Truck Stop Women (1974) - full transcript

A mother and daughter who run a brothel for truckers fight back when the Mafia tries to take over their operation. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[country music playing]

[singing] Some folks
call me a laughing boy,

some say I'm a clown.

But till you try
my way of life--

Moiry, it's your last
bath, so I hope you're clean.

[gun shots]

Bye, sweetheart.

BOSS: Messy, very messy.

And Moiry's only half dead.

He's in a coma.

BOSS: Messy.

OK, I give you that New
Mexico territoroes--

the rackets, the high-jackers.

If you can take them.

What do you mean?

BOSS: There's a tough old broad
running Moiry's turf out there.

You've got to get rid of
Annie and her cowboys.

You gotta-- you
gotta force her out.

You gotta-- you gotta
get to the local police.

We could handle it.

Just got a little truckstop--
you can work out of there.

Eh, and the financing?

There's a half
a million dollars

worth of securities moving to
the territory from a New York

- Yeah?


You intercept these securities,
there's your financing.

If you ever get to the West
Coast, never heard of you.

Don't worry about it.

We can handle it.

This time, use a
little bit of class.

OK, you can go.


Take a little tip-- don't pick
up any hitchhikers out there.

Especially broads--
it ain't safe.


[country music playing]



Much obliged to
you for stopping.

I was just saying
to my friend Tina

here that if you
didn't stop, I was

going to get right in the
middle of that highway and cry.

What's the matter?

She thinks it's the generator,
but I think it's the battery.

We was just on our over to
Radio Springs, and suddenly

the engine just up and quits.


remember the Red River Valley,

and the sweetheart
loved you so true.

Come and sit by my
side, little darling--

we will miss your bright
eyes and sweet smile.

Yes, remember the Red River
Valley-- and the sweetheart

who loved you so true.


THEME SONG: Truck stop
women, yeah, still swimmin'.

Truck stop women,
about to blow my mind.



Funny, you're
always gettin' tail.

driving all day,

and I was gettin' kind of tired.

I was looking for a
place to ease my pain.

Hadn't had a cup of
coffee in 150 miles--

Come on in, baby.

Ain't you never seen a
honey trucker before?

THEME SONG: Just a truck
drivin' man on the road again.

Well, I came around
the corner, saw

the red lights flashing on
the neon sign, and I to grin.

There's a 30-foot picture of a
girl in a bikini on the truck

stop route, and I lit on in.

When I came through
the door, there

was something kind of funny--
there were girls all around me,

not a man in sight.

And the waitress
grinned, and she winked

when she said, how
about a truck stop

special, so I said all right.

Truck stop women, my
head's still swimming.

Truck stop women,
about to blow my mind.


Well, I was waiting
for my coffee

when a man came in--
didn't see me or nothing,

but he left with a smile.

I was really getting hungry.

So I yelled for the waitress,
and she laughed when she said,

just a little while.

Then a pretty young girl
came and sat down beside me,

said, what you waitin'
for, truck driving man?

Said, I been waiting 20 minutes
for my truck stop special.

And she looked at me and
said, honey, here I am.

Truck stop women,
heads still spinning.

Truck stop women
about to blow my mind.

[engine roaring]




Rose just come in with a truck.

Get on it, Mac.

Get Rose for LA as soon
as the paint's dry.

But hell, Anna, just go here.

Get on it!


Hey, Rose.

You got it, honey!

Of course we got it.

We weren't out there
screwing around.


Lay off, creep.

All right, Winter.

Get to work.

Paint it white.

Ah, Mac.

Paint it pink.

Your ma said white.

Screw my ma.

Paint it pink.

Anna said white.

Screw Anna.

I'd rather try you.


They're talking
about making love.

How about you and I making
tracks over at the motel.

You better check that drive
shaft before you take it out.

[sniffs] Well, I got something
to fix your drive shaft.


That little bitty
monkey wrench?


Hell, Tina.

Come on, Mac, paint
it pink-- for us.

Why shit, we stole it.

We ought to be able to
paint it any color we want.

