Trouble in Mind (1985) - full transcript

In the metropolis of Rain City which is run under a military state, Wanda's Café is the meeting point for several individuals, who, in the words of Lt. Gunther of the police department, are converging on "the shit (they're) wallowing in". Former Rain City police officer John Hawkins - Hawk to his friends - has just been released from prison where he served eight years for murder, a crime to which he readily admits. He killed Fat Adolph, a mobster, in an effort to clean up the streets and protect the ones he loved. He has returned to Wanda's - Wanda who was his former lover - to restart his life. Straightforward Wanda still loves Hawk, but is not in love with him, and as such offers him a place to stay with no strings. Wanda has just hired largely innocent Georgia to work in the café. Penniless Georgia and her husband Coop have just arrived in Rain City with their infant son Spike in the run-down camper in which they live. They believed moving to the city - their first time ever in such - would solve all their problems. Frustrated Coop has been unable to find work, so he ends up hooking up with another Wanda's regular, a criminal named Solo. The power and money associated with this new criminal life changes Coop. His and Solo's problem is that their criminal activities are impinging on that of a more ruthless criminal named Hilly Blue, who will not sit idly by without getting what he considers his fair share of the activity. In the meantime, Hawk starts to fall for Georgia, who is torn between the love she felt for the man she married as opposed to who Coop has become, and the support provided by Hawk, who wants to care for her and Spike. Hawk has to decide what to do to help Georgia while getting what he wants for his renewed life. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪♪ Trouble in mind.

♪ I'm blue.

♪ But I won't be blue always.

♪ The sun will shine.

♪ In my back door some day.

So, Hawk, want us to send
your shit anywhere,

All the models you built?

I'll let you know.

You've got a fine eye of
detail, Hawk.

What do you expect from a cop?

Need anything, Hawk?

Wouldn't say no to a woman or
a job.

Well, maybe this will help.

A bunch of guys chipped in.
Don't say nothing.

Open up.

♪ I'm gonna lay.

♪ My head.

♪ On some lonesome railroad
line ♪

♪ Let the 2:19 train.

♪ Ease my trouble in mind.

♪ Trouble, trouble.

♪ Troubles on your worried
mind ♪

♪ When you see me laughing
baby ♪

♪ I'm laughing just to keep
from crying ♪

♪ I'm going down to the river ♪

♪ I'm gonna take my old
rocking chair ♪

♪ And if those blues overtake
me ♪

♪ I'm gonna rock on away from
them ♪

Baby, listen to this.

"Above all,."

The city is a promise of
something better.

"The faint perfume of
tomorrow's fortunes."

I'll take care of your

Don't you forget it.

We can't live in this camper
forever, Coop.

Says who?

Says Spike.

Spike needs a place to grow up.

Yeah, he ain't complaining,
are you Spike?

Besides, I've been to plenty
of cities...

And they ain't nothing but

Just get out there and
hire somebody.

Mr. McBride would like to see

And... you. Come with me.

I've been coming here everyday
for two weeks,

How come I can't get a job?

Ain't none. Bullshit.

I've seen you hire other guys,
I'm a good worker.

Well, the way I figure is,
you're the early bird.

That didn't get the worm.

Come on, give me one, give me
one, come on,

Let me see one, I just want to
see if it's my style.

Georgia, Georgia, get the truck.

You're gonna need these
clothes, sweetheart.

Come on, we're leaving. Give
me the suit.

Here, here, take it, take it.

Come on now, damn it.

Give me the suit.

Well, take it, Trix.

What's happening? We're
getting out of here.

Where are we going?

To the city, like you wanted.

Citizens of Rain
City, enlist in the militia.

Defense is everyone's business.

Join the militia now.

Hey Wanda, how about
some more coffee?

Coming right up.

Didn't eat again?

I don't feel good.

I'll get you some Lupo.

Lupo. Yeah.

To me too.

You too, you too.

Thank you.

Hey, Solo, here is your egg.

You're quick.

Hey, Wanda. Hi there.

Beautiful this morning.

Slept in late.

Looks it. I love you!

Well, that's good.


Thank you.

So, where are they now,
did they get together?

Yeah, I guess eventually.

Eventually, that's good.

Where is the baggage?

Big bag of clothes.

This is not my day.

Wanda, Wanda,

I got some more love letters
for you.

Thanks, Nate.


Is it really you?

What do you think?

There's a view, at least. Not
too bad.

And I've got furniture and
stuff in the garage...

I guess anything is better
than what you're used to.

That's not what I meant.

I know what you meant.

What's this?

A piano.

I know how you feel. A lot's

But we've been friends for a
long time.

And I want us to stay that way.

I'll get Marty to help move
that stuff.

Thanks. It's really nice.

