Troubled Waters (2019) - full transcript

Off the coast of Montpellier, a diver exploring a wreck uncovers a highly sought-after treasure: a golden statuette of Medusa, the monster from Greek mythology. The day after his discovery, the young man's boat is found adrift, with no one on board. Has the curse surrounding the legendary statue struck again? Or is a rival treasure hunter behind the diver's disappearance? - It's up to Police Captain Guillaume Le Guen of Montpellier's regional crime squad and his brother, Gendarmerie Captain Damien Le Guen, to solve the mystery. There's no time to waste and they'll need all their investigative skills, particularly because the victim is none other than Thibault Gagneur, Guillaume's son-in-law, whose daughter Emilie is expecting his grandchild. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

We don't want to know
before it's born.

But I'm sure it's a girl.

The father ran away?
That's not brave of him!

No, he's studying
with a pal for his exams.

- Well?
- I say it's a boy.

- No!
- Yes, it's a boy.

Like his grandpa, right?

I'll show you something
that worked for both of you.

Stand up.
Trust me. Stand up.

- Put your hands on your hips.
- Hello?

As if you were upset.

See that right there?
Thumbs up front it's a girl.

That's ridiculous, Mom!
Did you get that from NASA?


OK, I'll be right there.

That was the station.

- Aren't you off duty?
- It's an emergency.

It's a police case.

You coming?

Oh, no. Not both.

- For once Thibault comes.
- Sorry, sweetheart.

The police and the gendarmerie
working hand in hand.

That's my boys!

- You'll fill me in later!
- Yeah.

We found this wallet.

I recognized Emily and her boyfriend.

The boat was empty and adrift.

- What about the GPS?
- The Coast Guard's on it.

- We need to send the divers.
- Do you mind?

OK, fine... Do as he said.

Don't touch anything, OK?

I said "don't touch anything"!

Fuck off.
Thibault isn't just anyone.

Did you know he dived?

You should ask Mimi.
Thibault's not very talkative.

How long have they been together
with Emily?

Two years, since college.

Bring a search team, will you?

Let's go see the owner of the boat.

Come on!

OK. He's just...

Do you know this place?

Yes, but why would they go there?


There are crazy currents
in this area.

No fish, no corals, no nothing.

They say it's cursed.

Some call it "The Devil's Caldron".

My old man used to tell me stories
about sunken boats.

Not one single diver would go there.

But tell me,
does Thibault often work for you?

As a part-time diving instructor,
to pay for his studies.

God dammit.

What do I tell her?

I can talk to her.

It's my case, after all.

It's my daughter.

Except for the fact
that he stole a boat

and went to the marked area,
we have nothing.

Maybe we're worrying about nothing.

For all we know,
he might just need some space,

with the baby and all.

Lots of guys freak out
about becoming a father.

Not many jump off a boat.

Let alone in a dangerous area.

What a mess!

A fisherman saw the boat
this morning, around 10:30 AM.

That's all we know.

Yes, sweetie.

Don't worry. We'll find him.

When did you last see Thibault?

Last night.

He left early. I didn't see
him leave, I was sleeping.

I didn't know he was going to dive.

Look. The Devil's Caldron...

This right here.
Have you heard about it?

That's where he was.

We rarely talk
about his diving trips.

I don't like the sea.

How was he feeling lately?

What do you mean?

I don't know.

Was he feeling anxious or nervous?

Threatened, maybe?

I thought you said I shouldn't worry.

He's probably fine. Just relax.

He might be fine,

but we need to know
why he went there.

Can I look through his things?

He doesn't have much at my place.
Just some clothes and books.

He tossed everything he had.

Have you seen this notebook?

Yes. It was his father's.

Thibault inherited
his passion for diving

and wrecks.

- How did his parents die?
- Car accident.

In the West Indies.

His sister's all he has.

But they've fallen out.

She works at an aquarium
in Grau-du-Roi.

Has Océane Gagneur
worked here long?

After her parents got shipwrecked,
she hit a dry spell.

- Shipwrecked?
- Wasn't it a car accident?

They went out in a storm.

Only the empty boat was found.

I thought...

- When did that happen?
- Five years ago.

