Tru Love (2013) - full transcript

TRU, 37, is a serial bed-hopping lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship or a job for long...that is, until she meets ALICE, 60, a beautiful widow, who has come to town at the last minute to visit her daughter, SUZANNE, 35, a too-busy corporate lawyer and Tru's friend. Alice and Tru begin to forge an unlikely friendship...and more. Suzanne, who has a deeply conflicted relationship with her mother and a complicated past with Tru, becomes increasingly alarmed at the growing bond between Tru and her mother. Tensions escalate after Suzanne witnesses an intimate moment between them. She tries to sabotage the budding romance, but it backfires, as Tru Love is hard to contain. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Synch. = B----k =

No. N-n-n-no. I'm late.

I gotta fly.

Don't go. Stay.

I can't.

I had a great time though Jenny.

Jenny? It's Jaimie.

Mrs. Beacon?

Um. Please. Call me Alice.

And you are?

I'm Tru. Suzanne's friend.

Yes. Of course.

Suzanne's mentioned you.

You're the lesbian.

We're a bit of an endangered species.

Well that's a shame.

Suzanne had a. A meeting
she couldn't cancel. so.

Yes of course. A meeting.

Well it was very kind of
you. Tru. To of let me in.

Um. I'm happy to help. Can
I take your bag? Upstairs?

Well. You know. ?fyou wouldn't mind.

It's the top floor.

Suzanne's bedroom?

She insists on keeping me
in the attic when I'm here.

It's. Um. Further away.

How did you and Suzanne meet?

Through Gray. My best friend.

How well do you know her?

Well. We met a few years ago.

She's great.

We hit it om right away.

Do you know if. ?f she's seeing anyone?

Not that I'm aware of.

Yeah. No. I dunno.

I'm sorry. No. I don't mean
to put you on the spot.

The reason I'm asking is...

May I confide in you?


I do-I'm. I'm worried about her.

You know.

She hasn't been home since her
father died in the Spring.


And... And they were... they were close.

She took it very hard.


And ya' know. I've tried calling but...

Well. She's always too busy
to talk to me. Of course.

She has been super busy lately.

I mean l. I barely see her myself.

Yes but... Do you think she's alright?

I know. Yep. I know.

Very last minute...


I know.ju-Yep. I know. Just.

Call me right back. Okay?


Mother. I'm so sorry I'm late.
I was prepping.


Hi. Thank you for helping.

Tru. I'm sorry it was so last minute.


What or whom are you prepping?

Very passionate on the phone just now.

A new paramour perhaps?

What? No!

Well! Can't be all work dear.


Well how am I supposed
to know if I don't ask?

You never tell me anything.

And you wonder why.

Yes I do.

My daughter is very secretive.

My mother is very intrusive.


I am going to get changed for dinner.

Excuse me.

Well that's her.


Yeah. Tell me about it.

She called last minute
to say she was coming.

Like I have time right now.

Yeah thank God you still
have that spare key.

Yeah. It's no problem.

It's really great to see you again.

Are you umm. Are you still
at that. Cafe? On King St?

The. Umm... The Green Apple?

The Blue Pear.

No I No I quit a couple
of months ago and...

You go through jobs like you do women.

That is not true...

Myjobs last longer.

Alright. We ready?

No! No.

Just. Um. Give me a minute to. Change.


?t was lovely to meet you.

Pleasure was all mine but this
can't be goodbye so soon.

Why don't you come to dinner with us?

I insist.

No. L. l. I don't want to intrude.

No you are not intruding.

I would love to have you.


I am so sorry Mother there
has been an injunction.

I have to

Make partner. Yes I know.

You are so like your father.

Work. Work. Work.

And it killed him in the end. Y'know?

Yes. Thank you for the reminder.


Perhaps I could take you to dinner Tru?

It's the least I could
do for rescuing me...

from a locked door.

I'd have to make a quick call.


If it's OK with you. That is?

Of course it's OK.

L. I will make this up to you. I promise.

OK. And um.

And we'll. Catch up?

Yeah. I'd love that.


Here you go. Omyou go.

My daughter's embarrassed by me.

I'm sure she isn't. Alice.

