Troublesome Night 3 (1998) - full transcript

This is the third film in the "Troublesome Night" series, consisting of three loosely-connected segments. Shishedo (Allen Ting), a mortician, is grief-stricken when his favorite singer is killed in a car accident. As a result, he vows to help her get the most "appropriate" burial. Afterward, Shishedo disappears and leaves his co-workers to deal with the ghostly aftermath. In the next segment, Gigi (Christine Ng) wants a memorial service for her departed mother (Lan Law). Seizing the opportunity, Shishedo's co-workers coaxed Gigi into purchasing tons of service materials from them. Upset at the greed, the ghost of Gigi's mother returns to haunt the workers. Lastly, Hung (Fennie Yuen) was dumped by her boyfriend Daviv because the thought of her working at the mortuary doesn't appeal to him. When Hung does the unthinkable to escape the pain, Daviv finds himself facing retribution. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Don't move!

Hands on the car, spread your legs.

Sir, what's the matter?

You're stealthy here!
Are you going to steal this car?


This is my car.

I have been chased after by my client.

What client do you mean?

I think you must be a pimper.


I am a gentleman,
how come you claim me as a pimper!

You're like a pimper!

What? Am I like a pimper?


- Sir...
- What are you doing?

I just want to give you my name card.

Slow down...

In fact, I am a sales manager
of a funeral home,

this is my card.

Funeral home...

Funeral home?


So, what client was chasing after you?

A client who has just died.

Are you bluffing?

Of course not! I...

What are you doing?

I just want to let you hear a song,

to make you relax.

Turn it off...

The commissioner of police said,
music can lessen pressure.

Well, why not change
a cantonese opera for you instead?

Did our head say such thing?

Sure! Your commissioner
did say that openly.

Well, it sounds nice!

If you don't have any more question,
may I leave now?

Alright, drive carefully.

- Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.

If you have any needs, just call me.

It's predestined to know you, isn't it?

I think we can be good friends.

That's right,
I'll give you a 20% discount if necessary.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I'll call you later.

- Bye bye.
- Bye bye.

Hey, you've forgotten your briefcase.

Oh, thank you.

Bye bye. Take care.

Bye bye.

Take care!

What's the matter?

Wong pak-man is going to die.

Wong pak-man?

The billionaire?

That's right.

Thank you.

Man, are you going to take my advantage?

In our field, we'd follow our own regulations,
business in single day will go to me.

But today is... isn't the single day,
see, it's 11:50 pm only.

The business will go to me.

Let's see who is more lucky.

- Nurse?!
- Nurse!

Don't die!

Die! Die now!



Go to hell...

Go to hell at once!

- Doctor?
- Doctor!

12 am, single day, huh!

Sister, come on! Don't be upset.

Don't leave me alone!

Mrs. wong, don't be upset.

Mr. wong died young...

What? My brother-in-law
was 70 and something.

I mean...

I mean he was comparatively
young to die at this age.

Have my consolation.

Who are you?

I am the sales manager of the funeral home,
my name is Cheng lik.

Well, Mr. wong had full confidence
with the future of Hong Kong,

he was a farsighted strategist in business.

Mr. wong really is a good sample
for the young people.

That's why I think Mr. wong's funeral

should be a great one.

What do you think?

I have no idea, bill,
please take care of it.

Bear in mind that,

the funeral should be a great one.

Money isn't a problem, we need face.

Everyone in Hong Kong knows my husband.


May I know your name?


Mr. chan.

Just call me uncle.

Uncle, please tell me what should be done,

I'll do it accordingly.

It's alright, I know what to do.

I am showing my customer around.

Uncle, for the paper sacrificial gifts,
it's a must.

How much should be burnt?

Let me show you

the basic set.

It includes house, gold mine, silver mine,

farewell pavilion and four servants.

A safe, a wardrobe, total is...

$15,000. It's rather cheap.

No way! We are rich to deserve more.

This is my duty to introduce

the cheapest set to you,

however, Mr. wong is so rich,

he won't live a small
house after his death.

So, we must burn him a big villa.

So, he shouldn't deserve a narrow bridge.

That's why we should prepare
a wide bridge for him.


Mr. wong died,
I worry that he would feel lonely.

So I will burn him two concubines.

And then, he should have a big villa
to settle the concubines.

So, I will burn him two
or three more houses.

And, servants should be provided.

I will burn some chefs, gardeners
and maids to him.

Wait, no philippine maids,
my brother-in-law doesn't know english.

Never mind, I'll burn him some maids
who know cantonese.

- Really?
- Sure.

Does Mr. wong know driving?

He had drivers.

So, drivers

and deluxe cars should be burnt too.

I have prepared electric appliances too.

Say, cd, ID, and DVD too.

DVD? Isn't it too high-tech for the old?

A user's guide will be burnt too,
of course, a cantonese version.

You're so caring,
well, how much should we spend?

Total is $175,000 only.

You'd better give us a discount,
money isn't a problem,

it's the matter of face.

I know, since we are offering
special discount in this month,

actually I've already given you a 40% off.

It's not expensive at all.

But you are so nice,

I'll cut the price to $170,000.

You're a man of the world.

But one very important question.

Does Mr. wong have children?




Well, so no one
would cry for him in his funeral.

I can't help.

Don't worry, I can hire keener for him.

Only weeping, a thousand, with tears,
just two thousand.

Per head.

It's cheap! So give me two.

The funeral should have someone to cry.