Come on, Tina.

Come on, Winter.

Get that spray gun going,
we ain't got all night.

For me, Mac.

Paint it pink.

Get out of here.

[laughs] Monkey wrench!


Up the hill.

[vrooming sound]
And around the top.

[driving sound effects]
And down into the valley!


She's really a tiger.

Another letter from my
mother, wanting to know

when I'm going to get married.

You know, if Mama
had a lick of sense,

she'd start selling
booze in this place.

Nobody would let
their drivers stop.

They'd stop.

You are so smart.

Well, you just wait
around and watch.

Your about to lose that
pretty mouth full of teeth

you got, mister.

Forget about it, Rusty.

She's a little tiger.

No offense, Rose.

Why don't you sit down?

I'd like to buy you dinner.

I'd rather eat in a barn.

Let her go, Rose.

She hasn't the
class that you have.

You got some class, ma'am.

You two got an act
going, or something?

Excuse me.

Smith's the name.

This here's my partner, Rusty.

How you doing?

You know, I know you
name, Rose, because people

been telling me about you.

They're saying that you ought
to run this place, and not

your mother.


WOMAN (ON VIDEO): Giddy up, boy!

Come on--

Please stay some more.

Don't leave yet.

a run to make, honey.

What's so important

that you got to leave me.

MAN (ON VIDEO): Hell, hauling
some damn electronic equipment

for some damn TV network.

The network can wait.

Ah, just let me rub you down.

Then you'll be able to haul that
old equipment twice as fast.

Good girl, Sandra.



Send Curly out to
hurry to check a KW

with Kentucky plates, 4LT 890.

Electronic equipment--
if it's transmitters,

we got an order for some.

You know, I understand you're
kind of a woman that's not

completely satisfied
rubbing shoulders

with the cop boys and truckers.

See, you're headed
for better things.


Well, it sounds like
a lot of crap to me.

Well, how would you like to
spend the rest of your life

in a place like this?

You got it?

Like a brief.


Good girl.

Who are them fellas?

Just some guys I just met.

Hey, honey?

Flannigan and his partner
are coming by later tonight.

And I was wondering--

God dammit,
Mama-- just dump it!

I'm done working for tonight.

Would Jackie Onassis eat
a chicken fried steak?

What the hell's
the matter with her?

What's eating her?

I don't know.

She's been like that all day.



Howdy, fellas?

What can we do for you?

Oh, you a trucker?

Yeah, you probably could use
one of Anna's trucker specials.


One of them songs.

Be nice to them now, ya hear?

You crazy, injun, you're
going to kill me someday!

Get in my way, I will!

I won't put gas in
your tank next time!

ANNA: Mighty fine job tonight.

One of them KW tractors.

Driving in your damn
bedroom! [laughs]

Say-- you know them
fellas Rose left with?

A couple of goons,
if you ask me.

You know, she sure
clobbered that driver.

What's eating her?

Beats me.

See ya later, Tina, Chuck.

Wonder where all
these trucks are coming

from, for crying out loud.

Your tank's full.

Hey, how's your old lady?

I don't know.

You don't know?

Pretty good, I
seen her last night.

You did?

Hey, Curly?

Hurry up, wlll ya?

[suspenseful music]

Eh, we don't like
to talk about it.

All right, sweet
heart, we got to go.

Well, if we see ya later.

Come on, Rusty.

Hey, Flannigan?

[laughs] You like to
scared me half to death.

You're early.

No, I got the assignment
later on up in Lawrenceburg

and thought we'd get
the kinks off first.


Want a ride over?


How's business?

Being run to
death by amateurs.

Moral of this country
is going to hell.

I swear to god-- every
waitress on the highway's got

hinges on her heels.


Now, you just relax, honey.

Hey, Sandra!


Your white knights is here!

SANDRA: Hold it, we're
not ready yet! [giggles]

Not ready, hell.

Y'all have fun, ya hear?

[humming] What's the matter?

You got something against women?

You want to tell me about it?

I ain't got nothing
against women, baby.

