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Mam !

Look, Lucia!

Ready: orange code.

Code orange.

- Do I know you?
- No.

How much time?

- I told you there was nothing.
"That's what I decide. How much time?

How much time? I know!

Not even two weeks.

This means that they are at least
six months, maybe more.

Why? I said two weeks.
I just told you!

I also had a case.

- May I ask how long?
- Two days.

I was always faster than you.

- Two days?
- Yes.

So, according to your method,
Is that equivalent to one month?

No. Two days for me are two days.

Your two days do not change,
but my two weeks ...

"You know why, Arturo.
- And why ?!

It does not change for you,
but does it change for me ?!

Lower, Rose is sleeping!

What is this, the "Interstellar"?

Is my 5 minutes 60 years for you?
Einstein's theory of relativity?

Men have to lie more
to survive. a biological law.

To get females, men
They have to do better than they are.

This applies to all species:
The spiders, the rivers, the zebras ...

and even to men.

This is the biggest trick I've ever heard
since the man invented the trick.

And you're so nervous,
Why can you betray me and I can not?

What kind of fucking logic is this?

- Speak lower.
- V l !

To start, it's known
that when men cheat

they do not like women.

No? How do they do it?

Men simply do it,
just with the body

Do you realize what you're saying?

- No, sometimes I'm distracted, why?
- Better that way.

"What the fuck did I say?"
"Fuck you, Arturo!"

It was not me that I called.
the nature to the noise ...

Speak lower!

It was not I who referred to nature,

with the rats and the fucking spiders,
did you realize

There is a difference between men and women.
And these differences are basic.

- There's a gender difference ...
- What difference does it make?

What difference does it make ?!
For you, everything I say bullshit.

- Tell me, what's the difference?
- What?

You have tubes!


Ovules! I'm sorry, but it's true.

You, Arturo, are you?
a kind of circus attraction!

Aria! They should show you
in sessions for schools and say:

"Watch out! Do not end it!"
Do you understand? This is what you are.

Where does this all come from?

I can not hate you,
You're too egoistic, you know?

You're an egoist, you shit!
I can not hate you!

You're an egotist, you damn shit!

- Who's that ego?
- You're selfish!

- Am I selfish?
- Yes!

I accepted the whole package!
Where is your ...?

- What the hell?
"Where's Rosa's father?"

- Where's the bass player?
- I was 18 years old, save me!

Parvalh o!

Oh my God, did I pinch you? Did I hurt you?

I do not love you.
Get your things and get out.

I really do not love you.
Go, go away.

No, I'm leaving, but no.
I can take my things now.

I'm leaving now!

I'll be back tomorrow!

Here you go! Be ready!

Your order is ready!


Hi, Marco.

Good Morning!

Good morning people.

- I brought some cakes.
- Thank you.

We can have breakfast.

A little bit of everything ...
Babs, pies ...

- Serve yourself.
- Thank you.

- How's it going?
- All right.

- It's all right?
- Yes.

"How's that with the gallery?"
- All right.

- It works?
- Yes.

"Will it be ready by Wednesday?"
- Clear.

Good morning, Antonio, how's it going?

Good Morning.

What's up?

We have visitors.

It's gonna get us into trouble.

No, this has to do with me.

- Yes, but he told us that ...
- But nothing, Antonio!

V l !

Come down, bring some cakes.

- Lucia Ravi, topographer.
- Why are you here?

- My work.
- What work?

I did not call you and I do not know you.

You did not call me because you do not know me.
That's why you did not call me.

Uh, I'm right on the subject.

See this here? There,
on the eastern part of the roof ...

I saw him by chance,
when I passed by.

Two months have been published
new registration rules,

It's a bundle,
no one bother to read them,

but according to them,
this extension, that that there,

it can not be more than five meters.

And you ... you hear me?
Exceed them in three!

- At 3.27 meters to be precise.
- Are you serious?


What did I do?
In articulation with Antonio,

I had everything redoed diagonally,
and make collect the new wall.

And this is more faithful to the original project.

And tell me l: did I do wrong?

But who gave you permission?

- No one.
- I'll call the police.

- No, no! Why the police?
- Why ?!

It appears here without authorization,

pretend to be my job
and change things without consulting the owners!

- It was 3,27 meters more.
- You told me!

But you did not know. And now you know.

I do not know if I'd call it police,

because if they come,

and make an inspection,
which is always a bummer,

with an infraction of those,

the fine may reach 15,000 euros,
in addition to the rebuilding.

