Troublesome Night 4 (1998) - full transcript

The fourth installment in the "Troublesome Night" series. As in the previous films, the film winds together an anthology of comedic horror tales all loosely linked together. In this one, all the stories involve tourists from Hong Kong visiting the Philippines on holiday. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
What’s wrong?

Are you okay?

Thank you.

I had a nightmare.

I saw someone running after me in my dream.

Then, a car was about to run me over.

Maybe, the wedding arrangement drives you nervous.

Take a rest. Come on.

Look at the lovers.

They are like the couple in the film "Titanic", so romantic!

You jump, I jump!

Shut your poisoned lips!

Why do you quote that tragedy while we are taking a plane?

Why not?.

That's a ship.

You'd say something about airplane.

An airplane crashed against people's houses in Taiwan months ago.

Many people died.



The plane once carried some dead bodies.

What kind of bodies?

Few months ago, there was an accident in Osaka Airport.

That plane carried dead bodies who died in that crash.

Sir, please don't say such thing on the plane please.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Let's go back to Titanic, it's romantic.


We don't want to hear this.

She is one of our tour-mates.

This is either.

My name is Leonardo.



I am a driver.

You could never let me link you up with that movie star.

You just can't discover our similarities right now.

My I know your name please?

My name is U2.

My name is K2.

You have cute names.

You are cute too.

Sure I am.

Well, drop in our place if you have time.

We are working in the China City Club.

Come to us, we'll give you a discount.

Please be seated.

How much flight time is left?

About 10 minutes.

I am sorry, I have to go to toilet.

You are really smart.

I am sorry.

It doesn't matter, my friend is really nice.

I am sorry.

No problem.

Mr. Wong, will I be promoted after this trip.

It depends on how you behave in these days.

Sure I will behave well , especially in bed.

It's weird.

Get back your luggage, we are going to the Custom Office now.

Excuse me, my friend is in the toilet.

My friend is in the toilet too.

It's not a carnival, is it?

Only men need to piss, huh?

Never mind, I'll wait for them, you'd better leave first, I'll wait.

- Let's go. - Go...

What's this?

It's a vase.

Please open it.

Mr. Wong, nice to meet you here.

This is K2, team 8 of China City Club.

Do you remember me?

How are you?

How are you, where are you going to?

I come for business.

Why haven't you come to have fun in my club?

I have been busy.

What's wrong with this guy. He stays there for a long time.

Look at him! He seems to be a smuggler.

I think he is a drugs trafficker.

You come with me, and take your belongings.


Welcome to this 7 days tour in the Philippines.

There are 70 million people living here.

With three million Chinese.

What is the proportion between men and women?

The proportion is 1 to 7.

It's great.

But, it's a complicated matter about their sex behaviour.

So. Number isn't an important problem.

English is the official language.

But usually they speak Philippine language.

That is the language we usually here locally.

Say, I am "Maganda".

It's very easy to understand that, it means beauty.

Remember this word.

This will be useful.

We are maganda too.

This is a Catholic country

Churches are found everywhere.

So, isn't whoring prohibited in this country?

Whoring? You mean whoring?

Miss, would you please don't interrupt?

Isn't it prohibited?

Don't worry, guns and whores are commonly found here.

Do you know what this is?

I don't know.

No, I am not a drug dealer.

This is the ashes of human bone

No, drugs?

I said, this is the ashes of human bone.

Thank you, sir... sorry...

You should have paper for importing such kind of thing.

Sorry! My Company asked me to carry this, I don't know...

That's your problem.

You will be fined for this.


Pal, that's why you asked me to bring it.

This is an urn, not an ashtray.

Luckily I've got death certificate and related papers.

Otherwise I will be in deep shit.

I'm getting married soon, I can't want it to bring me bad luck.

That's why I need your help, I am sorry.

I've asked someone to pick you up.

I've been long waiting.

I wonder! Has he gone for he didn't see me?

Please go to Trades Hotel to stay a night.

I will ask him to pick you up tomorrow.

Alright, let's talk about it tomorrow.


Enjoy you staying here, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you.

