Troy the Odyssey (2017) - full transcript

Based on the Epic Greek Poem as sung by Homer. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Subtitle corrected & resynch. by: NamangGete


Agamemnon calls you
for a war council.

I shall join you.

Give me one more moment.

Tell me, oh, muse,
of that ingenious hero...

who traveled far and wide after
he sacked the famous town of Troy.

After 10 years of
Agamemnon's bloody siege...

it is only wise Odysseus who could
bring down the golden civilization.

I love you, Penelope...

My little Bastet cat.

I love you more than the air...
and the wind.

I love you more
than life itself.

And I you,
my handsome husband...

My pirate.

He's strong like his father.

We shall name him Telemachus...

To a great warrior.


Better to teach him how to use
his mind like his father does.

It is Agamemnon./
It is too soon.

When he calls to war,
it is my duty to fight alongside him.

In the name of Athenae,
promise me you will come back.

That is up to the gods.

But I do promise, as long as there
is breath left in my lungs...

I shall strive to return to you.

The time for bedding your wife is over.
It's time to prepare for war.

Should I not return,
give this to my son when he becomes king.

Oh. Wait.

May the gods give you fortune.

Goodbye, my love./
The next time you see her...

your name will be sculpted
in the stones of history.

I wouldn't worry
about your wife.

With your Ithacan troops and my Greek
forces, we'll have over 1,000 ships.

Troy will fall.
You'll be home in a month.

King Agamemnon!

We must return home.
The Trojan wall cannot be penetrated.

I'll never surrender!
I'm a cuckold...

On this flamboyant nation!

My Helen, my bride,
my property...

Lies with the dirtiest,
slimiest creature of them all.

We cannot breach the gates
with a frontal attack.

If it is your wish to die to
quell your shame, Agamemnon...

Then why don't you charge
the wall like your men...

And face the slings and arrows
of these flamboyant Trojans?

Achilles, I am a king.

It's 10 years of war!/
The gods must love you so.

If the gods loved me,
I'd be home with my wife.

Maybe if you fought with your
heart and your testicles!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

The wall is impenetrable!

I see the Trojans ride
in and out all day!

If they can do it, so can we!

Is there a brain inside
that head?/ Achilles...

He does make a good argument.

And you've lost
your brain as well?


We have to figure a way
to get in with the Trojans.

And how do you
suggest we do that?

Perhaps there is a way.

The Trojans are a vain people, yes?/
Extremely vain.

They build these statues
and put them in their plazas.

They love their
statues, their trophies.

They use them to
signify their greatness.

What if... we were to give them
a trophy they could not resist?

It would have to be
a very large trophy.

One that would
flatter them the most.

Exactly. / What?
What are you talking about?

Speak plainly.


If I open the gates of
Troy to your army...

Might I return home and
never be forced to war again?

If you bring the
destruction of Troy...

I promise you as a king...

You can go home to Ithaca
with your family in peace.

We have a plan! Men?


We have been walking forever.

Where is this great
thing you speak of?

It is just ahead, Your Majesty.

An offering?

The Greeks have fled
like cowards!

A gift from the Greeks
cannot be trusted.

Let's burn it at the temple and
invoke the curse of the Kraken.

And then may all these
Greeks sink and drown.

No, Circe.

We will leave the Greeks
to their shame.

Order your man to drag
this trophy into my city...

So we may celebrate
our victory around it.

Do as the king instructs!

The Kraken!
Do you hear that?

It's only a legend.

They say the monster
would never harm any Trojan...

But mercilessly
will hunt every Greek.

Silence your tongue or
I'll take it from your mouth.

If we succeed, Aesus,
we may return home.

We approach a gate!

I have never seen
such gold and jewels.

And soon, it will be
ours./ Beware your greed.

Your wandering eye
could get us killed.

Focus on your sword,
the gods, and nothing more.

The hell with the gods!

Hail Priam, King of Troy.

See the gift from
the villainous Greeks.

The gods honor you, great King.

Great Apollo, God of the Sun...

Take this offering
and bring us fortune.

Long live Priam,
bearer of the sword of Troy!

To Troy! / To Troy!

To Troy! To Troy!

The Trojans feast as if
they won the Olympics.

When shall we spring our trap?

We must wait until their merriment
takes them into deep slumber.

You should've more respect for an opponent
who has bested our men for so many years.

That's why I take pleasure
with their demise.

Aesus, you are young.

