Troubled Laughter (1979) - full transcript

The film depicts the conflicting and queasy state of those who are left behind while many others go overseas. Nai Qing is one of them left behind. Her husband goes to San Francisco. She ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
== translated by loli ==

This isn't a story about god or ghost, but about a normal person in daily life like you, he/she and me.

Why are you looking at me like this?

I like your eyes.


I don't have beautiful eyes.

But they are honest.

People should live and work honestly.

It's a very natural thing.

But in the winter of 1975,

In the days when the Gang of Four was rampant,
(Gang of Four: an important political force during the Chinese Cultural Revolution)

it's not that esay

to be honest.

hey, you finally come back.


I heard that you would come back from the Cadres School several days ago.

The newspaper office is really short of quick hands like you.

Have a drink.

Hey, you have been the third owner of this desk in recent two month.

The previous one was quarantined for inspection three days ago,

because he often contradicted his the leader.

You seem more black in the sun but yonger.

What about me?

Still the same.


We have to adapt to all kinds of environment for survival,


Before working, as an old classmate and friend,

I hope we can cooperate better

during this special period

Ah, I hope you don't suffer the same fate as its previous owners.

Let's see.

What happened?

Not me, it's the mouse.

Humph, you're lying.

Your temper is getting worse now.

Oh, don't cry.

Humph. You don't care that she lied but blame me.

Don't cry, my dear. Dad tell you a story.

Lying has become a job now anyway.

Dad, you said you would tell me a story.


Once upon a time there was a child who watches the sheep.

He thought it was very boring to watch the sheep on the mountain alone.

So he shouted, "The wolves are coming" on the top of the mountain.

The farmers who were working under the mountain heard the shouts,

ran up to the hill carrying the hoes hurriedly.

But there are no wolves on the mountain.

The farmers then went down the mountain angrily.

Next day,

The child shouted on the top of the mountain again,

"The wolves are coming, the wolves are coming!"

Then the farmers ran up to the mountain carrying the hoes again hurriedly.

But there are still no wolves.

Then the wolves really came several days after which made the child freak out.

He shouted like hell,

"The wolves are coming, the wolves are coming!"

But nobody ran up to the mountain

Nobody wants to pay attention to

the lying child.

Go wash your face, dear.

Forgive me

I don't understand myself that

why my temper has been getting worse recently

I know you hate it.

If I were you, I can't stand it either.

Alas, nobody paid any attention to the lying child any more.

But several minutes later,

I have to read the articles in the newspaper for the students.

Oh, so you are also a sheep-watching child.

Telphone call for Bin Fu whose employee ID is 21.

The newspaper office asks you to come there right now.


I didn't ask you to come here to take photos of me.

Ah, are you mistaken,

editor in chief.

Secretary Song.


A call from the municipal government that asks you to attend a meeting.

OK, I see.

I ask you to come here to tell you that

there is an important exam in the medical school.

You go interview it.

The fight needs such reports.
(Here fight means the press criticizes the leftist who seek political improvement and have sympathy for working class.)

I hope to publish the report ASAP.

Is that OK?

OK, OK, no problem.

I'm not criticizing you.

You should always point the lens at the grass-root level.

And Save the films for the people.

OK, we have known each other.

I heard you are a quick hand.

Work hard!

If you have any questions, feel free to come to me.

Ah, we are the soldiers in the same troop.

Excuse me, where is the examination room?


They are calling you, be quick.

I can't answer this question.

Because I study biology.

But you are a Ph.D.

A Ph.D should know everything.

Haha,tell me how many marks shoud I give her then?


You can go now.


What's your major?


Previous job's title and level?

Vice dean, professor.

What class?

First class.

What shall I test you today? Can you take body temperature?



When did you come home from abroad?

In 1950.

Who sent you here?

I come here because I want to do something for the motherland.

Don't overthrow the verdict.
(During the Cultural Revolution, many people are wrongly treated as party traitors.)

Take the body temperature quickly.

Be quick! Why don't you move?