This is a big bed.

Did you see anything?

Did you see what I've just seen?

It's horrible.

Don't be afraid, it's gone...

Come back again.

No, but one more is coming.

Dear tour-mates,

We will wait for another tour-mate, then we'll go to dinner.

You are the guy who got trouble in the custom this afternoon.

Pal, were you beaten?

It's just a misunderstanding.

Be careful.

What's your name?


Are you living here?


Have my recommendation.

If you are bored in Hong Kong.

You can go to China City Club.

My name is U2.

K2, come here quickly.

This is my partner, K2. Hi.

We are nice.

Remember, China City Club.

China City.

Team number 8.


May I help you, sir?

I want a room.

Check out please.

Two thousand Peso please.


Hurry up!

Thank you, Sir.

I've found no beauty here.

Mr. Wong, are you living here?

I've checked out.

Let's go.

Don't you feel good to live here?

It's good, but I want to find a better one.

- Really? - Yes.

Are you kidding?

I think, let's take a group picture.

It's a good idea.

Come here! Come!

Your key , sir.

Thank you.

Come on, look at here.


- Hey man! - Me!

Yes, I mean you of course.

Come and help! Take a group picture for us.

Come on! Hurry up.

Come on, let's take picture!

Come on, ready.

One two three.

Thank you.

This is mine, pal.

Alan, see you in Hong Kong.

I am sorry.

Your shoelace.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

You say thank you again?

Thank you.

You're welcome.

It's a dream...

It's only a dream.

Again, are you kidding me?

Who is it?

Who is it?

Are you Alan Hung?


I'm the one who is going to take you to the destination of the parcel.

You've finally come 211

- Hi! - Hi!

Come in.

I'm Mario from DIM.

We work for the same company, you know?

Yes, thank you...

Nice to meet you.

You know I have rented the jeep from the hotel.

We can go now.

Why do you give me this?

Where is the parcel?

In the toilet?

In the toilet.


You put in the toilet?


Do you know what it is?

Of course, that's why I put it there.

I changed my clothes first.

Did you have a sound sleep last night?

I think that there is something wrong with the hotel.

I heard something weird last night.

No, I had a whore in my room, and we made a big noise.

Sorry for bothering.

You had a girl last night?

Didn't you find one?

How about you?

I don't know what's wrong with this country.

The girls are all cool, they want money as well as love.

Damn it!

No excuse please.

I think the girls here are very materialistic and professional.

Just like you, money goes first.

Really nice!

Thank you.

You rented this car but you don't know how to drive.

But what if I don't know how to drive too?

You know of your profession you should know how to drive.

You're part time?


But what if I don't know the way?

Don't worry , I will show you.


Hold it , OK?

No singing! I don't want to miss the road.

It's Ok.

Are you okay?

May be you hold that too long.

Are you get tired.

I'm not tired

You have sung this song many times.

You like it?

If you are a Philippino and you are living abroad for a long time.

I think you will like the song.

I think that will like the song too.


There must be something wrong with my eyes.

What's the matter?

Nothing... May be I've driving for too long and get tired.

I don't really like that.

We've driving so long. When do we get to the location?

About 3 hours.

3 hours.

Yeah! Why?

It's getting dark... not good for driving.

I think we should find a place to rest.

OK, there is a hotel hereby not far away from here, we can pull over there...


Foolish people are always lucky.


You're handsome.

It's you?


Are you leaving? Isn't it a nice place to stay?

Yeah, it is. But I want to find a better one.

Let's go!

You want a better one?

You know them?

But we are not close friends.

Sir, may I help you?

Oh yes! I would like a room please.

Two... two rooms.

I don't want to sleep with her.

Okay. Make it two rooms.

Thank you.

Can you ask him if there is any message girl?

Not now.

Not now? When?

Did you knock my door?

Sorry, I'm looking for Mario.

Mario? That scum?

He's just told me "no girl today!"

Well, I'll wait and see what tricks you are playing.

No wonder he said no girl today, I think he is ready to come

What are you doing?


I'm leaving.