I'm not making this up.

- Are you blackmailing me?
- No!

You had a problem.
and I solved it.

Do what you mean.

Call the police,

participate in me, participate in ...

Wait a moment! High!

Now the work you started will end.

I do not complain about you ...

and you disappear.
- Thousand euros.

- I said do not complain.
- So 600.

One more word and I'll get you out of here!

Give me 300 ...

Finish this ...

by tomorrow

and I never want to see her again.

- Give me your word.
- Swear.

"Have the courage to admit-"
- I'm not kidding!

Admit that I did a very good job,
splendid That I saved him!

A bab for each,
and no discussion.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Let's finish the job.
Goodbye, boys.

Antonio, goodbye!


What ?

Money for gymnasium,
I'm fine, I forgot.

- You're late.
- No.

Yes, you have not eaten yet.

You said that we ate later.
a sandwich on the street.


- When did I say that?
- Before.

Okay, we made an exception today.
and ate a sandwich on the street.

- Honey, it's what we always do.
- Want to argue?

- No, no!
- I did not sigh.

And look I hear,
even if you sighed inside!

Or everything you do.

Even had made sauce for the dough!


Well, you got the maps here, okay?

"Have you worked with us, Lucia?"
- Yes.

- When was the last time?
- There's some time.

Wait, let me find you ...
Ialano, Molisani, Nescie ...

Where will ...?

There you are!
Ravi, it's been over 5 years.

Paolo Lucci was very categorical.

He insisted that you do the work,

Paolo is a good friend.

Well, this, no ...

I do not see him often.

- But we know each other.
- No problem.

s a cadastral survey,

But it has to be very well done.

and has to be on Paolo's desk
on the morning of the morning.

- Are you okay?
- Yes No problems.

So welcome to the Wave, Lucia.

- What ...?
- Wave.

Of course! Thanks.

See you soon.

Have a good day. See you soon.

So we'll see each other ... on the Wave.

- On the Wave.
- Thanks. Bye.

And what about breaking the rules?
and eat on the couch?

Risotto ...

With an asparagus suggestion ...

Account l . What happened?

Nothing, nothing happened.

She is mine

Yes? I see that yes.

The wicked blonde.

Four to the left. Go.


Two more.


- You want me to take the trip?
- No, I'll take it.

Everything ready?

Yes, I'm on the spot.

I do not understand, it was 34, now 35.

It's fine, because you've come down.
But this says 40.

It's six.

A six-meter difference is a lot.

Let's stick around
The main brands, yes?

Yes, but they are different.

Which one do you want?
Let's get lucky. 2010?

No ... Let's look for the best.
The best.

The winning map ...

today the winner 2011!

How did they map it?
Tell me how it went.

We've all worked better maps.

It kills there, according to this,
is above us.

Lucia, can I say something?
Let's just do the work.

We have marked all the marks.
We know it's wrong, but ...

Let's stick around today.

It hurts me to work like this.

I do not say we should
also do shit jobs,

but let's not complicate things.

Let's keep ... rational.

You think we should
pretend we do not see

Because I called you
to do this job?

Maybe because I hit the mark right away?

Is that why?


- I wanted to thank you.
- You do not have to thank me.

- Excuse.
- Do not apologize again.

But I'm short on time.
What's up?

There is a problem, it seems to me.
With that land.

- What land?
- What land, how? The Wave.

What problem?

Maps made up now
They are all wrong.

You'll start the work.
based on wrong data.

I mean, not strictly certain.
The 2011 maps ...

Are they big or small errors?

Both. Unfortunately.

Okay, so we do that.

You correct the small mistakes.

and we are moving forward with the project.

There are 20 years that have not happened.
Nothing here, Lucia.

And now that the future knocks on the door,
What do we do?

We corrected the errors.

It's fine,
I concentrate on the mistakes ...

- Little ones.
- Yes.

"And I give the report on the third."
- Fantastic.

- Lucia ...
- Bye, Paolo.

- Quiet!
- Yes.

- I adore you.
- Yes.


Fabio, about that land ...
I've been thinking.

Let's decide.

I do not want to cause problems,
I can not afford that.

We give them what they want
and they who decide, yes? No, no.

More means ...


More means ... That.

Ready, check it out.

Excuse me?

I did not understand.


Sorry, I do not have anything. I leave the
things in the car when I go to work.


Fabio, do you have five euros?
Any change?

No, I left the wallet in the car.

