Trouble with the Curve (2012) - full transcript

Gus is a baseball scout. The team he works for thinks he should retire. He asks them to let him do one more scouting job to prove himself. His friend, Pete, asks Gus's estranged daughter, Mickey, if she could go with him to make sure he's OK as his eyes are failing. The doctor tells Gus he should get his eyes treated but he insists on doing his scouting assignment, which takes him to North Carolina. Mickey decides to put her work on hold to go with him and she wants him to explain why he pushed her away. Whilst there he runs into Johnny, a scout from another team who was a promising player Gus once scouted. Johnny and Mickey take an interest in each other. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It's really fun. You should try it.

- Oh, no, no, no.
- Yes.

- No.
- Come on, it's fun. It's really fun.

- No.
- It's really fun. Come on.

I'll deny this ever happened.

Just try to keep up.

Hop up and down, they'll think
you know what you're doing.


I think we're going in a circle.

Oh, yeah!

You're good at this. I don't believe you,
I think you clog all the time.

Just keep bouncing, just bounce.

I think I got it now. I got it.

Yeah, it was, uh,
my first start after being called up.

God. There's nothing like it.

I mean, it's Fenway.

As I'm walking out to the mound,
all I could think about was...

...all the legends that had played
there before, you know?

How'd you do?

Went six and a third, three earned.

First start, that's awesome.

Well, that's the best it got.

We needed middle relief help.

So they used me...

...a lot.

My arm got tired...

...didn't say anything.

Ended up tearing my rotator.

That was it. What are you gonna do?

Why didn't you say anything?

Because I was afraid if I did,
they'd find somebody else.

I'm sorry.

So, what's Mickey short for? Michelle?

Heh. Mickey is short for Mickey.

As in Mickey Mantle,
my father's favorite player.


Lucky it wasn't Yogi Berra.

Shit, I'm sorry.

Jealous boyfriend?

No, this thing is all work, no play.

There's no available space
for jealous boyfriends.

You want to tell me
what's wrong with Gus?

You can trust me.


When Gus scouted me,
we spent a lot of time together.

To be honest, when I got traded, I think
it bothered him as much as it did me.

Actually, I remember him saying
he had a daughter in college.


He would say that she was smarter
than me and him put together.

That's why when I met you, obviously,
I thought Gus had another daughter.

Doesn't sound like my father.
That sounds like a compliment.

Well, he said it.

Well, he never tells me anything.

Maybe he wants to.

You know? Doesn't know how.
You might have to take the lead.

Trust me, I've tried. I'm done.

As you know... hit the magical 300,
you fail seven out of ten times.

You think you're pretty smart.

- Me? No.
- Yeah, you.

- What, that a good thing? You like smart?
- Well, you gotta have it here, and here.

Here and here?

Yes, here and here.

Oh, yeah. I'm pretty much
what you're looking for then.

I come home early in the evening

Lie around some time

Little girl's got everything I want

Looking and smelling so fine

It's a good night for dancing.

Yeah. Heh.

Yeah, we've done some dancing. Heh.
If you can call it that.

Don't be shy.

Ahem. Well, you heard the man.

Make a move on me.

Okay, come on. Come on.

I'm so sorry.
I'm having a good time, but....

- What's wrong?
- It's this thing, I just--

I need to go.

Wow. You were not kidding.

You really have no available space.

Is all this by design?

It is way too late
to get into that right now.

Yeah, okay.

I'll take you home.

You trying to starve me to death?

Come on, let's go get something to eat.

You got a man in there?

Yeah, Flanagan's in here.
We're getting ready to get in the shower.

Not so funny.

What the hell happened in here,


Okay. There you go. You're good.

You kids all right?

Yeah. Just fine.

You wouldn't happen to know what
the state bird of New Jersey is, would you?

That'd be a trick question.
There are no birds in New Jersey.

That's good.

You're leaving a lot of good food
unattended there.

Do you know what, um, therapy is?



I've been going since college.
It's a long time.

Just needed to talk to someone
to help me deal with why you left me.

Did I say something wrong here?

I just needed to, um, understand
why after mom died... took a 6-year-old to live
with an uncle that she barely knew...

...and you left her there for a year
and you didn't even call, not once.

We came here to watch baseball.
We didn't come here to--

Talk. I know.

Everything is okay
as long as we don't talk.

But there's no TV
and there's no game on, so....

- It's just you and me.
- I need a check here.

And then you did it again.

I had you until I was 13,
until you sent me away to boarding school.

And then nothing.

You were gone.

Middle school, high school,
college, nothing.

