Três Verões (2019) - full transcript

Unfolding over the course of three consecutive summers - 2015 to 2017 - the film follows Madá, a fifty-something caretaker for a cluster of luxury beach-side condos owned by a wealthy Rio de Janeiro family, as she invests in a roadside snack kiosk while tending to the every need of her condescending employers, becomes a bystander in a major money-laundering scandal, and eventually launches a whole new career. With every dizzying new turn of events, Madá manages to retain her high spirits, her sense of loyalty to those who deserve it - and her eagle eye for opportunity.


Hey, kid!

Come here!

Take a picture for me.


They're up already?

Then feed them.
I'm coming.


Elísio, it's for you.

He's coming.

It's either today,
or I have other offers.

This land is mine. It's settled.

Then drop by later
with the deposit. R$10,000.

Today? Impossible.
Can't leave my job.

It's the holidays,
the housekeeper's nightmare.

Tomorrow there's no guarantee.

Did you get the money?

I did?

What a question!

-Hey, Marcia.
-All good?

-Great. How's the baby?

-How many hot lunches today?

-They'll be here soon. Bye.


You must make a wish, Dad.




Hold this.

Give me your phone.

-My phone?

-But it's prepaid?
-I'll top up later.

Did you throw your flowers?


Take it all away.
I'm feeling generous today.

Give away
whatever you don't like.

Mrs. Marta, what about
the money I mentioned?

We have different
priorities today, dear.

But it's a unique opportunity!

Look at this.
Brand new.

Never used it.
Pity, no?

Find someone who wants it.
It won't fit you.

Could you give me
the deposit today?

It has to be today.


Doesn't your church
celebrate Christmas?

Look how Edgar is?
He's in bad shape.


And the cash he lent you?

Paying it back.
Two months to go.

It's coming out
of my salary.

Never saw that money.
I have so many debts.

-If I can, I'll talk to him.
-Please do.

Turn it once more.

Once more.

Don't touch the painting.

If anyone asks,
it's a new São Paulo artist.

He had a show in Tokyo.

Marta, hello!

Tokyo? Wasn't it Rome?

I embarrassed myself
the other day.

He's selling like crazy
in Japan. To the left.

To my left.

Return it after New Year's.

Shush. João Paulo and Angela
are coming.

They loved my collection,
my taste for art.

-Our taste.

There are 3 supermarkets
near Luca's new place.

At least that.
It won't make a difference, but?

-Watch out!

That's a Tunga.

A lifetime of your salary
wouldn't pay for it.

And how much is it?

Anybody seen Luca?

What's this made of? Cement?

Don't touch it!

-Would anybody buy this?

-Do these sell?
-A lot. It's a Tunga.

Ask Elísio
to put it at the entrance.

-Stop it. Is this expensive?
-Yes, it costs a fortune.

-Yes, he'll wear gloves.

Careful with the ornaments.

Watch out.

-Can't believe he is here!
-Who is it?

It's the guy
with the ankle monitor.

-That's him.

Cida worked for him.

Not me. Elísio did.

Open it! He must be
traumatized by locked doors.

There was a fuss.
Police showed up.

-Looking for him?
-He was in the kitchen.

They thought he fled.
There was no signal.

-Like phones?

So old-fashioned!
They're rich.

They should find something better
to arrest themselves.

Madá, where are the bathrobes?

-Trying to impress her?
-Give me a bathrobe.

-Say it.

-You're getting my house wet.

Your mom wants you
in the TV room.

Help yourself.

It's good. Taste it.
You'll like it.

-Say it.

Taste one.

What's this? Sushi?

Yes, it's “sushisage,?
sushi sausage.

People here
don't like raw food.

You don't have it
where you live?

-She's a vegetarian.
-Poor girl? So cute?

She only eats salad?

Do you like Brigadeiro?
She doesn't know what it is.

How do you say “bread??

And cheese?

Poor girl.

She's never had
any of this. Pity.

Dear, where's a good place

to open a kiosk
there in your country?

Packed and ready to go?

Keep on laughing.

I'll get rich
selling cheese puffs.

