Trouble Bound (1993) - full transcript

Upon getting out of prison, a man who took the rap for some thief buddies gets together with them again, and tells them he's not interested in doing things with them any more. They stick a dead body in his trunk, unbeknownst to him, and he roars off to find his future. Unfortunately, they forgot to get the key they need off the body, so they're chasing him. Meanwhile, a mafia kingpin's daughter is trying to kill the hitman that killed her father, but her grandmother is trying to make peace with the family that hired the hitman, so she and her thugs are trying to stop the daughter. The guy and the daughter get together and experience mayhem on the run from two directions. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hi there.

OK, boys, five-card draw.

Deuces wild
Good luck and may the best chump win

Special night tonight, ain't it?

Things ain't been the same
around here without you, Harry.

My bank accout ain't been as fat since

Hell, I was just saying, you know,
I wonder when Harry's getting out of the joint.

I'll be goddamned if he didn't walk in

It must have been your tele... telepathy,
or whatever the hell you call it.

What did you do, Harry?

You didn't go and kill someone did you?

On nell you know Hay ain't got
a mudeing bone in nis body

He probably just ripped off some old lady
or stole a car or something.

You were just trying to make a quick buck,
weren't you, Harry?

Yeah, that was it. It was Schwartz.
He was set up.

He told me all about it He thought it was legit

You say that again,
I'm gonna punt my cigarette out on your face.

Jesuns, Harry,
it was just a fucking figure of speech.

You gotta lean now to lighten up

You fucking slimy bastard!

You're a fucking dead man!

Filthy bastard

You sick man.

Oh, Jesus, Harry, you're killing me.

It's a Continental.

Custom convertible one of a kind

Hell it's gotta be wotn at least
you know nell

5000 goddamn dollas

Well, hell, you win, Harry.

Well, Harry, you're a rich son of a bitch now.

5,000 big ones in cash and that car
ounght to get you pretty far.

That is, if you stay out of trounble. What are you
gonna do with that fat wad of cash?

The first thing I wanna do is drive
this hunnk of junnk straight to the Nevada border.

Then I'm gonna sit my buntt down
at a poker table

and tun tnat $5000 into a fotune

And then I'm gonna live my life
as far away as possible

from dounble-talking, scunmbag con artists,
like the two of you funck s.

You know, I've seen a lot of chunmp slags,
pea brains and two-bit palookas,

bunt I'll tell you, none of them can
hold a candle to Harry Talbot.


He's a nice guny, too.

MANN: " now,
so you've got to hunrry unp."

Come on, boss. One more time.

All right!

Your tunrn to runb 'em, baby.

Get 'em not! Get 'em not!

- Enjoy, Mr Santino.
- Enjoy?

Enjoy what, baby?

"Enjoy what, baby?" You're fucking killing me!

Johnny's got a little something for you,

You come back when Johnny's done playing

and Johnny will have something
for you to enjoy. Right, Peppe?



Let's hear it for the lunsciouns Luncia. Luncia.

Hi. I hope you're all enjoying yourselves
this evening at Clunb Le Holiday.

Let's have a warm welcome for the very lovely
and sensunouns Magdalena. Magdalena!

Magdalena this.

Here. Hold this, will you?

Paunly! Take the glass.

Stunpid son of a bitch!

Why'd you have to go pick unp
the wrong fucking drink!


I thounght you were sunpposed
to be away at school, Kit.

Think Grandma's gonna like the fact
that you're roaming arounnd

this beautiful place here
in your fucking unnderwear?


You've got some big balls for a chick.

Any of your fucking ingrates tounch me
and I swear to God,

- I'm gonna fucking rip your head off!
- Is that so?


You'e making a big mistake nee Danny!

I'm making a mistake?
Let me tell you sometning

Grandma's making a deal
that'll bring this family 10 million bunck s

and you're trying to off the guny!

You're the fucking mistake, Kit!

The only mistake is
Grandma doing bunsiness with a pig,

which is only gonna happen
over my dead body!

You may be dead afte Gandma neas
wnat you'e doing

- Hi, Grandma. It's Danny. Yeah, we got her.
- Don't listen to him, Grandma!

- No, she wasn't at Charlie's.
- Oh, God, Danny. Please.

- Please, Danny, please.
- She was at a strip joint, Grandma.

Yeah, Santino was there,
bunt he didn't know anything.

Argh! You son of a...

Jesus! Get ne off!

One drink and your ass is back out on the road.

Oh, God.
The toungh-guny act is getting a little tiring, Danny.

Look who walked in the door. It's John Wayne.

What can I get for you, sir?

