Troy: The Resurrection of Aeneas (2018) - full transcript

The Journey of Aeneas after the Trojan War. Based on the epic poems of the Aeneid by Publius Vergilius Maro. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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In 1184 BC.

This is the Bronze Age.

The Bronze Age.

Let's not forget the destruction of Troy.



Achilles and his Myrmidons.




Odysseus, come on.




Yeah, if Patroclus didn't die, of course

Achilles's probably not.

He feeling the same way.

The Myrmidons, they're
behind Achilles 100%.

Tartarus sounds.

It's closer now.

Hear the children play.



Your name is Achilles.

You, here, what did you die?

Are you first in this?

Funny guy.

Have the gods fooled you?

They did me.

We might have gotten asleep.

- Now I have.
- Father!





Now I have the head of a fool.

Are you ready to die?

Mister demigod is wrong.

You will die now.

And I won't need you to speak.

Aeneas you better believe I
will kill you where you stand.

You have reached Troy, or
have you become its tomb?


Dispirit, you are it.

You are the last.

That's what I hear.

Anchises, Anchises!

- Ah.
- Why?

Why why why, Aeneas?

Did you introduce Helen to Paris?

Everybody knew that.

Know that you did that, Aeneus.

You shouldn't have
introduced Helen to Paris.

Look what happened.

You lose the Trojan War,
Aeneas's fault, yeah?

Stay right there.

He looks like a bum.

You can have me, I'm
gonna walk all the way

to where you can see me.

You have to respect your father.

But Aeneas, you didn't.

If the gods put you ,
the gods put you.

You might die tonight.

You little prince.


Aeneas I have something else to tell you.

You make a city out of dead people.



And all of us.

The Trojan War.

And thus.

Mighty Achilles is dead.

Hector is dead.

Prince Paris and Helen
of Troy have disappeared.

Now a prince, a Trojan prince.

Much more of a Dardanian, has
visited the mural of Achilles.

Chosen by the gods he was and nude.

To find a new home, that
will be his destiny.

So listen to the gods.

He must obey the gods.

To become king.

For Achilles is dead.

But let's talk about the future.


The mightiest empire to hit planet earth.

Cross the seas like no one has ever seen.


This is your destiny, correct?

It's true.

I almost gave you the speech.

Forgive me.

If it leaks or growing warm,

it means we're not staying.

And anyone who silence me
will learn that even now.

But now my destiny is to die.

Aeneas, get outta here.

Get outta here now.

And you tell Hector you will be there

when the sun rises.

This is sinking.

Off we go.


Too Tartarus.

Tartarus Aeneas.


Have you seen more death?

All the people who do bad
in the world will die.

Look at them.

Slaves to the higher power.

God, there's many gods, Aeneas.

So Tartarus is not where you belong.

Follow her who will lead you to the river.

Elysium is that way.

Aeneas I didn't know your skin had color.

I heard myth of you
being dark or darker than

most men, I guess the Dardanians
are who they say they are.

The Egyptians talk of you being the God

like of Alexander the
Great and even he thought

- to be a god.
- Troy!

So enough.

- So what makes you...
- We're full.

Smart enough to come across
in the dungeon of hell?

- Hmm.
- Pass through.

Who knows why.

You hear Charon?

Charon is speaking now.

Fall away.

Sing in wondering.

How you could pass the
river but not be dead.

Is it the golden bull?

I think so!

Leave, Aeneas, at once.

For time is very important.

I'm sure you know of that.

Zeus is watching, Aeneas.

Zeus is watching.

Zeus is watching.

Burn, now!

My last words will be now.


There is nothing more to say now.

For I am here.

Father, I will make you proud!

Your son will discover Rome.

But at what price?

For Father has shown me
that Romulus and Remus,

one must die.

So still blood must be shed.

He tips it!

What do they say?

The Egyptians, huh?

I hear they say they have not seen

since Alexander the Great.

And even he offended a
god and was not enough.

Even he.

So why should I stand here tonight

in celebration?

This isn't a celebration.

This will be war.

A war they will not forget.

Hector, I will remember you.

Your body dragged away
by Achilles's chariot

and they expect me to not forget.

I will not forget.

It seems I am done here.

I have done.


Or should I say speak?

Can you hear Poseidon now?

By morning I will be gone.

A new home, that is where I am headed.

No need for any celebrations tonight.

It's only me.



Troy is no more.