Now why don't you,
uh, go see if Anna's

ready to talk to me, yet.

Oh, c'mon.

I ain't gonna tell
you twice, sweet heart.

Now get outta here.



Don't get so twitchy!


Listen, that dude don't
want nothing to do with me.

He's just sitting in
there waiting for you.

For me?


Tell me, is he on
the run or something?

Well, how the
hell would I know?

[sighs] All right,
I'll talk to him.

But you wait here, right there.

Oh, OK.

You got Trish thinking
she ain't adequate.

Well, next to you, she ain't.

Can it.

Now, what's really on your mind?


Big surprise.

OK, how much do you need?

Moiry's dying.

Somebody pumped six bullets
into him yesterday morning.

Whole LA operation's
going to pieces.

Two punks named Smith and
Rusty-- they're here tonight.

They want you out of New Mexico.

And eastern money is
coming to back them up.

That's where I come in.

And you, too, if you want.

Sure is getting deep in here.


So how about the
money shipment?

I know where, and I know when.

Why should those
two punks have all

that loot, when my old friend
Anna could be cut in so easy?

Because your old
friend Anna, she ain't

tangling with no eastern mafia.


Talk to you later.


You're going to want in.

Ain't too much time left.

Now, come on, honey-- don't
run away from the sheriff.

Now, I'm going to
have to handcuff you--

Now my feet!

Not your feet?


I'm going to inform
you about your rights.

And anything you say is
going to be held against you.

OK, honey, now hold still.

Come on, let's have
your little hand here.

You going to come
nice and quiet now?

Uh-oh-- come on.

Let's go with the sheriff.

Come on, baby.

Keep an eye on him.


OK, honey.

I'm going to have to frisk
you, check you out for weapons.

I'm gonna take a chance.

Oh, you're clean.

OK, to bed.





Hey, hold it!


[honking horn]

What in the hell do
you think you're doing?

Hold it, hold it!

That ain't fair!

ANNA: Hey!


What the hell's going on here?

What started it?

Who the hell knows.

You know how they are, Anna.

You go call LA, see if
you can get a hold of Moiry.

See if anything
fishy is going on.


Come on, Mac!

Come on, Mac!


Rose get you to do this?

Yeah, but you know, I--

She probably told
you I said do it?

And I told her--

Where's the manifest?

257 color TVs!


Mac, we've struck
it rich this time!

Oh, did you have to paint
it such a tacky color?

Well, I wouldn't have done it,
but you know, she's just a kid,


Well, it's OK, Mac.


[suspenseful music]

Some guys.


I don't know.

It's a real nice
coffee shop you got.

Well, what you get at
Anna's is satisfaction.

I sure the hell hope so.

Who the hell are you?

Smith's the name.

Talked to you on
the phone, from LA.

Oh, yeah, howdy.

This here's Anna.

Pleased to meet you.

You must be Mac.

Hi ya.

Go get the truck, Rusty.

This here's the load
that's coming to you.

What are you all doing here?

I thought I was supposed to
deliver it in LA tomorrow.

This here's the authorization
to take delivery here.

You see, we're changing
the operation a little bit.

Mr. Moiry R. said so.

Hey, watch it!

That ain't Moiry's signature.

Yeah, I know.

He's been a little
sick, the guy.

That's good, Rusty.

Hey, Moiry didn't tell me
nothing, though, about loading.

Hey, Mac!

What the hell do you think
I repaint these things for,

my health?

Lady, I don't know
why you do anything.

Here, get that
stuff there, Rusty.

Wait a minute.

You ain't taking nothing.

You got a check
there, don't ya?

I'd get more than
this in a dozen places.

Yeah, maybe so, but
we're going to take it.

I mean, everything is in order.

You're just ain't getting
paid for delivery to LA.


Now you're messing
around in my territory!

Moiry and I took
years to build this--

Hold it!

Let's get a couple
of things straight!

I don't care what
you or Moiry did.

Things are changing.

Now we're taking this.

You ain't going to be
able to use those color TVs,

because they're going to have
blood splattered all over them

in about two minutes.

