True Fiction (2018) - full transcript

An MP's son-in-law and mayoral candidate takes a trip with his girlfriend to a vacation home and meets a mysterious neighborhood boy and his friends.

This story is based on
real-life events.

I talked to the party rep,
start election prep tomorrow.

For your presidential race?,

Listen to yourself.

For your Daechung city mayoral election.

Sir, thank you! I'll do my best!

Choi hasa candidate,
he'll provide competition.

He's just after money.

I'm fine with that.

Without it, people may think that
you backed me unfairly.

You idiot.

Are you funding the election?

No, sir, I misspoke.

Think before you talk.

Put it in your head
why I asked you to do this chore.

My apologies, sir.

Look after Ji-eun too,
you'll need her support.

I'll look after her.

Good, and keep your lid on things

until your candidacy
becomes official.

I understand, sir.

Sorry for keeping you waiting!

I've never seen so many
people for a publication party.


This is someone
I trust implicitly.

Good afternoon. I'm Lee Kyung-suk,
pleasure to meet you.

I heard you got big ambitions.

I aspire to become a great
politician like Senator Yeom.

Big ambitions, indeed.

He still has much to learn,
please help him.

Shall we go? This way.

Great to meet you, Mayor Lee.


Yes, novelist Yeom.

It looked like you pulled
an all-nighter, so I slipped out.

I made you breakfast.

Why did you take my car?

Your father asked me to bring it,

Your father asked me to bring it,

Paranoid old man,
must he hide it in the woods?

He's just being cautious.

And he left that to you?

You're a big boy now.

Even got to meet the party rep.

You got your wish.

So when will you be home?

I got a funeral to attend,
so I'll be out all night.

And drink all night long?

If I greet and leave,
they'll give me shit.

Eating shit is your job.

Is someone beside you?

Of course not.

Know your place,
don't leave any trace in my car.

Leave traces? I'm not a kid.

Fucking bastard...

Not you.

She hasn't changed one bit.

She's got sixth sense.

Your excuse is way too obvious.

It may seem obvious.

It's part of work,
my record is 5 funerals in a week.

Yeah? If you're too busy,
no need to come to mine.


It's a narrow road, drive slow.

I'm in a rush.

What the shit?

Car has the right of way.

A mayor shouldn't be rude
to the people.

The mayor is on the road,
he should've moved.

- Am I right?
- Sure.

- Am I right?
- Stop it.

Hold still, the mayor is
surveying the people.


Come here.

Let me get some air!

What are you doing?

Vehicle owner: Yeom Ji-eun

Yeom Ji-eun

Yeom Ji-eun

Lee Kyung-suk

- Shit.
- What?


Save us!

Over here!

Stop it, it's hopeless.

There, I see smoke. Help us!

Hello! Oh my god!

Who is that?

Cover your face as much as possible.

Who cares, no one will remember.

We were out driving and got lost, okay?

We got nothing to do with the cottage.

Then why are we on this boat?

Just do as I say.

Thank you so much.

You can't use other people's boat.

Sorry about that.

Are you the owner?

I'm just a caretaker.

If you trespass and use the boat,
I could get fired.


She's never been in one,
she wanted to ride it.

It's okay.

By any chance,

did you see my Goldey?

He disappeared suddenly.

I'm not sure.

Thank you.

Where did he go?

Dang it... There was a caretaker?
This is bad.

You sure... you really didn't see him?


Come warm yourself up.

Are you cooking something good?

Well, you know.

Could I use the washroom
inside the house?

I can't bring in strangers.

Follow me.

Thank you.

The owner doesn't come by often?

It's almost always empty,

so my friends and I
come here for a barbecue.

Is that so?

They're coming later, will you join us?

No, don't let us bother your meal.

It's okay, I don't eat much,
and there's plenty of food.

When my wife comes out,
I'll ask her.


Yes, what is it?


May I use the washroom too?

Go ahead.

Thank you.


He wants us to stay for a meal.

Go prepare this.

This place has really nice view.

The owner must be rich.

A woman of my age is the owner,

probably from a rich family.

Is that so?

You got a tent too?

I may pass out if we drink.


It'll take 1-2 hours
until the meat is cooked.

Okay, I see.

That bastard may sleep here.

Ji-young, I've been thinking,

ask him to give you
a ride on the boat.

I'll sneak the bags inside then.

