True Blood (1989) - full transcript

Ray Trueblood, member of a street gang, is framed by an enemy of a rival gang, Billy "Spider" Masters. Ray is accused of killing a cop and he has to escape leaving behind his little brother, Donny. Ten years later Ray returns to his neighborhood to take his brother with him, but things are worse than he could expect: his brother, now 18 years old, hates him and is a member of Billy Masters' gang. Furthermore, Billy Masters is looking for revenge and... the police are still after Ray for the murder of the police officer.



DONNY: Ray?Yeah?

Can you hear the train?

Yeah, I hear it.

Where do you
think it's going?

Well, it's
hard to tell.

Might be headed west.

Might even been
going as far
as Wyoming.

Right past
mom's house.

Yeah, by that,
that corral where
she's keeping that...

That nice looking
horse for you.

Past all those
lakes and rivers.

All those
big mountains.

Those mountains are
bigger than anything
you and me ever seen.

And you know
what, Donny?

One day, me and you
are gonna go there.

Now you go
and get some sleep.

[GRUNTING]I'll see you later.



Here comes True.

They're inside.

How many?Six.

Maybe all seven
of them.



You're way out
of your territory, man.


You see that?

RAYMOND: Billy Masters
did that on my turf.

And I want him.

Spider man!

RAYMOND: You cut C.J.

Now I'm gonna
bust you up.

I don't think so.

MAN 1: Be ready, man,
be ready.

MAN 2: Come on, Spider,
get him!MAN 3: Watch him, watch him.

MAN 1: Get ready, man!MAN 2: Come on, Spider!

[RAYMOND GRUNTING]MAN 4: Yeah, take him!


MAN 1: Yeah! Look out!



MAN 2: Come on, get up!
Man, get up!

MAN 3: Get up and kill Ray.

Come on, Ray!Watch him! Watch him!


MAN 1: All right!
Cut the mother!

MAN 2: Come on, spider.

MAN 2: All right! Yeah!

MAN 1: Get up, man!
Get up!

MAN 1: Yeah!MAN 2: He cut, man!
He's cut, he's down!






Come on!



Hold it, I got it.

I'm going to get
these assholes!


Hold it!
Freeze, right there!

Hold it, right there!
On the ground!

On the ground!
Come on, let's go!

Feet apart,
spread 'em!
Let's go.

Hands out.


BILLY: Psst!



You think
you're the best,
stand up.

Before you leave,

I want to hear you
say it just once.

Tell old Billy boy
who's the best.

I can't hear you.

I can't hear you.

I can't hear you!


That's right.

Kneel before
old Billy boy.

OFFICER: Hey, Tony!


Drop the gun!
Put down
the goddamn gun!

Now put it down!
I'll blow your
fucking head off!

I didn't do it!

Put down the gun!

Okay, okay.

Lay it
on the ground!



Donny, wake up.


We're gonna go
and see mom.


Sit over here, Donny.Okay.

Get up there.Yeah.

Hey, you stay here
and guard our stuff,
all right?

Don't let nobody
touch it.

I'll go get
the tickets.

Two tickets
to Wyoming.

All right!

All right.

Donny, don't talk
to anybody.

DONNY: Okay.

That's him.

OFFICER: Hold it!


89 P.D.U. Central,

we are in pursuit
of a red, 1977,

'78 Cutlass Supreme,

New York plates,
six, Adam, Charlie, 177.


what is your location?

Central, we are
in pursuit northbound

on Holbrook
approaching Atlantic.

All right, all right, we're
turning east now on Adam!

Joe! I think
we're on.

WOMAN ON RADIO: ...In pursuit
of a red Cutlass Supreme.

New York plates,
six, Adam, Charlie, 117.What do you got?

WOMAN ON RADIO: Suspect is
wanted in the shooting
of a police officer.

All right.That's it.






There he goes.

Team two, joining
pursuit of 187 suspect.

CHARLIE: We're right
behind you, Pete.

He's headed
for the terminals.




All right. We got
his ass now.


All right, watch the...
Watch the pole.
Watch the pole!

CHARLIE: Watch the pole!


Watch the turn!


CHARLIE: Wa... Watch it!


Grab your cocks, jolly.
Bing, bang, boom!

Here we go.[WHIMPERING]

CHARLIE: Oh, shit!


Oh, Christ! Run, Joe.
Go, go, go!



You son of a bitch!


I'll get you,
you son of a bitch!