Well, you got to be nice to
your friends, Wanda,

Without 'em you're a total

Yes, ma'am,

Look, I can't help you right
now, okay?

No ma'am, I didn't mean you.

Yeah, can I help you?

Long time, Hawkins.

2,842 days.

Yeah, yeah.


Yeah, but I think we ought to

On the surveillance little


Let me call you back.

You look terrific, Hawk.

You look like shit, Gunther.

What the hell happened to you?

Some guy dropped 200 pounds on
my knee.

He said I arrested him once.

You wouldn't recognize him now.

Hawk, you understand why none
of us.

Could attend the trial. You
know the policy.

Hey, I know.

It's okay, you didn't miss much.

I said I'm guilty and
everybody agreed.

I want a job, Gunther.

Shit, John, come on.

I was your best. Johnny.

I don't want to hear fuck all
about policy either.

I can do things you can't do
on the outside.

Public service.

You dumb son of a bitch,
that's what got you in trouble.

In the first place.

Gunther, you know, I could
help you,

And you know if I play for the
other guys

I could hurt you bad.

Was that supposed to be, a
fucking threat?

Hilly Blue's sending Rambo
around seeing me tomorrow,

They want to talk.

Hawk, how can you be that dumb?
Stay away from that evil shit.

Little bit of everybody
belongs in hell, Lieutenant.

I love your face.

I love you.

I found a breather.

I must get closer.

No guns, no knife.

I can smell his breath, cold
rice and fish,

Now dropped glove, splash,

No more breathing,

Except my own feverish gasping.

I'll take the ride here and
wrap it in wet leaves.

Wanda stands there as
beautiful as ever,

I used to dream about being
near someone.

Like her while I was in the

Strained to remember the smell
of perfume.

Now I'm here, I don't care.

There you go.

You feeling good?

You think Wanda's into dames?

Is that what you wanted to
talk about Rambo?

I'm here for one thing, Hawk,

Hilly Blue recognized you as a
man of talent.

Hilly wants to put that talent
to use before it spoils.

That's two things.

It's been charming, Hawk, but
I got to run.

Don't blow it,

Guys like you get maybe one
more chance,

If that.

Strange thing about
being around people again...

Is all I seem to want is their
smell, not their company,

Not their loves or losses.

Hilly Blue!

Hey, Rambo, you forgot the

You keep the change.

Let's go inside. Yeah.

A five's worth of bacon and

How about you, honey, how much
you've got?

For both of us.

You know him?

Never met him but I know him.

Honey, use my office for that.

Yeah, okay.

Been here before?

No, I've never been nowhere.

Ask me anything, I've been

And then there are the

The babies with babies in
their arms,

The babies who've forgotten
how to dream.

The ancient dreams, the dreams
of trees,

And not because they're too

Because they've been
introduced to greed,

Greed, like fire, transforms.

Well, I'm not greedy, I just
want to make some money.

I might know something for

How much? 50.

I mean big.

You're impatient?

When I do something I do it.

One thing leads to another.


Here, at 7:00.

I'll drive. Be on time.

Cervantes says, delay always
breeds danger.

Well, who is that, is he
coming with us?

Only in spirit. No guns, I
don't do that kind of job.

Is what I'm wearing all right?


His crates, motorcycle.

Motorcycle parts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can read.

And Korean watches with Swiss
names on 'em.


Give me a 50, and I'll buy you
some time.


I'm want to say something,

I never got a chance to say.

I understood why you did what
you did.

No mystery to it.

He was evil. I'm sorry...

You had to pay for it.

Let's not talk about it, okay?

Johnny, I know, I know you
want a woman now,

I'm not the one.

Do you hear me? I need you to.

So do I.

Damn you!

Listen to me, only a few things.

Will ever be good again.

For old times, let me see if
this is one of 'em.

Stand still.

What's the matter, you're

There's the man.

Hey, Solo. How is it going?

All right.

Let's hurry.

I've never done this before.

Don't worry,
everything's gonna be fine.

Corner crate. Watches are in
the bottom.

Take only two now.

Give me the 100.

Yeah, sure.

Take the whole box.

Bullshit, man.

What's the matter, nervous?

Tell me you had a good time,

Go to hell.

It's okay to admit it.

Don't bet on it.

And don't try it again, okay?

I'll give you this room, rent

Now that I can do for old times,

New times, any fucking time at

But don't ever cross that line
again, Hawk.

What I got's mine, private.

Come on Wanda,

Don't tell me you don't ever
get hungry.

Got nothing to do with hunger,
thick head,

It's a matter of philosophy.

Well, you can't live on

Just get smart.


Jesus, honey, you need a bath.

He likes you.

I was the type of kid my mama
told me not to play with.

Don't you have a stroller.

Or a playpen, stuff like that
for him?

We can't afford that.

But I do plan on getting a job.