This is really cute.
Look, Cida.

Octopus sausage.

So cute!

I used cloves for the eyes.

-You're so creative!
-Take a picture!


One like this,
another like this.

You'll be rich.


Take some menus too.

You scared me!

-What are you doing here?
-Getting the hot lunches.

Our guy will take them.
Delivery only.

Elísio will deliver them.

You can't come here.
Delivery only. Use WhatsApp.

They can't come here.

Put it on Instagram
and Facebook: delivery only!

Imagine if Mr. Edgar
finds out I'm doing this.

God forbid!



What's with that hair?
That's crazy!

My hair used to be
just like that.

You had that hair
when we've met.

-Look at that!
-I have a good nose for men.

-That was a borrowed dress.
-Marta, don't tattle!

What comes after
china anniversary? Paper?

Let me see? 21st anniversary,
brass or nickel.

China means refinement.
Requires many stages to be made.

-Refinement and patience.

There's all sorts of celebration,
wood, iron, cotton?

The main thing is to celebrate.


Look at that.

So cute!

Twenty years?
It goes by so fast.

Look at him.

Don't be like that.
There's Skype and Internet now.

It will be tough.


Luca, come here.

-Just for a bit.

Need to talk to you.

Get your grandpa
out of that bedroom.

He likes you.
Tell him to come down.

I know him.
He won't come.

Your dad is upset.
He doesn't know what to do.

He won't come.

-Mention your grandma.
-My grandma?

Say something nice
and he'll come.

He won't come.

What's this?

Who's that?

Same unknown number again.

Oh, my Lord. Who's this?

-Clayton must be feeling guilty.
-God forbid. Clayton?

I have just one thing
to say to him.

I'm sorry.

-How do you say I moved on?
-We don't say that any more.

Now it's “follow the ball?.

“Follow the ball?. I'm sorry.

I don't know who it is,
but came with Elísio.

It's Ribamar. It's Ribamar!

I'll hide down here.

It's Ribamar!
What do I do?

What if it's a song?

Let me help my friend!

What if it's a film or a book?

Take it easy, guys.

-I didn't say a thing.
-She didn't say a thing.

Branca doesn't know anybody
in Brazil, not even Anitta.

A song, a song?

O Sole Mio

It's me!

Ten calls from this number.

I thought it might be urgent
and you should answer.

I didn't answer
because it's “No Caller ID?.

I don't answer such calls.
You know why?

When there's no number,
it could be a scam.

You shouldn't pick up.
They call from jails.

You did well not to answer.

Do you know
how to block a number?

Of course I do, Mr. Edgar.

I taught Mrs. Marta
to post pictures on Facebook.

-Just block it.
-You want it blocked?

About that money
that we discussed.

I know you're concerned,
but I am too.

The guy is in the kitchen.
I didn't dare go in.

It's really important for me.
I have to pay him today.

This land for my kiosk
is worth a lot.

There's lots
of mangos and bananas.

Just by clearing the land,
it will?


Don't say anything to Marta.

Don't tell her
about the calls.

-Block it.

-Everybody is waiting.

It's your turn.

Sorry, everyone.

-Your phone is really old.
-It's crappy, right?

I'm focused on the land,
so I didn't upgrade it.

Can I trust this guy?
Is he your friend?

Don't worry, Mr. Edgar.
He's a nice guy.

We can decide later about
keeping the land in Madá's name.

The land has to be registered
in my name.

Deduct it monthly
from my salary, like always.

I'll pay you back.


I'll buy your phone.

No way. Why would you want
this crappy phone?

I'm serious.





My videos, my pictures.

There's a lot there?

We'll save them.
You know how to do it?

Yes, I'll do it.

-Do we have Madalena's details?
-I have it all. Don't worry.

You know the one
with the shepherd boy?

-I've heard this song.
-Do you know how to play it?

I don't know.

It was going
to be a surprise, Dad.

We found this while moving.

We're really happy

that you're here
with us, Dad.

Everybody knows
it's been a tough year.

Mom should've been here.

I've heard this music.
It's Beethoven.