Give me a Bundweiser.

Give me a qunarter for the junkebox.

What's the magic word?


Oh, please.

Pardon me.

I'm having an awfunl time
with these fellas over here and I wanna give y'all

a cnance to defend you nonou

I lost a brother of mine
in Operation Desert Storm.

He was Reginald. Reginald Forland.
Do you know him?


Don't know him.

And I resent them calling
y'all cowards and freeloaders.

Cowards and freeloaders?

Tney also said

that your mother was so fat
that if she rolled over a dollar,

she wounld get founr qunarters back.

That's horrible. That's trunly horrible.

- You talk about my mother?
- No.


Come on, baby.

Open unp.

Junst a little.

- Come on, baby.
- Hey!

You looking for something?

It look s like you lost your car, too.

You don't know how to hot-wire a car, do you?

I think I'd probably unse the key.

That's my car.

Which way are you heading?

The profitable way.

You mind giving me a ride?

I'm trying to stay out of trounble right now.


Thank s a lot.

- Tnat's eally nice of you
- Did I say anything about getting in the car?

Listen, I really need to get to Nevada fast.
I've got a big job.


I'm one lucky lady
I needed a ide and tnee you wee

Well, it was fate, destiny.

It was planned a million years ago
that you were gonna give me a ride.

Metaphorically, not literally.

Excunse me. Can I help you with something?

My name is Kit.

You got a light?

You got a name?

My name's Harry.

Nice car, Harry. Where'd you get it?

I won it.

Chunrch raffle?


You're a gambler, hunh?


Well, what do you do for a living?

We, used t d th g

And then I retired.

Help yourself. It came with the car.

- Tnen wnat nappened?
- Not telling you

On come on You can't give me
tnis wnole bit and just tun it off

All ignt Well

she said, "I can't do that
cos it's still... stunck up in there."

Where's the Lincoln?


Where's the Lincoln?

Well, you said get rid of it, so we got rid of it.

Yeah, we dunmped it.

Oh, yeah? You dunmped it.

Well, where'd you dunmp it?
We need something ountta the back.

What do you mean?

Gordo took everything with him.

Took everything with him? I don't unnderstand.

Come on! Come on!

Get the funck out of here!

It's in his coat, OK? His old lady said
he's got it sewn up in his jacket lining.

So, in that case, you mean that it's still on him?

That's right, shitbag. What did you do with it?

Boy it's sue sad tne way

the world tunrned ount, hunh, Harry?

I mean, when I was little,
I remember hearing all about President Agnew

and the yippies and free love and...

Love sunre ain't free any more, is it, Harry?

It must nave been so fun

to live way back then.
Everything was so spontaneouns.


Oh, those times, they were a-changing,
hunh, Harry?

Do you want to funck?

Cos I... I can punll over, you know?


Nobody talks like tnat!

Where have you been?

I've been away.

Just got out of tne clink

You didn't munrder anybody?

No, I didn't munrder anybody.

You didn't rape anybody?

No, I didn't rape anybody.

Petty stunff?

Below petty.

The Daisy Motel.

Notning like a five-sta motel nun Hay?

Do you do munch travelling?


God, what are you doing?

I'm sorry. I er...

I wasn't watching the road.
I nodded off or something.

- Really? Really?
- Yeah.

How long were you away, Harry?

- Five and a half years.
- Well, I guness it gets a little lonely, hunh?

You want to walk?

I'm sorry. OK?

OK, look.

There's a motel a counple of miles down.

We can get a counple of rooms.

Not that friendly. OK?

Well, I see why
there was only one room available.

It's so charming.

Of counrse. What wounld America do
without its porn movies and rat-trap motels?

Tnis is numiliating

You sunre don't mind flaunnting what you've got.

Excunse me. This ountfit is not my idea.

It's part of a women's stundy-class experiment

on the psychological damage brounght abount
by the female exploitation in the male-fantasy

sex envionment

I like sex as munch as anyone.

If not moe

Bunt pornography

is fo depaved pevets politicians

and serial killers.

Good night, Harry.

I can't tnank you enougn fo giving me a ide

and for paying for the hotel room.

And I'll find a way to pay you back.

I promise.

Oh, yeah.

I came in witn a low gade-point aveage

No I'm by myself

I'm I'm watcning TV

No. No. I don't care what he says.

Danny lies.

And you wee in tnat place
foyou sociology class?

Fo eseacn

Yes I see

Kateina tnee is a family dinne on Sunday

You will be tnee


- That's good.

I miss you too, little one.

Until Sunnday.

God loves you, as I do.

That was her, you imbecile.

One job is all I give you
and you can't even do that.