Now, get rid of that
peashooter, you hear?

[suspenseful music]

Want me to blast them?

Now, hold on.

I mean, we can talk this out.

What do we got to say?

The syndicate
is changing, Anna.

I mean, you can't go
swooping down on these trucks

on a highway, like
Calamity Jane.

You cut out that
Calamity Jane crap!

Let me bust them.

Back off, Winter.

I'm warning you-- you
and Moiry are finished.

Forget about it.

You get you and
your truck out of here

before I forget my
naturally sweet disposition,

and turn Winter loose on you.

Now you get!

Let's get out of here, Rusty.

Son of a bitch.


Anna, I talked on the
phone like you told me.

Well, Moiry got shot.

There's a lot of hands that
are quitting out in LA.

Let me go get some of
the boys and go get them.

No, send Chuck.

See where they go.

But Anna, Rose went with them.

Let me go get them.

No, let them be.

They ain't played
the hand out, yet.

You and Curly, you
go on over and make

that pick-up in Lawrenceburg
tonight, like we planned.

Well, go on!

See if you get back before day.

Come on, Winter.

I thought you big shots
said you could handle it.

Well, what do
you want us to do?

Shoot up the place?

You been hanging around
too many cowboys.

Now you're with the class.

Yeah, class.

I'm gonna take
you out of this.

You're gonna make
a big hit in Vegas.

Well, look, you said you'd
take care of Mama first.

Don't worry about here.

I'll take care of her kid.

I ain't no kid.

Wait, how do you
like my new truck stop?

And how do you
like the new sign?

The H don't work.

I'm going to get that
fixed, like everything else.

That stupid sign
cost me more money

to buy than after
the sheriff, himself.

Stool pigeon.

You're pretty sweet.

Madeline, none of the gals
goes out without an armed man

on the job, OK?

Trouble, Anna?

Liable to be.

Tighten all security
around the place.


Did you talk to LA?

Yeah, they said the truck
stop is yours-- if you help

us knock off Anna and the boys.


I guess that'll show Mama
I ain't no kid no more.

And I owe it all to you.

This is going to be one
debt I don't mind paying.

Oh, baby.

In LA, they said you
girls were hicks.

[wistful music]

Now, I'm going to show you
some of the only good tricks

my mama taught me.

[music playing]

Here we go-- about eight
blocks down to Hickory Street.


Then we got two
blocks-- says three

blocks to corner of Hickory,
and what the hell is this?

I can't ever read this
goddamn woman's writing!

Oh, you stupid goddamn
cowboy-- it's typed.

I know, but it's
all crossed out here.


Hey, I know I was saying that
to upset you, but ain't that--

Shit, Curly,
it's a damn set-up!

Goddamn-- shame to
leave that truck behind.

Let's get it.


We're gonna have to smash them
to keep them from following us.

Well, hell, let's just mix
them up a little bit then, huh?





Oh, that was nasty.

What the hell we gonna do now?

Don't worry, Curly.

I got an idea.

[engines roaring]




My car!

[country music playing]

[music playing]

Girlie ain't back yet.

Yeah, I know.

You know, something's
going on around here.

Some guy named Smith offered
me job over on the interstate

at twice my salary.

I didn't trust him, so
I told him where to go.

Thanks, Trish.

Don't you worry.

They're in trouble.

I know where to go.

Night Trish.



She ain't back yet.

It's tough, huh.

Guess I'm going to
have to drag her back.

My own daughter.


Seems like back East there
was this safe deposit robbery.

And there's about a quarter
million dollars in securities

moving this way.

I don't want to mess with
that end of the racket, Seago.

I got a good thing going here.

You had a good thing
going here, honey.

[suspenseful music]



Where in the
hell have you been?

And what in the blue blazes
have you done to my truck?

Look at this!

That is an easy $800
worth of damage.

Did you two run into each other?

Jesus Christ!

All right, dammit,
Anna, that's it!

I quit!

I swear to God and I ain't
coming back, neither.

We been busting
our butt all night.

And we been laying
our life on the line--

and this is the thanks we get?