Be quiet!

Please keep the exam room quiet, everybody.

Mr. Reporter, this way, please.

Hey, come closer, come closer.

Take more photos from different angles.

Time is up, Mr. Professor.

Please tell us your body temperature, Mr. Professor.

Mr professor, it is an anus thermometre!

Anus thermometre.

Ten years ago,

I am a failed student

in the professor's eyes.

Then please let me test you today.

Mr. Professor, do you know the difference between the mouth and the anus?


Be quiet, everyone!

What should I say?


I didn't want to say it.


There are suprising things everywhere in the world.

Who can believe

such things

would happen to a medical professor,

if we don't see this with our own eyes.

Even a first-class professor.

A first-class idiot.


Don't do this, please.

Don't insult the professor's personality.

But it should make us reflect on this thing.

How many marks do you think

should the professor get?


Too much. It should be minus zero.


Mr. first-class professor,

take this anus thermometre as a souvenir.

What is science and what is not science?

The struggle is science.

Those democrats and capitalists

still want to flatter people like Mr. Professor.

Why should we only report this topic?

You work overtime to hurry through this aticle and photos

according to Secretary Song's mnemonic rhyme.

Yes, got it.

Don't think about it any more. Let's got down to the work.

What work? How to do the work?

How about this?

I write the comment article

and you write the fact report.

Think about how to use the words.

You can use your words to make this thing less serious.

The old man has been pushed into the well by someone,

how can we throw the stones into the well without empathy?

No, we can't.

Then find a way.

We don't piss off the leader and put less harm on the old man at th same time.

How about this?

Watch out for balance walking on the steel wire.

Ha, that's because you are not good at it enough.

Alas, I do admire those performers who perform balacne walking on the steel wire.

If we can have thier ability in our profession,

we can keep our own balance whatever condition we met.

How nice that would be.

At the first lesson of School of Journalism,

the teacher told us that,

the distinctive party spirit of proletarian news

lie in its authenticity.

Can't you forget this?

Don't be silly.

The task is assigned by Secretary Song by his own.

What can you do if you don't finish the task?

The balance walking on steel wire you said just reminded me that

I have a ticket of acrobatics show tonight.

How about this?

I work a night shift.

And you go relax.

We discuss it tomorrow.

The wonderful acrobatics show

doesn't get rid of my worries.

Later on,

I decided to visited my teacher at the School of Journalism.

I wanted to ask the experienced reporter for advice.

I hoped I could get some inspiration and found a way out.

You still came to me for advice?

Who am I now?

Those I taught you before didn't work now.


A guy who is my old neighbor and friend before,

got insulted today.

A good old man,

who devoted his whole life studying medicine,

can't stand it today,

and came to my place for a drink as an exception.

I wrote servral poems from Mr. Xun Lu to him.
(Note: Xun lu is a great author in China who criticizes old Chinese culture.)

At least open a skylight for his depressed mind.

We old men are useless now.

You still came to me for advice.

Let's ask for advice on this thing.

How do you forget that he doesn't drink.

I didn't drink before either.

Thank you.

Please sit down.

Hey, read it out.

You this faomous actor who have been forgotten by people.

Isn't it good to read Mr. Xun Lu's articles at home

to friends?

What do you think?

I dreamed of myself that

I was preparing to write a composition in the school's lecture hall.

I asked the teacher how to make a point.

'It's hard.'

The teacher squinted

at me

and said to me,

'I tell you a story.'

A boy was born in a family.

The family members were all happy.

When the baby was one month old,

they showed him to the guests.

They probably wanted to get some good omen.

Continue to read.

Stop drinking.

Isn't here my home?


Do I have to behave like when I am at the radio station?

Do I have to behave according to people's tempers?

Continue to read.

The first guest said,

'This child will be rich in the future.'

The family thanked him.

The second one said,

'This child will be a leader in the future.'

The family also thanked him.

The third one said,

'This child will die in the future.'

Then he was beaten up by the family together.

The third one tells the truth while the first one lied.

