True Blue (2001) - full transcript

A hand is found in a park pond. Detective Macy investigates the whereabouts of its owner, a young woman, who worked for the mayor. Her cute roomie helps Macy.

It's just sitting out there.

I say we take it.

See? There it is.

Don't mess with that boat.

It ain't nobody's, C.J.

Why aren't you in school?

It's summer, dumb-ass.

Don't call me that, chubby.

Leave the boat.

It's ours now.

I saw a man put that in there.

He ain't here now.

Finders keepers,
losers weep...

Holy shit.

They're here.

It's about fucking time.

Freebo's inside.
Bouton and I
will use the stairs.

-Anybody else?
-A girl.

That makes it easy.

Ricky said that's all.

You trust him?

Let's say hello.

Where's the warrant?

You were supposed to get it.

No, you were.

-No, no, you guys...
-Do you hear that?

Somebody's calling for help.

Don't you hear that?


You didn't say
there were kids here.

You didn't give
me a chance to.

We gonna rock 'n' roll or not?


Police! Freeze!

Wrong room! Wrong room!

Police! Don't move!

Oh, shit!

It's empty! Toots!

Got them! Got them!

Don't be stupid.
Just stay where you're at.

You heard her. Be cool.

It stinks like shit in here.

Don't shoot.
I didn't do anything.

This what you looking for,
you piece of shit?


Stop right there!

I can't believe it!

We had no choice.

They jumped out.

We watched
Freebo six months

and you just bust in there!

You should've told us.

I don't have to.

You shouldn't have been there!
You had no warrant
and no probable cause!

You weren't there.

He's right.

Bull. He's got a long
history of fuckups.

Why you carry
this sorry-ass...

I don't have to
take this shit!


I'm tired of him riding me.

This happened to Tiger,
a great detective.

Keep him away
from me, or else.

This is why you
have no partner.
You can't be a cowboy.

Now find a rock
and hide under it for a while.

I'm off the Martinez case?

Let the others handle it.

Another case came
up this morning.

Try not to fuck
that one up. Okay?

Hey, Bass. How you doing?

Hey, Rem. How's it going?

All right.

What happened to him?

Him and some other winos
were shooting
rats with a .357.

He jams the barrel in the mud
while he's stumbling around.

Plugged it up,
blew himself up.


Here's the hand
those kids found
at Taylor Pond.

It is female.

You got an age?

My guess, 20s.

-Good ones.

It was only in a few days.
I sent them off.

She wore a ring.
You can see the indent.

Oh, yeah.
Married, do you think?


Koko. Johnnie Walker Red.

Who's the new dancer?

Kind of hard on the eyes, huh?

Heard about you and Kenner.

I was hoping
you'd get a hit in.

I guess my heart wasn't in it.

I bet he was
cleaning out his shorts.


How can I get in your pants?

I've got one
asshole in there already.

Here's to you guys
getting Martinez,
with or without me.

Screw that.
Here's to long
legs and big tits.

I'm with that.

And by the way,
how are Beck's?

-I wouldn't know.
-Yeah, right.
Toots says otherwise.

She's got an itch for you.

You're dreaming.

No, you guys'd
make a nice couple.

I will say this.
She's aces with a gun.

Everybody knows your dick
gets hard in a shootout.

You think Beck
gets wet around the taco?

What's so funny?

We're just talking
about Mexican food.

More drinks?

-No, thank you.
-No, I'm good.

I gotta hit it.


Well, I ain't ready yet.
I'll have another one, Koko.

You got it.

We're calling it a night, Rem.

I'm sorry.

I just needed some time.

Good morning, Anna.

You look like hell.

FBI matched
a partial on that hand
Bass sent over.

Melanie Ann Hains.

Prints came off
of a government application.
She worked for the mayor.

All right, thanks.

You C.J. Crowley?

I might be.
Who are you?

I have some questions.

I told them what I know.

Saw a man with the boat
but didn't get
a good look at him.

Did he see you?

I don't think so.

It was dark and he wasn't
looking at me.

He put the boat in the water.
Then what?

Nothing. Watched it drift
a while, then left.

Would you recognize the man
if you saw him again?

I might,
but then again I might not.

This is killing her mother.

She was homecoming queen,
honor student,
everybody's princess.

Well, Mr. Hains,

did she have a boyfriend?

Yes, a college sweetheart.

It ended when she got her job.

His name was Benjamin.
Alan Benjamin.

We know the family.
They were good people.

Did she wear a ring?

A white gold band
with diamonds
in the shape of a flower.

Did you find it?

No, sir.

The coroner noted the hand
had worn a ring.


Did she live
alone in the city?

She had two roommates.
Young women.

We met them a couple of times.
They seemed nice.

Will you excuse me
for a few minutes?