That's right.

Thank you for being here.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

The loudest scream
gets this one.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Madá, where's mine?

This is for you, my baby.

Follow the kids.

Dad, easy, easy?

Honey, give me a hand.


No, she's not here.



This is a message
from Mr. Edgar and Mrs. Marta.

But this is not her.

This is Madalena,
the housekeeper.

Just to say we're calling off
the Secret Santa.

Ok? Secret Santa called off.

But everything is fine.

She will call you later
to explain.

Ok? Thank you.

Do you prefer dimmed lights
or bright lights?

Use all of them.
It'll be great!

He thinks he's a celebrity.

-Hi, Madá.
-Ms. Branca! Didn't you hear?

I'm getting
a few things for Marta.

-I won't be able to help you.
-Don't worry, I'll manage.

I'm canceling
the Secret Santa with our guests.

Are you leaving as well?
Are they gone?

She likes these?

-Don't need that.

You see? Voicemail.

I can't reach her.
Nobody tells me anything.

Don't know if I should cancel.

Will they come
for New Year's Eve?

-They didn't tell you anything?

So much food and drink.
I hired some extra help.

Do you think I should
just cancel?

I think you should.

-Isn't it too late?
-Why not try?

Go, Madá. I don't want
to bother you.

Where are you taking
these things?

I'm meeting Marta later.

Leave that alone!

Mr. Edgar gets mad
if we touch that drawer.

-Did he request anything?
-Go get me some water!

You're very nervous.


Do you want some Valium?

Mrs. Marta likes it.
Just one or two. Want some?

How about some vodka?

With ice and lime.

Now, Madá!


No power yet?

What did you bring?

Pork loin! Delicious!

I think you owe me
a faster service?

Something to drink.

Don't you have a friend
who can help you?

Hurry up.

There's a lot to be done.

Let me show you.

I noticed when I arrived.
This is totally uneven.

The pool is tipping this way.

If a child gets in,
the water will spill.

And I'll put a slide here.

I'm pricing it. I'm planning
a huge Christmas event here.

I have tons of products.
I don't want to just sell online.

People will stop here
to buy water or bananas,

they'll see
my tree of snacks

with the Xmas decoration,
and they'll stay.

I'll sell pork loin and so on.

The gifts are ready.

-Can I get a hat?
-They're for clients.

How will we get
our overdue wages?

That's expensive stuff!
You insane?

-There's cameras.

-So what?
-She's on a plane,

but she monitors
everything remotely.

He forgets we're
in Big Brother Brazil.

The only thing I want
is my money.

You're so stupid, Vanessa!

Do you think the boss is coming
as Santa Claus?

Easy, honey.

This trip is so weird.
No one said anything.

-Let's open this.
-I'm looking?

She's not posting anything.

-You're stalking her?
-I learned it from you.

I'm the greatest? stalkist?

-I'm the greatest stalker ever.

I'll deliver your beloved
in 3 clicks.

I've always wanted to use this glass.

Look at the glass he took?

No need to eat like that.
Are you a refugee?

There's tons of food coming.
Save your appetite.

I couldn't
cancel most of the food.

I found a picture of her.

Look at Mrs. Marta showing off.

-Trips, shopping?
-A lot of money.

No! Don't touch that!

They're stingy
with that Xmas bread.

They don't even let
Mr. Lira eat it.

And it's scary.
Looks like a beanbag.

-You guys can send me your CV.
-Oh, yeah?

I'll soon be hiring
at Madá's Kiosk.

Here's a sticker
for everyone.

When I'm your boss,
I won't be as nice.

It'll be different.
You'll miss Mrs. Marta.

-What about me?
-I'd never forget you.

He's scared to have me
as his boss.

You're right, be afraid.

-Let's toast!

Go easy. Don't break
the glasses.


Happy New Year!

What's this?

Thank God you arrived!

-What's going on?
-She's in charge.

In charge of what?
I have nothing to do with this.

-Are you Madalena?

We're searching the house.

-What happened?
-We have a search warrant.

Where is the computer?

Wait a minute.
Let me call my boss.

