Troublesome Night 2 (1997) - full transcript

The second chapter of the "Troublesome Night" series, this movie consists of three stories. The first story is about a girl that called a radio show for advice and comfort after her boyfriend died tragically. One of the station DJs unconsciously suggested that she should commit suicide if she wants to be reunited with her beau. Unfortunately, the girl takes the suggestion and the DJ becomes racked with guilt as the girl's ghost returns to haunt him. The second story is about a group of friends voyage to the sea. During the trip, they encountered mysterious events after they rescued an eerie woman from a boat wreckage. The third story is about another DJ that quit his job after the untimely deaths of his co-workers. To escape the pain, he becomes a street racer. But, his thrill rides were hindered when he stumbled upon a sinister spirit by the roadside. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Please give me a hand...

You're troublesome!

Why not change it?

- You think you really look smart?
- I'm sorry.

This is smart looking.

Hold it please! Thank you.

Brother Sam.

Coke please.

I think you won't come tonight.

It's alright.

Thank you.

You've been sitting for an hour,
why not order some drink?

Don't play tricks, huh!

Well, iced lemon tea please.

How about you?

Me? I just talk, no drink, thanks.

Boss, please say thank you to your sister,
she treats me to drinks.

You won't pay for it?

She's the boss, of
course I don't have to pay.

Why not paying for me too?

Do you have another sister?

Sau, what's the matter with you?

What? What?

What's wrong with her?

What's the matter?

Don't panic,
I can tell she must be obsessed by spirit.

Clip her middle finger, come on! Hurry up.

Where are the chopsticks?

It's cockroach!


But you don't have to act like this.

Kill it please.

Why not seek help from John Lenon?

You are good at killing cockroach.

It's strange!

Where is it?

What's the matter? Why so noisy?

What's wrong?

Where have you been?
I've been long waiting.

I went for a walk.

It's almost the air time,
we have to attend the programme.

Is your story true or not?

Of course it's true! I am a bit panic.

That guy died like this?
It's too dramatic, isn't it?

Is there any ghost in the world?

Did he piss at the spirit tablet,

or it's just coincidence?

We have no idea.

But, wish him good luck.

Alright, our dear audiences,

no matter you are human beings or not,

if only you have some scaring stories,

call us, we are going to share it with you.

Well, why not have

a song to relax a bit?

See you later.

Chi, work hard,

the rating of your programme is very high.

Boss, since we have high rating,

do we have any benefit from it?

Come on, forget such nonsense things.

Go back to your work.


The song is finished, air time.

Well, back to the "One
o'clock Terror" again.

It's time to answer your call.

Who are you? Tell us your name first.

This is Anita.


what strange story
would you like to share with us?

I would like to tell you that,

the story which you've just told is...

a true story.

Anita, how do you know that?

Of course, because that is my boyfriend.

What do you want to say?

I am unhappy.

I wish to die with him.

Come on, just a boyfriend.

You have three choices here,
and more around you.

Don't be that upset.

Death can't solve problems.

Why not cheer up?

I really love him.

I understand that.

Once you're in love,

your lover is the best in the world.


let bygones be bygones.

When you look back in future,
it would be nothing.

Don't be too upset.

Alright, Anita, you should strengthen up,

why not do some voluntary work?

More people in the
world are poorer than you.

Don't cry, the world isn't
that pessimistic as you think.

For a collapsed nation,
you can rebuild it one day.

But for a dead person,
you can memorize him only.

Well, let's dedicate a great song for him.

Hope he would live happily

in another space, OK?


We always hear a song...

it's named...

"I'm next to you".

After this song, be a happy person, OK?

I know, but I can't forget him.

I really miss him!

Anita, come on.

How old was your boyfriend?

26 years old.

We can't say he died young.

For many little babies,

they died right after their births,

they didn't see the world at all,

so poor!

Your boyfriend lived for 26 years,

he was really lucky!

I can't lose him! I can't!

Be frank,

are you sure you can't live
without your boyfriend?


Where are you now?

Kowloon City Plaza.

Well, go straight to the roof,
close your eyes and jump down.

I am sure you can see
your boyfriend at once.


Well, let's hear the song which

Anita dedicates to her boyfriend.

And we'll come back to
"One o'clock Terror" shortly.

Are you crazy?
You are abetting her to kill herself!

It's alright, you can't please her.

You can never stop her from doing
wrong thing by comforting her.

You're a DJ! Pal!

You should be responsible
for what you've said.

If she dies, what'll you do?

I don't think she will
commit suicide easily.

Actually she won't.

But now you encouraged her,

she will do that!


I am not! If you are not heartless,

go and take a look at her now.