So that I can buy things for


Ever waitress?

Citizens of Rain City, enlist
in the militia.

Defense is everyone's business.


You're drinking on the job,

Don't worry about it.

You're fucking up the operation.

Don't worry about it, it's
going to be hot.

And you come stumbling in here
with this jitterbug?

It's going to be real hot now,

Everything is going to be
fine. Where have you been?

I just had to make a stop,
that's all, yeah.

And who is this sleaze?

This is just a young sapling.

Who needs some pruning that's

Hey! You seen that girl I was

He's going to be pruned.

She's in my office and my name
is not "Hey."

Believe me, believe me!

Georgia, thought I told you to
wait in the camper.

Wanda has offered me a job
four mornings a week.

What, wait a minute, just.

He's waiting.

I'll be right there.

I can buy stuff for Spike.

You let me worry about buying
stuff for Spike, look.

Wow. You like it.

Where did you get this?

Part of a real good deal I'm

Look, we'll talk about it later.

I don't like it, Solo,
it's no deal.

Why? Why?

I'll be just be in a minute.

It's the same money,

Same stuff, the same deal,
just as clean.

It's not like it used to
be, Solo,

Sometimes you got to change.

You and me, just you and me,

So we got a new partner, so

Okay, what's.

That motorcycle boeing.

Motorcycle boeing?

Say, we cantalk a deal.

Under the crane.

You got it, midnight.


Let's walk.

What the hell are you looking

I was looking at her.

She's my woman.

Listen, don't nothing surprise
me anymore.

What the hell is that supposed
to mean?

Come on, Coop, nothing happened.

Ain't nothing gonna, either.

You get my message, I know you

Come on, Coop.

Don't forget.


Where are you going?

I'll be back late, angel.

You stay in here.

I rigged up the antenna.

One, two, three, four,

Four-fifty, five.

You keep beating Hilly's prices.

And I can run jewelry eight
days a week.

Don't you worry. Who is Hilly?

Hilly Blue, first estate.

Hilly is trying to squeeze out
independents like us.

But you keep on cutting his

And I will guarantee you a
lock in a hurry.

Only one.

You don't want to eat that
shit too fast.

See ya.

♪ Trouble in mind.

Who the fuck are you looking at?

Are you a cop?

You know god damn well I ain't
a cop.

That's what I'm looking at
then, a woman who ain't a cop.

What's the damage?

I've been telling you, I
been looking on here,

It's gotta be there. Wait.

There is nobody here but I'm
sorry about that.

Members only.


I thought I was a member.

Welcome to the club, member.

Let me get a word in edgewise.

I don't want it. No. There's
nothing to say.

Why don't you find yourself a


Wait. And when I drink, I
hate you.

Read my lips.

Excuse me, excuse me.

This is how it's done.

I don't care, which is
exasperating for me, you know.

How am I supposed to know?

I don't want to know!

Forget it.

Even if they handed that stuff
over to us,

Going against Hilly Blue just
ain't safe.

Yeah, the best stuff never is.

You are driving me crazy.

I'm sorry, you know, I tried
to ask you as nicely as I can.

Why can't we talk about it? Stop it
already, you're asking all the damn time.

Well, I want. If I was

What's your problem, buddy?

All right, let's have it.
Let's have it all!

Let's go, let's have it!


What the hell are you doing?

I don't know! Why don't you
get in the car?

Gimme the coat.

They're getting away with all
that stuff!

What the hell is wrong with

Let's get out of here,
need a change of pace.

Where do you want to go?

My place.

You'd like it there.

It's pink.

I'll bet.

It's cozy.

Bloody instructions, not
returns. You prick!

The inventor.

You know what you're doing?

Yeah. Not too short.

Look at this money you're all
so fascinated about.

I don't understand it, it's
all full of germs.

Don't know where it's been.

Don't know where it's been.

Not only that. We all love it,
don't we?


Let's go someplace a little
more interesting.

Is something wrong, do you
want me to take this?

It's perfect.

I don't know if I know what
I'm doing.

I'd say you're off to a very
good start, honey.

Here is one on sale, 42.50.

I only have 35.

I'll tell you what, I'll cover
the 7.50 personally.

Can you just step back here a


Here, yeah, right there.


Right, I just want to seal the

Seal the deal?

Yeah, right. But.


Hi, darling.

What's the matter with you?

Where have you been, Coop?

What have you done to your hair?

What? Don't bug me.

I got a big deal tonight and I
need rest,

So just lay off.

Hey, Spike...

God, what a night.


Georgia, what are you doing!

What's the matter with you?

You don't love us, Coop.

Look, I got important business
tonight, okay?

Well, don't you bother coming

You're the one always nagging
about wanting.

Something better, not me.

Why are you doing this?

Doing what Georgia?

You know, you push me, but you
don't like where I go.