It was a damn set-up,
Anna, we barely got away.

At least six, eight
cop cars out there,

and about a million police.

And this is the thanks we get.

I tell you right now, I
got an uncle in Little Rock

just be tickled pink to
have me working for him.

We like to got killed.

That'd be a hell of a loss.


[country music playing]


MAN: [singing] You've heard
songs about truck drivers,

many times their story's
told, how they pulled out

of Pittsburgh for
six days on the road.

'Bout that feather river canyon,
climbing the old grape vine,

that old roadhouse
down in Texas,

and the girls they left behind.

You've heard their
tales of daring,

and I think that's just fine--
but if you can spare a minute,

I'd like to tell you mine.

There's be no truck drivers,
if it weren't for us trucks.

No double-clutching gear
jammin' coffee drinking nuts.

They'll drive
their way to glory,

and they have all the luck--
there'd be no truck drivers,

if it wasn't for us trucks.

If we're on time,
he takes the credit.

If we're late, I get the blame.

Up those hills
with shutters open,

my stacks a-runnin' flame.

My tach' runnin' red-line,
sucking diesel from the tanks.

I'll take him south, bring him
back, without a word of thanks.

So now you've heard
my story, and I guess

it's my tough luck--
there'd be no truck drivers,

if it wasn't for us trucks.

There'd be no truck drivers,
if it wasn't for us trucks.

No double-clutching, gear
jammin' coffee drinking nuts.

They'll drive
their way to glory.

They have all the luck.

There'd be no truck drivers,
if it wasn't for us trucks.

There'd be no truck drivers
if it wasn't for us trucks.

ANNA: What's wrong with her?

What do you suppose she's up to?

She's just a kid,
Anna, hell fire.

(MOCKING) She's just
a kid, Anna, hell fire.

Ease off her a little bit.

Hey Anna, did the
syndicate build

this, or the oil companies?

ANNA: Same difference.

[country music playing]


Dammit, you ain't creeping
on me, young lady!

I am done with you
and your stupid cowboys.

Oh yeah?

Good bye, truck lady!


C'mon Mac!

[music playing]

[tires screeching]

RUSTY: Pull over,
you fat bastard!

MAC: Fat bastard, huh?

RUSTY: That girl
belongs to Smith!

MAC: Well now we got her!

RUSTY: Pull that son
of a bitch over before

I knock you off the road!

MAC: Oh yeah?

Hang on!

Hang tight, dammit!

Get her back in there!

C'mon, baby, get your
head back in there!




Shit, a guy getting
killed in this wreck.

By blood, Smith's gonna be mad.

Goddam-- ruined my truck.

My poor truck-- shit.


I'll show them-- them son of
bitches. [grunting] [laughing]

Oh, shit!

Goddam-- kids.

[suspenseful music]


That you?

[hissing sound]

Oh, uh?


MAC: Of all the dirty,
low-down, sleeking, conniving,

backstabbing, belly-robbing,
underhanded, lousy, stinking

poke-hander tricks!

We're going to get him for this.

[chuckles] Oh, we're
going to in spades.

Put Chuck's body in
the back room for now.

Can't we call someone?

Now this is murder.

You want to call the cops?

Oh, hell, Anna!

It weren't no accident!

Get down here.

Where you been?

You think I had
something to do with that?

Smith's behind it, honey.

Maybe he the one who
done it, maybe not.

But Smith is behind it.

God dammit, just
dump it now, mama.

Why the hell do we get
suck with this kind of shit?

I don't like it no
better than you do.

Yeah, but you
never say nothing.

Look, you got a
job to do, right?

Then do it, and
quit your bitching.

All right, I'll do it,
but I'm allowed to bitch.

Give me that hammer.

Where's the nail?

Ah, god damn it!

Oh, Curly, shut up.



[suspenseful music]

Serves you right, you bastard.

I ain't pushing you, honey.

But I have got to know who is
with me, and who is against me.

Now Winters is done
run off, and he

is probably driving for
that dude right this minute.

Come on.

You know I'm always with you.