Her mother, Magali, was my friend.
I'm Océane's godmother.

I thought this job
would get her back on her feet.

Well, there she is.

You'll find her upstairs.

Thank you.

Why would Thibault
lie about his parents?

And his plans.
He had no trips that morning.

He lies about his past and present,
he vanishes at sea.

Is this my daughter's boyfriend?

Looks like history repeats itself.

First the parents,
now the son goes missing at sea.

Yes, Tanguy?

Léo Langlois? Really?

OK, keep digging. Thanks.

The owner of the diving club?
Come on, spit it out already!

He did time for money laundering.

Something about
a mob casino 8 years ago.

- Here.
- Thank you.

- I hope it's waterproof.
- I doubt that.

Thank you.

I'll do the talking, OK?

- Océane Gagneur?
- Yes.

Captain Le Guen, Investigation Squad.

It's about your brother, Thibault.

We found his boat empty.

Empty? What do you mean?

We don't know yet, but don't worry.

We're looking for him.

The boat went to the Devil's Caldron.


That's where my parent's boat
was found, and it was empty.

Have you seen Thibault?

I hear you're not on speaking terms.

- You "hear"?
- Yes.

That's what Émilie Le Guen,
my daughter, said.

Your daughter? Who are you?

Captain Le Guen, Criminal Police.

Thibault and Émilie were a couple.
I mean, they are a couple.

They're having a baby.

Do you think your brother's going
to the Devil's Caldron

is related to your parents' death?

Everything is related to their death
in the eyes of my brother.

It's a real obsession.

He never got over it.


No, not now.
You're pissing me off!


I have to go.

Will you be OK?

It's Émilie's boyfriend!

The first few hours are critical.

I can't always cover you.

We have work.

The boss asked twice where you were.

As for your son-in-law,
Damien's on it.

Yeah, he is.

But let's make it quick anyway.


He died in the middle of the night.

Did he drink?

We found the bottle.

There are fingerprints on it,
and also... down there.

Down there?

- Yes, down the...
- On the bottom!

The bottom of the bottle.

- Jesus! Is that all?
- Yes.

Take the body for an autopsy.

You two, come with me.

Find anyone who knew that guy,
to see if he was depressed.


- It's very neat.
- Yes. Quite.

Looks like he loved to drink.

Check this out.

That's weird. It was open.

Fuck, where is it?


- Guillaume?
- Damien?

Alexis Michaud,

41 years old, 100 % green.

His press card was revoked
due to legal problems.

He vandalized the premises
of a pharmaceutical company.

He called Thibault three days ago.

What is going on?

Lieutenant Goby.

Dude dies
and we find this at his place.

It doesn't take a genius
to see there's a connection.

What's this?
Are they trafficking?

That's what we need to find out.

He's with me.

- Who's this guy?
- I don't know.

That was the coroner.

The hyoid bone's broken,

so Michaud was most likely strangled
before being hanged.

The prints on the bottle aren't his.

Hold on,
is this some kind of staging?

Wait. There's Thibault

and Michaud.
They talked on the phone.

One dead, one missing.

This guy getting in a car,
I want to know who he is.

And I want a full search
of Michaud's cell phone.

We're gonna have
to work together, bro.

OK. Great.

Where were you?

Why didn't you come last night?

I did but you weren't here.


Tomorrow? OK.

Warehouse 8.

With the cargo. That works.

It's about the Devil's Caldron.

"Incidents in the area

"range from a small boat
missing in 1975

"to fishing boats
connecting Italy to the coast

"which vanished in the early 1900's.


"a series of decompression accidents

"among daring divers
remains a mystery".

Look at this.

- Christophe and Magali Gagneur.
- Thibault's parents?

The boat was empty.
The bodies were never found.

And there's this, too.

Storm forecasted two days earlier.

Boats remained docked.

It was ruled an accident.
They were seasoned sailors.

Why did they sail out
on the Black Lily,

on a high wind warning?

It's Guillaume. Put it away.

- She's not with you?
- She's in your room.

Thanks for having her over, Mom.

Of course.

It eases me to know she's with you.

I'll go see her.

Do you have any news?
About Thibault.

No. Nothing for the moment.

I can't believe it.