I hear they found a
Purple Dragon in the harbour.

Looks like Tommy Trang's work.


'Cause they stuck
him like a roast pig.

That's why Benny pays
those guys so well.

Let me have
a burger and fries, Koko.

No sheet on Melanie Hains.
She's clean as
Monday morning laundry.

I heard she worked
for the mayor.

Smells like
same old, same old.

Politics and
young girls don't mix.

You gonna rattle
some cages at City Hall.

That's not what Monty meant
by hiding under a rock.

I know.

You talk to the roommates?

They weren't at the apartment.

I guess I'll go now.

Want me to go with you?

If you had a shadow,
it'd probably take
the heat off you.

Sure. Why not?

I can't believe this happened
to Melanie.

How'd you find out?

Her father called here.

And the other roommate?

Jennifer? She went to
the shore last week.

Her friend has a beach house.
Melanie was
gonna meet him there.

And Melanie is Miss Hains?


When did Miss Hains leave?

-Friday night.
-Friday night.

Can I get you something
to drink?

I'm good, thanks.

I'll have a glass of water.


Who's the friend at the shore?

I don't know.

Has your roommate called?

No. I'm kind of freaking out.

Miss Calderon...

Call me Nikki.

Nikki. What do you do?

I was in grad school
but I ran out of money
so now I'm modeling.

What kind of modeling?

Hotel fashion shows
for businessmen.

Bikinis, lingerie,
that kind of thing.

Why would this happen
to Miss Hains?

I don't know.

Did she date any men?

this guy from the office.

His name was Martin something.

Do you mind if we look through
Miss Hains' things?

No, not at all.
I'll show you her room.

Are you from around here,
Miss Calderon?

No. I'm from a town
you never heard of.

Try me.

Medford Lakes, Ohio.

Your folks still live there?

My parents died
in a car accident.

Oh. I'm sorry.

Who's this?

Melanie's old boyfriend
from college.
Nice guy. I met him once.

Was Miss Hains into
recreational drugs?

Not that I know of.

Do you really
think she was murdered?

We're assuming the worst.

Is this Jennifer
with Miss Hains?

Yeah, it's Jen.

What was her last name?


Yeah, H-A-L-L-E-R.

Do you know what
she did for work?

She worked at a
medical phone exchange.

How long did she work there?

About three months.

If your roommate
should phone in
or show up, call me.

Call if you think of anything.

You from the Mile?


Yeah. How'd you know?

You got that Irish accent.
I lived there. Whereabouts?

52nd Street,
across from Harold Park.

Hey, I'm not gonna be
in any danger here, am I?

No. Just lock the
door behind us.

You going back in?

No, I got something
I gotta do.

Anna will check
on the roommates.


Going to
the barbecue Saturday?

I don't know.

Everyone wants to see you.




You there? Yo, Tiger!

Be quiet!


Is that you, Rembrandt?


Long time no see.


The job, you know.
I need some help, partner.

Smooth, huh?

Made it myself.


Smooth as a baby's ass.

So, what kind of help?

Still got eyes
inside City Hall?

What do you need?

A young woman.

My favorite kind.

Your kind. I think she's dead.

My least favorite kind.

Melanie Hains.
She worked for
the mayor's office.

One of her hands showed up
in Taylor Pond.

I can't promise anything.

Anything would be great.

God, I miss you, Tiger.

We had a lot of laughs,
didn't we?

You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.
How about you?

I miss you, too.

Sorry to bother you.
I didn't know
where else to go.

Can I come in?


How'd you know where I lived?

52nd across from Harold Park.

I checked the phone book.

There's only one
Rembrandt Macy.

Have a seat.

Why didn't you go
to the precinct?

I did.

You weren't there.


You want a drink?


I'm scared.


Someone calls and hangs up.

I think I'm being followed.

-By who?
-I don't know.

I feel like when I go out
someone's watching.


I didn't exactly tell you
the truth earlier.

I think Jen and Melanie were
into something bad.

Like what?

A few weeks ago, Jen
didn't come home one night
and Melanie freaked.


I asked, but she went mental.
She wouldn't say.

She isn't the picture
of innocence
everyone thinks she is.

Her and Jen party.

I mean,
they party pretty hard.

Do you know who
they partied with?

I guess guys from bars, clubs,
City Hall guys.

Did you lie about the drugs?

-Sort of.
-Don't bullshit me.

I did coke with them
a couple of times.

I guess Melanie's not exactly
as her dad described her.

If he only knew
the half of it.

Look, it's getting late.

There's a hotel on 9th Avenue.
I'll get you a room.

Tomorrow we can
go collect your things.

I could stay here.

I don't think
that'd be a good idea.

I don't wanna go to a hotel.

I don't wanna be alone.