You're a disgrace to the family.

This is the most important deal
this family has ever entered.

Now wneeve Santino is you go

And if sne so mucn as scatcnes nim you'e
gonna wisn you wee neve bon into tnis family

Sorry, Grandma.

I'll find her and I'll do better.

We'll find her.

Can you hear me, Vincenzo?

I was saying ounr little Katerina
has gone off again.

It's Santino.



I brounght you some breakfast.

Here's your change.

I didn't know how munch it wounld be.



Since you don't do notning any moe Hay
wnat exactly do you do?

Do you nave any aspiations?
Do you nave a need

to do anything meaningfunl?

Charity work? Join the peace corps?

Negotiate wold peace?

All kidding aside, I was wondering...

Actunally, I was doing a little thinking
on the sunbject, being a sociology major,

what your unpbringing was like.

It was terrible.

That I can tell, stunpid.

Don't call me stunpid.

I didn't mean that you were stunpid.

Junst the qunestion.

Goddamn my ass is asleep

- Jesus Cnist

It's like tying to find a fucking guinea nooke
in Cninatown

I nad a guinea nooke once
Sne nad a nose ing in one of ne titties

Of couse I guess tnat wouldn't be a nose ing

My pofessional take on you

is blune-collar working class.

Witn a doting motne witn an insecuity complex

whose cunlinary highlights were
fried baloney sandwiches. A drunnk for a father,

wno was always away wnoing
and wnen ne did come nome

phyys ca yy abuscecd yycu

In an effot to escape tnis envionment

you tuned to petty cime skinning
baseball cads nub caps and eventually cas

Before you know it, you're doing time.

Do me a favounr. Let's cunt out the bunllshit. OK?

I wanna know why... you didn't rip me off.

Becaunse I am a college stundent, not a thief.

And I didn't feel ignt taking advantage of you

You've got this... qunality about you.

You know

The unnderdog. The kind of guny
everybody wants to take advantage of.

Nice guy

Bunt a real loser.

Get ount!

Get the funck ount.

I don't need some silly, little teenybopper
telling me I'm a loser.

Get ount.

You didn't let me finish!

I just said you look like a loser!

I was gonna say that I thounght
you were a really nice guny!

A winner,
unnlike most of the men I've ever known!

Come here. I'm sorry.

- Come on. I just get worked up sometimes.

I overreact. I'm sorry. I'm a little tense.

You shounld lighten unp, OK?
You shounld learn to laungh once in a while!

I'm gonna drop you off at the next town.

Give you a little bit of money
for the buns or whatever.

I'm not the greatest travelling companion.

I told her Kit was too smart to come back here,
bunt wounld she listen to me? No.

So what now? I waste five hounrs of my life.

Ounr lives, man.
You need to tell that fucking old bag to shove it.

Don't call my grandmother an old bag, all right?

I'm sorry, OK? Calm down.

There's your ticket.

Thank s.

- Good luck
- You're not gonna leave me like that?

What fthe bus des't ce?

I'll be stunck out here all by myself.

You've got your ticket. You're gonna be fine.

Be a gentleman. At least wait till the buns comes.


OK. I'll wait.

Five minuntes.

It's too bad about that little argunment we had.

Yeah. It's too bad.

You know, I was thinking about a way
that I counld erm...

thank you for everything you've done.

You know you'e a vey nice gil but e

whatever your plan is, I'm not really interested.
It's not gonna help my life at all.


It was nothing.

Junst a card game.

Hign stakes Real loses

A smart guny like you, you counld clean hounse.

I'd be willing to bet my body for a night

tnat a snak like you could walk away

with ten times your stash.

It sounnds like a scam to me.

Ncpce Nc scahm

Straight poker.

Hign stakes Tne wnole game

is set up for this Santino guny.

Blabbemoutn Can't play cads

Bunt everybody loses to him.

And, well, why does everybody lose to him?

He's a very powerfunl man.

Everybody's on his payroll
and they don't wanna lose their jobs.

Bunt I get a feeling that that wounldn't bother you,

Tnee's my bus

Come on. What's the matter, don't you trunst me?


I don't. Why shounld I?


For some reason that I can't qunite figunre ount,
I like you.

I tnink you'e a nice guy

So do you want me to get on that buns or not?

Hunh, Harry?

Well, I guness the worst that can happen is...

...l'll have your body for the night, hunh?


Well, that's what you said.

- What's fucking wrong with you?
- What's the matter? I'm shooting at a sign.

Don't fucking shoot at a goddamn sign!
Punt it away, you crazy bastard!

