She's a student, came to him for practice.

He is older than her by about 12 years.

That was the trouble, see.

Ah, whatever, guys, just eat.

Put salt in if you want.

By the way, Sasha.

What was the name of the student that came with you to Moscow?

You introduced me to her back then.


Natalia Sergeeyvna.

Why are you asking?

Just asking.

And then what?

What then? He did his best to see her as little as possible.

That's how it all ended.


You're right, Sasha.

Your friend was a big fool.

A clinical case.

It starts with cowardice and hypocritical theories.

And ends with all sorts of mental illnesses,

that us doctors then have to deal with.

I just want to know: where, when

who would lose from real love?

Theorists! For what, pray tell! For what should a wonderful lady

fall in love with such a bland man?

Right, he doesn't sound like a romantic hero.

Oh no, he's just a simple guy.

For what? And I can say more-

You'll tell us alright.

You're brave with us.

But why did you chicken out when you had to tell about your love

straightforward and honest?

I am already 44 years old.

Let's go to bed, Borya.

Thank you, Sasha, for the soup.


That's guaranteed pneumonia! Boris! Boris!

Look what's going on!


Lightning! Great!

What's great? I warned you!

The beauty!

Turn back to Moscow! I'm not going anywhere!

Brothers, brothers!

Here it is! "The storm was wailing, thunder stroke"!

- Where's our stuff?
- There.
- You're crazy!

That's my robe!

- Whatever, find something else.
- Where's my umbrella?

Come on, Vasily Vasilyevich.

What a "vacation"! No, back to wife!

Take it in, brother, come on!

Take the bed away, it'll get wet!

Come on, Vasily, move!

If only Anya could see what you're doing to me here!

What are you doing?

- This is pneumonia!
- Toughen up!

Vasya, what did you do?

What did you do? Did you drown it?

Brother, how could you!

- What happened?
- I was drying my shoes here.

Brothers, who moved my shoes?

Chizh's little shoes have sailed off

Now the dearies are resting down below.

What have you done?

I went with just one pair of shoes,

I didn't even take house slippers with me!

- Ask Vasya.
- Vasya, you?

Everyone aboard!

What happened?

City ahead!

That's not a city.

A populated centre.

We're replenishing our food supplies here.

Not a bad town, that Kanalsk, eh?

Now, Vasily,

let's go there.


Here's what, brothers: buy shoes for me.

- What?
- Shoes.

Size 41.

Ask Mr. Cocky.

Vasya, you're an intelligent man,

you understand that I cannot walk barefoot.

But we have no money.

Money? Here.

- 100 roubles.
- You're crazy.

Hear that, Sasha, 100 roubles!

Limited our budget himself, and now throws money left and right.

But these are unforeseen circumstances.

I don't know. Feline lord?

- Our budget does not account for a purchase of shoes.
- Oh really?

Give the money!

Then I won't give it at all. I'm the treasurer.

You are the treasurer of the people!

We'll take it by force if you refuse.

Give the money!

Fine, take it.

Choke on it.

Are you serious? 6 roubles?

To get sunflower seeds?

We need tea, newspapers, meat,

we need sugar!

I have your fish phosphorus up to here.

We need glucose.

He needs glucose. Give money!

Fine, take it.

Rob me, take everything.


- 50 roubles?
- Just for food.

He's sad now.

He doesn't like walking barefoot.


- We come to you.
- To me?

Yes, to you.

You see, the "Yermak" crew told us about you.

They highly praised your brigade. Were in awe even!

Even so? What were they in awe of, then?

Of your performance. You sang a song.

They said it was highly professional.

We rarely get high-class performers here.

We are the delegates from the rivermen club.

We have a festive event today.

We have successfully completed our annual plan.

So we ask you a great favour, comrades,

please perform at our event.

- Perform?
- Yes, at a concert.

A concert?

Ah, a concert!

You know what?

Unfortunately, I cannot perform.

For health reasons.

But my two friends will perform guaranteed,

with pleasure. I promise!

Look at this product.

Great style, will never wear down.

That's for girls,

we need for boys.

Ah, boyish style?

Size 42.

Size 42?

What kind of a boy is that?

Like that.

That is a grown young man.

- Size 42.
- But for boys.

All right.

Here I show you

the Leningrad pace runner.

Here, look at that.

Will never wear down.

- How much?
- 130.

How much?

- 130.
- No, too expensive.

And then it's a bit heavy for our boy.

We need something lighter.

Shoes that have nothing here,

a jumper there,

and here this wooden thingie...

Listen, that's special shoes, we do not have them here.

You can only get them from the warehouse.

Do you have something, like...

- Discounted?
- No, not discounted.

Something plastic.

Something simple. Lighter.

Simple, here. We have that.