I promise I won't
cause any trouble here.


Okay, you can
sleep on the couch.

I'll get you a blanket.

There's a towel
under the bathroom sink.

Sorry I lied.

It's just when I
heard about Melanie,
I got scared.

I didn't know what to say.

Name's Rem.

Just call me Rem.


Hey. Where have you been?

I'm sorry.
I needed some time
to work some things out.

God, I missed you.


Where did...

-Oh, hi.

What, did I wake you up?

No, I think I just overslept.
Come on in.

Another late night.


-Can I make you
some coffee?

Do you want
to go have breakfast?
My treat.

No, it's a bad time.

I got some groceries
for breakfast.


No doubt that's
some bad timing.


Who are all these people
in this picture?

Friends of mine on the job.

It was a precinct barbecue
about a year ago.

The woman here earlier,
what's her story?

One of my partners.

I'd say she wants to be
more than partners.

And what about
the Asian woman?

Her name was May Lin.


She died.

Were you two close?

Let's not talk about it.

I can't take you
to your apartment
as planned

so another cop,
a Detective Bouton,

he's gonna bring you down
to the department.

So I'll see you there later.

Hey, Rem.


You're welcome.

Pretty, huh?

They found him in his car.

He ran an orphanage.
They say one of
the kids did it.

I hope I never end
up on your table.

I got the tox results
on the hand.

There was alcohol
and trace cocaine.

I'm not surprised.

Our princess wasn't
so clean after all.

There's nothing on Nikki.

But her boyfriend's
been popped. Frat prank.

He's been in South America
with the State Department
for the past six months.

That Jennifer Haller
is a different ball game.

Three priors for solicitation,
one conviction.

She was arrested
once at Joey Palo's.

Lap dancing.

Too much lap,
not enough dancing.


-Where you been?
-I'm trying to hide.

Do you know Jennifer Haller?

Should I?

Yeah. You arrested her.

Oh, yeah.
I remember that little peach.

Cronk and I brought her in.

She offered to do
both of us if we
dropped her someplace.

Ever see her again?

I saw her dance a few times.

-What she do?
-Maybe nothing.

Cronk claims he
saw a photo of her
with some politician.

-What politician?
-Can't remember.

Yeah, it was in the Tribune
some months back.

Who was the politician?

There was a few.
It was some party.

Tell me, one of them wasn't
the mayor, was he?

He was,
now that you mention it.

And that Congressman Higgins
and some other guys.

How long ago was that article?

Christmas. It was some sort of
holiday party or something.

I know Jennifer Haller.
Her snatch could talk money
out of your wallet.

Lisa, hit him again.

When did you last see her?

Couple months ago.
I couldn't trust her no more.

You ever see this girl?
They were roommates.

Don't think so.

Thank you.

Thanks, Lisa.

This Haller chick,
did she ever run around
with City Hall boys?

No, she was into
stockbrokers and chinks.

She loved rich
Hong Kong gooks.

She was exactly
what they wanted.

Meaning what, Joey?

Some of those fuckers
like that rough trade.

She was into S & M?

You bet your ass.

Word is,
she could take a licking
and keep on ticking.

Rem. Rem?

You want one of them?

One of them?

It'd be on me.

Thanks for the drink.

Anytime, Remy.


That's Melanie
and Jen in the back.

Who's the mook with them?

I don't know.

Oh, yeah.

Who was the guy that was
seeing Melanie at
the mayor's office?



Find what you're looking for?

I don't know.

I'll print this. Check out the
guy in the background.

We might have our Martin.
See if the Tribune
can I.D. him.

Whatever you say, boss.



Someone lives here?

An old friend. Ex-cop.

You've got strange friends.

And new ones.

This is Nikki.
Nikki, Tiger Wu.

Hi, Tiger. Nice to meet you.

Nikki was
Melanie Hains' roommate.

Sit, sit.


Did you find out anything?

The girl seems clean.

Saw some guy in the
mayor's office a few times.

Martin somebody.
I got Beck tracking him down.

What about the mayor?

If there was something
down and dirty,
it's not raising its head.

We found a photo
of the mayor's
last Christmas ball.

Hains was there.

And Taylor Higgins
and Daniel Freita.

That's an interesting name.

Recently I heard a rumor
about Benny Lee
and Daniel Freita.

Freita's a big shot.
What would
they have in common?

The gaming
commission awarded Freita
the one remaining license.

There are two spots
on the Blue Strand
for that last casino.

And guess who
owns one of them.

-Benny Lee?
-The Chung triad

is moving money
out of Hong Kong.

Benny Lee used a chunk of it
to buy the property
two years ago.

Who owns
the other piece of land?

Some Germans.

So whoever makes the deal
could make millions.

Hundreds of millions.

