Troublesome Night (1997) - full transcript

This Chinese ghost film centers on the theme of the haunted streets in Hong Kong, where four loosely connected stories are depicted. A group of young friends go on a camping trip in the countryside, where Ken encounters a mysterious woman near a grave. Afterward, Ken's life is changed forever as he becomes a victim of ghost meddling. As the friends journey back to Hong Kong without Ken, another sinister story takes place. Mrs. To has a date with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but becomes concern when he doesn't show up. The outcome of this second story leads to Ken's friend Jojo being courted by a ghost, and ultimately leads to the final story where Peter Butt unknowingly visits a haunted theater with some of Ken's friends. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Troublesome night

On ching ming festival, it's said
that the gate of hell will be opened

when you worship your
ancestors on that day,

will you say... "Please give way"
while you pass by the other graves?

Will you burn incense for the graves
next to your ancestors?

Will you court any
beautiful boys or girls around?

Will you say any nonsense things?

Well, do you believe in ghost?

My name is Peter butt

usually they called me Peter prat

be frank

I think I am smart enough

I am a loyal son

I worship my passed dad
on every ching ming festival

and I will take the chance
to have sun bath and picnic

is there any ghost in the world?

Someone said yes

someone just mistake
something as evil spirits

well, let me tell you a story
which happened in a grave yard

people said, this is a true story

believe it or not, it's up to you

bastard! I always treat you to karaoke
on your birthdays

but you take me to such remote place
to celebrate my birthday!

Hey, you know the movie
business is going down.

Let it be and take it easy

we are jobless for months,

we can't afford treating you to karaoke!

Me too! I am not yet paid
by the movie company.

You'd be glad to celebrate your birthday
by a barbecue

I am afraid you'd eat shit
on your next birthday!

Come on!

You don't even have money to eat,
how can you have shit?

The water is so cold!

So many water fleas!

It's will bite you to death!

Bastard! Why do you take me to swim?

I've picked up something good!
Come on, catch it!

What's this?

Bastard! How dare you fool me by this?
It's a piece of bone!

There are many behind!

How dare you?

Let me pick your bone!

Let's attack together!

Do you attack me togethern?

I love barbecue

so nice! Do you want some?

Put it here and let me take a look

nice? I would like to have some girls now

ball, you said you are
good at courting girls

well, why don't you call
some girls here for us?


don't waste money on making a call

well, let me call her for you

it'll break

if I had so many girlfriends

I would have become a pimp!

Hanging around with you guys?

So, you just bluff!

Not exactly

he means he is good at courting corpses

that fit him, they won't move,
so he can do anything he likes

when I came here, I saw
some graves out there

I'll dig some up for you, ok?

Alright, I'll go right now...

To dig some girls for you to have fun, ok!

- Damn it!
- Let's not talk about this!

You should keep your words

let's go

damn it!

It's so windy!

I feel something haunted!
Please mind your tongue

why are you so gutless?
Why do you ask me to come here?

I am with you, not any evil spirits
can harm you.

Isn't that weird?

Kid, don't fool us!

Ken, are you alright? Get up.


Stop playing! I really want to shit

shit, you are not allowed to go.

If you stool nothing,
you must not come back


It's nonsense to have barbecue
in front of the sea in midnight!

I hope you will eat sand

by the way, I'd like to see
whether they would barbecue for me

Well, let me do it here

I think I would just spend the night
with that two bastards

I can't imagine that god
is really good to me

My sausage is really poor!

Let's fool him later

something great! I have
just seen something...

Something great!

Stop playing!

When I excreted, I saw a
girl swimming in nude

isn't she filming?

No lighting at all, how can it be filming?

Let's go, be quick!

Are you bluffing?

Turn it off...

Nothing is found

you said there is a girl in nude!

Lower your voice, may be she is diving!

You would scared her away!


Is there anything wrong with your eyes?

It's ridiculous for her to dive so long,
she must be drowned

what's wrong with your eyes?

- It's ridiculous
- So many mosquitoes around!

Wait for me!

I really saw a girl swimming in nude

stop the bull shit, please!

I stepped on shit!

- Where?
- What's the matte?

I stepped on shit!

Where did you get it?

Over there!

I see - yes

don't worry, that's my
shit, not dog's shit.

You bastard! You cheated me
to see the girl in nude.

- Actually you made me step on your shit
- Stop it


Don't go after me!

You don't have good digestion lately

your shits sting very much!

