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Can we do it ourselves
or should we call someone else?

There are enough of us.

I'm going to let my sons know.

Bring them in.

We need help with the search on Friday.

After that, we are fine.

How many of you are going to fight?


Who?s taking care of the fire?

I'll take care of it.


Remember to bring your branding irons
and give them to Ram?n.

Anything else?

Ok, then.

Let's try to capture
one hundred horses on Sunday.


Want some help?

I'm missing the hole puncher.

I have two loose belts.

Is this it?


What does it look like?

I'll find it myself.

Do you ever shave?

My sister?

I haven't seen her.

He doesn't want to come.

Are we leaving already?



Go tell her.

I'm awake.

Do you want to come or not?

Who?s going?

Me, you and Mar?a.

Don't take too long.

Five minutes.

The greatness of your love

makes every instant
of our lives special.

You left this life
but not our hearts.

Mother, we have to carry on
without your presence

but your memory
will always remain with us.

Here we also have
something slightly shorter.

We'll miss you.
Your husband and sons.

Better to leave it with just
the year and her name.

What about the picture frame?

With or without a photo?

What do you want it for?

How much is it?

If you bring the picture yourself,
it will be around 100 euros.

The frame comes in
stainless steel too.

You won't have to worry
about it rotting away.

With the photo.

My Dad asked if you could come
to the bar on Sunday.

If you want to
and feel up to it, of course.

We are covered everywhere else.

I don't think I'll be able to.

Are you doing any rehab?
Any exercises or stretching?

I didn't want to.

Take sometime for yourself.

Get some rest and don't overworry
about the recovery.


They gave me 4 days off
and I came to help my dad.

Feels good to get
some fresh air as well.

High season starts next week,

but fortunately they're
looking to hire more people.

We are leaving today.

We can leave tomorrow or the day after.
There's no rush.

She's feeling better already.

Do you want to tell them?


You?d rather call them
than tell them in person?

It's still too soon.

And the situation is not ideal.


Where should I put it?

Out of the way.

Did they feed the dog?

I guess.

Do you want me to go?

I bought a ton of groceries for you.

The dog doesn't eat dog food.

What do you mean
he doesn't eat dog food?

I told you so.

We taught him wrong.

Fran came by.

Yes, he brought some bread.

He wanted you to go in to work.

I told him no.

Why didn't you ask me first?

Your back hurts.

I don't know how we managed
all these years without you.

Do we have to walk much more?


Why don't you talk to her?

It's not easy to talk to her.

Is it easy with you?

How's Luis?
Did he leave?

- Did something happen?
- We are fine, thank you.

Come on up.

- Shouldn't we throw these medicines away?
- No.

They expired three years ago.

- A, A, B, A, A.
- Throw it away.

Do you know what's the most
recent picture we have of her?

I'm going out for dinner
with my colleagues.

Have fun.

Careful with the wheelchair.

And turn the lights off.

Don't worry.


How's your sister?


When did he call you?

Yesterday afternoon.

Do you take her out much?

She uses her right heel too much.

It's the heel bulb.

It's when they don't move
that they get injured.

Take her out on Sunday for a walk.

It'll do her good.

You have 10 minutes per room.

The beds are not wooden framed
but they're heavy.

You open the window.

You strip the bed.

Bathrooms, towels. Boom, boom, boom...

We tuck one sheet
underneath the other one.

It has to be tight.

That's when it first perfectly, you see?

How many rooms?

Normally around twenty.

During the high season,
you could have thirty at least.

You have to be quick.

Yes, ventilate, clean.

Check that everything is in order.

They'll explain everything
to me first, right?

There's not much more to explain.

All good, Dad?


Never heard of auto repair shops?

You were born to be rich.

She says she doesn't want it.

Give me some light over here.

If she doesn't want it,
I'll give it to someone who needs it.

Is it looking bad?

The engine is fine,
that's what matters.

Go and check if the
dough-mixer has finished.

Is it working or not?

Where are you!

This machine is not working properly.

It seems that you've forgotten how to work!

What are you doing!

I don't feel that well.

Take a pill!

Are you serious about the hotel?

Marta told them about me.


I knew you weren't planning
this all by yourself.

I'm not needed here any longer.

You've already left.

And you came back.

Let's see how long it takes
until you call me again.

Hey... hey... hey... Let's go!

- Testing... 1... 2... 3...
- Hey... hey... hey... Let's go!

Are you allowed to go up?

What are you doing?

She's not smiling in any of them.

Can I show this one to Mar?a?

This one?