JOSEPH: I promise,
I'll get you!

I'm gonna get you!





I'm sorry
to bother you, ma'am,
but I used to live here.

And I'm looking
for my brother.

Donny Trueblood.
Do you know him?

Never heard of him.


Uh, does a Bobby Gaines
still hang out here?

Yeah. He comes in here
after work sometimes.

You want a beer?No. No, thanks.

I don't like nobody
watching me, man.

You want to play,
it's a buck a game,

We're shooting
eight-ball, man.
You rack.

I'm looking for
somebody about
18 years old.

Donny Trueblood,
you know him?

Nah, man,
I don't know him.

Go ahead and break it.

Cheek, see that dude
at the table?

He's showing
a tattoo, man.

Dude's a Shadow, man.

He's looking for
Donny Trueblood.

I think it's him.

Hey, Tony,
how's it going?

Who's the
unlucky man?

[SIGHS]Says he's
a friend of yours.

Of mine?

Your name
Raymond Trueblood?

I'm talking to you,

This ain't Shadows'
turf no more.

You standing on
Imperials' property.


Just waiting
for somebody.

Then you can
wait outside.

I need my jacket.

For a dude
who's supposed
to have a rep,

you ain't
showing me much.

I think you must
be a pussy.

Hey, pussy!

You think you're
just gonna walk out?

No, man.

First, you're gonna
kiss my ass.

I'll tell you, what.

You can kiss
your own ass after
I finish kicking it.

You're gonna
eat this stick,



It's cool, man.


Keep the buck.

You're slowing down,



Goddamn, man!
What the hell
happened to you?

You call me from
bumfuck, Egypt,

and ask if the heat's on
and nothing for 10 years.

Not even
a fucking postcard.

Jeez, Bobby, I...

[SIGHS]I didn't think
you could read.

They got pictures
on 'em, right?


Come on,
let's get out of here.

So, where you
been hiding, man?

Been in
the Marine Corps.

No shit!
The Marines?

Just got out.[LAUGHING]


Left, right, left!

Left, right, left!

Bobby, that's enough.

How'd I do?

Better than you
did in the bar,
I'll tell you that.

Hey, buddy,
I gotta live here.

You know
what I'm saying?

Piss one of those
fuckers off and they'll
shoot you in the head.

The neighborhood's
changed here.

It ain't like it was
when the Shadows ruled.

Nothing's been
the same since
you left and C.J. died.


Yeah, been
eight years now.

Woody's down in Florida

Jimmy Mack's in Attica.

And I'll tell you
what, buddy.

You two might be
bunkmates if you
stick around.

They're still
looking for you, True.


Where you shacking up?

There's this joint
over on East 7th.

Yeah? I know it well.
"The Pussy Palace."

[LAUGHS] Great place
for crabs.


I'd help you out
myself, buddy,

but I just met
this chick and it's...

It's her place.

You know how
that is, right?

This is my uncle's shop.

The man thinks
he's fucking G.I. Joe.

Just tell him
you were a marine.
He'll set you right up.

I ain't gonna
be just sticking
around very long.

Just till I find
my brother, then we're
getting out of here.

You know where
he is, Bobby?


Yeah, I know
where he is.

He's on the street.

Hooked up with
this little pissant gang

about three,
four years ago,

right after your
old man blew town.

The news gets
worse, True.

These guys, they call
themselves "The Family."

They got a real
head case for a daddy.

He wears an earring
shaped like a spider.

Billy Masters?

Yeah, Billy Masters.
And he's still
a sick fuck!

Where are they, Bobby?

BOBBY: There's a
shit hole factory
down on the docks

by the East River.

Last I heard,
that's where
they were hanging.

Watch yourself.


You don't want
to come up here.

I'm looking for
Donny Trueblood.

Come on up.

RAYMOND: You got
two choices,

you can get out
of my way or you can
shit splinters.




BILLY: Hello, Raymond.

It's been a long time.

I missed you, Ray.

Though I thought
about you every day.

I want my brother.

He's not
your brother now.

He's part
of my family.

You should never have
come back, Ray.








Where's my brother?

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where's my brother?

DONNY: Don't move.


Donny, it's me, Ray.


Do him!

Donny, look.
Look at me.

BILLY: Do it. Come on.

You can do it.

Do it!
You can do it.

Donny.Get the fuck out!

Donny, look at me!Get out! Now!



You're dead!

You're dead!