How are you?

I am serious, I did see a girl in white


You have serious problem with your eyes

she is flying up to the mountain

stop playing any more

you bastard, you want
to have fun, don't you?

You said you saw a girl in nude,
and you said you saw ghost...

Well, tonight, I'm sure a group of
female ghosts will chain to rape you

- just don't talk to him
- He must be obsessed

I am not fooling you!

Did you see ghost?

I must have eye problem

people is afraid of ghost,
but the ghost is much more afraid of people

it's alright, I must have eye problem

I see nothing

my shoes are dirtied!

I did seen that, I am damn sure!

Your are so troublesome!

Do you mean this?

I died terribly!

Do you mean this?

You always bluff!

I am really scared!

You don't look like ghost!
You are foolish to believe my words!

I know you always bluff

of course I won't believe in you

you misunderstand me

hey, wait for me

he fooled us three times a night

I tell you, if he keeps on lying like this,

only ghost will believe in him

why is there one more camp?

Yeah, we haven't found it till now.

Why do you wear so little to swim?

Do you want the shark to eat you?

You nuts! If I don't dress like this,
how can I attract others?

Hey, please don't lie like this!

Three girls, what a perfect match for us!

I did see ghost, am I that lucky now?

I'm glad they are ghost,
so we'll have a romantic love story

ghost won't be afraid of mosquitoes, right?

They are human being!

Do you want me to spray on you?


This is mine, don't fight with me.

Ok, it's your birthday

this is great! It's mine.

This must be mine

is there something wrong?

Any more inside?

Check it yourself

miss, will you let me court you?

You should behave yourself,
or how can I make friend with you?

Miss, we can talk!



How is it?

What do you want?

I just want to know what do you want?

Nothing, just...

Do you want to make love with me?

Don't be that straight forward, but...

I love to...

It depends on your performance tonight

sure I won't let you down!

Only barbecue tonight?
Let's have something for fun?

Why not play guitar and sing

I am good at playing music,
but I don't know guitar

I know blowing pipes only

come on, I like blow pipes,
I am good at it

it is disgusting.

I am not going to play with you

I mean the real pipes, musical instrument

stop bull shit, or I'll beat you

I really know how to play pipes

Granny, let me help you

granny, why do you pick up
empty cans that late?

Young man, can you see me?

Well, you are in bad luck then.

I saw ghost again

what did you see man?

Don't trust him, he just lied.

No, I really saw ghost

do you mean the old granny?

Everyone sees her! Nothing weird!

Come on

why are you so gutless?

A granny is picking up
empty cans at midnight

and you just claim her as ghost

I don't want to talk to you

no, she said I am in bad luck to see her

it's my bad luck to see you!

You are gutless, how can you court me?

In fact, I've got nerve!


well, let's play the game

what'll we play?

There are graves behind this mountain

let's play a game called...

Copying tombs

copying tombs

it's funny

let's do it!

That's really good! Let's do it!

Are you scared?

No, I'll protect you

damn you! They are talking mandarin

they don't respect us


copying tombs

we'll use half hour
to copy details on the tombs

listen, you have to copy their names,
birth date and the date of death

we'll check it in the next morning

the more you copy,
the greater chance you will win it

what is the prize?

Do you want to sleep with me?

How about if you lose?

Also sleeping with me too!

Damn you!

Damn it!

What's the matter?

Young men, why are you here?

Why are you here too?


I am uncle ho,
I am the watchman of this grave yard

sure, I have to guard here

a guard for a grave yard?

You know, there are many incomers
to steal here.


No, we just come to have fun

by the way, don't make so much noise
to disturb the residents here

if you make them angry,
it won't be any good to you

I just live over there, come to met me
if you meet any trouble

bye-bye - thank you

- thanks
- I am sorry for bothering

Damn it!

The girls are really bold!

What's the matter? Do you want to scare me?

No, I...


I am very scared

if you want to screw me, copy quickly

are you kidding?

We'd better go back

no, if I go back now, I'll surely lose

I'd better copy one or two more

Do you want to court me?

You are something, how
can you say reversibly?

I would rather sleeping in coffin
than courting you

you are so cocky!
I would rape you, do you believe it?

Are you bluffing?

What a nice night! You
can't escape tonight!

My god

I am really scared,
why should we play like this?

Let me protect you, are you tired? Sit down

are you really that innocent?

Sure, I am not acting.

