Trouble in Paradise (1989) - full transcript

Rachel, a recent widow, is taking a cargo ship back to the US with her husband's body and the ship crashes onto a desert island. With only one other survivor they are determined to be rescued. With an extreme turn of events, they are found, but by her husband who faked his death. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Grant to all who mourn a sure

confidence in Thy Fatherly care

that, casting all their grief on

Thee, they may know the

consolation of Thy love.

Help us, we pray, in the midst

of things we cannot understand

to believe and to trust in the

communion of saints, the

forgiveness of sins and the

resurrection to life


Grant us grace to entrust Arthur

to Thy never-failing love.

Receive him into the arms of Thy

mercy and remember him according

to the favor which Thou bearest

unto Thy people.

Grant us with all who have died

in the hope of the resurrection

to have our consummation and

bliss in Thy eternal and

everlasting glory, and with

blessed Arthur and all Thy

saints to receive the crown of

life which Thou dost promise to

all who share in the victory of

Thy son Jesus Christ, who liveth

and reigneth with Thee and the

Holy Spirit, one God forever and

ever, amen.


My condolences, Mrs. Baxley.

I do hope you have a safe trip.

Thank you.

It was a lovely service.

Such a shame, Mrs. Baxley.

Your husband had so much



Arthur always did have so much


I am so sorry, Rachel.


[fabric ripping]

He get lost in traffic.

He'll be here soon.

Thank you.

There's still time to change

your mind, Rachel.

Planes fly to San Francisco

20 times a day.

Seth, you know how I hate


This will do me just fine.

Mr. Hughes.


Danvers, British embassy.

How do you do?

I think you'll find

everything's in order.

200 on Spider, 200 on Spider,

come on.

[all clamoring]

Come on there, Spider, come on.

Here's another hundred

on Spider.

Come on, Spider, my beauty.

Hey-hey, hey-hey!

All contributions to the Jake

La Fontaine drinking fund are


All those for the Wallaman

Two, we're boarding now.

Let's go.

Okay, okay, okay.

Move it.


Let's see how much of Jake's

poison this will buy.

None of your local rocket fuel.

I just want the best Russian,



for you.

Hey, time to go.

Yes, yes, yes.


All right... look at this.

[bottles clink]

You may not know it, Lustig,

but your liver is singing praise

for the captain at this very


On your way.

I want to thank you for being

here for me.

You're the only one I have now.

I'll meet you on the dock

in San Francisco.

Oh, you don't have to

do that.

It's already worked out.

I've arranged to attend

a Korean trade conference in

San Francisco that week.

Courtesy of Her Majesty's


I think you should go now,


Goodbyes make me nervous.

Well, I do have to meet

the Zardis at four.


Go on.

Take care.

[men arguing]

I was not interfering

with your job!

Okay, okay, okay.

You do not have to get

so excited about it.

I don't care which part of the

ship you say it's supposed to go

on-- for God's sake, man.

[shouting in Chinese]

Excuse me.


What's going on here?

What's the matter?



the matter?

No, no, there's nothing

the matter.

Well, where's the rest of

the crew for the ship?



it requires only a crew of 11,

a ship like this.

It's totally automated--

containers, you know.

Press the button:

Bob's your uncle.


Well, they're not going to leave

poor Arthur just sitting here on

the dock, are they?

Does this belong to you?

Not exactly.

It's my late husband.

Oh, I am sorry to hear that.

Okay, I'll take care of that.

And if there's anything else

that a poor sailor can do for a

woman in this time of distress--

Yes, could you stop

patronizing me?

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, hey...

Bit of a snip,

that wife of yours,

don't you think?


We don't often have

passengers, Mrs. Baxley.

We'll do our best to make you


Welcome aboard, ma'am.

This way.

Mind the step.

Thank you, Captain,

you're very kind.


[ship's horn blowing]

[ship's horn blowing]

[harmonica playing]

[harmonica continues]

Oh, excuse me, I didn't mean

to interrupt.

I heard someone playing and--

Oh, you like music, do you?

Well, now, listen to this.

[plays classical flourish]

La Fontaine...

La Fontaine.