She is. She always has been but it's...

it's worse now that her fathers gone.

He was the glue that
held us together and...

look. I'm sorry. There I go again.

It's fine. Alice.

I understand.


Hey! What are you doing here?

I have a date.

Another one?


I'm. Grahm.

But my dearest friends call me Grae.

At least to my face.

Lord knows what they
call me behind my back.

And you are?

I'm Alice.

Suzanne's mother.


You're far to young and. My. Gorgeous.

Suzanne must have mentioned me.

Of course Gray.


Suzanne has exquisite taste in friends.

Oooh! I like you Alice.

Alright. I'm starving.

Gotta order something.

What do you recommend?

Gray recommends the chicken.

Don't you. Gray?

Do you?

L. Do. Delicious.

Love knows no age or bounds.

Does it. Alice?

Y'know. I don't suppose that it does.

There. You see. Alice agrees.

Agrees with what?

Never you mind.

My very handsome date has arrived.



I'm Alice.

Lovely to meet you ladies.

If you enchanting creatures
would excuse us.

Have fun.

Would you like to get a table?

Sure. Yeah.


Can we get a table in the back please?

Can I askyou a direct question?

Fire away.

I don't want to be intrusive.

I don't mind.

Have you always known that you were...

A lesbian?


Well. No.

I tried dating guys when I was younger.

Wasn't my thing.

But don't you... don't you miss...

Men. Y'know...

sex I mean.

That's a deeply penetrating question.


Sex with women...

is hot

Is it?

My turn.


Why did you get married. Alice?


Y'know it was a dimerent time and

I needed to escape my circumstances.

I mean it was either
that orjoin a nunnery.

You couldn't be a lesbian.

You could if you joined a nunnery.

You enjoy life. Don't you?

I have my moments.

Hearts broke?


More than once.

I'm very good at starting relationships.

It's the

middle and end parts I tend to fuck up.

Pardon my language.

Pardon my "fucking" language.

Case in point.



It seems I have poor boundaries

and I'm not equipped for
healthy relationships.

At least that's what my

fabulously hot therapist tells me.

To lesbian love.

A blood sport.

Have you slept with a lot of lesbians?

Well. Most of the women
that I slept with are...

in fact. Card carrying lesbians.

But not all.

Confused women like to sleep with me too.

Are you alright Alice?

Yes. I am.

I'm fine.

Lfyou'll just excuse me for one moment.

I'm going to visit the ladies.

Excuse me.

Can I get you guys anything else?

No.l thinkwe're good. Angie.

Just the bill.


The Pussy Whisperer?


She's a bit of a legend.

Do you prefer younger or older women?




I'm sorry about that.

How did it go?


She's great.

So much fun.

Well. That's mostly bravado.

What do you mean?

Underneath she's a bit of a mess.

Y'know since my dad died

it's been rough.


Yeah. Of course. For both of you.

She must be lonely.

No. She's not lonely.

She has me.

Of course she does.

Well look.

I was I was happy to help out.

It was really good of you
Tru. Thank you again.


We should hook up for comee soon.

Yeah. I would love that.


Maybe in a week or so
when I'm done this case

and you can give me more umm.

101 tips on "How to Love
'em and Leave 'em_'"

I wrote the book.

I Yeah well

men are such bastards.

You're lucky you're a lesbian.


'Cause women are so much easier.

Ok. I should go.

I'm seeing her tomorrow.



My Mother? Really? Why?

For a walk.

Don't feel obligated.

No I don't. L. Want to.

If that's OK with you? Is it?

Yeah. No. Yeah of course. That's OK.

Alright. Well good. Get inside.


See yah.


She's really lovely.


I've been invited to go for
a walkwith her tomorrow.

Do you mind?



Tomorrow afternoon?

A date with Tru.

Do you mind. Terribly?

She seems lonely.

That's fine.

I'm... I'm super busy. Anyway.


?n fact. I'm a bit behind
and I have some work to do.

If you don't mind. Mother?

No. Of course.

Sweetheart of course not. Of course not.

Work. Work. Work. It always comes first.


What a day I've had.

You certainly have.

Hanging out with the sophists.

Don't you feel like a dark horse?