Or you'll be riding in the fucking...
You'll be riding in the trunnk. Shitbag.

Spare's in the trunnk.

I know where the spare is.

- Ae you gonna get out and nelp me?
- I'm not tounching that thing.

What the

What in the funck are you trying to punll?

- Hunh?
- What are you talking abount?

What am I talking abount?
Where did you go this morning?

- I went for dounghnunts.
- What did you do when you went for them?

I went to the dounghnunt shop.

Come here. I wanna show you something.

Come nee

What the funck is that?

It look s like a dead body to me, Harry.

"It looks like a dead body Hay"

That's exactly what it is. It's a dead body.
Where'd it come from?

- It's not my body.
- It's not my body either. How did it get there?

It's your car. I thounght it was your body.

So you knew it was there?

Yeah, I saw it this morning.

You saw a body in the trunnk and you knew
it was there and you didn't tell me.

Are you some kind of a frunitcake or what?

Hey, I don't need this shit. OK?

I tried to give you the benefit of the dounbt -

take tne libeal appoacn

not be a snob...

Sometimes you just can't overcome
the class difference.

- Excunse me?
- And your pal here's starting to stink, baby.

Sayonara, suncker!


Where the hell are you going? Hey!

Come back over here.

Shunt unp.

- Can we...
- I want an apology.

You want an apology for what?

For saying I dropped the stiff in the trunnk.
What kind of woman do you think I am?

Cck, ycu cah apc cg sce tc hmce,

or you can kiss all the money
you were gonna make bye-bye.

You're not gonna leave me here alone
with that fucking dead guny in the trunnk.

Ncw, cchmce ch ceasce cet's gc

- I'm sorry.
- What?

I'm sorry. OK? I said it twice.

You'd better learn, buddy

that a woman is something more than
someone you can just bark orders at. OK?

HARRY: Let's just dump tnis body
and tnen we'e gonna get tne nell out of nee



Makes you want to go scarf down a big steak,
hunh, Harry?

Are you gonna play with that antenna
or are you gonna help me get him ount?

I'm not tounching that.

On yes you are gonna toucn nim

Becaunse if you don't, I'm not giving
you a ride out of here. So, come on.

How long are you gonna hold
this ride thing over me, Harry?

As munch as I need to, Kit.
Now, come on. Grab his feet.

OK. On three.

One, two... three.


Kit, what are you doing up there?
Come on. Let's go. We gotta get out of here.

Where'd you learn that?

I worked at some of my family's warehounses
a counple of sunmmers.

What exactly does your family do?

Uh... bunying, selling, secunrities, liqunor, gambling.

Poor little rich girl, hunh?

M cst y pccr

My fahm y bce cevvcecd ycu'vvce gct
tc cearh ycu r cwh way

- Hey get id of tnat tning Tnow it away?
- Why?

Becaunse it stink s.

It's a nice jacket.
It's better than your little two-penny special.


You can ountsmart some of the people
some of the time, bunt not Roy!

Cut you engine

and punt your hands over your head
where I can see 'em.

Tnat's you too lady

What are you two doing in here?

Well, we're just trying to find ounrselves a place
to be alone. You know how it is, Officer.

Come on. Tell him, Pooky.

Yeah, that's right. That's what we're trying to do.
Junst... trying to be alone.

Why don't you gunys get out of the car

and stand ignt tnee?

Since old man Tunrner passed away,
people have been stealing this place blind.

Why don't you open up that trunnk for me?

Ooh. It's hot out here.


Christ, what the...

What the hell do you have in there?

Well, Harry here went fishing last weekend

and he was so anxiouns to see me
that he left his catch in the trunnk for a week.

Yeah. Yeah.

Kiss me, darling. Mmm.

- Mm.
- All right.

Close the damned trunnk, please.
Excunse me, ma'am.

Take care of yourself.

- Ma'am.
- Hm?

Why don't you find a hotel?

Yes, sir.

Way to play it, partner. Come on.

Snift out Haold

Move it

Where's my idiot grandson Danny?

The last I heard, he was at some rock concert
in Hollywood.

GRANDMA: You find nim

And tell nim if ne doesn't get to
tnat Holiday Club in tne next five nous

I'm gonna blow up tnat ca of nis

With him and his two asshole friends
in the trunnk.


HARRY: I don't tnink tnat's any of you business

KIT: As long as you nave tne five Gs
we need to get in tne game

Anyway, the bastard was in over his head.

That piece of fucking shit. He's standing there,

sweating like a horse,
meanwhile he's taking a dunmp in his pants,

ne's so fucking scaed to deatn ignt?

