Troubled Water (2008) - full transcript

A man convicted in his teens for killing a child is released on parole. He finds work as a church organist and develops a rewarding relationship with a priest and her young son. However, his caring for the boy catches the attention of his old victim's mother, bringing to the surface her bad memories and unanswered questions. This draws them both into troubled waters, having to learn when to hold on and when to let go. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
And so Kai from F

was released this Thursday.

Let us light him a candle.

A candle to inspire good
thoughts and the hope that

he will manage on the outside.

Light a candle for what you
carry inside of you.

I found this.

- Substitute organist?
- With my own flat and all.

- Do you think I can handle it?
- Of course you can handle it.

I've served 2/3 and behaved well.
It's with my own flat and all.

Can you help me? I don't know
how I'll... what I'll do.


- On your release and...
- Thank you.

And the job, if you get it.

- Any plans for tomorrow?
- No.

I thought I'd go out
and get something to eat.

Good luck!

Do something, damn it!

I've written you a certificate.

It doesn't say you've done time.
Only that you've played here.

- What if they check?
- All we can tell you is to be honest.

Someone might remember you
from the newspapers.

I think you should use
your middle name instead.



I'm Thomas Hansen.
I'm here for the job interview

as substitute organist.

- Liss from the congregation.
- I have to be a bit careful.

I'm afraid our decision is final.

We need someone with more
experience. Thanks for applying.

Sorry for not informing you.

Hey, can I have a look at the organ?

Thank you.

- Did you play recently?
- Yes. I'm sorry.


I better greet you properly.
Anna. I'm a priest here.

- You've played in the Ila jail?
- Yes.

For the Sunday evening services.

- Where else have you played?
- And you can start immediately?

It's messy here this month, so
we need someone who actually can play.

- How is your hand?
- You heard him. You did.

Here. Take any notes you need.

There is an entrance there,
but let's take this way and then up.

You can't bring anything

or you risk damaging the pipes.

The altar-piece is younger
than the church. From 1892.

And up here is our organ.

Hi. It went great. I got the job.

Have you eaten? Is it done?


I don't know. I'll try to
eat something in a little while.

Yes, of course. I understand that.

I'll call you later if I need
to know anything else.

You're not an organist.

The last guy played differently.

You can't be here.
Get down from there.

Oh, here you are? Aren't you
supposed to be at the children's club?

He didn't bother you, did he?
Were you able to practice?

It's fine.

Excuse me. I was practising
when I heard a noise.

- I'm just trying to open the window.
- All right.



- Why did you that?
- What?

I'm trying to open the window
to let it out.

I didn't realize.

My apologies.

Now you don't have to open it.

Can you help me?

Please, please.

- Where do you want it?
- Here.

You're doing fine. Come on.

- Where should I...
- Just inject it there.

- But I don't see it. Where?
- Here, look.

You're doing fine.

Is anybody here not baptized?

And you others?
Do you remember your baptism?

Why are we baptized?

What do you know. Usually
we pour the water on the child's head.

If you drink it,
it will act a lot faster.

So - water gives life.


This is our new organist.

Couldn't you play us something?
Show them good some church music.

I apologize. This is unacceptable.

It's fine. I can scrub it off.

Out of the question. You're not
moving in until everything's proper.

You need a paint job
and some new furniture.

I'll paint it myself so I can
choose everything. It's great.

- Is that included?
- What do you know. Yes, I suppose.

- But this is...
- This will do perfectly.

It's a great place for me.

I need your personal particulars
in order to give you your salary.


Just fill this out.
And please...

Write clearly.

And your social security number.

Thank you.

- Here you are. Have a nice day.
- Good bye.

I play here.

Thomas Hansen.

- What are you doing here?
- I live here.

What did you want?

I promised to drop off some curtains.

They insisted you need some color.
What do you think?


Where are you from? Stavanger?

No. I'm from various places.

Mostly from here.

Do you have a family?

I don't want to talk about it.

I grew up with my mother and
she died at the time

when you don't care that
much about your parents.

Which one do you like most?

Many people feel bad about that.
If you ever need to talk to anyone...

Not much helps
when somebody has died.

Sorry for asking so much.
It's an occupational injury.

Oh, you don't have any curtain rods.
I didn't think about that.

- Should I keep them?
- Yes, keep them.

Can I come in and play?


Stop it...

Thomas, your particulars didn't
match the ones in the registry.

But they matched a certain
Jan Thomas Hansen.

That was my bad.
I never use "Jan".

That's why I asked you
to write clearly.

Yes, I'm sorry about that.

I haven't done this before,
so you'll have to try it first.