For a long time,
I thought I had done something wrong...

...and that's why you left.

But then I figured out that's how
you wanted it, so I acted like it was okay...

...because I didn't want you
to know how bad it hurt.

This is not the time or place
to talk about this.

Are you kidding?

There's never a time or place.

What are you doing, anyway?
Why did you start all this?

You're amazing.

Give me a check.

Get me a goddamn check.

So I hear the old man has a girlfriend
in North Carolina, a young one.

What the hell are you talking about?

Nelson says he's got a pretty
little baby helping him out.

What's Matt Nelson doing
in Gus's territory?

They sent him down there.
Make sure everything's all right.

Confirm that Bo Gentry's our choice
if he's available.


That babe is Gus' daughter
and she's not helping out, she's visiting.

The hell's going on, Pete?

Can't have the daughter of one of our scouts
impacting an important Braves decision.

You're a real team player,
aren't you, Phillip?

It's just business. Don't take it so personal.

I'm not after your job
because I want director of scouting.

I'm after your job because I want to be
the G.M. You know how it is.

Get the hell out of my office.

Nice shot.

- Uh, I got the Landau research.
- Oh.

I agree with Mickey there's precedent,
I don't think it's our strongest position.

I've outlined my approach a bit different.

I know you have a hard deadline for the
presentation, so I'm here if you need me.

It's priority.

Why, I appreciate that, Todd.

It, uh...

...won't go unnoticed.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen...

...and welcome
to Asheville's Zeb B. Vance Field...

...the site of the Mountain County
Championship game...

...between your Swannanoa Grizzlies
and the Devils of Morganton.

There you go, darling.

That'll be a collector's item
so don't go selling that on the Internet.

It's the two best teams
in the Mountain County League....

Well, the last game.

- Hope it's a good one.
- Yep.

Play ball!

Pack up and get you back to Atlanta.

For sure.

There they are. My two favorite people
in the entire state of North Carolina.

Well, good to see you.

Hey, did you get your work done?

Some of it.

Good. I had a nice time.

Who knew I was such a clogger?

Now batting, number three...

...Bo Gentry!

Off-speed. Right?

Do you mind getting your beak
out of that thing? I'm blind, you know.

Got it.

Did you hear that?

No, what?

- That was a breaking ball, right?
- Yeah.

Ha. Son of a bitch. Heh.

Can't handle a breaking ball.

How can you tell?

- Did you see a hitch in his swing?
- No.

If you can get down there next time he's up,
I want you to keep an eye on him.

See how he handles that breaking ball.

Come on, now. This is it.
Let's bring this one home to Swannanoa.


You better get your skinny little ass
on base.

I got a chance to win this game
in front of all these scouts.

I'm visualizing mega endorsement deals.

Do not mess this up.

I'll do my best, Bo.

Oh, dear God, let me get a hit.

Now batting, number 12, Wyatt Wilson.

One pitch at a time.

You got it, Wyatt!

Take your base!

Come on, ump, what the heck's going on?

Guess you misunderstood me.

Next up, Bo Gentry!

All right, let's see how
you handle the hook.

That's my boy! That's right!

And the Swannanoa Grizzlies...

...are the champions
of the Mountain County League.

Congratulations to both teams
for an exciting and excellent game.

You were right.

His hands drift.

How did you know that
if you can't see him?

Because I've been in this business
too damn long, that's why.

No, it's more than that. Tell me.

It's the sound you hear.

It's like a ball coming off the bat,
or exploding into a glove.

It's a pure sound.
You'll know it when you hear it.

So, what do you think?

You make a number of key arguments.
It's provoking.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow afternoon
to present to the client.

Uh, no need to rush back.
Uh, you can take off the rest of the week.

Excuse me?

Mickey, we didn't know how serious
this was going to be with your father.

So to ensure the firm's best interests
were protected...

...we had Todd draft a resolution.


He's gonna take the case from here,
so, look, enjoy a few more days.

- Come back rested.
- Rested?

This isn't a vacation.
I've worked my ass off on this case.

No one would dispute that.

You bring boot-licking Todd on
and you don't tell me?

- Mickey, it's not personal.
- Of course, it's personal.

- Todd's just being a team player.
- Yeah, that's being a team player.

How does this affect my partnership?

To be determined.

A conversation we all want to continue.
You're a quality associate.

Now I'm a quality associate, I see. Um....

I've worked longer and harder than
anyone in that office. I deserve this.

You'll have your time, Mickey.
Just, uh, maybe not now.

All right, um....

I will see you all next week,
rested and ready to work.

It's my problem.