So ne stats cying "Fellas fellas please don't!
I'll get you wife and you kids tickets "


Hey, hold it, handsome.
I'm in the middle of a story.

So anyway ne says "Hey I can get you
and you kids fee passes to tne cicus "

He said... Hey, where's mine?

I didn't know you wanted one.

What am I, a fucking orphan?
Bring me another one of these.

See if you can find uns something to eat.

- What wounld you like?
- Wnat would I like?

What wounld you like, sweetheart?

I don't care. Bring me anything you want.

Make it a sunrprise.


Hey! Hey!

Wnile you'e out tnee

tell Bertie to tunrn up the munsic
and down with the air conditioning.

Get tne nad-ons to stat dinking a little
Come on Come on! Go!

SANTINO: Now wnee was I?
HARRY: It's you call

SANTINO: No no no In my stoy

So Charlie goes right to the guny. He says,

"Frank, I gotta whack this guny,
bunt I need your help."

Get the funck out of here. "I need your help."

Tnat's wnat Cnalie says
Says ne's got a bad fucking back

Needs somebody to dig tne nole

See you 300 Raise you anotne seven

So Charlie takes him to this place
that he's already set up ahead of time.

Frankie starts digging the fucking hole. Working
like a son of a bitch, he is. Sweating bunllets.

Finally, he says, "How's that? Deep enoungh?"

Charlie gets unp, look s over,
takes a peek and says, "Perfecto."


Well Fankie stats to cawl out of tne nole

ba-bings him
in the back of the fucking head.

Back in he goes.
All Charlie has to do is shovel dirt.

SANTINO: Won again nun Lucky?
Watcn out tnat nosesnoe don't ip you ass

Got my sunrprise, baby?

I got your sunrprise, Johnny.

- Argh!
- Get down! Get down!

Get down! Get down!

Get tne nell outta nee!

Have you lost your fucking mind?

Give me your fucking gunn! Give it!

Come on, Harry. Funcking help me ount.

Wake unp!

Oh. Oh!

- My fingers! My fingers! Where are my fingers?!
- Get unp!

Who the funck are you?


You know me.

R cc!

Get that off! My fingers, Rico, get my fingers!

You funck... Who...

Wh are yu?
My hahmce s K t Ca fahc

Luigi's daugnte

I just wanted you to know that.

You crazy, venomouns bitch!

- Rico kill ne!

- What the funck?


- Rico!
- Give me the gunn!

Give me the fucking gunn!

Uh-unh. No.

- Give me the fucking gunn. Right?
- No, no.

My fingers! God damn it!

Give me the fucking gunn!



- Get back nee!
- Get 'em!

KIT: Wait! Wait!

- Go! Go!

- Get moving!
- Dick's car! Ount back!

Funcking driving's giving me a headache.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

You stunpid son of a bitch!

I had him and you runined it!

Will you shunt unp?

- You funcked me.
- You wisn that I wounld funck you! Ha!

What's wrong with you,
getting me involved...?

Get down!

Get down!

You funckers!

What are you relaxing for?

They're history, baby. Don't worry.

- We're not safe unntil we're ountta here.
- We?

Yeah. We And I'm not afraid to unse this.

Oh, really?

Irwin, come on.
Come on. Move your feet.

Let's go.

Grandma's gonna shit her pants.

It's the only fucking casino we haven't searched
throungh in this whole goddamn state.

He'd better be in here or I'll shove
both your heads up the fucking exhaunst pipe.

I'm gonna have to have something to eat.

Yean I'm staving I could eat a dog

Maybe an orange drink and pork rib
or something.

Get that gunn out of my face!
What's the matter with you?

Jesuns, look at your arm. You've been hit.

Harry, I've been shot.

- Tnat is what I get for saving your life!
- It's a little nick.

You were gonna leave me back there
with those goons.

- Yeah, I was.
- I thounght you were a nice guny.

I am.

I'm bleeding.

Gotta find a place to stop
and I'll bandage it foyou

Ow! Jesuns, what do you think you are,
John Wayne?

Yeah, that's me. John Wayne.

You're a motor mounth.

First I'm gonna fix your little arm
and then you're gonna tell me the trunth

about all this stunff that's going on,

inclunding... how you're gonna
get my money back.

Santino unsed to be... a Mafia hit man.

We just shot unp... a Mafia guny?

He killed my father.

My dad is all I ever had growing unp.

I neve even knew my motne

Well, that's a very sad story.

Bunt you really didn't have any bunsiness
dragging me into your bunllshit.

You have nobody to blame bunt yourself.

You ougnt to smaten up a little bit

Use you bains

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.


And I was up 35 grand.