Look at this product. Will never wear down.

Oh yes!

Sign it out.

- Sleeping.
- Ah, damn!

Vasily, let's dip him.

With pleasure.

Hello, brothers.

How was your walk?

Wonderful. How are you?

On guard duty, as you see.


Working, dear Vasya.

Vasya, do you have a bow?

What bow?

A bowtie?

Boris, what's the deal?

The deal is,

that this evening,

a concert will be held at the rivermen club

with singers Lapin and Nestratov.


It's a disgrace!

You had no right to do that!

I'm not a boy, we are adult men!

Boris, do agree that you allowed yourself an unforgivable thing!

I don't understand, brothers, why are we having this futile conversation?

The deed is done, the paths have been cut off. People are waiting.

If you want to disappoint them,

then I give up.

But if I were you,

I would've performed with pleasure.

So you will!

Vasya, do agree that performing barefoot

means to crudely disrespect the audience.

Why barefoot?

You do not treasure your friends.

No patent leather, sorry, didn't have money for that.

They say, it will be an interesting concert.

They sure say.

Do you know where the performers come from?

From the capital, they say. Singers.

I heard they're from MHAT.

No, comedians!



And now, singers from the capital

will perform for you!

- Hello.
- Do not lift the curtains up until I wave my hand.

Enough ordering around.

Until I wave!

Will do.

I have a suggestion.

I think there's only one way out.

The only way out is to get jailed as frauds!

Alright, I'm guilty, to hell with it then!

- I told you!
- I thought he waved.


I'll do it. Everything will be alright.

The signal will be my raised hand.

It's becoming serious now.

Listen, here's what I propose.

First of all, we will apologise.

Second, let's say I come out and talk

about the future of stockbreeding in the light of the latest plenary meeting.


You - about surgeries.

And me about the architecture of new cities. It will be very interesting.

Extremely interesting.

People came to a concert, but ended up in a lecture hall.

I think after that they'll carry us in their hands to the nearest well.

Oh he's criticising still. I'll kill him!

I have a clot, I swear-

The people, how many people, huh.

- Sasha, start.
- Nonono you do it, I'm anxious.

Vasya, you're the handsomest one, you start.

You started it, you sort it out.

I can't, I'm leaving.

Too late. Professor Chizhov speaks!




let you,

in the name of...

let us in the name of...

Let us congratulate you

with your productive


We need to clarify one unfortunate misunderstanding.

The thing is, we are not

who you think we are.

I am a surgeon, for example.

I am serious, comrades, I'm a surgeon!

Alexander Fyodorovich is a stockbreeder.

What's so funny? A stockbreeder!

And Vasily Vasilyevich is academical...

An academic of architecture.

See what you've done!

"Going on vacation"!

Comrades, let's be serious.

I am indeed an academic of architecture.

An architect, he says.

Sometimes they say they're firefighters.

I don't understand what's so funny here, comrades!

We just want to understand

what are you waiting from us?

Songs! Songs!

- What songs?
- Little Boat!

- What?
- Little Boat!

Susanin! Sing Susanin!

Sing Habanera!

"Oh where have you gone to"!

See what you've done.

What's done is done. What to do now?

Who knows what to do!

A personal favour.

Please sing. And the comrades rivermen will help.

We will!

- What do I do?
- Sing.

- Sing what?
- Habanera.

Sing Lensky, maybe you'll manage Susanin too.

- For you.
- What do I do with this?

- Great acting.
- A good performer.

Good one.

Bring the piano!

We'll settle it later.

A piano for you.

Well, worse for you, comrades.

We will tell you how once we ran rounds,

How once upon a time, we ran aground.

Sailed, sailed, whoop - here's a stop,

To say it straight - what an awkward hop.

No worse situation could there be for you,

When a human has nothing to do.

Oh boy! Hoo boy! Damp and boring!

Oh boy! Hoo boy! Tugboat going!

That place, as it goes around,

Has no way up and has no way down.

Oh boy! Hoo boy! Brothers, nowhere!

Oh boy! Hoo boy! Can move our fare!

Seagulls are merrily flying above us,

Fish are loudly laughing at us.

Ha-ha, ha-ha! The river is splashing.

Ha-ha, ha-ha! This place's sure not smashing.

Oh they're great!

If you happen to be sailing around,

Remember this song to not run aground.

In every business, as you approach your goal

Know about the shallows waiting overboard.

I think they have quite enjoyed our concert.

What do you think?

- Yes, I think we've pulled through.
- Good job!

The next concert will be in a column hall.

Your duty today, captain.

- Always ready.
- Where is our next stop?

Let's see.

We've passed Kanalsk.

Charusino is next.

It's all farms, we don't need to stop there.

Then Osokino.

We will definitely stop in Osokino.