Why are you leaving?

The ghost is following us... the ghost is with us.

The girl you screwed... ghost!

Wait a minute...

There are no ghost here.

You must have one of your nightmares again.

The thing you carry her.

I don't want to be with that again.

What did you say?

I don't want to be with that thing.

You want to take it, you do it , OK?

You take it yourself.

If I can drive that jeep, I will take her by myself.

That's none of my business.

That's your problem, not mine.

That girl died abroad, she just wants to go home.

What a fucking man you are to leave her here!

Hey , no fuck man.

If you speak foul language again, I'll screw you!


No, I am so scared.

Did she hurt you?

No, I'm scared.

I mean... she wants to screw me too.

And then kill me.

Are you afraid of death?

Yes, everybody is the same.

Please... please.

OK, you can go now.

Thank you.

But I am telling you this, I am not like you without sympathy.

I am taking her with me.

You can take her, you can do whatever you want.

I have no sympathy, I go back to HK, OK?

Good morning.

You still here?


I thought you'd left.

I left already, but I came back.

I think there's nothing I should scare any more.

I didn't do anything bad to her right?

That's good. Let's go.

But... wait.


I did too much exercise and get no more energy.

No, thanks.

That's for you.


The song that you sing many times, teach me.

Teach you? You like it?

You always sing that song!


I like it very much.

OK, I'll teach you.

Goes like this...

Wait, again, first two lines.

From the beginning?


OK, listen.

Pretty good.

I'll teach you on the way.


Here it is.


Let me put on my uniform.

You are tired, let me carry that for you.

You are not afraid with this?

No more.


Hello, my name is Alan.

I'm from the DIM Express Delivery Company.

I have a package for Mr. Lucindo.

This is...

Come in.

Mrs. Lucindo, someone has brought you a parcel.

It must be Leah's ashes of bone.

Thank you for sending my daughter's ashes of bone...

Would you please take it to my daughter's room?


Let me help you.

If not because of my bad legs, I would rather go to HK.

And take my daughter's ashes myself.

Would you please help me to put my daughter's ashes on the altar.

Why is he with your daughter?

My daughter had engaged to him, but he is dead too.



I have to leave now.

I know.

Do you have anything to tell me?

Just study well when you get there , OK!


I'll wait for you. I promise you everything is going to be fine...

When we meet again.

Take care of yourself.

You too, wait for me honey.

I will.

I love you.

Before Mario died, he always said that he'd pick Leah up when she comes back.

Did Mario really come with you?

No, just kidding.

May be you are not kidding.

When Leah came home 6 months ago for Mario's funeral.

She also said that Mario was with her.

I think I should go now.

Bye bye.

Everyday we just step in and out of the bus and hotel.

It's a bad journey.

What are you expecting?

Come on, I just want to grief, can't I?

Well, it's hot and thus you are easy to lose your temper.

Let's sing a song to cool ourselves down, OK?

- It's great. - Are you kidding?

OK, ready, one two, one two three four.

Before the farewell, I have something to tell you.

The outside world is beautiful.

But don't forget your better half.

Remember how much I love you.

Remember I am waiting at home

I am waiting for you.

Don't forget me.

Don't break my heart.

One, two, one two three four.


Oh my passion...

Good morning.

Would you please give me your passports.

I am going to check in.

None a beauty found in this tour.

They are all like pigs.

I am sorry...

Mr. Wong, nice to meet you again!

Are you going back to Hong Kong after finishing your job?

No, no.

Why are you hurrying to leave? Isn't it a nice place to stay?

It is nice, but I want to find a better one.

Let's run!

He is weird.

Pals, please come this way, I have something to tell you.

We are waiting for keys, I'll take this time to tell you something.

This is a Catholic country.

So, there is a bible in each room.

When you see that it is open, don't close it.

How about a closed one.

Don't be naughty to reopen it.

This is opened.

And it is underlined.

St. Mark, chapter 14...

During the last dinner, Jesus Christ predicted that...

Judah would betray him.

He followed Jesus for a long time but he couldn't resist temptation.

Well, what do you want to say?