With a total stranger?

Do me this favor.

You should've said
you were the owner.

And start a gossip that
I came with a mistress?

Or say you came here
on an errand.

It's the old man's first big order.
If this goes bad, I got no candidacy.

Please, baby?

Do me this favor, I'll be in the car.

Daechung mayor's win
voided due to bribery charges

Here. Thanks for these.


Are you writing something?

Not at all.

Are you a writer?

No, of course not.

Could you give me some?

Thank you.

Your husband must be tired.

My husband?

Yes, he must be tired
for some reason.

By the way,

do you know how to
operate that boat?

- Boat?
- Yes.

- Do you want to ride?
- Sure!

What about him?

He's got something to do,
just the two of us.

I wonder if the key's there.

- Let's check it out.
- Okay!

- Bring the blanket.
- Okay!

- Yes, sir.
- Is the job done?

Yes, I put the bags in just now.

Good. Make a reservation
at Jeonju Palace for tonight.

I understand.

Can you come by later?

I got a funeral later,
I'll give you a call.

Is that so? No problem.

Yes, sir.

Aren't you cold?

No, it feels good!

Thank you for the drink.

What's your relationship
with that man?

You are very forward.

What's your name?

I'm Kim Soon-tae.

Kim Soon-tae...

I'm Lee Ji-young.

Come on...

I got started at a local newspaper,

but I quit and came down here.

Taking notes are an occupational habit.

I knew you weren't from down here.

You got a good watch too.

My life's like a soap opera,
I was afraid you'd write me.

I was his wife's college friend.


Putting up tent on my yard...

It's all cold.

He clung to her to marry her.

Why? Her family is loaded.

So you don't care if
Yeom Ji-eun finds out?


Now that I'm older, I don't really care,

but it is a bit scary

Her temper is no joke.

She never showed up
to class in her senior year,

and got violent
with the prof over grades.

She later torched that prof's car.

Don't get on her bad side.

Mr. Mayor, nice shot!

So the night before discharge,
I ripped his sideburns.

I'd have stayed
in the military to troll him.

Who does that though?

His eyes disqualified his service,
but got eye surgery and went.

A true patriot.

But I totally regretted it.

Soon-tae, have a drink.

I'm a cheap drunk,
I'll drink slow.

I wonder if you'll like this.

Venomous snake wine?

Venomous snake?

With a bite from this viper,
you can't walk 7 steps.

Snakes normally die quickly
when dipped in alcohol,

highly venomous ones
don't last 2 days,

but this one lasted over a week,
and kept staring at me.

It even turned to look at me.

It was so eerie,
I had to bury it here.

But that night,

the snake said to me in my dream.

"I'll consider this my fate,

bury me somewhere good."

I was so scared and said I would.

"If you lie to me, I'll kill you,"
it said.

Then it smiled.

So freaky...

Please bury him later and pay respect.

It's just a dream.

No one's forcing you...

Dream or not,
it's good to bury him.

Let's bury these together.

Put those aside,
I'll take it to Kyung-ji.

You got a dog too?

- Yes.
- It's got a human name?

Ji-young really loves dogs,

but her apartment didn't allow pets.

So she bought one for me
when I was living alone.

We combined my name,
Kyung-su and hers, Ji-young.

You still call it by that name?

She wagged her tail and
exposed her belly at anyone,

I guess she doesn't know
she's got a new owner?


I told you about her,
his wife Ji-eun.

- Stop!
- What?!

Kyung-su, people can
cheat now and then.

I don't know what you mean.

If it's for her,
get the bones yourself!

Why you little...

Please don't fight, my apologies.

It's nothing to be proud of.

Do you understand?

It doesn't matter if I do or not.

Use this.

Grab your bones,
I'm going to bury mine.


But a dog shouldn't
eat dog bones...

So it was dog meat!

The meat was tough,
I thought it was goat meat.

The wild dog meat is quite juicy.

Why did you butcher a dog?

That dog has a long back story.

When I was 6th grade,
a teacher from Seoul transferred.

He had a daughter
and a big husky too.

I had Goldey back then.

It waited outside my school
in the morning,

and we came home
after school together.

During lunch one day, I heard him wail.

I ran out to see what happened,

and the teacher's dog
bit him and wouldn't let go,

and his daughter just watched.

I managed to pull the husky away,

but he became a cripple
and walked with a limp.

