Truce (2010) - full transcript

A young truck driver from a small, nameless Russian town sets off on a spiritual journey that has no actual purpose and no verifiable destination, encountering lonely women and small time crooks along the way. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

with the support of the Ministry of Culture
of the Russian Federation





Give me my clothes!


Do you want me?

Are you a whore?


Come with me.

I'll be back.


— Want a chick?
— Anyone wants to fuck me?

Come with me.

What's her name?

What's that on your face?

— Did you get a car?
- I did.

— A new one?
— Yes.


— Did you pass the tech inspection?
— I will tomorrow.

— It smells of gas.
— I've been soldering.

I made a new coffee-maker. Diesel-powered.

We can make coffee right in the truck.

Let's try it.

But we've never had any coffee beans.

Then I can give it to somebody.

|'m hungry-

There's some macaroni left in the pot.

You can have it.

Put it here.

You'll give it to me later.

Come on.

Where are you putting it? Turn it!

Wait, I'll mark the spot.


Take him to the doctor from Moscow,

she stitched up Chubby's ear last week,

and it still holds.
- What's the matter?

Petya, tell us.

Why aren't you telling?

Get lost.

Dorks! I'm just asking!

Where's your finger?

Where I left it.

— Where are you going?
— To the doctor from Moscow.

The office is right ahead.

What do you want'? Guys, what do you want?

— Guys!
— It's urgent.

Come in.

Come in.

I'd better wait here.

You go and tell her.

I can scare her if she sees me.

I need a doctor.

I'm a doctor.

— From Moscow.
— I'm from Moscow.

Come in, she's waiting.

Help me to lift your friend up.

See the water?

At least we have running water.

It's neither good to cook, nor for the laundry.

Zinka raised hell.

I went to the housing department.

Have fear of God, I told them.

And they answered, do you know that there's no God?

I know that Bolsheviks back in 1917 were
yapping God doesn't exist,

but where has it taken them?

All shot dead, buggers.

And God is up there...

hanging high up in the church.

They asked me, what is your God's name?

I said, same as yours.

The jerks burst out laughing.

I hardly resisted soaking them in the jaw

for laughing at our God.

Why didn't you? Cold feet?


- A shitty life you have, Nikolai.
- My life's all right.

What's all right?

We bought a mink mantel for Zinka last year.

— From the Chinks?
— Yes.

At the Chinese market.

Well, if from the Chinese, then it must be all right.

- Why is he picking on me'?
- Who's picking on you? I just asked.

Hold on. What did they say about the water?

What could they say?

They said Jesus Christ is not a god but a man.

How come he's a man if the Bible says he's God?

— You read the Bible?
— No, I didn't, no bullshit.

But I know that Christ is the son of God all the same.

Enough babbling.

Let's get back to work.

- Did you take a sick list?
- I did.


Has everyone got a car from the new lot?


— You're not coming?
— What for?

Come on.


Well, QI-IY5»

I decided

that we will draw journey sheets ourselves from this hat.

I hope you don't mind.

- Why?
- Of course not.

Then come here one by one, draw a ticket

and I'll keep record.

- What should I do'?
- Draw a sheet.


Well what?

- What does it say'?
- How do I know'?

Are you illiterate?

Why illiterate? ljust haven't read any books for a long time.

I have forgotten.

Novolisino. You get it?

Draw a sheet.

I feel like hunting.

You're leaving tomorrow morning.

You'd better have a good sleep.

What's that?

I'm going to the hospital to change the bandage.

— I'll go with you.
— Stay here, take a rest.

I'll go alone.

- What do you want'?
- Nothing.

Sod off!

Move your feet. Help me.

— Hello.
— Hello.

— Yours?
— Yes.

We're going to live here.

Take it.

No, thank you.

Come on.

Hi, Egor.


Haven't seen you for ages.

Give me a light. Can't find my matches.

— Yours?
— Mine.

- Where from?
- From the bakery.

She's a cashier there. Haven't you seen her?

— Not really.
—And I have.

We had a bottle yesterday. I made noise...

I'm longing for a fest.

Look, do you think I should marry her right away?

Look who's asking. You've been married 4 times.

Well, 5 is better than 4.

- All right. Bye.
- Bye.

It's open.

Why is it smoked all over?

— Did you have a fire?
— Some time ago.

— Hi, San Sanych.
— Hello, Egor.

Good to find you at home.