I don't think so!

Let me tell you something,
but don't tease me!


actually, I am still a virgin

you mean today?

It's really great!

Pal, excuse me,
I am ignorant to offend you, I am sorry.

No shaking

please excuse me

Are you cold?

Actually, I have a secret to tell you too

don't tease on me


In fact, I am a virgin too

don't you believe in me?


No, don't scared me!

Bee, ball, run!

They are ghosts!


Can you hear that?



Run! Help!

Help, ghosts are after me


Can you hear Ken crying for help?

What are you doing?

It hurts

just take off it

I am almost scared to death

that's called professional

I won't disappoint you as I am paid

how's that?

Sure it is alright

it's great!

Ken is terribly fooled by us this time

- he said he's got nerve!
- That's right

this time, he would be scared to death

we have face this time!


come on, he screamed terribly,
will there any accident happen?

I think it's alright

I am afraid he's scared to fail excreting

you are so disgusting!

Why are willing to swim in nude
by just taking a thousand?

Are you silly? I won't do that,
who swum in nude?

It must be her

- do you mean it?
- Is that you?

Oh, my god!


You are great in dressing ancient costume

are you nuts?
What do you mean by ancient costume?

We just have this wig, no costume at all.

What's up?

None of my business, I know nothing.
Don't bother me!

I am sorry to offend you

where is Ken? Where is he?

- I don't know!
- Go and search for him now!


he's not around!

Isn't he fainted?

Kidding! You said he is bold!

Go searching



Wait for me

I am very afraid

wait for me

Ken... Ken...

Come out, Ken...

Stop playing!

Where are you?

Ken, come out, no more playing!

- Where are you?
- Ken

we can't find him, where is he now?

Wait that bastard hide up to scare us?


Come here

how's that?

This is the writing of Ken

first one, second one

third one

this is the last tomb he copied

there is still one more tomb

Ni chi-keung's tomb

born on may 20, 1975

died on march 10, 1997

that is today!

Is he died?

Why? Why is he dead?

Ghost! Run for your lives!

Let's go and find the watchman

This way

hurry up! Isn't it the house he lives.

Just knock at the door and ask.


What is the matter?

Ils a watchman here named...

Uncle ho

uncle ho? He died for years.


What's the matter?

Are you kidding?

Why should I make fun with this?

He was buried up there, did you meet him?



He's really died

let's run

he's really died

let's run! Just forget everything but run


Ken died, what'll we do?
We are in a big trouble.

Shit! I thought it is a funny game!

It's all your fault to
figure out such game!

Now we are in deep shit!

You shouldn't put all the blames on me,
you have joined the game too.

Shit, he said he liked me!

Will he force me to sleep with him?

Cut the crap, let's run
and call the police.

Are you kidding? Move a bit far from me!

Don't come over

why do you look at me?

Come here


I come specially for you

- are you kidding me?
- He is looking for you

they paid me a thousand,
it's none of my business.

Come here

- go!
- Go!

Are you my friends?

Come here!

It's none of my business,
it's none of my business

don't grab me, no...

Don't suck my blood!


No, I would like to have a wet kiss

you lied! You are not dead!

I know he is pulling off a stunt!

Let's beat him!

- Are you looking for death? Be gentle
- Bastard

beat him


beat him

hug him

stop playing! What will we do now?

With your look...

How can I take you?

Any problem?

Wait for me!

What's up?

Don't you ever make such fun again?


People will be killed by sudden scares

it's alright, old man

run quickly, wait for me please!

Wait for me

I tell you, I don't fit you, you know!

How much for six?

Thirty dollars

take care

please wait for me

come down

you have only five

- what?
- What's wrong with your eyes?

Come down

hurry up!

No one is around!

He is standing over there, granny!

Come down

where are you going?
It's time to leave, come on

come down now

no one is around

he is standing over there, granny

Actually, on every night,
there are many poor spirits wandering off

if you are in bad luck

you will be bumped against by
these spirits directly

so, it is not wise to leave home at night

if you want to go out,
don't walk along the wall


Don't piss on the road

It'll be fine if you act like me

When you meet such case,
it's not wise to stop the car

Get down the car

pal, I've asked you to stop,
but you just come forward!

I asked you to stop the traffic,
what're you doing instead? Sleeping?

No, director, I've already stopped his car

Ken died so you don't to work, right?

I asked you to release the smoke,
but you make a mess

do you want me to work with you?