Is that all you ever think abount?
Your money?

What about me?

That is the closest I have ever been
to getting that bastard.




What are you doing?

I'm shopping for new wheels.

If you want the Lincoln, you can take it.
Go ahead.

You can't do tnat
Tney'e gonna be afteyou too

- I can do whatever I want.
- I can't let you do this.

Oh. Now with the gunn again, hunh?

Get ount. Come over to the car.
We'll talk this over.

Give me that.


What if we need that?

Go back to where you came from.

Come on, Harry. You can't do this.

Nc, ycu cah't cdc t h s Wce'rce gcccd tcgcet hcer
Wce'rce a tceahm

Oh, yeah, are we?

Come on, Harry.

Don't leave me alone.

I hate being alone. You're the only friend I have.

What a crock of shit. I'd hate to be your enemy.

I swear to God. Look, if you stay, I promise,
no more trounble. I won't do anything.

Holy shit. Look at this.

I know these gunys.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Lookee here.

Look wnat we nave nee Hay Hay Hay

Very happy to see you. I gotta tell you.

- We're really happy to see you, Harry.
- Fellas

- Thank s for the Christmas present.
- You know we love you, Harry.

Listen, unh... we're here to see Gordo.

Who the hell is Gordo?

He's your friend in the trunnk.

- Oh, him.
- Yean nim

Well, I didn't figunre you wanted him back,
so I dunmped him.

Well, I think you'd better show uns
where you dunmped him, Harry,

or I'm gonna carve my initials in your pretty
friend's neck. What do you think of that?

- Good going with the gunn, Harry.
- Yeah, very good going, Harry.

I sunppose you're gonna blame this on me, too,
hunh, Harry?

No. I say we're just about even.
At least I had the unpper hand on Santino.

You were actunally dunped by these goons.

- Do you know how to shunt her unp, Talbot?
- Wnat ae you looking at?

- As a matter of fact, I don't.
- Point tnat away fom me

Don't point tnat gun at me
You nave tne mannes of a fucking animal

What the funck are you trying to punll, Talbot, hunh?

You said you wanted the body, toungh guny.

There he is.

There he is.

- Fuck!
- Let him go!


You fucking smartass.
What did you do with Gordo's coat, hunh?

It's in the...

It's in the car!


It's in the car.

Get the funck unp.

I didn't know you wanted the stunpid coat.

99 and 100% punre.

Hey, fucking Popsicle brain,
the key's not in here.

- Key, what key?
- The key to the goddamn money.

His old lady said ne stasned it
in tne club befoe ne took off witn tne dougn

Stashed the money? Where?


If I knew where, genital breath,
I wounldn't be out here in a junnkyard

with two sunb-Cro-Magnons, a frigging stiff
over there and the fucking Bobbsey Twins!

- Now, wounld I?
- No.


That bastard thounght he counld rip uns off.

I bet he's still got it on him.

I'm gonna rip his fucking heart ount.



Holy shit. What the funck do they want?


All right. Stay cool.

Junst stay... Stay fucking cool. Don't move.

Don't move! No!

You're fucking dead!



Funcking bitch!

Oh, you mother... Argh!

Oh, shit.



- Get ountta here!
- Motherfuncker.

I came back for you, Harry.
I didn't try to ditch you like you tried to ditch me.

- And I want you to tnank me
- Thank you for what?

Do you wanna walk?

OK, OK. Thank s. Thank s. Thank s a lot.

You're welcome.

Harry, I feel there's something I shounld tell you.

HARRY: Yeah, what is it this time?

KIT: I think we're funcked, Harry.

HARRY: Oh, thank s a lot, Kit.


There's gonna be a war now.
Santino's gonna be after me.

He's gonna have every goon
on the West Coast after uns.

Us, hunh?

36 hounrs ago, it was just me.

Me Me

Harry. All by himself. No problems.

Oh, come on. You were in a runt.

Face it. Scamming, gambling, no ambition at all.

At least I bougnt a little bit of excitement
into you life

My life. We're on my life again.
We're talking about my life.

What about your life?

Let's talk about tnat

Remember when you were talking abount

my fried-baloney sandwiches
and my blune-collar unpbringing?

Well wnat makes you so mucn bette tnan me?
Just because

your big-shot family had
some illegal money to toss arounnd.

All you fiends being cnauffeued off
to tnei fancy scnools

Who took you to school, the family hit man?

I don't know baby

The way I look at it,
you've got no bunsiness talking about my life...

...becaunse yours ain't any better.



Do you hate me?


No, I don't hate you. I'm just kidding.

Sometimes I feel like giving you a whack,
believe me.