What brought you to town, woodchuck?

Give me a rag.

Leave it, never mind.

The dirt's hard on my new rubber boots.

- What's the gun for'?
- Tell you later.

And where's your neighbour?

- Off to the hospital.
- That's good.

Anything contagious?

He scratched his finger.

Your room looks poor.

Why would I want the riches?

Well, it's not exactly useless.

Fill them up.

Good to see you.

Take your coat off.

No hurry.

Your pickled cabbage is great.

My favorite since I was a kid.

I spare no effort to squeeze it well.

It's pickle-juice that makes the cabbage.

Actually, I came with a purpose.

Spit it out. I'm at your service.

I want to buy a car from my neighbour.

It's a good car, "Niva".

Quite new. Manufactured in 1992.

I want you to go with me to the bank.

To withdraw money from my account.

What's the use of me there?

It's safer together. For protection.

It swarms with robbers around here.

Do you have a gun?

A tire lever will be enough.

It won't do. Take a gun.

Take yours.

You take your gun and bullets, not buckshot.

There are some things that buckshot doesn't break.

- When are we going?
- Right now.

— But it's raining.
— Whatever.

They'll have a break soon. I've checked it.

I'll go further alone. You can't come in the bank with a gun.

— Stay here, don't leave.
— I'll be waiting.


Come here.


Come along.

Come on.

Are you coming?

What's the gun for?

I wanted to go hunting, but thought better of it.

Who's hunting in such weather?

Coming with us?

There's a corner-shop uptown.

We want to lift it,

but we need someone to keep a look out.

We wanted to take Kurbat with us, but he went to work.

— So, will you?
— No, I can't.

I need a good sleep.

I'm leaving on a journey tomorrow.

— Ask Gordeich.
— He's on a binge 3 days in a row.

— Who's that?
— Boris Potapov.

An electrician from our production unit.

- Can we take him'?
- Won't he sell us?

He's all right.

He made my mothers electric meter go
backwards, she's really happy.

— OK, stay well, we're off.
— Take care.

What would I have done without you?

Tie it up.

You grew up a fine guy.

All right, let's have one for the road.

Time to go.

Maybe you'll stay overnight?

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I'll take you home and see the guys too.

I'm going today.

But you should come to visit us.

One shouldn't forget his friends.

They can come in useful some day.


I forgot...

I guess you should marry.

Time to start a family.

That's the long and the short of it.

What do you say, son?

— I wouldn't mind it myself.
— That's good.

Anyone in view, or should I find a match for you?

Thank you, I'll manage myself.

OK, but don't take too long.

See you.

She's pretty, but too small.

She says the finger will heal by primary adhesion,

but it doesn't.

But it's even better this way.

Have you found it?

It's not on the map.

But it's written on the journey sheet.

- Fruit drink?
- You'll be thirsty.

— May I go with you?
— No way.

You need your treatment. The doctor is waiting.

— You've made an impression on her.
- Idiot.

- What do you want'?
- Lida.

She's busy.


What do you want?

Who are you?

I'm her husband, but who are you?

— So you're back.
— I'm back.

Well, if you're back I have nothing to do here.

Hey, what did you want?

To say goodbye.


Stop! Or I'll shoot!


Stop or I'll shoot!

Lift him up!


How did you get to the shooting range?

How did you get here?

How did you get here?

What's your name?

Take him up. We'll son it out later.

Hold on.


Hold on.

Truck driver, give way to convoy!

Hey, what do you want?

I'm looking for Vitka and Valerka.

They're not home.

Frigging around days on end.

Bad sort.

I want to write to their mother.

And who are you? I can't recognize you.

I was their classmate. Egor.

I didn't recognize you.

You look quite a grown-up.

You took after your father.

Look, is your uncle still alive?

He's not married?

Stop or I'll slash you.

I don't care.

Aren't you afraid of dying?

Pal, where do you come from?

I'm Egor.

Egor Matveev.

Petr Matveev's son.

Egor Matveev, don't you recognize me?

I'm Genka Sobakin. From the 'hood.

And now?

— Genka, it's really you.
— Egor.

— Hi, pals.
- Hi.

Have you seen the brothers Popov?

They're sitting over there.

— Behind the school?
- Right.

- Where did you get the beard?
- Stole it from my wife.

She plays in an amateur theater.

For females.

A bloke can't fancy being an actor.

Then why are you wearing it?

