Troublesome Night 5 (1999) - full transcript

The fifth chapter of the "Troublesome Night" series, this movie is an anthology of three connected stories. Taxi Driver Cheung runs into bad luck when he encounters strange and mysterious customers during his night shift. That same night, his friend and colleague Fat moves to a new home with his wife and son to hide from loan sharks, and his luck turns when he discovers his new home is haunted by a demon, who promises him sudden wealth. Years later, Fat's son is employed as a security officer at a business firm. There, he encounters paranormal activities during his night shift. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Granny, I am changing shift,
are you going to Mong Kok?

I want to go to Tsuen Wan.

Why don't I take you to Mong Kok and
you can take another taxi from there.

I am in a hurry!

Come on!
You help me is like helping yourself.

Okay! Get in!

Young man, I have been waiting
for a cab for a long time.

You are so kind to take me,
you will get good luck for this.

I am as poor as anybody can get,
how can I have good luck?

I have to work both shifts now.


What are you doing?

Nothing! I just want to
see what you were doing.

I dropped a coin.

Drop me off here

I thought you wanted
to go to Tsuen Wan.

I changed my mind.

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher,
the British Prime Minister,

Has reached Beijing this afternoon...

To discuss the reunification
of Hong Kong with China...

I am here...

What's wrong with you?
You should be working.

There are no customers!
Come on, deal it.

You owe so many people money and you
still have the guts to come here and play.

Hey man, calm down!

Haven't you heard that...

If you have money today,
try your luck and make more.


You heard it from me now.


Quiet! Deal it, hurry!

Brother Chi... Brother Chi.

Brother Fa, you must be rich!
How come you are still gambling here?

No! We are just doing this for fun.

Yes! This is just for fun.

Where is my money?

I will give it to you next week.

I will give you some interest first, okay?

$100?! Who do you think I am?!
A beggar?!

I want more than this!

Brother Chi, what's up?!
Are you here for protection money?

Not protection money!
I just want to collect a debt.

What debt?

This darn doesn't even have my
three hundred dollars of interest.

Three hundred, right?!
Here you go.

Leave now! Want to get your tool kicked!

- What...
- What..

Take it easy...

Calm down, Brother Chi!
Get something to eat, sorry

- Give me some face.
- This is more like a friend.

- Thanks.
- Bye, Brother Chi.

Calm down, come, sit down.

Hey! My money...

Here is one hundred, take it.

This is interest.

You are worse than Brother Chi.

Forget it! Deal it.

No! My luck is very bad today,
I am leaving!

Come on, don't be like this?!

I have no more money to lose.

I am going to work now.


Miss, where do you want to go?

Stop at that intersection!

Miss, I just wanted to...

Stop at that intersection!

Stop! Stop!

What did you do?!

What are you looking at?!

Haven't you seen a brave
man lose an arm before?

Drive, darn!

Boss, your arm!

Good job!

Write down his name.

Go home and wait for your good news!
You will be promoted.

Thanks boss.

Drive, darn!

Which hospital are we going?

Which one do you know?

Which one is the closest?

Saint Teresa's Hospital.

Telephone number?


Radio, what is the telephone number
for Saint Teresa's Hospital?

Got it.

Boss, the number is...

Darn, I heard it too!
Do you think I am deaf?


Is this Saint Teresa's Hospital?

I am Big B.

What's wrong?! I am Portland Street's Big B.

You want me to kick you?!

Darn! We are begging for help!

Sorry! I am not yelling at you.

You don't have to know who is Big B.

Anyways, his arm is cut off...

And his blood type is A.

He lost a lot of blood.

Please prepare about ten bags of blood.

Also find him a good doctor

Yes, find the one who helped him
reconnect back his leg.

He has more experience,
tell him to get ready...

Shut up!

It's me! I am a very dangerous person.

Hard liquor won't do me any good!

You better inject me
with lots of anesthetic.

If I wake up in the middle of the operation,
I'm going to beat the crap out of you.

- He is really scared.
- Stop at the convenient store.

Got it.

Can't you get something to drink later?

I am losing a lot of blood
and it really hurts too.


I have to put your arm
in the ice bag...

so you can reconnect it later.

You are right!

What are you laughing at?

I didn't, boss!

Stop the car!


John, this is your boss!

I just got jumped and I lost my arm too.

Tell Richard to go find
out who did this crap!

See if is Hussian or if it's Clinton

or if it's Jacky who did this crap.

Where am I going?!
Of course I am going to the hospital.

Get a group of people to the hospital later!

I want people to keep me company!

Darn, hurry!


I spent thousands of dollars

on tattoos on this arm.

Darn,that darn picked up the wrong arm

He is dead!