Sure, I will find you a handsome one,

with no tattoo.

Really? You should find
some decent looking ones.

I don't want those who look poor.

They will be as decent looking as I am.

Sister hung, is that ok?

Of course not, the wax isn't enough.

When the body is out from the fridge,
water will leak out.

If you don't put enough wax,
the cosmetic will be useless.

More wax, where should you fill?

Fill those holes, got it?

Sister hung...

May I leave earlier?
I have something personal to do tonight.

Do you have a date?

No, I am going to attend the mini concert
of beauty chan tonight.

It's not easy to get the ticket...

Who is beauty chan?

She is nice looking, but she sings badly.

What did you say?

Don't be that serious.

Don't get angry, she is a new comer.

Beauty chan is his idol.

- I'll beat you, you know?
- Super fan.

- Mind your tongue!
- I know it, I know it.

Stuff that hole too.

I'll treat you to tarts.

You're so nice!

I've done a big business.

How big?

Wong pak-man!

Wong pak-man? You're rich!

You can earn 3 times than normal.

Do you know who wong pak-man is?

It's great.

How many times I've told you?

You can earn living people's money,
but don't cheat the dead.

They paid, so you should work accordingly.

You're right...

She is the new comer.

How are you? I am Ann.

I love making up.

I love making up for others,
and making up for myself.

I am sorry.

Cheung is so nice to be my model.

Has lik come?

Why are you holding the head of the dead?

Respect the dead!

This guy was chopped in a gang fight,

his body was divided into twenty parts.

Like legos, I have to
waste time to gather it.

Up to you! Wash your hands

and come to the canteen to join us.

Let's go...

Sister hung, I think I have to stay

and tidy up first.



Can anyone give me company?

I'll stay with you.

But I should wash the head first.

I am going to eat tarts,
handle the body please.


Wait for me!

What's up? This is my
first meal of this day.

Why are you so poor?

I am not poor at all, trump
and sun-kwai are much more poorer!

They lost much money in horse racing,
they still owe wah a lot.

- They'll be killed.
- How dare you owe wah's money?

He will chop you to death!

Brother lik, do you have
any moon-lighting job?

How about being a keener?

I love to! How about the pay?

Only weeping, five hundred,
with tears, a thousand.

How about vomitting blood?


You'd better donate it.

I don't understand why people cry after
the death of their relatives and friends.

- That's right.
- Why can't people be a bit carefree?

You're so wise!

Stop the coffin!



Don't leave me!

I am going to miss you!

We love you, daddy!

Don't leave us!

God is merciless!

God is jealous of you!

Daddy dies young!

Who will avenge you? Daddy...

Daddy, I wanna take revenge for you!

I want to avenge you!

Daddy, I want to avenge you!

What did they say?

Revenge, I guess!

Why did they call for revenge?

My brother-in-law died of sickness.

Maybe they are too excited, so...

They said something wrong.

You'd better ask them to behave themselves.

Sure I will.

You two look like a perfect match.

Come on, I'll take a picture for you.

You mean this a perfect match?

Stay closer.

Relax, let me introduce to you all.

My girlfriend, Elaine.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Just relax, she knows what I am.

Bastard, why do you come late?

Drink it.

To brother lik, for he has given us

a chance to make money!


Long life to us.

Long life!

What's the matter with you?

What's the problem?

Isn't it nice?
I've done this for over two hours.

Next time, don't waste too much time
for making up.

Just a bit make up would do.

You won't understand,
making up is a serious matter.

You will never understand.

This is my girlfriend, Elaine.


My name is Ann, I love making up so much.

If you have any needs,
or want to change your image,

just call me.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Lik gave me chance for moon-lighting.

So, this present is for you.

It's pretty!

- This is nice!
- Like it?

- Let me take a look.
- It's nice.



What should I say?

Let me take a look.

It's a little bit out-dated!

- Yeah...
- It's out-dated.

No way! Are you kidding?

You picked it in the garbage bin

and send it as gift, right?

This is for you.

What? Why don't you pick one

from the garbage bin for me?

It's great!

You play Chinese clarionet well.

Chinese clarionet?

Hi, lik, shishedo,

see what I have got for you.

It's great!

Isn't it true?

It's the poster with
beauty chan's autograph.

It's great!

Did you sign the name?

I am a musician,

it's a piece of cake for
me to get her poster.


- Long time no see...
- Hi, lik.

Give me your card, or how can I find you?

Haven't got any here,
I'll give it to you next time.

Write me your phone number, that's it.


You have a gathering
over there, haven't you?

Oh yes, come and join us.

This is my old classmate, what's your name?


I know, daviv!

I work in the financial field.

I see.

Hi, I am cheong, I sing cantonese opera.

Trump, I work in the entertainment
and sports field.

This is my girlfriend, Elaine.


My name is...


Actually, he is as capable as I am,

but, poor him, his kidneys are... useless.

I am rock, I am a musician.

I can play any musical instrument by mouth.

Hello, I am Ann, I am a beautician.

No, she is a devil!

Me too, call me shishedo.

This is...

I am hung, I am a beautician too.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

You just shake hands with her!

We want to shake hands too.

Be good friends!

Cut the crap, let's cheers! Come on.

Hung, cheers!

Everybody happy!

Happy together!

You spoke english too.

I'm ss 0 rry!

Beauty chan?

I am your fan!

See, I have your poster
and your autograph too.

May I take a picture with you?