Careful. That's a Tunga.

Madá! Madá!

-Mr. Edgar was arrested.
-No way!

-I'm serious.
-Mr. Edgar?

They're upstairs?

I saw a woman
and wondered who she was.

They're everywhere.

-Over here.
-No need to go in there.

It's Mr. Edgar father's bedroom.

The warrant
is for the whole house.

He's got a weak heart.

He'll drop dead.

-Whose jewels are these?
-My wife's.

-Are there receipts?
-I doubt it.

She's had them
for a long time.

Were they gifts from your son?

He doesn't live here.

He's here because
they're renovating his place.

-It's outrageous!
-Don't get nervous.

They're doing this
in all the houses.

This phone number, 9775-6868?

-What about it?
-Where's the phone?

No idea.

Are you
Madalena dos Santos Mariz?

This number is listed
in your name.


Mine is 99982-7666.

Right? But that's not
the only number you have.

You have all of these.

-All mine?
-All in your name.

-Is this your ID number?

-Yes, it is.
-So, they're all yours.

I only have one phone
and it's prepaid.

Is everyone here renovating?

We all want
to improve ourselves.

-Do you have receipts for these?
-For those? Never.

These are leftovers from
the neighbors' renovations.

Tiles, cement?

The receipts for the renovation
of his dad's flat.

Let me see.

Strange, isn't it?

840 cement bags.

They're 50-kilo bags.

-The same company as here.
-Are they building a palace?

All under the name
of Elísio Santana.

-Do you know Elísio Santana?
-I do. Elísio?

He's like?

A handyman at the complex.

-Where's your renovation project?
-It's nearby.

Do you have the paperwork
and the land deed?

Mr. Edgar handled it all for me.

He said the paperwork
was in order.

-It's just a testimony.
-I can't go there today.

I haven't made dinner
for Mr. Lira.

Give me the address
and I'll stop by later.

You don't understand.
You don't have a choice.

It's a bench warrant.

Are you arresting her?
She's innocent.

No. She'll be in the front seat.

And everyone will see me?

There is Edmilson.

I'm not being arrested.
It's just a? what is it called?

Bench warrant.

It's just a bench.
I'll be right back. Thanks.

Vanessa, where is Mr. Lira?

-I'm talking to you! Where's he?
-Don't know.

Mr. Lira!

Mr. Lira!

I don't believe this!

Are you crazy?

I can't believe this!
What are you doing here?

I feel like punching you!

I've been looking for you
everywhere. Let's go home!

It's raining.
You know what that means.

It will flood, and the water
will sweep you away.

I was thinking, Madá.

Me, a teacher.

I've taught so many people.

But didn't know
how to raise my own son.

You know
what the lawyer said?

That I shouldn't worry.

There's even a library in jail.

A library?

When he was a kid,
he was sick for about 3 months.


I'd read to him every night.

He listened,
but he wasn't interested.

He never really
enjoyed reading.

You truly
didn't know anything?

To be honest,
I never liked his friends.

But arrested? A thief?

Taking money
from schools and hospitals?

How could this happen?

Tell me Madá, how?

Elísio, I'll just get
a few things. It'll be quick.

Then you take me back to Rio.

Mr. Lira, your Copacabana place
is not ready yet.

I don't mind being there
during the renovation.

I just want to go back home.

-The work has stopped.
-Stopped? Since when?

A few weeks. There was a court
injunction. No one can enter.

What about my kiosk?

You'll have to wait.

They say he bribed everyone
for construction permits,

now everything will stop?

Be thankful
you're not in jail.

I won't let this happen!

You know the one
with the shepherd boy?

-I've heard this song.

Don't give me that look!
They didn't deposit a dime?

I'm doing miracles.
Took it from the cash reserves.

-Any idea when we'll get paid?
-You see a crystal ball?

Sign it.

Is it off now?

The image comes and goes,
but I can still see it.

Must be this one.

-Is it ok now?
-It's ok.

-And this one?
-Just turn it a bit.

I'll turn it to the left.
Tell me if it's ok.


A bit to the left.