I took you in.

I made you
part of us.

You disobeyed me.

You do that again,
I'm gonna kill you.

You're dead!

BILLY: You're dead!

BILLY: You're dead!


Mr. Santos?Yeah.

Bobby Gaines said
I should see you
about a room.

One year lease,
six bills a month.

Yeah, well,
I don't have
that kind of money.

Yeah, I'm a little
short on cash, I...

I just got out
of the service.

What branch?The Marines.

Semper fi,kid.

Frank Santos,
Korea, 1951.

Ray Trueblood.

I'll make you
a deal, Trueblood.

You can have one
of the apartments,

but you gotta
earn your keep.

You ever cook before?

I did a little
short-order cook.

You're hired.
Follow me.

FRANK: Hey, dickhead!

I got you
some help.

Freddy's the worst
fucking cook
in the city,

but his brother's
a marine, so he's
gotta be okay, right?

Here's your weapon.

There's your uniform.

Have fun.
Hey, sweet thing!

FRANK: We got us
a new recruit.
Ray Trueblood.

United States
Marine Corps.

Trueblood, say hello
to Jennifer Scott,

future Broadway star.

Watch it, kid.

She's got a tongue
like a freaking
Ginsu knife.

Pleased to meet you.

medium rare.

She hates Marines.



We'll be waiting.



Bye, now.


I said drive!



OFFICER: Evening.

Let me have
two large coffees.

One black,
one cream
with sugar.

You got that?

Hold it!

Where is he?He went out the door!




Hold it, kid!
Hold it!




This is one way, man!


Look out!



Now let's go, people!

All right.
Good night, Marie.Good night.

Freddy, see you
tomorrow, huh?All right.

All right, Ray.
You did good
tonight, kid.

Hey, listen,
I'm gonna give
you the penthouse.

Well, a place
to stay tonight,

but I'll bring
my gear over
in the morning.

All right, whatever.
Hey, sweet thing,

I want to
get out of here!
Let's go, come on!

Hey, go get her, Marine.

Looks like we're
gonna be neighbors.


Hey, Jennifer,
is there
something wrong?


Why should anything
be wrong? I love
being surrounded

by primitive men
at Camp Greasy Spoon.

Oh, you're
talking about
the military, huh?

Well, I'm certainly
not talking about
poet laureates, am I?

You like poetry?

Who's your favorite?Emerson.

Who's yours,
Dr. Seuss?


He's pretty good,
but I prefer Yeats.


That's a nice choice.

Well, I'll see
you tomorrow.


Donny? Donny!

Shit! No!

Oh, Jesus Christ, no.

I'll get you
to the hospital.

Cop. Cop did it.

Don't think you
can come in here
and start trouble!

I'm calling
the police!

Hurts. It hurts!It's all right.

Just take it easy.



Who is it?

It's Ray. Jennifer.
I need your help.

What kind of help?

RAYMOND: Please,
Jennifer, open up.
It's an emergency.




Jennifer, I need
your help.I hardly know you.

Please, he's
my brother, Jennifer.

We have no place
else to go.


Come on. Come on.[GRUNTING]

RAYMOND: That's it.
Okay. Okay.

All right.

JENNIFER: Look at him!
He should be
in a hospital!

RAYMOND: It's all right.
It's all right.
Listen to me.

I need a wet washcloth,
a razor blade,

and some alcohol,
all right?

That's what I need.
You get that.

I don't think
I have any alcohol.

Well, get some booze.
You got some booze?

My big brother.

Don't talk,
don't talk.

That's all I've got.


You should have
stayed dead.




I need you to
keep wiping that
blood off, all right?

Can you do that?
Can you do that?I don't know!

Yeah, you can
do that, just try.

All right, little brother,
we gotta keep quiet here,
all right?

All right, you ready?

Give me that blade.

Hold his legs.

All right, okay.
Here we go.



RAYMOND: Easy, easy.JENNIFER: Oh, my God!

That's it.
That's it.

RAYMOND: That's it, wipe
the blood, Jennifer.

Jennifer, wipe the blood.
Wipe the blood!


That's it,
that's it.

That's it,
that's it.

Okay. Come on,
come on, come on,
come on...

Mmm. Yeah.

Not too deep.

Is he dead?

No, he's just
passed out.

Jennifer, I want
you to get me needle
and thread, all right?

I'm gonna sew him up.

Okay? And some gauze.

Go on, go on, go on.