And the loser's land
isn't gonna be worth shit.

This may mean nothing,

but I also heard
Daniel Freita's got a line

to Uncle Brother
by way of Tommy Trang.

-Hey, Nikki?

Would you wait
in the car?


What line?

Nobody knows,

but people
have seen Tommy and
Freita together before.

Look here.

Melanie Hains had
a third roommate,
a Jennifer Haller.

She's got a red sheet
on her a mile long.

My contact said
she was into Asians.

She was at the mayor's party
with Hains and Daniel Freita.


Haller and Melanie
were to meet a friend.

Nobody's heard from them.

Did you call the friend?


Nikki doesn't know her name.

Any contacts on
Haller's sheet?

Yeah, her parents,
but they live in Indiana.

They haven't talked to her
in three years.

You know what you're doing?

What do you mean?

She is young, isn't she?

Her last name is Calderon.

She's from a town in Ohio
called Medford Lakes.

Do me a favor.
See what you can
dig up on her.

Oh, God.

Yeah, I'm gonna clean up.

No, no. Don't.

What are those?



I used to cut myself.


Just something stupid I did
when I was young.

I don't wanna talk about it.


I did a crazy thing tonight.

I went to Chinatown
to see some people.

I was thinking
maybe they can tell me
about Daniel Freita.

Out of nowhere,
Eddie Trang shows up.

He's got some PTK
punks with him

and none of them
want to buy me a mai tai.

What happened?

He asks me what
my business is
with Daniel Freita

and I tell him to
kiss my ass.

Next thing I know,
I got a gun in my face

and nobody was
smiling except me.

Tommy Trang
has Eddie on a leash.

You must have put
a bug up his ass.

You know,
there might be more
to this Freita thing.

It was fun, Rem.

Just like the old days.


Good night.

Good night.

Something wrong?



You're on
the couch again tonight.

I gotta get up early
and do things.

Then we're going
to a barbecue.

Did you say you found a body?

We found her hand.
Still looking for the body.

Did you have sex with her?

We hadn't got that far.

We just went out
a few times to dinner.

Did you do drugs with her?

You get right
to the point, huh?

No point in wasting time.

I can't speak for her,
but I don't do drugs.


You worked for the mayor?

For a year.

And before that?

I worked for
the Freita Corporation.

Why'd you leave?

-More opportunities here.

You know her?

I met her at
some black-tie thing
the mayor had for Mr. Freita.

She was with Melanie.

And after that?

Never saw her after that.

She liked this guy
from the Freita Corporation.

She got me to introduce them.


His name is Oren Doba.

He's gone.
Went back to law school.

I don't know
what can I tell you?

I haven't seen
Jennifer in months.

But you saw her a lot before,
didn't you?

Look, I come from
an old Boston family, okay?

You crossed the tracks
to get your dick wet.

Big whoop. We don't care
about your family tree.

Just what you know about
Jennifer Haller.

She was wild.
What can I say?

"Wild" means different things.
Be specific.

She liked to party.

You know, kinky stuff.


As in, 10 lashes
kind of kinky?


And you?

Sure. Why not?
It was something different.

Well, if it hurt so good,
why did you stop seeing her?

She stopped seeing me.

It was all a scam anyway.
I was just a ticket to Freita.

We can do this here

or we can go downtown.

Your call.

I want to help, but maybe
I should talk to a lawyer.

You don't need one.

Just help us get
to the next level.

Freita liked to party hearty
now and then.

Did you party with him
now and then?

A few times.
At his penthouse.

Was Jen Haller there?

A couple times.

Did you see her with Freita?
I mean, intimately?

Once. Well, sort of.

Were they kinky?

She came on to him.
It was a big party,
lots of people.

She saved the heavy shit
for this club she liked
at The Jungle.

Club 88?


Did she ever take you there?


Did she take
Freita to that club?

I can't say.

Can't, or won't?

I shouldn't say anything
else without my
lawyer present.

Every time you have one of
these barbecues, it rains.

Tell me about it.

Remember last year?

Yeah, it poured.

That was nice.

I want a ten.

Kinda young, Rem.


Oh, come on, Lynn.

He hasn't looked
at me like that
since our wedding night.

If your ass was
that nice, I might.

Fuck you.

I don't like
this Freita thing.
You're way out on a limb.

I got a kid who partied
with him and the Haller girl.

I asked Tiger Wu
to poke around,

and guess who pops up?
Eddie Trang.

Somebody's worried.

It's still a long way
to Melanie Hains,

and Benny Lee,
for that matter.

I mean, so Freita
likes young women.

that is not a crime.

Don't bust my balls.
It's not what you think.

But she's
staying at your place?

For the time being.
It's temporary.

You're crazy.