Are you alright? Do you
want to see a doctor?

I am alright

you made me being scolded!

I am sorry, may I have a look?

Be smart!

Pal, you'd better move quickly,
just cut the crap

I am working in movie business too


Come on, ask hung to get ready, be quick!

Ask hung to get ready! Be quick!

Get ready the smoke

bee, ask brother hung to get ready


brother hung, it's time to stand by

brother hung, it's you turn now

director, brother hung is on the way now

well, all the set helpers,
please stop the traffic

I've got nothing

what's up!

Get working

scene 2b, take one

Stop. Well done!

Be quick, again

ready - coming

alright, get ready, everyone ready

come on, escape... get lost

coming! Brother hung is ready. Get ready

wait! Shing, is the lightning enough
for the wedding gown?

Yes, it is

are you serious? That's the main point!

Ready, ready!

Wait, hung, I think the rubbish bin
should be a bit brighter

the lightning isn't appropriate.

Director, you are wearing sunglass,
how can you check the light?

Yes, I am sorry, come on, get ready...

Hung, just try your best,
we just only have one piece of it


Are all the shots finished
before the glass breaking?

Yes, it is

really - yes

alright, come on, ready

director, if you don't
work now, I am leaving!

Alright, stop the traffic,
come on, get ready


pal, I've enjoyed enough, it's great

I have to work now

me too

Impermanence street

dead end road

yin Yang road

well, let me tell you a
story about losing way

Can't she hear me? Isn't she deaf?



Mrs. to

here you are, it's raining heavily,
I think you won't come

I come late because of the traffic jam

I know you want to send this watch
to you hubby today

otherwise I won't stay
and will leave early.

Thank you

this is a German soldier's watch
during the world war ll

it's really pretty and new

it's really pretty, my hubby must
like it very much, thank you

come on, let me fix the right time for you

yeah, there is a granny
who sits here and have tea

isn't she your relative?

Let me fix your watch, this keeps good time

if there is any problem, just take it back

let me help you to fix it

alright, thank you

Mrs. to, how do you
celebrate the anniversary?

Nothing special

every year, we will have
candle night dinner in a restaurant

so romantic, I envy so much!

Don't tease on me, I've
almost forgot the money

well, let me pay you first

five thousand seven hundred

yes, I've given you 10% discount already

five thousand and seven
hundred, it is correct

thank you

thank you so much

let me pack up for you

well, just forget it, I am in a hurry

bye bye

Miss yuen, the fung-shui of the house
we've seen is really bad

if you live in, you'll be in deep shit

Dr. ho, any remedy then

this house is old

the luck of it fades out

and the road ahead of it,
will harm the people who living inside

miss yuen, you are not wise
to leave in the house

for it will bring troubles to you

mr to, how can you introduce
this house to me?

No, sister Dan,
the location of this house is really nice

it's spacious enough, with big garden

with nice sea view!

Although the house is
built for over ten years

the last landlord is living tidily

you can see it, reasonable price too

basically, it fits the
requirement you told me

but the master's room is facing south east

east is bad to you

from the fung-shui's point of view,
it'll harm the master

by the way, the kitchen is bad too

it locates on the west,
it means you can lose money easily

the toilet is facing south,
it means it'll harm you heart


Mister, you are exaggerating!

As you said, why didn't
the last landlord die?

Sister Dan, for the matter of fung-shui,
it is superstitious

actually it is not scientific

most important of all, you'd better
ask yourself you like it or not

I don't think so, for the matter
of fung-shui, I do believe in it

sister Dan, some people love threatening

they intentionally threaten you,
that's why you'll believe in him

miss, you mean I am cheating?

I just say the things
I learnt from fung-shui books

believe it or not, it's up to you

I just advise miss yuen by the knowledge
as being a property agent

I do want to earn the commission

but I won't be that heartless to ask
my clients to buy a haunted house

you sound reasonable, and sounds true

I don't know how to make the choice



Where are you now?

I am on the way,
but I have to give my client a ride

maybe, I will a bit later

don't hurry! I can wait

it's raining heavily, you
must drive carefully

you too, remember to turn on the headlight
when you are driving

I know, it is not my first time to drive

see you later

The black signal has been hosted

by the royal observatory at 1 pm
to warn a downpour

until now, the fire services dept.
Highway dept. And the police...

A heavy rain storm is coming

and the rain brings bad omen

something bad will happen

the heavy rain should
cause flooding and landslide

of course accident should happen!