You want a copy of the police report?

Give me a break.
It's only fair that I worry.

Thibault is family.

If you don't tell me, I'll find out.

Sure you will.

since you have a partner now.

Right, André?

You'll never find him, will you?

Why do you say that?

I don't know. I can feel it.

Did you ask Grandma to have me over?


Am I in danger because of Thibault?

Of course not.
Where's that coming from?

You need to rest, darling.

Sleep tight, both of you.

I love you.

Damien, it's me.

- How did the divers do?
- They didn't.

How can that be?

All teams were taken.

I sent a helicopter.
They didn't find anything.

Were they taken

or scared?
You're soldiers, dammit!

Guillaume, don't be a pain.

I'll go there tomorrow.

- You didn't have to come.
- Am I bothering you?

Where are the divers?

- Is that OK?
- Yes.

Here we are.

- Are you sure?
- Yes. This is the point on the map.

- She just fell asleep.
- You need to sleep, too.


I know what it's like
to lose the father of your children.

We will help her.

We'll all be there for her.

You've a strong family.

You know you can count on your sons.

And you can count on me.

We need to find
the bastard that killed Thibault.

For Mimi.

We'll find him, I promise.



Oh. Please hold, sir.

Damien, it's the coroner.
I'll put my son on.

Give me that.




Very well. Thank you.

Thank you.

What did he say?

He didn't drown.
There was no water in his lungs.

How did he die, then?

By suffocation.
Ran out of oxygen.

His leg was speared through,
he was tied under water...

Someone wanted to make him suffer?

That's totally crazy!
I mean, why?

A sadist.

They wanted revenge.

I've a record
so I must be a murderer?

No, I'm just doing my job.

I'm questioning everyone
who was in contact with Thibault

You don't look too upset.

Would you like me to sob like a baby?

I hardly knew Thibault.

His leg was speared
with something like this.

Do you know him?

Should I?

- He was in contact with Thibault.
- Never seen him.

Where were you the day he died
and the night before?

With my girlfriend, Océane Gagneur.

I only hired his brother part-time
to please her.

Weren't they at odds?

A big sister's a big sister, I guess.

Yeah, what?

OK. I'm on my way.


I'll see you soon.

I know the drill.
I won't go anywhere.

Why are you here?

We taped Michaud's phone.

The last calls he made to Thibault
were received here.

Guess who used to rent
this lighthouse?

Christophe Gagneur,
Thibault's father.

Over there.

The Black Lily.

- Is that the Gagneurs' boat?
- Yes.

And who lives on it?
Océane Gagneur, Thibault's sister.

It's a small world.

Why didn't Thibault
say anything to Emily?

Another one of his lies.

I was at the diving club earlier.


I've a bad feeling
about Léo Langlois. He's fishy.

By the way, Michaud died
8 hours before Thibault.

What are you doing here?

Thibault said his father
used to live in this lighthouse,

and that someday he'd buy it.

What's all the mess?

Why did Thibault lie
about his parents?

- You didn't tell me!
- What for?

What for?
Everybody lies to me, dammit!

Is there anything else
I should know about?

- Émilie!
- Leave me alone!

Émilie, wait. Wait!

Hey, hold on.
Give her some time.

Look at this.
The sister's got quite a record.

- What?
- She's been in mental hospitals.

Was Thibault
investigating his sister?

I've no idea.

She was committed
before her parents went missing.

Surprise, surprise.

So what do we do?
Should we check her boat?

Muriel has some intel
on the journalist's cell.

- I'm rushing to the office.
- OK.

What do you want now?

I want to talk to Océane.

She's not here.
She works late tonight.

Michaud's calls
came from a cell tower

located in an industrial area
north of Montpellier.

Look. There.
That's Michaud with a scarf.

It's two in the morning.

He's staking out.
Where did you get it?

I do my job, what do you think?

He did it many nights in a row.

He was watching someone or something.

Is he linked to the trafficking?

That's the next stage.

The video shows three companies.

If one of them makes drums
like these, we got the bald guy.

Thanks, Muriel.

How's Émilie doing?

Not so good.



Océane. Océane!

She's still very weak.

Can I talk to her?