Her hair was too long.


We are upstairs!

These are our copies.

The courthouse will send you
all of this in a few days.

This is the report my colleagues filled out
at the scene of the accident.

The ambulance papers...

What do they say?

We estimate that the accident happened
a little before 7:30 in the morning.

Nobody called until 7:40.

That's when the grain delivery man
found the car.

The ambulance got there at 8:30.

Carme, that's when they took you.

This is the emergency room report:

contusions, post traumatic amnesia.

First tests...

Your mother's body wasn't taken away
until 10:30 in the morning.

Which is when the undertaker arrived.

You were already there, Ram?n.

The autopsy?

It says she died of natural causes.

Multiple organ failure due to her disease.

It doesn't mention anything
about the accident.

She was dead already.

It's impossible to determine
the exact time of death.

There's always a margin of error.

It doesn't matter really.

Well let's see... well let's see...

Something's happening inside of me...

Because I spend my nights
awake thinking of you

My heart is beating, my love, for you

I would row the river to Ribeira for you

I would sing in the taverns for you
I would light up the stars, my love, for you

My heart is beating, my love, for you

I would row the river to Ribeira for you

I would sing in the taverns for you
I would light up the stars, my love, for you

Left or right?

That way.

There's a group of ten
around the meadow.

We found fourteen towards the south.
And two are pregnant.

Have you seen anything?

They must be behind 'A Lobeira'.

There are some over there.

There are eight.


There's a group of eight over here.

Bring them closer!

Did you sell them?

Let's try to move up and get those.


With my Dad.

Looking for horses.

I don't know, about an hour or so.

An hour or so!

Look... there's a lot of wind!


I'm getting a plastic bag.

What for?

So he can wrap it around the bandage
and shower because its soaked in sweat.

He'll shower tomorrow.

Are you leaving?


He left again.

Where are you going?

If he comes back,
tell him that I'll be back in a while.

Has Ram?n been here today?

Have you lost my brother?

He went to look for the horses
with the other men.

Can you give me some change, Lola?


What are you doing?

Did something happen?

Can you drive?

Can't you see?

Your leg?

In its place.

Are you going up
in the mountain tomorrow?


When are you going to stop
this horse obsession?

You need to throw in the towel.

Throw yours if you want.

Aren?t you going?

Once you've seen one you've seen them all.

There's no reason for me to go.

More water anyone?

You look better.

Don't be scared of driving.

I'm starting a new job on Wednesday.

At a hotel.

That's great.

What hotel?

One in Vigo.

Five days a week.

Eight hours.

I'll alternate mornings and afternoons.

Would you drive there
and back every day?

I'm going to rent a room.

We need to talk about this first,
don't we?

Go for it!

Leave her alone.

No, let's hear what he has to say.

He plays like shit.

It was a 7th of July when I saw her...

Her eyes burned through me
like hot coal...

And I felt passion in
my blood like running...

with 7 bulls in San Ferm?n...

I thought you'd be at the church.

What do you want?

A liqueur.

What do you want?

A liqueur.

I'll be right there!
Take it easy!

Have you seen Luis?

He?s not coming out.


Tell your dad that I'm better.

I'll be in tomorrow.

OK. Are you ready? All set?

Maestro, whenever you're ready.

Get down. You're going to fall.
What do you say?

The... horse... trots forward
The horse trots backward

The horse trots forward
The horse trots backward

Eo... Eo Eo...Eo...

Eo... Eo Eo Eo Eo... Ohhh...

What does it say?

Eo... Eo Eo...Eo...

Eo... Eo Eo Eo Eo... Ohhh...

Grab the waist of the person
in front of you to make snakes.

OK. And slither back and forth.
Are you ready?

Here we go!

And it says...

The serpent slithers forward
The serpent slithers backward

The serpent slithers forward
The serpent slithers backward

Eo... Eo Eo...Eo...

Eo... Eo Eo Eo Eo... Ohhh...

What does it say?

Eo... Eo Eo...Eo...

Eo... Eo Eo Eo Eo... Ohhh...

OK. Now, five in front.

Like that...

Walk backward...OK.

Are you ready? All set?
What does it say?

The crab walks forward
The crab walks...


The dog is barking, Luis.

Forget the fucking dog!

Carme! Get out!

There's someone outside.

Open the door!

How are you?

I'm perfectly fine.

Did he leave?

Go back to sleep.

Don't go out, please!

- Get out of the way.
- No.

- What can I get you?
- Some wine.

Thank you.


- Wine as well.
- None for me.

Cover his eyes.