But lying pays off,

while the person who told the truth got beaten.

Yes, lying pays off.

And the person who told the truth got beaten.

Well, then we don't tell the truth.

Just pretend to be dumb.

Oh, but God,

why do you let people have eyes, ears and a thinking head

at birth?

Why do you stop reading?

Go on.

The student asked the teacher,

I'd rather neither lie nor be beaten.


what should I say?

Then you should say,

Hey, look at this child,


Oh, hahaha...

What a

great answer!

Then let's type 'haha'.

Hey, look at this child,




But now,

Some bastards,

they even prohibit 'haha' in articles.


Let's drink!

You have a drink, too. Have a drink!

Why are you so sad?

You shoud be happy and smile.

You smile, you smile, you smile!

I'm really sorry that

made you unhappy too.

Please don't say so.

It's all my fault.


You don't know some things.

You'd better advise him to drink less.

Let him drink, or he will...


I accompanied him to the hospital to see a doctor yesterday .

The doctor said that...

he had psychotic symptoms of early stage.


However, it is a good thing to some extent.

He doesn't have to write those farfetched articles.

Although my teacher has been become mentally disordered

because of being tortured,

he never has to suffer from this thing again.

But what about me?

Should I insist on the authenticity of the news

or not?

You are always like this.

Too serious.

But you are more serious than me


How do people live

if nothing changes

in recent years.

Alright. Go to sleep.

Don't always...

Go to sleep.

Hey, Excuse me, can you please hold this kid with your hands

so that it looks like he can swim.

I can't.

Please do me a favor.

I am a student from the School of Journalism.

I want to make some good graduation works.

It only takes several seconds.


I can't pretend to do things.


If I were your teacher,

I will definitely give you 0 marks.

This is too serious.

Hey, there's a way!


Oh? Do you write an amzing article?

No. Let's go to Secretary's home.

We tell him all the truth.

Maybe he can...

Ah, how should I speak of you...

You'd better keep the peace.

People should learn to protect themselves.

But you can't harm others because of this.

Otherwise, it would not be a human.

Unfortunately, there is no such good thing in the world.

Compete for survival.


But there still are differences between human beings and animals.

I can sacrifice myself

when necessary.

Although it's said so,

I advise you not to go to Secretary Song's home.

Stop saying so.

Are you going or not?

Alas, when will you be able to be less nerdy?

I still hope it will be longer for us to work together

than other previous owners of this desk.

Then tell me the address of Secretary Song's home.

Nothing to say.

But I heard that

he lived at Gaojianong before he is appointed.

However, I still advise you not to go to Secretary Song's home.

What about honesty?


Don't forget that hypocrisy is also a quality attached to human beings.

That's why you can you ignore the facts?

The fact?

The fact is like a mud mass which can be squeezed by people at will again and again.

No, I don't believe it.

Excuse me, did Secretary Song use to live here?

Oh, you are looking for Abao Song.

Can he live in such a good house?

He moved out 9 years ago.

Fuck the hypocrisy and mass.

Someday people will throw away all these dirty things.

No, never.

Hypocrisy can only be posponed temporarily.

And the mad mass can only be squeezed more real.

When fame and disaster, or happiness and misfortune

fight for people,

they will prevail again.

No, I don't believe it. I don't believe it.

Secretary Song

has gone above by helicopter.

I believe in our faith,

reporter's duties,

and my own soul.

Let me tell you. Reporters' duty is that they write articles

according to the leaders' instructions.

They don't need any faith, not to mention the soul.

Yes, Secretary Song and I were neighbors before.

Very harmonious neighbors.

But now he has been a great person.

Although you and I are insignificant,

don't you believe

the deep-rooted honesty in the people?

Don't you believe

the Party's excellent tradition of seeking truth from the facts, either?

Major principles can't solve realistic problems.

Listen to my advice, my old classmate.

Don't go to Secretary Song.

There won't be any good results.

No. I don't believe it.

I don't believe it.

What are you doing here?