We kill because it is our duty.

You should not take
pleasure from it.

Come on.

You have done me a great deed,
Odysseus, King of Ithaca.

I've done what you asked.

Let us finish off the
Trojans so I may return home.

Let us take our glory.

Stop! Stop! Stop him! Charge!

Father, the gate is open!

The Greeks!
I knew we could not trust them!

Unleash the Kraken, my Lord,
and teach these Greeks a lesson.

The monster has never
been unleashed before!

It will destroy everything!

No. The Kraken will not
harm a single Trojan.

It will destroy
itself before it does.

I beg you! Release the Kraken
and teach these barbarians a lesson!

Save your people!

To arms!
The Greek horde is upon us!


Lead me to the Kraken.

This way, my Lord.

Defend your home,
and your bride.

Helen, you adulterous whore!

I'll have your head on
a spike in my ornament room!

I'd forgotten...
how beautiful you are.

My city!

Do not look.

Unleash the Kraken and
you will have your vengeance.

the hour of death is upon us!

Only you can do this,
good King...

And summoning the creature
requires a mighty sacrifice.

We must fight!


Do not do this!

The Kraken is a beast
before the gods!

You could destroy
the entire earth!

Who is this Greek who dares
to topple my treasured walls?

I am Odysseus...
King of Ithaca.

Odysseus, King of Ithaca...

I curse you
and all who follow you!

Your wife will marry another.

Your son will die without a throne,
and none of you Ithacans...

Will ever reach home!

I do not believe in your curses.

You mindless Greek!

If you ever step foot in Ithaca,
it will be destroyed!

Hear me, great Kraken!
Make this curse true!

Can you see
your doom approaching?

Your doom is a fiction.

I will see you in hell.

No! Achilles!

Drop your weapon.

Aesus, take her!

My friend,
we'll get you to the boat.

Go, Odysseus.

Take your men and go home.

To the gods...
I have killed the invincible Achilles!

To the gods!

You cannot kill a Trojan!

As long as she is with us,
you cannot harm us!

Take me with you. Kill me.
It won't make a difference.

You retreat into the sea, straight
into the legendary Kraken's domain.

Enough of your
legends and curses!

Go, Odysseus.

But forget me not.

Do not mourn your friend.
You'll be joining him soon enough.

I shall not dread the day...

When my name shall be etched
in history alongside the great Achilles.

Do not be so certain,
cursed king!

You will never see
your precious Ithaca again!

Look at your men
quake with fear.

These are the men
you fight to protect?

What was that earthquake?/
The city has fallen, Eurylochus.

Troy is burning.

Take us home.

By Zeus, what is this plague
that is following us?

It is a Kraken!
You are all doomed!

How do we defeat such a thing?

It cannot harm us as long as we have
this Trojan priestess as our shield!

You cannot have me
by your side forever, Greek.

The Kraken will
follow for all eternity...

Until you and your kingdom
are dead!

Quiet, Trojan witch!

Forward, Eurylochus!

As fast as
the wind will take us!

Let us leave this place!

Drink up, men.

The war is over, but
the king does not return.

Eventually, the widower queen'll give up
her delusions and take a new husband.

Until then,
best make yourselves comfortable.

This is our kingdom now.

Queen, come and serve us,
the best remaining men!

To a new reign in Ithaca!

Your yearning is wasted,
for a dead king cannot hear you.

Mindless brute.

I should toss out
the lot of you.

And toss out the support of
the most powerful families in Ithaca?

Would you deprive your bastard son
of both a father and a kingdom?

Tread carefully.

You are still
a guest in my home.

When my husband returns,
he'll teach you manners.

If your husband returns.

Until then,
we demand your hospitality.

As you wish.

Oh, and you need more wine.

Our cups are running dry.

We've been searching
these seas for months.

Still not one
recognizable landmark.

We could be completely
off this map.

Are we not heading
west towards the sun?

I steer us west, but we go east.

I steer us north,
but we go south.

I fear there's some magic afoot.

It's Priam's curse./
Don't talk of curses, Aesus.

Only make things worse.

Bread. King.

I'm sorry, my Lord.

That's all we got left.

How many days provisions
do we have left?

None. All that remains
is worms and maggots.

I will not eat before my men.

If there's enough at nightfall,
I will eat then.

Have you seen any sign of
the Kraken, Old Thelonious?

No, my Lord.
Not since the maelstrom.