The "pussy whisperer_'"

Why didn't you tell her the whole story?


Knocked up.

Shotgun wedding.

The nunnery.


Well you looked really peaceful just now.

Did you sleep well?

'Cause. You know. I didn't.

I didn't really sleep well last night

or all week for that matter.

I'm sorry.

Something came up last night.


And something occurred to me last night.

That you've been playing me.


No. Here's...

here's your key.

I could've given it to you last
night but you bailed on me.


I sent you a text.

I had to go out with Suzanne's mother.

Always an excuse.

She was alone and upset.

What was I supposed to do?

You were supposed to meet with me!

I was alone and upset.

I mean this isn't the first time. Tru.

We've been dating for months.

We exchanged keys.

We were falling in love.

Yeah I thought I was.

L. I don't know.

I'm just. I'm not...

You're not what?

I'm not... ready...

for a relationship.


And you never will be.

And you know why?

Because you don't give a damn

about anyone or anything
other then yourself.

You should really come
with a warning label. Tru.

Y'know and if...

if you didn't want to be with me.

You could have at least had the courtesy

to say it to my face instead of
just hoping that I'd go away.

Don't get up.

I can kick myself out the door.

Well it's just...

it's beautiful.

You're very quiet today.

Am I?

A little


No. I'm not.

What's on your mind?

There's nothing much to tell.

Tell me something. Anything.

I don't know much about you really.

Well. What do you wanna know?

Where do you work.

Where do you live.

I live over there.

Across the water?


how do you get there?

That's all part of the
great mystery. Alice.


now that is just sad.

Suzanne is very good at ordering in.

I seem to recall that.


I'm here to perform...

a miracle.

Where'd you learn to cook?


God. I love Paris.

Me too.

I'd love to go back.

You should go back.

Y'know. I love French culture.

They make art out of life.

This is so good.

You should try my boef de le bolognesa

with actual ingredients.


Then you will have to cook it for me.

I will.

Would you like to come to my place

tomorrow. Alice?

In the afternoon ifyou're free?



Um. I'll come by here at one to get you.


We have to take a fairy to get there.


They mystery's solved.

I'll teach you how to
make boef de la bolognesa.

And I'll teach you something.


It requires your body.

A la prochaine.

Dinner for two.

Very romantic.

Very clandestine.

You know she's a lesbian.


A young lesbian.


And you are neither.

We did set a place for you

but you didn't call or show up.


I'm sorry.

I was working late. Again. And I forgot.

Tomorrow? K?

Let's have dinner tomorrow?

You ever think of me like that?

Gave you everything you needed.

It was never enough.

Be careful. Alice.

Thank you for babysitting

my mother that past couple days.

Come on. No problem.

I'm just so busy prepping
for this court case

I'm not really around much.

Well I've got a little
bit of time right now.

Well don't you always?

Wow... nice Suzanne.



So. See you later.


See you around.


?t's gorgeous.

It's just lovely.

Just down here.

There aren't any cars.

I know.

Isn't it nice?

This is where I live.

It's charming.

It's incredible.

You know I never did climb it.

Well. You will.

I hope.

Is this you?


With your parents?



Such kind faces.

You can see how loved you are.

Where do they live?

They don't.

Tru. I am so sorry.


They were trying to make
it home for my birthday.

And they took a wrong turn.

It's OK. Alice.

It was a long time ago.

Nobody's fault.

I'm OK.

I just don't do birthday's...

or funerals.

How old were you at the time?

Turning twelve.

So young.


Do you have brothers or sisters?


So. Who raised you?

My Aunt and Uncle.

Until I was fifteen.

And what happened at fifteen?

Well then l...

Do you really wanna talk about this?


you know.

Shitjust happens.

Yes I do.

I usually don't talk about it.


What happened at fifteen?


I got caught with a girl.

And so what did they do?


they locked me in my room for weeks.

I broke the window with my hand and...

I ran away.

Where to?

The streets. Shelters.

A few nice people.

I survived.

You more than survived.

You ever smoked pot. Alice?


A long time ago.

It gets me in the mood.

For what?




So what is this?

A double helix.

A snake shedding it's skin.