- We need to dip-
- Quiet.

Osokino what?

Nothing, dear, you'll find out.

- Let's go snooze.
- Let's.

Brothers, what are you scheming in Osokino?

No one to talk to.

Where are my slippers?

Where are my slippers?

Good, brothers!

So good!

I think you were right!

I've never had such a good vacation!

This night I even wanted to get up and work!

See? I had ideas pop up in my head.

Wow! An extraordinary event!

A psychological break commences.

A fascinating sight!

Academic Nestratov suddenly noticed simple, so to say, secular affairs.

Comrades, where are my slippers?

What do you want from us? We didn't take your slippers.

Maybe you lost them, or gifted to someone.


- Give my slippers back.
- What slippers?

Vasya, did he have slippers?

Didn't he?

- Did you hide them?
- Us?

Boris! Boris, are you crazy?

Boris, stop! Don't touch!

- You'll break something!
- Guys, give my slippers back!

Vasily, give him his slippers back.

Chizh's little shoes have sailed off...

What? Again?

That's alright.

Don't worry.

We'll buy you new ones.

Even better than the old ones.

But for the last time! Look after your shoes better.

Ah, look after my shoes?

- Say your goodbyes.
- Wait!


A populated centre to the right!

That's Osokino.


Well, dear.

We will definitely stop in Osokino.

Yes, we'll stop here.

So, Vasily,

a lady works in Osokino, whom you didn't receive before leaving.

So you will find her, and talk to her.

You know yourself, Vasya, that you need to do it.

He didn't receive me!

It cannot be, right?

It cannot be, right! That one Soviet citizen does not receive another Soviet citizen, right?

"Right-right-right"! How could it be?

Just tell the truth, comrade Sentsova,

that you never went to Nestratov.

Lyosha, I was there, I swear!

He didn't receive me, understand?

Don't believe it if you want.

- Let's go?
- Are we all here?

The boss is away.

Our meeting is at 4.

Oh I don't know, the boss didn't say.

When will he come?

When? When needed!

There he is finally.

Komsomol again.

Good day, comrade Nehoda.

I've been waiting for you.

I've been here yesterday, and the day before.

And today since six in the morning.

- I really need you.
- Everyone needs me.

I cannot just - what?

Split myself.

Six in the morning, I tell you!

Our sites have been halted!

Six for you, but I'm up since five, going around the sites.

If I don't enquire into how the working class is doing, nobody else will!

Vitaly Grigoryevich!

"Five in the morning!" Some inspector.

What's all this!

Right, what do we have?

- To sign.
- Right.

To sign.


Vitaly Grigoryevich!

Ah right, "NOT approve". Right.

Get Komsomol in.

Yes, comrade.

Come in, come in.

Sit down.

So what do we have?

Eh, comrades Komsomols?


- Not nice, dear comrades.
- Why?

So you went over the heads of the Party authorities and mine,

so to say, of the building overseer.

We did consult the Party authorities.

Who did you send over my head, I say?

A Komsomol member, from our bureau.

The construction technician, Katya Sentsova?

Yekaterina Sentsova.

Apologies, Yekaterina Sentsova, to whom?

- To Nestratov.
- To ACADEMIC Nestratov!

No trifle!

- Why?
- About the local bricks.

We did make a note of your proposal about the local materials.

In due time we will write a letter to uh...

Architecture authorities.

To the architecture authorities.

The architecture authorities will contact Moscow...

"Granddaughter pulled Grandma,
Grandma pulled Grandpa".

Stop laughing.

It's not "Granddaughter pulled Grandma".

We need - what?


- What do we need to do?
- Build!

Build, build, build! Full stop!

Calm down.

Comrades, the meeting is over.

Comrades, the meeting is not over.

No, the meeting is not over.

I'd ruin my heart to hell like that.

Now you!

Well, you ran to comrade Nestratov.

So? Did he see you?

- No.
- No, he didn't. That's right!

How long is this disgrace going to last for?

More polite, please?

Comrade Nehoda is not that small of a man,

to talk to him like that.

- You are damaging - what?
- What?

The prestige.

And don't distract me from work, comrades.

You're distracting me!

- We're building-
- Oh, you are?

The government has ordered you, as you like to say,

- to build a city of stockbreeders, right?
- Right.

- You should've finished everything by August, right?
- Right.

But by August we began moving the herds to here!

Think about it.

Since winter we've been working on routing,

feeding stations, water stations.

We've done all we had to, yet you, comrade Nehoda,

have finished neither stables, nor shelters!

Natalia Sergeeyvna, we're waiting for the bricks!

Right, we are!

Consumerist thinking, comrades.

You need to think bigger!

How the higher authorities have ordered, that's how we're building.

How they didn't order, that's how we're not building.