You'll do that tomorrow.

- I have to go now.
- Thank you, Doctor.

Are you alright?

- Feeling better?
- Yes.

Yes. Thanks for the coffee.

I've had asthma since I was a child.

Stress makes it worse.

So when I heard
about Thibault's death...

And then seeing Océane
in that condition...

The Gagneurs and I
were very close at one time.

We shared a passion
for the sea, sailing

and diving.

Why did Océane and Thibault fall out?

It was a long time ago.

Let's say that Thibault
felt unloved by his father,

who only had eyes for Océane.

He decided she'd be a freediver.

She was a natural, and was
in perfect physical condition.

Thibault was more frail -
the intellectual type.


This isn't Océane's
first suicide attempt, is it?

Océane always wanted to go deeper,

further, push her own limits.

Her father cut her career short
in order to protect her.

But she kept challenging herself

to the point of almost dying
of exhaustion several times.

So he made the decision
of having her hospitalized -

in an institution, that is.

She never forgave him for that.

What if Océane
wanted to kill her father?

- At sea, in a storm?
- To make it look like an accident.

She may've killed her mom
for doing nothing.

You think she could tie her brother
underwater and watch him die?

We've seen worse.

Yeah, but why would she do it?

- What's the motive?
- I don't know.

- Leave Océane alone, OK?
- You have a crush on her?

We must work together,
but don't push it.


I'll be the one questioning Océane.
Got it?

I've had enough.

I'm going crazy, waiting for news.

I know,

but an investigation takes time.

That's how it is.

- I'd like to help.
- That's not how it works.

Grandma has always helped you.

You think she asks for permission?

For your grandmother,
life is a full-size detective novel.

She's not a good role model.

Mimi, you have to trust
your father and me.

We're doing the best we can.

Can I have a coffee?

If you're not too keen on quality,
there's a machine.

- I'll bring you one.
- Thank you.


What are you doing here?

Where did you get that?

Thibault was found tied under water.

He'd been tortured.

Why? Who did it?

- Oh, honey.
- I need to understand.

- My love.
- Who did that to him?

We'll find out, I promise.

I give you my word. We'll find out.

Why do you want to know
about the mask of Medusa?

I'm starting to think
of a thesis topic.

I'm interested in myths and beliefs,
especially Medusa.

Everything leads to you.

But if you have already
read my books,

what else can I add?

According to you, it's a gold mask

that may have
healing powers on its owner.


Do you believe in those powers?

Historians don't believe in legends.

Is the mask valuable?

It is more than valuable.

They say it may be in the sea,

aboard a boat called the Luezza,

in the Devil's Caldron.

"They"? Who's "they"?
Not me, at any rate.

I must've read it somewhere.

Be advised that this story
is pure fantasy.

Have you discussed it recently?


It's an old legend
no one cares about anymore.

Except you, clearly.

Do you know him?

Not at all.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

I'm flying to a conference abroad.

If you have any more questions...

I don't trust this guy.

Me neither.
That look when he saw Thibault.

Yes, I noticed.
I bet he recognized him.

What now?

Is that how you thank me?

I pulled you out of the water.

I have a few more questions for you,
as you can probably guess.

Why did you want to die
underwater, like your brother?

That's how we all die in this family.

Under water.

Except he didn't tie himself down.

A few days ago, Thibault left me
a message on my phone.

I should've told you.

What was it about?

He found out something
about our parents' death.

We were on the outs
so I didn't call him.

I should have.

He was in contact
with Alexis Michaud, a journalist.

Did he want to talk about him?

I'm telling you, I don't know.

Good news. You'll be able
to leave this afternoon.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I have one last question.
Where were you when he died?

You won't give up, will you?

I've already talked
to your colleague.

What're you doing here?

We said I would question Océane.
You piss me off!

Shut up!

- Listen. We got a connection.
- A connection?

Thibault and Michaud.

See this guy?
That's William Lourbier.

He's the CEO of Guidex,
a toxic waste treatment plant.

Why does it sound familiar?

It's in the article on the Gagneurs

because Magali
used to work at Guidex.

Thibault and Michaud meet.

Michaud photographs Lourbier,
the CEO of Guidex.