Will you betray me?

I won't betray you.

If you flirt around behind me, that means a betrayal to me.

That means...

If I do it in front of you, that's not a betrayal.

You silly girl.

Room 115 to 120, this way, and the rest, please go that side.

Don't mistake your rooms.

K2, this way please.

Sorry sir, you can't take this room.

Hey man. This key is with the same number of the room.

I failed to whore for days, I have got a temper, you know?

Don't bother me.

Sorry sir, you can't take this room.

I think the receptionist has given you the wrong key.

Is this room occupied?


Then we take it.

I will tell the receptionist about this.

Sorry sir, you can't occupy this room.


Sir, this room is a room with view.

And it is vacant, and it's a nice room.

I go to office and take another key for you.

Hey, you want tips?

What am I going to do now?

I'll fix him.

Go ahead, you are the guide, you'd fix it.

No problem...

What a coincidence! We came by the same flight, remember me?

Yes, we come here for our honey moon, would you?

Join our tour for your next honey moon, would you?

I've forgotten my card.

Room 116, I'll send my card later.


Bye bye.

Bye bye.

It's your fault, why take the coach?

We should take a taxi instead.

It's too easy to take a taxi in Hong Kong.

We are in a different place, why not try a coach?

Let's enjoy the scenery.

Come on!

Feeling better?

The hot weather is killing me!

Master, are you feeling better?

Stop... Stop.

Where are you going to?

Why your picture is here?

Did you come here before?


But why is your picture here?

Excuse me sir.

Can you please tell me how come my picture is here?

I am sorry, I don't speak English?

Excuse me, do you speak English?


Would you please translate for me?

Can you ask him how come he has my picture here?

It's I who painted your portrait.

You can talk to me in Chinese.

Back to our work.

But I have never been here before.

How come you know my wife's face?

We have seen each other in the dreams.

And I know you would come here.

How? I mean, how?

You don't have to know how. Now, I tell you.

You have a baby.

Me? I don't have any children.

We have just married.

Have you ever had abortion before?


Then your husband has a baby.

What do you mean by this?

You have a baby with another woman.

Do you know what you are talking about?

Let's go.

Hey! You don't have to believe me now.

But I tell you, you will meet an old friend in the Philippines.

When the Church moves, people will repent for their sins.

And your trip here will be an unforgettable one.

She is crazy, let's go.


If you want to see me, this is my address.

Let's go.

Honey , would you mind answering my question?

Go ahead.

Do you like me wearing white clothes?

what's it?

Why do you bring only white clothes for me?

Let's go watch table dance.

You mean it?

Are you telling me that you don't like it?

Don't you want to follow me?

You have to go?

You are the boss!

Don't blame me of any physical reaction.

What do you think?

It's nice.

You think this is nice, I'll show you at home.

Do you mean it?

I'll dance if you behave well.

Sure I will.

Let's check and leave.

Come on , let's watch another dancing.

No, let's go home and watch you dancing.

Alright, let's go.

Check the bill.

It doesn't cost much, they must have a lot of money

You still want to come again?

It's not too bad.

Excuse me.

Can I take photo with you?

May I?


She's my wife.

Nice to meet you. How do you do?


No problem.

What's your name?

I think you'd better stand here.

- Yes. - OK.


Ok, thank you.

Another one , please?

Another one?

Yes, is it ok?

Ok, last one.

OK, thank you.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you.

Would you keep this one for me?


- Bye bye. - Bye bye.

Are you Wing?

John, It's you.

- Yes!NAME?

I am not making a living.

You know, I always want to make a living by singing in the streets.

It's a recent job.

Apple Yeah, this is my wife Apple.

We come here for honey moon.

How are you? How are you?

How are you?

You've met your old friend.

So what?

The old woman said, you would meet an old friend.

Are you alright?


Few days ago, we met an old woman.

She foresaw three things.

First, we would meet an old friend.

And then, what's the next?

I foresee that you will go to bed within 24 hours.

Why don't you believe me?

Why don't you sing in Hong Kong?