It's all gone, I think.

Let us hope.


Of what temple now?

You mock me with such a title.

Then what shall I call you?

I am Circe.

I'm Odysseus.

I know who you are.
Your name has been cursed forever.

Are you going
to tie me up again?

Are you going to try
to leap over the boat again?

And where would I be leaping to?

Troy is gone.

My people are no more.

And where is
my protector, the Kraken?

This is all I have,
a whole new world.

This boat, and the air I breathe.
Nothing more.

Here. Eat.

Why do you offer me such kindness?
You owe me nothing.

The war is over, Circe.

We are no longer enemies.

Eat this. It is the last piece.

We need provisions.

Do you know these waters?

Even if I knew these waters,
why would I help you?

You destroyed my city
and stole me out to sea.

And you put a curse on my name.
War has made us equals.

I guess we will suffer
through this alone.

We should throw that
Trojan bitch into the sea!

No. We need her for protection
in case the Kraken should return.

I think there's some good in her.

Out here, there are no Trojans.
There are no Greeks.

We are all orphans of the sea.

She is one of us now.

Land, ho!

A rose pink island.

This is strange.
What could make an island turn that color?

Old Thelonious,
have you ever seen such a place?

No, my Lord.

An island of pink flowers.

Pink flowers
on an island seen...

The Siren's call
is like a dream.

They'll tell you
what you want to hear...

to solve your quest,
but you must fear.

The knowledge gave
will bring your fall...

you must beware
the Siren's call.


It's an old poem
my mother used to sing to me.

Sirens seduce men
with their song...

And if a man hears it,
he cannot help but go to them...

And he pays with his life./
Sirens are a myth.

No, they are as real
as you and I.

And if you have a question
and ask them, they will answer it...

For they know all things.

But you will be lost forever.

Come to us, brave Odysseus.

Did you hear that?


We will tell you
what you need to know.

We will tell you the way home.

I wish to sail close to the island
so I can hear the Sirens' song.

But your men will die.

We must find a way home.

We will plug the men's ears with wax.
Eurylochus, throw me a rope.

You will tie me to the mast
and we will sail towards the island.

This is madness./
I must return my men at home.

Tie me.


Listen to me, men!

Cover your ears with wax until
we're past the island of the sirens.

Only I shall hear their call.

No matter what I say or
what I do, do not untie me.

Not until we are well past
the island and then, only then,

Can you undo my ropes.

Let one of the other men
do this. / No.

I must do this myself.

I am a woman...
safe from their song.

I will stay by your side.

Very well.

Forgive me for what
you are about to see.

Do you hear anything, my Lord?

I am not sure.

Odysseus? Odysseus?

We have been waiting for you.

We have a message.

Love waits, love waits.

Love waits for no man.

Take it, seize it...
you are mighty.

There is a wealth
of love abounding here.

Love, sweet love.

We will tell you all.
We know everything.

Tell me what
I need to know! / Penelope.

Penelope awaits.

Ithaca awaits you.

Tell me the way home!

The Paths of the Dead,
to the paths...

and then to Ithaca.

A long voyage to
the south, to the east...

where no sun rises.

To the Paths,
to Penelope, to love.

No! Not the Paths of
the Dead, no.

There must be another way! /
The Paths of the Dead? That cannot be!

Siren, please tell me another way! /
Now you know, now you know.

It is time to pay
for this knowledge.

With love, oh, beauteous love.

Come to me, come,
my Odysseus, my husband.

Untie me! Untie me!
I say, please, untie me! She is here!

She's not here.
It is just a dream.

No! She's here. She is there!
She was just there!

Ignore them.
They are only voices!

Come to me, my love.
My body needs the fire within you.

Circe, I made a mistake.../
Kiss me, taste me, love me.

Untie me. I do not need these ropes.
I know the way home.

You calm yourself, King of Ithaca!
They show you only delusions!

Do not leave me here alone!
Do not leave me!

Come to us. We will set you free.
We will set you free.


I love you, my sweet husband! /

Come to me! /
Penelope! Please take my soul!

Penelope! Take my men,
take my ship! Take my kingdom!

Just free me and
allow me to be with my love!

Free me, please!

Steer us from this island
or your king's mind will be lost!


I will come for you!
I will come for you!

No, Odysseus! /
No! Stop, Odysseus!

Stop it! /
We dare not give chase!

The current is strong here,
we risk shipwreck!

Then we go for him. Swim.