I have my own camera.

Let's take a picture.

She's left that quickly!

Give way...

What's the matter?

Beauty chan died!

She was killed in a car accident,
her car became a mess.

Why didn't you return my call?

I am the staff...

How are you?

Don't be too upset!

You are...

Cheng lik,
the sales manager of the funeral home.

I come to see whether I can help.

Are you Mrs. chan?

Don't be too upset,
health is more important.

This is...

I am beauty's elder sister.

Miss chan,

would you mind me giving you some advice?

Beauty died when she was a rising star.

All of her fans

are going to miss her.

That's why, her funeral
should be a great one.

So as to leave the best image for her fans.

Don't you agree?

Yes, you'd do the best

for her funeral.

I will, mom.

Mr. Cheng, not only the funeral,

we wish you to make my sister's face
look better too.

Look better?

I will try my best.

Dressing room.

Brother lik, it's you.

Beauty chan died.

Beauty chan died?

Sister hung...

Beauty chan died.


Beauty chan died.

Beauty chan died?

Yes, lik told me that.

It's great!
I can sell her pictures at a higher price.

Beauty chan died...

Shishedo, this is trump.


Your idol beauty chan died.

Stop kidding!

Last night, I saw her on the road
after leaving the bar.

I took a picture with her too.

She was killed in a car accident
at 1 am last night.

Don't you believe it? Turn on the TV.

You're nuts!

This is the local news,
at 1:30 am last night,

the famous singer beauty chan died
in a car accident.

She drove her car
along the Princess Margaret road,

it's suspected that she lost control
of her car and got a crash.

She was found death on the way to hospital.

Impossible! I saw her
at four am last night.

Beauty, we are moving in. Here we are.

Let's go.

Take care...

Pal, close the door please.

Beauty chan, let's go.

Let's go in. Beauty chan...

Give way...

Give way, here we are.

Beauty chan, here we are.

Here we are, give way...

Feel at ease, give way...

Take care.


Have a nice sleep, it's air-conditioned.


What's up?

What the hell is it?

We can make much money
by selling her picture to the press.

You nuts! The boss would scold us.

I will be the one to be scolded,

just do it, hurry up!

I am just giving you a hand,
none of my business.

Come on!

Please forgive me.

Is beauty chan's body here?

Yes, it is right here.

This is her body.

What are you doing here?


Are you taking her picture?

He told me to take it.

What are you doing?
Why do you want her picture?

- How dare you!
- I didn't do that.

Sun-kwai asked me to do it,

it's none of my business!

Are you sick?

- What's the matter?
- What's happening?

They took beauty's picture!

Are you kidding?

Why do you do that?

Sun-kwai asked me to take it for him.

What's wrong with you?

I've told you, always respect the dead.

But it's already done, maybe next time...

What's up? Sister hung, what's wrong?

She is still holding my trousers.

It hurts!

Because of muscle contraction,
the body will move sometimes.

So, you'd be prepared
when you work, don't panic.

It hurts!

Hurry up! It hurts!

Do you have scissors?

Yes, scissors...

It hurts!

Don't move!

- Take care...
- It'll hurt you.

Watch out...

It hurts...

Forgive me please.

Give me some medicine, it really hurts.

Go change your pants.

Hurry up!

Thank you for your scissors.

You're welcome.

Hung, beauty chan's make
up is a difficult job.

You know, her family is demanding.

Anyways, she is a famous pop singer.

Lik, why not let me do it?

Sister hung!

That's a good idea,
he is the loyal fan of beauty chan,

sure he will pay
more attention to work for her.

If you are confident, just go ahead.

Thank you so much!

How are you?

It hurts!

Serve you right.

If her hand moved a bit,
your dick would have been finished.

I shouldn't have done that!

Of course!

Who dropped that thing?

No body is living up there.

So why do we come this way?

I just follow you.

I follow you.

Please give way...

Give way...

Beauty chan's got a broken face,
I worry that he can't make it.

If they want her face
to be as beautiful as it was,

I can't make it too.

But if they want it to be ready for seen,

I think he can make it.

I worry that shishedo
would be too damanding.

But he can't help! He
just has to try his best.

I think he will understand it.

I am too busy to eat.

Business time?

Yes, the weather changed,
so business will go well.

The maid in ming sum hospital called me

that a granny is dying.

So, check now.

No, you'd better eat the food first.


Don't waste your food.

See you.

What a coincidence to meet you here.

I dated my friend here.

I am in a hurry, see you.

- Good bye then.
- I'll call you later.


Nice to meet you, are you alone?

Actually no, but now, yes.

How about you?

I dated my friend, but...

I think he comes late.

Why not have

a drink with me?


Beauty chan,
may I ask you an embarrassing question?

Don't you think you care
your image too much?

Sure! I care my image very much.

I am an artist, so many
fans are supporting me,

so I should respect them by dressing well.

They will be happy
to see me dressing beautifully.

In fact, when I die,

I want to die beautifully.

"I hold you tight in the lonely night."

"Lonely night, I miss you in my dream."

"I can't stop myself from loving you,"

"I wish to capture you."

"I love you!"

"Lonely night, I can't help seducing
and touching you."

Beauty chan...

"My body melts for you."

"To heat your cold heart, to follow you,
day and night..."

You're so beautiful!

"I fall for you."

"Who made the gap"

"between us?"

"No way!"

"My true love to you,"

"no matter live or dead."

Beauty chan?

I don't want to die terribly.