Look, if you do come
up with something,

and I'm not telling you
how to play this,

just take it slow
and make sure it sticks.

And please,
bring it to me first.


You're yanking
a big dick here.

I know.

-Look at Bouton.

He's trying to get something.
He ain't getting nothing.

Can I get a hot dog?

He's persistent.

Hey, Rem.
Anna's on the phone for you.

Anna, it's Rem.

You boys having a fun time?

You bet we are.

I got something you
might want to see.

What is it?

You should see it
for yourself.

Come on, Anna. Can't it wait?

I think you should
see it right now.

By yourself.

All right, I'll come in.


What's she doing here?

She's part of
this investigation.

So everybody seems
to be telling me.

What you saw yesterday
isn't what you think.

Don't dig a hole
that you can't get out of.



Something's come up that
can't wait. I gotta go in.

Okay, I'll go get changed.

Try to relax.
Have a good time.

If I'm not back soon,
get Bouton to
take you to my place.



Went through the
Tribune photo stock.

Mostly party hats
and champagne smiles.

So Haller did meet Freita
at the party then.

I'll bet she's telling
him what she wants
for Christmas.

Now, I almost missed this.

I was wondering if your friend
mentioned she was there
that night.

-Hey, it's me.
-What's up?

Have you dug up anything
on Nikki Calderon?

A listing for Calderon
in Medford Lakes.

It hasn't been in
service in years.

I know a guy not
far from there.

He'll see what he can see.

I'll get back to you.

This is a private thing,

This official business,
or are you just slumming?

You know her?

Boy. You're right on
the edge here, lady.

I don't pay those
lawyers for nothing.

When did you
last see Jennifer?

A month ago.

She had a special client
they did on a regular basis.

Then suddenly it just stopped.

Is this him?

No. He was Asian.


You said they were doing.

She had a partner. A blond.

I think her name was

Vicki or Nikki.

Something like that.

Get out of here!

-Get some clothes on.
-Ouch! You're hurting me!

Get fucking dressed now!

I'm coming. I'm coming.

I know you're hungry,
aren't you, boy?

What's wrong?

I'll tell you what's wrong.

I'm getting fucked,
and not even enjoying
it like I should.

What are you talking about?

You forgot about
the mayor's ball?

-I wasn't.
-Don't you lie to me.

Just listen. I can explain.

And while you're at it,
explain why you
were at the 88.

I was at the mayor's ball.

But I couldn't tell you,
you'd think I was in on it.

I'm listening.

The 88 was because
I needed money.

You were fucking Daniel Freita!

I didn't touch Daniel Freita.
I'm talking about the Priest.

What priest? Priest, my ass.


When Jen saw
Freita at the ball,

he went to the top
of her wish list.

He didn't call her after that.

So she plays
slap-ass with Oren Doba

to slip into
Freita's world at the 88?

Freita didn't do the 88.
That was the Priest.

A fake minister Jen met
at one of Freita's parties.

He was some fetish freak.

Jen thought if
she added me to her
games with the Priest

then he would help out
with Freita.

I never had to have sex.
All I had to do
was just get naked...

Spare me the grisly details.

How in the name of God
did Melanie Hains
get involved in all this?

Melanie was Jen's ticket
to meet men with money.

Little girl lost.

Daddy couldn't
buy what she wanted.

-So, what happened?
-That last night at the 88,

the Priest got whacked out

and told Jen that
it would never happen
between her and Freita.

Why not?

Freita's not into women.

His tastes run
a little sweeter.



From something
the Priest calls the Snake.

You know what that is?


That's the Chinese
illegal aliens.

How did this guy
know all that?

Because he pimps
the boys to Freita
from this orphanage he runs.

He's dead.

-The Priest.

I saw him in the morgue

So it was blackmail.

Your roommates figured
Freita would pay

to keep them quiet.

How much?

A million.

Were you in on it?

No, I swear, Rem.

I said it was dumb,
but they wouldn't listen.

Freita was meeting the girls
at the beach house?

That's where he was gonna
bring the money.

-Where is it?
-I don't know.

I don't know, Rem!

They didn't tell me.

I'm so ashamed.

When I heard about Melanie,
I was so scared.

I thought he'd kill me
if he found out I knew.

Rem, I'm sorry.

It's me.
Leave a message at the tone.

It's Beck.
Pick up if you're there.
Something's gone down.

I was at work
when the call came.

Some security cops
heard the shot.

Did they see them?

No. They were gone
before they got here.

One round to the head.

Perp probably
stood right here,
then killed the dog.

It's not gonna fly, Rem.

Come on, Monty.

I got a kid who
places Jennifer

at Freita's penthouse
many times.

She partied at his place.
Lots of people did.

And I got a call last night
from the kid's attorney.