You're not building, full stop.

Neither how ordered, nor how not ordered!

Natalia Sergeeyvna!

The steppe is burning!

The steppe is on fire!

The herds are running straight to the building site!

Right here, they're pushing to the river!

The herdsmen keep trying to divert them, but it's not working!

If they break onto the site they'll injure and kill themselves!

We need to save the herds!

Here's your waiting.

Guys, to the site!

Calm down.

How is that so?

Herds are approaching the site?

That means what? Trouble.

They'll break and smash everything there!

- And who will be responsible?
- You.

- Wow.
- Look how it burns!

Cannot see anything.

How horrid.

The herds need to be diverted.

- That's right, Natalia Sergeeyvna.
- Right.

The horses have gone mad. The herdsmen won't manage.

It would be great if she manages to divert the herd.

Natalia Sergeeyvna, the herd is coming!

Ladies, dear, the herd was saved!

Good job, Natalia Sergeeyvna!

About thirty horses have separated.

Coming right here!

- Retreat! Retreat, I said!
- Let go!

Stop! Stop!

Vitaly Grigoryevich, trouble.

- Katya Senstova...
- Sentsova what?

Katya Sentsova got trampled by horses.

Did she do what she wasn't supposed to again?

That's the results!

- And the herds?
- Natalia Sergeeyvna moved them to shelter, they're saved.

Pass this over, please.

Look, silicate.

Where is the building authority?

Here's the sign.

Wait, why all the shouting?

- A fire?
- A builders' meeting.

Really? Interesting.

That's still civil.

- A meeting?
- Will take a while, right?

Let's say this straight, comrade Nehoda, you want to live a calm life.

You don't like arguing.

You do everything slyly,

so to not go against the authorities while also pleasing your subordinates!

You spread demagogy!

We've failed the stockbreeders!

It almost resulted in a tragedy!

- Who's to blame for that?
- Whoever's to blame will answer.

Don't worry, we will inform about comrades stockbreeders to where needed.

So we're nobodies here?

We have our own building material right here: tuff, plaster!

Yet we're going 300km away for silicate bricks!

Wasting time!

Haven't built squat!

Almost killed the herds!

This is funny to listen to.

I'm not against criticism.

I do love criticism myself, but...

- Do you know who signed this project?
- Who?

It was signed by academic Nestratov himself.

So what if Nestratov?

What if he was mistaken? What if that Nestratov of yours is a bureaucrat?

What if he doesn't look into the core of things, comrades?

Excuse me. Nestratov is what?

Nestratov, a bureaucrat?

Throw folks like him out!

- Why?
- He couldn't receive Katya Senstova in Moscow, apparently!

Katya Sentsova?

He didn't? He was right!


- An interesting meeting.
- Enough, let's go.

Wait, you know all of that, but I'm interested to hear more.

Please, sure.

- Is Katya Sentsova here?
- No, she's in the hospital.


Let's go, then.

We know her first and last name. Katya Senstova, in the hospital.

- Do you need anything here?
- What do I need here?

This is nonsense. Ignorant blabber and nonsense!

Quiet, comrades.

How embarrassing, you are intelligent people and yet...

Where are you going!

So, comrades.

Katya Senstova is in critical condition.

A depressed fracture of temporal bone.

Complete speech loss.

Bandage her up, I'll be back.

Let's go.

We've called for a neurosurgeon from the region.

From the region? Is that far?

Very far.

But I cannot do it.

I've never done trepanation.

What if the surgeon won't fly out?

Bad weather or something like that? Then what?


I will have to do it.

It's a big responsibility.

I will take it upon myself.

Is a neurosurgeon required?

- Absolutely.
- Boris, maybe?

Listen, don't do anything yet.

Can you wait twenty minutes?

- Yes, sure.
- Please wait. Vasya, let's go.




Clamp. More.



- Blood pressure?
- 80.

- Pulse?
- 110.


The patient has opened her eyes.

- How do you feel, patient?
- Good.


She'll be jumping soon.

Like before.

Now where's my friend?

Ran away?

Pass a smoke.

What's wrong?

Now you can tell me anything you want.

Ah, Vasily Vasilyevich.

Cutting people open is no project consulting.

- Genius!
- Oddball.

Let's go. Sasha's without boots over there.

Boris Petrovich!

Boris Petrovich!

Where is he?

- Natalia Sergeeyvna!
- Hello, Masha.

How is Katya?

Did something happen?

Don't worry, Natalia Sergeeyvna.

Everything is fine.

Katya had a brilliant surgery.

Absolutely brilliant.

Thank you, Masha.

You did a great job!

Oh no, Natalia Sergeeyvna!

It wasn't me.

Do you know who performed the surgery?

- Who?
- Professor Chizhov!