I was twenty-one.



You sure that you should be

using a knife in your condition?

I could do this in my sleep.


I umm. I rub them in my eyes sometimes.


They help me cry.

It's my therapy.

I umm...

I wasn't allowed to cry after the funeral.

They gave me a few days and then...

told me to "stop_'"

To give my sumering over to Jesus.


Yeah. And then...

and then I just forgot how.

Y'know people have always accuse me

of not caring.

That is not true.

I care deeply...

about onions.


That's sad.

That is so sad.



Look at that cloud.


Look. Do you see it?


It looks like a snake.

It looks just like your tattoo.

There. Right up there. Look.


Do you see it?


You're blind.

Wow! My God!



Is that short for Trudy?


Thank you.




Please don't tell anyone.


Yeah. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Gertrude and Alice.


Just in case you think I've forgotten.

I'm going to teach you something.


The Tango.



Here and now.



OK. So you put your hand there

and mine goes there.

You turn your back

and you follow me. Ready?


one, two,

. one. Two. Three. Four

step and turn. Step behind. Glide. Snap.


Tango Music

Goodnight Alice.

Goodnight Tru.

And. I had a lovely evening.

So did l.

Did you? Did you really?


You know I feel so

alive with you.

Did you two have fun?

Yes. Yes we did.

We went to Tru's house on the island.

And we dined. And we played outside.

We watched clouds...

and we danced.

It's almost midnight.

Kinda late.

I forgot about the time.


You missed dinner.

We had plans.

We did?

I completely forgot.

I'm so sorry. Darling.

Will you forgive me?

Are you drunk?


No... no. I am intoxicated with life.

I should go.

I'm sorry if I caused any trouble. Suzanne.

I didn't know you had dinner plans.

Of course you didn't know.

You have your father's temperament.

Especially under stress

and it is not an attractive quality.

See you tomorrow?

If Suzanne doesn't mind.

Suzanne is not my mother.


Did you have to be so diMcult?

Playing outside?

Really Mother?

And dancing?

If I didn't know better I'd say
you were attracted to her.

If I didn't know better
I'd say you're jealous.


I'm not sure.

You tell me.




You taught her well.

That's right. Alice.

It's all my fault.

I've never had anything that wasn't
mine. Anything that wasn't ruined.


You didn't need any of my help with that.

God. You were such a heartless bastard.

I thought that's what you wanted.

I could have saved you a lot of trouble

if I'd just dumped you at the door.

God forbid that Alice should have any fun.

That would be too embarrassing.

God damn it Alice!

You don't know when to stop.

Now that wasn't necessary.


You're home.


Um. Alice. ?s sick.

I have to stay home and take care of her.

Will she be alright?

Yup. Hopefully.

But she's too old to be playing outside.

She caught a cold.

You're mad at me.

Is Alice really sick or

is there something else going on here?

I don't know what you mean.

My Mother is sick.

I have to go.

Why are you being like this?

Is it about the other thing

because I thought we talked about that.

OK. I can't talk right now I have to go.


I am leaving.

Please just tell her that I came

because she's expecting me.



Hello dear.

Did you go out?


Are you going out?

I was expecting

I was expecting Tru. But...

I didn't... she didn't show up. so.


Well. We could go out.

We could get dinner.

I think um...

I think maybe I'll just um...

retire early.

Goodnight darling.



My mother still isn't well.

I know. That's why I made her soup.

What are you playing at?

I don't know what you mean.

My mother is easily influenced.

She has been very fragile
since my dad died.

Someone's fragile.

I saw you kiss her!

In my hallway!

That's what this is about?

She kissed me... for your information.

On the cheek.

I know what you're like.

What am I like?

You know what will happen!

No! I don't know!

She can't see you.

Did she tell you that?

Give her this. Please.

Mother fucker!





Where have you been? Mother?

I don't know... just...


I was worried about you.


I lost track of the time.

OK. Well. You're here now.

Um. L. Bought some dinner.

You. Hungry?

Good god girl. What'd you expect?

I didn't expect anything from Alice.

She's so...


No Gray. She's incredible.

Um. I was thinking about Dad's old desk.

Would you still like it?



He'd be so pleased.