Well, sister Dan, recently there is a film

it's a story about swindlers
using fung-shui to cheat

it's educational

you may treat me as a swindler

but I am telling the truth

look at him, from his face,
I can tell he will be harmed by water

I am not lying

men with such look will be
bothered by sex and love.

You must be in
between you wife and your mistress

if I said correctly,
don't blame me of disclosing you secret

as you said,
I shouldn't go out whenever it rains

and I shouldn't drink too, right?

Look at your forehead is turning grey

trouble will come, someone of your
family will die in three days

this is as much as I can say

Mr. to, be careful!

He is a good fortune teller

Take the umbrella

How come you can't see the stone?

Isn't that weird?

It's nothing weird

but it's coincident!

Sister Dan, I've just bumped
against a piece of stone, it's peanut

well, there is a taxi,
I just don't want any trouble

I'd better get down


miss yuen, are you following him or me?

I'd better go with you

sister Dan, it's just ahead

no, thanks

how about the house?

I'll call you

wait for me...

Sister Dan

sister Dan

Miss, are you alright?

I am fine

don't go ahead if it is not necessary

it's dangerous

It's all wet, look

it's too late, I can't send you home

see is there any taxi ahead,
you go home yourself

are you sick? It's heavy pouring,
don't left me alone?

I am late

my wife is waiting for me

you just care for your wife

you don't care for me

today is our anniversary

I must go, you should understand

I will send you home if I can

I don't care, you must stay with me tonight

do you want me to quarrel with my wife?

I don't want to play such game any more

I haven't cheat you

if you don't like it... game over

what do you mean? Do you
want to brush me off?

What do want from me?

Except marrying you,
what else I haven't give you?

What do you think who I am?

I know, your wife is an encyclopedia,
it's needed by every family

I am a novel, if you like
it, you just read it

if you dislike it, you
may change another one

you know, our affair become gossip
in the company

you said break up with me now

haven't you thought of my feeling?
Mr. to kar-ming

who cares

anyway, we are happy

it's not enough, I feel unhappy

you are so selfish

Ann, I know I am married

if I stop you from knowing other man

and that guy can marry you

that's my fault

but I didn't do that

it sounds good

I know, you are tired of me now

do you want to brush me off

I said, this is a game

so, there must be one day
the game will be over

be reasonable, ok?

Bastard, do you want
to brush me off in this way?

- What do you want? Are you crazy?
- You bastard

I am driving!

Do you mean generous to me? Bastard!

It's dangerous, hands off!

Stop fighting!

Let's die together - move

alright, we will go and see your wife

let's go and see your wife

are you crazy?

Sorry, don't look at me in this way!

It's strange, why it is so dark?

Suspend business due to
the black rainstorm signal

what's wrong? I've booked the table before

I am driven mad!


honey, have you arrived?

I am now at the entrance of the restaurant,
but it is closed

my car doesn't move, what'll I do?

Don't panic, don't go
away, I'll be right there

alright, hurry up, I am waiting

It's strange!

Shit, it's eight o'clock now,
he hasn't arrived yet.

Honey, I've arrived

why can't I see your car? Where are you?

Hubby, where are you?

Where have you gone?

I can't see any car drive in

I've arrived the car park

but I found none

my car is at the entrance

why can't I see you?


impossible, I am just right here

I can't see you

what? Are you in the car park?

Honey, don't scare me.

What am I going to do?

Haven't you reached a wrong place?

Sai-kung fishing village, is that right?
I'm scared!

Don't panic, I think something

be hurry!

I am really scared

stay calm

I've got it

honey, let's go down the car
and wait at the entrance


Honey, I'm off

why can't I see you? Honey, speak up

honey, speak up


miss, why are you standing here so late?

I am waiting for my hubby

are you living around?


A landslide happened near lot 212,
clear water bay

a private car is buried,
please send assistance now

the car number eg4029, over


an injured female is save out from the car

as she said,
there is still one man inside the car

the scene is now under control


Be careful

how is it? Are you alright?

It hurts


We can't open it. It can't be opened

stay calm

hurry up

safety bell

don't move!

- Help!
- Go!


come here - go

shut up, hurry up!





Isn't strange?

In fact, all sorts of strange things
will happen in this world

just like human beings,
some fight for food, some fight for money

but some fight for corpse

it isn't weird?