Stalking some people.

To rob them, and perhaps to kill.

Why robbing? Don't you have money?

Yes I do. Natashka just got her paycheck.

I want human blood.

You'll be locked up, Sobakin.

That's what I'm fishing for.

Don't you like it here?

Tell me you like it.

I want to howl like a wolf. It's dull as ditch water.

Do you know what you live for?

I don't know either.

I've read a book recently.

About Pugachev. You know him?

What a man!

He made crazy things to hunt away his boredom,

and now kids at school study what he did.

I want kids to study my deeds too.

- Come to my trial.
- I will.

- What brought you here'?
- To get married.

I want to marry.

A wife is a good thing.

I fell out of love with mine, believe it or not.

I wish I could lock her up at home and set it on fire.


Natashka, so what? ls she any worse for it?

But she's a good woman.

You're an ass!

I'm going to write a book.

Lots of things happen, but I lack impressions.

That's what breeds unrest.

- Have you written a lot'?
- Only the title.

"The boredom of Genka Sobakin".

Sounds cool.

ls that all?

I told you, I'm waiting for inspiration

and research stuff.

You know what? Let's go and look for a chick together.

I know a place.

I'll be right back.

: Egbr!

Egor Matveev!

Hi! Come here.

— Come on.
— Take a chair.

— Hello, pals.
— Hi, guys.

— Hi, brothers!
- Hi!

— What are you doing here?
— I came round.

How's life?

I've been looking for you all day long.

Well, you found us.

You drink vodka?

No, we freeze it and crunch the ice.


And why did you come here?

To look at naked chicks.

What's the point of looking, they are for fucking.

— Egors going to get married.
— Really?


Chicks are aplenty, you can live in clover for the rest of your life.

Chicks got really wild lately.

They've broken loose. Painting town red.

What a hell!

I believe in a little while we will all be fucked up.

Fucked up?

It's been a dead end for a long time.

— To the dead end!
- All right.

To the dead end!

That's right.

Well, as agreed? It's for you.

Egor, enough hanging off come here.

Egor, come here. Don't make a noise.

Make your choice.

You'd better see the whole of her

at once,

or else you marry her

and then you learn her teats are flabby. A torture for life.

whatsoever, women have such spots

you can give your life for.

What's up with you?

Taken fancy to Katya Poletaeva?

She's not there.

Never mind, she'll turn up at the recreation center.

But it's not the best idea.

She's from the minery, and we are at war with the folks there.

- So what'?
- Nothing.

She's Boyar's girlfriend,

and he can slit a man's throat as easily as you take a leak.

All right, come on.

I wasn't good at school,

straight C-s for Russian and Literature.

I didn't want any higher education at all.

Mother landed me on a job,

but I was sacked in a while.

Why did they sack you?

I worked in the boiler-house and blew the boilers.

I confused meter readings.

I spent 3 weeks in the hospital.

That's where the book came to my hands.


I read it and realized that I'm a writer.

Why the laughter?

My not writing anything now doesn't mean I'm idling my time.

I study life.

What's there to study? It passes by.

It? That's not it, it's Umar.

You know him?

He's a big shot.

He sells banana at the market. He's rolling in money.

- So what'?
- Nothing.



Doesn't answer.

He chickened.

He must really have money.

You know, lthink I'll do him in.

He saves some more money and I'll do him in.

And then I go to America to write me book.

That's her.

What are they doing?

Rehearsing. Playing "Hamlet".

They have a prince. A big cheese. Hamlet.

He was upset and stabbed lots of folks.

A square fellow, and let the hell loose.

— Sounds like crap.
— It's classics.

What's up with you?

Print one more copy, please.

— Natasha, where's your beard?
— I forgot it at home.

I see, but you can't play like this.

Can you imagine Hamlet without a beard?

— Yeah, I understand.
— I can't imagine either.

5-minute break and then we'll continue. Playing the end.

Why did you take my beard?

Dressing up like Pugachev again?

Have a look, Egor is here.

— Hello, Egor.
- Hi.

He's like a baby.

He'd better find a job,

but he's lying on the sofa days on end and dreaming.

— Did you buy bread and milk?
— I have no money.

You have enough for booze.


Egor, wait for me. I'll be back in a minute.

Do you have a cigarette?

Only this kind.

It'll d0.

— Katya, but you don't smoke!
— Really?

A strap is torn again. Stitch it up, please.