Now. I haven't started
packing up his things yet.

I know I should but...

Well. Um. I was thinking that I could.

Come home and help you.

After this case is done.


That'd be nice.

Where could it go?

Well you could play house here.

I Or better still

house husband in North Bay. Brrr

Y'know. I don't understand...

why Tru hasn't come by.

Tried to contact me.

It just doesn't...

It just doesn't make any sense.

Have you heard from her?

Y'know. L. um.

I like Tru. But she is not that reliable.

Really? And I found her quite the opposite.

Well she has a reputation for it.

For what?


to vanish?

To disappear without saying a word?


But um don't. Don't take it personally.

I just come to accept it about her.

She called me a "mother fucker_'"

Stop it!

Well. She does have a point.

I am not doing anything.

Given your history with Suzanne.

I'd say you're playing with fire

and you are going to get burned.


New shooters.

On the house.

Trying new flavors.

That's exactly what you need.

You're such a fool.

That's love's job. Honey...

to make idiots of us.


This what it was like for you?

Y'know I tried. I tried to love you.

I did.

I know you did.

I'm sorry.

I'm not very good at this.



Alice! Wait.


Alice? What's wrong?

What's wrong? Everything's wrong.

I waited two days for you. Two. Days.

How could you do that to me?

I did show up. l...

The Pussy Whisperer.


He-he-hey. Wai-wait. Stop!

I feel so... stupid.

I did come to see you. I tried!

Look I'm freezing. Can we go inside?

You have company.

That's nothing.

I just didn't. Didn't want
to be alone last night.

OK. Wait here a minute.

I'm going to get a c-coat on

and I'll be back so we can talk. OK?


What's up with mom?

Thanks for last night.

If you rush. You can make the next fairy.

I'm sorry.


Alice. Wait.

Wait, stop.

Where are you going?

Why didn't you come?

I did come.

I went to see you.

Suzanne told me you were sick.

I wasn't sick.

Did you get my note?

Why would she do that?

I mean lie.

To me! And to you.



I thought that we had worked it out

but I guess she's still upset with me.

Upset. Upset about what?

I think it would be better if she told you.

Told me! What?!

Y'know I'm so damn tired
of being kept in the dark.

It's highly overrated.

It's complicated.

Yeah well. Why don't you
j ust uncom plicate it?

Remember when I told you that

"confused women like to sleep with me" too?


One time...

One time?

When I stayed over at her place...

Suzanne and you?

We both had too much to drink... and...

You and Suzanne...

We woke up in bed together...


that was...


She couldn't talk about it and...

that was the last time I stayed with her.

How long ago?


So shortly after Richard died.

We bumped into each other awhile ago.

She said she missed me.

Wanted to reconnect.

She seemed really happy about that.

We had comee. And talked.

Not about that.

I thought we were OK. But...

I'm sorry.


I don't know what to say.

We can still be friends though.

Can't we. Alice?

Friends? Yes. Of course.

Friends. That's what we are.

Sorry I doubted you.

I thought you were tired of me.

I could never tire of you.



So was this our...

our first fight?

Our first misunderstanding.

I stepped on it.

The poor thing.

It? Or me?



Hi Mother.


Tru's cooking up a storm.

Yeah. I see that.

Cordon bleu.

Will you join us?

L have so much work to do.

Y'know workwill always be here.

I however. Will not.


Sojoin us.


I insist.

If you insist.


Won't this be fun.

Tru. This is...

it's just delicious.

So it's all finally moving forward? Is it?

Yes. Finally.

There we are.

There. That's better.

Well I'm glad.

This has been quite a trial for you.

A trial?


Funny. Mother.

So are you. Are you seeing anyone?

Wha-um... no.

No secret lovers?

Um more?

Yeah Suzanne. Would you like...



Well wasn't that lovely?

She's so thoughtful and so kind.

So you keep saying?

Is um...

ls there something that
you want to tell me?


Nothing? Nothing at all?

OK. I don't know what she said to you.

Suzanne come back here.

Come back here and sit down.


I went to her place.

When she failed to show up
here for two days straight

without calling to cancel I
knew something was wrong.

I was worried.

You saw that.