Let me loosen it.


He's on. Look.

Hi, everyone.

-Can you see me?

-Do you see me well?


I talked to Edgar.

You know about
his difficult situation.

He asked me to say
how fond he is of you all.

Ok, Mr. João Paulo.
What about our salaries?

Vanessa still has no
letter of recommendation.

I got her a night job, but
walking around late is dangerous.

We'll cover some expenses.
Don't worry.

In this hard moment,
Edgar says he didn't forget you.

But what about
the overdue salaries?

I'm getting someone
to bring you some money.

Don't worry.

All Edgar asks
is for a bit of understanding.

-Jump in, Emerson!
-I will!

Go! I dare you!

How deep is it?

Holy shit!

-Aren't you coming in?
-I can't swim.

The water is great!

Imported, imported?


Strike a pose.

One, two, three and?

You look gorgeous.

Want to see a necklace
or something else?

Shoes! You need shoes
to match the clothes.

It's llama fur.

-Beautiful, no?
-I like it.

You have to hide it.
Nowadays it's forbidden.

It's one of the last
of its kind in the world.

Loved the mirror too.

Mrs. Marta said
if you wear this where she lives,

you can go to jail.

Or people throw things at you.
Here, there's no control.

It's beautiful. Feel it.

-When would you wear this?
-About 3 days a year.

Look around!
Want things for your home?

Here's a basket.

Crazy sale!
So many bargains!

The Buddhas.

These normally cost
as much as a car.

It's not my style,
but I see you like it, right?

Take these Buddhas.
They're from Japan.

China, somewhere?
They're so heavy!

They look great!
Want to take them?

You'll see it in lots of stores,
in Pirate's Mall?

You want the smallest one?

You should take both to match.

Take them both.
R$60, R$30 each.

-You haven't cut it in a while?

Great choice.

she'll take both Buddhas.


Madá, this is not a Buddha.

It's a samurai. Isn't it?

-It's all the same.
-No. Buddha is the fat one.

I've seen skinny Buddhas.

There's all kinds of Buddhas,
young, old, fat, skinny?

I just want
to get rid of this junk.

Contradictions in Brasilia.

Clues to millionaire withdrawals.

I have a surprise for you.
Come and see.

You get on my nerves
with your joy.

Where does it come from?

-Come and see.
-I told you I'm not leaving.

No need to leave.
It's inside the house.

-Come, Mr. Lira.
-You wanted me to eat.

-I've eaten.
-You have?

Wasn't it delicious?

-Not so bad.

It's inside the house.
Can't you come?

Get out of this bed.

Operation Car Wash
exposed massive corruption?

Time to move on!

Do you see the paintings?

Smell this.


I used things
like scented candles

to mimic a fancy hotel.

New bedroom, new life.
Let's turn the page.

Let's change rooms.
It's all we can do for now.

I'm scared.
How do I get on?

It's hard to dance.

It's hard to dance
on the high seas.

It's video.

Emerson, look here.

Actually, don't look.
We'll fall.

Serve the açaí.

This is included.

First-class açaí for you.

Thank you.

So many toppings
you don't taste the açaí.

Very tasty!

If you like it, we also deliver.

This is a great spot.
Pay attention, folks.

Here, you have
a panoramic view of the villas.

On my left, the house
that's boarded up.

That one was confiscated.

That house,
the guy's in jail.

He's from the meatpacking plant.

You saw him on the news.

He's in jail.

On our left?

Look at that house.

Belongs to that helicopter guy.

Also in jail.

There's someone there.

Yes. You're lucky.

Go! Film him!

Walking back and forth?

He's under house arrest.
He's in there.

What about that one?

The big house
with lots of glass, empty.

It belongs to foreigners.
They're not in jail.

If it's well-kept,
functioning, it's a foreigner.

Or a soccer player.
Look there.

Here there are 3 or 4
who are not in jail.

They're soccer players.

Madá, good thing you're here.

Look at these pictures.

Take a look.

You took them?

I still need to edit them.

Digital is amazing.

Sometimes I think
I was born too early.

This is awesome.