As being human beings,
people love going with the trend

ghost is the same

foe them, red color is all the go

so, if you go out at night

don't dress in red

including the bras and the underwear

let me tell you one thing

this is a story of my twin brother

You are so bad to let
me walk so many stairs!

Miss, Ken is my friend you know

it's not going too far to come once a month

here we are, let's go

yes, it's just ahead

you are so heavy

Ken, we are buddies, don't scare us.

I'll be scared to death

we are good friends,
please bless us to make a fortune

I bring so many sacrifices
to worship you each month,

it costs much

see, that's what friends are for

it's a trend to reserve
a place in the hospice

it makes quick money by speculating

Baby, come here, come

what's the matter?

Do you recognized him?


That's right, he died young

he looks handsome

what a pity!

Do you pity him? Ken died young too

- I just talk, are you jealous?
- You can't say that again

we want to burn
a pretty woman to Ken, let's go!

Let's go!


Stop messing up!

Why jojo takes so long to arrive?

People said, a day absent
from your lover is like three seasons

are you that anxious to see her now?

Why not marrying her?

I don't mind if she is willing to

pal, you can't afford to keep a car,
how can you afford her living?

So what?

Why are you so early?

It's being late

take a seat, what do you want to drink?

Tomato juice

tomato juice, please!

Jojo, you look cool

did you go drinking last night?

No, I went to sleep early last night

although you have make
up, but you look paler

let me take you to the doctor

no, thanks

I've dated many girls to disco tonight

let's go together


tomato juice


I am not going, you go yourself

you have date tonight, don't you?

No, I just want to go home and sleep

kidding! Young girls
love sleeping so much, I wonder!

Let me teach you,
you can sleep a lot if you die

you have a poisoned lips

I am going to get the car first

go with us, we haven't
had fun for a long time

Another day passed, let's go

she's drunk badly, take her home first


what's up?

I am taking you home

do you want to take my advantage
while I am drunk?

No, I don't mean it

I am leaving

bye bye

I am so nice to visit
your girlfriend with you

are we going up now?

Alright, let's not go up!


She has something wrong!
She never returns my call

wait, did you offend her?


Did you take her advantage
without her approval?

No, let's go

there must be some problem! Take care

what's up?

You said you had lost the job recently?

Why don't you work as watchman,
it's a piece of cake.

Baby, if jojo can't give you
a reasonable cause.

And no special reason

you must be tough, you know!

To get some face, you know? Yes

What did you hear?

How about you?


I can't hear anything

Right here?

Why don't you close the door?

It can be opened

- kidding!
- Let's go inside

It's so dark

find the switch

jojo, how are you?

What's wrong?

What's the matter?

Turn on the light

the things are on the floor

where is the switch?

Turn on the light

- where is jojo?
- Where is she?

Jojo, it's haunted here, let's go!

It's impossible, jojo, is that right?

- How are you?
- It's weird

- how about jojo?
- Go, let's go

Are you leaving jojo like this?

Let's find the propsman
and get some tools to exercise

granny... get up!


Get up, there is ghost.

He is dead

run for your life

Did you see ghost?

You look so familiar to me

you mistake someone as me, I don't you

can't you see it?

Forget about him, let's go


I can read bad luck from your face,
you must have met ghost

we don't know whether it is ghost or not,
but it's weird

congratulations! For you have met me

really? Don't bluff us!

I am the champion of the fung-shui quiz...

Held by the TV station in the year of 1992

nicely dressed Mr. big mole

I visited Tom Cruise and
give him fung-shui advice last week

his wife is really pretty

I am curious and I want to try myself

let me try to be your exercise,
I won't charge you a penny

let him try

yeah, let's seek the shortest fire hose
to put out the fire

it's always said

three men together will never get pregnant

which floor?

The ninth floor.

Let's go


that's haunted

let's run

He slept in bad pose and
you claim him dead?

What did you say to him?

What's that?

Two words.

You're off

uncle, tell me frankly

what's happening recently?

Nothing special

nothing, think clearly

a granny who lived
on the third floor died last week

how? How old are she?

Ninety something! Died peacefully!

Good, it's natural dying

let's go!

Thank you

come in now

Granny, I know you concern about us

but we are no longer kids

about closing the lift, we can handle it

you'd better go home to take a rest

granny, thank you, take care

bye bye

master big mole, are you alright?

Of course I am alright,
that granny hosted the lift for you

at least you should say thank you to her

this is politeness

know more regulations,
you won't lose, understand?