This is a good place. I don't want to see Tung Chee-Hua, you know?

You know? His action is extremely slow and he is incapable.

This is a good place.

So, we are going to beg for a living soon, aren't we?

You'd come here for begging?


Take my card.

I am the chairman of the society for the singing beggars.

Drop in if you have time.

Bravo! You are the chairman!


If I need begging. I'll come to you.

Call me before you leaving, okay?

Let's have a tea. Sure.

- Bye bye. - Bye bye.

What's wrong? A nightmare again?

Nothing... You'd better go to sleep.

This is close to the China Town.

What do you suggest to eat tonight?

Anything would do.

What do want to eat tonight?

I don't know!

Are you feeding sick? Come and take a rest.

I didn't sleep well last night.

Let me buy you something to drink, OK?

What do you want to drink?

Coconut please.

Take a seat.

How much?

Twenty dollars please.

I want two.

Why are you so nice to me?

People said, if a husband wronged his wife, he'll treat her better.

Did you do anything bad?

Drink it first.

Why do you keep this picture?

Throw it!

Alright, I'll throw it.

Don't get angry, come on, drink it.

What's wrong?

The church is moving.

Moving? No, it isn't.

The witch said a church would move.

No, it isn't moving.


You mean the inverted image?

The people are repenting their sins.

What's wrong with you?

Tell me.

Do you have a child with another woman?

What do you want to say?

Be frank to me.

Have you had a child with another woman?

Of course not!

Please don't listen to her bull shit!

Don't you trust me?

But her come true!

You saw the image of the church!

Why don't you trust me?


What are you doing?

Let's have our own activities today.

I would like to stay alone.

Where are going to?

I'll go back to the hotel myself.

- Do you know the way? - Let me calm down.

- Take care. - It's alright.

You have the key, when should I go back?

Are you thinking of your wife?

You are not thinking of your wife.

At lease you were not thinking of her for a second.

It doesn't matter.

No husband would always think of their wives.

They always think of other girls.

They have fantasy.

Don't you think so?

Yes! But so what?

There is nothing wrong to have more experiences.

But sometimes, you have take a risk.

Do you ever think of...

Have sex with other girls?

I don't need to tell you.

You don't to have to tell me, I know what is in your mind.

What is in my mind?

I'm not going to tell you.

It seems that we have nothing to talk.

Maybe, we've something to talk.

Like what?

Something that your wife would not like to know.

But you need not tell her what you have done.

Don't you know that a woman's faith is?

Is just what's in her mind is not what she feels in reality.

And a man's faith is that...

He makes love with his wife,

but he also wants to have sex with other girls.

Excuse me.


Do you keep my photo?

Sorry. I lost it.

Please! Keep this.

I hope you'll always remember me.

And you are always in my mind.

Are you sure this is the place?

Yes, just inside, go in and turn left.



Thank you.

You bother my sleep! Damn it! I'll kill you.

The snake bother my sleep, so I want to kill it.

Sir, massage...

Oh, thank you... OK...

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

What are you doing?

When did you appear?

When you started to lose faith and trust.

What are you doing?

I know you want me.

There is something I need to ask you.

Is that true that my husband is having an affair?

What do you think?

I don't know. I want you to tell me.

Is it because of my words, don't you think that's foolish?

No, but what you have said had happened.

I really want to know, Please tell me.

The Bible said Eve listened to the snake and ate the apple.

Because she believed it will give her wisdom.

Peter denied Christ three times before dawn.

Because he didn't believe that Christ will rise again.

Jesus refused to worship Satan because he has faith in his Father.

So what about my husband...

This is all I can say, speak no more.

Sorry, I'm married.

Are you waiting for me?

Are you waiting for me?

You're back.


I have had a deep thought, I should not lost faith in you.

I have done something wrong too, I know you are loving me.

Well, from now on, we shouldn't be easily affected by others.

I am not, it's you, who is being affected.

I am just caring about you.

Do you really mean it?

That means you are not angry with me?

Promise, don't get angry again.

Alright, let's go up.


You picked that again.

No, I didn't.

Just throw it , let's go up.