I want to meet Secretary Song.

Who are you?

The reporter of Haicheng Daily.


Oh, Secretary Song is upstairs, upstairs.

Hey, who sent you here?

Secretary Song said we can go to him whenever we have problems.

He went to work on the West Lake Farm.


Don't look. Sit down. Sit down

Be quick! Bring the gun!

Over there! Over there!

Secretary Song, what happened?

Did you get hurt?

Chase the rabbit! Chase the rabbit!

Oh, hurry up!

Don't look.


No why.

Hurry up! Secretary Song has returned from inspection.

He is going to work on the animal farm soon.

When can the report of testing the professor be published?

I'll urge them again.

Hurry up! I I received a long distance call yesterday.

They said all the counterattacks would be rolled out in full swing soon.

We can use the prosessor's case to make the first shot.

Secretary Song! They called to urge us.

What film?

Footprints of the Rulers and the Secret of a Woman.

A story which has never been told before.

Alright. Leave immediately after finishing business.

Ah. Tell them to have a meeting after watching the film.

Your photos of working can be published tomorrow.

Ah, stop! stop!

I asked you here not to take photos of me.

Are you mistaken, guys?

Secretary Song, the municipal government called to ask you to come back to attend the meeting immediately.

Oh, I see.

I'm not criticizing you.

You should always point the lens at the grass-root level.

And save the films for the people.

Mr. editor-in-chief will make an introduction

to the recent publicity caliber.


We all do news work, guys.

The sense of smell should be very sensitive.

Do you smell anything?

The smell in the society isn't right

in recently months.

There have been many political rumors and strange discusses.

These are all the rightist overthrowing verdicts.

Please remember the winter of 1975.

Our big counterattack will be rolled out in full swing.

When the editor-in-chief published those platitudes,

Secretary Song is anxious to see the movie.

Excuse me.

The condition is bad and a surgery is needed.

Who will lead the surgery?



Who do you prefer then?

I prefer the professor.

Hey, please go once.


I didn't expect that he would prefer the professor.

What's so strange about this?


What should we do?


The report about testing the professor.

Should we call the editor-in-chief to ask for instructions?


However, I think it's difficult to write the article by the original requirements.

Is it?

Just imagine

the possible scene after the surgery.

You should concentrate on the surgery.

If there is a slight mistake...


You feel proud right away when allowed to pick up the scalpel!

You have no sense to appreciate favors.

Thank you so much for the good surgery.

What happened in the examination room was a misunderstanding.

We should be the soldiers in the same troop.

I know! No matter what happened, we should report according to the caliber set by Secretary Song.

But the thing develops into a different situation...

I know everything clearly.

You can also ask for instructions from Secretary Song himself if possible.

I believe he will give you a satisfactory answer. can't misunderstand the essence of things

because of

this unfortunate accident.

You mean that the professor...

should still be ciriticized.


I can't give up the principle of route struggle

because of personal feelings.

People like the professor

were favored by the black force before.

Nowadays, they must be the black leaders of rightist restoration forces

and the army of capitalists.

The more knowledge they have,

the more reactionary they will be.

You should have known me.

My life doesn't belong to myself.

When the life comes back to me,

I still have to fight.

Because we live for principles.

As for the professor, we only use his skill.

Pay attention to the 'only use'.

There is neither trust nor pity and sympathy here.

Hey, hurry up!

We don't have much time left as required.

Take the time to do it, bro.

Stop imagining things.

The kid will be rich.

The kid will be a leader.

The kid will be a leader and also be rich.


The kid will be dead in the future.

Yes, the kid will be dead in the future.


What's going on with you?

I don't allow any mistake from my people

in such an important occation today.

Follow me.

What shape is it?


Then what colour is it?


What about this?


What shape?



You need to wake up.

What shape?


What colour?


What about this?


What shape?


Well, I can believe you now.

It's your turn.

No, no, I'm a man, I'm not a dog.


Come back!


Come back!

You come back!

Stop! Stop!

Where are you running...