People always want psalms
for their wedding ceremonies.

- But you make them more beautiful.
- Thank you.

Do you know the story about
Jesus walking on the water?

Yes. I don't like it.

He who believes will float.
He who doubts will sink.

It's about daring
to believe in the miracle.

A few days ago we had no organist.
But now when I arrived

an old lady was weeping
from your beautiful music.

Well, thanks for today.

- Careful.
- My brakes hardly work.

You shouldn't ride with bad brakes.

As a priest you really shouldn't
neglect your bicycle.

I have my hands full with
taking care of the people.

Usually I'm in full control.

And everything is part of
God's plan.

So when you can't find an
explanation it's part of God's plan?

If it's all part of God's plan...

...why is there so much evil?

- Is that part of His plan too?
- Yes.

Many come to me to share
their experiences with evil.

And many can move on
thanks to those experiences.

Do you ever forgive on behalf
of God, but condemn personally?

I'm not sure forgiveness
is that important.

Many people never forgive anything,
but God forgives everything.

- So what is important?
- Reconciliation.

To be able to accept
things the way they are.

- Hi.
- Hi, mom.

- He wanted to sleep here.
- That's alright. Thank you so much.

Now go and lie down.

Lie down, I said!


Do you like in that yellow house?


- What do we do now?
- What do you mean?

Just look at him!

Do something then!

- How's it going?
- Fine.

I have to drop him off and do
some shopping before work.

- Do you want to sit at the back?
- Yes.

Take me over there.

And spin around.

Are you okay?

There was a crazy lady that
came over and talked to me.

It was just a bit unsettling.

- Do you remember the Holy Communion?
- Yes, of course.

The mass of Thomas.

The mass for those who doubt.
Have you every had Communion?

No. I don't believe in it,
so why should I do it?

You don't have to believe. Communion
is flesh and blood, bread and whine.

It works no matter what.

Why didn't you mention it earlier?
I'll tell them you can't come.

At normal workplaces you go
home when your child is ill.

Where is the babysitter
you're trying to contact?

Where is the babysitter
you're trying to contact?

Here's some chocolate milk.


- Tickle me like you did before.
- Watch out.

Stop it. Stop.

- I'm not that ill.
- You told your mother you were.

Are you okay?

Stop it.

Jens, let me see. Let me see...

Stop it!

Let me see. Let me see.

I'll just go and open.

I got pregnant as a student.

His father wanted me
to have an abortion.

So I had to make a choice.

- Jens or the father?
- Jens or everything.

My family thought I
had made the wrong decision.

If we had had another bishop
I wouldn't have become a priest.

But Jens' father knows about him.
Doesn't he?

I've often prayed for good things
to come out of Jens' fatherlessness.

Isn't it na?ve to believe that
good things will come from bad things?

I am na?ve.
That's why I'm a priest.

I believe in a god whose
existence can't be proven.

But I know that it works.

So you're never in doubt?

I'm in doubt about a middleground.
It's either one way or the other.

- Thanks for your help.
- I had a good time.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

- Are you the churchwarden today?
- Yes.


There was a lady here
who wanted to talk to you.

Do you have anything
for which you need to be forgiven?

Was that why she came here?

Who was it?

- The mother?
- Yes.

What should I do? Say I'm sorry?

Yes. Give her a chance to forgive
you so she'll be able to move on.

That's a good suggestion.

Let's leave it at that.

Listen to me.

It wasn't my fault. I don't
need forgiveness for anything.


What do you want from us?

Is your wife here?
I think she tried to contact me.

I want to you tell her everything.
Then confess it all.

Tell her what really happened.

That you would have taken Isak
away no matter what she'd have done.

And that you drowned him.

It was an accident.

I'm sorry but I don't...

That's wrong.

That's the wrong answer.

You come to my house and
keep denying everything.

I have served a sentence as though
I had murdered him. Now I want to...

...try and create a normal life.

You're not even...

You're not even trying to
admit to what you did.

She's the one who tried
to contact me.

Why do you think she did?

Why do you think she did?


In court all you did
was blame each other.

She needs a confession from you.

That's all we need from you.

An apology at the very least.

Leave us and go straight to hell.

Don't you think people notice?

You'll never be a normal person.
You fucking bastard!

In the same way he also took the cup after the supper

gave thanks, and gave it to them and said

"Take, and drink of it, all of you."

This is the Body of Christ.

This is the Body of Christ.

This is the Body of Christ.

This is the Body of Christ.

This is the Body of Christ.

This is the Body of Christ.

This is the Blood of Christ.