I was mad as hell,
but what could I do?

It was the dog of my teacher.

And he was supposed to
leave in a few months

for research or something.

That was my chance.
My friend and I killed one of my chickens.

We fed it to the teacher's dog.

We wanted it to choke and die.

But it chewed the bones
and ate everything.

So I told my friend
to hold the dog down,

and allowed Goldey to bite its leg.

Take your revenge.

But this idiot only wagged
its tail and didn't bite.

So what do I do?

I had to bite instead.

The dog you ate is my
Goldey's offspring's offspring.

I sold or ate his litter,

but this one was
the last of Goldey's blood.

It died all of sudden.

I heard screeching and
found him dead earlier.

So you fed us a roadkill?

I removed his organs and
seasoned him immediately.

It's so much better than
what you get in Seoul.

But why didn't you have any?

I never actually like dog meat.

You okay?

You want a shovel?


Good work.

- Soon-tae.
- Yes?

Never mind.

Don't you smoke menthol?

Do you smoke?

I actually don't,

but I wonder if you'll like this.

I dried some leaves
I found in the woods.

Sorry for telling you my weird story.

Take this as my apology.

It's all right,
I'll go buy some.

Give me a sheet.

What are you doing?

I tried it while backpacking,
it's nothing at all.


Roll one yourself!


It's like a cigarette.

It's not addictive either.

So cannabis leaves
grow in the woods?

That reservoir used to be
a village called Hwayoung.

It was such a pretty village.

It had 300-year old
zelkova tree too.

That Yeom Jung-gil bastard,

he bribed everyone and bulldozed it,

with half-assed compensation.

This was my family grave.

It was supposed to be flooded too,

then he bought the land
dirt cheap and built this cottage!

I gotta go piss.

This guy's a total psycho.

I think he knows.

About what?

That you killed his dog.

He first asked me if I had seen his dog,

and next thing you know, he cooked it.

I don't think he's a bad guy,
why not just apologize?

Forget it, I'll take care of it,

How could I not?

You're awfully friendly to him.

He's my age,

and listens well,
unlike someone.


I'm gonna go buy some smokes,

go use the washroom and
leave the door slightly open.

And go for another boat ride.

I'll put the bag inside then.

I'll be back soon,
you had fun too.

Please, baby.

Is there somewhere to buy smokes?

You can smoke all that.

I think I prefer tobacco.

It's not walking distance,
but you drank...

Don't worry, I won't get pulled over.

Not that, I'm worried
that you might hit a deer.

If I do, we can barbecue it.


- What is it?
- Jesus.

Sorry, I knocked
but no one answered.

So that gives you right to barge in?

I'm sorry about that.

So what did you take?

You're being rude.

Should I be respectful?
You fucking thief!

I left my money there.

A pack of smokes,
ice cream come to $6.20.

Where's $1.207

I only have $10 bills,
but you weren't here...

So you were gonna leave
without paying.

You fucking thief!

How dare you.

Do you know who I am?

So you drank and drove here?

This fucker is a train wreck.

It's all over for you.


What? You swore at me?

Happy, asshole?

Goddamn hillbilly.

Stupid hillbilly had it coming.

For your Daechung city mayoral election.

It's like a cigarette.

Daechung mayor's win
voided due to bribery charges


You're back?



Why were you inside?

I was cold.
What's wrong with him?

What happened?


was on my motorcycle
and got run over.

You shouldn't be moving,
why didn't you call

I think I lost my phone...

You need help, hold on.

I need to take him to the hospital,
could I borrow your car?


I'll take him to the ER
and be back in 30.


Can't you see he's hurt?

Why are you shouting at me?

He's in bad shape,
I'll be back soon!

Say that you'll
use the washroom.

Tell him.

What happened to him?

How should I know? Go pack up.

Did you hit him?

Of course not!

Why are you lashing out at me!

What were you doing inside
with a total stranger?

I said I was cold.

Boat ride in this cold
at night is utter nonsense!

It was so hard
peeking at the code.

- Forget it, just pack up.
- You pack, asshole!

What the hell?

Fuck, it's a trio now?

It's him, the fucking thief.

Let's sit down and chat.

We were on our way,
when we saw him with an axe.

We heard their stories,
let's hear yours.

Secretary Lee Kyung-suk.