Darn, take me back,
I have to go pick up my arm.

- Brother B...
- What?

I am afraid that you might
lose your life if you go back there.

- Brother B...
- What?

He is right!

He is right!
I think he is right too


- Brother B...
- What's up?

This ride is for free,

it's lucky you are still alive!

I like you.

Okay! I, Big B

will look after from now on.

Thank you, Brother B.

Thank you Mrs. B.

There is blood all over the place,
I am really having bad luck now.

Miss, sorry, my car is very dirty,
take the next one please.

My car is very dirty!

Don't worry!
It's only blood

Fine then!
But Miss,

I don't have the money to
buy you a new dress!

Where do you want to go?

Kowloon Funeral Home.


Miss, I didn't mean to be rude earlier.

You won't believe what
have just happened to me.

I just took a gangster

who got his arm cut off to a hospital.

His blood was all over my car.

It's really sick.

Don't worry!
They will die soon.

Night shift is really a pain in the tool.

You either get customers like gangsters

or those drunk darn.

They always make your car dirty.

Don't worry!
They will die soon.

The cops are darn too.

Just last night,
I parked my car near by.

I just wanted to use the bathroom and
they gave me a ticket for that.

Don't worry!
They will die soon.

Miss, how come your hair is wet?

My hair has been wet for
the past three years.

Miss, we are here.

Here you go.
Change please!

Miss... Don't you have
any Hong Kong dollars?


I got no change for this!

How much do you have?

I just started to work,
this is all I have.

Not enough.

Here... This is all I have!


No problem!

You are so dumb!

What a darn!

How dare you scare me like that?!

Granny, are you okay?

You can't cross the street like this,
you will get hit by a car!

I need a ride.

Okay, but next time be careful!

Where are you going?

Getting into your car.

Granny, where do you want to go?

Wu Hop Shek graveyard.

Wu Hop Shek graveyard?



you are very lucky today.

Usually I won't go that far,

But I lost too much money today.

Young man, you got to do
what you got to do.

You can't hide from it.

I have money.

You help me is like helping yourself.

Granny, you are right...

your words sound wise.

What a bad luck!

One, two, three.

Traffic light.

One, two, three, traffic light

One, two, three, trafic light.

Granny, can't you do me a favor?

Can you sit tight for three seconds?

Make a left turn ahead
and drop me off there.

Thank you ninety four dollars.

Young man, wait for me for a while.

I dated a friend here,
he will be here soon.

Granny, it's very late already,
you are going into that kind of place?

Are you scared?

Here is two hundred dollars.
Now don't be scared, okay?

Granny, it's not that. I...

Take it.


Man, why do I have to go pee now?

No! I should stay in the car.

Young man, you can go now!
I can't find my friend!

Granny, I will give you back
one hundred dollars then.

No! You should go back into the city

Without getting anymore customers.

I am leaving now. Bye, granny.

No! I promised her not to
take up anymore customers



I have to take customers.

Miss, where do you want to go?

I don't know.

But, I have money!
Take this two hundred dollars.

Just go wherever you want to go.


Miss, you shouldn't wait here at
the middle of the night alone.

I was going to meet a friend at Wu Hop Shek.

But I was late, I don't think
she will be there anymore.

Is the person you are
meeting an old woman?

I don't know!
I have never seen her before.

Looks like someone needs help.

Don't stop the car.

This road has lots of ghosts.



Police stop!

Don't stop!
It might be ghosts.

Miss, are you sure?

If I don't stop the car
I will get arrested.

So many cops here,
it should be alright!

Shut off your engine,
license please.

How come your cab is not for rent
when there is no customer in your car?

Sir, I..

Forget it, go!


The cop must be blind!

How can he miss such a beautiful lady!

How can we rely on such
a cop to beat crime.

Mr. driver, who were you talking to?

Mr. driver, I just got off,
give me a ride, okay?

Sir, I have a customer.

Just take me wherever she is going.


I thought you didn't see her earlier.

Mr. driver, stop the car.

Stop the car...

Miss, what is it?

I don't know who you are talking to?!

The door also opens
and closes by itself,

I want to get off now.

I don't want the money back!

I told you there are lots
of ghosts around here.


Forget her, let's go...

What's wrong with everybody today?!

I have weird customers and a swindler.

What's next?
I might even see a ghost too.

If he is not a ghost,
my life will be over.

I am going to jail for sure.


My god! I am having bad luck!

Come on... continue...

No... I am really having bad luck today.

How come a taxi driver took a taxi?

After I went to work,

I saw a ghost.

After I saw a ghost,
I crashed my car.

You must have met a girl.

How did you know?!
I met lots of them.