My mother it was.

She loved everything French.

Was a little town just outside

of Paris.

And she was shacked up with this

wonderfully handsome, dashing


Of course you can tell

by the description

it was very likely my father.

And it, it was not so much his

bedroom manner, I think.

It was the name.

La Fontaine.

[plays quick flourish]

Jake La Fontaine.

Well, that tells me rather

everything I need to know,

doesn't it?

You'd not like a drink,

would you?

No, thank you.

Good night.

Did you check

that forward load?


Here's the latest off

the weather fax, sir.

There's a low indicated.

Looks like a typhoon.

What's the exact position?

Due east, 0-9-0.

What do you think?

We could run from it, sir,

but we'll be in the following

sea and be thrown heavily

off course.

Go and tell Mrs. Baxley to

take care if she's moving about.

There are islands south of

here, difficult to see at night

in a gale.

Any reports from other


No one that's close.

We'll change course

and run with it.

Yes, sir.

Tell the engine room to

reverse the starboard engine.

We're to come around quickly

so as to avoid getting

broadside on.

Course 1-6-0.

Reverse starboard engine.

[thunder rumbling,

ship creaking]



Ma'am, the captain sent me to

tell you that we're headed for a

bit of rough weather.

No kidding.

He also said that if you're

moving around the ship that you

keep hand on the handrail, and

if you feel a little seasick,

the purser has some

seasick pills.

I never get seasick.

Thank you.


I hope I didn't offend you

too much last night.

That's it?

That's it.

[thunder crashing]

[ship creaking]

[wind howling]


Where are you going?

To dinner.

We are in a damn typhoon!

I still have to eat.

Lady, will you please

get back to your cabin?


What the devil is going on?

Wind's taken the lot out,


All the antennas-- radio,

LORAN, weather--

it's all gone.

Sat-nav's gone too.


Keep her steady!

[loud crash, scraping]

Full astern, full astern!


Can you see anything out there?


It's a bar or a reef.

Captain, she's going to


She's not going to broach!

Right full rudder!

We'll steam ourselves off!

Captain, the men want to know

what to do.

Stay below, that's what

they're going to do!

You get back to your post!

Now, if you have any love

for life, you'll make your way

up to the deck!


Over here!

Come on-- here!



Hold on, hold on!


Go, go!



[birds chirping]



[growling and panting]




Oh! Oh!

Ow! Oh!

Get off! No!

Oh! Oh!

[barking and yelling continue]

Get out of there!


Welcome to Ravalo, dear lady.


I thought you drowned.

I thought you were dead.

Did you sleep well?

May I ask you something?

Why couldn't you drag me

up out of the surf?

I could be dead for all

you care.

Is there anyone else

around here?



Wait a minute, are you telling

me that...

You and I are...

We're the only survivors

on this island?

Well, let me put it this way.

You are the only one that has

happened along today.

And if you really want to know,

I diddrag you above

the tide line.

And I didcheck to see if your

heart was beating.

I pressed my ear to your breast

and there it was, pattering away

like the feet of little children

going to the fair.

In fact, I kept my ear pressed

to your breast until it began

to burn with passion.


You're just a dirty-minded

little boy, aren't you?


Mr. La Fontaine!

Oh... not offended

by the human body, are you?

Certainly not.

I've seen bodies.

In fact I've seen better.


Oh, where in hell are we


We are in Ravalo.

I already told you.

One of the British Line Islands

and it's a kind of paradise.

We have meat.

We have fowl.


We have fresh fruit

for the picking.

In fact, we have everything

we need.

Oh, yes.

We have everything.

Everything except polite


Have you seen the ship?

What are you talking about?

Well, come on, I'll show you.

[surf crashing]

There she is, beyond the reef.

Oh, my God.

That's the main mast.

The rest of her is 40,

maybe 50 feet below.

There must be some survivors.

Going down this close,

there must be.

She sank with everyone

on board except you and me.

There are no survivors.

Nobody at all?

That's the way it is.

Oh, could you scratch

just there?

You know we could start

our own country.

Wait a minute, the house, all

these things, they must belong

to somebody.