I'm going... to washroom first.

Pal, is there anyone jumping to death?

Where? Anyone jumps to death?

Please take me to have a look.

Thank you!

Those bastards! They
just want to fool me...

Last night,

a young girl jumped to
death in Kowloon City.

A DJ is suspected to abet that girl
to commit suicide.

The police is considering
a charge against him.

Come on! It's out of
everyone's expectation.

Although you killed her indirectly,

you'll feel uneasy, I understand that.

You need not be that upset.

What are you doing here?

Is the girl who died

same as the one who called us?

Usually the murderers

talk like this.

Are you going to fool me?

- Are you?
- Cut the crap.

It's air time, let's go in.

In this cool night,

the "One o'clock Terror" is now started.

Our hotline is 27499320.

We are waiting for your call to share

your mysterious experience.

Now, we'll answer the first call.

"One o'clock Terror".

Who is calling?

This is Anita.

I jumped.

But I can't see my boyfriend.

What should I do now?

Tell me what should I do.

I don't know...

I don't know!

Let's hear a song

by Cheng Yi-kin.

"Who can love as deeply as I do?".

After that, we will answer your call again.

How come it's that song?

I don't know.

I just earn a living from the radio.

I make a living by my tongue.

One of my business.

I can't stop you from committing suicide.

It's alright.

I don't think I am that bad luck.

But I am really in bad luck.

I must be fooled by others.

It'd be alright, after the sleep,
everything will be fine.

Right? A sleep can help me, right?

Tomorrow will be another day.

Who is it?

Stop pulling off a stunt.

I am next to you.

Please take this to Brother Sam,
he loves milk tea.

Brother Sam, here comes your tea.

Thank you.

Your sandwich.

Thank you, brother Chuen.

Time to eat.

No way!

I can't live like this.

What's the matter?

I am dying.

I can stand no more.

What's up?

I think someone is following me.

Who is following you?

Shit! What should we do?

You have good appetite!

Why do you eat that much?

I can't help!

Only eating will give me sense of security.

He eats so much!

How many orders have you made?

I just ordered one dish of rice.

A girl said you would like more.

She told me to give you another dish.

And she told me that she is named Anita.

What's wrong?

Anita is a common name.

Stop saying!


I think you should stop it,
stop telling ghost stories.

The kids would be scared, you know?

Brother Sam.

What's up?

This is for you, free!

You are so great! My
sister is so nice to you!

She sent you incense!

What bull shit did you say?

I don't want it anymore!

I am just talking about incense!
Have your time.

Enjoy your time.


She is following me.

She is following me!

- What shoud I do?
- It's alright.

If you feel uneasy, better do something.

It's not wise to sit here.

Alright, settle it and then come back.

I do want to settle it.

What date is today?

27th, do you want more rice?

7 days after her death!

Who are you looking for?

Is it Anita's home?

Yes, but she...

I know...

I am Anita's friend.

I've been back from
China, I know her death.

So I come to pay you a visit.

And I just want to see what I can help.

You're Anita's friend.

Yes. Yes.

It's so kind of you.

Come in and take a sat.


I wish to burn some incense for her.


Auntie, let me do it.

Auntie, before I left,

I borrowed ten thousand from Anita.

Now, I want to pay her back.

Now she died...

Auntie, please take it.

Take a seat.


Auntie, I hear some noise inside.

That's Anita's room.

Since you've come, go in and take a look.


Anita liked staying inside her room.

But I didn't know what she was doing.

She didn't like others entering her room.

So I seldom went in.

I can't see,

can you tell me how the room looks like?


There are two cabinets inside her room.

She put some flowers on it.

There is a table, she put books
and pictures of herself.

There is a diary too.

Auntie, I have to go now.

I put the diary here, when I have time,
I'll come and read it to you.

No, I can't see,

why don't you keep it as a memory?


Take it.

Alright, I am leaving now.

I'll visit you later.

What's the matter?

Nothing, I just slipped down.

Bye bye, Auntie.

Today, I talked to my
colleague on the phone.

She envied me to have
such a nice boyfriend.

But, this is truth.

We fell in love for two years,

he is really nice to
me, he loves me so much.

Today is my birthday,
we have nothing special to celebrate,

we just wandered off all night.

But I felt so romantic, I was so happy.

He sent me a watch as my birthday present.

And he said,

next time he will send me a ring.

Today is the most unhappy day in my life.

The one I love most...

was hit death by a fallen bottle.

I don't understand, why
God is so cruel to me?

We planned to marry next month.

Why so cruel to me?

If it's God's will to take away any of us,

I prefer I would be the one to die.

Maybe, let me go with him.