No need to hear his story.
Let's just bury him in a shallow grave.

Can't we wrap this up
and go to the ER?

I borrowed this.

I'm really sorry about everything.

I was gonna pay you,
but you were in my face,

I got worked up.

He's lying through his teeth.

So full of shit.

Did you ever intend to
pay me, asshole?

No, I was just going to leave.

I'm sorry.

He doesn't look remorseful,
puffing smoke and shit.

And then?

Words are all you got?

I'll crack his forehead open
with my damn axe!

I was distracted
by the accident.

I'll come see you at the ER
and pay settlement there.

Please accept my
sincere apology.

And then?

Is that all?

That's all.

So, you'll settle?

State your opinions,
starting with Mr. Lee.

I got the hospital bill and
I can get $3,000 right away.

I'd much rather bury him.



A bunch a swindlers!




We got a discrepancy.

Any wiggle room?

Eye for an eye, and $1,000 cash.

Sir, I'm a civil servant too.

Calling me a swindler hurts my feelings.

$40,000, nothing less.

Mr. Lee?

I won't settle then,
let's call the police.

You sure?

Drinking and driving,
a hit-and-run, and weed too.

Secretary to Senator Yeom no less.

Should I call the cops?


Shit, screw settlement.

Let's just go one-on-one.

What a guy.

Can I settle this
between him and I?

That's up to him.

I'll kick your ass!

Come on!

What the fuck?

It's blood...

You bitch!

Son of a bitch!

You are dead!

You bitch!

Go wait in the car.

I don't believe this...

What is it?

I already called the police.


Ji-young's wise.

Go start the car!

Going somewhere?

I'm sick of dealing with you all.

Going somewhere?

What's it to you?

Settle before you go.

That's between me and them,
what's it to you?

You killed my dog, good enough?

You got proof?

That's why I didn't mention it.

How much can a mutt cost?

How much do you want?

It's not about the money.

Should I pay my respects
to a buncha bones?

Erect a gravestone?

- That'd be nice.
- Fuck you!

I don't even bow to my ancestors.

Mutts are dime a dozen,
go get another, asshole!

Got my business card?

Call me tomorrow.

I'll pay the hospital bill
and the settlement.

No more $50,000 bullshit.

Feels like you're fleeing.

Who's fleeing?
I told him to call me!

How do I trust a politician?
I'd rather trust my mutt.

Goddamn you!

Did you call the police?


Baby bro. My nose is busted.


That thieving bastard hit me
and ran back here.

He was at the shop,
so I left some money.

His nose is busted because
that's how we decided to settle.

Breaking nose to settle
is which country's law?

Ask others here.

Jin-pyo, he ran me over.

You got a breathalyzer?

He drank and drove
and came to my shop.

That's why we decided to settle.

We agreed to settle
by going mano a mano.

Is that so?

We should settle too.

Officer, he had an axe,
you expect us to sit back?

It was self-defense!

You defend yourself very well.

Defend yourself against me too.

- Goddammit...
- Don't do it.

Which precinct do you belong to?

You're just a rookie, which precinct!

He's Senator Yeom's secretary.

You're his secretary?

Officer Lee Jin-pyo,
a worthless rookie.

Wanna stop reporting
for work tomorrow?

I never like reporting to work.

More, more, more!

He's always good at prepping.


- 0.07%.
- Son of a bitch!

00857362, Mr. Lee Kyung-suk.

You're under arrest
for drinking and driving.

You have the right to remain silent.

FYI, I'm Officer Lee,
a worthless rookie.

Jin-pyo, let me talk to him.

Sure, bud!

Let go of me!

Mr. Lee.

Be civil like an educated man.

You're dead meat.

How about we go by hillbilly law?

#1, an eye for an eye.

#2, go to the station.

#3, settle for $40,000.

I'll count to 3.

00:50:35,098 --> 00:50:36,964
Hey! That's enough!

Ji-young, let me ask you one thing.

Did he hit my dog or not?

00:50:51,514 --> 00:50:54,973
- #31
- Very good, $40,000 it is.

I'll transfer it tomorrow.

Are you kidding me?

Then what?

Jin-pyo, pass me his phone.


You can't call your wife,
since Ji-young's here.

How about this?

Have the Senator bring 5 grand
and he can vouch for you.

- No, in the morning...
- Should I call?

Wait, please!

5 minutes.