Because here's a ...
I think it's homeless.

I wanted to give you something.

He does not either, lament.
Maybe later.

Come back later,
maybe we have something.

She speaks, but I do not understand her.

Who are you talking to?

I think it's a homeless man,
It's right here next door.

I feel sorry for her, she looks so young ...

How are these things still?
happen today ...? Absurd

Fabio ...

Let's change position, okay?


Did not you see it?


What was she like?

She was a refugee.

Do you have TV at home?

How are the refugees?
He had a huge coat ...

and a blue thing on top.

Poor thing ...

- I did not see it.
"What madness!"

It was right there!

You crazy?

You're in the middle of the road!
I almost ran you down!

Do you speak English?

This is a road, you know?

Pass cars here ... cars ...

Do you understand?

You know who I am.

V l ... Go away, please.
I have to go home.

I am the Mother of God.


The Mother of God ... It costs to
You're just being m e!

Kids never like to shower,
is understood.

But you're a girl,
You're no longer a girl.

And the difference between a girl and a
girl is in the habit of taking a shower.

Yes, Mother, but this will begin.
to become an obsession!

So go shower,
and the obsession ends!

I'm done, okay?
Now I'm going to take a shower.

Are you happy?

Go to the men.

Go to the men.

Go to the men.

Just a moment.


- Hurry up! Get your things.
- You gave me a shower!

- Take what you need for tomorrow.
- Why?

Because yes. Go.

Tell them to build a church,
l , where I showed you.

Yes of course! Move!

- Mother? What's up?
- Move, see! Let's go!

Where are we going, M e?

- Come on!
- Where will we go? Are you crazy?

- What are you doing?
- Get in the car!

In the car? Where will we go?

To Claudia's house.
Turn on Claudia, come on!

Call him!

You got the phone? Call him.

- Rose! Honey! How are you?
- I am fine.

Your mother?

What are you doing? Goes into.

I think I have a problem, Claudia.

What problem?

In front of Rosa, no.

Rosa, I'm going to sleep here tonight.

She decides.

It's fine.
Come on, I'll show you the room.

It's all right, love.
Not quite right, but ...

Good ... You have towels here ...

for the bidet,

the face...

- A towel, for the shower.
- I do not want to take a shower.

You sleep in the low bed?

She was there.

In the kitchen.

A ... refugee?

Yes. It was there in the kitchen.

- How did she get in?
- I do not know.

But Rosa could not have seen it,
and did not see it.

And this ...

this thing...

it is...

this girl


You know what you told me?

What did she tell you?

"I am the Mother of God."

"Tell men to build a church,
l , where I appeared to you. "

I can not believe it!

To me! You understand me?

You mean ...?

Maybe it's ... tired.

- It may happen.
- I...

When people ...
they are very tired

Actually, I'm really tired.

When you're tired, do you ...?

It never happened to me. Able

"But it can happen."
- It may happen.

Once, I saw a document in which ...

showed how the food
can influence...

the neurons ...

The person may have ... hallucinations ...
so to speak

The person may have lack of ...

Yeah, that's right.

- I do not eat well.
- Yes, it's true.

I feel like I'm going crazy.

This job just pissed me off.

You're nothing to go crazy.
You're not going to go crazy, you know why?

Why am I here!

- You can not tell anyone.
- Never! Are you crazy?

- Promise me.
- Promise.

And Rosa also can not know

or you'll think it's crazy.

There's nothing.

It may happen.

- You think so?
- of the fatigue.

We're going to have someone with us tomorrow ...
that can help you.

That way you will not go mad, okay?

One night.

- New house, new room.
- Yes of course...

Eleven, thirteen ...

Via del Corso, 13.

No 13, I was wrong, here.

What did you feel when it happened?

Panic, fear, terror ...

He was sweating, shaking.
I felt cold, I feared to faint ...


- Religious, Lucia?
- No.

Sincerely, who has the time
to be a believer these days?

Has it ever been?

When I was young.
I think so...

I believed ...

I believed in Jesus, in Our Lady ...

in the little donkey, in all that bullshit.

When we are children,
we believe in everything.

We are stupid.
We just can believe everything.

We still believe in Santa Claus!

An old alcoholic who walks by
with a bunch of stolen reindeer.

Does Lucia work?

- What are you doing?
- I'm a topographer.

It's just a job, nothing special.
Anyone can do it.

Because say
that anyone can do it?

Because it's ... easy.

And Lucia does not think she's crazy?