It's very scary.

Shut up!
It's scary when you have no money.

- Come on, play a hand...
- Continue...

Your wife is here.

- Ah Fa.
- Dad.

Someone wrote and spread
gasoline on our door.

How come?

Darn! It must be Brother Chi!

But he got interest already.

Let's go and have a talk.

Honey, sit here for a while.

Mrs. Fa, sit.

Who else did you borrow money from?

I also borrowed money
from Ronaldo and Owen.

How dare you borrow
money from them?!

They are darn! They will kill you.

I am not scared of Brother Chi...

But I can't handle Ronaldo and Owen.

Wait, mommy is here.

Good kid!

Honey, take the kid to aside.

Let me do the work.


What are you doing?

I am having bad luck.
I don't want to break anything.

Bad luck?! Fine, just stand there then.



What's wrong with you?
You are moving at three in the morning.

I know! Just shut up and help.

Hold the door for me!

Let's go.

Put it over here first.

Honey, take the kid inside first.

He is asleep.

Money comes quickly,

And goes quickly too.

Ah Fa, don't erase this.

Say these two lines six times everyday.

Shut up and help

Didn't you see I am moving?

Ah Fa, how much rental do
you pay for this place?

Fifteen hundred.

What, fifteen hundred for this huge place?

It's too cheap!

How come it is this cheap?

Someone must have died here
or there are ghosts here!

I think someone must have died here.

I think there are ghosts here!

Okay... I don't need your
help anymore, thanks.

No thanks


There is a man!

It's only clothes.

But I saw a man earlier.

Okay! Just go cleaning up your room,

I will take care of the rest.


I don't know why we have
to move to this house.

Why not?!

This place is nice and cheap too!

It's hard to find such a good deal.

We should thank God for this.

The house is old

I think we should do something
to help ourselves.

What do you mean?!

This is not a big deal, okay?!

Our son is crying.

Don't cry.

Mommy is here, don't be scared.

Stupid! The clock only rang couple of
times and you are afraid.

You should be like your dad,

scare of nothing, understand?

Why are you yelling at your own kid?!

I don't want him end up like you!

Getting chased by loanshark
at the middle of the night.

Look at us now!

Don't say it in front of our kid!

If our kid ends up becoming a bum,
it will be all your fault!

I don't want to talk to you anymore.

Don't be scared!

Just in time, not one minute late.

Here is your car.

Ah Fa, I want to talk to you.

There are two shifts.

You drive one shift and I drive one shift.

You should pay half of the car's
rent and I pay half.

Now I pay all the rent but
I only drive one shift.

I can't make enough to pay both
rent if I only drive one shift.

Do you understand?


That's good!

If not I will explain to you one more time.

It's okay!
I will pay half of the rent next month.

I don't think you understand it yet.

I am planning to get someone
to take your place.

He will pay half of the rent
and drives only one shift.

And I only have to pay one part
of the rent and not two.

Don't be like this! You should understand.

We are brothers.

You owe me eighteen hundred
and I'll lend you 200 more.

You owe me two thousand now.

You should understand.

I understand...

Okay then, bye.

You lose money again?!

A little.

Stop gambling or we will have
no money for food anymore.

Honey, look


That old woman has been staring
at our house for a long time.

She looks familiar

Don't mind her! She might be a nutcase!

Go do your work.

Son, why aren't you sleeping?

Don't cry, mommy is here.

Good boy! Let's go to sleep

Why do you make that nosy noise every right?

Can you stop it?

Please, I beg you, leave us alone.

Ah Fa today become so poor that
I have to borrow your place

And you don't have to treat us like that

I beg you. If someday I become rich

I will burn you lots of paper money, okay?

Please do us a favor! Please.

Is he asleep?

- Honey.
- What?

The past two years you have
had lots of bad luck.

I think you changed a lot since the past.

I am having bad luck only.

Once it pasts,
everything will return to normal.

I am not worried about that,

I am worrying about our son

Don't worry! Don't think too much.

1, 8...

Ah Fa, What are you doing
at three in the morning?

Nothing... Go to sleep.

Go to sleep! Don't wake up our son


Will this work?



How is work?


Which race is this?

The third race.

What is the second race's result?

The 2nd race... 3 and 4,
the unexpected result.

Pays over $1000.

Isn't the third race eighteen
hundred meters?!


How much will one and eight pay?

One and eight?! Are you joking?

They will not win, you are going to lose

If I were you I wouldn't
have betted on that.

Okay, I will give it a shot.

Honey, I won.

So what, you lost too much in the past.

I don't know why?!

They gave me so much money.

I can't believe it too!
I thought I heard it wrong.

- Really?
- I thought he paid.