There is no humanity on the

island except you and me.

Whoever was here left because of

the bomb.

The bomb, what bomb?

Wait a minute, what bomb?

The hydrogen bomb.

Is there any other kind?

Well, I don't see what that's

got to do with anything.

You certainly talk a lot,


Look, what in world

do you mean?

What's the bomb got to do

with there being no people

on this island?

[pigs squealing and grunting]

Lord, have mercy.


That's the girl, just stay

right there.




Get away.

Well, there, there must have

been people that lived

in this house.


[whispering] Aren't you going

to tell me what...

[normal voice] What are you

ranting on about?

[chicken squawking]


Clever little tart.

I beg your pardon.

You much have talked your

husband to death.

You've heard about radiation,


[chicken squawks]


Well, have you?

Well, of course I have.

Well, this is where

the fallout fell out.

This was the Island

Commissioner's home.

It says here...

the papers here that...

tells how back in 1957,

the British had to evacuate

Ravalo to avoid the nuclear

radiation and this island being

in what they call the prevailing

winds, they had to evacuate

the entire native population.

Well, that was 30 years ago.

Meanwhile they repopulated the

Bikini Islands and all the rest.

So why hasn't anyone

come back here?

[chickens squawking]

Maybe they didn't want to

come back here.

So, I've caught my dinner.

Now all you have to do

is to catch yours.

Calls for a drink,

don't you think?

Mr. La Fontaine...

What about a fire?

I think we should build one.

That's a great idea.

You could be the cook.

I think the flint should be dry

by now.

I'm talking about

a signal fire.

What for?

For passing ships to see,

of course.

Forget it.





[playing jaunty tune]



[dog yawns]

[Jake yawns]

Nobody likes a critic.

This stuff genuinely wants

for something.

[dog whimpers]


[fire crackling]

What the hell is that?


What the hell

is going on here?

We want to roast a couple of

chickens, we are not interested

in roasting a herd of cows here.

I know you said we're off the

shipping lines but that doesn't

mean that ships never pass

this way.

Oh, I can see you are gonna

be a real pain in the ass.

Yes, I am and there's

absolutely nothing you can do

about it.

What's that you're drinking?

That is for purely medicinal


It is to cure men

of bossy women.

It says so right here

on the label.

Hey, now, wait a minute!

Damn you.

There may be two of us on this

island, lady, but one of us has

made a lifelong career of not

being told what to do!

Come on.




What have we here?

This is a bedroom..



That's good, I like that.


Oh, no, you don't. Hey!

This is my bedroom and

the next time you come into it,

you can knock first.


Well, you know what they say.

If you can keep your head...

while everyone else around you

is losing theirs...

you probably don't understand

the situation.

Why, thank you,

Mr. La Fontaine, for those

pearls of wisdom... which you

can leave outside the door,

if you don't mind?



[animals squawking,

water lapping]

All these chickens and pigs

and cats and you, hmm?

Generation after generation,


And no human management

to muck things up,

thank you very much.

Look, look here.

Look what I found.

What's this?

This is us here, isn't it?

Could be.

How far away is this

Christmas Island?

You know, it's a great shame

that we were not born a little

further north, because you could

now be sitting in the bar of the

British Officers Club and you

could be telling them how this

simple sailor saved you from

the black and the deep.

This is the margin between fame

and obscurity.

Well, just how far away

is it?

It's 90 miles north.


Wait a minute.

Are you saying that there are

people only 90 miles from here,

just 90 miles away?

Oh, yeah, well, don't get

so excited.

Look, the moon looks like you

could reach out and touch it

but you can't, see?

But Jake, we have a boat.

We have that lifeboat right out

there and we could...

Jake, Jake, now it's Jake.

Now you want me to risk my life,

it's Jake.


But if it's only 90 miles

away, we could just fix

that lifeboat.

We could drift up the coast and

who knows, we could...

Wait a minute.

Even if I could fix the boat,

even if I could make a sail, we

would rely on prevailing winds.

I mean...

We miss Christmas Island.

It is 5,000 miles of open ocean,

and that, Mrs. Baxley, is

getting to San Francisco

the hard way.

