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Academy for theatre, radio, film and TV,
Slovenian film fund, Viba film, RTV Slovenia

Trieste is an Italian coastal city situated
near the border with Slovenia.

Although Slovenians were
never a majority in Trieste,

nearby Slovenian villages were
vitally connected to the city.

The ambition to free
Trieste became especially strong

during the Second World War?

Trieste is ours!
A short film by ?iga Virc

Through the woods of Kras and to the sea,
Where Trieste shines in the sun.

Our thoughts and aspirations
turn to our final victory.

Oh, beloved fatherland,
home of our ancestors.

She waits for the days,
when freedom finally comes.

Now here we stand, ready for it
to be finally realized.

With a gun in hand, fearlessly
towards victory we go.


What?s the situation?

The situation is dangerous.
The Germans want to occupy Trieste.


And whose is Trieste, actually?

- No.


Well, then it?s ours.

Exactly. And who are we?

We are the proud fighters of the 9th
corps of the People?s Liberation Army

and Partisan Detachments
of Yugoslavia.

The Italians have occupied Trieste,
the Germans won?t.

A new history begins.

It?s time for the Slovenian
nation to regain its former glory.

See this hat?

My father wore
it when he was a partisan.

Do you know when
he gave it to me?

Your father gave you this hat when
you went to school.

And he said this war must
never be forgotten.


How did you know?

Everyone knows that.

Death to fascism!

Freedom to the nation!


When will you free Trieste?

The day after tomorrow.

But that?s what you also
did last year, and the year

before that. And fifteen years ago.

I can?t take it anymore.

I have to work. And you?re
playing partisans and Germans.

I?m not playing.

Trieste was ours in
May 1945 and it must

be given back to the
Slovenian nation.


You know very well that
Dad gave me this hat.

The one he wore as a partisan.

I know, I know. He said this war
must never be forgotten.

But I don?t think he meant that
you should assemble a whole army!

And re-enact battles like a
bunch of five-year-olds!

Fuck off. We will lose
Trieste because of this shit.

How are we doing, miss? Are we going to
just wander around or will we help a little?

Talking to yourself
again, are we?

I?ll show you talking to
myself. Get to work!

I will, I will.

Why don?t you call Stalin?

You two are chasing Mussolini
together, aren?t you?

Mateja, don?t make
fun of such stuff.

Do you see this hat?

My Dad gave it to me. You know,
he wore it when he was a partisan.

Do you know when he gave it to me?
- Yes, on your first school day.

And he said the Second World War
must never be forgotten.

And he wore the same
clothes you?re wearing, right?

A road-worker?s uniform.

Partisan! A partisan uniform!

Yeah, it?s all the same.

Mateja, are you asleep?


Look, do you see this hat?

This one wasn?t my Dad?s hat.
It was my Mom?s.

Your Granny?s.

But my Dad gave it to me.

And he said:

?Make sure you give it to
someone who will understand

how brave our grandmas
and our mothers were.

They freed our country.?

I?m giving it to you.

So you?ll be brave.

Where did we go wrong
raising Mateja?

What?s wrong with Mateja?

She... I?ve got the feeling
she has no clue.

She doesn?t know.

She?s not even aware ? she
doesn?t know that there

were divisions, brigades, that
national heroes existed,

that hostages were shot.

I don?t think she
knows any partisan songs.

Hey brigades, hurry,

Chase away,
ruthlessly defeat,

destroyers of
Slovenian homes!

Hey machine gun,
sing your song,

let it echo around us!

Our salute from
the free woods!




To the right!


At ease!

Comrades, fighters, friends!

The times

when the Slovenian nation
was suppressed

and no one cared

are over!

The battle approaches.

The battle for Trieste.

The battle for the heart

and glory of the
Slovenian nation.

No sacrifice

is too great!

- Long live commander Franc!
- Long may he live!

Germans and traitors of the
Slovenian nation will pay!


Death to fascism!

Freedom to the nation!

Weapons check!

Hey, France, I just wanted to ?
- Hello.


I just wanted to talk to you.
- Oh, we?ll go to Jovanka,

get a beer and talk
everything through.

No, we won?t go to Jovanka today,
because this is too serious.

Marko, finish the
weapons inspection!

Now, listen France. Obama is visiting
the country and safety measures

are tight. And the
Americans are in it too.

You know your
battle re-enactment

has to stop.
- What?

You know your circus doesn?t fit
the concept, you understand?

Now you listen to me.

I don?t care if Osama
bin Laden or Indira Ghandi

or Arafat comes. The battle will
happen! And soon.

I just have to wait until the
Germans attack and then it starts.

Bring those containers and boxes
back to headquarters!

France, listen to me. Do you
know who Obama is?

Yes, I do, so? - Do you know I
can lose my job because of you?

Does this mean you?re
one of them?

One of who?
- Look me in the eyes.

Do you know my father wore
this hat when he was a partisan?

Do you know when he
gave it to me?

I know. When you
went to school.

Look, but you have to stop.

I have to stop this.

Go away and take
everything with you.

Let?s go, let?s go.

Josip Broz Tito?s speeches.
Words with a therapeutic effect.

We have shed a sea of blood for the
fraternity and equality of our nations.

And we won?t allow anyone to
destroy this fraternity and equality.

Comrades, today
I have to confess

a historical fact.

I made a mistake about Trieste.

Today I solemnly
swear to you all:

Trieste will be ours again!

Through the woods of Kras and to the sea,
where Trieste shines in the sun.

Our thoughts and aspirations
turn to our final victory.

Oh, beloved fatherland, The home of
our ancestors. She awaits ?

Documents, please.
- What?


Whose vehicle is this?

Well, it?s written that it?s still Marija?s.
- What?s in the back?

Ok, Jana, stop fooling around.
What is all this about?

Please, open the trunk.

What is this?

These are props for
freeing Trieste.

Listen, France, we have instructions
from the commander

to stop all such activities.

We can?t let you go any further.

Milena, now you listen to me.

Do you have a license
for all these weapons?


Central dispatch, receive.
- Which unit is reporting?

- Connecting to commander Brane.

What?s the situation?
- Brane, we got France. Over.

Bring him to me at the station right away.
If he happens to resist?

Girls, don?t screw with me!

Put the weapons down,
hands in the air, now!

Damn you collaborating bastards!

Comrade France!

The Germans are coming;
they?ll be here any minute.

Grab your weapons and take your
positions now! - Go to your positions!


Ninth, attack!




I?ll always love you.


This is the Slovenian police,
drop your weapons now!

This is the 9th corps of the
People?s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia!

Let us through or we will attack!

France, stop this shit and
put the weapons down.

Brane, you stop this shit.
Let us through I said!

Look at him, he doesn?t

Men, charge!

Drop your weapons!

Drop your weapons!

Trieste is ours!!!

Written and directed by


Well, now you?ve finally
freed Trieste (Italy).


and now comes ?
Istria (Croatia).