Two people who love each other
to leave the world together.

Anita's diary, chapter four.

I've cried two weeks.

But I am still feeling upset,
but I still miss him so much.

I wish to see him.

Today, someone tell me,

I am not dreaming.

Anita's diary ends here.

Right now, we'll dedicate
a great song to you.

That guy said,

ox's tear can bring us to another space.

He said, at 12 o'clock a.m.,

put two ox's eyes on my eyes and then rub,

then I will see my boyfriend.

Now, it's one minute to 12,

but I dare not try.

If it doesn't work,

my last hope would vanish.



Do you want to see me?

I've found a person who cares me
more than my boyfriend does.

Where is he?

He is outside.


Long hair seems to have disappeared.

Will there be any accident happened?

He's an adult now, he'll be alright.

But I worry so much!

The song is finished, air time now.

Back to the

"One o'clock terror".

We answer your call now.

"One o'clock terror".

I would like to hear the song
"I'm next to you".

Please play me that song.

It's quite difficult to
find it out now, maybe,

I'll play it later. OK?

I've found it out.

It's just put inside the player.

Just press the button, that's it.

Now, let's hear another song.

"I'm next to you".

I think the voice is familiar to us.

So poor is him!

So sad am I...

May I interview you?

No comment...

Do you think Fai's death
is caused by his regret?

He shouldn't ask others to jump to death.

What should I say?

About Fai's careless deed,

isn't it not a DJ's proper behaviour?

Sorry, we can't answer
your question temporarily.

Maybe, can you say something
weird before Fai's death?

Say sex, or anything abnormal?

The readers love reading it.

Which magazine are you from?

Three Magazine.

We don't like to be interviewed by you.


You ask such question in such timing,

do you think it's proper?

He died, you'd respect him.

Who are you?


We made friends when we voluntary worked
in the Sun-yee Home for the aged.

I see.

We grew up in a happy

and warm family.

I see, you are his friends.

So, tell us more about Fai.

Who is his lover?

Boss, there are many reporters around.

The station manager is over there!

These two guys tell nothing useful.


Don't get too close! Take care.

Anything wrong with me?

Nothing, nothing wrong, right?


About Fai's death, can you say something?

He died young.

It's the loss of all the audiences.

It's the loss of our radio too.

I've planned to promote
him and raise his pay.


Anyway, it's a tragedy!

Since someone committed suicide

after hearing the programme,

and the host jumped to death,

so the rating goes high, is that right?

We always have high rating.

So I just want to take this chance,

to thank our audiences,

as well as the support of the clients.
Hope you'd support us.

Then Fai's death does worth,




Thank you so much.

Thank you...

He's so poor.

The reporters have gone, stop crying.

No, I've known him for years,

he is really sad.

Come on, take it easy.

You'd work hard.

Fai's died.

Make his death worth something,

at least, his death should have
promotion value, got it?

Don't cry!


If you see Fai next time,

tell him that I miss him so much.

Great! This line is horrible enough.

It has great promotion vaule.

Remember, say this line always.


What a poor man!

This guy is really a jerk.

That's why he is rich!

My heart is broken!

Have you cried enough?

Come on!

The girl in bikini is really pretty!


Have you seen any girl wearing bikini
in such place before?

Your creative power is that low!


Stop playing.

Think something to comfort him.

Don't cry...



Are you familiar with the boatman?

Yes, so?

Book a yacht, then we'll go for a sail.

Let's have a fine trip

to forget this sad thing.

To cheer up, OK?

Is that right?

No, I am Fai's best friend,

he's just died, I shouldn't go for fun.

This is impolite to the death.

There is nothing to do with politeness!

Look at his sad face!

It's a good idea to have fun.

I can handle the programme alone.


In the past, the people lived next
to the tomb for three years.

Now, we wear a black cloth
and take it off after 49 days.

Well, this time, let's have a three-days
memorial trip for Fai.

It'll be the greatest respect to him.

Right, people would have
a comfort banquet after a funeral.

We'll give you a comfort sail.

I won't be that crazy.

I'll leave him to you.

Are we going for a comfort sail?

Yes, let's go.

Are there any girls to go with us?


Do we have girls to go with us?

My girl! Oh, my girl!

Let's talk about girls in some place else.

I heard that you want to have
my sister to sail with you.

Over night trip, right?

Don't worry.

We don't have any lustful intention.


Thank God, you can still claim
yourself human beings.

But no guarantee for her friends.

If we guarantee that,
we need not go sailing.

I agree with you.

Sister Sau.

Sorry, my brother wants me
to take care of the shop, I can't go.

Never mind,

as long as your friends will go with us.


Right, give them a hand please.