The Greeks have sacked Troy.

Hector is dead.

Even Thor's hammer couldn't help Achilles.


Troy is no more.

The gods have sent me here.

Zeus, hear me!

The Greeks.

The Greeks will pay.

The Greeks will pay.


I will remember you!

You fought well.

You knew your destiny.


Is this place called Rome, truly,

when I am supposed to discover it?

I hear you!

Troy is no more!

Troy is no more!

I will find us a new home!

I see you are listening.

I will find us a new home
for truth, honor, destiny.

Zeus, hear me!

Nothing will stop me now.

Hear me, god!

My mother!

Little do you know this
is her day as well.

I've been resurrected!


Now that's hale.

I am here!

Gods, do you hear me now?

Will this be the river
where Rome will begin?

Is it true that Rome will fall,
stretched across the lands?

Is it true Augustus
will lead after Caesar?

Menelaus was a fool to talk to so adroit.

Even though the Greeks
have won, they will fall.

They will fall again.

Like Troy.

For it wasn't Prince
Paris who shot Achilles

through his heel.

It was me!

I gave that faith to
Paris because it was me

who introduced him to Helen.

Are the gods displeased?

Tell me now for I am here.

Tell me now.

Let the fires burn.

The fallen soldiers of Troy and Greece.

All of this for love.

I will build us a new home.

Father tell me is war what they want?

Is war the only way?

We must have peace!

If it's a war they want,
a war they will get!

If it's war they want, war they will get!

My father, Anchises has
already told me my future.

I already know.

This is no surprise.

The gods have led me here
past the shore of Carthage.


My father died.

Little did I know, Dido as well.

Even Mercury came to tell me
that my destiny was elsewhere.

Our name will last for thousands of years.

They will remember Achilles!

They will remember Hector!

Achilles and his partner dance.


He wouldn't have fought

if it wasn't for the death of Patroclus.

I have the sword of Troy.

So on this very night hear me now.

I will fulfill my destiny.

Nothing will stop that now.


This must be a dream.

The world will remember the Trojan War.

And I will continue the
destiny of all Trojans.

I can hear them in Sparta now.

Laughing that Troy has fallen.

Peace was supposed to be
between Troy and Sparta.

Zeus is watching.

Zeus is watching.


Turnus calm down.

Aeneas is come from a far
journey, from far away.

He must have something to say.

Aeneas, come forth.

We have heard of your arrival

for we already know the
death of Dido has lead you

out of Carthage.

Hmm, must be those.

Must be that clothing that
you have, the purple and gold.

Hmm, Carthage.

But I heard you were wearing
a Greece cape out of Troy,

is it true?

Tell me is that true?

Then why should you be king?

Tell me Aeneas, why
you should become king.

Turnus, shut your mouth.

You, even though you stop at war?


King, can you do what the
gods say that you will do?

Lord no for I's a spiritual.

Oh yeah, spiritual advisor.

Spiritual advisor, trust me.


We know you here, Aeneas.

I am king here.

You say you want this land that you claim.

Take it.

The Trojan War is over.

The mighty Achilles is dead.

Hector is dead.

Prince Paris and Helen
of Troy have disappeared.

And a prince, a Trojan prince,
much more of a Dardanian,

has visited the mural of Achilles.

Chosen by the gods he was not,

to fight war, that will be his destiny.

To listen to the gods he must
obey the gods to become king.

For Achilles is dead.

Let's talk about the future.

Of Rome.

The mightiest empire to hit planet Earth.

Cross the seas like no one has ever seen.


In 1184 BC.

This is the Bronze Age.

The Bronze Age.

Let's not forget the destruction of Troy.

Let's not forget the
destruction of the Trojans.



Achilles and his Myrmidons.




Odysseus, come on.




Man if Patroclus didn't die first Achilles

wouldn't have been there in a frenzy.

Why Achilles?

Heaven sent.

For all we knew Patroclus was
killed by Achilles's honor.

How do you think Aeneas got the sword?

Let's talk about the Trojans.






Who knows where Paris went.


Apollo, Apollo.

Ares, Ares.

Artemis, Artemis.

The ancestors of the Romans.

The ancestors of the Romans.

Same as Aeneas.

Same, I suspect, as me.

His name was Aeneas.

He is the founding of Rome.

The first six we won against.

The second six will be destiny.

Still haven't heard.

Subtitles by explosiveskull