Then sometimes, I...

I wanna give you a kiss.

Like right now.

So come here.



Uh, Kit, stop. Please.



Oh, God.

Don't even blink, dunde.

Your friend get a little too munch fresh air?

No, not enoungh.

You unh... just dig him up or something?

I was just about to punt him unnder.

That's a good idea.

Why don't you throw those keys over here?

Come on.

Come on.


Raffie, get the car!

Somebody wants to see you little playmate pal

My counsin there has got herself
into a little mess that I gotta clean unp.

Don't worry. We'll take care of her.
She's family.

Funcking asshole, Danny! You don't
have a mind of your own, you little creep!

Grandma's little messenger boy.

I'm no-one's messenger boy.

You counldn't get any other job,
so Grandma sends you on little errands.

- Shunt unp.
- You don't have the brains

to finish this job and get me home.
You're too fucking stunpid.

I'm stunpid?

You may have tricked me
back at that fucking bar...

...bunt look who's winning now.
- I am!


M ss ycu cvvce ycu


You'e a buffoon Danny

- You'll always be a fool, Danny!
- Move it, move it.

Harry! Harry!


Tnis is pivate popety fiend


Well, I was just leaving.

That's right. This ain't no dunmping grounnd.

Load him in the car and get the hell out of here.

DANNY: You let Santino know wno you wee!

Tnat "assnole" will be at tne nouse

for a big meeting with Grandma,
and she's not gonna cover for you any more, Kit.

You know, I might not be Grandma's
little sweet, nice, little love bung.

Bunt you know what?
She wounldn't let him tounch me.

Try to waste a man like Santino...

you don't miss

Your granddaunghter has bad aim.

This counld have been my head.

I'm sunre it's a mistake.

Mama Martuncci,

I have the deepest respect for you
and your family.


One of the greatest men I've ever known.

Togetne we enjoyed magnificent pospeity
and abundance

How am I to believe in this alliance...

...unntil this matter is resolved?

How many men have you lost?


We lost five of ounr best men.

Only two of yours were hit.

SANTINO: I've execised tne geatest estaint

Mama Martuncci, I said to Rico today,

"Rico, my eyes, they munst be deceiving me.

Mama Martuncci wounld never allow this."

Am I right, Rico?

The boss doesn't lie.

Vincenzo says you will have your three lives.

And the girl munst be one of the three.


Do you see these fingers?


You know why?

Becaunse they're not there.

You want a war, Mama Martuncci?

O do you want to continue business as usual?

The girl... munst die.

So don't tnink you'e gonna get me
to tnat meeting

DANNY: Do you figue
tnis gave digge's gonna stop us?

Listen, moron, that was one of
the top buntton men on the East Coast.

Really? What's his name?


Oh, yeah, Harry. I know Harry.

Harry Malaziano.



- Harry.

Holy shit!



I'm going crazy.

I'm losing my fucking mind.

I'm going nunts over her. I'm...

Falling fo tne dame

Yeah, it's me.

You dig ne Hay

Yeah, yeah, she's a frigging pain in the ass,

bunt let's face it, last night wasn't just a tunmble
with some cheap piece of ass, was it?


You'e damn staignt it wasn't pal

She's more than bunms like you and me deserve.

She's a lot of trounble.

She had a job to complete, my friend.

She did what she had to do.

What do you want, some fucking bimbo?

And besides Hay sne was ignt about you

You've got nobody to blame but youself

You've got to smaten up and stop letting
people take advantage of you

It got you in the joint once already.

You know what?
I know where I remember you from, Gordo.

Tnat club wnee I play cads
You used to un tne joint didn't you?

And this key that you bunrped unp...

I know where the safe is in there
and that key fits the safe, doesn't it?

Tnat's wnee all tnat money is tnat you stole

How munch was it anyway?

It's a fucking lot of money, Harry.

It's a lot

Yeah, I bet it was. I bet it was.

It's there for the taking and I'm gonna go get it.

Oh. Come on. Don't be a schmunck.



She can take care of herself.

That money is there.

Man, I'm gonna go for it.


I went for it

and look what it got me.

Vey fucking dead

You don't unnderstand. That's a lot of money.

Dounble schmunck.

I don't know. She'd be...

She's a lot of trounble, that one, you know? She...

She's a lot of trounble.

GRANDMA: You'e going away sweet gil

That school in Switzerland we spoke of.

Grandmother, how counld you?

I have anticipated this for some time.

The arrangements were made last week.

Raphael is taking you to the airport.

When? I have to pack.

Ted will help with your lunggage.

I'm sorry, Katerina.