Thank you.

I'm gonna take
care of you.

It's okay, buddy.

Hey, hey, hey,
it's the big
bad wolf!

Where's Gates?He's upstairs, inside.

Ah, charming suite.

All right, Charlie,
I know you dragged
my ass out of bed,

three in the morning,
what's the big secret?

I thought you'd
like to be here
for this, Jose.

Old friend of yours
is back in town.

Do I get a hint?

Well, 10 years ago
he snuffed your partner.

Are you sure?

We just got
a computer match
on the prints

we pulled
from this room.

Was it Trueblood
who was bleeding?

Hmm. Not the one
you're after.

We think it's
his kid brother.

Hotel manager ID'd
him as a suspect

who hit a convenience mart
last night, about five
blocks from here.

Yeah, right,
I know the kid.
What else you got?

Well, some
loose change...


razor, and this.

Frank Santos?Yeah.

Son of a bitch.

He's out there, Charlie.

JOSEPH: The motherfucker
is out there.

I'm gonna nail him
this time. I'm gonna
nail him good.

Mr. Trueblood?


I thought
you should know,
your brother just left.


Donny, where you going?



where you going?

Donny, don't
go back there.



Donny, why don't
you talk to me, man?
I'm your brother!

What the hell is
wrong with you, Donny?
Why don't you talk to me?

You left me!


Ten years,
I didn't hear
from you!

Ten fucking years.

And now you come back,

and you want
to be my brother?

Donny, I don't expect
you to forgive me,
all right?

I don't.

But I swear to God,
I had no choice
but to leave.

And the further I got
from this place,

the longer I was gone,
the harder it was
to get back.

Bullshit, man!Wait a minute.

That's the truth.

I'm sorry, I got...
I got hung up, man.

I got... You get...

I got caught up
thinking about myself

and I forgot
what was important.

Important things,
like, like family,

like brothers.
and that's why
I came back, Donny.

I came back to get you
because we're brothers.

And nothing
can change that.



Feel better?Not yet.


Now I do.

Now I do.

You keep doing that,
Donny, you're gonna
bust your stitches.

Come on.

Come on, man.

So, this is gratitude?

I'm growing tired
of playing nurse
to the Truebloods.

I don't know why
I let you guys
back in here.

We'll get out of here.
I'll get a key from Frank

and we'll be out
of here by tonight.

Let's hope so.

I gotta go.

Thanks, nurse.

JENNIFER: John Keats,
19th century poet.

Died when he was 26.

You nearly beat him.

You must be hungry.
Come on in the kitchen.
I'll make you breakfast.

Oh, please
don't smoke.

All right.


Bon appetit.

What is this?

What is it?

Haven't you ever
had French toast?

Hey, lady, I never even
been to Jersey, all right?

It's not bad.

Gee, that's quite
a compliment.


JENNIFER: Look, call me when
the Roman orgy's over.


Can I ask you something?

If you must.

Have you got
a weed or something
stuck up your ass?

[SCOFFING] No class

JOSEPH: I'm looking
for Frank Santos.

You found him.

Do you know a kid
named Donny Trueblood?

He's about 18 years old,

dark hair with
a cut-up leather jacket.

What was that name again?JOSEPH: Donny Trueblood.

No, I don't know him.

Uh-huh, what about
his brother?

What'd he do?

Killed a police officer.

No, sorry.
I don't know him.

JOSEPH: Why don't you
have another look.

He'd be 10 years
older now.

Hey, I don't know the kid.
I said I don't know.

Is that a fact?

Then maybe
you can explain...

What was he doing
with your business card?

Hey, I don't know.
A lot of people got
my business card.


Now you got one.

Thanks, thanks a lot.


I tell you what,
I got one for you too.

That's just so
you don't lose it.

What do you think?Mmm.


I think he's
full of shit.


we can either
stake the place out

or you can go back
and beat it out of him.

Don't tempt me.[CHUCKLES]

Look at this,
look at this.


Wait a minute,
what do you think, huh?

I don't know.

It's worth a shot.

CHARLIE: Jeez, that's
a nasty habit.


I think I got something.


Freddy, take a break.
I wanna talk to Ray.

What's up?

You didn't tell me
you were in trouble
with the police.

They're after you
and your brother, Ray.

They say you
killed a cop.

Now, whether you
did or you didn't,

I can't afford
to get mixed up
in this.

You gotta go.