No, I'm a man, I'm not a dog.

I'm a man, I'm not a dog.

I'm a man, I'm not a dog.

Mister, Mister


Wake up, the terminal is here.


Hey, hey, smoke!

What smoke?

It's all fresh air.

Don't you see that I am writing the manuscript?

You'd better have a rest if you have time.

Why don't you help me clean the vegetables?

Do you hear me?

Stop it.

Then you go stamp the meat.

This house doesn't belong to me alone.

What's wrong with you today?

So busy with other things.

I'd like to invite some friends to get together tomorrow.

You are really in a good mood.

You are...What day is it tomorrow?


Yes, think it over.

Tomorrow is tomorrow.

You really deserve being hit.

I advise you to think it over.

Otherwise, it will be too late for you to regret tomorrow.

Hey, look, look.

Yo, is it a great article?

No one wants to read Haicheng Daily at all.

Alas, how many words and sentences are true in your article?

Either distort the facts or make out of nothing.

What do you think?



Sure. You should have written it eariler.

Who let you write this article?

The newspaper office?




What are you going to do?

Hand it to the newspaper office.


You can't.

Because it is not true?

On the contrary.

You are so confused.

I have never been so sober as today.

I won't allow you to do so.

You bookworm, think it over.

Will the newspaper office publish such article?

If they dare to publish it...

Why? Do you still want to write the article?

I have no right to be silent.

I have an obligation to write what I see.

The fact.


You don't have to write articles then.

You can shout at the streets.

'Testing the professor is a big conspiracy.'

Keep your voice down.

Aren't you a hero? What are you afraid of, hero?

Overthrow Secretary Song! Overthrow Secretary Song's Backstage!

You are crazy!

You are crazy!

Our daughter is home.

Ah, you finally remember things.

You have a daughter.

But you write such an article.

Such an article.

Don't you want your daughter? Don't you want this home?

Don't you want to live?




Look at the little house I built.

I saw it, Dad saw it.

Telphone call for Bin Fu whose employee ID is 21.

Telphone call for Bin Fu whose employee ID is 21!

Dad, your phone.

I know Secretary Song assigned the task in person.

But...hey, listen to me, hey...

What happened?

They asked me to...

Hand over the article tomorrow?

Enough. That's enough!

What you want to write cannot be written, but what you do not want to write must be forced to write.

I understand. It's painful to do what you don't want to do every day.

But what can you do if you don't do it?

You have to deal with tomorrow's thing at least.

You are tired, how about I do the work for you today.

People copy articles all over the world and I can do it too.

What does it count?

Isn't the same that you do it instead of me?

Dear, go in and play.

Anyway, I quit.

Let them arrest me.

What are you doing?

What are you afraid of? I have seen through these political hooligans and nouveau riche.

They use the newspaper to reverse black and white by their backstage.

Go to hell!

Please don't do this!

Listen to me. People all hate them. Who doesn't?

But there will be no good results against them.

Then you are willing to let me follow them into the smelly mud pit, right?

I am standing on the slope now.

I need you to give me a hand.

But you pushed me into the mud instead.

You know, I'm not a hero.

What I need is help.

Understand? It's help!

I beg you not to do this.

Think about our children. Think about our family. And think about me, too.

Why don't you think about others?

The old professor, the people, and our country.

Anyway, you don't care what I am thinking about.

I really don't understand! You scold this and that all day long. Now I said the truth for you.

On the contrary, you...How did you become this?

You are simply an accomplice!

Your honesty.

Where is your honesty in the past?

Where do they run?

What do you know about me in fact?

It turns out that we have been living together in confusion like this over the past few years.

We really shouldn't get married.

We shouldn't have children.

We shouldn't carry such a big burden.

Are you finished?

Okay, okay, I'm a coward.

An accomplice.

I only care about the family and our child. I am a woman with short eyes.

What about you? Since you are a hero, an extremely honest hero,

Then let's divorce!

You flaunt your honesty by sacrificing our family and child to

seek a little peace in mind.