Forget it, go wake up our son.

- Really?
- We will all go have a good dinner

Since our wedding,

I haven't had food like
this for a long time.



- Thanks.
- A big fish.

Don't worry!
We don't eat this kind of good food often.

I won so much money that

I almost ordered abalone too,

but I'm afraid that we
might not be able to finish.

It's enough!


I bought a present for you.

What present?


A gold watch!

- Try it on.
- Thank you.

Try it.


why don't you pay off your debt first?

Then save up the rest.

We will use that money for
our son's school fees.

I know!

Be good! Eat.

Stop it! I am getting mad.

Finish all the coke.

Little Fa, play over there,
don't bother your mother.

Your dad is coming home soon.

Go play!
But don't hit your mother with the ball.

Son don't play with
the door or I will beat you.

Little Fa, what is going on?

Mother, the ball is in there

I will get it for you,

but you can't play in here, okay?


I will get it for you.

Little Fa...

Mother, ball!

Honey, why are you sitting on the floor?

- Honey.
- What's wrong?

We can't live here anymore!

- No! This house...
- is haunted.

This house is lucky for me!
I won much money today.

Go in! Don't worry!

Do you know how much did I win?

I won couple thousand of dollars.

Come in! Don't be scared

Come here... Daddy is here

Daddy won much money, I will go take
you to buy toys tomorrow, okay?


Why is he so hot?

He is very hot!
I think he is having a fever!

Take him to the hospital.

- Doctor, how is our son?
- Doctor..

He is having a very high fever,
we are not sure yet.

We need to have here
stay him for observation.

One of you should stay
here and look after him.

Who can stay?

I will stay here then.


You still have to work tomorrow,
I will stay here.

No! You go home and rest, I will stay here.

No! I will stay here.

Okay! Call me if anything happens, okay?

- Get some sleep.
- This way please.



Granny, why are you staring at my house?

What are you looking at?

Your house is haunted.


Is your kid sick?

Yes! How did you know?

The ghost did it!


Did you promise them anything?


Young man, do keep your words
if you promised something.

Take care of yourself.

Who are you? Why are you sitting here?

I was here first!

I told you the number one and eight.

I make you son sick.

What do you think I am?

What do you want?

You are rich now!

Where is my paper money?


I will burn more paper money
to you next time.

Go away.

How can I trust you?

You didn't keep your promise.

What did I promise you?

You said that if you are rich

you will burn me lots of paper money.

How do I know it's you who helped me?

If I know

I would have betted it bigger...

This way, if you are really this good,

Help me win more money.

We will share half of everything, okay?


Three of a kind!


What is wrong with you today?!
You win every hand.

I am in a hurry, I got to go.

You can't leave when you are winning?!

Sorry... Maybe next time!

Honey, how come you are here?

Our son is fine!
Doctor said that he will be okay.


Little Fa.

I waited for you for a whole day,
where did you go?

Let's go.

Go?! What are you here for?

Pay the bill! Stupid!

Take care of our son.


Please bless me to win more.

I will burn you lots of houses and cars.

Bless me.

I am rich!

- Number five...
- Number four...

I won.

I do good, you will be better.

I won again!


Honey, my luck changed.

You don't have to work anymore.

I like to, I want to save up some money.

Mr. Chen.

Sorry! I am late.

Don't worry!

This is Mr. Chen.

I wanted to remodel my house.

And change all the furniture.

Go up!

Why are you eating so late?

How dare you show up here?

Everybody is looking for you!

Don't worry!
I won lots of money.

Thank you, you saved me when
I needed you the most.

This is how much I owed you.
We are brothers, right!

Five hundred dollars of interest.

No need!

Hold it.


Little Fa, what happened?

What happened?



What happened?

Ah Fa, what promises
did you make with the ghost?

I don't know what you are talking about!

Why did you promise to share
everything half with the ghost?

How dare you

share everything half with the ghost?

I have been shared too!


Your son is part of the deal too!

- Let's go...
- Little Fa!

We will leave your useless father.

I told you before that this
house is haunted.


Come out!

Why did you touch my wife?!

Come out! Come out, you piece of crap!

Come out!

Why are you so angry?!

You said you are going to
share everything half with me.

I only said that I am going to
share the winning with you!

I didn't say that I am going to
share my family with you.

- No... No!
- This was not the way you said it!

You said we will share everything!

Your wife is yours,
so I can have half of her.

I don't need you anymore.

I don't need you to help me win anymore.

Please leave me alone, okay?


I don't give a crap about you,

but ghosts have rules!

You have to keep your promise!

Why don't you share my life too?

How did you know?!
I am about to!

Please! I beg you!

