Troubles (2020) - full transcript

Always the same violent, unbearable nightmare. Marion's been living in the USA for a few weeks but her nights are agitated. One day she meets Emma, a French underground girl who suggests a strange kind of therapy.. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hey! Smells good around here!

- You want some?
- No thanks.

I'm just gonna grab some coffee,

I need to leave pretty soon.

- But thanks.
- No problem.

- Jeff we need to go grocery shopping.
- Sure.

- Marion...
- Yeah?

We're meeting some friends downtown
later, one of the girls is French.

- Cool.
- You wanna come?

Yes of course,
thanks you so much.

I'll text you the details later.

Ok, thank you!

Have a good day and
see you tonight then!

- Later.
- Bye.

Hey Steve!

Hey Marion, how
are you today?

I'm fine, I was
just at the library,

- I got the books you told me about.
- Great.

Shankar's book will be a
big help to your project.

- How's it going so far?
- Yeah...

I still got a couple of month
before my presentation and...

I think I've got
everything I need so

now I'm just working on details.


Read Shankar's book, let
me know what you think.

I'm really sorry I can't
be there to join you but...


- I'm so busy.
- That's ok, I understand.

How's it going with...?

- Jeff and...?
- Oh.

Jeff and Nina.

They are great.

My room is perfect,
the neighborhood is so peaceful.

I was so lucky,

to find them for my stay here.

I could stay
there forever!

I'm so glad!
Marion, I gotta go.

- We keep in touch though ok?
- Sure.

Thank you Steve.

- Bye!
- See you. Bye.

So I mean, the ending,
what Marvel did there...

It was pretty risky, but I think
that's what the audience wanted.

In the end, after they saw it.

That's what we're really craving
when we go see a movie... a twist.

See the director take things a
direction that we weren't expecting.

And what a way to introduce
children to the idea of death.

Oh yeah, on such a
massive scale too!

Unlike the scarcity,

A fantastic idea too!
Sorry kids, people die in mass amounts!

And it just happens!

It's such a bold concept that
he didn't use the glove to,

provide all the ressources that the
universe would need in the first place.

Like that's his pigheadedness
I think, which was evident.

Can I have a lighter please?

Thank you.



- Thanks for coming.
- You bet.

- How are you?
- I'm good, how are you?

I'm fine, thanks.

- Do you want to drink coffee or...?
- No thanks.

- Can I help you with something?
- Yes!

I'm just thinking about
how I'm gonna introduce

the chapter about the Hawking

If it were me... I'd
summarize his results,

go chronologically back through his life...
and add your own conclusions.

Yeah you're right,
I should do that.

- You saw "The Theory of Everything"?
- Of course.

It's good right?

We're going to another movie
in that series tonight,

taking a couple of PhD students,
on campus,

8 o'clock, wanna go?

Oh... it would be great but

actually I really want
to finish this so...

I guess tonight I keep
on working on that.

But thank you.


Are you ok?

Yeah. I think I'm
a bit tired today.

I don't think you're a
bit tired today, I think,

something is
bothering you.

Dreams maybe?

I told you about that?



I have dreams and... they are

very strange.

And I'm sorry.
I don't want to bother you...

It's not a bother.

Dreams are strange.

But sometimes, they're
trying to help us,

sometimes... they're trying
to tell us ...something.

And sometimes, we should listen.

I'd love to have this conversation,
it's interesting to me, I gotta go.

Some other time?

Don't worry about it,

It's fine, I gotta go.

Later. Ok..

Sorry about that.

It's ok. No worries.

You were telling me... you got
a lot out of Shankar's book?

Yeah, it's very... interesting,

and I think I will

use it a lot for my work.


How are you holding up?

I'm good!

Are you sure?

Did you want to talk about
something while I'm here?

You want me to talk about
the dreams I'm having?

You should probably
tell somebody,

it doesn't have to be me.

But I think we both know, the
more you bottle these things up,

the more power
they have over us.

I know.



It's been a while now

that I'm having the same dream

again and again and again.

It's almost always
the same story,

only a few details change.

What's the story?

I'm basically getting killed.

Ok.. What changes?