Please help me.

Let me die beautifully.

"I will follow you!"

Shishedo, this is requested
by beauty's family.

Just dress her up.

This is nice.

Go on.

"I will obsess you! Forever, ever..."

Give way...

That's beauty's sister.

May I take a look of beauty's face?

Miss chan,

just tell me your request.

We'll do anything you want.

Mr. chan, may I look at
my sister's make up?

It's almost done.

But your sister's face is...

I understand that,
Mr. chan, just try your best.

We are prepared not
to let other see her face in coffin.

I saw her face last night,

it's alright.

But you'd make the final decision.

Let me show you, this way please.

Thank you.

You claim this ok?

I... it isn't what I saw last night.

- Sorry...
- You...



Ask shishedo to come here right now.


Miss chan,

this isn't what I saw last night.

I am asking someone

to fix it right now. I am sorry.

What's wrong with you?
How can I explain to miss chan?

I am leaving for the prayer first.

Miss chan, don't worry.

I can make beauty as pretty as she was.

Give me one more night.


If you can do it, just go ahead,
if not, just tell me.

You don't have to cheat me.

I've said before, maybe,
I won't let people see her face.

Just one night.

I can return her beauty.

But I have a request.

I want to put her body inside
the coffin before making up.

It's not good
to carry her body after the make up.

Just as you said.

Shishedo, what's wrong with you?

I didn't see that face last night,

what's wrong with you?

Dare you tell me she was
beautiful last night?

She was so beautiful when she was alive.

I didn't ask you to make her beautiful.

Just do your best to make her be seen.

I can make it.

Please, if you can't do it,
I will ask hung to follow it, ok?

Good morning, miss chan.

Mr. Cheng, thank you so much.

I am sorry for what I said yesterday,

I hope you won't mind.

I appreciate
the make up so much, thank you!

- You're welcome.
- Thank you...

Please stand up.

Please move the coffin
to the centre of the hall.

Please follow our instruction
to show the last respect to the dead.

The coffin is going to be closed,
please stand up.

Face to the door.

Cover the coffin.

It's great!

You've already adapted the life of here.

After washing hands, then I can eat.

I don't have to worry anything.

Have you seen shishedo?

I can't reach him by phone,

he didn't apply sick leave or anything.

Anyways, his idol died,

maybe he is going for a tour

with some friends to cheer himself up.

How about sun-kwai?

He went to Macau for gambling.

It's my call.

Please lend me your phone.

Thank you.



Alright, I'll be right there, bye bye.

Thank you.

I am leaving now, bye bye.

It's the loan shark wah!

Hi, sun-kwai, trump.

Good morning.

Are you afraid of me?

I am a gentleman, see, I am wearing suit!

Damn it, who threw things down?

Someone is used to throw things down.


Hi, brother wah,
are you going for a morning exercise?

No, I come to collect money!

Wah, you know the Hong Kong economy
is getting worse.

I know.

When I had money, the executive
asked me not to buy property.

When I had a little money,
he asked me to buy shares.

That's why my money is freezed
by the stock market.

Me too! Much of my money
is freezed in the stock market.

- That's right.
- Yeah!

Cut the bull shit!

Don't worry, I have confidence on you.

You are professional.

At least, the dead people
won't be cheated by you!

Maybe, you can return some interest to me.


Interest? I've got it.

- Take it please.
- Brother wah.

Am sorry.

I think you still owe me some.

I don't have any moon-lighting job lately,
so I don't earn much.

Poor business!

- Cheong.
- Yes.

Your buddies are in need of help,
do you have righteousness?

Sure I have.

So, just give them a hand.


You are a righteous man!

What? Just $20 dollars, are you fooling me?

No, I am not fooling you.

I am fooling them only.

No, brother wah, it's just a joke...

He has money...

- Any more?
- Don't touch me.

Take it out please.

What's the world coming to!

How can people
throw a chopper out of the window?

If you are killed, who
will pay my money back?

Do you want me to teach them a lesson?

Sure! It's the thing a hero should do,

brother wah, go ahead.


I love to help! Let me go up
and teach them a lesson now.

- I'm going right now.
- Thank you...

Open the door!

You dared to throw
but daren't you open the door?

Who threw the knief?

Who is it?


did you throw the chopper to the street?

Answer me!

Why aren't you impolite to the old people?

Brother wah.

Are you alright?

I am fine!

I gave that bastard a great lesson.

Why didn't you take him down
& let us teach him one more lesson?


Be merciful.

I've got a date, see you next time.

- See you.
- Bye bye.

Miss, don't stand over
there, it's dangerous.

Come here.

Someone always throw things down,
it's dangerous to stand there.

- Come here.
- Come.

Hurry up!

It's spooky up there.

I know it.


That's my mom's house.

She died, then it goes to me.

I've just come back from Canada.

I just come out
from the funeral home, how are you?

Call me cheong,
I do the sacrificial ceremony for the dead.

Your mom's spirit is over there,

it means she doesn't feel well.

So she comes back.

I think she is back.

She loved throwing things out of window
when she was alive.

So, you should burn some paper
sacrificial gifts to her.

So, she won't disturb
the living descendants.

How much should I spend?

Miss, it's fate for us to meet,
we will charge you the lowest price.


Just around ten thousand,
it's rather cheap.

Ten thousand is the deposit,
the total sum is around $20,000.

For the paper sacrificial gifts,
you'd pay separately.