Please leave my family alone, okay?

Don't try to move! I will follow
you wherever you go!

You will have to keep your promise
for the rest of your life!

I am sorry! I beg you!

Just leave my family out of this!

Don't touch my family please!

I just want to live a peaceful life!

Leave my family alone!

Too late.

Attention everyone, I am Crazy Kon.

Has anyone seen Ah Fa's
wife or his son?

Whose wife?

Ah Fa's wife.

Which Ah Fa?

The Ah Fa who is a gamble addict
and won't pay the car rent.

Oh that one!
We will contact you if we see them!


I won't have to drive taxi anymore.

I am going to open a security
company with my friend.

Are you listening to me?

Watch it, old man!

I told you already,
I will have half of your life.

You'd have 90 years to live but now
I have taken away 45 years!

Now you are seventy five years old.

Why don't you just take away the
last forty five years at the end?

Sorry! It's up to me!

Be careful... sit down.

Watch your back.


Ah Fa, this is your fault!

I told you this house was haunted!

But you won't listen to me!

Ah Fa, we found your wife!

She is still bothered by that ghost.

She said she doesn't want to see you!

This is her number.

Call her if you want to see her!

Don't tell her I gave it to you!

If you need an excuse,

Just say he gave it to you.

Forget it, I gave it to you.

Okay, say he gave it to you then!

Call her for him now.

Okay, let me help you.


Hello? Is Mrs. Fa there?

You don't know me... wait.

Hello? It's me! How are you?

I don't want to see you again!

I don't want to hear from you too!

How dare you share your
wife with anyone!

Don't call me again,
or I'll sleep in the street.

I am staying in my friend's house.

Don't call again.

Let me see you then...

I don't want to see you!

Let me say it again,
I don't want to see you.

Why can't you just die?

I used to be poor

But my wife never complained.

The whole family was happy.

But I always wanted to be rich.

So what if I have money?

I lost the two persons I loved the most.

I don't think I can live any longer.

I should die!

But my worry...

Is no one will take care of my wife.

The sadest thing is that

I can't see my son grow up.

The only bright side I have

Is that I have three best
friends caring for me!

Can you promise me one thing?

If you have time...

Take care of my wife and my son.

I want to be alone for a while.

You guys can leave.

Call us if you need anything!

(What's feeling? What's love?)

(Why'd it turn into harm?)

(Why'd I have to hurt you?)

(Why'd it all become such a disaster?)

(What's good? What's bad?)

(Why'd the good become the bad?)

Honey... My son.

He will not bother you anymore.

(I really didn't mean to.)

(Life's full of pain.)

(We all can't seem to escape.)

(Life's full of sorrow.)

(Love can never seem to last.)

Mrs. Fa, where are the flowers?

Ah Kon, flowers.

Little Fa, come help.


Come help, this is your dad!


Put the newspaper on the floor first.

Where is the newspaper?


Let me do it.


Sorry you have to do this when
you are at such old age already.

Little Fa, light the candles.

Mother, where is the candle?

Over here.

Let me do it.


You again?!

Light the candle, Little Fa.



You are making me mad.

Mother, there is no fire?

Go find two pieces of rock
and strike a fire then.

Uncle Kon, eat the chicken leg.

Little Fa, you can have it.

Give me the candles.


Your dad hasn't eaten yet?!

The food at the resturant was not good.

But you don't have

to eat the chicken leg!

Why can't you eat the chicken-fool?

Give me the candles.

You can only eat when the
candles are burnt out!

Then I have to wait for a long time?!

You will live!

Ah Fa, look at him.

He messed up in school, got no job.

I don't know what to do?

Luckily he not like you a gamble addict.

Why you left us so early?

It's smoky, get lost...

You died so young,

If he continue to piss me off,
I will soon come to see you.

Please bless me so I can have
three or four years more to live.

Mrs. Fa, you don't have to worry so much.

I have suffered so much!

I know...

Children need time to teach.

Little Fa.

When Uncle was at your age, I was like you.

Do you know what was my nickname?


Crazy driver.


What kind of car did you drive?


Very good.

Little Fa, it doesn't matter
if you have no work.

Come to my office tomorrow
and I will give you a job.


Ah Kon, thank you.


Little Fa, what are you doing here?

Little Fa is part of our company now.

You guys have to look after him.

We know!

Thanks, Uncle Kon.

Little Fa, don't call me
Uncle Fa anymore, I am your boss.

You should call me boss.

Try it.


They are all your friends now.

We might look ugly, but we are your friends.

- Attention everyone, hello.
- Hello.

My name is Little Fa.

Uncle... no, boss.

What does PMO stand for?

Little Fa, don't you know English?