The person who kills me.

It can be anyone,

most of the time,
people I just met.

People here in the States?


People here at the university?


People like... me?


I'm no expert,

but from what
I understand,

the subconscious

creates these

stories... for us, in our dreams

out of... what's going on...
in our present life

maybe mixes it with some...

Or something from... the past?

And runs it for us,

again and again and again,

until we decide how
we feel about it.

Possibly even make some kind of
a decision.

I think it's perfectly normal,

but... I also think

you've been having this one,

for a while.

Maybe you should pay a
little more attention to it.

- Hi everybody!
- Hey Marion.

How's it going?

Great! I took up residence
at the library today.

How was your day?

Pretty intense! We're currently doing
inventory at the shop so it's a big mess.

But tonight, we
should just chill out!

Sounds great to me!

I invited Emma.
You two became friends it seems!

Yeah she's really nice.

And I'm very happy to be able to
speak French with someone too!

I'm glad you two found each other,
she's awesome, interesting and clever.

- And I love her tattoos.
- Me too.

I'm gonna change clothes and I'll
be back with you guys in a minute.

See you!

Marion, you want a beer?

- Sure thanks.
- Hey babe, can you get me one too?

Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.


It's been about 3 weeks now,
how are you liking it so far?

I love it! You guys are great,

people here are so friendly,

I'm making friends all the
time here, it's very cool.

- That's awesome.
- Great.

So Emma is coming
tonight, right?

Yeah she texted earlier,
she should be here any second.

She didn't tell me
what her job is.

Is she a student
here in Portland?

No, not a student, she's a performing
artist. Dancing, that sort of thing.

Oh. Really?

Where did you guys meet?

We met at a party,
she was dancing on a stage,

and we got to talking at the bar
afterwards, about spirituality..

She's really into
that sort of thing.

Yeah I noticed.

Do you know why?

I couldn't say why, but she's a
very open-minded person I think.


She told me

about a meeting she goes to...

Is she in a cult or something?

I really can't say...
but she does have her secrets.

- Hi, how are you?
- Good how are you?

Good! Hi everyone!

Hey Emma how's it going?
I hear you're in a cult now?

I'm not sure I want you around anymore,
we don't need any crazies in here!

We're worshiping
Cthulhu, actually

as a matter of fact,
you should be aware

his awakening is about to come.

Thanks for the tip,
I'll keep that in mind.

- How are you?
- Fine, and you?

- Beer ok?
- Yes sir!

But I guess they
kept following me

next thing I know, I get a
little tap on my shoulder,

I turn around, one of the guys
hits me, right in the face.

And so, I wake up
some time later,

on the ground, and
all my stuff's gone.

So if I had to change one thing
it would be

not going to see that movie.

And I'm not gonna tell you which
one but it was pretty bad too!

You never told me this story.

It was a thousand years ago, and
it's not that funny of a story!

So, and you, Nina.

If you wanted to change
something in your life,

what would you change?

Alright! Alright!

And you Emma?

I don't know.

Maybe something about my
temper. I wish I could be more

patient, calm...

No no no! You're not
playing the game.

It's not a detail.

You have to pick
something specific.

Well, ok...

I should never've ordered
that Bloody Mary last year.

I ordered it because a
girl I was after took one,

and I had no idea what it was,

I was trying to flirt,
I wanted her to like me,

and I had one sip,

only one, and it
was so disgusting!

I ran to the bathroom and
I spit it out. Never again!

Ok guys,

thank you for everything,
thanks for the beer.

Sure, I'll see you around!

- See you soon Nina.
- Good to see you.

Thanks for coming.

I had a dream last night,

and I was this
tiny drop of water,

inside of a river,

deep in the forest.

I became caught in
a pile of rocks,


in this whirlpool.

And I couldn't seem to get out,
not matter how hard I tried.

And then,

it started to rain.

And as the rain came down,

it created the river to rise,

and I knew then, that it
was my chance to escape.

So I ceased my

and kept floating
down the river.

And eventually I
met with the ocean.

I woke up thinking
"that was a funny dream".

But then, I realized
what it meant.