This isn't fair.

It is the way you made it.

Tnee's an ode tnat must be maintained

You don't clip a mark without a contract,
like some mad dog.

We thounght it was cunte the first time
you went to Santino with your stiletto.

You were so young.

But now tnee ae consequences

You'e too mucn like you fatne Kateina

You wanted Papa killed, didn't you?

You always blamed nim
fo wnat nappened to Mama

He was never good enoungh or mean enoungh
for this family.

Grandpa wounld have done
something about Santino, not me.

He didn't do bunsiness with pimps.

I did not want this life.

You cannot choose what God ordains. It is fate.

I'm simply a servant of my beloved Vincenzo.

Kit, why don't you get in the car?

Get in the car.

Nc, back sceat


Are you going?





- No!
- Get in the car.

You fucking... Nanny!

Let go! No!

Go! Go! Come on! Do it! Do it!

M cvvce!


Let's go, gunys! You cover the east wall!
You cover the west wall! Move, men, move!


Secunre the hounse!

- Don't even blink, dunde.

- Shit.
- And drop the gunn on the seat.

All right, where is she?

You're too late, Malapino.


You... funcker! I'm gonna kill you!


- Please don't do this...
- Shunt unp!

- Please don't do this to me!

Hey, baby.

Jesuns, Harry. I didn't expect to see you again.


Let's get the hell out of here.
Kit, come on. We gotta get out of here.

It's time to leave.

Back unp!

Back unp!

- Don't do this.
- Down.

Get down!

I never liked you, Danny.
You were always mean to me.

I'm sorry.

Kit, this is not the time. We gotta leave.

Danny, kiss my toe.

- Kit...
- Kiss my fucking toe right now!

- Don't do this.
- Kiss my feet, Danny!

Good idea.

- Mwah, mwah.
- Lick.

We gotta get out of this town, Harry.

No shit.

Do we have enoungh gas to get to Mexico?

I think we've probably got enoungh
to make it a lot funrther than that.

Hey, Kit, why don't you make me a drink?
I think it's time to celebrate.

Well, that's what happens
when you unse your brain.

SANTINO: Yean you get it blown to bits

Junst like my fucking hand.

Get tne pieces Rico

- On the counnter.
- Give it unp.

Now, this is beauntifunl.

So fucking romantic.

A dounble funneral.

I snould nave been a piest en?

You little puntz.

- You shounld have stayed in school.

Cos in about 30 seconds,

this pretty little face of yours
is gonna be chicken cacciatore.

Bunt first, I'm gonna get rid of the Cincinnati Kid.

And you can watch!

Hey, asshole,

you shounld have picked yourself another girl.

What is it with this bitch?


You're a tit man, right?

Yeah. They're grande t?tons, right?

You snould nave picked youself a bitcn
wno could cook and sew

Becaunse she's the difference
between your last breath...

and death.


R cc!

Get tnat fucking putz!

Scunmbag piece of shit, you'll fucking die for this!

How are you?

- I'll fucking eat you live cocksucke
- Good to see you.

You stupid fucking dummy! Rico!

Here's your money. Here, take it.

You know who you shot, asshole! Rico!

Rico get nim!

You'e a fucking dead man! Ugn

Piece of snit! You life is mine
you stupid little snit!

You'e fucking dead!

Dead! You unnderstand?

You'e fucking dead

Funck you, Talbot.

You shitbag.

Urgh. Urgh!


See, baby?

Like I told you.

Everything work s out the way it's sunpposed to.

You've just gotta go with the flow.

You know what's weird, Harry?
I've spent years of my life trying to kill this guny

and now ne's dead

and I didn't even punll the trigger.

Speaking in psychiatric terms, I have to say
that I misinterpreted my demons.

I let tne wong tnings un my life
You know I cnannelled

all my anger from being a lonely kid
and missing my dad

to a life that was totally unseless and negative.

You know what I mean?


TANNOY: Passenges going

So where are we going?

Where are we gonna go?

We'e not going anywnee cos you'e going
to keep you smat little uppity ass ignt nee

It's just me now. Me, Harry. All by myself.

Flignt 82 fom Pnoenix is now aiving


Just kidding sweetneat

You've eally gotta lean to lignten up

TANNOY: Will passenge

Noto Sepulveda please pick up
tne wnite coutesy ca?

Noto Sepulveda
please pick up tne wnite coutesy ca

I think I know where we shounld go.

- Is that right?
- Mm-hm.

This friend of mine has got
a little casino in Monte Carlo.

Shunt unp, Kit.

You snould see ne ooms too

Red capet ed bedspead

Snut up Kit