If you want your mom to be happy, pay more.

Does it work?

Sure! Such ceremony has been done
for over thousands of years.

Otherwise, the modern
people will not do it.

That's right.

Well, if you are ready, please call me.

I am now living in my relative's home.

- Thank you, miss.
- Thank you.

I am leaving now.

- Alright.
- Bye bye.

We will charge you the lowest price!

Will you?

Sun-kwai, when I sing, just open your mouth

and pretend singing,

since you always forget the lines!
You'll ruin the atmosphere.

I know.


- How are you, miss cheung.
- How are you?

We are waiting for you.

Thank you.

Please take a look at the bill.

What? The total is $38,800?

Isn't it cheap enough?

We charge the lowest price.

Your mom would be happy
to receive such a big TV set.

When we are praying, just be Sincere.

Remember, be Sincere and
burn the paper money.

We are going to do another ceremony,
shall we start now?

Let's start now.



"In hell, numerous mountains
are rounding the souls up."

"The light of Buddha is shining."

"The spirits and souls
are following the flags."

"The green lotus of wisdom
will lead you to heaven."


My mom is back.


Is your mom back?

Yes, she is here.

So, it worths to pay us, miss cheung.

Let's pray one more time, ok?




"In hell, numerous mountains
are rounding the souls up."

"The light of Buddha is shining."

"The spirits and souls
are following the flags."

"The green lotus of wisdom
will lead you to heaven."

Miss cheung, we are going to leave
for another ceremony.

So, your mom is back,
you must be happy, right?

Please pay now.

Oh, I am sorry.

Thank you, master.

Thank you, bye bye.

See you! Mom.

See you, auntie, sorry for bothering.

Mom, I know nothing.

They are in-charging the ceremony,

but I don't think

this worths $38,800.

If you don't feel good,
or you don't feel happy,

just go to them, it's none of my business.

Remember, don't come to me, mom.

Please bless me, mom.



Have we gone too far?

I think we've cheated.

Yes, we have gone too far.

How about returning your share
to me and I'll pay her back.

Are you crazy?
I want to save money to marry Elaine.

That's right.

Only the three of you come here tonight?

Rock, I am so happy tonight.

Let me sing a song, will you?

So, go ahead.

You'd sing better.

I must sing a song...

Which is so touching...

They seem to be your friends.

It's cheong.


"In hell, numerous mountains
are rounding the souls up."

What is he singing?

He seems to be so happy.

"The spirits and souls
are following the flags."

No way...

I am sorry...

Not tough enough?

It's too advanced for our guests here.

It's alright.

I want to piss.

I am sorry...

Come here!


You've driven me mad.

Come here!


lik is hopeless.


What's up? You're so corny!

Give hung face please.


I can't hang on, I want to piss.

Granny, this is man's toilet.

Early cleaning?

But you should clean it
after the customers have left.

What's up?

This is dedicate to chan tai-cheong.


I think this place is spooky,

it's not wise to stay any longer.

Are you nuts?

I am sorry.

What do you mean?

I don't know this is your first time.

Nuts! You're not raping me.

But I am really sorry.

Unless you are not going to marry me.

Usually, men will smoke after sex.

I seldom smoke...

I smoke when I finish something...

I mean... my job. Hope you'd understand.

And I only smoke...

Smoke one.

Let's go for a drink.

Alright, since I can't sleep.

What a coincidence! The same table!

What are you thinking?

I am thinking about our affair.

Let's get married.

If you repeat it, I will
consider it seriously.

Let's get married.

Tell me your family.

My family runs a drugs store.

I am the only son.

We have an apartment, that's it.

How about you?

I am not that lucky, I am an orphan.

When I was small, my father adopted me.

What is your father?

He was a make up artist, but he died.

I am sorry.

Never mind, he made up for the dead,

he didn't mind death.

Your father made up for the dead?

What's the problem?

Me too! Do you mind that?

I don't! I won't mind your job.

Don't lose your mind.

Are we going to marry then?

Of course!

What form are we going to marry?

How about the banquet?

What do you suggest?
Western or Chinese style?

So we have to waste much time
for the arrangement.

Why do we have rope here?

I bought it.

What for?

Suddenly when you want it,
you can get it easily.

For hanging yourself to death?

It's nothing strange.

People will die one day.

What are you doing?

I just want to know how
do I look when I die.

You are insane!

How can you fool us like this?

What's the matter?

What's wrong with me?

You said you want to see
how you look when you die.

I didn't say that!

Holy shit...

Clean your face now,
you almost scare the shit out of me.

Holy shit! Why did I do this to myself?

It's ugly looking!

So, just don't look at it.

What's up?

What's the matter?

Yesterday, you said I
was weird, didn't you?

But you said you are alright.

Don't you believe it?

Of course, you are always my boss.

How about you, trump?

I am forced to believe.

What do you mean to be forced to believe?

I always force you to pay my money back,
why didn't listen to me?

So I am forced to belive you.

I tell you something.

I really think that
there is something wrong with me.

What's wrong?

How do you feel?

I feel that...

What's the matter?

I feel that the granny is following me.

Why not return money to her?

Return the money?

Why did you react like that?

Or, what should we do?
The granny will come to us.

No, she will come to you only.

Are you going to leave me alone?

No, let's wait and see for one more day.

Maybe, you are too sensitive.

If we return her money now,
we may be dump-bell.

That's right.

If cheong's just over sensitive,
it'll be foolish of us to pay her back.