And Magali Gagneur
works for Lourbier at Guidex.

She dies.

The father dies.

And Michaud... dies.

That's a lot of deaths
around this Lourbier.

We've nothing against him
other than some stolen pictures.


This man took the pictures.

Don't know him.

His name was Michaud.

He knew you.
He was an investigative journalist,

and was interested in your company.

Do you ever ship
the toxic waste that you treat?

No, we destroy it.

- We do everything by the book.
- And the drums?

There are thousands of them
all over the world.

I've two more photos to show you,
if you don't mind.

No idea.

What about her?

Magali Gagneur.

She was a maintenance supervisor
from 1997 to 2010.

That's her husband.
I can't remember his name.

Come with me.

The Christmas album, please.

It's a tradition here.

A group photo
the day we put up the tree.

Spouses are always invited.

Here's Magali Gagneur
with her husband.

- Can I take it?
- If you give it back to me.

No problem.
We'll see each other soon.

May I know the reason why?

Because I know you're lying,
Mr. Lourbier.

We have a nice set of prints
on the pictures.

May match the ones on the bottle.

Except they're totally illegal.

Yes, but at least
we'll know what to expect.

So, let's say Thibault's parents
found out something

about Guidex
and the waste trafficking.

They were killed on a fake accident.

Michaud got a lead,

so he questioned Thibault
on his parents' death.

But the murderer found out.

The murderer found out
and got rid of both of them,

years after killing the parents.

Not bad.

However, the modus operandi
is not the same for both murders.

That's one for you.

Michaud's death
was disguised as suicide.

Unlike Thibault -
he was tied underwater.

It would've been easy
to make it look like an accident.

You think we got
two different killers?

We'll soon be certain about Lourbier.
What about the sister?

She doesn't seem guilty.

- What do you mean?
- She doesn't.

She was institutionalized.
She hated her father,

and her brother,
who was investigating her.

And you think she's innocent?

Wait, let's go back
to the parents, OK?

She worked at Guidex, but what is
his connection to the company?

I don't know. He was a shipowner.

- A shipowner?
- Yes.

Shipowner, boats, drums...
It might actually fit.

I'll find out more.
I've a good contact.

- The aquarium owner.
- A "good contact"?

A pretty contact.

Well, she asked me out tonight.

- Why're you here?
- I brought you something.

A video from the Midi Libre website.

- Press there.
- I know how it works.

...the accident
happened this morning.

After losing control of his vehicle,
Félix Coulomb,

a well-known local author

and historian,
reportedly assaulted a driver...

OK... So, what?

That's Félix Coulomb,

the author who wrote
all the books on Medusa.

He's a leading writer.

Mimi and I went to see him today...

Mimi? What did you do now?

I won't disturb you any longer.

Get back to work.

You'll fill me in, of course.


A passing driver saw the accident.

The owner of the vehicle
flagged him to stop,

so he stopped.

Then Coulomb hit him on the head
with some statuette.

- A statuette?
- Yes.

- What did it look like?
- He said it looked like a gold mask.

OK. Have you started the search?

We're looking for Coulomb.

Oh, shit!

- What? What is it?
- What's wrong with him?

What's going on?

Damn it.

What's the matter with them?



- You killed him, scumbag!
- It wasn't me!



Stop, you're gonna kill him!

Stop it!


Everything points at you.
Do you realize?

Do you?
We're examining your calls.

It'll link you to the guy
who had the accident,


- I didn't kill Thibault.
- I think you did.

You killed him for a mask
you sold for 200,000 euros.

- Is that what a life is worth?
- I didn't kill him.

- He was dead when I got there.
- Go on. I'm interested.

Come on.

Coulomb contacted me through a pal.

He asked me to watch Thibault.

We could score big.

He knew Thibault
was looking for Medusa,

just like his father.

When I saw Thibault
take one of the boats,

I decided to follow him.

I had promised myself that
I'd never go to the Devil's Caldron.

- Too many accidents and deaths.
- But the lure of money was stronger.

He dove in,

and then someone
hiding in the boat followed him.

Man? Woman?

I can't say. I was too far away.
But I filmed it all.

A good half hour later,

the second diver
climbed back aboard, alone.