Like mother--

That's my girl.

After I pull this big
job, I'm going to buy

you $10,000 worth of anything.

I promise. [laughing]

Tell me what it
is-- maybe I can help.

No, it's a secret now, honey.

But you come on-- I got
a job for you tonight.


Hey, baby.

You have a good sleep?

I'm all rested up now.

You ever sleep?

Only when I'm alone.

That's enough now.

You still want me to
ask Anna about a job?


What are you qualifications?

Oh, two years at
Barrysville for assault,

three years at
Quentin for robbery,

and six months in
the county jail

for assault with
a deadly weapon.

But they never pinned
that one on me.

They're gonna need guns
for things around here.

Can you use a gun?

Now, what do you think?

I know first hand
you sure can use a gun.

You been thinking
about what I told you?

About the money?

No, about the securities.

Hey, y-- that stuff
that happened at my place,

it won't happen again.

I promise.


Does it fit?

Seems to.


Listen, we got to move fast.

I hear this ratty-looking
guy, Seago, around.

You seen him?

No, I ain't seen him.

What do you want him for?

Me and him did a job
together back East.

I just haven't seen him lately.

You sure he hasn't been here?

Look, I told you
I ain't seen him.


Now you look like
a high-class doll.

You're going to look good in
those casinos in Las Vegas.

Forget about it.

What about Mama?

Don't worry about
Mama-- I take care of her.

You know something?

I think I love you.


Well, I got her back.

For how long?

Ah, Seago-- Rose and I had
trouble, but nothing like this.

Damn sneak.

I'll tell you what, huh-- you
help me get them securities,

we'll put Smith out of business.

You got yourself
a deal, cowboy.

No city son of a
bitch is going to run

me out of my own territory.


Right down the line.

[country music playing]

Hey, Mac.

Is your eye feeling better?

It's OK.

What's the matter?

It's Chuck, isn't it.

We're gonna get them guys,
don't you sweat about it.

Anyway, after the
big job we're all

going to have plenty of money.

What big job?

Mama and Seago are
planning it, I reckon.

You don't know nothing about it?

Then I guess they ain't
planning on cuttin' you in.

I'm getting five thou.

I'll see you later.

Me and Tina got a big job.

She sure is some gal.

Sure is some bitch.

Ah, Maddie.

Someday, there's gonna
be some old trucker

come down that highway.

And he's gonna run you up
and down the road until you

drop dead.

Well, I wish to
hell he'd hurry up.

I'll drink to that.

Jesus Christ it's cold.

How many have
passed us by today?


What, are we supposed to be
naked or something out here

to get them to stop?

Will you shut
up-- you're starting

to sound just right like Curly.

Here comes another one now!

With our luck, it's some
fellow hauling chickens.

God damn, there's got
to be a better way.

That son of a bitch better
stop, that's all I got to say.

He's gonna stop.
- Oh!

Come on!

Thank you!

You ready to fix our car?


[music playing]

Got any kids, Seago?


So helpless when
they're babies.


Double-cross me so
fast, makes my head swim.

Smith, for sure.

She's hardly more
than a murderer herself.

How do kids get mixed up
with people like that?

Well, she's a grown woman now.

The hell, you say.

This will sound funny-- but
I used to think on the day

when me and Rose would
run the place together.

Well, I guess she, uh, figures
she don't need you anymore.

That's just what she thinks.

Oh, hell.

Oh, I guess I'm
just getting old.


You're tight.

Why don't you lie down--
I'll massage your whole back.

[suspenseful music]

I'll be right out.

What's the matter?

It's all right,
it's just a piss stop.

You've got a flat
on your inside dual.

Is that right?


[silenced gun shots]

Hey, baby!

You know, I missed you.

Yeah, I missed you, too.

Jesus, did he have to--

Never mind.

The guy, uh, tried to fight us.

I mean, what could we do?

Look at me when I talk to you.

We're going to cover
the trail, right?

Yeah, but god damn it, Smith--

Forget about it.

What's the story
with your mother?

Mama's got a big job planned.