Well, I don't care.

It's worth the try.

You don't care.

You are a lost soul.

You have nothing to hold on to.

Oh, and you have

your vodka bottle.

Well, Mr. La Fontaine, you're

a shamelessly crude and

egotistical man, that's clear.

But you never struck me as also

being... well, a coward.


That is the woman in you.

Trying to get your own way

by challenging my courage.

Well, I tell you, a dare is not

good enough, a man needs a lot

more than that to risk his life,

and I do not have a lot more

than that.

Isn't children, family,

friends, people that you've left

behind, isn't, isn't that enough

to make you want to do anything

to get out of this place?

Oh, there are lots of people

left behind, but none of 'em

who love me.

There's a couple of irate

husbands, bookies.

Yeah, daughter I haven't seen

since she was four.

You have a wife?


No, we, we never married.

She, uh, she talked to me every

time we were in port about

getting married and then one day

there was no one there in port

to talk about it and she didn't

even leave a note saying where

the little girl was.

Is that what you're going

back to, kids?

[thunder rumbling]


Arthur and I never had children.

Why not?

I did... well...

I don't know, it...

no, no children.

How long were you married?

Eight years.

Eight years.

We were notmarried for five

years and we had one.



Well, there just,

there wasn't enough time.

You didn't have time

or he didn't have time?

I'm going to bed.

If you get cold,

please let me know, because

there was a time in Alaska

when I saved three Eskimo women

from a blizzard.

I... kept them alive

with my body warmth.

You should have tried your

breath, Mr. La Fontaine.

It might have saved

the whole village.


This is our bed, Mutt.

Good night.

[thunder crashing]

Aah! [coughs]

What happened?


I dreamt I was drowning!


Well, come on.

Over there.

[rain pattering and dripping]

I love the sound of the rain,

don't you?

You know, the thing about losing

a loved one is that you can't

let the world stop.

You gotta get right back on

the horse, you know what I mean?

I would hate to think if I were

dead that my wife was preventing

herself from enjoying life

because of some twisted memory

of me.



Good night, Mr. La Fontaine.


We are going to have to make

a useful member of society

out of you.


What will we make you?


We will make you the resident

sex therapist.

Sex therapist!

Hey, great job.

Unless you would prefer to be

the official wine taster, hmm?



Reserve your decision.


What we need is something

to strain this.

A piece of cheesecloth would be

ideal, come on.

[chickens clucking]



What on earth are you doing?

A miracle.

In ten days we will be drinking

Chateau Ravalo.

Are you out of your mind?

I don't believe this is

happening to me.

Is that my dress?

Give me that.

Oh, you...

Hey, take it easy.

It was ruined away.

How could you?


You're impossible!


Oh, great.

You desert me too.

[dog barking]

Some sex therapist!


Oh, thank God.









[Mutt barking]

Hey, stop!

Stop that! No!

Come back!



Oh... oh...

Oh, Mutt!



What's this, eh?



You look wonderful

in that outf--

Don't say it.

Here, try these for size.

[chickens squawk,

Rachel shrieks]

Some sex therapist, huh?


Not a very good idea,

stealing the dress.

Now she hates me.

Thanks to you.

Get out, go on.

[tools clank]

Okay, buster, it's about time

you got off your backside and

made yourself useful.

What is that?

That is tools to fix

the boat.

You're such a forceful woman.

Why can you not also be

a reasonable woman?

I told you, we have about

a 50/50 chance, if that.

Look, if I could do it myself

I would, but I can't.

So if you won't help me fix

the boat, I'm afraid I'll just

have to shoot you.

The way I figure it,

we are marooned, lady, and you

are a woman in her prime time of

need about to shoot the only man

on the island.



Need, prime time?

You imbecile.



Well, shall we,

Mr. La Fontaine?


You don't have to stand there

like a bloody prison guard.

If you're so damn keen to get

yourself killed, how about

giving me a hand?

Okay, just don't give me

any trouble.

Okay, now heave.



This is hopeless.

What about a rope?

Ever think of that?

So who was the guy playing

kissy face with you back

at the dock?

Not that it's any of your

business, his name is Seth.