Yes! I know every letters from A to Z.

But if you put them together then
I will have some problems...

Which means you don't know!

Let me teach you.

PMO means Property Managing Officer.

It means...

Which in short, it means you are a watchman.

What? Watchman?!

I thought I can get a high position!

You are getting a high position!
You are at the second rank.

There are only two ranks in the company.

I'm at the first rank.

This used to be an old building.

Now it becomes a commercial building.

Time does go away very fast.

We haven't been here for ages.

The building number is 888.

Little Fa, you used to live here.


What is wrong with you?!
Didn't you see the commercial on TV?

This stuff is nasty! It will make you sick.

Darn! What are you talking about?

Do you want me to make
you eat up all of them?

Want to fight?

What are you talking about darn?
Want me to kick your fool?

Stop it...

Brother B, it's me!

Hero! You are my hero!

Brother B, he looks like

the taxi driver who took you to the
hospital when you lost your arm.

It's me! Mrs. B.

Hello... Brother B.

You told me to mention your name
when I have any problem

I did as you said.

Now I am doing better then ever.

- He is my hero.
- You are smart.

Not bad! You are doing food business!

We are doing good too! We have chain stands.

Come on, try one!

It looks very tasty!
Next time okay? Thanks Brother B...

I have to take them to work!

Come back again.

Save some cow lung for me, okay.

Thank you Brother B! Thank you Mrs. B!

- Call him Brother B.
- Brother B.

Brother B, I admire you very much.

Teach them better!


Give me a hand.

I can't get a light.

Don't smoke then...

You don't have to do a lot,
just walk around.

What happened?

The elevator is broken

Don't worry! The door will open soon.


- Let me take you to the rest room.
- Ghost!

Miss, what ghost?! Where?

Ghost! You are talking to yourself.

You are crazy, there is no ghost here

I won't talk to you, I have a meeting
at Wu Hop Shek graveyard.

Why do you always go to Wu Hop Shek?

Boss, the building is haunted.

It's really haunted!

Stop saying nonsense or
I will change you to the night shift.

Or fire you.

Is this buliding haunted now?

No... it's not.

- Get to work.
- Yes!

Brother Kon. Kon.

Are you for real?! You want us
to work in this haunted building?!

Why don't you believe me,

this place is clear.

There is a point to this.

Little Fa, this is where
your father passed away.

And is where we lost our great friend.

This place brings back a lot of memories.

If this place is really haunted,

Your father will come out
and protect you.

I also run into some ghosts before,

But now I become rich.

Brother Kon, you want us to
run into ghosts, right?!

Don't worry!
You all will die someday anyways.

It's you.

Give me back my money.

What money?

Why are you still acting?!


Where? Where?

Forget it! Let her go.

I am not going to chase her, I quit!

Little Fa, don't believe
those kind of people.

That darn tricked my money years ago.

She should have died.

Little Fa, if you want to work here,

I will not cut your salary.


You too.

That's good.

What are you guys
still standing here?

Get to work?!

Little Fa, our job is to look
around in the building.

But catching theif is not our
job so don't try to be a hero.

Just go look around is enough.

This is your seat.

Go sit over there...

Here is an alarm clock.


Here it is...

I will set the alarm at two o'clock.

When the alarm goes off then it's
time for you to go push that button.

What about you?

I am going to the bathroom.

Uncle Wah, where are you going?

I am going to the bathroom also.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Did you see a ghost?


Why are you scared then?

Because I didn't see anything.

What is there to be scared of?

Because the door moved by itself.

Why are you standing here?

Do you know you shouldn't
scare an old man like this?!

I didn't mean to, I just want
to go to the bathroom.

To the bathroom?

Of course?!



Go to the bathroom then.

Little Fa, did you see anything?


Is there anything in the bathroom?

Nothing! Why?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

Let's get back to work then.


Let us go sleep then.

You can't sleep here.

We can't all sleep here because
someone may see us.

Why? No one will be here at this time.

Do you think that is a ghost?

Little Fa...

Hurry... Open the door...

Ghost, hurry...

It's granny.

Granny, what are you doing
here at this late hour?

We lock the door at ten.

I work on the 14th floor.

But I fell asleep and I just woke up.

So I am leaving now.

Granny, you walk so slow,

Even if you did't fall asleep you
would have been late too.

Remember to start walking at three tomorrow.

Go home and get some sleep.


She does walk a little too slow.

Lock the door.

Lock the door.

What is that?


Oh no... The keys you gave me...

I dropped them outside.

Granny, can you pick up the keys for us?

Where did she go?

How come she walks so fast?!

How can we get out now?

Do we have to call the cops?

Are you crazy? You go call the cops
because you dropped the keys?