You, stay if you like.

He's lost without me!

Welcome, heroic Odysseus.

I've been waiting for you.

Ah, the beautiful Penelope.

How nice of you to grace your
loyal subjects with your presence.

Go home, I beg you!

My husband will be angered to find
his house packed full when he arrives.

Your husband is dead.

And for the sake of your kingdom and
your son, you must choose a new husband.

A new king!

Odysseus is alive. I feel it.

And until you can
prove otherwise,

I will remain faithful to him.

How long do you think the people
will hold out without a proper king?

You and your son have long lived off
the fond memories of Odysseus.

But it would not
take long to convince them.

That the Royal Family is crazy
with grief... and unfit to rule.

You are right.

Before I choose...

I must weave a proper
wedding shawl...

So that the gods
may bless the union.

And when it is finished,
I'll choose a new husband.

Are you satisfied?

I will be when I'm
inside your marriage bed.

Am I alive?

Yes, you are...

Great warrior.

It's time to rest.



Tell me who you are again.

I am the one who saved
you from your mortal life.

Where is my wife?

I am your wife now.

You're a man amongst boys...

The greatest living hero.

You should be a god.

Do you wish to be a god?


Every human wishes to be a god.

What's wrong, my dear one?

You do not care for me.


I do love you.

But I also love my mortal life.

I love my wife.

I love the son
who I've never met.

I want to return
to the life I had before.

I offer you eternal bliss.

You reject me as if
I were a mortal wench.

Do you want to make an enemy of god,
mortal Odysseus?

To turn my fury against you
and your crew?


Now kiss me.

Kiss me.

You may enter.

My Lady? / I'm not your lady.

Not yet.

Very nice.

Very nice indeed.

What do you want?

How is it that I was here a fortnight
back and that shroud has barely grown?

It wasn't quite right.

And I had to make changes.

A proper shroud takes
a great deal of time.

the union will offend the gods.

Well, don't take too long.

The people talk.

They desire a king.

And I can't
wait to see it on you.

Although... taking it off
you will be even sweeter.

I so do love
the smell of that perfume.

You have a great deal to prove
before you're fit to be a king, Antinoos!

Of course.

I'll be downstairs with the others
enjoying your hospitality if you need me...

Widowed Queen of Ithaca.

Please, Athenae,
bring my pirate back to me.

Tell me, show me what to do.

Is my husband truly dead?

Reveal your wisdom to me.

Odysseus, where are you?

Your husband lives,
Queen of Ithaca.

He is cursed,
lost in a world you cannot touch...

That only the Paths
of the Dead can find.

His heart is
controlled by another.

The goddess Calypso traps King
Odysseus with her possessive love.

No! How can I believe that?

I bring you only
the truth you seek.


Subtitle corrected & resynch. by: NamangGete

Are my games not exciting?

Are the deaths of my enemies
not enough to make you happy?

Death is never entertaining.

How long have
I been here with you?

For us... it feels like
no time has passed.

This is the price of
living in the mortal realm.

And my wife? What of her?

Does she still live?

Why do you ask such things?

If you love me...

You will tell me.

She lives.

And your son, too.

Though many years have passed.

You make me so sad,
cruel Odysseus.

My favorite part!

This is what happens...

to those who don't
love me as you do.

Is this not exciting?

The Warrior of Shadows
has never been defeated.

He must be part god...

for no mortal man can
fight as well as this.

I can.

Of course, my love.

But you will soon be immortal.

Then no one will be able
to stand against you.

I do not wish to be immortal.

You are with me...
forever, my love.

You have no choice now.

If there is no death...

then life is a journey
without destination.

Do not be silly.


You'll forget your woes...

and all will be well again./
I do not wish to eat!

I want to return to the truth...

to mortality. Please.

Give me this gift.

Allow me to face
my mortal death.

So be it.

Go and die.

Leave me alone...
forever... and die.

I shall fight
the Shadow Warrior!

I choose no weapon.

I wish to meet my end without
another death upon my soul.

Kill me.

Kill me with one
slice of your blade.

Let it be done.

You must fight, Odysseus!

Fight! / I want to die!

Please, mighty warrior,
have mercy on my soul.

Send me to the underground
where I may wait for my true love.

Please do it quickly.

I will not kill you, Odysseus.

Kill him! Kill him now!

I will not! I'm a priestess
immune from your witchcraft.

How dare you!