I see, master

Great! The position of this bed is fits

pal, how are you? My name is big mole

I'm the fung-shui advisor of Tom Cruise

pal, you look great

please cover you important part first

I just want to be straight forward

being a ghost, you should behave too

how can you do such lustful thing
in front of others?

Moreover, you haven't got her approval yet.

This is nothing different
with whoring or raping

well, let her go!

Master, he seems powerful

save jojo!

Damn it, don't you give me face!

You bastard, you betrayer,
you chicken, you bad guy...

You bloody stupid fool, asshole!

To hell with you!

Well, we are men,
I know you have that kind of needs too

let's break even, just sit down and talk

big mole seems to be something


I am quite famous, you know?

If I can't get rid of you, I'll lost face

be frank, how to make you leave her?

Are you kidding me?

Really? This is the best
choice, you are tough

I'll talk to them

it's fixed

what's up? Come and help!

Master, are you alright?

Do you need any help?


Master, who beats you?


are you alright?

I am fine

he's gone

My neck is alright! You are great!

Master, why did he leave?

Tell us

it's of great difficulties

I promise to let him beat me,
that's why he is willing to leave

master, I respect you so much

ask your girlfriend to get changed

and, ask her never to wear red clothes

I'll take care of her

stop dreaming

master, my neck is alright now

it will be alright for you have met me

isn't it good to burn incense that late?

I've told you, it's luck to meet me,
everything will be alright

get in


hello, Tom, how are you?

How is you wife?

I've just went for fung-shui viewing

thank you... alright

you said you are sick,
why do you bring me to watch movie

this movie is called "heavenly drugs"

this is the most stunning film
I've ever taken, you must watch it

is the actress pretty?

She is no match of you, nuts!

Bee, ask bull to buy tickets for me


Yes, alright, deal!

Thank you

what a coincident!

You look familiar to me

I've said I am working
in movie business too

I see, it's you I thought
you are a film maker

any seat will do, say l7, 8, 9, 10

sorry, I've forgotten to cross it

these are seats for the locals


Seats for locals,
you are too young to understand

I can't explain to you in a few words

choose another seats

well, how about r7, 8, 9, 10


no change is needed

enjoy yourself

that's it

hi, it's me, Peter again

I've been working in this
cinema for many years

I am paid to take many parts of job here

I can't help,
it's really hard to get a job here

if I don't do it, one contributor
will be lessen to the film industry

there are many strange things in this world

last time I bumped against the set
of the film "heavenly drugs"

it's shown tonight

I've been informed that,
the lead ng tai-hung will come tonight

I hope he won't recognize me

Brother hung - hello

sister may - hello

ball, have you booked
the tickets for me yet?

Of course, total four

1, 2, 3, 4 nice seats

let's go


why is there no reporter?

It's secret show, they don't want
to do the promotion so early

don't worry, I've camera for you

if there was no reporter,
I shouldn't have dressed up then

I have waited for an hour
for you to make up, you know!

But the producer
and the director haven't shown up too

many people come to watch movies
only on Tuesday

they will be heartbreaking if they see
so few audiences to watch the film

that's right,
if the cinemas always cut the price

many audiences will go
to watch movies oftenly

that's right

everyone don't move!

Idol, I love watching your movie

idol, let's take a photo


I watched all your movies

for this one, I'll watch six times a day

thank you

he works here

it's showing, go in please

you are handsome

are you working here or watching film here?

I am working hard, you know?

It's showing, let's go inside

my god!

Granny, what number you are holding?

So crowded!


what's up?

I am looking for your seats


it's you again!

It's predestined for us to meet again

come on, I know your seats

enjoy it

your are really handsome, really handsome

enjoy your movie

why it's you again?

I am a film maker you know

I bought two more tickets next to you,
so no one will be bother you

- you need not appreciate it
- Bastard



auntie, you should sit in front, I am sorry

Brother hung,
I'm blocked by the guy sitting in front

take the next seat

it's occupied

that bastard said it's empty

there are seats behind, let's go back

Sit here

Nice place, huh


idol, these seats are for the locals,
you can't sit here

why not?

Idol, I am your fans

I love you, I won't hurt you

you can't take these seats

are they sold?

Not exactly, in fact...

What? It's empty,
that's alright, just cut the crap

idol, since you insist to sit here,
you'd take the responsibility

nuts, forget about him

What's up?