FRANK: This is for
a couple days,

maybe more.

Sorry, kid.

89 P.D.U. to central.

go ahead, 89.

Request 1085,

repeat, 1-0-8-5.

One unit,
one supervisor,

1223 Marietta.




Where's the fire...What's going on?

Where's the fire
escape, Jennifer?

Where is it?
Come on!It's right there!


RAYMOND: Come on,
come on, come on!

You're paying
for that door.

Okay, let's not wake up
the cockroaches, hmm?



Take the car
around to the side.
Stand by.

Get in.Hey!

Jesus Christ, man!



Shit! We're gonna
get dumped!

This is great, man,
fucking great.


Shit! Shit! Shit!

You see anybody here?


You check this?

Son of a bitch.




You were right, Jose.

[LOUD THUD]What the hell was that?

DRIVER: Get out of there!


Hey, man!
They're stealing
our garbage!



What the fuck
are we gonna do?

We can't outrun
these guys in this!



Come on!
Go, go, go, go, go!


Holy shit!



Eat that!

Whoo! Ah!


[SCOFFS]Oh, that's great.


These fuckers can run
but they can't hide.

Not in that monster.

There they are!
There they are!

You're gonna love it.[TOILET FLUSHING]

It's got
a really nice view.

And the bug man
just sprayed,

so there ain't
no cock-a-roaches.

This is it, boys.

One bed, one bath,

completely furnished.




You said 30, right?

That's what I said.

Yeah, would you, uh,
take half of that?

[LAUGHS] Sure,
I'll take half,

if you like
the broom closet
down the hall.

Look, pal, don't jerk
old Harry around.

You want the place
or not?

Yeah, yeah, I want it.

All right,
give me the money.


You know, man,
I've shit in better
places than this.

it's all we can afford.

But that don't matter.
Soon as I get
the money we need,

we're outta here,
we're gone.

Money for what?For two tickets.

Tickets for what?

Two tickets to Wyoming.



Hey, Donny,
I was there.

That's where
I went when I left
the city. I went...

I went to Wyoming
to look for Mom.

You saw Mom?

No, I...

Mom's dead, Donny.

She died before
I got there.


But that...
Donny, that...

That doesn't
change anything.

See, we...
We could still go.

Donny, you gotta
see this place.

It's, it's everything that
Mom told us it would be.

Everything she promised.

I want you to come with me.
We can live together.

We'll get a house,
and, and...

Just like we used
to talk about, Donny.
You remember that?

And do what?

Play fucking cowboys?

Look at me!
Look at me!

Do I still look like
a fucking kid to you?

I knew you wouldn't
stick around.


Listen to me.
Listen to me, Donny.

What are you...
What are you
gonna do, Donny?

Are you gonna stay here?
You're gonna live
on the street?

Huh? That ain't
no life, man!

It ain't no life.

And you can't stay
in this city, Donny.
Don't you understand that?

Because if Masters
don't get you,
the cops will.

And, Donny, either way,

you're gonna
end up dead.

Don't you understand
that, man?

Listen to me!

I survived for 10
fucking years

without your help.

So don't you start
fucking worrying
about me now!

You know...

Man, I fucking belong
on the street, man.

It's what I know.

And you know what?

You wanna know.
I can trust it, man.


More than I can
trust my own brother.

More than I can
trust you, Ray.

I gotta walk, man.





Two barrels,

two balls.

Spider wants
to see you.

BILLY: Hey, long time,
no see, Bobby.

Sit down. Make yourself

Tie him up.

I want Ray Trueblood,

I'd like his brother,

and I would like
for you to tell me
where they are.

BOBBY: How the fuck
should I know?

I hear things.

You know where he is.

I think you
ought to tell me.

[SIGHS] I can't tell you
what I don't know.

You know what this is?

This 100-proof whiskey.

It's cheap,

but it burns
real nice.

What the fuck!

What the fuck!


What are
you doing, man?

You're crazy!

This is a little trick

that my mommy taught me.


See, Bobby.

Only you can
prevent forest fires.

All right.
All right.

All right.

I think they must
be over at my
uncle's place.


Well, tell me
what you find out.

You know where
to find me.

Well done, Bobby.

Well done.



I should say,

"Bobby's well-done."


Thank you.

Well, if it isn't
primitive man.

What are you
doing here?

I don't know.
What do people
usually do here?

Fine, you want
a last meal before
they haul you away?

What can I get
the Neanderthal?