That's right.

What Chizhov?

You don't know?

Well, Chizhov.

Boris Petrovich.

A famous surgeon.

Oh Natalia Sergeeyvna, if only you could see how he operated.

If only you could see! It was a miracle.

His hands need to be molded in gold!

That's how good he is!

Haven't you heard, Natalia Sergeeyvna?

I have heard about professor Chizhov.

When did he arrive? Where is he?

Oh, Natalia Sergeeyvna, I don't know that,

or when he came or why.

Where did he and his friend go?

I don't know.

- Friend?
- Yes.

What friend?

I don't know, Natalia Sergeeyvna.

They said they traveled by river.

- River?
- Yes, by river.

Where are you going?

Quick, to the river!

Where are you going?

I'm telling you to dock here, can you hear?

Comrade dispatcher!

Have you seen two passengers?

No, I haven't. Many folks go around here.

No, two people. A professor and another man with him.

I saw nobody, not two,

not three. Come on, dock!

I don't understand how you just left Osokino.

How could you leave

after what you've heard?

You are a Soviet citizen, after all.

You can say all you want.

You forgot the most important thing.

Nothing could be more important than that.

You forgot that you work for the people!

Words, words.

You don't want to understand that when a person is overloaded,

working, he sometimes doesn't have time to look around!

Nonsense! Lies!

You keep finding excuses for yourself.

I already know what you're going to tell me!

You sure know everything. You just forgot about the person.

Just like that!

Of course, there's respect.

"Vasily Vasilyevich, please welcome to the presidium".

"Would you like to take on a new workshop?"

"Would you like to partake in an inspection"?

And off you go.

That's right. Right!

You look at life from the windows of your office,

of your car, of an international train car.

And you're completely forgetting about the people whose sake you are working for!

Bravo, bravo!

Why are you shouting?

Why are you trying to break an open door?

I've already decided!

Sasha, where are you going?

- See? Karma.
- Sasha, why did you do that?


Finally, great.

Wait there, I'll try to move you.

That's not reading morals for you. Let's help.

- Please do.
- Come on!


Let's go!

Let's go!

Once more!

Once more!

- More!
- It's useless.

Brothers, we need a big stake.

Go to the shore, I'll change my shoes.

Approaching your goal...

Know about the shallows...

Waiting overboard.

Brothers, that's an island.

No stakes here.

A ship!

Ay, on the ship!

Help! Help!

Too late.

The raft!

It's floating away! Quick!

No catching up with it now.

Looks like we're in trouble again.

Brothers, it's only the beginning now.

We are on an inhabited island!

The skeletal hand of hunger is about to lock on our throats!

We are Robinsons!

No, Robinson is me,

and since you're a surgeon,

you have a black soul, therefore you're Friday.

And the academic is left to be the parrot.

Not witty.

Well, jokes are jokes, but how are we going to get out of here?

We can swim over.

We can. But why?

The closest populated spot is about 50km away.

Naked and hungry, would we make it?

And then, I cannot walk barefoot anymore.

Only one thing is left, then:

sit here and wait until a ship comes by.

Right. Let's wait.

- Where could a raft and three adult people disappear to?
- Do not worry, Natalia Sergeeyvna.

We will definitely find them.

I'm telling you as the dock chief

nothing can disappear in my small area.

Don't worry, we'll find them.


Dock chief!


Big news!

The raft was found!

See what I said!

Nothing can vanish from me.

Things are there, documents are there.

Even a guitar is there.

See, even a guitar.

And the people?


No people!

Where could they be?

Devil knows.

The devil really doesn't know.

Look, we need to search the lake

and contact Osokino to send out the boats.

Will do.


Sasha, you're the only practicing man among us.

Fire by friction is, of course, not the newest of humanity's inventions,

but is appropriate for the situation. Sasha is a genius.

He's like a caveman that went far ahead of us.

Let me spin it a bit.

It got hot.


- The stick.
- And the fire?

No fire and will never be.

I'm disowning it.

How did cavemen spin fire out of a stick, I have no idea.

Weak descendants.

God, what time is it now?

Ten past eleven.

A hot cup of coffee would've been great right now.

A sandwich with sardines.

- Fried egg with a slice of bread.
- Stop it!

Stop it!

Otherwise this blasted island will mark its first case of cannibalism.

Listen, Chizh.

Let's eat the academic.

You'll choke.


Help! Help!


People overboard!

Get the life preserver! Get the boat!

Over here!

Here, Vasily Vasilyevich.

Thank you very much.

You've got a nice river.

And nice people.


How happy we were when we saw you.

Of course you were, I bet you didn't eat for three days.

Two. Or 40 hours, to be precise.


Likes precision.

A scientist.

Although, anything can happen.

Where are you going?