I don't know why I give my blood,
sweat and tears to those cold-blooded...

...backstabbing jerk-offs.

And for what?

I guess, you know,
you want your name on the door.


Where'd you learn how to drink, uh,
fancy single-malt out of the bottle?

- They teach you that at law school?
- No.

My dad. Yet another brilliant gift
he bestowed upon me.

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy
When skies are gray

My dad used to sing that when, uh....

When we were low,
and he would sing that and... would help.

You have his voice.

What do you think, Flanagan,
about your first pick?

Uh, I don't know. What do you think?

I just got off the phone with Atlanta.

We're not gonna take him
because he can't hit a curve.

The last homer he hit was off a curve.

Tell him.

His hands drift.

He can't get any punch into a breaking ball
because his hands are just drifting.

Well, he still hit it out.

Sisters of the Blind could hit it out
with an aluminum bat.

From everything the Red Sox
have heard...

...they think we're drafting
the next Albert Pujols.

Well, just take my advice
and be careful.

You're sure? Not even as a project?

You'd waste a number one pick
on a project?

If you wanna cover your ass, okay,
but I sure as hell wouldn't do that.

It's not every day you get
a number one pick.

That's true, but let me give you
another piece of advice.

Don't be afraid to walk away.

Go ahead and do what you like,

If he's available, he's not gonna be playing
for the Braves, I'll tell you that.

Think he's right?

I don't know.

What's the matter with you? You okay?

Yeah. I'm just thinking, a lot, too much.

- Too much thinking.
- Okay.

That's enough, we're gonna get out of here.
Come on.

- Come on.
- Where are we going?

You'll figure it out when we get there.

- Come on.
- Do I need my shoes?

You can bring them if you want.

You want something from him...

...that he just may not be able to give you.

So do yourself a favor,
stop being pissed off about it.


You're not so bad, Flanagan.


That's all right. I'll wait.

How long?

As long as it takes.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?
I'm taking my clothes off.


Let's go.

You are crazy.

Aah! Ha, ha.

You coming in?

Oh, no. No, no, no, I don't think so. Heh.

Afraid you might forget about your job
for a second and actually have some fun?

Oh, thank you for the analysis.
How much do I owe you?

That one was pro bono.

Oh, thanks.

Come on.

Live a little.

No peeking.

What're you staring at?

The paint job on the car.

Oh, yeah, you like it?

Really hot paint job.

- Yeah.
- Really hot.

What? Oh, uh-oh. Here she goes.




- A cannonball.
- Yeah, you like that?

- Yeah, it's impressive.
- Thank you.

Isn't this beautiful?

Yeah, it sure is.

Where are you going?

I'm keeping a safe distance.

You're good at that, you know?

Why don't you try stopping?


How's this?

It's safe.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

What about now?


This makes me nervous, Johnny.

Are you sure they're passing?
How well do you know Gus Lobel?

Trust me, we go back a long way.
Okay? He's a friend.

Three minutes to make the pick.

Look, I could play this safe
and tell you to take him.

But you don't want to do that.
The kid's hands drift.

The truth is, I didn't even see it,
Lobel did.

You better be sure
you understood him correctly.

I'm sure.

Welcome back to Major League Baseball's... coverage of the first-year player draft.

This is the moment
we've all been waiting for.

High school, college students from across
the country have worked hard all year...

...and it all comes down to this.

Here we go.

Okay, so it's time to find out.
Let's head to the podium.

Oh, my God.

Good evening.

With the first selection
of the first year player draft...

...the Boston Red Sox select...

...Paulino Estrada, a right-handed pitcher
from Arizona State University.

Yes! Come on, baby.

Gentry's ours, Red Sox pass!

The Atlanta Braves have
the next pick and they are now on the clock.


The Red Sox. So stupid.

The Sox passed
because Flanagan's smart, that's why.

Like I told you last night,
kid can't hit a curve ball.

You know how I feel about you,
but God Almighty, if you're wrong....

Well, I'm not wrong.
Kid's nothing but a dead-red hitter.

Oh, you can watch him if you want
and see if he develops...

...but no more than that.

I'll see you back in Atlanta in a few days.

Don't sign him.

- What?
- Gus is adamant. He can't hit the curve.

Oh, Christ! How long?
How long are we gonna listen to this?

I don't give a damn.
We've been tracking him.

Matt says he can hit the crap
out of anything.

This kid's a godsend.

- Pete?
- I stand with Gus.

I say sign the pitcher from San Diego.

We are not passing on him, Vince.

Last time I checked, that's my decision.

Yes. No, I'm sorry. It's just....