I don't know exactly what it
is-- but I do know she promised

me five grand just to help.

And that guy, Seago?

Well, he must have
something to do with it.

Mama can't get that kind
of money on the road.

Hi, Rose.
See your ma gave your a shiner.

Get lost.

She's a little tiger, Rusty.

Listen, there's certain
things we got to do.


I mean, you understand.

Still makes me sick.

Listen to me.

Just think about the five
grand you're going to get.


Get the truck, Rusty.

Ciao, sweet heart.

Oh, give her a good line.

It'll work.

Disgusting pig.


OK, honey.

Come on in, as soon as you can.


Bye, honey.


They killed Ed.

Took the truck and left
Rose at the gas station.

OK, Seago, what's the deal?

I hear it is a coming in on
a cattle truck, circle D Bar


Mean anything to you?

Sure, that's old Billy's run.

Got too drunk to
work for me anymore.

You don't mean Billy's
carrying the securities?

I doubt if he knows it.

We're going to have
to leave Rose behind.

She's coming with us.

Can't trust her.

That's what I'm
going to find out.

Now, you listen to me--

Now, Seago-- I'm
still her mother.

Half this deal is mine.

Now, we've had some sweet
times together, honey.

But if you try to mess me up,
or go after Billy on your own,

I'll make sure you don't make
it across the state line.

You hear me?

Now, I'll meet you
at the ghost town.

And we'll make the split,
just like you planned.

There it Is, Mac.

Just in black and white,
just as plain as day.

Just see it.

What are we going to do, Mac?

Just take a look at it.

Mac, would you look at this?

Now, it shows you--

Ed's been killed.

That does it, Mac.

I'm gonna walk right
up to her damn office,

and I'm gonna tell her
she can take this job

and stick it right00 Mac,
will you look at this?

Now, there's just you and me.

What's the matter, Mac?

C'mon, Curly-- we got miles
to drive before sun up.


We got a job in Nevada.

The contact's my
old friend, Seago.

So come on, let's go.

There's something I
want to talk to you about.

It's right here, just as--

Shut up, Curly.

Come on, Mac-- we're
going after cattle.


You crazy?

Plum loco!

[laughs] But we are
gonna be rich enough

to buy ourselves a loony bin!



Now, Mac, look at this!

It's right here in
black and white!

It just says it's--


Hey, how you doing, Billy?

Curly, what the
hell you doing here?

Just passing time.

Out in the desert?


Hey, Billy-- you run a bunch
of steer from Circle D ranch

over near Elko to Bar None
spread near Las Cruces?

Yeah, [inaudible].

Billy, what the hell?

Put the gun down.

You guys not
interested in cattle.

Billy, I know.

But you know Anna.

I got my orders.

Well, I'll be damned.

Orders is orders.

Well, I guess
that's about got you.

Now, you all right?

You comfortable?

Well, if you'll be obliged,
you'll give me my bottle back.

[chuckles] You don't mind
if I have a little swig first?

Well, no.

You count this one off
because I owe you one.

Now you take care, you hear?

Don't do me that a way!


No trouble at all.

Billy said to say hi.


Hi, Rose.

Hi, Curly.

[cows mooing]


Maybe it's false floor.

Sure stinks in here.

Well, that's money to me.

I suppose you want me to get
down on four and grub for it.

I suppose you
want to get paid!

I suppose i grub.

Suppose you do.

Hey-- here it is.

Hey, here's another one!

And another one!

Leave them!

I think the whole
floor's paved with them!

See what's in this!

That's it.


Hey, look at this!

Ain't that something?

Where'd you get that?


Pretty, ain't it.

Just found it on
the garage floor.

Near Winter's body?



All right.

That does it.

I never trusted
that low-life son--

let's split it up right now.

No, let's go on with the plan.

Go on with the plan?

Go on with his plan?


His plan.

Sure is pretty, Mac.

Rose, you're going back
to truck stop with Mac.

But Mama!

No buts!

C'mon, Ma, let me!

You want to get your cut?

Yeah, right now.

Oh, you'll get yours.