The crucified
and ressurected Jesus Christ

has now given us
His holy Body and Blood

which He gave to expaite
us from our sins.

He gives us the courage to live

and the courage to believe.

Peace be with you.

Sometimes Jens reminds me more of
what I don't have than what I have.

According to them, I haven't
done anything right.

Life never turns out
the way you expect it to.

It sure doesn't.

I remember...

...when I was younger.

A boy in our
neighborhood disappeared.

The mother had taken
him out with his pram

and left him outside of a caf?.
She had gone in...

...and when she came out...

...he wasn't there...


It turned out there were
two older boys who had...

...taken him away to play with him.

But I remember that.
Those two boys.

It was very gruesome.
They murdered him.

Jens reminds of that boy.

And all that happened.

I need you.

Jens likes you so much.

I just don't want to
involve Jens in anything that...

I just need to know what you think.

I think you're amazing.

I think Jens is amazing.

He was so happy
to hear that you're coming.

Jens, look who came to pick you up.


His bag is inside.
- Good bye, Jens.

I forgot a drawing that
I was going to give to mom.

- Is it inside the daycare centre?
- Yes.

- Can't you get it tomorrow?
- No, I have to do it now.

- Come on.
- I want to stay and watch the bike.

Hold on to that.
And watch your bag too.

There are names on the underside.

Here it is.

Thank you. Good bye.


Have you seen the boy
that sat on the bicycle?


- What are you doing?
- I'm calling his mother.

Wait before you do that.

Wait before you do that. Please.

- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for a little boy.

Did somebody move him?

Yes, Isak, he was...
He was in his pram.




- He can't have gone far.
- But was somebody here?

Has anybody seen...
There was a pram there. -Isak!

I can't find my son.

I just went into the caf?.
I was going to buy some chocolate.


One, two, three!

- Surprise!
- Yes, really! But why?

- He hasn't told yet.
- I got a job. In Denmark.

- In Denmark?
- Look what I've found.

Look at the house we can rent.

It's hardly an hour from your
parents. What do you think?

Yes, but...

It's only for two years.
We'll rent this place out.

Show of hands. Who wants to move?

Do we have to move?

Selma... honey...

Daddy just wanted
to surprise us.

Come on then.


Sleep well. Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

I think they're asleep now.

Sit down.


It was just an opportunity...

...that suddenly came up.

I tried with a surprise.
I'd thought you'd be overjoyed.

Did you agree to it?

You agreed to it
without consulting me?

Don't you trust me?
It's for two years.

We have to think about
other things than your work.

You've talked about Denmark.

You wanted to be closer to your parents.
It's nice over there and we could... happy.

I'm not in on this,
definitely not in.

It is an amazing house.

Stop here.

Before we enter I need to
remind you to behave here.

Right? We're very lucky
to get a guided tour.


- What is this?
- The baptismal font.

Is anybody here not baptized?

And you others?
Do you remember your baptism?

What do you know. Usually
we pour the water on the child's head.

If you drink it,
it will act a lot faster.

In the Old Testament, it says
that water gives life.


This is our new organist.

Couldn't you play us something?
Show them good some church music.

Bravo, Thomas!

Is something wrong?


- Is the organist really called Thomas?
- Yes. Why?

- Not Jan?
- Jan? No.

- Sorry. Thank you for the tour.
- The pleasure was all mine.

- Hi. How was your field trip?
- It went well.

- Do you think my class can go too?
- Yes, I think so.

- Is the hallway free?
- Yes, I think so.

- Then you can do as usual.
- Thanks.

I think we should do it.

- What did you say?
- I said I want to move.

- Wasn't that what you wanted?
- Yes, it was.

- What about the kids Selma?
- I'll talk to her.

If I accept it, I have to
start working immediately.

Then we'll have to move...

...very shortly.


Off to bed with you.

I think we should have
a huge going-away party.

Before school is over.
You can invite anyone you like.

Moving away isn't a sad thing.
It's something we should celebrate.

- When are you playing?
- I'm one of the last ones.

I'll drive her around so she
will sleep a while. See you soon.

In the eyes of this congregation
I ask you, ?rjan Karlsen:

Will you take Kamilla Andrea Fjell,
at your side, as your wife?


Will you love and honor her and
stand by her through the good times

and the bad - till death do you part?

In the same way I ask you,
Kamilla Andrea Fjell:

Do you take ?rjan Karlsen,
at your side, as your husband?


Will you love and honor him

and stand by him
till death do you part?

Hold each other's hands
in honor of your vows.

I know pronounce you
man and wife.

What's the matter, mommy?

I just think weddings are so
beautiful. Don't you think?

Hi. Have you played yet?