To different places.

- Where are you going?
- To Osokino.


Heard that, Vasily? You got lucky, we're going to Osokino.

We're here to build.

There's a big construction project in Osokino.

So we're bringing bricks.

Silicate bricks.

Don't they have anything on site to build with?

They do, but Moscow ordered to get silicate.

Oh, that's what it is.

Vasily Vasilyevich?

Did you want to say something?

Keep dissecting, Boris Petrovich,

you're a surgeon, after all.

Of course.

- So you said that our river is good?
- Yes.

A beauty.

Visit us again in about five years, it will be even nicer.

With pleasure.

All three of us just need to gather together for that.

Please visit, we welcome you.

- Thank you.
- But next time, please come in trousers.

Here we are.

This is all good, but how are we going to appear in town like that?

Our things have...

floated away.

I can help one of you.

Thank you.

Daughter, pass the vest.

Thank you.

I have a shirt!

Great, thank you!

- I can provide slippers.
- Slippers?

Slippers are for that professor.

That's his favorite shoes.

- I can give overalls.
- Great.

I will bring trousers.

- There you go.
- Thank you so much.

Not a festive look, of course.

But it could've been worse. Good luck!

Have a nice trip!

Where are we meeting Natalia Sergeeyvna?

What Natalia Sergeeyvna?

Over in the sandy region.

Excuse me, which Natalia Sergeeyvna are you talking about?

Ask the boat driver.

All right, I'm off to the hospital.

Do you want to come with me?

- No, I have my own business.
- What business?

In the building authority.

Oh, I see.


What Natalia Sergeeyvna do you mean?

What do you mean? Kalinina.

Brothers, take me with you.

We're off to rescue.

I can do rescue. I can do everything.

I can dive, swim, I can save whoever you want.

Please take me.

- Shall we?
- We shall.

Let's go.

Evidently there's nothing in this sector.

Here's a rescue team. Maybe they found them?

Come left!

To the shore! Go to the shore!

Look for the drowned closer to the shore.

- Who are we looking for, brothers?
- For whoever's needed.

- Did you find anything?
- No.


- Then let's go further, quick.
- Yes.

Natalia Sergeeyvna, if we knew who we are looking for, we'd find them quicker.

- Were you not told?
- No.

Who is he looking for?



There he is!


It can't be!


Quick, save him!

I do understand that all of this is not really convincing.

The story about a drifting raft with all our things and documents.

Did you clothes also drift away?

Well, yes.

I am really Nestratov.

Academic Nestratov?

Academic of architecture Nestratov.

Academic Nestratov.

Mister, do you know who that man even is?

Who is he? A state figure!

I think I, too, am not a small person myself.

I've been to Moscow thrice with building inquiries.

Nestratov never received me.

And he was right.

What? Do not bother him.

- Never received you, you say?
- Yes.

Fine, you're an academic.

Do you have any documents, comrade?

- Excuse me.
- Apologies, apologies.


Here's the thing, comrade Sichkin.

I will explain.

No, it says here: Sichkin Semyon Volkovich.

- Ironworker.
- This is not mine.

I showed it without thinking, the jacket is not mine.

The document is not mine either.

- The jacket is not yours either?
- I've told you!

- I see.
- I will explain everything.

I didn't come here alone.

- I have two friends with me.
- Two? Apologies.

- A famous stockbreeder Lapin, have you heard?
- No.

And professor Chizhov.

He's in the hospital now.

- Oh, in the hospital already?
- He's a surgeon.

Call him, he will confirm.

Mister, I do not believe anyone's bare words.

I believe documents and stamps.

What if there's a whole - what? A whole gang of you here?

- A total cretin.
- Yes.

And you will be telling tales about each other?

No way.

So you trust a rubber stamp, but don't trust a human word?


Do not worry, have a seat here.

I'll come soon.

- One moment.
- Listen!


Absolutely horrid.

A gang has been discovered.

What? Discovered it personally, yes.

I even know their nicknames.

Write them down.



The leader is Architect.

He's also evidently their spotter.

Send a team here.


God knows.

I've wasted a whole hour.

You're out there burning up on your job.

Barely sleep, everyone wants to distract you from work, you see.

I've been diagnosed with a heart attack of the lungs ages ago.

My heart hurts.

I'm still needed here.

I am - what? Needed.

Do you see nightmares while sleeping on your left side?

On my left side - yes, why?

- Short of breath?
- Short of breath.

So how can you say that you've never met Nestratov?

- I've never met him, why?
- Oh, nothing.

- I have spawned you, I will kill you.
- What?

What do you mean "kill"? What are you saying?


This man wanted to kill me.

- The arrested?
- Yes.

The so called Sichkin.

I see.

I ask everyone to leave.

Except you, citizen.