I'm the queen of this land
and I will have vengeance!

Stop! Stop! Calypso, please!

If you have one ounce of true love
in your heart, you will not do this.

You will leave me
alone... forever.

I am sorry.

I must face my own fate.

Where are my men?

I know where your men are.

They are under
the same witchcraft as you.

How do I break the spell?
Tell me.

Tell me.

Make them breathe this powder...
and they will see the truth again.

Your men will hate you for it.

You will rip
the from a paradise...

And return them to
a world of death and despair.

How do I return home?

By passing through
the underworld...

On the Path of the Dead.

Its gates
lie on the setting sun.

If you can
emerge on the other side...

You will find
a farewell gift from me...

To see you to
the shores of Ithaca.

Thank you, Calypso.

These arrived with you...

And so they must stay with you.

If I did not love another,
I would surely stay.

You should find someone
who truly wants you.

We must release
them from their spell.

Maybe we should
just leave them here.

A dangerous path lies ahead.

Each of them has their own
delusions in this fake paradise.


Truth means more than that.

It must.

But I will give them a choice.

Hello, my friend.

I've come to take you home./
I am home. Have we met?

Do you not know me?

I'm Odysseus. I am your king.

King? We have no king here.

Join us.


Do you remember me?

You fought
along my side at Troy.

Remember Ithaca?

Your wife? Your children?

I have no wife, no children.

Do any of you
not wish to return home?

What have you done to my love?

What foul trick is this?

It is the trick of truth.

Odysseus! Where have you been?

Where are we?
It seems like a dream!

It has been a dream.
Now we're awakened.

You must help me.
We need to wake Old Thelonious.

Get out of there, old hag!
Begone with you! / Get up.

What are you doing to my woman?

Who are you, old woman?

Don't leave.

We were so lonely
here before you came.

We will be beautiful again.
We promise.

In order to return to Ithaca...

We must journey through
the Path of the Dead...

A place where no man
has gone since Orpheus.

Will you follow your king?

I have seen many things...

And amongst the worst
of them is the truth.

My wife in Ithaca...

is long dead now...

And I cannot see a better
way to live my days...

Than with blind bliss.

Very well.

I shall miss you, old friend.

Thank you for your service.

Farewell, my friends...


Eurylochus? Will you join me?

Why would we stay?
To sleep with old hags?

I would rather die by your side.

Aesus? Will you join me?

Curse the truth! May Athenae
guard us on this dark journey.

Let us go home.

The entrance to the Labyrinth
is only a day's journey from here.

What's this awful smell?


Or something very large. Look.

What in Zeus do you think it is?

I never seen a man so large!

It's not a man. A cyclops.

Giant, ugly brutes.

They curse the gods
for giving them only one eye.

This one seems to have moved on.

We'd hear a creature this large
from leagues away. We should go...

Before he returns.

Odysseus, should we go in?


The path ahead is treacherous.

We should make camp, eat.

We will need our strength
to conquer the test...

of mind and body
inside these walls.

No. I'm not hungry.

What's the matter, Odysseus?

Are you ill?


There is a pain in my soul
that will not go away.

The Sirens have cut me deep.

Calypso's love
has cut me deeper.

What it must be like...
to live for eternity without true love.

I've broken her heart.

We humans...

we are such sad, pitiful beasts.

You are an honorable man,

Wise, steadfast.

Trust that you have
made the right decision.

How can I be honorable
after what I have done...

To my wife, to my men?

I've asked them to leave their joy
and to follow me into death.

It is my curse, yet...

So many of those I love
are the ones that are affected.

Perhaps I should have been like your
King Priam and journeyed into death.

Priam is no longer my king.

And I remember a man that night
that was not afraid of curses.

Tell me about your city,
King Odysseus of Ithaca.

Beautiful Ithaca.

It is more humble than Troy.
There is no wall.

It is an island,
so the sea protects her.

And the women...

The women of Ithaca are the most
beautiful women in the world.

All men say that
about their city.

Not Sparta.

We should sleep now.

We'll journey into
the Labyrinth before sunrise.

Tomorrow, we walk through
the Paths of the Dead.

Let's go.

Do you feel that?

A presence.

Do not look at them.

Odysseus! Come!

What was that?

Do not listen to them!

The voices are in your mind.

Aesus, you're going to die.

the tunnels of the dead...

will cleanse you
of your sorrows.

If you live... if you live!

Aesus, how many have you killed?