May I take two?

You may.

— Or three?
— You can have four.

All right. Then I'll take five.

Why are we running?

Are you new here?

No, I'm local.

Don't you know

that people from the plant can't go to the minery?

But it's Saturday. A day for sauna.

On Saturday folks from the plant always come to the minery.

It's a day of peace.

What time is it?

It's already Sunday.

You know who's my boyfriend?

Marry me.

Are you nuts?

I'm serious.

I've never seen you before.

I'll tell Boyar that you chased me.

He'll kick the shit out of you.


Do you have cash?

If you give me cash, I won't tell Boyar. Really.

Tell Boyar I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

Time's up.


Take your money!

You hear me? Take your money.

Take your money, jerk!

Take your money!

Take it.

Take it.

Take your money. I don't sell myself.

Take it!

Where are you going?

Get out.


Get out or you'll have it worse.

Get out! Out!

Get out as you're told.

Get out!

Oh, Egor!

Hi, Egor.

Hi, pals.


Just kidding.

We need a car.

We want to go the bottomland to steal wire from power lines.

But we don't have a car.

ls he your friend?

It's Egor, Sanych's nephew.

Sorry, pal, didn't recognize you.

Egor, come with us.

Sorry, I can't. I need to see my uncle.

But it's just across the bottomland in Zhelezopeschinsk.

There's a buy-back scrap yard.

We'll sell the wire there.

- We'll cop it.
- Why'?

The inspector's a fence. It'll be okie-dokey.

All right, but make it fast.

Why cut it?

Fire at the insulation, and it'll fail down itself.

What if the wind throws it on you?

What if not?

— You fire and try.
- I'll try.

Give me your gun.

What are we doing now?

Fire at the other end, then it breaks for sure.

I don't have any bullets left.

How come you don't'? We had a full box.

It's finished.

— How come it's finished?
— Finished, just like that.

- Just like that'?
- Right.

- What did you do with the bullets'?
- Me'?

Who shot down bottles in the yard last week? Me?

— What bottles?
— Glass bottles.

— What bottles?
— Regular bottles.

Enough, drop it.

If we don't have bullets we'll have to cut it.

And who'll be able to climb there?

I Will.




Lower, lower!

— Drop him.
— Lower.

He's not breathing.

ls he dead or what?

I don't know, but he's not breathing for fuck's sake.

What shall we do?

Try a drop of spirit?

He should be taken to the hospital.

No way. He'll die in the hospital.

As if he won't die here. He's already dead.

He's not dead.

We should dip him in water.


Blood will rush to his heart and he'll wake up.

Dip him? That's right.

Take him. Careful.

Hi, Timokha.

Timofey Pavlovich for you.

Come on, you grew up together.

Lots of people grew up together. Order is first.

I'm in charge, after all.

Hello, nephew.

Good to see you.

I've been robbed.


They took my coat,

and, above all, the money that we got from the bank.

I've been saving it so long.

I wanted to take a short cut and went through the forest.

— That's where they stopped me.

The Bashkirs, who else.

Why the Bashkirs?

You wanna say I'm cracked?

Can't tell a Bashkir from a normal guy?

There were two of them. Both on horseback.

I couldn't even take up my gun.

Wait, what gun?

A gun? There was no gun.

But you just said you had a gun.

It's them who had a gun.

But you said they knocked you on the head.

How could you see the gun?

I had a good view of it if I say so.

That's a cock-and-bull story.

Why would I need it?

I tell you, they knocked me on the head,

I don't remember when I woke up.

All right, I'll put it down from your words.

Did they have any distinctive marks?

What fucking marks?

Do I need any marks to recognize Marat Zagitov?

Were they local folk?

No, alien from space.

OK. And the second one?

I didn't see the second.

He must have been a Bashkir or a Tartar.


They must be splitting my money now.

A Bashkir and a Tartar won't go for a robbery together.

We should go see Zagitov in person.

Right now?

Why delay it'? Wait, I'll change my clothes.

Maybe let's wait till morning?

In the morning it'll be too late. They'll hide the money.

We'll go and have a little talk now.

We should have gone on horseback.

They wouldn't have noticed how we approached.

Never mind, the war is crap, it's maneuvers that matter.

So, our disposition is the following.

San Sanych, we'll go through the porch,

and you, Egor, from the backyard.

They have a back door there,

so someone can slip.