He said his client
would not pursue this.

Ah, we can drag
him into court.

Get serious.

What about her story?

You think someone
will go after Freita

on the say-so of some model
who moonlights in fuck games?

-It's true!
-It's hearsay!

Some nut getting
his ass whipped
while he rambles bullshit

about a respected citizen?

Rambling at a girl
that's now dead.

Not dead. Missing.

She could be whipping some
guy's ass in Bumfuck, Egypt.

And we can't produce
Melanie Hains' body either.

No grand jury in this state
would touch this.

Look, don't you see
the connection?

You got
Daniel Freita, Benny Lee
and the Trang brothers.

These girls opened a can
of worms and got killed

along with the orphanage guy
and Tiger Wu.

Look, bring me something
solid and I'll run with it.

I won't put my ass
on the line.

What do I need?

For starters,
how about Melanie Hains' body?

I know you don't
want to hear this

but I think you're getting
a little obsessed
with this girl.


You could get her hurt.

What I'm thinking is this.

What if we tell Freita
what we know?

Maybe that will
rattle him enough

to open the door
on Benny Lee and the Trangs.

You know the price
Freita would pay
if he turned on them.

Oh, God, I don't believe this.

You know you can't
connect the dots.

All you can do
is cause trouble,
end up on street duty.

And that's if Monty takes it
to the next level and
I sincerely doubt he will.

Don't forget, Daniel Freita
is on the police commission.

I've got to go.
Word to the wise.

Get her someplace far away.

They wouldn't be
looking for her

if they didn't think
she knew something.

What did she mean

about you knowing what
would happen to Freita
if he turned on them?


Well, there was this
Tong murder I investigated.

This punk drug dealer
offed a jack boy,

and I talked him
into ratting out Eddie,
Tommy's brother.

The dealer ended up dead,

and Eddie Trang walked.


Tommy takes it personal.

You see,

Asians don't like to lose
what they call face.

And then I end up standing
in the street one night
with May Lin.

One minute she's in my arms,

and the next, she's lying
in the rain, dead.

This is exactly
why no one wants
to partner with you.

Why you carry
this sorry-ass...

You're getting obsessed
with this girl.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

You should get some sleep.

Tell me I'm wrong about
the way you look at me.

Tell me you really want me
to go to sleep.

Or do you want something else?

Tell me what you like.


Is this where they shot you?

I've got to find
a way to nail them.

I've been thinking about that.

Why not pick up where
Melanie and Jen left off?

It sounds crazy,
but what if we did
their blackmail thing?

Get serious.

Monty's right.
You said it yourself.

You can't prove a thing.
Let's hurt them another way.

I'm a cop. It's illegal.

So was killing May Lin.

And Tiger.

If we bounce this
back at Freita,

he'd kill us,

like Melanie and Jennifer.

Trust me on that.

Not if we were smarter.

You think this is just a game?

No, Rem.

This isn't just a game.
I know we can be killed.

But you heard Beck.

They know I know.
They'll find me.

So either I start
running right now...

I feel good with you, Rem.

Do you want to know
why I cut myself?

It's because my life was shit,
and all I knew was pain.

But when you look at me,

when you touch me,

I feel like my heart's
gonna stop beating.

And I don't feel the pain.

I feel good.

And I've never known
anything like that,

anyone like that.


We can do this, Rem.

It's a million dollars.

Do it for that.

And for May Lin.

We're closed.

Open it.

-Fuck you.
-Open it!

-What, you gonna shoot me?

What the fuck?
You gonna off me?


I'm looking for Benny Lee!

He's gonna fucking kill you!

Shut up!

Long time no see, Rembrandt.

What brings you
back to Chinatown?

I was missing you
and your brother.

And where is Tommy?
Chasing a poodle for lunch?

What you want?

I want to talk to Benny Lee.

Why would he want to see you?

Daniel Freita.

You put your gun away.

I'd rather not.

What are you afraid of?
You think we're
gonna kill you?

The thought had
crossed my mind, Eddie.

You some dumb-ass?

Sticking nose
where it don't belong.

A man could get
hurt doing that.

Sometimes his friends, too.

I ain't come to play
with you, Tommy.

Why did you come here?

To tell you a story.

I'm not into stories.

You'll like this one.

What's it about?

Daniel Freita, little boys,
and the money
you took to buy land.

Go on.

Big money, big deal.

But you need Freita's
gaming license to swing it.

So Tommy here
comes up with the idea

of how to get him in bed
with you assholes.

And that's when the
Reverend Henry Moi
steps into the picture.

Story get any better?

Yeah, it does.

It seems that Daniel
Freita's got an itching
for young boys,

and you have
an endless supply of them.

So Freita's indebted forever,
and it's sealed with a kiss.