But they said they are
not familiar with you.

They worry that you would
do something bad on board.


We just want to make friends.

Maybe, a little good-bye kiss.

They won't do anything bad.


Here they are, you'd better ask them.


We won't...

Sau, are they your friends?


You... you didn't book the yacht, did you?

Damn it! Why didn't you book the yacht?


I think we should make another appointment.

Let's book another deluxe one.

We have to go now.

We are in a hurry.

Damn it! They are bastards!


Sister, you are something.

They are girls,
maybe you can say they are boys.

But they can't go to men's toilet.


Hi, I am Molan who
always play hide and seek.

Do you want to play with beauties?

We have Siu-lan here, she is so cute.

And Mony, she is sweet.

And Mrs. B, she is shy.

Hi, this is Curry.

The one who always call you.

I would like to invite you
and your sisters to go sailing.

To be friends.

Do you want to hear a sex story on board?

How about "Lustful slut on board"?

We charge 60 cents per six seconds.

Miss, I'd like to invite you

to go sailing with us.

Do you want me to hear your story?

Just go ahead,
we charge 60 cents per 6 seconds.

We don't want to hear
stories or tell stories.

Well, how about chatting? It'll be fun too.

Hang up at once!

It costs much money, you know?

What'll we do now?

Call again!

I have just tried this number.

Say, press any button,

just try!


That's right.

Hello! Who is it?

This is Bobby, I would like to...

Go ahead, be straight forward.

I'd like you to have a trip on board,
to make friends with you.

What kind of friend you mean?

To be...

If there is chance, we will be lover,

if not, we will say goodbye after the trip,
what do you think?

You have honey lips, alright,
I'll give you a chance.

Alright, let's wait at Sai Sa Pier
at 9 am tomorrow.

Each of us wears a red rose for
identification. I will be waiting there.

Remember to bring your girlfriends along.

I love it! See you there.


Tomorrow, call to wake Brother Wah up,
don't be late.

OK, call me then.



The phone...

Who are you looking for?

Brother Wah?


This is Curry. Do you remember

our appointment? 9 am.

Yes, I remember...

Don't be late!

No... thanks.

Mr. Ghost, please don't fool me,
I have to go out to work.

My God...


Thank you and Curry to arrange
this comfort trip for me.

So I can rebuild my life.

You've waken up yet!

You haven't wasted our effort.

I've got it...

You should have bought it yesterday,
it would save our time.

I worry that the flowers would die.

I would have beaten you to death
if you didn't get it back.

Hide up the flowers first.


When we see them,
if the girls are ugly looking,

never take the flowers out, got it?

What are you two doing?

Are they girls playing tricks?


Don't always think negatively.

You know, when your consciousness

is filled with negative things,

it'll cause incurable sickness.

The girls won't fool us.

But I don't guarantee.

You'll be satisfied.

Hear it?

Should I take it out or not?

You can hide it up.

But I've taken it out already.

How are you?

Who is Bobby?

I am Bobby...

He is Boddy, I am Jimmy.

We usually call him Dan.

How about your nick-name?

Call me Curry.

How about you?

I am the lead of this
trip, my name is Chai.

My friends call me
Master Chai, how about you?

Call me Miu.


Where are your friends?

They are busy today, they won't come.

If you mind their absence,

well, let's arrange another trip.

No, it's alright.


I am sorry...

Thank you for doing so many things for me.

I think this is a successful trip.

I think I will be comforted.

So, how about us?


I am the most miserable guy, pal.

It's you who want to comfort me.

We grew up with Fai.

His death break our heart too.

So we have to be comforted too.

Our tears are flowing inside our hearts.

What'll we do now?

Miu isn't only comforting you.

When we go aboard, let's see
who will get the comfort.

If you're not lucky, just watch other
to be comforted, understand?

How can you say this to hurt me?

So, what do you think?

What kind of behaviour is this?


You're breaking my heart.

Ready to go now?

Here we are, brother Wah.

Miu, let's go.

- Your bag.
- Thanks, I can make it myself.

Be slow.

I've prepared much food.

Never mind, a small party
will make us get closed easily.


Is that your thing?


Hold it, let me help her.

You are closer, you'd better take it.

What a trouble! I'll take it for you.

Thank you.

- Let me help you...
- It's dangerous.

Let me help you.


Let us handle such tough job.

Let me do it.

Take away the bottles.


What is it?

Take away the bottles.

Please take it away.

Come and eat something, it's delicious.


Try it.

Daughter, come back!

Daughter, come back!

Gin-shui, what are you doing here?

Auntie Six's daughter

has fallen into the sea and disappeared.

Come back, my girl!