What's this?

The old woman's words are true.

You must have a mistress.

You did have a baby with another woman, is that right?

Do not listen to other's bull shit, would you?

Why don't you trust my words instead?

I won't believe you!

Don't lose your temper in public, OK?

I love you so much, but you have a mistress!

Let go of me!

I wanna go! I don't want to see you!

Let go of me! Apple



Do you need some help?

Yes, please.

What can I do? Do you want to call an ambulance?

Go, quick.


If you don't trust your husband,

why did you marry him?




Over there.

Someone died in a crash.

What a coincidence! They took the same flight with us

You jump, I jump", remember them?

You had to cross the road carefully!

Do you want to take my advantage?

And you too!

And you too!


It doesn't matter.

But, pay for it.

Do you have mirrors at home? I think you should pay me!

You don't have a chance to buy me a drink now, I'm in vacation!

Come to me if you have time, remember team 8, China City Club.

Well, let's get down now. Forget the accident.

Watch the steps, and bring all your belongings.

Let's go up for a meeting now.

I feel that I need an urgent meeting.

What meeting?

We've just stepped in and out of hotels and bus in these days...

So what?

What's the problem?

It's a big problem! We come here for whoring , you know?

But we have come for few days.

But I couldn't see any pretty girls here.

The girls I've seen are even no match for my Philippino maid.

That's right.

Why not trying U2 and K2?

You nuts! They are girls from Hong Kong.

If we want to screw them, we can go back to Hong Kong.

That's right.

I haven't used my dick for days.

Your penis.

No matter what it is, I just don't want it to piss only.

We must leave the tour tomorrow.

I think, we must stand on our own feet.

Tomorrow , we must go whoring.

No way.

I am now going to whore in the coffee shop.

It's great!

You go first, I'm going back to fetch something.

What do you want?

I forget my condoms.

- Bring more for us. - I want some too.

I have been waiting for you.

Me too.

Starting from tomorrow, let's whore or court anyone we'll see.

no matter what, sex goes first.

please, why do you just think of sex.

You should respect women.


Say, have a chat.

Even though it's an one night stand, it could be a romantic one.

Maybe, you can screw two girls a night, but it could be romantic.

I have to pay, you know.

Why not start it now?

You mena it!

Hi, handsome.


Do you need a woman tonight?

I want to talk first.

No problem.

We need...

I'll go to Di Da Di Disco tonight.

Should you guys want to join me?



Tonight, I promise you...

I'm going to introduce some good looking girls to both of you.

So before I leave, don't forget the address.

Di Da Di Disco , on X road.

So, I'll wait for you.

See you there.

See you.

Bye bye.

Good, she is nice.

Why do we let her leave alone?

We have to wait for Leonardo.

What a great time!

I love Philippines!


Help... Ghost!

Don't follow me!

You said your dick is like Leonardo's, but I don't think so.

It's hardly for me to locate it!

That's right. Let's go!

What's wrong?

Let's stop courting girls here, I think this hotel is haunted.

I really don't want to stay here! We have to leave now.

Did you see ghost?

No, we are going to whore!

She said she would bring us to a heaven of men.

A place filled with women.


I really can't understand that this hotel has ghost!

but Why were you naked?

Did you really meet a ghost?

You could do anything you wish, you already undressed.

Why did the ghost undress you and push you out?

I think he is trying to dump us and go whoring alone.

But, he had a trouble.

That's right!

Come on, I am not that bad.

You always bring me to whore, so I won't leave you behind.

Well, we are going to whore.

But why are you bringing your brief-case?

What is put inside?

None of your business.

Be frank, where are we going?

Let's go Di Da Di Disco.


It should be Di Da Di Disco.

You sure?


Do you know the exact place?

Are we going to Di Da Di Disco?


No, is there any Di Da Di Disco around?


Is there any Di Da Di Disco.


Hey, man, is there any Di Da Di Disco?


Damn it! It is a yes man!

Do you know English?


Do you know me?


Damn it! He doesn't understand what we said!

I think we'd better get down.