Where are you going?

I need to sleep!

It's me, the guy from upstairs.

Hey listen, I got tired of
scrambled eggs and sausage,

I thought I'd go out tonight.

I thought you might like to
come along.

Bring the kid, we'll make a
night of it.

What do you say?

Hey, I know you're in there, I
ain't going to hurt you.

It seems like you've been hurt
enough for one night.

It gets pretty dangerous out
here alone at night.

This is a rough neighborhood.

You're lucky I'm a civilized

Come on, it's cold and wet out

We'll go to this real nice
place I know.

I wouldn't say it's expensive.

But you need a co-signer for a
ham sandwich.

That was a joke.

I think you ought to know I
can sit here a long time.

Talking to you without seeing
your face.

Where I just come from,

That's the only way some guys.

Can get it out at all.

Georgia, turn around.

I want to go back.

See, I can see your face anyway,

Right in front of me.

The way it changes.

I feel like I can see your
face right now.

You look real scared.

The reason I come by was that
I thought.

We might have something in
common like...

We can talk about it over

Better go away.

Listen, if I go away.

It's going to hurt you more
than me.

I'm going to the best
steakhouses in town.

I bet you hadn't been out
since you've been here.

Come on, take your mind off
that shithead.

You're living with.

Don't you be talking about
Coop like that!

No, I'm not going to go out to
dinner with you.

Why would I want to go out to
dinner with you?

Now, the baby is crying. Just
go home.

I am home.


Wrong man at the right time
don't mean shit, pal.

What the fuck are you doing

Hey, don't push it.

Son of a bitch.

Hey, hey.

What the hell is going on?

Where are you going, what's
the matter with you?

Give me the keys to your car.

Now, why are you starting

Give me the goddamn keys, okay?


Come on, you'll feel better
once you see the man's money.

Yeah, right.

A grand.

I can't.

It's worth three times that. What's
the matter, things getting fuzzy?

It ain't the price.

What is it?

I just can't.

Why can't you?

Hilly found out about the

He sent some boys around.

Life is too short.

You want to move that shit,

You got to talk to Hilly.

No, no, no, hold it, come on,
come on, come on.

Now there is a couple of
things we can do.

I just want some god damn money,

I don't care who gives it to me.

Yeah, well, I was afraid you'd
say that.

You don't want a partner, just
give me my share,

I'll run it.

Hey, did I say anything?

So, what did you do to
that poor girl?



Nothing, damn it, just talking.


What the hell are you saying?

What's the matter with you?

You can't be trusted no more.

Yeah, that's it, that's what

Lighten up, Wanda.

Come on, give her a chance.

She's got too much ahead of her.

Too many good times.

She don't want to hate anybody

Probably never will.

If someone doesn't break her

Don't do it again.

Just let me know if she gets
here, okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so she can.

Whack you on the head with a
frying pan again.

Whatever you're going through,
you're not an animal.

You know what the hell you are.

So start behaving.

I don't know, Wanda, it don't
make much sense.

While I was gone, everything
was changin'.

And maybe I shouldn't have
never come back.

Maybe it's all fate or

All I know is it doesn't make
any goddamn sense.

And now I'm an animal.

Fine, no problem.


No problem, Wanda.

Yeah, Rambo, I know
where it is, yeah.

Well, same to you, Rambo.



You were adjusted on the sides

You know, that's really ugly.

So, all set, 6 o'clock, do you
hear me?


I'm gonna go to Wanda's first.

Bullshit, you got to be sharp.

I just want to get Georgia
some flowers.


After the deal, you can buy
her some flowers,

You can get her an whole
stinking bush.

Man, you don't understand
women at all.

I mean, I've been a real jerk.

Hey, I know there is only two
ways to handle a woman,

And both ways are wrong.

Come on, let's get a drink.

What about the mountains?

Maybe next year.

My god, Carl.


Somebody has left a baby in
the car.


♪ Trouble in mind.

♪ I'm blue.

♪ My poor heart is beating
slow ♪

♪ I never had no trouble.

Are you all right dear?


♪ In my life before.

♪ Never had no trouble.

♪ In my life before.


No, no!

No, where's Spike?

All right, go to sleep!

You're late. Come on in.

Come on.

Sit down.

You got something for me.

Your boy was very, very bad
going to see Leo first.

300. What?

No way.

Maybe next time we can be more

There ain't going to be any
next time.

Unless you give us 800 now.

What do you say about that,

What's the matter, you gone

Sorry, I'm not authorized to
go over 300.

Maybe we should talk to
somebody who is.

So, you're the naughty boys
who are trying to disrupt.

Years of harmonious trade.

They don't look especially
tough to me, Rambo...

Impatient perhaps, but
certainly not tough.

When their ship comes in,

There is going to be a dock

It's strange, most people
imagine me.