Have you worked with this?

With these pictures,
we can pay lots of bills

and keep the paintings.

God forbid!
I signed all the paperwork.

What do you mean?

Let's say you wanted
to travel to the beach

and saw these pictures in an ad,

wouldn't you stay here
rather than go to a hotel?

Stop it!

You're kidding.

For instance?

We can create a page
on the Internet.

There's a service
I used with Rosinha?

When we went to Paris,
instead of going to a hotel,

we stayed at someone else's place.

Of course!

Why didn't I think of this?

Mr. Lira, it's like
that “Harry BnB?!

-Did you make a wish?

-What did you wish?
-Can't say or it won't happen.

-I'm not superstitious.
-But I am.

Wasn't much help.

Neither to you.


Where's Santa Claus?



I told you ten times!

We need snow
on both sides.

It's only falling here!

-I saw it.
-Did you?

On both sides!
Leo! Reflection!

Lose the reflection on the
painting and on his glasses!

I told you, Leo.
For God's sake!

-Santa, you're great.
-They're so nervous!

Too much stress.

Ho-ho-ho and?
Just a sec.

Watch your mark.
Up to that mark.

Hey, Antonio, my friend.

Yeah. Just a second.

Jana, go over with them
what I said.

You say, “Santa Claus!?

End of December?

Let's go, Donizete.

Look at the fake champagne!

Told you. Doing it
many times wouldn't work.

-I need 20 minutes to set it up.
-20 minutes!

Don't stress him.
He cleaned over and over.

But I need to solve this.

-I'm hungry!
-Do it in 10 for me.

I don't like this one!

-There's strawberry, chocolate.
-But it's crap.

Guys, we need to finish
this take today.

We didn't plan snow
for so many takes!

Hey, sweetie.

-Do you want a fruit?
-No, thanks.

I hate seeing a kid go hungry.

I get it.

Send me the script.
By email.

There's still snow on the couch.

It's ok.

Look at his pants.

-Oh, no!
-Can someone clean here?

From the top.

Come on, Donizete.

I need a clean cloth here.

I need to clear the set.

I need to clear the set.

Go, sound.

Go, snow.

Go, camera.


“Super Christmas?, Take 8.

Where's Santa Claus?


You too can have
the Christmas of your dreams!

Today our guest
is Jonas, from Mossoró.

Cut. Cut!

You forgot the snow!

-Cut the sound.
-Thank God! These are heavy.

They're turbo.
Way better than AC.

We'll be back in 20 minutes!

“I thought my Christmas
wouldn't be special.?

-The Super Christmas?

Ok, from the top.

“I thought my Christmas
wouldn't be special,

but Super Christmas??

Super Christmas?
Super Christmas?

“Super Christmas transformed
your life.?

Jesus Christ.
Even I know it by now!

Let's go from the top, Jonas.

Forget her.


We have to figure this out.

It's absurd.

Now what, Paulo?

The woman from the contest
didn't show up.

The crew is stressed.

Thank God!
I thought my food was the issue.

They have to wrap up today
no matter what.

We might work overtime.
Good for me.

Soon you'll join their union.

My first time? Sorry.

He can't talk
holding the microwave.

-Nobody will notice.
-He's stuttering.

He says, “Su-super??


It's awful!
“Super Christmas?, say it!

-Super Christmas.

Super Christmas.

Be natural.

Sorry. Super Christmas.

-Super Christmas.
-Super Christmas.

That's it. Sorry, Paulo.
Super Christmas.

Let's go. Focus.

Silence, please.

-Let's go! Focused?


A bunch of photos.
She travels a lot.

This is in Barcelona.

So much money?

In that place where
they make movies. Hollywood.


She left her husband
and ran away with her son?

Luca already lived there.

You think
she wasn't guilty?

I'm not vouching for anyone.

Did you see it?
Mrs. Marta and Luca in LA?

Of course I saw it.

-Will the auction take place?
-No way!

We filed a labor complaint.
Not one, but ten.

It's not going anywhere.

She's practically a lawyer.
Right, Madá?