Until Jennifer Haller and
Melanie Hains show up.

Reverend plays
spank me with the girls,

and in a moment of passion
he tells them everything.

So they put
the squeeze play on,

and that's where
the Trangs step up.

Bottom of the ninth,
four dead.

The two girls,
the Reverend Moi, of course,

and my friend, Tiger Wu.

That's a fanciful story.

I thought you'd like it.

I just said it was fanciful.

What do you want?


What do I get in return?

I never tell my story.

I get out of town.
You never hear from me again.

You're a dead man.

How much?

The one million
the girls wanted.

And another million
for what they did
to May Lin Choi.

You're fucking nuts!

Two million's too much.

It's not negotiable.

If the deal with
Freita goes bad,
the triads lose their money.

And if that happens,

we both know
what'll happen to you.

How do I know
this will go away?

My word.

Why shouldn't I hang you
with the rest of this meat?

It's like you see
in the movies.

It's all been prearranged,

should I disappear
or end up dead.

You bluffing me?

That's for me to know
and you to find out.

You've got balls, cop.

So we got a deal?

You fuck me, you better run
and keep on running.

Tonight then.

This'll tell you
where and when.

You bring the cash. Alone.

I need more time
to get the money.

Oh, you'll manage
it somehow, Benny.

Of that I'm sure.


Hey. They bought it.

-Oh, my God.

And I upped it to two million.

Oh, my God.

You got to get out of there.
And don't go back
to your apartment.

What are you gonna do?

-I got things to do.
We'll meet later.

The old train station
on 50th and 8th.

It's been shut down
for a while.

It's empty at night.
We'll meet there at 11:00.

Are you okay with this?

I want you.

You got me.

So they put
the squeeze play on.

That's a fanciful story.

What do you want, cop?

He didn't know.

Monty in?

Gone for the day.
He's headed home.

Some guy's been trying
to reach you. Toby Carr.

Thank you.

Where's Toots, Bouton?

A woman got
stabbed in the subway.
I'm meeting him, now.

-What about Beck?
-I haven't seen her all day.

-Check you later.


Mr. Toby Carr?

Who wants to know?

Detective Macy. You called me.

Oh, yeah.

I've been checking out
that thing for you and Tiger.

What have you got for me?

There were some Calderons
in Medford Lakes a while ago.

But they died in a car wreck.

What about their daughter?

There was none.

But there was
a grandmother in Parks
until she died last year.

She was a foster parent.

One of her charges
was a girl named Nicole.

She lived with her
until she was 13,
then she ran off.

Her real name's Donato.

That's all I could get you.

Thank you.

Nicole Donato. Run it.

-I'm busy...
-Do it now, Anna!

I'll be at my desk.


Hi, Lynn, it's Rem Macy.
Is Monty home?

No, he went downtown.

If he checks in,
I'll have him call.

Great. Thank you. Bye-bye.


Donato, Nicole Lee.

Two priors,
underage prostitution.

They didn't flag it.
Four months in juvie.

I didn't have time
to check the arrest report.

I've got a date
at the movies and I'm late.

You're not in trouble,
are you?

Are you in trouble?

Her real name's Donato.

You would think
I was in on it.

The work records
for Ms. Hains...

We've got Freita, Benny
and the Trang brothers.

It's a long way
back to Melanie Hains.

To take away that pain.

It hurts to lose.

So is killing May Lin.

Bring it to me first.

What if we did that?

We can do this, Rem.

Tell me I'm wrong about
the way you look at me.

When you look at me,

when you touch me,

I feel like my heart's
gonna stop beating.

I don't feel the pain.

I feel good.

You got me.


If you don't hear from me
by midnight, open it.

Wait. What's this about?

Midnight. Just do it.





I missed you.

Where'd you get this?

I've had it.

I've never seen you
wear it before.

I found it when I was
packing up my stuff.



Hey, Rembrandt.


That doesn't look like
two million dollars to me.

Benny couldn't raise it.

Here's one.
He'll get you the other.

-We'll take the million.
-Leave it.

What do you mean?

Leave it.

-The deal's off.
-Don't fuck with us!

Put the gun away!
You're not gonna need it.

Why are you doing this, Rem?

-We've been set up.

Her real name is Donato.

There's a sheet on her.
Two priors.

The arresting officer
was Jack Monteleone,

also known as Monty
to his friends.

Maybe you've heard of him.

Who cares?

He knew how I felt
about you and your brother.

And what you did to the one
decent thing in my life.

And he knew I'd
get back at them.

Didn't he?

It was the hot dog vendor.

He saw this man in the photo.

And then there's
Melanie's ring.

In the shape of a flower,

with diamonds and an emerald.

Where is he?

Where is he?

Right here.

Early bird
catches the worm, huh?