Brother Wah,
the master said the water is haunted.

Don't swim around, remember.

Thank you.

I'll take them some where else.

Isn't it that horrible?

It's wise to believe.

When you piss to the sea at night,

if someone calls your name, don't answer.

If yes, then?

Then you'll fall into the sea.

Miu, the water is cool!

Come and swim with us.

I don't like swimming.

If you go for sailing
and not swim, it's like...

not undressing when bathing.

I don't know swimming, enjoy it yourself.

I love reading here.

So, you'd better change
your swimming suit to read.

That's a good idea...

Brother Wah.

What's the matter?

I would like to borrow an opener.

Take it away, take the bottle away...

No, I want the opener.


Get lost, I'll throw it to you...

- Open it yourself...
- Thank you.

Take the bottle away.

Stop messing up.

Aren't you swimming?

I have decided to read together with you.

We come up...

to watch brother Wah's tattoo.


You love reading?


Reading is a good habit.

I love reading too.


What kind of book do you like?

Magazine, comics.

I see.

How about you?

I love reading stories of ghosts.

Me too.


This is a great book.

It's a story about
some guys who go sailing,

then they meet spirits.

You know, that's my favourite book!

I'll buy you another one!

Pick it up for me.

Pick that book back to me!

Where are we going to?

I am going to see the tattoo.

I am going too.

Are we going to see tattoo?

That's right, to see whether
she has tattoo or not.

Why did he jump?

My book fell into the water,
he helps me to pick it up.

You love helping others, right?

Recently, I help less.


It's a pig! A dead pig!



What's the matter?

I don't know.

It's horrible!

What are you doing?

What's up?

How are you?

What's the matter?

What's up?

There is a dead pig! A dead pig!

What's so horrible?

It's horrible!

Brother Wah, this place is horrible,
let's go some where else.

Let's move now.

You scared us!

Alright, let's go some place else.

What is this place?


How is it? Brother Wah?

Where are we?

This is...

You are the boatman, you should
know better than I do.

We're supposed to be near Ma Wan,
but I don't think here is Ma Wan.

Miu, I don't mean to give up your book,

but a dead pig is down there...

Never mind.


Dead pig...

Dan, there is a dead pig!


See, there is a dead pig, right there!

How come there are so many dead pigs?

It's a dead body!

Isn't she Auntie Six's daughter?


What do you mean by corpse? Kidding!

It's true!

She is alive!

Not dead?

Why don't you go and save?

Go and save!

Go and save her!

How are you?

Brother Wah, move to save them!


Hurry up!

Be careful.


What should we do next?

Cover her first.


She breathes difficultly,
let me give her a hand.

Anything wrong?

She drank too much water.

She's waken up...

- Miss, are you alright?
- Dry her first.

What's up?

Stay calm, Miss, you'll be alright.

Hands off!

Stay calm...

Should we call the police?

Of course.

Maybe she is an illegal immigrant.

It's alright.

I don't have radio here.

Use your mobile phone,
I'll drive back to Hong Kong.


Miss, here comes medicine.

Miss, stay calm...

Listen to me.

I'll help you to get
changed, just stay calm.

Follow me.

Get up.

Follow me.

Damn it, I can't reach the
police hotline successfully.

It's not strange.

But I fail to call my family too.

How about yours?

Not connected at all.

Pull the antenna out, is that better?

It's strange!

What's up?

Come on.

Brother Wah,
why haven't we reached Hong Kong yet?

You notice that too?

Of course, we took one hour
and something to reach here.

Now, we have taken almost two hours.

More than that.

Almost three hours.

I think so.

You think so.

Almost four hours.

Let's check our watches.

All are different!

Brother Wah, are you going back?

I just follow the original route.

What's up?

The yacht suddenly stopped.

I'll go and check it.

Since Wah has to repair the yacht,

let's have something to eat.

Should we ask her to eat with us?

She is sleeping, let her get more sleep.

Brother Wah, come and eat something.

What's the matter?

Curry, give me some food.

He is afraid of bottles.

Don't panic...

Come, come here, Brother Wah.

Come and eat with us!

Brother Wah, how is the yacht?

I've checked, the tank is full,
and the machine is alright.

But I just can't start it.

It's weird, what should we do now?

Let's have sight seeing here,
when some other ships pass us,

we will call for help.

What's that noise?

It's under the plate.

Pull it up, brother Wah.

Come and help!

Throw it away...

Get lost!

The cockroaches are disgusting!

What's wrong?

What's up? How can you give us such dishes?

I don't know!
I just ordered it from the restaurant.

If no ship comes close
to us, what'll we eat?

Stop talking about food!
We can eat nothing now!