Ah, good.
I was afraid we were late.

You are late. I've already played.

Can't you go on last?
I'll talk to your teacher.

You don't care how I play,
you only care that I play.

I was going to take Malin around.

- You were gone for ages.
- We just went to a wedding.

- No, you haven't.
- Have so!

- We're moving anyway.
- My sweet little girl...

I'm not your girl!
We're only adopted!

Our parents can
pick us up at any time!


Come, Selma. Come here.

Don't say that.
No-one can take you away from me.

Do you hear me?

- Do you think the violin is ruined?
- No, I'm sure it's okay.



You promised me hot chocolate
after the concert.

- And cinnamon buns for the ducks.
- For the ducks?

Do you want to take it off?

- Did you get my message?
- No.

We're invited to dinner at my
Danish boss's place.

In town, tonight.
Hege will watch the kids.

Hi, Hege.

He's going to
be my boss in Denmark.

Hurry up. A dress. Come on!

I'm sorry.



I don't want to nag, but...

You look great in your black one.

- You're taking that one?
- Now I'm ready.

After you. Thank you.

May I?

We're very glad
that Jon is joining us.

The man is over-qualified.

So he is something of an angel
coming to our rescue.

- He is an angel at home too.
- Sounds good. Cheers to that.

Our trade has gone through
dramatic changes this last year.

We've had to lay off several
competent employees.

Let's not talk work.
Let's have a good time.

Of course.

Let's save that for last.

What do your daughters
think about moving?

They'll be fine.
They're such lovely girls.

- They're adopted, aren't they?
- Yes.

Yes, we had a boy.

- We heard that, you lost him.
- Yes, we lost him.

Losing him is one thing, but
never finding him is another.

- So they never found him?
- No.

We didn't get any answers in court
either. They just blamed each other.

Our oldest son might
as well be dead.

- We don't have a grave to visit either.
- Sofie, this really isn't the time...

Sometimes he comes home...


...exhausted and worn out.

Then I take care of him.

I give him food and...

But as soon as my back is turned
he starts stealing from me.

He is a stranger.

Yes, he's a drug addict.

But he is my little boy.

So it would be better if he were dead.
Then we'd have a place to mourn him.

Is this really necessary
to talk about right now?

I'm only saying this
because I love him.

But every day
I ask myself why.

Now he's almost an adult.

When we moved I buried all
of his clothes in the garden.


I buried the son I once knew.


I haven't been able to drink
hot chocolate since that day.

Everytime I feel the smell
of it I have to throw up.

Is there anything you need?

May we have
four cinnamon buns for dessert?

Pardon me?

Just be creative. You can do it.
Four cinnamon buns for...

You should've told me
if anything was wrong.

He plays so beautifully.

He plays the organ in a church.

Jan, the youngest of them.

Did you know that?

I love you, Agnes.

Is that why...

Are we moving because he
has been released?

- I'm just trying to protect you.
- Protect me from what?

You can't prevent his release
and you can't pretend it never happened.

I'm not a child, Jon.

- All right. We won't move.
- Of course we should move.

Then what? Is he going to run
free while we have to hide?

He can't control our life forever.

We told the kids we're going
to move. You took the job.

I'll make him confess.
I won't let him deny it any longer.

- Leave him alone!
- Me?

Should I leave him alone?
And you do what you want?

- Hi. Did it go well?
- Yes, it went well.

Did you get them to go to bed?
Here. Thanks for your help.

Good bye.

I'm sorry, Agnes, I...

He had a boy with him.

- No, I don't want to hear this.
- He had a boy with him.

There is no boy. It's all in
your head. He's a murderer...

There is no boy. It's all in
your head, Agnes.

There is no boy!

Did you have trouble sleeping?

Come here.


We need some help carrying.
Afterwards we'll have a barbecue.

- Get your bags and we'll go.
- Fine. Good bye.

Out - now!

I'm sorry.

I make mistakes all the time.

No, it's not your fault. It's mine.

I'm through with him.
I promise you.

Come on, out.

Jon? How did you know?

- We got a letter.
- When?

A few weeks ago.

Did anybody move him?

Take me over there.

And spin around.

You have a little boy.

What's his name?

- His name is Jens.
- Take good care of Jens.

Promise me.


- Where did you put Jens?
- He was right here.


He murdered my son.

A four-year-old boy.
Did you know this?

He is a child murderer
and you let him work here?

This is a church. Where else
would he get a second chance?

Yes, but... He has a little boy!

He's going around
with a little boy!

Ja. And he loves Thomas.

What if he won't stop?

Life goes on. In one way for you
and in another way for him.