Well, I kinda liked
the French toast.



I came here
to apologize,
all right?

I didn't mean
what I said about...

About you having
a weed up your ass.
I was...

That was really...Crass.

Yeah, crass.You're a disgusting

Sure, why not.And an insufferable lout.

Yeah, well, I'd agree
if I knew what
the fuck that was.

Hey, wait a minute.

What is your problem?

I'm just trying
to be nice to you.

Jennifer, that kid
bothering you?

No, that's
all right, Frank.

He was just
about to leave.

Isn't that right?



Wait a minute.

Hey, why don't
you just tell me
what it is you're after?

I ain't after nothing.

Oh, you ain't?

I came here
'cause I wanted
to apologize to you.

I wanted...

I wanted to tell you
that I appreciated
what you did for me.

All right,
but go on.

Don't worry
about it, okay?

Because I'm not gonna
bother you no more.



If you want to talk,

meet me after
my dance class
tomorrow night, okay?

But don't come back
here again because
it's too dangerous.

There's the time
and the address.

I must be crazy.


MAN: He's hustling pussy
at that address
Gaines gave you.

Some waitress.

But he's living
with his brother
in a room

down on Front Street.



One for the brother.

And one more
for the bitch.

Our sheep has strayed.

Tomorrow night,

we bring him
back to the fold.

All right,
let's talk.


JENNIFER: What is it
with you, anyway?

Why aren't you more
like your brother?

I was a kid,

I used to want
to be like Ray.

I got over it.


What's so funny?

Your behavior.

I mean, the face
you try to so
hard to sell,

black leather
and a bad attitude.

Oh, yeah?
And what's yours?

Uh, fancy music
and bullshit dancing?

If you came here
to attack me again,

we can end this
conversation right now.

Yo, respect
cuts two ways.

[SIGHS]You may find this
hard to believe,

Mr. Trueblood,

but I've been
where you are.

And I worked damn
hard to get out.

And I will not be
dragged down again.

Not by you,
not by anyone.

Hey, Jennifer!

Hey, Jennifer,
wait a minute!

I don't want
to bring you down.

I just want to talk.

I even got a poem.

A poem?


Come here,
check it out.

[CHUCKLES]I, uh...



You got a lot of balls
walking in here.

I came to talk
to you.


You're in no position
to talk, maggot!

I'd just as soon
fuck due process

and exterminate
your sorry ass
right here and now.

And when you do that
you'll never get the guy
who killed your partner.

I'm looking at
the son of a bitch.[GRUNTING]


You know I waited
10 years for this.

Ten fucking years,
my slimy friend.

I did not kill
your partner.

Oh, you did it
all right.[GRUNTING]

It was just the two
of us on the roof
that night, maggot!

Nobody else!You're wrong, Lieutenant.

There was someone else.Bullshit!

Listen, I know
who he is.

And I know his name,
I know where he is and I'll...

I'll help you get him.

If you're willing
to make a deal.

Ah!I don't make no deals
with cop killers.

[WINCES] Just think
about it, Lieutenant.

Would I be here if I was?

All right.

You think you got
something to say to me?
Go ahead, say it.

You can have me.

You can have me
and the guy who
killed your partner.

But you got to let
my brother Donny
walk away.

What, you out
of your mind...

If anything
happens to him,

then you're gonna
have a cop killer
on the streets.

And you're never
gonna know his name.

Why the fuck
should I trust you?

'Cause if you want justice,
you got no choice.

All right,
you got a name?
Give me a name.

Not without a deal.

I'm not playing
games with you,

Give me a name!

Not without a deal.


All right, kid.
You got a deal.

But you listen to me,
and you better listen good.

If you're dicking
with me and I find
out this is bullshit,

I promise you,
you and your brother

are gonna spend
the rest of your
life in a cage.

I guarantee it.
You understand?

Now, give me a name.

Billy Masters.

Masters... Billy Masters?

Billy Masters.
It was his gun,

He killed your partner.

He wanted to kill me.

He took off
before you got there.


That's for 10 years.

[SIGHS] Better not
go any farther.

The police have been
watching the building.

Well, I think it's time
we get out of the rain.

Thank you for
the escort, Donald.

Good night.


You like my brother,
don't you?

I'm his friend.




Good night.

Good night.



Nobody breaks up
my family.




Get out of my house!

Get out!

Get out!



Come out, come out.

Wherever you are.

Come on.