I think we should get our food by fishing.


Are you hungry?

Wait for a while,
there isn't any food on board.

We'll have food
when they get fish from the sea.

We come for comfort,
but now, it makes me sick.

How come you are afraid of cockroach!

You lose face in front of the girls.

Cut the crap, drink some beer.



Why do you drink that much?

We have no food, the
beer can keep us alive.

Save it, let's share one bottle first.

Right, we have to be a bit mean.

I've known you for
ages, I can't imagine that

you have chance to be a good husband.

Take us the cups and the opener.

Come on, let's drink.

Only a little, don't drink too much.

Can you make it?

It's so difficult for us.

Come on...

What's wrong? There is
no other food on board.

As you said, beer can make us alive.

Please throw up before you drink.

I have nothing inside my stomach now.

I vomit beer.

You'd keep it with a plastic bag,
you can drink it later.

You're right.

You are scared like shit!

Please don't do it again.

You'll arouse other's panic.

We have to take care of two girls.

Everyone on board is scared.

Anyway, we are helpless.

You can help nothing
if you behave like this.

The cockroaches are really horrible.

Shit! Did I swallow

that cockroach?

Do you claim yourself a man?

I hugged a dead pig!

So many fresh seafood.

Brother Wah, what food do we have?

Fish, prawns...

But no crabs.

Can we eat them without cooking?

Of course.

You are corny! It's more
tasty to be eaten raw.


- Can't you see me eating?
- It seems to be tasty.

I want a prawn.

It's a hand!

What did you throw up?

Clean your mouth first.

Brother Wah.

Clean your mouth!


What's up?


It's alright...

Be good, good boy...

Pal, what's it?

Brother Wah...

He seems like dying!

Let him bite your finger.

What's wrong with him?

He is afraid of bottles.

No, he ate a prawn.

No, it's a hand.

No, he is afraid of bottles.


Shut up! Help him to get up first.

Brother Wah...

Help him.

This way...

Hold his legs.


Shut up! What's happened?

I don't know.

But it seems to be haunted.

What's wrong?
You hugged a dead pig when you swam.

You ate cockroach.

The yacht stopped without reason.

The phones are not connected.

We got a hand from the net.

When we set out, it was a fine day!

Everything was fine.

Until we saved that girl.

There is something wrong.

For security sake.

Let's take shift to sleep,
to keep an eye on that woman.

I'm going to sleep first.

I shouldn't be that selfish.

Alright, let me ask them to take a nap.


we decided to take shift for sleeping.

Are you pretending to die?


Sorry, I am sorry...

Miss, we saved you.

Why do you do that to them?

Why do you stare at me?

You don't move, I thought you were dead.

There is a ship!

Come! Come!

I'll go and take a look.

Any ship?


Anybody there?

Our yacht is out of order,
can you give us a hand?

Anybody there?

Anybody there?

No answer.

Are they sleeping?

Louder please.

Yes, louder.

Can you give us a hand?

Dan, go and take a look.

Alone? No, any of you go with me?

Curry will go with you.

Me? I have to accompany Miu.

Most important is to take care of Wah.

I can take care of him too.

I start to love Wah.

Go now.

Anybody there?

Anybody there? Our yacht is out of order.

Anybody here?

Let's go up.

Wait for me.

It's alright.


We are not illegal immigrants.

Anybody here?

If no one answers, we will come in.

No one is found.

I think so.

I'll go up and take a
look, you'll check here.

What's up? Go, go and take a look!


Help! I saw ghost!

What's up?

Help! I saw ghost...


The dead body is here,
the ghost is over there.

What did you say?

Right! She's dead.

The dead body is here,
but why the ghost is over there?

The woman we saved...
her body is right here.

So, her spirit is on our yacht!

She is dead, she is already dead.

Shut up!

Master Chai and Brother Wah...

And Miu too.

Are they in danger?

Yeah! Shit!

Let's go back!

Nuts, the ghost is right there,

it's not wise to go back.

But her body is right here.

The ghost is tough!

But our friends are on the yacht, alive!

Go back.

Do you mean it?

Let's go!

I can't walk.

Help me! Save me please.

Pull me out! Pull harder!

Miu! Miu!

Miu's body is right here.

So, there is another ghost on board!

Cut the crap, let her off me first.

Hurry up!

I can't remove it.

Think something! You should save me!

Hurry up!

Miu, I am really sorry.

Although I want to take your advantage,

I didn't do anything wrong to you.

Please let me go! I beg you!

Bastard! Hurry up!

I am coming!

My leg is dried out of blood! Hurry up!

Don't move!

Let her off me...

I can't make it.

Think something!