We will wait till tomorrow morning and get
the morning shift to open the door for me.

Little Fa, don't let the keys get away.


Granny, what are you doing here?

Did you pick up the keys?

It's late, go home.

This building is haunted.

I am warning you right now,
stop speaking nonsense at this late hour.

Go home.

This building is haunted.


The granny was screaming earlier.

Where did she go?!

It's time to go press the button.

I know.

Go then?!

What about you?

I told you before,

we can't always be there for you.

You have to learn on your own.

No! You said you are going to cover me.

It's the new age,
we don't have to follow you.

Hold the radio.

Call me if there is anything.

Go to sleep.

Granny, how you get in here?

This building is haunted.

Stop speaking no sense?!

What is going on?!

Uncle, I am trapped on the 13th floor.

Come save me!

I want to order a sandwich!

Little Fa, don't worry,
I will be right there.

Little Fa is stuck on the
thirteenth floor! Cancel my orders!

Don't worry! We will go save him now.

Which floor?

Thirdteenth floor.

Little Fa, we are coming.

Hurry, I am scared.

I am on the thirdteenth floor! Got it?

Don't worry! We are coming.

Fifteenth floor?!
Did you push the wrong button?

Push it again.

Twelveth floor?! What is wrong with you?!

It's not my fault.

Push it again.

What is the matter with you?!

Fourteenth floor?!

You pushed it wrong again! Let me do it.

What is it?


Fourteenth floor?!

Twelve, thirdteen, fifteen...

I thought you are trapped in an elevator?

The door suddenly opened.

The building is really haunted.

Let's go?!


Close the door.

Don't scare me!

It's gone...

Let's go.

Forget the elevator,
let's use the stairs.

Can anyone hear me?! Help!

This building is really haunted!

I know.

Little Fa, this looks like
where you used to live.



Brother Kon.


We quit!

- We quit.
- We resign.

You want to quit, right?

Tell me what should I do?!

You three screamed loudy at the
middle of the night for no reason

All the neigbhours are complaining.

Boss, there is a reason.

We saw a ghost!

That is not a reason!

The whole team of police
came down to the building,

The owners of the building all went
to the station for question

They complained to me that
I am not doing my job.

They are about to break up the contract.

I am about to be broke, I am dead.

And you guys want to quit?!

It's really our fault.

We won't quit then.

But fire us then.

You want me to cover an extra
month of salary, right?!

It's the law.

I thought we were brothers!

What is wrong with you people?!

What about this?
We will shut off all the alarms,

And all you have to do is
sleep at work, will that be okay?

Okay and raise 1/20 of our salary.

No! 5%.


1/20 is 5%! What's wrong with you?

I want a raise of 1/10.

10%, okay.


Are you hungry?


Let's get something to eat


Waiter, give us one bowl
of BBQ pork with rice.

It's that enough?!

Little Fa, did you say that
you run into a ghost?

Yes, we did.

What is going on?
They just screamed for help for no reason.

We saw a ghost!

It's that the building I lived in before?

Yes, and I saw our old home too.

Your old home?


Did you see your dad?

Luckily not or I will yell
the crap out of him.

- Little Fa.
- What?

Did you lock both doors?


Keep the keys well.

I will put it here today.
I won't lose it again.

- Don't lose it.
- Got it.

If anything happens, we are leaving.

Okay, stop talking!
Let's all go to sleep.

We don't have to be
scared if we are asleep.

It will be morning really soon.

- Hey...
- What?

Your seat is over there.

Why me?!

We need someone at the front.

- Go...
- Relax.

Go to sleep...

Go to sleep...

Shut up. How can I sleep
while you are talking?


Little Fa...

Open the door...


Mrs. Fa?!

Mother, how come you are here?

I want to see your dad.


I came here this morning

And since then I have been
hiding in the bathroom.

Didn't you say that you saw our old house?


I have been looking for it the
whole night, where is it?

Where did we run into the ghost yesterday?

Let me think.

Yesterday we... went to the bathroom.

Right... Mrs. Fa, let's go to the bathroom.

No! I have been hiding in the
bathroom for a whole day.

I am not going back there anymore.

No more bathroom for me.

Mrs. Fa, you want to see Ah Fa, right?

Right... Let's go to the bathroom.

No... Mrs. Fa, we have to go
to the man's bathroom.

I don't think you should go there.

I am not young anymore.

I have seen many different
kinds of dicks already.

For Ah Fa, I don't mind.

Mrs. Fa, why don't we start
from sleeping first?


Yes, sleeping...

Mrs. Fa, let's go to sleep


Mrs. Fa, go sleep over there.


No! Ah Fa will be angry.