I've been following this kid...

- ...every game, every single at bat.
- Your computer's followed him.

When's the last time you stepped out
of the office and saw a high school game?

Our pick's up in two minutes.

If I am wrong, if I'm wrong, you fire me.

But I am telling you right now:

Bo Gentry's the kind of five-tool player that
changes the entire landscape of a franchise.

We draft this kid and we are competitive
for the next five, 10 years.

Sorry, Pete.

- You better be right.
- I'm right.

Definitely right.

Did it even occur to you
that I might get fired?

- You just don't care.
- What happened?

That's funny. Learn to walk away?

Isn't that what you said?
Yeah, well, I did. I walked away.

I passed and you guys got Gentry.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You did the right thing, Flanagan. I guess
the Braves don't give a crap what I think.

Honestly, Gus, save it.

Whoa, hold on. Johnny, it wasn't us.

- Really?
- Really. It wasn't.

- It's the truth.
- The truth? Oh, okay.

Well, the truth is, it's over for me.

I had a real shot at the booth,
and now it's gone.

Okay, well, that wasn't us.

You can drop the act, Mickey,
I feel dumb enough already, okay?

You know, I should've known better.

A lawyer and a washed-up baseball player.

Look, you have to believe me. Last night
meant more to me than you know.

Get out of the way, Mickey.

This is a bad time to walk away now.




Let him go.


...I guess now I go into a life of retirement
for all the good service I've given them.

Always use another watch.

I should've seen it earlier.

No, it wasn't your fault.

Phillip Sanderson sent that guy up here
to make sure I didn't screw it all up.

Well, things are definitely screwed up.

So, what do we do now?

Go home.

Me, to a career ending, and you to
a career that's just starting as a partner.

I don't think so.


It was more important
that I be here. It's, I--

- No.
- No, it's all right.

- No.
- No, I'll deal with it.


God, I worked my ass off
so you could have more, and you....

You're gonna throw it away
on coming to a garbage can like this?

- That's no life for a--
- For a girl.

That's no life for a kid of mine.

Living out of suitcases and visiting
every shit-ball town in the area.

That's not what I wanted for my kid.

Well, I guess what I wanted didn't matter.

- You don't even like baseball.
- I love baseball.

You know I love it.
I never wanted to be a lawyer.

I did that for you so that you
would be happy with me...

...and that you would approve of me
and then maybe you'd keep me around.

I did what I felt was right.

I just didn't want you to have life
in the cheap seats.

They weren't the cheap seats.

Spending every waking moment
with my dad watching baseball...

...eating food that was no good for me.

Playing pool, staying up too late,
those were the best seats in the house...

...until you sent me away.

Well, I was just doing the best I know how.

Only a coward leaves their kid.

You don't know half
of what you think you do.

Okay, then tell me the other half.

Goddamn it, Dad, talk to me.

Dad... to me.


You remember years ago,
down in Mobile, Alabama...

...they had the horse
running around the field.


They used to keep that horse in a trailer
down outside the bullpen gate.

Anyway, I was talking to this kid
I had signed...

...telling him there's no place for him
in the big leagues.

And all of a sudden I realized
you were gone and I couldn't find you.

I was panicking.

I saw this shack there.

I went....

I went over and looked in...

...and there you were with this guy.

He had his hand
down the back of your shirt.

I don't remember that.

Yeah. How could you?
You were only 6 years old.

I sent you out, and then I started
beating the shit out of this guy.

I smashed his head against the wall and
I started hitting him with everything I had.

I strangled his ass.

Finally, he passed out.

Oh, my gosh, Dad.

I kept waiting for the police to come
and arrest me, but they never did.

That's when I sent you to your aunt and
uncle's. I thought they'd take care of you.

I thought I'd failed you.

Your mother had died a year before
and I was a mess.

You have to understand that.

Can't you understand that you
sending me away wasn't protecting me... was rejecting me.

I've been working hard to not let anyone
else get close enough to do that again.

And being alone really sucks.

Well... might just have to give me
a little slack on that, because...

...I just can't change.

You never tried.

I'm just a broken-down old man.

And you ought to get as far away
from me as you can.

Can't you just do that?


I can do that.


Do you know where he is?

Oh, he left. Checked out early this morning.


Is he all right?

He said he wanted to take the bus.

What happened with you two?


It's all good.

Thanks, Pete.

I gotta stop.

Hi. I'm Mickey.

I've been watching,
it's really impressive.

Thank you.

You're welcome. Mind if I try?

I can handle it, I think.

Are you crazy?


Can I borrow your glove?