The rain drops,

are just tiny drops
of water like me,

and they're what
helped me break free.

We really have to
help each other.

Have to let people in,

so that we can all break free,

and continue
down our path.

We're here to help each other,

juste like the raindrops...
in the river.

You look nervous.

I going to take your shirt off.

And now I'm gonna tie you up.

I'll be right back.

I'll be right back.


You can't speak?

But you can hear?

You can read on my lips?

That's why you are here?

You think... Naya is gonna
heal you, is that it?

Have a good week-end, take good care
of the house, and I'll see you sunday.

Sure. Have a good week-end guys,
and see you sunday. Bye!

Druben everybody!

That was a brilliant interpretation of
the famous Beatles song "Dear Prudence"!

Oh my heart!

We'll keep going on!

We're about to see
one of my favorite acts.

Are you ready for
something special?

Let us all put our
hands together

the one, the only...
Mixy, everybody!

There's something you
wanna tell me Chris?

I don't know.

Yes, there is.

Something happened today.
Something sudden.

My father...

He's sick again.

Give me your hand.

It's gonna be ok.

You can sit down now.

How do you feel Emma?

I'm fine.

You're fine?

But I don't want you to be fine!

Do you still feel fine, Emma?

- Tell me the truth.
- No.

You want me to go
harder, don't you?

No. No.

Yes you do.

Yes, you do.

You're bleeding.

Poor thing.

But I'm not done with you yet.

Do you pity her?

You shoudn't.

This is what she's here for..

She needs us to help her.

And I want each of you,

to come up and help her.

I won't make
anybody do anything,

but please,

do your part.

We all need to help her.


Can you come up here please?

Do it Clara.

She needs you, as you need her.

Again. Stronger.

Very good.
You may have a seat Clara.

I... I don't know.

She's counting on you Chris.

Don't be scared Sandra.

You're helping her.

We should all, be helping her.



Congratulations Sandra,

you may have a seat.

How do you feel now, Emma?

You feel better don't you?

Are you ok Marion?

What? Oh... yes. Sorry.

I'm fine.

Are you sure? You
seem preoccupied.

That's ok, thank you.

You know you can
talk to me, right?

Is it about Emma?


Emma is going to these meetings,

and she invited me twice.

Ok. What happened?

The leader,
who I thought was really kind,

was actually very
violent last night.

And she... tortured Emma.


That sounds serious.

Maybe you shouldn't go to these cult
meetings anymore, and I'll talk to Emma.

I won't go anymore for sure...
but I'm really worried about Emma.


she's a friend,
I'll talk to her.

Thank you Jeff.

Calm down. Calm down.

Let me go!

- What can I do?
- Go get a towel,

and some water.

Calm down.

Come on.

You're alright.

It's ok, it's fine. Calm down.


It's alright.

It's ok.

I'm sorry.

It's alright.

You should get going home.

Let me drive you.

No, I'll wait for Marion
to come back here.

I really don't think
that's a good idea.

Let me drive you home ok?

I'm sorry... about last night.

You are my mother
You are my father.

You're my lover
and you're my friend.

You're the beginning
You are the center.

And you are.

Beyond the end.

I love you so.

For you helped me see.

To see you in whole.

Is to see you in me.

I'm in you And
you are in me.

Don't worry,

you're gonna be ok.

Don't be afraid for him,

this is what's
gonna help him heal.

We all need to face our demons.

Tonight, we'll all join
Chris in solidarity.

Don't fight it,

you need this.

- So, how have you been?
- Well, good.

Good... Things are good.

Glad to hear that.

The sessions
are... better,

all the time.

We're happy to have you.

Thanks. Hey!

Hey Marion. Have a drink.


Cheers. Thank you.

- Are you breathing better now?
- Oh yeah.

The sessions have
been really helping.

- Naya is really great.
- Oh yeah!

Hey Marion. Have a drink.


Cheers. Thank you.

- Hey sleepy head. How are you?
- Hi Jeff.

I'm good, I think.

Somebody needs coffee
that's for sure!

Emma and your friend... Clara,
stopped by.

- Nobody wanted to wake you up so...
- What?

Morning Marion.