Come on!





Come on.




You're dead,
little piggy.


and your
boyfriend's brother.





Oh, Jesus! Jen![SOBBING]

Oh, Jesus Christ, Jen.


Come here.

Come here.


Shh, look at me.

It's okay.

We're gonna get
the police up here.

And they're
gonna take care
of you, okay?


Oh, Donny...

He's going after Ray.

[SOBBING] He's going
after Ray, Donny.

All right, Trueblood,
go talk to your brother.

I'm giving you
five minutes.

Then you're taking
me to Masters.

Five minutes!

You believe him, Joe?





Here, Ray.

I'm here.



Up here, Ray.


BILLY: Getting warmer.




I see you brought
your friends with you
down there, Raymond.

You wouldn't
be thinking

about telling
fairy tales on me
now, would you?

You know we can't
let that happen.

Why don't you
close your eyes?

Got a big surprise
for you.

Go on.

Close 'em!


Turn around.

Just like old times,
huh, Raymond?

Although we never
did finish that
business, huh?

Still think you're
better than old Billy, huh?

I know what.

Why don't we just
count to three,

and then we find out?





You're just gonna
have to kill me, Raymond.

Leave it.


Come on.

You can do it.

Leave it.


Aw, whoops!

Guess I forgot to put
the bullets in.

I guess you lose.

Joe, wasn't that
his kid brother?

Where?Just went in.


BILLY: There.

Would you
look at that?

It's the great
Raymond Trueblood!


Who's the best now, huh?


[COCKING GUN]BILLY: Who's the best now?

I guess I am.








Don't you die on me now![GROANS]

Don't you
die on me now!

Only if it gets you...What?

Only if it gets
you to Wyoming.



I love you.Yeah.


Stay away from the gun!

All right, come on.
Come on!

Get up!
Against the wall!

All right,
spread your legs.

Spread 'em!

Come on,
here you go.

Don't worry
about it, kid.
I've seen worse.

CHARLIE: You have
the right
to remain silent.

If you give up the right
to remain silent,
anything you say

can and will be
used against you
in a court of law.

You have
the right to speak
with an attorney

and to have that
attorney present
during questioning.

If you so desire
and cannot afford one,

an attorney
will be appointed...



I'll take care of this.
Why don't you go downstairs,
call an ambulance?

All right, Joe.

Turn around, kid.

I want you out of town.
I don't care how you go.

Get a train,
get a plane,

use your thumb,
I don't care.

Just make sure you go,
you understand?

If you don't,
I'm coming after you.

Now get out of here.

Don't worry about him,
he'll live.


JOSEPH: Now we're even.


Let me tell
you something,

Just because
I dropped the charges,

doesn't mean
I'm gonna forget you.

I can still nail
your ass for littering.

I understand that,

Don't come back here.


Now get the fuck
out of here.

I was beginning to think
you'd changed your mind.

One-way to Denver
with a connection
in Wyoming.

And after that,
you're on your own.

Thank you.

You tell Frank
I owe him.


What did
the doctor say?

[GRUNTING]Oh, here,
let me help you.

Well, he said, uh...

That I should keep
lead out of my diet
for a while.

God!But he said
I'd be all right.

How about you?
How you doing?

I'm tougher
than you think.

I doubt it.


Always wanted
to do that.

Bing, bang, boom.

As soon
as I get, uh...

Get settled out there
and get an address,

I'll send it
to you, all right?

And you make sure
that Donny gets it?

What's so funny?

I have a little
present for you.

Did you think
you were gonna
leave without me, huh?


Take care.

CONDUCTOR: All aboard!

Thanks for everything.

♪ There is a place

♪ I'd like to go

♪ I've only touched it
in a dream

♪ Sometimes these walls
are hard to climb

♪ You know they make it hard

♪ To find that place

♪ The place within my mind

♪ But I believe
We'll make it, see

♪ Could become his destiny

♪ If that's his life's desire

♪ You know someday
There'll come a time

♪ I'll leave the night behind

♪ And set my spirit free

♪ To go beyond a dream

♪ Beyond a dream

♪ You'll never find
what you fail to seek

♪ Or make him taste his life

♪ When his spirit's weak

♪ Well, now there's nothing
Nothing stopping me

♪ This man came far
to see beyond a dream

♪ Beyond a dream

♪ Beyond a dream

♪ I've gone beyond a dream

♪ Beyond a dream

♪ Beyond a dream