- Are you defending him?
- No, but I'm glad he's here.

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- Yes, I do.

- Everybody gets a second chance here.
- You don't understand!


It's okay. I'll keep my eyes open.

Now go home. Now go home.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

I've never liked these.

Don't do it!
Stop, stop, stop!

- Don't do it!
- What is it?

She's going to bury
Isak's shoes.

Don't do it, you can't.
You can't, Selma, stop.

Let her do it.

- But they're Isak's shoes.
- It's okay. Now they're in the ground.

- What if he comes back.
- He's dead. You have to realize that!

Selma, that's enough. Come.

Calm down now.



I'm sorry.
I spilled my coffee on the wall.

Is something wrong?

Were you talking to somebody?

No, it's that damn coffee cup.

Isn't there anybody
who asks you how you're feeling?

No, nobody does.
Couldn't you do it?

Yes. How are you feeling?


That's fine. Put it there.

Can you take this?

Do you want a hot dog?

I propose a toast to Agnes and Jon.

And don't worry. We'll come to
Denmark before you know the word. Cheers!

Since Sissel had to speak,
I suppose I have to as well.

I promised not to make a speech, Agnes.

But I want to tell you
something anyway.

Without you I...

You would have married
another teacher.

Sit down, Jon.
I want to tell you something too.

I tried to leave you a few times,
but I haven't been able.

I thought I wasn't able
to have more children...

Then you gave me Selma and Malin.

You've always been here
for me when I've needed you.

I love you so incredibly much.

I can't wait to get to Denmark
and I hope all of you will visit us.

There's rain in Denmark too.


What's the matter?

I've met him. He was here.


- What did he want?
- He wanted to... talk.

- Talk?
- Calm down, Agnes.

He's not coming back.

He won't torment us again.

But he was here?

- Did he see our children?
- No, no, no...

Selma! Selma!

- Where is Selma?
- Selma is with the other kids.

They went for ice cream.


Come. Come on, Selma.

Selma, come on. Come.

I said come!

- Come on.
- Let go! We're just getting some ice cream.

Let me go!

Let go!





- Where is Jan? Or Thomas?
- He isn't here.

- I want to talk to him.
- I said he's not here.

- I need to talk to the organist.
- He...

- He went to the daycare center.
- Where is that?

Isn't it down by the park?

How can you leave such a monster
alone with your child?

Isn't anyone of
you going to stop him?

None of you?


Don't be afraid.

Where is Jens?
Where did you leave him?

- He's gone.
- Gone?

What have you done to my boy?
Where is he?

It wasn't my fault.

Not your fault?
Dear God, help me find Jens.

The mother of the child you killed
was in the church. What did you do?

I'm sorry.

- What's going on?
- Isak has come back, daddy!

Who is that, Agnes?

It's Jens.

And who is Jens?

It's his boy.

Don't look at me like that.
I only did what anyone would have done.

No-one is trying to protect him.

- You took someone else's child home?
- No-one is trying to procect him, Jon.

Hi, Jens.

- What's your mommy's name?
- Anna.

- Anna what?
- Moi.

Let go off him.

Do you want to go home?

Shall we wash your face?

I'd like the number for
Anna Moi in Oslo.

And her address.


We're going to your mommy.

We're on our way, all right?

It's going to be all right.

Jens, let go off his hand.
Let go off his hand!

What are you trying to do?

What are you trying to do?

What are you trying to do?

Stop the car and let us out.

I want to know what happened.

- You are going to tell me.
- I've told you.

You took the pram
and went down to this river.

What did you do next?
This is very important to me.

Yes, I understand it is.

Your boy...

He ran...

...slipped and fell.

He banged himself to death.

Then I carried him
out into the river.

- How did he die?
- Your son died in an accident.

No, it wasn't an accident.
It wasn't.


You've murdered my son.

Maybe you drenched him.

Maybe you beat him. Or...

You've murdered him
and I can't understand why.

Can't you tell me why?

You are a murderer.

You are.

Come on, Jens.

Don't you touch him.
I'm not afraid of you.

Why couldn't you leave him be?

Jens, come here. Jens!


Jens, please.


- You can't take me.
- I'm not going to take you. Come here.




I'm stuck!

He wasn't dead.

I thought he was dead
when I carried him into the water.

But he wasn't dead.

Because he looked at me.

He looked at me.

And then I let go.

I did it.

How is he doing?

He is very cold.

I don't get it.

We talked about it
and then it was you who did it.

I was going to tell you, but...

I kind of wanted you
to like me first.

Forgive me.

Aren't all things
part of God's plan?

The evil too.