Give me 5 minutes to think.

3 minutes, begin!

Yes, Mr. Lee.

Yes, he's here at the Jeonju Palace.

I see.

Jeonju Palace is close.

Don't chicks serve you drinks there?

You get chicks there?

Take me with you too!

Let's go with #1, hit-and-run.

Run me over, an eye for an eye.

All right.

Just call him.

Know how to ride a motorcycle?


What do we do?

Let's do this!

What's she doing?

- Come here, come here!
- No!

Let's go!

I was just gonna call you.

Fetch me $30,000 from my safe.

The thing is...

Sir, I was in an accident.

What? What kind?

I hit a motorcycle, and he got hurt.

I need to settle, sir,
but I don't have any cash on me.

I'm sorry, sir, $5,000 will do.

- $5,0007 - Yes, sir.

Take it from the safe.

And get me $30,000.

Well, sir...

I'm currently indisposed.

What do you expect me to do?

I'm really sorry, sir.

Could you come here yourself?


I had a drink earlier.

What the fuck?

I never knew Yeom was capable of swearing.

He really is the friend of the people.

What the fuck!

I wonder if he'll really come.

He's still your father-in-law.


Is he not?

I don't know what you mean.

Then can I say
you were with Ji-young?

Let's not mention her please.

Uncuff him.

When he arrives, can I leave?

Or you can stay and hang out.

Return my license.

Baby bro, give me that.

Lee Kyung-suk...


Now I'll be able to sleep.

Jin-pyo, take us to the cottage
and go on your way.

Sure thing.

Mr. Lee, drive us.

He's at a near by hospital,
so an hour should do.

Will keep your seat warm,
so hurry back!

You two can't have all the fun!

It's a funeral!

I'll be back.

Baby, I'll come too.

Answer the phone,
it's really annoying.


Where are you?


You picked her up at her place,

and making out at a rest stop?

What do you mean?

Fucking asshole!

Is that your cottage?

Do I cause stink for having a mistress?

But why at my cottage
with Ji-young, of all girls?!

I told you not to leave any trace!

Are you providing material
for my next novel?

Let's talk back home.

Stay there, Asshole!



How dare you!

You're shit for a wife,
you had it coming!

Doesn't it feel good to let it all out?

You're crossing the line!

Why not bark at the Senator while at it?

I'll lend you my phone.



What kind of bitch are you?
Fucking home wrecker!

Take my coat off!

Do you wear large?

You should either take care
of your body or your husband.

Crazy bitch...

You're all grown up.

Kyung-ji must be big too.
I bought her for him.

Keep that in mind.

Nice shot!

Very good!

- Take care.
- See you.

Ride safe.

Come here!

Come on!

I'm really sorry, baby,

could you go hide
in the tent for a bit?

It's cold out here, go wait inside.

Let's wrap this up and go home.

Be straight.

Is it the cold or Senator Yeom?

You know how I got to where I am.

I'm so sorry, do me this favor.


I'm sorry,

I really am, baby.

Good evening, sir.

What happened?

I'm sorry, sir.

There was a new caretaker,
so I was being careful,

and got into an accident.

A caretaker?

Yes, sir.

You idiot, why do we
need a caretaker here?

There was a boat there...

What're you talking about!

Why did you park your car here?

Sorry, sir.

Evening, Senator Yeom.

I hear my staff caused an accident.

This is due to my negligence,
allow me to apologize.

Please don't get up.
How do you feel?

It's not too bad.

I didn't believe him when he said
he was your son-in-law.

I said I'd believe him
if you really came.

He is my son-in-law.

Let me apologize again.

It was for real.

I thought that douche was
impersonating your son-in-law.

Here's the $5,000 settlement.

It's actually $40,000,
that's just an advance.

He works as a mailman.

He's also the head of
Daechung School Alum.


But your son-in-law,
I mean, your secretary,

ran him over under
the influence of alcohol.

This will be all over the city
by tomorrow.

I'd say $40,000 is bargain.

I'll take care of it.

So why didn't you?!

Mr. Lee, this is settled then,
wire the money tomorrow.

Yes, I will.

Mr. Senator, thank you for coming.


Sorry for late introduction.
I got something to say.

My name is Kim Soon-tae,

I was Ji-eun's 6th grade classmate,

There was only 1 class.

Before she transferred,
I was the best writer in school.