You knew that she'd been here twice.


She made me soup.

She left a note.


why would you lie to me?

To protect you.

To protect me?

>From her.

>From Tru? And why would rhar be?

Am I on trial here?

Yes in fact you are.



You were sick.

?s that the real reason?

You were vulnerable.

Is that the real reason?

What are you suggesting?!

I'm suggesting that there
might be another reason

for your blatant display of insecurity.

You slept together.

Something transpired.

I have no idea what.

You have feelings.

Unresolved feelings.

Good or bad which is it?






Are you OK?

I'm sorry I upset you.

I know we seem to be doing a lot of that

to each other lately.

Can we talk tomorrow?

Of course. Yes of course. Tomorrow.

Now that this is all. You know.

Out in the open.

Goodnight darling.




You told my mother we slept together.

We did sleep together.

Yes. I know that.

But why did you tell her?

She wanted to know what was going on.

It's none of her business.

Well you made it her
business by lying to her.

It's my privacy. My decision.

It's mine too.

I can see where this is going.


You're trying to control this conversation

just like you do everything.

That's why you came here.


I came here because I wanted to meet you

as far away from my mother as possible.

She is vulnerable just like I was.

You crawled into bed with me Suzanne.

Stay the fuck away from my mother.




Why. I'm not quite made up.

I wasn't expecting you for hours.

I'm sorry.

No. No. No need.

I'm happy to see you.

Come on in.

You can relax. She's not here.

So. Why don't you have a seat

and I'll finish getting ready.

I won't be a moment.

Alice. l...

I need to talk to you.


Sounds serious?

It's about Suzanne.

Well. What about her?



You alright? You look um...

I look umm. What?

What have you Been up to today?

I've had a very interesting day. So far.

I had a visitor.

How dare you banish her from seeing me.

Who do you thinkyou are?

Your daughter.

Or have you forgotten?

It is none of your business.

It is my business.

You are my mother.

Start acting like it.

It is my life and I will
do as I damn well please.

And I'll do what's necessary.

Well maybe I should leave.

Maybe you should.

Why are you so stuck on seeing her?

I like her.

I like spending time with her

and that should be enough.

Yeah. I know you do.

More than you like spending time with me.

You are being childish.

Why should you care?

You don't have any time for me.

You've never had any time for me.

Who are you reallyjealous of?!

I'm not gay.

?f that's what you're suggesting.

Me thinks the lady
doth protest too m uch.

It was once and nothing came of it.

That does not make me gay.

No. But it does make you frightened.


maybe Tru's right.

Maybe you are simply confused.


Tru. ?s that all you can talk about?

It's sick.

You're obsessed.

Leave me be.

At your age it's pathetic.

Get out!

What about dad?

Have you forgotten about him already?

Maybe Claire and Suzanne
are right about me.

About what?

I'm a hazard.

Should come with a warning label.

You should.

A big ass caution sign.

Seriously Gray.

You've known me longer than anybody else.

What is wrong with me?

Nothing but hurt.

Old hurt.

You're running. Baby girl.

We both are.

Run. Run. Run.

I'm tired of running.

She's as much you as she is me. Alice.

Your beauty. Your temper. Your passion.

My bloody arrogance.

I'm sorry if l...

put you in a box.

Maybe I was afraid if I opened it.

Even a little.

You would leave me.

Can I come in?


I'm sorry I said those things.

I'm sorry too.

I said some terrible things to you.

I didn't mean them.

Y'know it's true.

You should be apologizing to me.

You were very cruel to me.

Whatever went on between the two of you


or not,

let it go.

It's over.

Wait until you're my age to
start torturing yourself.

Please. Sort.

Sort this thing out with her.

This mess. This confusion.

For your sake and for no other reason.

I don't understand any of it.

I know.

But maybe one day you will.


If only you could see.

Life slips away so quickly.

It's over in the blink of an eye.

And most people are too asleep

to even notice.




I mean...

I'm sorry.

Is that it?

No. Um.

You were right.

I was avoiding you.

I was...

waiting for you tojust...

90 aWay.

Because I'm a...

I'm a coward.

I mean.

I fucked up Claire and I

am fucked up.