I don't want him to be angry.

No, we can't do this.

- It's okay...
- Got it Mrs. Fa.

We will start at the time when Little Fa
was trapped inside the elevator.

What? You want me to go up to
the thirteenth floor alone?!

It was like that yesterday.

If we go with you,
then it wouldn't be the same.

Right! Your mother wants
to see your father! Go!

Go! Stupid!


I am trapped on the
thirteenth floor, come save me.

Little Fa, can you give a little emotion?

Darn, show some emotion.

I am trapped on the
thirteenth floor, come save me.

We will be right there... Don't worry.

Right! Mrs. Fa, I will push the
thirteenth floor's button

But we will end up on the fifteenth floor.

I will push the button again and we
will end up on the twelveth floor.

I will then push the button and we
will end up on the fourteenth floor.

Mrs. Fa, this building
doesn't have a 14th floor.

Yes! He is right...



Nothing... Nothing?

The steps are wrong!
We should end up on fifteenth floor first.

I will push the button again and
we should end up on 15th floor.

Thirdteenth... Fifteen?! What is going on?



Mrs. Fa, what is going on?

This is not fifteenth floor!

Sing, how can I get back to the old house?

I want to see Ah Fa.

Mrs. Fa, we will try again.


- Little Fa... Come out.
- Don't worry.


We will try again.

We will go into the elevator,

push the button...

And the old lady will appear.

We will turn around

and then we will leave the elevator.

Shut up! Just start when
the old lady diappears.

This is what I mean.

Go... go.

Sing, we have to be fast.

Put your hands on the wall and
count to three and scream.

Do I have to go higher?

Yes! One, two, three!

Mrs. Fa!

Enough! The old lady has gone, let's go.

Sing, what should we do now?

Mrs. Fa, run that way.


Why are you screaming?

We were screaming like this yesterday.

You are right!

We can't see old lady anymore.

Which way should we go?

If we didn't see the old lady,
we should go this way.

But if the old lady is here
we should go that way.

But the old lady is not here...

Which way should we go?

This building is haunted!

You don't have to be so scared?!

Uncle Wah, you are more
scary than a ghost!

Forget it, we should
continue with our steps.

Mrs. Fa, the rest is going
to be kind of tough.

If we run you have to run.

If we walk you have to walk.

Sing, wait.

Mrs. Fa...



Did she run past us?

Are you okay?


Ah Fa, Little Fa said

he saw our old house and it's truth.


I am a ghost already.

You must have suffered
a lot this past couple of years.

You have to raise the kid alone.

But he is our son.

Honey, do you still hate me?


I hate myself for asking you
to die on the phone.

Why did you...


You never listen to what I said...


For many years, I felt very guilty.

It's like I murdered my own husband.

I am a murderer!
Do you know that?

I am very hurt!
Since that day I was never happy.

Honey, my death is not your fault.

I just want to take the ghost with me.

So I can save both of you.

You lied!

Why didn't you come back to
see me all these years?

Not even in my dreams.

I am sorry...

I just don't have guts to face you.

Why are you still here for all these years?

Because I am waiting for you.

Waiting for me?!

There is one thing I haven't done.

That is why I am still here!

What is it? Tell me.

I will finish it for you so
you can rest in peace.

Ah Fa, say it.

Honey, sorry!

Will you forgive me?

Is that all you want to say?

Ah Fa, I haven't changed a bit.

If I have a chance to start over

I wil still marry you.

Thank you, honey.

Little Fa.

Sorry! I was never able to help you.

Dad can't be with you

So you have to take care of your mom.



I... I love you.

- Ah Fa...
- Dad...


Sing, wait for me!

Mrs. Fa.

Mrs. Fa, where did you go?

We have been looking for you.

I saw Ah Fa.

Okay! We don't have to look for him again.

I want to go worship him tomorrow.

I will go buy the sacrificial articles.

Okay, I want to go too.

I am going too!
But please do it a little late.

I need some sleep.

Mother, I will put the
chicken and fruits in place.

I brought the newspaper too.

You can burn candles for dad.

Let me do it...

Let me do it.

Mrs. Fa, look,

since your son has worked in my security
company he behaves well now.

You are right!
Thanks, Ah Kon, you are something.

Little Fa, will you go work
at 888 Yam Yen Road?

Uncle Kon, will I get a raise?

Yes, you should!

Yes! We have been working for so long.

Two uncle, don't get me wrong.

You two are lazy and always
pick on the rookies.

I don't think you should get any raise.

You little darn?!

Right! But you can't talk
to your Uncle like this.

No raise for you.

Ha! Serve you right.

Forget about business for awhile,
let's worship Ah Fa.