To be very patient person
whereas I'm just the opposite.

The very moment I want
something I have to have it.

Nothing ever satisfies me.

Everything comes too late.

Too late for me and I get
eaten up inside.

When it is going to happen,
when, when?

Takes all the fun out of the

When you have to buy it

Well, pay them 300 Rambo
and be done with it.

We ain't taking 300.

You know why?

Clue me.

Because our next job is going
to be big,

Real big, worth 20 times as

The best there is.

Miracles happen when you

The trick is surrendering on
your own terms.

Here comes my impatience all
over again.

All right,

I'll pay you 500 for these
trifles right now.

But then this big deal will
start clean, no prejudice.

I'll be fair and so will you.

Otherwise I'll have your lungs
filled with water.

Pay them Rambo and offer them

Hey, Johnny, you got to come
downstairs right now.

Well, if it ain't the old

She is back and she's got

I'll just be in my office honey.

I'll be right back.

If a man looked at a woman's
mouth before her eyes,

He'd get fooled a lot less.

I can have your baby back in
about 6 hours.

If I get on it, but it will
cost you.

Mister, I don't have no money.

But I'll do anything to get my
baby back safe.


That's fair enough.

That's too much for a ring.

Yeah, more noodles.


Missing male, five months,
taken from community mall,

In a red convertible.

What the hell is this, Hawk?

Put it on the computer, top

It's part of that favor you
owe me.




What took you so long?

We went bowling, come here.

Want to see your momma?

I'd like to be back with my
baby in an hour or so,

If that's okay with you.

What's this?

It's a cake.

Sure could fix this place up.

How long you been with that guy?

Four years.



We were attracted I guess.



Coop's from the north.

And he's been to lot of places.

He's real good with Spike and

Well, he shouldn't leave you
alone, does he do it often?

Sometimes, not that much.

Mister, you found my baby,

You saved me from the worst

That ever could have happened
to me.

Coop's always telling me,
nobody get saved.

I was saved because of you.

That's me.

That's Hawk.

Are you scared?


Why not?

Because I know you don't mean
to harm me.

You don't know about me.

Wanda says that you were a

What else?


For killing a man, did she
tell you that too?

Your friend is right.

Nobody gets saved.

No, I'm sure whatever you did,
you did for a good reason.

Because you're a brave man.

Get out of here.

Tomorrow night, you and I are
going to dinner.

If Coop tries to stop us, I'm
going to break his neck.

You don't have to hurt Coop.

Because I'm not going to let

Is that right?

And there is something else.

Going out to dinner with you.

Is something I just might want
to do.

Hi, Spikey. Spikey.

Well, what happened?




Except he asked me to dinner
tomorrow night.

You mean, like a real date?

And what did you do?

Said I'd look forward to it.

That's good.

Just take it to your
garage, I don't want it around.

Can I get your signature?

Yeah. Hawk, hold him. Just a

Thank you.

Wanda... what's going on?

Some stupid city regulation,
cost you 100 to bail it out.

Don't worry, you can stay with

What are you thinking? I got a

Yeah, well, I think we got to
plan a lot more.

And do a lot less.

Somebody's got what we want,
we'll take it from him.


Then we make Hilly Blue pay
top money for it.


You heard me.

No way.

Wanda, I've packed it so I guess

I'll just take it downstairs.

That's good, honey.

Be careful with my magic man.

I wouldn't mind a big one

Hey, Wanda?

Where is my goddamn camper?

City took it away.

Shit. Where is Georgia?

Georgia, shopping maybe, movie.

Life goes on.

Yes so I couldn't believe
Trixi gave it to me,

But I think that she and Nurego.

Had a fight that day.

And so then she traded with me.

'Cause she just want to get
rid of everything.

Boy, what a dress she gave me,

She wanted to get rid of
everything and she gave me this.

And I think it's just probably
the best thing

I have ever seen don't you


You look beautiful.

Do you think he is going to
like it?

He is going to like it,
all right.

Big deal, so she's not there.

Wanda is probably taking care
of her.

Look, we are not dressed like
this for nothing, are we?


Nice tie.

♪ Love isn't found in poetry
or a fleeting glance ♪

♪ True love is only found down
in your pants ♪

♪ Love is not a fanciful...

That is my twin. Isn't she

This is your double.

I told you this was a class

They even give you an umbrella
to keep your drink dry.

I got something for you.

I made it.

You made it.



You like it?

♪ Trouble in mind.

♪ I am blue, but I won't be
blue always ♪

♪ And never had no kind of
trouble ♪

♪ In my life before.

It's Sonja's birthday.


It's Sonja's birthday party.

He's dancing for you.

How about a party for Sonja,
Sonja's birthday.

Look at the porcelain skin you
got to blush.