Just want you to know that I know that now.

Good for you.

Hey look. I don't expect
you to forgive me...

because I don't...

forgive me.

I just...

I dunno...

wanted to say I was sorry and

I wanted to give you

the key to your house back.

Take care.




Come on in.



I made a cake.

My birthday.



Thank you darling.

Would you like a drink?

I'll put this in the kitchen. OK?

Wine if you have it.




I like you Tru. I really do.


But... um...

I'm just not sure that I'm...


I don't know what I am.

I think that's why I um.

Freaked out on you.

I was feeling um.

A bit threatened and

confused. I guess.

It's OK to be confused.

I think my mother might be a bit


Thank you for making her a cake.

No problem.

You're gonna stay for her

her last dinner?

I'd... love to.



I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. It's such a mess.

Yes. I'm so clumsy lately. l...

it's. ?t's alright Alice.

It was just an accident.

No and y'know what?


Tru is right.

And. ?n fact. Lets um. Let's toast to it.

To messy accidents.

Who are you?

And what have you done with my daughter?

To messy accidents.

And now if you um...

lovely ladies will excuse me.

I have to go back to the oMce.


It's the final push

and exhausted as I am I must keep going.

Try not to be too late getting home. OK?


Happy birthday.

Thank you.

Lets talk soon. OK?

Yeah. Let's.


Well. All's well that ends well.

One last walk.

In my next life...

I will come back...

as a great dancer like

lsadora Duncan and you will be...

my lover.

Come on.

Well. Goodbye. Alice.

What's this I see?


No onions.


Don't go yet.

I don't want to prolong this.

I'm not very good with "goodbyes_'"

Or birthdays.

Or funerals.

I'm not good with much. Am I?

You good with a night cap?

You are a very bad influence on me.

Thank you. Come on.



Let's toast.

To what?

To true love.

To true love.

Wherever it may be.

How could you just loose
yourself like that?

Lose myself.

Find myself.

It's all the same in the end.

It's wrong.

It's life.

I am not ready to accept
you and Tru together.

I'm not sure I ever will be.


I hope that you find someone
to love with all your heart.

And ifyour heart breaks.

I hope it breaks wide open.

Hi Alice.

It's me Tru.

I miss you.

This is your "welcome home" message.

So. Welcome home.

Standing where

We did the tango.

Thought I might twirl but um...

wouldn't be the same without you.

Anyway you're probably sleeping om

that long train ride so...

Message number three.

You must be busy or something.


I hate leaving messages.

Just call me when you can. OK?

I will leave my ringer on so...

Hi Alice. ?t's me Tru.

The lunatic stalker.

Is everything OK?

I'm starting to get a
little worried down here.

May have to break down
and call Suzanne if I-



What are you doing there?

Is everything OK?

No. Not really.

What is it?

What's happened?

my Mom...



What's wrong?

She um...


She. She what?

Suzanne. What?

She's gone. Tru.

She's um...

gone. Died.



That's not possible.


I just saw her.

She was fine.

No. She wasn't.

She had an aneurysm.

It was sudden.

She died on the train.

She never even made it home.

She was so sick.

How did I not know that?

Did you know. Tru?

Did she say anything to you?


I don't. I don't know what to do.

I um...

the The funeral is on Saturday.

Can you come. Tru?

Can you um. Can you come?

Tru wait!


I'm glad you came.

I was such a bitch to her in the end.

I feel really terrible about that.

You have to try and forgive yourself.

She would want that.

Besides you were just being yourself.

You should go.

Take care ofyourself. OK?

I mean that.

You too.

Hello Tru-licious.

It's j ust me calling to
L love you.

And I miss you and I'm
j ust a ferry trip away.


You're gonna be OK.

Call me when you come up for air.

Big kiss.


Hey Tru!

Hi Scott.


You look like you had a nice vacation.

Yah. Shoulda gone to the Arctic

then coming back to this
would have been easy.

So we found this letter in our mailbox

and Mary-Anne figured it must be yours.


Don't tell anyone.

No no. Your secret is safe with me.

Say hi to Mary-Anne for me.

Dearest Tru.

You have stolen my heart.

Paris in the spring?