What kind of hero are you?

A villain, a selfish villain.

Do you have any face to mention the people and the country?

Tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversary.

This is the gift you gave me!

How beautiful!

The sea is eternal

to mankind.

What is eternal to you then?

Love, be faithful to you.


Yes, it's true.

No, you're a reporter.

You should be more faithful to the people.

People are like the sea.

But you are also a member of the people.

Isn't the sea also made up of every drop of water?

You are so bad!

Why are you looking at me like this?

I like your eyes.


Because they are honest.

Maybe I am too used to living in the sunshine.

I feel difficult to

deal with cloudy days.

At that time, I thought maybe my wife was right.

I shouldn't blame her.

And I shouldn't...

What should I do?

I don't want to pretend to be sick anyway.

Pretend to be sick? Yes!

Why not?

For the child, for her and for myself.

Although it is against my will, I don't have to write fake articles to deceive the people.

Why not?

Yes, pretend to be sick!

After all, this is the first time I do such a thing.

I am nervous and flustered, and I don't dare to look at others.

I sit here and suffer like this,

feeling that there will be a bad result.

As a reporter, you pretend to be ill?!

I'll handle this. Follow me.

Doctor, I...

I just now...

You got pneumonia and need a two-day rest.

I made the first unscientific diagnosis in the career of science.

Here is the sick leave certificate. I understand your difficulties.

Mr. Reporter.

Forgive me.

There's a way! Look, I got a sick leave certificate.

Look, you are still mad at me.

I will never forget

our wedding anniversary.

I'll hand in the sick leave certificate early in the morning tomorrow.

Let's forget our current worries.

Let's have fun today.

What about the future?

We will wait and see.

What's the matter?

The newspaper office called again to urge you.

They said you must hand in your manuscript tomorrow morning.

They also said there were new urgent tasks.

It seems that I have to take a long sick leave.

A long sick leave?


Melancholy psychosis.


What happened?

The big poster attacking Secretary Song.

It was posted in the middle of the night.

By whom?

They said it might be done by one from our newspaper office

and some people outside.

I am waiting for you. The editor-in-chief has gone to Secretary Song's ward in an emergency.

He asked me to go to the hospital as soon as you arrived

to give him the manuscript and photos.

But I'm not feeling well.

Please refer the two-day sick leave certificate for me.

Look, the editor-in-chief said you must go.

I'm afraid I can't explain it if you don't go.

While I am waiting,

I accidentally found excerpts of people's letters that the editor-in-chief broght to Secretary Song.

These are so-called non-proliferation materials.

People who live in Haicheng City now

don't trust you any more

as long as they have a little normal judgment.

Because good things and bad things, beauty and ugliness, truth and falsehood

are completely upside down

in your newspaper.


While I was reading these people's letters hungrily,

I don't know that the editor-in-chief and Secretary Song are having a secret conversation

right here.

This is the article Xinhua News Agency wrote according to the instruction of The State Council.

This article criticize us for not implementing the policy about the intellectuals.

If it is published...

Keep it and stop it from publishing.

The manuscript and photos of testing the professor...

I have give orders to send them right away.

Please have a look at them in person.

Publish the article tomorrow no matter what happened.

This is our counterattack against the big fish of the State Council.

I heard that his health is not very good recently.

Political struggle is merciless.

But if the fact that the professor gave you a surgery

is broadcast...

Rest assured.

I have isolated him.

I have some worries recently.

The force against us inner the party is very strong in society.

Maybe one day I will die!

You need to check the background of authors of the letters you broght.

And pay special attention to internal dynamics of the newspaper office.

Track some people down by following some clues and arrest them when needed!

These people's letters opened a new realm in front of my eyes

which makes me feel excited and full-filled.

I nearly forget everything.

Forget where I am,

and even forget that I am still prending to be sick.

I didn't even know the danger was approaching me step by step.

Look at the words. 'ambition is the root of all hypocrisy and lies.

It refers to Abao Song, manager of the disinformation company, and his backstage boss.