- Throw me that fastball.
- Okay.

Is that your favorite pitch?


Can you throw a curve?


- Show me.
- Okay.

Oh, my God.

Do it again.

What's your name?

Rigoberto. They call me Rigo.

Rigo. You play in school, Rigo?

No, ma'am. Never had the grades
to suit my mom.

Kept getting B's in Chemistry.

Well, thank God for Chemistry.
You gonna be around here for a bit?

Yes, ma'am.

Okay. Wait here, all right?

Mickey, I just can't do it.
This isn't an open tryout.

I've seen him.
I swear to you, he's the real thing.

There's no paperwork on the kid.

I just can't parade him out on the field
and let him pitch.

I'm here because of you, Pete, okay,
so I don't care what you have to do.

You gotta make this happen, okay?
You owe me.

Well, you can take an early retirement,
collect disability.

With the pension,
you should be comfortable.

Save it. Being comfortable's overrated.

Thank God we sent Matt down there
or we would have missed on this kid.

That kid can't hit a curve.

Gus, now that we're all aware
of your condition...

...I can't help but ask,
how could you tell?

I heard it.

You heard it?

- That's right. And Mickey saw it.
- And Mickey saw it.

- This is getting interesting.
- Damn right she saw it.

Let me just get this straight.

This year's pick was gonna
be based on what you heard...

...and what your daughter, a girl, saw?

We need to go down to the field. Mickey's
brought us something we gotta see.

Oh, boy, I can't wait to see
what Mickey brought us.

- Hey, you watch yourself.
- Let's go.

- Hey, here he comes.
- Hey, Bo, how about a shot?

Over here.

Everything okay? Ah, nice.

- Hey, how's it going?
- Show's about to start.

Great. Go for it, kid.

Oh, yeah.



All right, let's show them what you got.

Oh, boy. He's got a nice swing.

You got this.

What the hell's going on?

- I heard it.
- What?

The pure sound, I heard it.

Come on. What is this?
We don't have all day.

Gentlemen, this is Rigoberto Sanchez.

Peanut Boy?

Son of a bitch.

Is this a joke?

Y'all gonna waste my time on him?

- That's it. I've seen all I need to see.
- Just hold your ass right there.

All right. This is gonna be ugly.

Start with the fastball.

You all right?

Yes, ma'am.


No, ma'am. It's just a game.

You're right, Rigo. It's just a game.

He looks like Sandy Koufax.

Yep, combined with Steve Carlton
and Randy Johnson.

And that's not even his best pitch.

Show him a curve.

Nobody saw this?

Gentry's got potential,
but using our number one pick?

Jesus Christ.

Gentry knows it's coming,
he still can't hit it.


Jesus Christ, who is this kid?

What do you say now, jackass?

That's known as trouble with the curve.

Well, there's no doubt that Rigo Sanchez
should be offered a contract.

You think? Heh.

And he's gonna need an agent.

He's got one.


She's a damn good lawyer and I'm sure
she can whip up some papers...

- ...make that young man some money.
- Shit.

Or she could have your job...

...because you sure as hell
don't know anything about the game.

And if I'd have been any help,
she'd be managing her own club now...

...because she knows more about baseball
than anyone in this room.

It's okay, Dad.

No. It's in my blood
and it's in your blood too.

I want you to be happy, that's all.

Here's the reports
from last night's game.

What about you, Gus?

Your contract's gonna be up.
Are you interested in an extension?

I'll think about that.

- Anything you want. You name it.
- I said, I'll think about it.


Billy Clark went five-for-five again.

He's been hitting close to 400
since his folks came to visit him.

How much did it cost this organization to put
his parents up? That's what I want to know.

Phillip...'re fired.

Vince, wait a-- Wait a sec. I'm sorry.

I know I missed with Gentry and I'm sorry
about that, but this is real life.

- We're gonna go get a little lunch.
- Yeah, I'm starving.

I'll go to high school games. I like
high school. I mean, I just bought a boat.

I've got private school. I'll take you fishing.


...I think maybe, maybe I could
change the way I do things.

You already have.

What would they want now?

Hmm. Todd's presentation didn't go
so well, so they're trying to...

...push my, uh, partnership forward.

- So, what are you gonna do?
- I'll think about it.

- No, I mean--
- I said, I'll think about it.

Thank you.

'77 World Series...

...Reggie hits three homers in one game.


Name the pitchers he took deep.

You came all this way to ask me that?


Charlie Hough, Elias Sosa, Burt Hooton.

Is that it? Is that all you got?


I got a lot more than that.

Well, looks like I'll be taking the bus.