And then?

Then, the boat left.

Are you telling me that this person,
if he or she exists,

took Thibault's boat
and left it somewhere else at sea?

- Why?
- I don't know.

Maybe another boat
was waiting for them.

An accomplice?

What did you do next?

Me? I plunged in.

Is that you?

- No.
- How can I know?

It wouldn't be the first time
you've lied.

Léo wasn't with you that morning.

He asked me to lie
if I was asked questions.

That's not me on the boat.

You had good reason
to want Thibault dead.

- What reason?
- I don't know.

The file he had put together on you.

In 20 years, he gave me
a lot of reasons to strangle him.

Have you never wanted
to kill your brother?

Yes. Yes, often.

But he wasn't found
at the bottom of the sea.

I was here that morning.

I don't have an alibi.

Does that make me guilty?

I'm going to ask you not to leave
the area for the next few days.


Yes, it's Le Guen.
I need a search warrant.

No, on a boat.

I got the results
on Lourbier's prints.

- Go on.
- We have a match.

They are the same ones
we found on the bottle.

I knew it! That son of a bitch.

What now?

We can't use these results.

We'll nail him somehow.

We're not letting him go, OK?

I thought you might be interested.

It's a vacation movie.

It may help you understand
the Gagneur family.

Magali's on the right.
Christophe's on the left.

He's the kids' father.

He owned a small fleet
of fishing boats.

Very well.

What kind of boats?


I know nothing about boats.

There's a photo
I would like to show you.

A photo?

Yes, a photo of...

A photo of a journalist.

- A dead journalist.
- Dead?


Hold me tight.


Did they ever think
that 15 years later

they would be out of touch
and one of them would die angry?

Like your dad and uncle.

They always fight,
but they actually love each other.

They can't live apart.

I'm going to get some rest, darling.

You do the same.

Perhaps it's a little too soon
to talk to you about it,

but when your grandpa died,
I didn't think I'd ever make it.

I was so young and lonely.

I had two kids to take care of.

They gave me the will to live.

It does get better, sweetie.

Have faith.

What is she doing?

Hold on, I'll go see.

We're waiting for you for breakfast.


It's late!




Where the hell are you?

Tea or coffee?

Before or after?

Carole, I don't have time.
I must...

You don't get it, Captain.

I'm in charge.

- Oh?
- Yeah.

We'll see about that.

Call me now! Emilie's in danger!

You know nothing about me.

I would've never hurt him.

Let her go!

Let her go.

Are you insane?

The harpoon, the same kind of rope
that was used on your brother.

This is all too much.

You can find those on any boat.

Don't you think
there are similarities?

I'd forgotten about this picture.

What can I say? We were kids.

I'm gonna to have to keep you.

Are you taking me into custody?

You have the right to an attorney.
You can call a relative.

Yes, Tanguy.
Come and get her, please.

She got scared when she saw me,

but she calmed down
when I told her who I was.

We got to know each other.
We talked about Thibault. That's it.

What on earth?

I was sure it was her
when I saw Thibault's picture.

- You should've called me.
- If only you'd answer!

Good thing Damien did.

She didn't kill Thibault, Dad.

What do you know?

Océane loved her brother.

Love has never stopped
anyone from killing.

Read one of those - you'll see.

I want you

Me too...

I called the guy that bought
Christophe Gagneur's boats,

including this one.

He has no idea as to what
those drums were doing on board.

However, he sent me
a list of the crew members

between 2005 and 2009,

which is when
the pictures were taken.



Anybody there?


Daniel Adamsky?

Were you on this boat?

- I have a few questions.
- What kind of questions?

What were you carrying in these drums
between 2005 and 2009?

I don't remember.

Sorry, I've got work to do.

Are you out of your mind?
What did you do that for?

What did you do with the drums?

We'd always make a stop
before going fishing.

The area scared the crap out of us.

- The Devil's Caldron?
- Yes.

No one knew what was in those drums.

We asked no questions.

Would you be able
to return to that spot?


Yes. I can find it.

Océane's rifle
wasn't used to kill Thibault.

The head is different.

The rope can be found anywhere.

We've got nothing.

There's the photo,
the way Thibault's tied up.