How many of us
are here because of you?

I think we should go back.


We go forward.

Remember the men you've slain.

Do not fear the ghosts.

They are waiting for you, Aesus...
for revenge!



I think we're at the end.

Oh, thank Zeus.

Where's Aesus?

I'm going back. Take this.


Come on.




Circe! This sword isn't working!

Give it to me! I'm a Trojan!

Run! Run!


Come on! Hurry up!

Let's go! Come on!

It's gonna cave in on you!

Let's go!

Thank you for letting me use it.

You should keep it.
Now and forever.

It is a treasure of Troy.
Therefore, useless in my hands.

But Troy, even the name
seems like another life.

Like a distant dream.

You are a noble man, Odysseus.

Thank you for your
strength on this journey.

We have made it through
the Paths of the Dead.

You can do anything
now, Odysseus.

We should not be satisfied yet.

We still have to get through the heart
of the mountain to make it to the shore.

We should go.



My patience
has reached its limit.

You will choose a husband
or we will take you by force!

You will leave my mother alone.

Ah, the young imp speaks.

Well, you'd better choose
your words carefully.

Do not dare threaten my son.
He will be king one day.

If we allow him to live.


Choose! Choose from us now!

The marriage shroud is not yet.../
Then you'll marry with no clothes!

Please! I will marry!
Just don't hurt my son!

Swear it.

Swear it on the memory of your
husband and the life of your son!

I swear it!

I swear it on the love of my true
and eternal husband that I will choose!

I will marry a man
so that he may act as king.

Now that wasn't
so difficult, was it?

Drink with us,
Queen of Ithaca...

And tell us who
will be the new king.

As it is now...

I see no man worthy
to be a king.

The best amongst you
will be revealed.

There will be a contest...

A test of skill and strength.

Only after one of you has proven
to possess the qualities...

to wear the crown,
will I choose a new husband.

We've been walking for days.
Surely, we are lost.

We must keep our faith.

Calypso promised that we could return home
if I made it through the Path of the Dead.

I'm so hungry. I'm imagining
the smell of cooked meat.

I don't think that's your imagination.
I can smell it, too.

Where is it coming from?

Oh, thank you, Zeus!

But whose camp is this?

It's not safe
to eat from a stranger.

We haven't eaten since
before we entered the Labyrinth.

Whoever it is,
they will understand.

We'll take only what we need.

When I return to Ithaca...

I shall slaughter 1,000 bulls
for their honor.

This is a bad idea.

Look at these stores of meat.

But what kind of meat is it?

We should leave.

Cyclops. Run!

Hide yourself, quickly!

What do we do?

I cannot abide
any more suffering.

Your man is lost!

We must use
this chance to escape.

I have a plan.



Wait, mighty Cyclops!

I have heard that you despise
all of the gods in Olympus.

Then you shall not want
to eat me, for I am cursed.

Eating me shall only
please the gods.

But I have brought you
a great offering.

It is an elixir
that is so powerful...

It is said that not even
the gods know of its existence.

It is a potion so potent...

That anyone who should drink it
will be imbued with enough strength...

That they can knock Zeus
straight from the heavens!

Quick! I'm not sure how much time,
we have with a creature of that size.

What did you give him?

It's extract of a poppy flower.

We give it to soldiers who've been
injured in battle to help sedate them.

I gave him enough
for an entire battalion.

We should go now.

Come on.

Bats. We're on the right track.

I see light!

Thank the gods.

It's our ship!

Thank you, Calypso,
for keeping your promise.

I can finally return to you.

When I am king,

My first deed will be to tax everyone
and everything until we are all rich!


Telemachus, tell me of what
contest your mother has planned.

I don't know.

My Queen!
Your ears must've been burning.

Now you can tell us yourself.

What game do you
have in store for us?

A race perhaps?
Or a wrestling match?

This is my husband's
hunting bow.

It represents the skill...

and strength with which
he used to rule this city.

The first to string it...

And shoot an arrow through
five golden rings...

Will win the right to share
this kingdom with me.

If there be
a just man amongst you...

May this challenge reveal him.

Do you not wish to see who wins?

The winner makes
no difference to me.


Beautiful Ithaca!

I am home!

I am home.

Congratulations, Odysseus.
You deserve your homecoming.

You can make this
your home as well.

You are welcome.

I have no home.
That is my curse.

I will continue
to journey the sea.