Any lighter?

No smoking


you're troublesome!

What's up?

Do you want it? Take one

what's up?

My god, I see nothing

I see nothing

did you see ghost?

Watch movie

It's showing

You said you look handsome,
but you look dummy in the movie

what's up? I am a mixture
if Andy lau and Stephen chow

you don't even appreciate it

I won't take you to watch movie next time

I wanna go to toilet, please accompany me?

Go yourself

no, go with me

what a trouble!

Hurry up!

What's wrong? You said you have sore throat,
but you have eaten all the pop corns!

Nuts, I didn't eat your pop corn!

You didn't, so, did Ken finish them all?

Let's watch movie.

You are a woman of the 90's

are you sick to have others keeping
you company to go to toilet?

What do you mean? Crimes always happened!

Robberies happened anywhere

there are many peepers too!

I am with you, chicken!

Why don't you go inside with me?

What! You want me to go
to the toilet with you?

People will tease me if I am seen

maybe this will be published on paper

I'll wait for you right here.

Shout if there is anything happened

It takes so long! I want to piss too

may! Are you ready to leave?

I want to piss, I am going to toilet now

You left yesterday with
your youth left behind


granny, why do you clean the floor late
at the night?

Your boss is so mean to you

those bastards made my room became a toilet

it's stinks!

What did you say?

I don't want to talk to you

me too

with you youth left behind

now, you turn and look back,
you will have regrets...

I look down...

Granny, are you kidding?

I am scared myself



May, may...


I am poor, come and help me

save me, help!

Save me, help!

I am scared

idol, what are you doing here?


so much blood!

Why don't you go back to watch movie?

You are back?


miss, sorry, I mistake you as my girlfriend

miss, you took a wrong seat,
this is the seat of my girlfriend's

this is my seat

I am sorry, I changed my seat

when my girlfriend is out,
I'll return the seat to you

no need, when your girlfriend comes out

I'll take the next seat

thank you

wah, come on, come quickly

I saw hung going in and take a bath

this time I won't afraid of him any more

I wanna to kill him

the weapon is gone

what are you doing? Are you alright?

You bleed a lot!

I am fine

Good acting, huh!

Thank you

your girlfriend went to the toilet
for a long time, don't you worry?

The toilet of this cinema is really dirty

I am going to check it out, excuse me


I cried for help in the
room for a long time

why don't you help me?

Go and check your girlfriend

May, anyone here?


May, what takes you so long?

Why are you scared so much?


Curtain again?

Boss, don't fool me!

Fooling me again,
it's not reasonable to turn back

What's up? It's mine


I met that too, don't look at it, let's go!

This is a long road, let's go that way!

That way is even longer, go!

No curtain

what curtain?


do you want them back?


So, let's go

Hurry up!

Little girls, where is the exit?

Down there

thank you

It can't be opened

it still locked

try harder

- how is it?
- It doesn't work!

Let's find another exit

idol, it's the regulation of the cinema
that the movie isn't finished

no one is allowed to leave

no, up there...

Hey! Open the door!


Wait for me!

Hurry up!

That ball!

That ball is really horrible

it's not a ball, it's a dead man's head


Hurry up!

- Hurry up!
- I am scared, I can't walk

run faster!

The door!

It can't be opened!

How many stairs we walked down?

I don't know!

How many stairs we went up?

I don't know!

You know nothing!

Let's go down!

Wait, when we go down

we did see two girls.


but why can't we see them when we went up?


let's go up - go

Don't panic!

Anyone else? We are lost!

I don't think there is someone inside

but we have to search for the exit.

Don't panic!

Don't be afraid!

What are you doing, idol?

We lost our way

but you should know the words written here

control room, no entry

well, let's go back to watch movie

no, I won't watch any more

idol, since you have come,
I'll show you something


The hand

it's haunted


Let's go!

Ng tai-hung, go, there is ghost! Run!

Get up

get up, the movie is finished!
You said this movie is great!

It's boring!

I have had a nightmare!

Let's go!

"July 14, 1967"

what's the matter?


isn't nice?

I've fallen asleep

do you believe in ghost?

Anyway it doesn't cost a penny,
it doesn't matter to believe it

if only you do nothing wrong,
you need not be afraid of anything

I forgot to tell you one thing

ghost is not horrible

the people next to you may be very horrible

you can never tell what they are thinking

be careful to make friends

good luck, see you.