Then he wanted to experience...

I thought I'd be entering
the county essay contest.

But when you arrived here,
you took her there instead.

And lost, so she never
reached the provincial finals.

Had I gone instead,
! wonder how far I'd have gone.

With you gone to the contest,
kids were having fun,

but I went to the library alone.

I ripped last 2-3 pages from
the books I got my hands on.

No one would know
the ending except me.

That was my form of petty revenge.

! read many books afterwards,
but never wrote anything again.

Had [ continued...

maybe I would be an author by now.

Isn't that right, Mr. Yeom?

Is that why you asked me
to come down here?

Well, since you're here.

How did you hold back
all these years?

Maybe restraining yourself
caused a mental disease.

No one here is normal.

- What did you say?
- Stay out of this!

Sorry, sir.

Get me a chair, asshole.

It's been too long,
so I do not remember,

but if these petty things tied me down,
I wouldn't be where I am now.

If Ji-eun went to the contest,
it was because she was good.

I've misunderstood
all these years like an idiot.

I get it now.

Isn't it embarrassing that you got
your son-in-law as your secretary,

and published your kid's book
out of your own pocket?

Watch your mouth!

Give me a smoke.

If you really had talent,

you wouldn't be able to give up
even if you wanted to.

Her writing was obviously better,
and if you gave up writing,

perhaps that was the only
wise decision of your life.

You don't even remember me.

If you did something good,
I'd have remembered.

Perhaps not the attitude
of a good teacher.

Sure, I was glad that I gave up teaching.

Had I continued to teach,

who knows how many more
pathetic lives I'd have produced

Hey, could you go to the tent?


My apologies for being crass
to my former teacher.

I don't know what the standard
for a pathetic life is,

but no one's normal here.

There's even one in the tent.


And another one at Mr. Lee's home.

Ji-eun was really pretty though.

I wonder why she married him.

I'm sorry, sir.

And we got one here too,

or two?

I've had enough.

Do what you will.

During dam construction 10 years ago,

an activist went missing.

Is it true that his body is still in there?

You seem very bored,
why don't you go look?

You think your hard work
got you the intro with party rep?

Not at all, sir!

You think you got
the candidacy on your own!

No, sir.

If you knew it was all thanks to Ji-eun,

you wouldn't be fucking another girl!

It's only forgivable
if you were a dog.

On the ground.

I spent!

$70,000 because of you
today alone!

To fund the election!

I'll spend another $2~300,000.

And those fuckers outside!

Want $40,000! What will you do?

I'll take care of it, sir.





I'm sorry, sir.

I'll take care of everything.

Get up.

Take 50 out.

End this with 20 grand.

Once you comply, there is no end.

I can work this out on my own.

Wrap this up properly,
this could get messy.

Yes, sir.

Senator Yeom, good evening.

I'm Lee Ji-young,
Ji-eun's college classmate.

Pardon me for asking,
but could you give me a ride?

Are you okay?

The Senator came as I promised,

I'll wire $20,000 tomorrow,
and that'll be that.


$5,000 in advance,

then maybe I'll get
the rest from Ji-eun.


I actually met her last November.

Alums get together quite frequently,

but after starting a group chat,
everyone came.

I recognized her
even after 20 years.

The one who bit your dog
a long time ago...

I apologized for what happened.

That was me.

She actually enjoyed that,
for some reason.

That's why I came today.

To meet you.

Then she turned serious.

Have you ever killed a man?

I said I once weighted a man
and threw him in the reservoir.

She really liked that too.

I asked her why,

and she said her husband
was cheating on her,

and needed me to dip
the mistress in the reservoir.

And the husband?

He'll probably stop.

! said, no

A man never changes.

A man never changes.

He'll continue to cheat.

She thought about it...

Dip them both.

It's hard to keep the body underwater.

I should've just buried him
in an abandoned grave.

So that no one bothers it.

It's a huge favor.

And she gave me
both of your numbers.

I got a call yesterday.

She told me you two
would be here today.

She said she'll pay any sum.

You meet a classmate after 20 years,

and was asked to kill
her cheating husband?

I'm so glad you gave up writing.

So you're gonna kill me?

Why don't you?

I'm debating whether to
get the money from her or you.

Or just fuck her instead.

- I'll fucking...
- Her birthday was mid-September, but it was a holiday, what was it?

Right, election day.