Well, let's take risk

for one more day.

It's you who is going to take risk.

Why are you here?

Why am I here?

Come out now.

Yes, why did you scare me?

I have hairy hands, but
how can it scare you?

Why are you fighting?

He sneaked into my room.

Why didn't you stay in your own room?

I sneaked into his room only! No big deal.

I was sleeping, but I didn't
know why I slept under his bed.

Did you take me in?

I am not that nonsense to take you in.

Aren't you leaving now?

I don't think I came in
to peep at your tattoo.

Why don't you shut up?

Why are you here?

Why am I here?

You're crazy!
Why didn't you sleep in your own room?

Where is cheong?

He seems to be obsessed.

Why do you come in?

Cheong, you seem to have something wrong.

You have something wrong.

No, I don't think so.

Stop bothering me, go out.

I am glad you are fine.

If you come in again...

You can never go out.

I am just kidding.

Damn it!

Go out! Go.

- What's the matter?
- Trump.

Did you hear anything?

I think I heard something.

What'll we do?

Go and take a look.


What are you doing?

Don't commit suicide.

Don't scare us!

I'll call lik.

Where are you going to?

I am going to give lik a call.

Come back, I can't hang on.

I am calling for help!

Come back first, hold him please.

Take him down first.


What's the matter?

Cheong is being obsessed.

Lik, come now, lik, come!

The exorcist?

Does he look like an exorcist?


he is like the girl in the movie.



Are you alright?

She is with me, she
doesn't want to leave me.

Is she inside?

Who is inside?

The granny.

Granny, can you come out?

Don't bother my friend, will you?


I don't know you, leave now.

Let's go.

You know my friend?


So why do you bother him?

There is a rope rounding my neck,
I don't feel comfortable.

I want him to replace me.

But you don't need my friend, do you?


Your friend said he could
make me feel ease.

But he didn't do it properly.

I am sorry...


What did you do?

We just did a sacrificial ceremony for her.

Just this?


Did you cheat her money?


But, what'll we do now?

I told you many times,
you can't cheat the dead.

So, what should we do now?

Return the money.

But, I spent quite a lot of money,
cheong has got the rest.

But, I don't think
he can get my money back now.


Please pay it for us.


You made the mess
and you want me to pay for you!

Come on, please help!

Come on!


Pay the money back first.

The number, the woman's phone number.


Take care of him.

Granny, please let him go,

please don't scare us.

I am dying!

Lik is going to return the money for us.


Are you alright?

Are you cheong?

I am dying!


It's fine...

Hang on!

Are you crazy? Do you want to kill cheong?

Please don't!

Sun-kwai, how is it?

Sun-kwai, what's wrong?


What are you doing? Help!

Sun-kwai, what are you doing?

He isn't sun-kwai,
he is obsessed by the granny.

Lock him up by the sofa.

Kill him!

No, I will kill sun-kwai!

Kill him, what are you waiting for?

I can't! I just can't!

He isn't sun-kwai,
he is obsessed by that granny, kill him.

I told you to kill him! Go ahead!

Trump, cheong, this is sun-kwai!
I am sun-kwail

are you sun-kwai?


- Do you owe me money?
- No.

No? He is the granny, kill him...

Yes, I do owe you money.

How much do you owe me?


wrong, kill him.

And twenty cents.

He is sun-kwai.

It's fine! We are fine!

Take up the sofa, take it up.

It's fine!

How are you?

I am fine...

Sun-kwai, I have almost killed you.

It's fine!

Where is the granny?

Why the electricity is cut?

Is it because of the fuse
or didn't you pay the bill?

How do I know?

Trump, go and take a look.

Go and take a look!

You do it, cheong.

You nuts! Let's go together.

- Alright.
- Let's go.

You're sun-kwai.

You are trump.

I am trump.

You're sun-kwai.

I am sun-kwai, you are trump.

You're obsessed!

No, trump, I am trump.

You're granny.

Stop pretending, you're the granny.

Granny, you are a good actress!

I will know it by lighting you up...


I am terribly sorry!

Cheong, it's fine!


I am really sorry.

The phone!

It's lik.

Lik? Let me talk to him.

Lik, she is still here! She is around us.

Go and fix it please.

Miss cheung, where is the tomb of your mom?

Mr. Cheng,
why do you want to worship her so late?

Be frank, my friends did

a sacrificial ceremony for your mom.

They cheated your money,

so your mom is bothering them.

Where does she hide?


None of my business!

Stay calm! Stay calm.

Granny may have gone.

Sun-kwai, why do you chop me?

You're granny, you are not cheong.

You are crazy!

I am cheong.

No, you are granny, you're not cheong.

I can tell it from your eyes.


Trump, why did you knock his head?

What do you think?

Obsess him, don't come out...

Why do you ask her not to come out?

Of course, if she comes out,
she will obsess us.

Come and help!

Obsess her, don't come out...



It's fine! Get up!

Help! Mom, help me!

Take this first.

I am sorry.

- I don't mean it.
- I am sorry.

I am sorry.

I am sorry.

Where to go?

Where is your mom's tomb?

This way...

Stay in him and don't come out...

Get more for me.

Stay inside his body and don't come out.


Stay inside his body and don't come out!

Stay inside...

These charms are not written!

Don't you think I am
stupid to let you hurt me?

Run! Hurry up! She's obsessed him!
Hurry up!

Trump, lock the door.


Use your brain!