That was a nice act, Skinny.

Take the rest of the night off.

Thanks, chief.

Did you make a wish?

Here's a trinket. Open this
one first.


You love that?

It's sparkles.

It better sparkle.

That must be expensive.

Yeah, nothing is too expensive
for my little girl.

How much did it cost?

I don't know, ten, twenty, I

Skinny, I thought I told you.

Thanks. She'd like some more
milk, too.


What did he say to you?

I don't know.

They got some weird waiters
around here.

That's the biggie, angel, wait
till you see there.

Is that something?

That looks expensive.

That should look expensive.

Thank you for visiting Rain
City's tallest restaurant.

I'd like to tell you a few
facts here on the way down.

We never lived in the city.

I always wanted to come
because I always thought.

Everything was just going.

To work out perfect in the city.

I guess it's never as good as
you thought it's going to be.

Or as bad as they say.

I don't know, I grew up right
over there.

And I'm going to die somewhere


What are you talking about

I thought you just said you
were feeling good.

I feel better right now than I
ever felt in my life,

Which is probably what made me
think about dying.


When you get older, you think
about dying...

And not dying in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

Maybe I will go across the
river when it is my time.

Follow my destiny.

Here you go. Keep the whole

Look at my sweet baby princess.

Did you like your party?

I did. It was thrilling!

It was thrilling.

That is so beautiful.

You precious little hummingbird.

Edward, don't turn around, you
won't get hurt.

Gentleman, please.

I can tell you this, you are
making a big mistake.

Shut up. Shut up.

I understand of course, we
will not resist,

But you are still making a big

Open the door.

I can't see.

Where are you going? I don't
know. What do we do?

We just got to get rid of 'em, that's all.
Please! No violence.

No, we are just going to put
you somewhere.

How about upstairs? No.

Gentlemen, if I may, there is
a closet over there.

Good, good.

My house is yours, take what
you will.

Get in.

I don't care what happens to me.

I ask only one thing, please,

Don't harm my bride.

What am I doing?

Let's go, hurry up! Give it to

Cooperate! Just give it up.

My darling! Please!

Don't move for 15 seconds.

15 minutes. Minutes.

Should we look around? No,
this is great, this is plenty.

Jesus Christ!


Kill 'em! Kill 'em! Blow their
heads off!

Get my presents back.

Shit! The old man is crazy!

You are dead meat, punks!

Hey, look at me.


Hold your horses, its coming.

Here, honey.

You take it to him.

Can't you?

No. You go. Now.

What the hell is this?

What you ordered.


Goddamn it, Wanda, you know
how I like it.

Yeah well bring it back we
will try again.

Okay, Hawk, that will do.

It's okay Wanda, I got it.

He's like a wounded bear,

Now what the hell did you do
to him last night?

Nothin'. I didn't do nothin'.

Well, maybe you should have.


How do you know him? I mean
the first time.

You ever laid eyes on him.

He saved my ass. Literally.

Do you love him?


But not the way you think.

What about that man that he

Now who told you about that?

I heard about it.

Fat Adolph.

Fat what?

If it was evil, he was into it.

Probably made dice out of his
mother's knuckle bones.

Johnny was eaten up by it.

He is obsessed with it.

One day at the race track...

He walks up to him...

And he shoots him right
between the eyes.

State threw the book at him
because he was a cop.

Some guy even got elected
because of it.

Be nice to him.



Coop. Where the hell have you

I have been looking all over
for you.

I came over here, the camper was gone,
Wanda said you were out shopping.

Hey, what do you think?


Look what I got.

Wow! Where did you get that?

Only the beginning.

And that.

Another week I'll get you
anything you want.

Come on, I gotta go over to
Cambridge. No!

Come on. The sky's the limit.

No, Coop. I don't like the way
you are.

Nah, I'm not in this one. This
is between y'all.

You're dead dirt!

No, no, Hawk, don't hurt him

I amon my knees!

For the damage.

What damage?

You're dead dirt.


It's against the law to drink in public.
You should know that, Hawk.

Gettin' a little exercise, Hawk?

What do you want Rambo? Quick.

I want to invite you to a
party at Hilly's, Saturday.

Booze, broads, big shots your
kind of thing.

Never fancy, but... wear
something safe.


Last night a couple of hoods
hit Nathanson and his old lady.

Took some shit, roughed 'em up.

Nate thinks Hilly did it.

Hilly wants to clear it up fast.


So... in case.

Here, Hilly, in case.

Mr. Adolph. Mr. Adolph.

For Wanda.


Okay, we got you.

Come on, buddy, you can't
sleep here.

Come on here.

Well, what are you going to do?

About what? About what?

About your fuckin' life, pal.

Well, I could quit.

Put it away.

A personal loan. Go somewhere,
get away from this shit.

What shit is that?