Dear gentlemen, please remember.

The Party will ignite the anger deeply hidden in people's hearts one day.

You careerists will be burnt to death! This day will come soon.

What brave people!

Why can't we stand in a line with them?

Good, go on.

Don't we interfere with your conversation?

Go on!

Dose the 'we' he said just now

include you?

It has nothing to do with me.

Sit down please.

Oh, look, I've finished all the tasks you gave me.

These are the manuscript and the photos.

What about yours?

I...I got sick.

I have the sick leave certificate.

Is it true?



Oh, no, no. I feel like...Oh, no! I am sure that hi is not sick.

Who made the fake sick leave certificate for you?

Tell me!

Who made the fake sick leave certificate for you?

Who?! Who?!

I...I am really sick.

I feel dizzy and nauseated.

No, he wants to destroy the sick leave certificate.

You played a very heroic role just now.

Now explain all this to us clearly.

Say it, hero.

No. I am not a hero.

I often feel weak.

I feel this very clearly just now

when I found you stand behind me.

I am very upset about this.

I am really very upset.

I had a dream.

You want me to become a dog in the dream.

But I would rather be a man than a dog, even in a dream.

I like to think about the past often.

When thinking of the honest jobs

and beautiful life,

I feel that I cannot be like some people

who let themselves be a dog

and bark and jump behind you.

Shut up! I don't allow you to be so presumptuous!

Come on, I like such honest people very much.

Please go on.

Secretary Song, you said you like honest people.

It is not true.

Honest people speak truth

while ambitious people are afraid of truth.

Because in front of the truth,

all the most shameful and despicable deeds

will be exposed.

I always believe that

being loyal to the fact and pursuing the truth

are a reporter's basic principal.

Because the Party always tells us

to be an honset man and behave honestly.

But now in Haicheng city,

whoever tells the truth here will have bad luck,

and whoever believes the truth will feel pressure and pain,

even go to jail and die.

I have been worrying about this affliction.

I'm afraid no one will tell the truth from now on.

I went to my teacher to ask a reporter how to make a point,

when I really don't know what to do.

He can't answer my question.

However, I find the answer now.

These letters from the people showed me the answer.

There are calls for justice everywhere,

right here in our city,

in our country.

The people don't favour you.

The Party doesn't favour you.

So you are bound to fall.

I said these words

and chosed the road I should choose.

It's a difficult choice,

because I know what will happen to me.

You think too much about this.

We will never say bad words or hurt people like you

who dare to speak the truth.

We won't hurt their family members, either.


Look at you, how worried are you! Everything is going well.

The editor-in-chief believed me to my surprise.

What a fool!

They are also going to let me rest for a period of time.

Maybe I will be in hospital soon.

What's wrong with you?

You don't have to pour it out.

It's empty.

But it is filled with friendship

when you gave it to us.

We never forgot

today of ten years ago.


I finally catch up with you.

I heard that you are going on your honeymoon trip the moment when I got off the train.

Wish you a happy marriage! Wish you a happy marriage!

The bridegroom! The bridegroom!

Catch it!

The bride!

hey...have you seen anything?

It's empty.

It it filled with my friendship.

It it filled with my friendship.

My friendship.

My friendship.

Come on, now that we have chosen the honest path,

you need to believe me,

although this kind of life has forced me to change a little,

my deep heart doesn't change.

I believe you. Then send me away happily.

Dad, Dad.

Are you going to the Cadre School?

No, Dad is going out.

Uncle, are you going, too?

Dad, I want to go with you, I want to go with you.

Dear, listen to you Mom at home. En.

Dad will tell you better stories when I come back.


Mom, I want to talk to Dad.

Dad, I was wrong.

It is me who broke the vase.

I will not learn from the sheep watcher any more.

Good girl, good girl.

Dad, when will you be back?

Will it be long?

Not too long, not too long.

No, it won't be long.

No, it won't be long.

No, it won't be long.

I said it won't be long.

Is it true?

Yes, it's true.