It's dark, it's not wise to get down now.

If there us another taxi, let's changed it.


What's wrong?

Stop the car.

Stop the car.

Stop the car?! Yeah!

That's Di Da Di Disco.

Yeah, here we are.


Pay now, hurry up!

Let's go for women!

Hurry up.


Hi! Handsome asked us to come here.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Hi! - Hi! Handsome, welcome.

Thank you.

And you...

This is my friend! Come for the girls, like us...

Come on! You don't have to be so straight forward.

We have no time.

Three of you come for girls, right?

Yes, how much?

Don't worry, fair price, you can afford it.

Come on! Do you think they are all whores?

Can't you accept it? Just take yourself as gigolo.

Choose any you like.

I want to talk first.

Don't worry, you can help yourself.


Bye guys.

See you around.

I'll go and take a look.



May I have a little talk with you?

Yes, I like to talk.

Are you sure you only want to talk?

No, but talk first.

You come alone?

No! With my friends.

But not as handsome as me.

You come...


I can tell she is a whore.

That isn't a whore.

That is a whore.

That is a whore.


- Hi! - HI!

She is a ghost!

Have you seen such pretty ghost?

How much?

I haven't asked.

I haven't screwed any ghost before.

She is a ghost! Her flesh comes off piece by piece.

Are you kidding me?

This is my girl.

She will be yours tonight.

She is sexy.

She is a ghost! Her flesh comes off piece by piece...


OK, let's go. We talk first.


No, Driver, no, she is a ghost.

Driver, no, she is a ghost!

She is a ghost.

Would you please shut up?

Even she is a ghost, she is a pretty ghost.

Don't spoil my mood.

I am looking for another one.




Talk first.

I don't want to talk.

Talk first... talk first.

No, talk first.

No, let's do it first.

We can talk later.

No... No! I want to talk first.

OK. I take a shower.

Talk first.

- Hi! - Hi!

Is she your friend?

Yes, please introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Nancy.

Nancy, Hi!

Is that all the girls come for boys?

Of course. All the girls come here for boys.

How much for one grasp?

Five hundred.

Fair, ...2 grasp. OK?


How much?


Can I buy you a drink?

Sure. One Di Da Di Special.

Di Da Di Special? How much?

Two hundred.

One for her, one for me.

Do it first.

Make love with me.

How much for one fuck?

How much you have?

What are you drinking?

The same as what you are drinking.

What's happening?

I've just drunk a glass of worm wine.

Not everyone loves it.

Let me introduce.

Nancy, This is my new girlfriend Nancy.


Grasp her if you like, I'll pay for you.


Snake head devil!

What's the matter?

So many demons! Let's run!

Do you want a grasp?

There is something with this disco.

It's haunted.

My girl is a ghost!

I've warned you , but you don't believe me!

Cut the crap, let's run!

Hurry up!

What are you doing?

Man, what's wrong?

You're wanted!


Why did you loan money in the Philippines?

You nuts!

My God! I am wanted too.

Me either!

What are we going to do now?

Don't turn your head.

They don't seem to be human being.

Let's follow them.

This way...

Don't pull me, check whether there is any exit.

I am very frighten.


Oh my finger!

My God!


Run, they are behind us!


Let me pick up my finger first.

I may have chance to do the skeletal traction.

Nuts, you are going to die, forget the finger!

I want my finger back!

Here come the ghost!

Search for it , please!

You do it , I'll check whether the ghosts have come or not!

Look for my finger first.

Come back, finger, please come back.

Finger, come back.

There are so many fingers.

Don't move!

what's the matter?

is that yours?

It's a bit longer.

Take it as tips, let's run!

Forget it, take it first, let's run!

Why do you spray me with blood?

It's broken.!

I'm sorry!

Don't spray my face!

I am sorry!


They are coming!

Let's run!

This side is safe.

That side is better, come.

Damn it! You'd take my advice.

- They have come. - Hurry up!

This way...

We want them dead.

Ladies & gentleman, mothers & fathers, sons & daughters,

we are going to judge these three men.

Do you know what crimes have you committed?