She told me then...

It's okay, cum inside me.

She said she was pregnant.

Son of a bitch!

Fucking asshole!

Did you have a crush on Ji-eun?

Did she make you feel
special for talking to you?


I didn't realize
when we were chatting,

but fucking Yeom's daughter
felt exhilarating.

And I never liked Ji-eun.

She had dirty rumors,
even as a 6th grader.

Enough of this bullshit.

I met so many of you
while working for Yeom.

Always blaming others and
posting nasty comments.

If you're not a cripple,
try to make an honest living.


this is for the dog soup.

Come again,
I'll make you some more.

This son of a bitch is
obsessed with dogs.

What did you say?

If you committed a sin,
own it and apologize.

People will forgive you.

Be honest and apologize,
they'll forget in no time.

Gambling, skipping military,
or running over dogs.

You don't have any proof
that I did that, fucker!

The mayor is on the road,
he should've moved.

- Am [ right?
- Sure.

Last year,

some fuckers stole thousands
of dollars worth of his ginseng.

So we placed a surveillance cam,

and you hit my dog
right where we installed it.

You even had eye surgery
to serve and become a politician,

is this how you want to end?

Isn't Yeom spending a fortune
to get you elected?

Think you can become a mayor
after pulling this shit?

Mr. Lee,

I don't k now why
you want to be a politician,

nothing but lies come
out of your mouth,

I can't accept someone like you
becoming our mayor,

I won't allow it.

What will you do?

I'm sorry.

I was the one who hit your dog.

To Goldey and to you,

I'd like to sincerely apologize.

Please accept my apology.


I'll text you banking info,
so get a new phone.

If you don't wire it tomorrow,
your life in politics is over.

Pick up the money.

Send Ji-eun my regard.

Isn't she on the way?

Want an advice?

Run Ji-young over with your car.

In front of Ji-eun, if possible.

- Take your golf club.
- Shit.

Get in!

Will you walk to Seoul?

Hey, stop!

If you keep walking,
Ji-eun might kill you.

Just get in.

- If not, - Let me go!

I'll get you a cab in town.

Okay? Let's go.

Do you know what that bastard said?

He said to run you over
if I want to live.

Those sons of bitches!

I won't let them get away with this.

Ji-young, I really am sorry.

- When we get to Seoul...
- Just drive.



Is that a fly?

What's that stench?


I really did have a full carton.

Secretary Lee Kyung-suk.

It looks like Mr. Lee's car.
Ji-eun was driving.

What the...

That bastard was reading this book.


While you were in the washroom.

That's before he borrowed my car.

Good work, hungry?

I haven't had anything to eat.

It'll be ready soon.

There wasn't a Kim Soon-tae!

There were only a handful
of students, dad.

That's my novel's
protagonist's name!

Stop the car!

He stayed in the library...

...ripped the last page
and stuffed them in his bag...

“I'm pregnant, cum inside me.”

What the hell?

Children of the Reservoir

I said I once weighted a man
and threw him in the reservoir.

Motherfucker! It was all lies!

- All lies, of course.
- Oh my...

Stop it!

For someone who didn't serve,
you got some balls.

It's dead.

No, how did you stand up to them?

Even a common snake is bitter.

You said it was venomous.

What does that look like?

You're a piece of work.


Those idiots forgot something.

Holy shit!


Those bastards!

You really are insane, right?

How did you think to put Goldey in there?

He was abandoned by a Seoul man,

at least he can go home now.

Like hell he will.

They'll notice the stench
and toss him on the way.

I'm gonna fuck them up!

Measly $5,000.

I hope he wires the rest.

Holy fuck. It hurts bad.

I got run over by a SUV.

I believe in you, cool your temper.

That fucker fights really well.

Our novelist Song needs a finale.

You already changed the locks,
so you're in deep.

Who got you the gas station
and the motel?

Who educated Jin-pyo
when you were in jail?

We made thousands
all thanks to him.

Eh? I didn't say I wasn't
gonna finish this.

Where's Jin-pyo?


He went to work after dinner.

Tell him to stay in town,
so he shows up alone.

Don't forget the breathalyzer.

More, more!

Officer Lee Jin-pyo,
a worthless rookie.

And this is important,
my name is Kim Soon-tae.

Sorry for late introduction.
My name is Kim Soon-tae.