Take a seat.

- Horrid.
- Calm down, mister, we will sort it out.

Have a smoke.


Let's do everything in order.

Nehoda can't be fooled.

Nehoda - what?

Sees through everything.

That Nehoda of yours is a cad,

a liar and a bureaucrat,

a sycophant and a scoundrel.

Easy there, mister, easy.

We still don't know who you are.

- Yet you're insulting Nehoda.
- I have my reasons!

You do.

You do.

Let's assume that Nehoda is a bureaucrat. The whole region knows that.

But if you are who you say you are,

how could you then entrust this business to Nehoda?

- Horrid.
- Horrid!

"Bureaucrat, scoundrel".

Yet you've put him in charge.

Doesn't make sense, mister.

- It doesn't.
- Truth.

The naked truth. Every word is true.

So you confess?

Why confess if every fact screams.

Let's do it in order.

- You will feel better.
- What order?

Where do you see order?

Do you understand what happened to me today?

What happened?

Today I saw... I saw and I was horrified.

Excuse me, who and where did you see?

Myself in a horrid crooked mirror.

What mirror?

Where's the mirror?

Don't confuse the investigation.

Say it straight, who and where did you see?

Myself, my friend.

Myself in Nehoda.

I am Nehoda.

Excuse me.

Who are you?


Awful to confess to it, but I must be strong.

I am Nehoda.


Well, it's healing great.

Good job, Katya.

Get well soon.

Right, do you know the number of the building authority chief?

Comrade Nehoda? Number one.

Could you please connect me with him,

academic Nestratov should be there.

Lady, number one please.

Building authority?

Could you pass me the academic comrade Nestratov, he should be with you.


A swindler.

Who is a swindler?

The academic.

Why a swindler?

In questioning?

Academic Nestratov is in questioning?

Do you have a car?

- A hospital van.
- Bring the hospital van.

We'll never agree like that, mister.

What do we have?

The pope says one thing, the devil says another.

Comrade Nehoda!

Comrade Nehoda, this comrade claims that he is Nehoda.

- What do you mean?
- I can't take this anymore!

Please understand that I called myself Nehoda in a metaphorical sense.

In what sense should I be writing the protocol?

Do you understand that we are not allowed

to write the protocol in a metaphorical sense?

If you are Nehoda and then tell it straight,

"I am Nehoda".

Hold up, how come is he Nehoda, on what grounds?

- I am Nehoda!
- You are Nehoda and he is not Nehoda!

He is not Nehoda!

Who are you in that case?

- I am Nestratov.
- You're a swindler, not Nestratov.

So I'll write it down, he's a swindler.

Do write it down.

Excuse me, comrades.

Good day.

We were told that our patient got here

from the psychiatric ward.

- This one?
- That one.

That's what I was thinking...

Any treasured worker can suffer a stroke from such worries.

You are bad at your job, comrades doctors.

- That's right!
- All right.

What if he's already killed someone?

No, he's not dangerous.

What do you mean he's not?

Well, patient.

How do you feel?

- Can we take him?
- You can.

Paperwork first, though.

Do it later, comrades.

Quick paperwork and then you can take him.

Do you have a note or a document?

A document?

Comrades, comrades!

Sasha, explain to them!

There's been a little misunderstanding.

The thing is, these documents were missing, on a raft.

The raft was just caught and brought here.

Here, your passports.

Here's my passport.

A passport is a different matter.


- Chizhov.
- Yes?

- So you are Chizhov?
- No, here's my passport.

Hold up, mister, do not mess it up.

- Let's see.
- That's his passport.

- Your documents.
- Here.

It was left in my other suit on the raft.

I rushed here so I didn't even change my clothes.

- Well, I'm off, brothers.
- Wait up, mister!

Answer, where did you come from?

I have no time, they're waiting for me, understand?

- Wait!
- What's wrong?

- What?
- Apologies.

Who's waiting for you?

Why do you care? I don't want to...

I'm asking, who is waiting for you and where?

- I don't want to answer you, got it?
- Got it!

- A whole gang! You're arrested!
- What?

You are arrested! Get him!

- Hands up!
- This is outrageous! You will answer for this!

- We'll see!
- That's right, we'll see.

That's right. Yes, Nehoda on the line.

Ah? Yes.

Two hours like that, imagine.

Comrade chief?

Two detained, one on the run.


Yes, comrade chief.

Apologies, comrade Nestratov.

A misunderstanding.


These are respected people.

Comrade Nestratov! Vasily Vasilyevich!

What is going on nowadays, huh!

Such nonsense!

How could I not know it was you! How could I!

I, on the other hand, got to know you very well.

- Let me introduce...
- Let's go, Vasily Vasilyevich.

Natalia Sergeeyvna!