Just like everybody else.

But, uh, Seago wants
to see me alone.

Keep an eye on her, Mac.

[engine roars]


Ah, Rose, hell--

Shut up, Curly.

She's going to get hers now.

Come on, Mac.

We're leaving.

[theme song]


Pull on over!

Pull over!

Anna, pull over!

OK, sunshine!

You son of a bitch!

Pull over, sunshine!

I'll massage your
back a little more.

Hurry up, Rose.

I brung you some food.

What is it?



You know, I wonder if we
ought to be here or not.

Anna's going to wonder
what the hell is going on.

Look, I told you.

I'm not going a mile
further in that roadster

until I took a bath.


But I told Anna
we'd meet her at--

To split up the money?

Uh, I don't-- I don't
know anything about it.

Where is that, Mac?

I told you, I don't know.

This chicken's real good.

Mac, if you know,
you've got to tell me.

Those men, they said
they'd kill me if I did

help them find the securities.

Well, now's a hell
of a time to tell me.

Mac, I didn't know
what they were up to.

Mac, you've got to believe me.

Please, Mac.

Jesus, Rose.




Oh, come on!

Where'd you get that?

You know where.


Hey, Seago-- here they are.

[gun shot]





Anna, please!



truck driving woman,

and I live by the
code of the road.

I got coffee and donuts,
and [inaudible] you'll know.

Thanks, Mac.



Son of a bitch!


[tires squealing]

Oh, boy!

Did you see that?

Boy it must have
rattled her teeth good!

I seen it, Curly.

You OK, Mac?

Took one hell of a beatin'.

Yeah, I reckon.

Did you see that?

Boy, I whomped 'em!

I hit them good!

I said I seen it, Curly.

You told her, didn't ya.

About tomorrow morning,
the ghost town?

Yeah, I told her.

She weeded it out
of you, didn't she?

Used every trick.

Well, that's OK.

I figured she would.

You figured?

I set you up.

Now don't ride hard on me.

We gotta move fast, and we
gotta get them all at one time.

You go get Tina,
Trish, Madeline,

and meet me in the
office in 20 minutes.

Hey, Curly?


You done real good.

Mac, I'm just as hurt
about it as you are.

Kind of reminds of the
good old days, doesn't it?

Yeah, yeah, sure does.


Well, come on.

We gotta get some
trucks ready to ride.

We got a lot to do before day.


Third car, four hoods,
two machine guns.

Second car, two hoods, rifles.

First car, hmm, Rose.

[suspenseful music]

OK, Curly.

All right, Madeline.

They're sneaking up on you.

Get on your toes, gal.

Roger, and will cover now.


[gun shots]

Imagine we lost them.

What the hell is up?

I don't know.

Forget about them, Rusty.

Come on, we can handle
those cowboys ourselves.

We can slow down, see
if they can catch up.

Go ahead.

Forget about it.

Where the hell are they?

How the hell do I know?


Hey Rose, could your
ma kill in cold blood?

I didn't reckon
on any killing.

Look at me.

Could she?


I don't think she could.

We're going to play
it by ear, sweet heart.

Hey, Anna!

What's going on?

This isn't sensible.


Son of a bitch.

he's got a damn
good point there.

Shut up, Curly.

They're in perfect position.

Do like we planned.

You know, I ain't nothing
but a cowboy truck driver.

Shut up, Curly.

[gun shots]

Quit playing games, Anna.

I'll finish her off right now.

Call your men out, I mean it.


Damn, I told you, Anna!

I told you so!

You know, I got an
uncle in Little Rock,

I don't have to do this!

Drop the guns, nice and easy.

Come on, let's go.


Like I told you.

Where's Seago?

Looks like the end of
the line for you, Anna.

Little Rosie's going to
inherit a truck stop.

Right sweet heart?


SMITH: Rusty, watch out!

[gun shots]

Oh, damn.

Rose, honey-- you sure had
us mite worried for a minute.

[gun shot]



It's all mine now, Mama.

It's all mine.

[gun shot]



Oh, baby!