Daechung School Alum
is Lee Young-chul, right?


He's also the head of
Daechung School Alum.


Let's do this!

Grab an axe for show.

That'd look dope.

- Yeah?
- Sure thing.

Mr. Noh.

When did you last
swung a club at a man?

About 10 years?

12 years, sir.

Do one last job and retire.

Didn't you want to run
a B&B down here?

Mr. Yeom.
Well, I thought it'd be an easy job,

but there's a lot of cleaning,
and looking after the guests.


I'm expecting
a grandchild next month...

Get out!

Sons of bitches...

You fucking trashy slut.

Huh? Did I know?

How dare you!

You're! Nothing!

Keep the coat.

Is it done?

Good work, buddy.

Can you really get published?

An award committee member
is a friend of a friend,

and he said it's not award-worthy
but he can publish it.

When it comes out,
you'll have to live in hiding.

Her book is so similar to mine.

And Lee was same as Yeom's son.

You got balls.

Why's that bastard back?

Are you Kim Soon-tae?

Yeom Ji-eun?

Are you feeling well?


You look fine.

What brings you?

Have you ever buried a man?

I'll give you $5,000 for your trouble.

2 people and a dog.

Are there any abandoned graves?

I heard you bury people in those.

I think you're misinformed.

Mr. Kim Soon-tae,

this is my cottage.

What the hell?!

You thought you could fuck with us?

What's going on?

She's dead!

Jin-pyo, what is that?

What are you doing?

Go, get her!

Don't follow me!

Stop right there!

Stay back!

Let go of me!

Do you know who I am?!

I won't go! Stop!

You're all dead, you hear me?

Holy shit!

- Ji-eun!
- Dad?

Don't, that hurts!

What the hell is all this?!

I'm cleaning up Ji-eun's mess.

You stupid bastard.

So why did you have to
go cheat on me with her!

You're no better than I!

Shut the hell up!

Has the world gone nuts?

My driver thinks
he's my friend now,

can a dog become a man's friend?

No, sir.

How will you clean this up?

I'll take care of it.

Did you wrap things up over there?

Yes, sir.

If you did, why did this happen?

How could I trust you now?!

Head back and move out, asshole.

Go home and be a village foreman!

No, like you,
I'll become a great politician.

I said I'll take care of it.

The job's not done yet.

You prefer to die now?

Is there a security cam or not?

Are you holding a grudge
against me or something?

What is it?

You suddenly got
a pang of conscience?

Pang of conscience?

Yo hillbilly, you see me as a friend?

You'll be a mighty politician
like the old man.

Thanks for recognizing that.

But I better surpass him,
isn't that right?

Clean up and head back.

...were the results of
animal testing.

...were the results of
animal testing. Thank you

...were the results of
animal testing.

Of the OECD countries,
bottom 10% of the countries

Of the OECD countries, bottom
10% of the countries I appreciate it.

Of the OECD countries,
bottom 10% of the countries

Of the OECD countries, bottom 10%
of the countries I owe you a big favor.

Earn less than the last poll.
I owe you a big favor.

Earn less than the last poll.

- I'll do my best
- Sir, you got a package.

Thank you.

Anyway, I trust you.

You should give
the supporters enough breaks.

They'll complain.

I didn't think about it.

Go get some tea.

Good afternoon, sir.

You've met him before,
offer him guidance.

Judging from the opinion poll,
there's no need for an election.

Isn't that right, Mayor Lee?

- Lee Kyung-suk!
- Thank you, sir.

Lee Kyung-suk! Lee Kyung-suk!

Lee Kyung-suk!

Let's go inside.

Bring the package.

A novel about a politician
killing a man out of his greed

has proven to be a retelling
of real-life events.

A mayoral candidate named as a prime suspect
4 bodies have been recovered thus far.

Confirmed identities are
a novelist and a county officer,

all 4 are Hwayoung residents.

Mayoral candidate Lee was
captured on incriminating CCTV,

and the police have applied
for an immediate warrant.

Lee's father-in-law, Senator Yeom

is also presumed to be an accomplice.

Yeom was behind the death
of an activist 10 years ago,

Yeom was behind the death of an
activist 10 years ago, True Fiction

said his driver,
who testified to the police.

This story is based on real-life events. All names have been changed
to protect their privacy. said his driver, who testified to the police.

This story is based on real-life events. All
names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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