What crimes have you done? Tell them.

Did you screw her?

I really want to , but I didn't!

Did you screw her?

You nuts! I don't even know her.

You must have committed crimes.

I am so kind-hearted, I didn't commit any crime.

Shut up!

You, tell them what you have done.

You, old woman, tell them what they have done.

Do you know what crimes you have committed by now?


You've committed the 8th commandment of the 10 commandments.

Thee shall not commit adultery, and...

You have committed the 4th crime of the seven crimes , lust.

Sorry, we...

You think all girls are hookers.

You think you can do everything with your money.

you cheat girl's love.

You help the spreading of AIDS.

You cheat your girlfriends and wives.

You make orphans everywhere.

Now, guilty or innocent?


You three are guilty.

No, I use condom.

You know condom?

Condom! Follow me!

She should understand!

I just want to take your advantage.

I haven't screw you.

I... I am not single minded, but I am not bad.

You know?

You speak good English, please translate for me.

He... touch... kiss... and taking girls' advantage.

It's difficult to translate.

Bring other criminals out.

You do the same to him.

Sorry, I can't...


Hurry up! Otherwise we will die.

I... I can't do that with my hand.

Do it with this.

Do it.


Do it.

Otherwise she will do the same to us.

Do it!

Please! I can't.

Do it!

Let me do it.

I can do it very good.

I can make you very happy.

Trust me.

Let me do it.

OK, you do it.

Thank you.

Do it now.

Do it!


Do it to him!

No, let me do it!


Excuse me!

Stand up please.

No, Please.

Come on.

I am your friend.

I love you.

I love my family.

Don't fool us!

This way...

Close the door...

We are safe.

They are dead...

Let's find a way out.

Don't touch me!

Damn it! We're finished!

There is no way out.

Which moron asked us to come in?

It's you!

You should stop me!

Shut up! Let's run!

What are you doing?

I can't open it.

Which moron closed the door?

It's you!

You should stop me!


They are not here, let's go.

Why do you hold my leg?

Let go of me!

You'd better ask him

You'd better ask him..

The ghost are coming for us!

Let me go!

Let go of me! The ghosts have come to us.

He's got me!

I am caught!

I don't care, slash him when I count to three.

Do it when I count to three.

I'll slash you.

He hasn't loosen his hands.



It's OK! Run!

There is an exit.

How did you fix that demon.?

I don't know.

My fingers are off, I lost my fingers.

I think fingers can stop them!


Four... I've got it.

Lend me four fingers first.


Although you cut your fingers now, they'll grow again.

Are you kidding me.

Come on.

Ten... I have seen ten zombies.

I don't have enough fingers.

Come on, you'd cut yours too.

If you cut mine, who will throw them fingers?

Who is going to cut yours then?

Come on, let me cut yours.

Twenty something! We need all your fingers too.

Come on, give it to me while they're still hot.

The fingers will grow again.

Come on!


A crowd is coming! Run!


This way, let's go in and hide up.

Hurry up! The zombies are coming.


I have a dream.

Me too.

Isn't the same dream?

I think I share the same dream with you.

Come this way please, pals.

This sounds familiar to me.

The bitchy guide.



It's good to see you.

You said you wouldn't join us for today's visit.

But you have come here by yourselves.

It doesn't matter, why not join us now?

Let's start from the floor.

We are now standing on the volcanic ashes.

This used to be the biggest church in this town.

But now, only half is left.

In 1993, there was an eruption of a nearby volcano.

The ashes were blown to this town.

Half of the town was buried.

many people died.

What you've seen is caused by the tragic storm.

Let's move back to our bus.

He is the taxi driver we saw last night!

Taxi driver, what are you doing here?

I lost my way. My taxi was broken.

Help me please.

OK, follow us.

I'll bring you back to HK.

What a bluffer!

Hubby, we are going back to Hong Kong now.

East or West, home is the best.

What's the matter?

We are going back to Hong Kong.

Pay attention please.

Since the Hong Kong International Airport is messy now,

this flight is returning to Manila International Airport right now.

Oh no!