Très belle journée (2022) - full transcript

Bike courier Jérémie speeds around the city delivering anonymous packages, blindly following the instructions of his boss Dom. A solitary creature of habit, Jérémie records a podcast where he shares his conspiracy theories. When a famous Instagrammer, Élyane Boisjoly, moves right next to his apartment, he develops an obsession for his new neighbor's lifestyle. His life changes dramatically when, one night, he is so flustered by his obsession with Élyane that he misses a delivery. When Dom orchestrates a violent manhunt, Jérémie has no choice but to take action.

In 2012, they were talking
about the world ending,

but then nothing happened.

Or we think nothing happened,
but you know,

maybe we're really all just

We've been dead since
December 21, 2012,

and we were transferred
onto a server as we dreamed.

We woke up on December 22
without even noticing.

But we were no longer
in the same world.

The only problem is that
there were glitches in the transfer.

A good example
is Nelson Mandela.

Everyone remembered him dying
in the 1980s in prison.

Everyone was sure they'd seen
his funeral on TV.

And now they're telling us
he died in 2013.

Nothing is real.

That's the big change
that the Maya predicted for 2012.

It wasn't the end of the world,
just a change.

So you know,

you don't have to be someone.

You don't have to have money.

You don't have
to worry about other people.

Because no part of that
is real.

There's no other way
to explain it.

Since 2012,

we've been living
in a simulation.

No! Fuck no!

you motherfucker!

Hey, you fucking
arrogant little fucker!

I got you a work permit,
you're with me for two years!

No! You shut your mouth,
I ain't finished.

You're with me for two years,
you hear me?

Next time,
I'll break your fucking legs.

I'll smash
your kneecaps!

Any idea how much I'm losing
because of your stupidity?

Listen, get your ass down here
and we'll talk!

Hey man.


Big race?

Old race.

Oh yeah?

Does he win?

No, he loses.

After seven laps,
he makes a fucking stupid mistake.

Two one-hundredths of a second.

Anyways, when an athlete loses,
he cries.

Here's a new batch.

Tell me what you think.


Thanks, bye.


What's your fucking problem,

You almost ran me over.

I almost ran you over?

You shouldn't even be on the

-Check your blind spots!
-Use the fucking bike path!

I was in front of you.

What's your fucking problem?

Whoa, let him go!

You're fucking deranged!

Say you're sorry!

Let him go!
Come on!

-I'm calling the cops.
-I'm sorry.

-You okay?
-Yeah, fine.

Hello everyone, welcome
to episode 112 of Very Nice Day.

Today I wanted to talk
about coincidences.

I don't personally believe
in coincidences.

Things always happen for a

It's part of the code.

And we can read the code,

but to do that,
we can't rely on our instincts.

Because they lie to us.

Our instincts are the product
of millions of years of evolution.

But we've only been living
in this new reality for ten years.

And we've been given clues
about this transition.

Do you remember The Truman Show,
that movie with Jim Carrey?

I remember when I saw it as a

it really unsettled me.

I started to see extras

Do you remember The Truman Show,
that movie with Jim Carrey?

I remember when I saw it as a
kid, it really unsettled me.

I started to see extras

I'd look into a mirror

and start speaking to the
audience, for practice.

It doesn't matter.

I don't care.

I no longer feel interesting.

Don't hesitate to leave a

if you feel like this is your...

This is your situation.

Don't hesitate,
it'd be a pleasure to hear from you.

Marcel, come here!

Come here.

You're trouble, aren't you?

Careful, careful.

Hey, you little troublemaker.

Hey, careful.
I don't want any marks on the wall.

It's hot in here!

Let me tell you
my favourite dream.

It's in, like,
a salt mine or a goldmine,

something like that.

We go down in the elevator
with our gear

and we walk through long

I don't know how long,

but it seems like it takes

Suddenly, we get to the deposit.

And then everything
becomes clear.

It's a mine of faces.

With literally
hundreds of thousands of faces.

A bunch of people I know.

People I don't talk to anymore,
like my parents.

The other workers start digging.

Taking the faces from the walls
and putting them in barrels.

The foreman always pushes me
towards the walls.

He always yells at me,
"What the hell are you waiting for?"

He's super aggressive with me,
I don't know why.

Then I know I'm about to wake

And I wake.

If you have recurring dreams,
write and share them with me.

I'd be happy to analyze them
and discuss them with you.

Leave a comment below...

I'm just coming
out of a meeting

and I'm dying to tell you,
you'll be the first to know.

Hi all! I'm having a yoga
morning because it'll do me good.

Today I'm dedicating
my session to you!