Seth, is it?

Arthur still warm in his

little coffin.


Seth happened to be a friend

of my husband's from

the British Embassy.

Besides, I was separated

from my husband a long time

before he died.

Are you ready?

Now, when I heave and the

boat goes over, you be ready to

step out of the way real quick.







What happened to him?

Your husband?

How'd he die?


He just got caught in the

wrong place at the wrong time.


Yeah... so am I.

I don't know exactly

what happened.

He was working as a consultant

at the State Department in

Thailand and...

Well, he was killed in a border

dispute, or so they tell me.

Someone just...

opened fire on his car

and everyone in it.

Should have been a tradesman,

don't you think?


If you had,

you wouldn't be here.

Oh, I had a lot of jobs.

I used to work as a window

cleaner once.

[groaning softly]

And, uh...

You okay?

Oh, yeah, sure.

I used to love it up there.

38 floors up.

A view of Sydney Harbor.

Boats, hills...

And then one day I made

this incredible discovery.

You know, we had gone right

round the building and we were

back at the window where I

started... and it was dirty.


It was dirty, we had to start

again and go round the building

again, can you imagine that?

Can you imagine that, going

around and around the building

for the rest of your life?



So I quit the job...

and I went down there.

I got onto one of those boats

and I never looked back.

Oh, God.

I've known men like you.

I was married to one.

Irresponsible children.

They spend their whole lives

chasing after something that...

doesn't exist, a dream...

that they can't catch.

Take it easy on the dream.

For some people it's the only

thing that makes reality



Tell that to your four-year-old

daughter you abandoned

and let me know what she feels

about your dream.


Ah, please.

I'm trying to sleep.

Just like to have a drink

with a sailor?

I'm too tired.

She is a tough one, mate.


One drink.

Oh, that's much better.

Please come in, sit down.

Make yourself comfortable.

And, uh...


Couple of shot glasses.

Care of the late commissioner's

cupboard and kept for just such

an occasion.

Very nice.

I warn you, I'm not

a very good drinker.

Are you just gonna

look at it?

Come on.


God, how can you stand

to drink this stuff?

Hey, that's the way, you got

your feet wet.

Now you gotta dive right in.

Ah, oh....




That's the spirit.

Hey, here you go.

No, no, no, no, I've... I've

had enough, I'm-- I've had my

one drink, Jake.


And now I'm going.


One drink, one drink.

I, I told you.

I wasn't a drinker.

Rachel, will you loosen up?

All right.

Here's to you, Jake, and, uh...

Thank you for fixing the boat


And here's to Christmas Island.


And here's to you, milady.

And to our future disaster.

[both laugh]

Okay, mmm.



Oh, no, wait, wait.

Now we can get on with it.

Get on with what?

Well, one more little drink

maybe and then perhaps

some music.


[playing harmonica]

I think I've heard enough

harmonica music to life

a lasttime.

I break my back around here

trying to lighten it up.

Don't you think it's about time

that you sang a song?

I don't know any songs.

Of course you do.

I can't think of any.

You could learn one.

Come on.


♪ One Sunday morning...

Come on.

♪ Ning

What? "Ning?"


♪ One Sunday morning

♪ As I went walking

♪ King


Please, come on, hey.

♪ One Sunday morning

♪ As I went walking

Hey, come on, come on, look.

♪ One Sunday morning

♪ As I went walking

♪ By Brisbane waters

♪ I chanced to stray

Come on.

♪ I heard a convict

♪ His fate bewai...

Come on.


♪ Sunday morning

♪ Bris... waters stray

♪ Sunday morning

♪ I went walking

Oh, God... hey...

♪ By Brisbane waters

♪ I, I...

♪ One Sunday morning

♪ As I went walking

♪ By Brisbane...

Come on.

♪ Waters I chanced to stray

[both] ♪ One Sunday morning

♪ As I went walking

♪ By Brisbane waters

♪ I chanced to stray

♪ I heard a convict

♪ As I went walking...

[singing continues]

[Mutt barking]

[both garbling song]

Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

I'm feeling very dizzy.

You're all right.

You'll be fine.