Hand me the piece.
Slow and easy.

What are you gonna do?
Kill us all?

Who is this...

What the hell
took you so long?

If it's any consolation, Rem,

I know what
you've gone through.

It's hell to say no to her.

Can we go now?

What? She's got no
stomach for murder?

I'm going.

Hey, what's your hurry?

People are dying here tonight.

At least we can tell them why.

When did you figure this out?

When Benny didn't know
what I was talking about.

The girls didn't
blackmail Freita.

You killed them to set up
a fake murder case,

and let Nikki turn an Academy
Award-winning trick.

Like they say.

The fucking
you get ain't worth
the fucking you get.

Why me?

Somebody had to take the heat.

If Benny decided to
whack and not pay,

I figured better you than me.

I don't see this working.

Nobody hates
Tommy more than you.

That's how it's gonna look.

I say you were working some
crazy scheme to shake
Benny down for money.

See where I'm going?

No. It's full of loopholes.

Like me being Nikki's
arresting officer?

That's interesting, if you
were around to point it out.

-You won't be.
-Why are you so sure?

-Meaning what?
-Meaning I wrote it down,

along with
her arrest report
and gave it to Beck.

What's so damn funny?

The next look on your face.

I never thought
this would work.

When Nikki gave me
the blackmail idea,

I thought it was risky, but
Beck convinced me it wasn't.

After that, it was her show.

There were times
it got so crazy
I thought about walking away.

Especially when you mentioned
Medford Lakes.

But Tiger sealed the deal.

-You fuck!
-No, no, no!

Let's get this over with.
Give me his gun.

I'm taking this to the car.

You stay there!

They're gonna kill you.

Go on. Tell her.

Come on, Rem.
The show's over.

Don't you see it, Nikki?

They'll say
you took the money,
so you take the heat.

Always trying to
ride in and save
the day, huh?

You might've
been a decent cop.

Is that what you are?

This isn't where
the good guy beats
the bad guy with a true heart.

You beat him by
making money off him.

You're the bad guys.

We are?


Because we killed
some street trash
and a debutante fuck toy?

Or a crack-head
dealing kiddie sex
to the man of the year?

Or some dumb cop
who decides to cash in
with some young thing,

to keep him company
in his old age?

Who the fuck are you
to call us the bad guys?


I won't say anything.
You know that.

Sure, baby, we know that.

I'll just take my share
and disappear.

You'll never hear from me.

Yeah. That's good.

Cap him.

No, he's gone.

With this money,
I could get lost...

Will you shut up?

I'm scared.

There's no reason to be.

What if he was right?

He was fucking with you.

What's to stop you
from killing me when we leave?

You have to trust us.

We are some very
rich motherfuckers!

Where the hell
did you get that?

Monty gave it to me
a few years ago,

in case anyone
tried to hurt me.

Keep breathing.

That's what May Lin said
that night she died.

The trick is
to keep breathing.

You won't make it.

I didn't want this.
They made me.

No more lies!

Rem, we can still do this.

We can take this money
and just get out of here.

I would've done it.

That's how much I wanted you.

Even when I knew it was wrong.

We still can.


You can still trust me.

Okay? I cared about you.

For the first time in my life,

I had something real.

Trust, Nikki.

Why is it
so damn hard for you?

Who made you this way?


Everybody I've ever known.


Not everybody.

It's up to you.

Whatever you want.


Another time, another place.

I'm sorry.

I don't wanna die.

Nobody does.

Got something for you.

That's less the hundred grand.

Think you can make this work?

It is.
Don't you read the papers?

You're a smart guy, cop.

I could use a smart guy.

No, I don't think so.

Too bad.

You could do one thing.

-Keep Freita under control.

No more playtime for him.

That's already done.
Is that it?

There is one more small favor.

You want something else?

Not unless it has hair on it.

Dream on.

I can't believe they did it.

I can. I never trusted him.

It's just so weird, man.

Him and Beck running dope
with Eddie Trang.

Who'd have thought of that?

He went to
a lot to set you up.

Just so you'd take the fall.

I don't know about you,
but ripping off 100 grand,

that's no
small chunk of change.

You are one lucky white boy,

that your gun jammed with mud.

Yeah, lucky.

Next time you'll
call for backup.

Like Monty always said,

when it came to police work,
I'm a cowboy.


Good night, Rem.

Take care of yourself.

You too, Anna.

You're crazy, man.

How's the wing?

Stronger every day.

The news about
Tommy will help.

What happened to him?

Got shot.

Found him under
the Bay Bridge.

Shit. Couldn't happen
to a nicer guy.

I would've paid a lot
to see that.

Yeah, me, too.

-Toots, you coming with me?
-Yeah. Peace, Rem.

Good night, guys.