Wanda's, Hilly Blue's, the
shit you're wallowing in.

Hawk, you are headed for real

And I won't be able to help you.

Well, that's okay Gunther.

'Cause if I ever need a
helping hand...

I know right where to find it,
don't I?

I'll show it to Hilly. We'll
be in touch.

It's just a sample. There's a
ton more.

Where that came from, and
we're in a hurry.

Well, I will say this for you.

When you decide to be a jerk
you really do it well.

Where is she?

She's gone... for good.

Unless it don't work out with
the punk.

She went to see him. Went to

You should get away too.

Start over someplace else.

Okay, you come with me?

I might.

Except you're in love... with

I am? Yeah.

How would you know about that?

Well, thank God love is blind,
otherwise it see too much.

You and her...

You're missing so much.

Shit, between the two of you
there's almost a whole person.

That feels sogood.

Just bend over, that's all.

Good. Just shut up and bend
over, that's all.

Come in.

Come on in!

It's a party.



Who is that?

What's going on?



Don't touch me.

What are you doing with
yourself, Coop?

Aren't you sorry, Coop?


Georgia wait a minute.

Let's go someplace and talk.

Things are good now. They are
only going to get better.

You can't even see what's

Can you?!

Why did you follow me tonight?

Thought you needed following.

You are always helping me out.

Well, you need more help than

What if I wanted you to help
me out with something else,

Would you do it?

Name it.

What if I wanted you to help
me out with Coop, would you?

You went to him and he didn't
want you, so let it go.

He is going to do something
bad, I just know it.

He probably already has.

Look, if I could help him
myself, I swear I would.

What the hell am I supposed to

Sit him down on my knee and
tell him.

What a big mistake he is making?

Yeah. You could talk to him.

What do you think I am, Georgia?

I think you're a good man
who's had bad luck.

And I think all that can change.

The luck, I mean.

Okay. Listen to me.

I'll help you out.

I'll see that poor son of a

But you owe me something I want.

And I just spent too many years.

Wanting and wanting and never

So once I've fix this up and
sent him on his way,

You belong to me, completely.

You'll live with me.

And I will take care of you.

And the kid and we'll have

Otherwise, let him get what he

Let everybody get what they



Yeah, I want to talk to you.

Who is this?

It's John Hawkins.

I whipped your ass yesterday.

Fuck you, asshole.

I'm going to fuckin' blow your
ass away, chump.

It's me.

Didn't want to miss Rambo's
call. I just talked to him.

Hilly wants the rest delivered
to the estate,

Black sector 1,

He even gave me his phone

But I don't think we should be
hauling this shit all over town.

Tell him to meet us at
your place in an hour.

With the cash or no deal.

Good idea.

Get your ass over here.

And pack something and knock
three times and say boo-chee.



Yeah, okay.

Hey, just a minute.

I just want to talk.

It's your lucky day, chump.
Get to postpone your funeral.



Well, Hawk, two witnesses saw
you leave the scene.

And described Wanda's car.

I thought you came by to bring
my pension check.

We both know Hilly Blue's

Just another friendly execution.

Fine, they should all blow
each other's balls off.

Make my life easier.

Where do you fit in?

I was following some guy on
personal business.

Hawk, I'll bounce your ass,
don't think I won't.

Well, I've been there, remember?

Get out of my way.

Stay away from that guy you've
been following.

Hilly's boys will get there

And I don't want you within 10
miles of the corpse.

You read me? Ciao, baby.

Well, there was nothing in the
house to eat,

And so I got some groceries
with Wanda's money,

And Spike's upstairs with
Wanda now, and...

Did that man say something
about a corpse?


Are you in trouble?

Does it have something to do
with Coop?

God, you feel good.

So do you.

I mean, really, down deep.

Just watching you carry those
groceries in...

Feels like home.


I like that.


Goddamn city.

I don't know what I'm doing

I know what I'm gonnado.

Go to that pig's house and get
what's mine.

That's what I'm going to do.

Whether it is or not.


Hawkins. Hawkins?

Right. Park at the top of the


Park it right over there.

Class up the joint.

You bet, sir.

Dip your ash?

Yeah, I'll call it Rambo's
private dance palace.

Hawk, what an honor.

Contain yourself.

Let's go talk to Hilly.

I got to say showing up tonight.

Show's a lot of the right

I thought you said Hilly and
Nate Nathanson were on the outs.

Hilly is trying to patch
things up.

By inviting Nate's whole army?

If Nate gets invited, he
brings the army.

Don't worry, any trouble my guys
know exactly who to point at.

Yeah, yeah, come on, you look

It's really quite simple, Nate.

That's what I meant. Hey

Look what I found.


Meet John Hawkins, Johnny the

A legend in these parts,
slayer of Fat Adolph.