Travel from place to place,
having adventures...

Saving lives...

I'll be like Hercules.

Circe? I will miss you.

I will miss you too, good King.

Fighting by your side
has been the greatest honor...

King of Ithaca.

You are my friend.

I will not wed another.

I will die first.

I will die.

Come in.

You sent for me, Mother?

My son...

today I will take a new husband.

Mother, you can't marry
any of them.

My father is still alive.
I know it.

Let me fight them.
Let me defend your honor.

You are a warrior already,
even so young.

But I'm afraid there are
too many for you to fight alone.

Am I to stay silent?


I want you to leave Ithaca.


I want you to go
and find the fastest ship...

And go to Menelaus in Sparta...

And get safe haven.


Take this.

This is a ring
of your father's kingship.

If you wear it...

Menelaus will recognize you
as the King of Ithaca.

Build an army
and regain the throne.

Go now before those
brigands do any more damage.

My city has changed.

Are you lost, old man?

No. I've been gone
for some time.


Get yourself something to eat.

These wicked
suitors pursue the queen...

And forget generosity
is the key to Athenae's favor.

Speak again about your queen?

She intends to remarry.

Penelope, wife of Odysseus?

Odysseus never returned home
from the Trojan War.

Most people presumed he is dead.

What is your name?

I'm Telemachus.


Son of Odysseus and Penelope?

I should have known.

You share her kindness.

You know my mother?

I knew her well many years ago.

You have her heart.

Tell me of the man
your mother wishes to marry.

Does she love him greatly?

She despises him.

And what of your father?

Has she forgotten him?


Then tell me,
young Telemachus...

will you do me one favor?

What is it you ask?

Will you help me
regain the throne of my city?

Who are you, stranger?

I am Odysseus...

King of Ithaca.

I have dreamed many years
that I would return home...

And meet my son.

My son.

We shall retake this throne.

Enough! Give it to me!

I will solve this problem
once and for all.

They attempt to string your old hunting
bow, so they may be worthy to be king.

It's just another trick!

No one can string that bow!

I can.

How dare you, beggar!

What are you even doing here?

This man is my guest,
which is more than I can say of you.

Throw this scum out! Now!

Are you afraid that a beggar
may succeed where you fail?

Of course not!

Then allow me to string the bow.

If I should fail,
then you can throw me out.

Unless you fear me.

I do not fear you.

But if you fail I will not just cast
you out, I will cut off your tongue.

Very well.

This cannot be.

I demand to know who you are!

Who are you?

Who are you?


You're a liar.

Kill this liar!


we'll be together, my pirate.

My son...

Whatever happened to
the legendary Odysseus?

The years have weakened you!

How many times
did I warn you, imp?

I would die for you.


Telemachus! What happened?

We return the rightful king
to his throne.

Oh, dear me.

Who are these people?


My Bastet cat.

I have not heard you call me that
since the day you left.

My love.

My king. My husband.

My husband.

You're here.

What is that sound?

It is the Kraken.

It still lives.

What is this monster?

It has followed me from Troy.

I must end this.

But you'll die!

Let me fight with you. / No.

It is me the creature wants.

But you will die.

If I do not do this, it shall
follow me for the rest of my days.

I will stay by your side.

I refuse to see your world
destroyed as I saw mine.

Come, beast!

I am the one you want!


Give me your cape and bow quickly
so that I may look to be an Ithacan!

No. The beast will kill you!

You'll die before he dies.
My plan is sound.

I am the destroyer
of the Trojans.

I am Odysseus,
your most hated foe!

But before you
look upon my face, despair!

Behold the sword of Troy!

For I am the last Trojan,
and I fight for Ithaca!

No, Circe!


Leave her!



I've paid my debt to you at last.

No! I will get you a healer!

It's time for me to join
my people in the afterlife.

They wait for me there.
I have been gone too long.

Farewell, sweet Odysseus.

Your name will be
etched in history.

My warrior princess...

My loyal friend.


Yes, you are my dearest...

They did not know what men would
say of them in centuries to come.

That crudeness took their hearts
barbaric... wielding eternal death

Will they be remembered
for how nobly they fought?

For how deeply they believed?

Or how fiercely they loved?

For they are our fathers
that dwelt in such an age...

A time of gods and honor.

From them, we have sprung
and will lead forever unto us.

Unto us from that great age of
heroes and of legendary deeds.

Subtitle corrected & resynch. by: NamangGete