Grab him and hold, all right?

But no manhandling, got it?

Any knives or guns on you?

Who do you think we are? You take us for cutthroats?

I know your kin, Matveevs.

All right.

God help us.

Come here.

Come here for a word. Why did you take the horse?

Get off.

Gee up!

Get off I told you.

Give me a rope.

Tie him up.

Where's the other? You let him slip?

How could I know he would be on horseback?

Never mind, we'll find him.

We could have caught the whole gang.

What gang?

There's no gang. I live alone.

Sanych, you keep an eye on him,

and we'll go search the house.

Maybe we'll find something.

Come, Egor.


Of course it's mine.

Why are you grinning? That's enough for prison.

Prison? For an old coat?

Come, I'll show you something.

Get up.

ls it yours, too?

No, it's not mine.

You mean it's not yours.

No, it's not mine.

- Keeping of a shotgun...
- It's not mine.

Then whose?

I don't know, not mine.

It's not mine either.

Let's talk it over.

What shall we do?

You're authorities, you know better.

I tell you what.

We have to torture him, he won't confess otherwise.

What do you mean, torture?

We'll boil water.

Do you take us for fascists?

I don't gather, don't you want your money back?

I do.

But there's no other way of getting it back.

If he doesn't confess now, it is as good as lost.

Egor, fetch some water.

We caught him and took him to the station.

The shithead was dirty and wooly,

and tried to bite us.

We thought he was a tramp,

or a man who missed his train,

or escaped from the nuthouse.

Mentals run away from the district nuthouse pretty often.

We took him to the station,

stripped him down

and wanted to wash him with a water hose, just in case.

And there - he had a tail.

- What do you mean, tail'?
- A tail.

Not very big, like a boars.

There are stranger things in this world.

I read "Popular Science", they publish weirder stories.

I'll tell you another.

Wait, I'll add some water.

Where did you hide the money, jerk?

No money, there's no money.

The skunks laughing.

Where's the money, prick?

Spit it out.

I'll beat the shit out of you.


Leave me.

You'll kill him!


He won't tell. Nothing.

Let's take him to the station.

He's scalded all over already.

The last cup and let's move it.

Agood gun.

Fit for a bear hunt.

I wouldn't mind such a gun.

What for?

Useful around the house.

To slaughter a pig.

Don't you have a knife?

Everyone has a knife, but few have a gun.

Give it to me.

Give it!


You shouldn't drink,

it makes you brutal.

What are you doing?

You know what? Take the gun.

- What do you mean, take it'?
- Just take it.

— For good?
— For good.

As if I didn't know it's yours.

Taking me for an idiot?

You think I'm a monster, for scalding his feet,

but I was doing it for you!

No appreciation

and no respect.

What made me become a cop?

That's not true.

We respect you a lot.

We've cooked the guy,

I'll be stripped of my title for it.

Come on, everything'|| be fine.

Enough, guys, we need to take him to the station.


Let go of me!

The money's at home, in the sheep's carcass.

Let me go.

Let me go.

I can't bear it any more.

What do you want in Kvasevo?

I'm invited to a wedding.

Will you do the wedding?

No, friends invited me to sing.

I have good lungs.

The archbishop even wanted to send me
to Patriarch's residence.

Why didn't he?

Plots and scheming.

Sing something.

Why not. What song?

Any one you want. Even "Lord, have mercy“.

Summer roaming the alleys,

The sun flowing from the roofs,

You're standing at a newsstand,

Al! radiant in the sun.

Magazine covers are glittering,

You're examining them in rapture.

You just saw a beauty queen in a magazine.

But I'm watching only you,

And you don't yet know,

That your beauty is superior to any beauty queen.

I'm going to a date with you With flowers in my hands

For you, the only beauty queen In the whole big world.

I'm bound to you forever.

You're my life and happiness, my love.

I’ve seen lots of beauties

In magazines and films,

But my darling is better.

I didn't even notice when you came to my dreams.

You're the nicest in the whole world, my beauty queen.

You aren't afraid of going alone?

I'm not.

It's all in the hands of God.

I can't go any further.



Director of photography OLEG LUKICHEV

Production designer DMITRIY ONISHCHENKO

Costume designer REGINA KHOMSKAVA


Original music SERGEY SHNUROV



Cast: Egor Matveev - IVAN DOBROBRAVOV


Genka Sobakin - SERGEY SHNUROV