What are you doing here, Hawk?

Invited, Nate. The same as

John is going to work for me


Baby, let's have another drink.

Come on, cupcake.

Out of my way, cyclops.

Easy on the sauce, cupcake.
This is serious.

Everything between me and Nate
is desolation, sadness,

Disappointment after

Hilly, are you serving the
fish tonight?

So, John, how is your love life?

The prince kisses an angel in
the beginning,

But in the end, it's always a
bald-headed slob.

Yawning over a bloated hag.

Maybe it's the middle that

Don't challenge me, John.

I know the subject.

I learned it from my mother.

She didn't love me one bit.

She never showed me any

She never even kissed me once,

Had to put over her misery.

Women are despicable,
especially mothers.

The way I figure it, God was smiling
the day he dreamed up my mama.


Will you shut up?

Let's go to my study.

Hilly, Hilly, I know.

Lamb chops.

Guess it won'tbe lamp chops.

You know, not long ago, I thought
about committing suicide again.

From time to time it gets to me.

But then I think about how I didn't
kill myself the other times.

So I go to sleep for several

When I wake up, I'm famished,

A sure sign of good health.

And good health is essential.

Isn't it, John?



Come on down here.

You must always pay attention
when I speak,

Especially when I'm discussing
health and death.

Now about your health.

Ain't my health I want to talk
about, Hilly.

Death, is it?

Everyone wants to go to heaven,

But no one wants to die.

Let me get you a drink.

Your boys put the anchor on a
guy yesterday.

Dead weight finds its own level.

The stiff don't concern me,

Of course it does.

You're capable of almost
anything, John.

But mainly anything bad.

You have nothing but bad

And yet, you think you have a

We ain't discussin' my heart


That's all we've been
discussing this evening.

People who say they care about
other people are hypocrites.

I prefer a priest.

They at least are

I prefer two-faced people who
show it.

Leave the other guy alone, Hilly.

The stiff's partner.

You're so predictable.

You make me want to vomit.

The only way you can ever live
up to this ideal.

You have of yourself is from a
hole in the ground.

You got what you were after,

Which I figure to be Nate's
stuff, right?

You miserable loser.

How dare you interfere with my

I'm telling you to let him go,

You're telling me.

Now let me tell you.

The late partner and the
soon-to-be late partner...

And even now, after I return
Nate's property.

As a goodwill gesture, he
refuses to believe.

That I had nothing to do with
the robbery.

And I need Nate to believe in
me, or it just gets ugly.

Everything about you is ugly,

What's a little more going to

This is too good.

Both of you at once.

I want your money, Hilly.

I want your head.

Start with the wallet.


Now take out the dough.

Goddamn it!


This is war!!!

Sonja! Where's my bride?!


Get out of here.

I gotta talk to you.

Don't argue with me, goddamn it

I want to ask you something.

Did you sleep with her?

Get out of here.

You did, didn't you?

Son of a bitch.




My darling.

I am a dead man.

Everything will be yours now.

Nate, no!

The homes, servants... the

The yacht?

Citizens of Rain City, enlist
in the militia.

Defense is everyone's business.

Join the militia...


Don't shut me out.

Georgia, I want to talk to you.

I want to make everything okay.

Everything is okay, Coop.

I missed you.

Driving over here in a fog and
the sun and everything...

I miss the hell out of you.

You and Spike.

You can't be in love with him.

Goodbye, Coop.

I'm gonna come back in a few

I don't think so.

You can't keep me away.

I've changed Georgia, I'll
show you.

I've learned something.

Him and me feels safe
together, Coop.

I can't say anything more. I
don't want to talk about it.


♪ Got to make your own rules,
child ♪

Yeah, okay.

♪ Got to break your own chains ♪

Tell your friend I said thanks.

♪ The dreams that possess
you... ♪

What for?

♪ Can blossom and bless you.

♪ Or run you insane.

♪ The moment is yours, child.

You know, the main reason I
opened up an early morning joint?

♪ To lay on the line.

Because you can't pick a better
time of a day to watch the sunrise.

♪ The past just don't
matter... ♪

Yeah, there's gonna be a war.
There's always a war.

Hey. How do I join up?

Get in back.

♪ I don't...

Got a rag or something?

♪ I'm only human.

♪ But I swear I'll love you.

♪ Just as hard as I can.

"Just turn around and I'll be


♪ Storm on the mountain.

♪ Stars in the sky.

♪ Running for glory.

♪ Freedom to fly.

♪ Will you remember.

♪ Way down the road.

♪ Somebody loves you.

♪ More than you know.

♪ Storm on the mountain.

♪ Stars in the sky.

♪ Running for glory.

♪ Freedom to fly.

♪ Will you remember.

♪ Way down the road.

♪ Somebody loves you.

♪ More than you know ♪

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