It's too weak. I can't extend
a police custody with this.

How did you find my address?

I am so not the kind of woman
you ignore once you've fucked them.

I had an awful day.
I was gonna call you.

- Oh?
- Yes.

Can I have a drink, then?

Of course.

- After, of course.
- After.


We've tracked down...

Take that off. I can't hear you.



We tracked down the mask of Medusa.

Right, the mask. And?

Félix Coulomb bought a plane ticket
two hours after the accident.

We're looking in the airports.


- OK, so...
- What time do you call this?

What do we have?

The repair guy was right.
Those things are full of crap.

What about Océane?

I had to let her go.
We don't have anything.

You might be interested in this,


- Hey, Captain!
- Yeah, I'm coming!

Muriel, it's me.
Go and get Lourbier.

You can officially take
his fingerprints.

Yes, we have proof.
The drums have a Guidex logo.

Holy shit!

Come... Come and see.

God, I can't.

- I don't know!
- The drums are your property.

Do you know how much it costs
to reprocess toxic materials?

In euros or jail time?

I've never seen that body, I swear!

How about Alexis Michaud?

We got your prints, Lourbier.

You didn't wear gloves

when you bought the bottle
for the staging of Michaud's death.


It wasn't Michaud who found out
we were throwing waste into the sea.

It was another journalist, years ago.

Mathis Marcillac.

We bought his silence.

One day, I heard
he'd died of an overdose.

- I thought that'd be the end.
- Until Michaud?

They had worked together.

Michaud saw the pictures
that Marcillac had taken.

He refused the money I offered him.

And the husband, Christophe Gagneur,
how does he fit into the story?

A former Guidex employee
introduced me to him.

Annie Lecailler,
one of the few people involved.

Where is she on the photo?

You've already circled her.

I offered Gagneur some money

to have one of his boats
take a detour now and then.

The Devil's Cauldron was
a perfect place for the drums.

Tell me about Thibault Gagneur.

I told you,
I have nothing to do with his death.

Or that skeleton.
You think I'm some serial killer?

You're going to jail anyway
for the murder of Michaud.

Based on the shape of the pelvis,
it's a 45- to 50-year-old woman.

Skull fracture due to a hard blow.

That's probably the cause of death.

- We have the dental test results.
- And?

The victim was from Montpellier.
That saved us some time.

She always went
to the same practitioner,

Dr. Lamy.

Born May 16, 1967

Tell us about her, Ms. Lecailler.

Is this about her disappearance?

That's been changed to murder.

Are you involved
in the waste trafficking?

No progress on the murder of my son?

What murder?


Our son, Christophe's and mine.

It happened a month ago
in Gironde, where he was living.

Benoît was found in his pool...

with a harpoon in his chest.

- Half brothers?
- Yes.

Thibault and Benoît have
the same father, Mr. Gagneur.

Christophe and Magali are married

but he has an affair with Annie.
They have a son, Benoît.

Gagneur doesn't recognize him
but gives him money.

Which would explain
why he was carrying toxic waste

on one of his boats.

Magali's body
is found hidden in a drum.

None of this explains
the murder of Thibault,

but we know
it isn't related to that of Michaud.

Lourbier killed him because of
this waste trafficking business.

Neither is it linked
to the mask of Medusa

which was stolen by Coulomb.

Léo was telling the truth.

- Then why Thibault?
- And Benoît?

Who could hold it
against the Gagneur kids?

Someone who was aware
of the relationship

between Christophe Gagneur
and Annie Lecailler.

Yes, Tanguy.

Send a car to the aquarium
where Océane Gagneur works.

She might be in danger.
Just do as I say.

- Thanks.
- Look at this picture.

Whoever tied Thibault under the water
must have seen it.

What if they took the photo?

Which rules out Océane,

Thibault and their parents
since they're in it.

That pergola behind the Thibaults
rings a bell.

There's something else.

Benoît's mother said
he died under the pool cover?

Yes. Someone pulled the cover
while he was underneath.

He was trapped.

He was harpooned through the cover

so he wouldn't escape.

Thibault running out of oxygen,

his half-brother
agonizing under a cover.

They both suffocated.