Don't run that quickly.

Miss gigi, this tomb hasn't been tidied up
for a long time.

Isn't it your mom's tomb?

Let me check it.

Cheong, I've found something to lock it up.

Hurry up! I can't stand it anymore!

This is my mom's tomb.

- Really?
- Yes, it is.

Fine! We've finally got it.

Give me the incense. Thank you.

Lighter please.

Why there is a red rope?


That's why your mom said
she felt uncomfortable.

Mom, I am not filial!

I went to Canada
and didn't come back to visit you.

Mom, I am sorry.

I beg you! Please let us go.

What are you doing? I am sun-kwai.

The rope is gone!

I am leaving now!

Don't you ever cheat again!

This is lik, how is it now?

We are fine!


The granny has gone.


How did you feel of being obsessed?

By the way, I haven't experienced that.

It's great! She obsessed three bodies
at the same time.

Next time, don't forget
to ask her to join you.

Lik, stop that nonsense please.

Everyone in the funeral home knows it.

Not exactly.

Those dead bodies don't know anything.

Sister hung, here we are.

Mind your tongue please.

- Ok.
- Alright.

Are you alright?

We are fine!

So, you've had problem.

Hung, I bought a present,

it's nice, I think you'll like it.

- It's pretty.
- It's really pretty.

Thank you.

I have something to tell you.

I am going to marry.

So we have to send you present.

I have to work one more day.

Come on!

Who is the lucky guy?



It's yours, don't forget your present.

Cheong, it's yours.

Ann, this is yours.

- Sun-kwai.
- Thank you.

- Trump.
- Congratulations.

Are you kidding?

I mean it, I am going to marry.


Come and join the banquet.


You are being invited too.

Thank you.

Station 138.

Account 1077 please.

May I know your name?

Hung, I left a message before.

Has the account holder returned call yet?

Not yet.

Here comes the body.

Let me check it.

Let me see.

Oh my god!

Stay calm!

This is the famous charcoal!
Difficult job, huh?


but you'll be used to it.

May I be excused?

What's scaring you?

She is scared.

I can't handle it, hung.

Let me do it.

Where have you been?
I've been waiting for a night.

I am damn busy in these days!

Are you kidding me?
Why can't you just return a call?

I've called you for a week,
you don't even give me a call.

Only your tape recorder answers my call.

I am sorry, I am real busy.

The manager of the restaurant called,
he wants us to pay the deposit.

I'll go tomorrow.

I've paid it already.

They want us to confirm
how many tables we want.

How many tables do you want?

Let's talk about it later, ok?

I have an important call to make,
I have to go up right now.

I'll call you tomorrow.

What's up with you?

What's up?

Let's forget our wedding.

Why? Why?

Don't ask me, I don't
want to talk about it.

What are you doing?
Are you afraid of being touched by me?

Don't touch me!

I can't stand you touching the corpse
and then touch me...

I feel so bad!

I feel like touching the corpse!

You said you don't mind it.

I just don't want to hurt you.

I tried to tell myself not
to care about it, but...

I can't! I just can't!

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

I've sent out the invitation cards,
I can't cancel the wedding!

I will have no face!

I am sorry...

Daviv, let's get married.

Tomorrow, I just go back and resign.

Do marry me please.

Come on!

I beg you! Don't follow me,

I beg youl!


You're back!

Where have you been?

I worry so much about you!





You've gone!


Why? Why are you afraid of me?

David leaves me,

how about you?

We are a family! Why do
you stay away from me?


Why do you want to leave me?

Everyone says
they are afraid of serving the dead.

Ok, I will do it.

No one cares about me!

I don't want to be alone.

I want someone to care about me.

Don't leave me alone.

I am really tired!

I love this cake very much.

The Rose is really pretty.


Today is your birthday,
wish you win every races.

What's that shit! You're nonsense!

You'd say long life to hung!

Anything will do!
Come on, I'd like to bow to you.

- Shit!
- What's wrong with you?

It doesn't matter! I don't care about it.

Alright, let's say cheers!

Happy birthday!

Thank you...

Happy birthday!


Hung, come on, make a wish.

Where is daviv?

He has something important to do.

So, he can't attend my birthday party.

What's wrong with you two?


you should sing on hung's birthday.

- Come on!
- Sing a song for us.

Sing hung's favourite song.

I sing awfully!

It doesn't matter, just for fun, come on.

Come on!

Sing us a song!

How about singing here?

Sing now!

"Time flies and never return."

"The past will only be
treasured in your dreams."

"Remember those days in the past?"

"We grew up together."

"The spring breeze makes
the flowers blossom."

"You've grown up."

"If you want to dump me,
it's like time never returns."

"I will be with you in my dreams only."

"I can only treasure the
past in my dreams."

"Let the dead find his place."

Don't leave now! Let's stay for a while.

- It's hung's birthday.
- That's a good idea.

- Come on.
- What shall we play?

I'll take you to a nice place.

If it isn't nice, you'd
give me back my share.

Anything to drink?

Let me do it.

It's great.

What'd we play now?

You're sis sy!

Who called you?

Elaine called me,
her grandpa is now in hospital.

I am leaving now.

I'll give you a ride.

No, I'll take the taxi.

See you then.

Let me remind you.

Be good to Elaine, it's rare that
she doesn't mind your work.

Sure I know it.

Bye bye.

This is a nice place!

I have played music downstairs
for such a long time.

I don't even know this place.

How did you find this place?