I have to be.
Policemen here all the time.

They took me to court.

I had to go. Bench warrant.

Now I know everything.

Ever seen lawyers on TV
say “data venia??


Never seen them saying
that Latin phrase?

It means “so sorry, but??.
It comes before something bad.

Data venia,
your hair looks horrible.

First Instance, Second Instance?
I know them all.

-Oh, my!
-What is it?

Look at this!

“The bedroom
is cozy and clean.

The host replied
to all my messages

kindly and swiftly.?

That's me: kind, swift?

That's me
pretending to be you.


I told you being partners
was a good idea.

See? Several messages
in English, Spanish.

Scroll up and you'll see
the badge we got.

What's this “superhost? thing?

It's the same as 5 stars.

We're awesome!

We're VIP. Super VIP.

So it'll be perfect.

I'll leave you all this.

It's a beautiful encyclopedia.

-Is it?
-Take good care of it.

-What's it for?
-To learn whatever you want.

If you want to know
where Ethiopia is,

look it up.

Or what the Greeks used to eat.
It's all there.

Why not just Google it?

I don't want that.
It's too dusty.

Too much of a hassle.
Not for me.

Mr. Lira, I want you to stay.

How will I reply
to all those messages?

Spanish I can handle,
but English?

Madá, you think there's
no Internet in Copacabana?

I'll help you from there.

Please, I'm begging you. Stay.

You'll miss your last chance
to get rich!

This is not my home.

It's my son's.

Not really.
It belongs to that Eugênio.

God knows who he is.

It doesn't make a difference.

What about us?

Here, in Eugênio's house.

Of course it'll work.

She has a great face.

Ordinary, simple?

Let's use her.

Hey, Antonio!

Of course!

A Northeastern look.
It could work.

But the other actress?
No, thanks.

She was a lot younger.

I don't think
the clothes will fit.

But she isn't coming.

Our target was
upper-middle class women.

She's working class at best.

But that other old man
looked poor as well.

That's true.

Guys, it's all we have.

Madá, we need you
to sign a contract.

Real simple.
I'll explain it to you.

Who says I'll do it?

You've been calling me
old, fat and poor.

You think I'm deaf?

Honey, it's not that.

We're really stressed.

Sorry, I was rude with you.

Nothing like that.

How much will I make?

Nobody consults me beforehand,
so this happens.

I brought small and medium.

Ok. Just a minute.

Great, right?

I'm not sure?

I like it.

Too fancy. Looks like
she stole it from her boss.

No, I inherited it.

Put on some accessories.

I'll have to come up
with something.

-Come in.
-Come in!



Did you finish?

Yes. Jonas cried.
It was great.

-Poor guy.
-Hurry up.

Go, sound!

-Go, camera!
-Camera rolling.


This year, I lost my job.

My husband too.

And I was ashamed

to ask people for money.

So I took everything I had?

and went?

to a store to buy a mixer.

-What comes after the mixer?

It's the other one, Jana.
Do it with feeling, Madá!


-What do you mean?
-From your heart.

Think about Christmas.

This year, I lost my job.

My husband too.

Losing a job is really sad.

Let alone at Christmas.

I was desperate.

I took everything I had.

And bought a mixer.

I didn't mention the loan.

Cut. The lines are wrong.

She forgot the loan,
but now she'll get it right.

I have something to say.
You said it was like Jonas's.

His text was short,
mine is way longer.

It's the same.
You talk about family?

Madá, you need more rhythm.

No make-up now!
Excuse me!


-She told me to.
-Nobody told you to.

Silence! I don't want water.
Madá, focus.

Again, quick!
Let's go, Madá.

-Relax, Madá!
-Relax, let's go!

Silence, please.
When you are ready.


Watch the boom mic!

-Watch the boom mic!
-Do I look at it?

No, please don't.
Look at the camera.

He said, “Watch the boom!?
Isn't that it?

I'm stressed!

Focus, Madá!

Focus! One more.

We're all with you.
It'll be easy.

She's nice, but she makes
all these gestures.

I don't know
where I should be looking.

-Jana, hold on.