Sorry I'm dressed like that, you know...

This is fine.



I was told you will be waiting for me here.

- Yes.
- Do you want to tell me something?

Yes, the thing is, my...

It's so foggy, damp, cold.

You will catch a cold.

- I'm not afraid.
- And I am.

It's not about me, I'm afraid for you.

You will get cold and then curse this foolish Lapin.

Go home, Natalia Sergeeyvna, go home.

Are you shooing me away?

No, go home.

Natalia Sergeeyvna!

Forgive me.

I really am a clinical fool.

As my friends say.

I wanted to say that

I love you.

I never stopped thinking about you all these years.

I am really that awkward of a man.

- I'm much older than you.
- Don't!

I've been thinking about you too all these years.

- I, too...
- Natasha.

- Let's go to the river.
- Let's.

We're so happy that you were you here.

Right, what do you need for absolute happiness?

Oh, a lot!

Wait, ladies.

Boris Petrovich, we'd like a neurosurgeon.

Not on a permanent basis, but at least for consultations.

- If just on even days.
- Uneven days are forbidden?

We'll take any days!

And a hospital van!

And a cardiologist!

- Hello to medicine!
- Quiet!

This is a hospital.

Apologies. Good day.

I'm after you, Boris Petrovich.

Lapin is waiting. It's time.

I'm ready, ready. Here's what, comrades. Is anybody going to see me out?


All of us will, Boris Petrovich, all of us!

Then quickly write up a list of everything you need.

And bring it to the harbour.

I will try to help you.

Just don't get cocky, comrades. Only the necessities.

Thank you!

One minute, I want to see Katya Sentsova.

No, you can't!

I know, but I will try with your permission.


You really won't let me in?

I really won't.

- Full stop?
- Full stop.

When she gets well, then sure.

Professor, help me out.

I cannot, I'm not the boss here.

Huh, times change.

I cannot be received by comrade Sentsova.

Katya, hello!

Can I come in?

Seryozha, no, you can't be here!

Katya, just one word.

Seryozha, you'll get in trouble, do you understand?

I'll be quick, I'll say it and leave.

- Hello, Katya.
- Hello, Seryozha.

I'll leave, I just wanted to tell you...

Boris, just one moment.

Katya, good day,

I have approved your proposal.

Get well and visit our Moscow.

Thank you, I will.

You will be received ahead of the queue.


Katya, do you know what I wanted to say?

Let's never quarrel ever again.

- Alright?
- Alright.

I'll go, then.

Thank you so much, Boris Petrovich!

- Thank you so much!
- Welcome.

- Thank you.
- Welcome, welcome.

So we separate again.

But not for long, Natasha.

Not for long.

I won't handle for long.

I just won't.

It's time.

Sorry, Natalia Sergeeyvna, it's time.

Let's go, Sasha.

Vasya cooked up a meeting over there.

I've dealt with worse issues!

Vasily Vasilyevich, for the great song performance!

Keep working, friends, keep working!

- Mr. Cocky is at it again.
- I think yes.

I did my job!

Now you do yours!

One moment!

One moment!

Let's end this.

- Sail off.
- Yes.


Borya, snap a photo.

I want to picture the moment of our goodbyes.

Borya, are you ready?

Goodbye, comrades!

Wonderful people.

They will remember academic Nestratov!

Did you take it?

- Sasha?
- Yes?

Should we dip the academic?

We should, I say.

What do you mean dip?

What do you mean dip?

Dipping around much!

Took a liking to it?

You need to understand what I've achieved here.

I let Nehoda go,

I approved the Komsomol proposal.

And who's to blame for the proposal not being approved before?

Who's to blame that the building chief was that cad Nehoda?

Who's to blame for that?

What's to brag about?

That you've fixed your past mistakes?

You, my academic brother, are only starting your recovery journey.

I'm telling you that as a doctor.

And don't overween.

Otherwise we'll really dip you.

Not in warm water, but in freezing cold one.

So your teeth would clutter!

That's right, Vasily Vasilyevich. You really are Mr. Cocky.

Why the arrogance?

Damned character.

- Did he get it?
- I think he did.

What are you thinking about?

Not long left.

I'm fine, but...

I think Mr. Cocky will be droopy for a while.

Don't be mad, Vasya.

Who will tell you the truth, if not us?

I am not mad.

Why would I be?

Remember, like in our song?

Whether I was in faraway lands

Or away at sea

My loyal friends

Were always there with me

At the time of worry,

On a dark day
The light of our friendship

Illuminated our way

Separated or in sorrow,
We were always strong

We've been helping each other out
Many times and for so long

Let the years go one by one,
A long unyielding string,

Our friendship will always stay
As young as sunny spring

Have a nice trip, friends!

Original subtitles: milf2010