That's all right.

I'll be fine.

[rooster crowing]


Oh, I was wondering

when you'd get up.

How are we?


Ready for the big trip?


We can always cancel it

if you're not feeling so well.

If you're sick.

I am not sick.

You don't look so good.

I am...

perfectly all right.


Let's go.

Oh, my head hurts.

Don't your worry about her,

Miss Mutt, she'll be fine.

Oh, oh.


Good girl, in there.

Come on.



Grab this.


Bon voyage, killer!

Oh, come on, get in.



Not me, dear heart.

Oh, come on.

I have decided to wait

for the Titanic.

Come back!


Oh, come on.

I take the dog.

You take civilization.

It's the best deal

a man can make.

Jake, come back!


Well, Mutt, see?

Nothing much we can do

about that crazy lady.


But when the tide changes,

our little family will be

together again.

Don't leave me out here.

Oh, Jake.

Come on.

I don't know how to sail.


[playing slow tune]

Jake, you son of a bitch!

Where are you?!

How could leave me out there?

How could you do this to me?!

I love it when you walk

like that.

Is that all you can

think about?

What kind of a poor excuse

for a man are you?



How dare you?

What do you think you're doing?



I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm, I'm sorry.

Miss Mutt, we have

a real problem.

Damn you.

I was only trying to teach you

a lesson.

You could have swum back from

the boat any time you liked.


[tearfully, feverishly] Oh!

I'm... sorry!

I'm sorry!

Hey, hey, take it easy.

Why are you doing this?


[sobbing quietly]



About time, mate.


Well now, look at this.

For a moment there, I thought

you were going to sleep the full

100 years.

How do you feel?

Am I... on an island?

You are.

I thought so.

Well, we're getting there.

I think the fever has broken.


Hey, hey, hey.

It's okay, it's okay.

What? What?

It's okay.

Nothing spicy going on here.

Just lay back.


It's okay.

No time at all we're gonna

have you...

taking on the welterweight

champion or whoever else

gets in your way, hon.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I guess you must be a bit mad

at me.


Does it make it difficult?

I'm... very grateful and...

I'm going to forget

everything else.

I guess I'd better be going.



Don't go.

Stay with me... please...

What are you doing

out of bed?

I'm hungry.


Mmm, it smells good.


They okay?

Oh, they're...

They're very okay.



Really, if you're going to

creep up on a fella...

could you kick a can

or something?

Feeling a little nervous?

No, I'm fine.

Whatever you say.

I like that.


I'm a little nervous.

Why would that be?

I don't know maybe, uh, now

that we're getting on together,

I find that uncomfortable,

and, uh...

If it'll help I can get

mad at you again.



Well, it...

It's just that you're,

you're not like any other woman

I've ever known.

In what way?

I never thought that, um...

a woman like you would be

at all interested in someone

like me.

And what do you think now?

Well, I think maybe you are.

A little.


You think?

♪ Remember

♪ The time we spent together


♪ So tender

♪ A love no one really knew


♪ My dear

♪ You listened to my fears

♪ You give a love so clear

♪ You hear my heart

♪ My dear

♪ You listened to my fears

♪ You give a love so clear

♪ You hear my heart


Ooh, morning.

Good morning.



What a delightful morning.

You know...


I have the most

irresistible urge...

to make breakfast.

I wonder what means?

Well, I hope it means...


That the hens are laying.


What's this?


Let me see, come on.


Come on, come on, come on.

It's a locket.

Who's that?


Your husband.


With black hair.


So what?


Well, I promise you

that Arthur will never

come between us again.

Mutt, wait.


Here, Miss Mutt.

Let's have a look at this.

Jake, where are you?

Something worrying you?

How did Arthur die?

Well, I told you, he was

killed in a border incident.



Did you see the body?

Seth identified the body.

Jake, I don't want to

talk about it.

Do you still love him?

Arthur's dead.

He's... he's just a memory.

What sort of memory?

Some of it very good.

Most of it... very bad.


I'm gonna go rebuild

the signal fire.

I was just thinking, you know,

it hasn't been lit since, well,

since I was sick.