What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?

I want to cut your leg off.

I prefer have one hand more instead.

Let's go...

Why nobody is around?

Go and check it.


Let's go together.

Brother Wah...

- Brother Wah!
- Master Chai...

Brother Wah.

What's wrong?


What's wrong?

It must be that two ghosts!

Hello, this is Miu.

If you want someone to play with you,

you may call 173-924-829.

Twenty cents for 6 seconds.

- Who is that?
- Bye bye.

Who is it?

It's Miu!


Let's go.


She called in, that means we can call out.

Call the police...

Let's go.

No way, call the police!

We've got help...

999 hotline,

what can I help you?

Help! Help...

Someone died,

send people to save us please.

Mister, what's your name?

Cheung, two persons died around us.

Come to save us now.

May I know your location?

We are on board.

We're inside the cabin,
it's dangerous, come and save us!

Where are you?


Our yacht is in the sea!

Come and save us! It's dangerous!

We don't know where we are!
We are just in the sea.

Come now!

We don't know your exact location,

can you make it clear?

Our location...

- I don't know!
- Come now!

We are in danger!
Send someone to save us please.

Mr. Cheung,
if you don't tell us the exact location,

it's hard for us to send assistance.

Our friends died terrribly!

Are they men or women?

Men! They died terribly!

- We are in real danger!
- Come and save us.

What color is your yacht?

Mister, stay calm,

tell me what color it is.

What color is it?


It's brown!

Any ship around can give you assistance?

Of course not! We are in danger!

Tell me your location first.

Otherwise I can't send people
to save you, mister.

Come and save us, we are so scared!

Tell me your location, say clearly.

I don't know...

Which beach are you closing to?

We are in the middle of the sea...

I can't hear

what you're saying!

Stay calm!

Help! We are in danger!

How did those guys die?

Come and save us!

I can't hear you! You nuts!

Don't hang up! Our friends died!

They are murdered!

So poor are them!

Sam, what's up?

I quit!

What's up? One of your partner died

and one disappeared.

Why do you want to quit?

I know why the programme
was stopped two years ago.

The two DJs of the
programme died mysteriously.

See how nice I am treating you!
I offer 3 seats for the programme.

Right, one disappeared
and one already died.

I don't want to be the next.

Come on,

young man, don't be that superstitious!

Two had the same fate, not the third one.

Keep on working, OK?

You'd better find another partner
for your ownself.

Come on...

I'll raise your salary, OK?

Please help, pal!

Sam won again!

He won that much! He doesn't need to work!

It's your luck!
You'll lose your life next time.

Well, he is always lucky.

If you compete with him...

Pay now.

I'll count for you.

Don't go! I'll treat you to tea.

Why do you leave?


Next Saturday, let's bet for 100 thousand.

It's just a game, don't be that serious.

Do you have guts?


It's confirmed.

I've known you for ages,
do you have 100 thousand?

He was furious, but he just pretended
to be a gentleman...

I really want to laugh...

What do you want to talk to me?

Brother Sam.

Eat some Dragon-eyes.



Where do you get it?

From Mainland China.

Brother Sam, you are great!

My sister hasn't

served me like that.



Can you behave like a lady in front of me?

What does it matter? We are friends.

Be a bit frank, right?


That girl is really pretty.

I see no one.

Isn't that girl pretty?

Where is she?

Take your time.

Have you seen that girl?

You said no, then I'll say no too.
I am following you.

What are you two doing here?

To see what you are doing.

There is a chick... no, there is...

So quick?


Pretty women always bring bad luck.

Go and see your doctor,
you must have some problem.



You don't answer,
I wonder is there anything wrong with you?


Doctor said I have had paranoia.

I know, you always think
of mysterious things,

over sensitive.

Brother Sam, if you
work in the radio again,

why don't you host the
superstitious programme?

What's up?

There is a head inside the hamlet.


Are you sick again?

Are you alright?

It's paranoia.

It must be paranoia.

Right, it's paranoia.


Relaxed? Haven't you seen anything?

Drive slowly.

Paranoia! It must be paranoia!


I think I am really sick!

Kid, are you pretending not seeing me?

What's up? We are buddies.

Why do you beat me?

Why do you

pretend not seeing us?

Sorry, I am used to it.

Why do you look for me?

It's bored in hell! We can't even find
enough players for playing mahjong.

It's useless to make me go there!
One is still missing for the game.

He has a girlfriend.

How come?

Remember? Anita.

Do you want me to die?

No! No...

Death is no big deal.

Cut your wrist by a cutter,
like playing violin.

When you wake up tomorrow, you can see us.


Are you scared of pain?

Well, take pills, with a can of coke.