Daviv took me here.

I've made a nice gown.

For your wedding party.


Sister hung, if you want,

you can ask rock and his band
to play music during your wedding.

No problem.

But never ask lik to sing.

You asked me to sing, I
didn't intend to sing.


doesn't mean that,

the point is, you sing badly!

Right, this is the point!

I feel itchy!

I hurt my head!

Serve you right.

It's your fault!


Forget about their complaints!

If you have chance, sing better to me.

I stole a bottle of wine,
can we drink it now?

Let's play the guessing game.

Since no outsiders are here,

let's play our own game.

The guessing game of the funeral home.

Who wants to eat
the paper money and joss sticks?

I don't want to, you have to.

Two have to eat.

No one eats.

Three have to eat.

No one eats.

- Four have to eat.
- Five have to eat.

Five! Who is going to drink?

Good luck to me! Cheers!


Drink it, you should not
host the next game, I'll do it.

I'll support you! Keep on.

Who is going to eat the paper money
& joss sticks? You'd eat it.

- Two have to eat.
- Six have to eat.

No one eats...


Four have to eat.

You should eat, you should eat.


Why did you guess?
You're not the host of this game.

Who is going to eat paper
money and joss stick?

Two have to eat.

Drink it!

Right now.

Are you crazy?

Let's drink it.

Four have to eat...

Two have to eat?

You'd eat, you'd eat.

Drink it.


The loser should drink it.

Come on, drink it.

Who is going to eat?

It's you again!

What's up? I don't want to drink it.

Wait, I have something to tell you.

Let hung say something.

It's corny, but...
Today is my birthday, I am so happy.

Let's have a hug!

Since you are staying with me tonight.

You're nonsense!

Hung, thank you.

Thank you.

Send me home please! I am so drunk!


Why do you ask me to hurry back?

What's wrong with you?

You know Elaine's grandpa has passed away?

Hung's dead.

Why? Why so many people
died at the same time?

Is sister hung coming back?


Lik, may I take a look at hung?

I want to see her face too.

Sister hung, I will dress
you up beautifully.

Hung didn't have any relatives.

We should help to arrange her funeral.

Sister hung was so nice to us,

we should do this thing for her.

Lik, she jumped to death,

I think we should call her soul back first.

Cheong, prepare a chicken
and the necessary things.

I will get a dress in her place.

"The spring breeze makes
the flowers blossom."

"You've grown up."

"If you want to dump me,
it's like time never returns."

"I will be with you in my dreams only."

Sister hung, come back.

Come back, hung.

Lik, I fail to call her soul back.

What did you say? Can't
you call her soul back?

You are paid
and you can call the soul for others.

This is our friend! Do
you know what friend is?

Do you want to be paid?

Alright, I will pay you! Is that ok?

Call her soul now!

Ok, I will try.

I am sorry.

Hung, what was bothering you?

Why are you so silly?

Why did you kill yourself?

Have you thought of us?

Hung, all of us care about you so much!

Why don't you come back?

Don't you appreciate what
we are doing for you?

We just don't want you to be a lonely soul.

Hung, I love you indeed.

After your death, I...

I am just like a lonely soul.

Hung, I beg you!

Please come back.

Hung is back.

Hung, you are back!

Why do we go to your home?

We are going home to watch vcds.

I have just bought many
new vcds from Japan.

It's not sold in Hong Kong yet.

I forget my handbag.

You're clumsy!

What are you doing?

Head! I saw a head.

What did you say?

You almost scared me! I saw nothing.

Take the bag then! Go ahead.

Why are you standing here? Let's go.

It's your car!

Let's go! It won't be spooky here, I guess.



Shut up! There is ghost!

Help! Ghost!

Open the door! Open up!

Open up!

My god! My father in heaven...

Holy is your name...

Are you afraid of me?

You worry that I would kill you?

I beg youl!

Are you worrying that
I would get you to hell to marry me?

I beg you, let me go please.

I just want to make one thing clear.

Have you ever loved me?

Yes, I love you, yes, I love you.

Stop lying.

After my death,

have you thought of burning incense for me?

Yes, I do want to burn incense for you...

No, I dare not...

You don't even dare to see my dead body.

How can you say loving me?

I beg you! Let me go please.

I beg you...

I shouldn't have died for you.

I shouldn't have died for you.

I beg you, let me go please.

I beg you, let me go please.

- Help!
- Shut up!

Let's go!


You told me
to practise that song, I've made it.

"Time flies and never returns,
you can view the past in your memory."

"When we were young, we
were happy together."

"The spring breeze makes
the flower blossom."

"You've grown up.'

"if you want to fall for someone else,"

"il couldn't stop you but treasure our days
in my dreams only."

"Il couldn't stop you but treasure our days
in my dreams only."

"Il couldn't stop you but treasure our days
in my dreams only."

Hung, I remember you said once that,

why people can't be carefree...

To face someone's death?

Why the dead people's family would cry...

You don't want us to cry
for you, I know it.

But I am sorry.

We can't make it.

All of us are going to miss you.

All of us cried for you.

Hung, your friends have come here...

To see you off.

We agreed that, we won't cry.

Just take it as the last present from us.

Nothing should be afraid of.

Paper money will bring good luck.

Now, all living people should turn back.

It's the best time for the burial.

Lik, check whether the
coffin is properly fit.

If yes, catch sand by one hand
and throw it on the coffin.

Don't clap your hands.

Let's go back.