The link between both deaths
isn't water, it's the lack of air.

Quite right.

And I think the murderer
has a problem with that.


Carole de Chaussey, Océane's boss.

She has asthma.
She took this picture in her garden.

Get Océane.
I'll deal with Carole.

Well done, honey.
Nice job, Mom.

Be careful.

OK, thank you.


Apparently, she left the aquarium
over two hours ago.




Where is my brother?

Where is Guillaume?



No, please... Stop...

Let her go.

Dear God, please. Not her.


Not my little girl.

Christophe Gagneur?

Where's Guillaume?

Where's Océane?

Search the house and call for backup.

I need it.

No. No... First you're gonna tell me
where my brother is.

- I need it.
- Sit down!

Tell me where he is, dammit!

It's an old maquis hideout.

The Germans never found it.

No one will hear anything.

We fixed it up so I could hide
after Magali died.


I just wanted to leave her.

I didn't know what to do.

It was Carole
who took matters in hand.

She knew I was trafficking
for a waste plant,

so she decided we'd put her body

in a drum
and then stage our own shipwreck.

Our project was to leave far away,

but we needed
a different boat than the Black Lily.

I couldn't stand
not being with my children.

I wanted to turn myself in,

but Carole went crazy.

In thirty minutes,
Océane will join her brothers.

Christophe will be free
and we'll leave, like he promised.

Tell me where the fuck my brother is!
And where is Océane?

"Thirty minutes"?

- What did you do to my brother?
- Stop!

- Where is he?
- Stop it!

She drugged me all these years.

I went on a hunger strike
to force her to let me go.

But she didn't want me to die.


She killed Benoît in revenge.

When I saw what she'd done,
I started eating again.

I was hoping she'd stop.

And maybe she would have,
if Thibault hadn't come to see her.

He knew things.

He found out about the drums
and my relationship with Annie.

That was before Carole.

Thibault wanted to know more,
so he turned to her.



and now my daughter.
She's killing my children

because they make me cling to life.

Life without her. I can die now.

No, you can't.

My daughter is expecting
Thibault's baby.

- Your daughter?
- Yes.

They were together two years.

You and I are gonna be grandfathers.

So no one's going to die.
We're gonna get out of here.



Please, tell me where Guillaume is.

It's too late.

It's over.

He wasn't free. I had to help him.




And Guillaume?

Guillaume betrayed me
just like Christophe.

He was punished.

- He shall remain locked up.
- What? Locked up where?

Locked up where?

- Shut up, Damien!
- Tell me!


The GPS of her car
gave us her last destination.

A dike in Aigues-Mortes.

- Go and find Océane.
- No.

Please, go.
Damien, do it. Do it!

It's for the best.

I'll take care of Guillaume.

I'll find him, I promise.

Now go.

The Maquis couldn't make any noise.

But we'll make ourselves heard.


Help! Help me!






Carole, please,

is Guillaume still in this house?

You watch her.
We'll search the place.

Why did that lunatic say
"30 minutes left"?

I've no idea, but she drove here.

OK, but why this dike?

Her family had a salt plant.

But there's nothing here.

- Only 15 minutes left.
- Yes! I know!


Help me!

Help me!

There's nothing here.

Fucking nothing!
Nothing but salt!

Look, over there. The locks.

They're opened to adjust
the height of the water.

What if she's in there?

Go! I'll go the other way.




Did you hear that?

It's coming from downstairs!

Help me out!

Go ahead.




Over here!

- Océane, are you there?
- I'm here!

I'm here! Help me!

Here! Quick!

There's nothing here.

Move away.

Move away!


- Guillaume, are you OK?
- Yes.

I'm good. Thanks.

Shit... the Philippines.
Among the victims is Félix Coulomb,

a historian and collector
wanted by the police...

What's gonna happen with Christophe?

He did kill a person
even though it was involuntary.

And he hid the body.

It falls within the statute.

He's doing time, no matter what.

Dad, I've been thinking.
I've been considering it for a while.

With everything that's happened -
Thibault died,

I'm going to be a mom...

I don't know.

College feels
like somebody else's life.

I want to investigate.


Like a cop?

No. Like a gendarme.


Subtitles: ECLAIR