I am sure you'll die happily.

No! I don't want to die.

Aren't you coming with us?

Can you let me go?

Kidding? I am dreaming!

Brother Sam, eat the pearl powder,
it helps to calm you down.

Why should I take it?

Brother Sam is disturbed by ghosts.

What? He has had paranoia.

- What?
- It's dirty, go and tidy it up.

What's wrong?

It must be paranoia.

Right, it is paranoia.


I'll make another one for you.

I am in bad luck lately.

Last night, I didn't know
I crashed against a human or a ghost.

When I went down to take a look,
I did see blood and hair.

Guess what did I crash against?

I crashed against something,
but I didn't know what was that.

I think it's ghost.

It's good!

What did you say?

Of course, if you crashed against a person,
you should be put in jail.

You are so nervous these days.

Have you thought of getting married?

So someone will keep you company.

Consider my sister.



Long time no see.

No, I stay here everyday.

Why don't you come for me?

This is pretty, whose motorbike is it?

This is Sam's motorbike.

Can you let me to take a ride?

No, I have to leave now.

Five minutes, only five minutes, OK?

Don't disappoint me.


Take care.

What's the matter?

Car accident.

What a bad luck!

You have bad luck, but not the worst.

Your motorbike is insured.

Poor Kit, he died in the accident.

I want to buy a wreath.

Do you have money?


Write the names of mine
and Sau on it please.

How about this one?


I'd like to buy a wreath for Chan Tai-kit.

Big one, medium one or small one?

Big one please.

Eight hundred.


Here it is.


Young man, the wreath should be

for you instead.


why do you curse to him?

Do you want us to make
order from another shop?

Brother Sam, don't trust her.

Doctor said, you have had paranoia only.

Trust it or not, it depends.

I am not bluffing, you are obsessed
by a tough ghost.

What should I do?

Take me to your home.

I am going too.

I am going too.

No, I don't know how tough it is,

if you go with us,
I worry that you'd bother me.

Granny, this is my home, come in please.


What's the matter?

You should give a chance
to let the ghost escape.

It's not wise to meet directly.

Alright, let's go.

Help me, please.

Granny, take care...

Here it is.

Nice place.

Granny, can you see?

I can feel it.

You have an unusual friend.


If you can see, why do you need me then?

What solution do you have?


Where is your room?

Here it is, take care.

Which wall is on the west?

West, this is.

I am blind.


Granny, what are you doing?

Are you blind? I am drawing charms.

This can protect you.

Thank you, I am sorry.

Don't thank me, just pay me.

How much?

Three thousand.


You are even worse than me! I am blind,

but you are a deaf.

Three thousand!

Alright, three thousand.

The matter between you

and the girl isn't solved yet.

She needs your help.

What should I do?

How do I know?

By the way, if you pass this night
and tomorrow night safely,

then you'll be alright.

Young man, don't avoid your difficulties.

It's not the right thing to avoid it.

Everything is predestined.
Everything is being judged.

Don't wander off tonight,
don't care anything you see tonight.

Just sit inside your room, got it?

Sam, you are so tired,
why not go home to sleep?

My house is haunted, I want to stay here.

The granny said, it'll be alright
if Sam passes this night safely.

Let's keep him company.

After this night, he'll be alright.

What date is today?


Let's go for a ride, we've had appointment.

My car is crashed, I have no car.

Choose any one.

Sam, don't go.

Brother Sam, don't go.

So, pay me 100 thousand.

Why don't you rob the bank?

Go home, I'll send it to you later.


- Don't go!
- Don't go.

- Why do you go?
- Yup.

That granny asked me not to escape from it.

Alright, I'll take the last one.

A lap round the Clear Water Bay.


Forget it, don't gamble with him.

Alright, give me 100 thousand.

Go to hell.


I have no reason to leave you alone.

Brother, why hasn't he returned yet?

He'll be back soon.

Why don't you crash against me?

Who are you?

You followed me to the alley on that night.

I was kidnapped by the two guys
who raced with you.

Don't go!

- Stop, bitch!
- Help!

- Don't move!
- Help!

Fai, we've got the money.

- Help!
- Let's go.

I went out of the road to seek for help.

You didn't stop but crashed against me.

I thought you were a ghost.

At that time, I wasn't.

You're over sensitive only.

After this night, I'll be alright.

Go! Don't follow me.

What do you want?

Why don't you crash against me?

There is rumor that many people died
because of our programme.

Even it's true,
I, as being the station manager,

will keep this programme

for the benefit of our audiences.

Is there ghost on earth? It depends.

If you believe it, then
yes. If not, then no.

I haven't finished yet, why play the song?