Mega crush on this handbag
by Jacquemus. I love you!

Meet-up at 3pm,
come see me!

I can't wait.
All the beautiful people!

Gonna be lit!

How does plant intelligence

In this lab at the University of Florence in Italy,

researchers are trying to decode
the signals emitted by plants.

Their innovative approach

is part of the European
PLEASED project.

Plants are able to sense
gravity and electrical fields,

magnetic fields,
chemical gradients, etcetera.

This huge amount of information
that plants receive

is there for the taking.

We just have to find a way
to decode it

and make it usable.

Plants are constantly on alert,

gathering information
about their environment

in order to predict external aggression,
for example.

Over 700 different types of sensors
have been observed in plants.

Here they test plant reactions
to external stimuli.

By observing the plants'

we are able to precisely determine
which stimuli cause which response.

Once we can accurately read
these signals,

we'll be able to amplify
and digitize them.

In other words, an analog signal
that varies over time...

I want to eat a Poke Bowl.

My favourite here
is the Sunset Beach.

And how do I like it, Ariane?

With extra avocado.

It's the best.
Say the promo code.

The promo code

You'll get 10% off.

10% off
for my followers.

Where is
that baby?

There she is!

It's Daddy!

Yes, Daddy,
that's me!

Yes! Who's the pretty one?
You're the pretty one!

So babe, how are your breasts?

Not so good.
Painful as hell this morning.

You can't give up, babe.

It's full of antibodies, you

Breast milk
is important for her.

I can't see,
let me see her!

Oh my, you're the pretty one!
Yes, I said pretty!

Oh yes, you're a princess!


I have a delivery.

A Poke Bowl.

No, I didn't order any food.

Well, we have this delivery
for Élyane Boisjoli, is that right?

-A Poke Bowl?
-That's right. With extra avocado.

I didn't order that. Sorry.

Well, listen,
if you want,

this delivery is to your address, so take it, it's on the house.

No thanks, I don't need it.

You can eat it. Enjoy!

This smells so good, man.

Smell this!

You didn't even catch it.

Well, I didn't think
you were gonna...


I'm happy to see you.

Me too.

But do you think
you can sell me something?

I put a muffin in the bag.


A normal one.

Made with carrots.


I'm going to go now.

Hey Jay. Cleaning job
Tomorrow 5pm.

Confirm ASAP

Aw fuck.

Hi guys!

I can't talk about what's going on,
but it's life-changing.

Leaving for Toronto right away
for a thing.

I'll keep you posted.

But I need you.

Haven't been to Toronto for years,
so I need your recommendations.

I love you so much.
Gotta go pack!


If you had to pick...

Blue pill or red pill?

Oh fuck!


I wanted to ask,
did anybody pick up the bag?


The delivery. Did someone take

I don't know
what you're talking about.

C'mon, you know what I mean...

-Got no idea.
-Help me out here.

Go away,
you're bothering me.

Just answer yes or no!

No idea what you mean!

You have reached
the voicemail of Jérémie.

You arrogant shithead!

When I tell you
where to leave a bag,

don't fucking leave it
somewhere else.

Any idea how much I'm losing
because of your stupidity?

Next time,
I'll break your fucking legs.

I'll smash
your kneecaps!

Hey! You can't just show up
without warning!

I know, it's just that...

Come on, please?

Can you...

Can you just help me?

I'm closed.

It won't take long.

I just need a fix.


It's late man.
Have you seen the time?

Have you seen my face?

Can I tell you something?

I guess you got no choice, eh?

My mom
must have been 40 or 42.

So I was old enough
to stay home alone.

She was thinking
of going back to school

to become a nurse.

But she thought she was too old,
it wasn't worth it.

Tonight was her birthday.

She turned 66.

She said,
"Fuck! I'm still in shape,

"I could have been a nurse
for 20 years and helped people."


I guess what I mean is

you don't know.

Maybe your apartment
will catch fire,

maybe you'll die
in the next 30 seconds.

But probably not.

You don't know.

Take one every six hours.

If you have trouble breathing,
stop taking it.

It's on the house.

I'm going back to bed.

Could you rinse your plate
before you leave?

-Good night.

Good night.

Thanks, man.

That was just a warning.
You still owe me for what you lost.

-Going up?
-No, I'm not.

Hello everyone.

This isn't going to be
a normal episode.

Actually, I wanted to tell you that
I'm taking a break from the podcast.

More and more of you
are writing to me,

and that really warms my heart.

I read every comment I get.

But for personal reasons,
I have to stop making the podcast.


Thank you for listening,
and I wish you a very nice day.

Very Nice Day