Oh, Jake, please don't look

so glum.

I mean, after all, together or

apart we can't... we can't live

here forever, can we?

Why not?

[both laugh]

Don't be silly.

Oh, my God.








[Mutt barking]

Oh, Jake, they found us.

They found us!

Yes, yes.

Come on, Mutt, in you get.


Anyone here?




I can't believe it.

Oh, well, I... I just...

This is fantastic.

How did you find me?

Well, it's incredible.

We thought everyone went down

with the ship.


This is Mr. La Fontaine.

He was on the crew.


Are there any others?


I'm afraid we're the only ones

that are left.

Just the two of you.

You've been doing

some diving?

I'm stunned.


How in the world did you

get here?

We knew the general location

of the ship before the storm.

I hired this boat, and we've

been looking for signs of

the ship for a week.

How do you do, Mrs. Baxley?

I'm Ringe.

[speaking native language]

What are they up to?

Hey, shh.

They're looking for something.

[Ringe and diver converse]

Hello, Rachel.


You should have taken

the plane, Rachel.


Oh, she is really pleased

to see you.

Now, Mr. La Fontaine...

We seem to have

lost something.

Maybe you could help us find it.

Guys, I'm just a simple



Where is it?

The casket?

Uh, the, uh, like a,

like a coffin?

With the wrong body in it?

Your help would be greatly

appreciated, Mr. La Fontaine.

Yeah, it's, uh...

In the #10 hold.

And where is that?

Oh, you just go

straight down there...

first on the left,

second to the right.

Then why don't you shut up

and get it for us?

That wasn't a very nice...

thing to do was it?

To a lady...

Up and die like that.

We had no choice.

We had a shipment to deliver.

We found a stiff in Hong Kong

to take my place.

Seth here arranged the details.

Pretty nice trick, huh?

That's enough talk.


No, thank you.

I never learned to use

one of those things.

There's an air pocket

down there-- there'll be

plenty of air to breathe.

Hey, stay close, slime bag.


Well, we'll never see him


Gang Han will take care of him.

Is that really necessary?

As long as he finds the stuff.

Seth, we are talking about

65 million dollars' worth

of heroin here.

Now, we're finished

at the embassy.

Our future is here.

I mean, we can't look back.

And we can't leave any

loose ends either.

What do you care what happens

to this guy?

Arthur, please.

Just let him be.

He can swim back to the island.

You'll... You'll never hear

from him again.

Rachel, this man is

very serious.

Now, if you are extremely nice,

he might do me a personal favor

as regards you.

Oh, Arthur.

I can't believe I ever fell

in love with you.

And as for you, Seth...

You want to live through

this, Rachel, then shut up.

He's got it!

That's it, that's it!

We're rich, we're rich.

He's got it!

Give it to me, give it to me.

[men laughing]

Jake, look out!

Rachel, grab the gun!


Rachel, Rachel,

I still love you.

Shut up, Arthur.


Oh, damn it.

You shot me, Rachel!

Your aim's improving.

Thank you.

I never thought you'd

do this, Rachel.


Leaving you here in paradise?


That's not so bad.

Not that.

Going off with him.

Hey, Arthur, I may not be

the best catch in the world.

But if I ever tell you I'm dead,

you can be sure it's the truth,

and women like a man they can

depend on.

I'm sure you know what I mean.

He's got a point there,


I hope you guys learn

to love each other.

And by the way...

I never thought

she'd shoot me.

Oh, shut up, Arthur.

Look what I found.

Good girl.

You were awfully brave

back there.

Not half as brave

as I'm being now.

Things have a way of not working

out for me in civilization.

Well, maybe this time

it'll be different.

We'll play it as it comes.

How is that?

You tell me.

What do you think, Miss Mutt?


Come on.

[engine sputtering]

Maybe we're not going anywhere.


Mr. La Fontaine.

Mr. La Fontaine?

What happened to Jake?

[engine starts]


All right, you can be the boss.


♪ My dear

♪ You listened to my fears

♪ You give a love so clear

♪ You hear my heart


♪ My dear

♪ You listened to my fears

♪ You give a love so clear

♪ You hear my heart