Let's help her out.

Ok, go!

I took all my savings?

and bought a mixer.

I took all my savings
and bought a mixer.

And began baking
cakes to sell.

-At the bus stop. With coffee.

That's stupid. Who's going
to take cake into a bus?

How will they eat it?
Brigadeiro is better.

-Focus, Madá.

How will you manage
to eat in Rio?

I'll starve to death.

I'll have to order your “sushisage?.

Better if you stayed.

Go on, Madá.

Grandma's recipe.

I began baking cakes
using my grandma's recipe.

So I paid off my debts

and started my own business.

You forgot to say
that your husband was unemployed

and he helped you in the end.

I forget about the husband.

Don't have one
and don't want one!

Think about
a boyfriend you've had.

I don't like this.
It won't work.

Anyone can tell it's a lie.

I sound phony.

I'll tell them
I'm giving up.

Focus, Madá. Let's go.

Action, Madá.

This year,
my husband lost his job.

Me too.

Losing a job is really sad.

Let alone at Christmas?

I hate Christmas.

I can't stand Christmas.
I loathe Christmas!

This actually happened to me.

My husband, Marcos,

lost his job?

on Christmas Eve.

And we?

We had a baby girl.

Life can be so tough?

So hard?
So many sad things?

It's never been easy.

It's never?
It's so sad!

A hard Christmas for me?

Here's what happened.

My mother was sick.

My sister
was taking care of her.

My daughter, Ana Maria,
was still a baby.

My husband wasn't well.
He was unemployed, at home,

Didn't care about anything.

On Christmas day?

I hate Christmas!

On Christmas Day,

Ana, my daughter,

was crying a lot.

I felt her forehead
and it was burning.

Where could I get medicine?

At the health clinic.

It was far, uphill?

I went despite the storm.
An ungodly rain.

Lightning and thunder.

I ran and got there?

It was closed.

There was a sign saying

that the doctors weren't working
because they were not being paid.

When I got home,

there was a strange sound.

It was pitch black, so much mud?

I kept on walking.
When I got there,

the hillside had collapsed.

I couldn't even find
my house.

When I left
to get medicine, I had

a husband,

a sister,

a mother?

and had?

my beloved baby.

My little daughter.

I can't stand Christmas!

Never liked it.


Get her a glass of water.

Now a close-up when she talks
about the supermarket.

Ok, Jana?

I'm sorry about that.

So sorry about that.

Do we still have snow?

Do I have to do this
all over again?


Do you have a floor plan?

I doubt it.

Do you really need one?

It's ok. I can measure it.

It would be easier,
but it's ok.

So the idea is
to expand the home office?

As much as you can.

He'll have to work from here.

We'll transfer here
everything he has in Rio.


We need to remove
any traces of Marta.

We can make a full office.

Perhaps it's better
to use a different room.

Whatever works.

-But he can't leave this house.
-Can I go as far as the balcony?

Mr. Lira.


How can something smell so good
and taste so awful?

How could Mr. Lira like this?

“Madá, you will like it there.

The address is
Ave. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana,

n. 1986. Apartment 503.

It's not fancy, but it's great.

From the back,
you can even see the sea.

It's lively and joyful.
Just like you.

The Wi-Fi password is Rosinha.

It's 11:50 PM,
last moments of 2017.

Pretty soon, we'll be in 2018.

We'll be here exchanging
all this energy and emotions.

It's time to celebrate?


Where do you keep the glasses?

In the green cupboard,
by the oven. Find them?


Let's go to Copacabana.

-It's already New Year in Japan!
-So, let's celebrate!

Let's take a selfie!

Come take a picture, Elísio!


Who would have thought?

-What about me?
-I'd never forget you.

Let's toast.

Go easy!
Don't break my new glasses.

Happy New Year!

It's starting!

It's starting.

It started. Look!

Don't fall!

Not in my apartment!
Go die far away.

I won't fall.

So beautiful!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wish you all good health!

Money! A lot of money!
Work and everything.

-Let's go to the beach!

So beautiful!

Wait for me!

Wait for me!