Well, I ...

I'm meticulous, it's my specialty.


even now, the way
How I behave at work?

It's not good, it's not responsible.

very demanding of herself?

Yes, I hate people who do not.


How bad is that?
Ter human having defects.

Yes, it can be human,
but people take advantage.

I Think...

we must always give our best.

Or at least we should try.

Are you sure?

And it does not seem to him that,

everything that does
would it always seem insufficient?

And will you always make her feel guilty?

I think this is the words,
Above all, Mr.

"Did you sleep at your friend's house?"
- Yes.

Why do you want to sleep there?

comfortable. She has one
Big house and you are all right.

Are you afraid to go back to your house?


Why are you afraid to see her again?


This "thing" is ...

he's l ...

and look at me.

But I just wanna run away.

I'm crazy?

To be honest, early to say.

What does it mean for you to be crazy?

Let's say that seeing the Virgin Mary
It's a good start.

I'm here.

Yes, I see.

Did you go to the men?

I did not have much time, I swear.

Stop us
and tell them to build a church ...


- No?
- No!

I will not do that.

I do not build churches. Am sorry.

You have to do as I say,
Is important

I said no. And no, no.

You can not insist like a child.

- But no, how?
- Listen ...

I do not know what you're ...

and why are you here?

but sincerely ...

I swear I did not ask you to come.

And ... you know ... maybe ...

maybe ... you've misunderstood ...

Maybe you wanna go to my neighbor ...?

- Right?
- No.

I came to find you.

Just you

- Oh my God, how unlucky!
- V l , Lucia ...

- Let's stop them together.
- Yes of course...

I'll be right back.

What day is today? 13 or 17?
Why me?

Toothbrush, champagne ...

I have the champ ...

- Let's build the church.
- No, we can not!


Because there are planning plans,

tons of laws!

We can not do what we want.

I'm freaking out ...

- I do not understand.
- You never understand!

When I join and I order to build
a church, they always obey me.

This time, you were unlucky!

Why do not we use both?

- Why do not you wield me?
- Because you're too small.

Are you afraid?



- Okay, forget it.
- Go.

- Where will we go?
- Claudia's house.

"Now we live in Claudia's house?"
- Why? Do not you like her?

I thought we had our house!

And we have our house. Do not worry.

Why do not we go home?


- Tell me why we're not going home.
- Why?


Because we have problems
with the electrical installation.

It's really dangerous,

It happened once when I was young,
in the house where I grew up.

Very dangerous!
I do not want you to die electrocuted.

I may even die,
but I do not want it to happen to you.

This time we were in danger,
do you understand

The Av , Av , I ...

It's only half an hour.

We greet Paolo
and we bowed.

Here they are!

This is Lucia Ravi, the topographer,

and our press officer,
to Claudia Manfredini, already know her.

The architect Serra, the creator of Onda.

Much like it.

I like it when time changes like this,

The idea of ​​the movement ... beautiful!


Was it born and raised here?


Excuse me...



You know.

What interests you
the cadastral survey?

But you ... are lying.

I need to tell you the truth, Lucia.

Life is short.

You do not exist. I...

I should not be talking to you,
To my hallucination!

You that's my hallucination!

Repeat that!

Repeat it, you!

No, no, no! P ra.

P ra!

You do not exist! You do not exist!

I understand, that's enough.

Please, p ra! It arrives
Please please...

I understand.

- Claudia!
- Paolo, ol !

"What's the matter with Lucia?"
- Anything.

- Nothing, why?
- Nothing like? Did not you see?

- You're tired.
- Weary?

Yes, you have had some visions ...

- Visions?
- It happens to everybody.

She sees things, it happens to me a lot!

- What's wrong with her?
- She's going to Our Lady!

- Are you okay?
- I do not understand.

Lucia goes to Our Lady
and talk to her, you know?

- That's what they say?
- Most of the time, they argue.

Our Lady tells her to build
a church in the field,

Lucia says, of course,
that neither think,

the other insists, is irritated,
You know how Lucia is ...

- What field?
- The field!


The terrain of Onda.

Paolo, I'm sorry ...

- Very well!
"Thank you, Ermes.

Why did you choose Lucia?
for this service? Can you tell me?

There should be about 40 topographical
in the city. Why her?

Because she's a miser.

It was the only one I could sign
without causing me problems.

So there's trouble, she's right ...

It's full of problems!
Look around, problems everywhere!

Is it a question of corruption?

I'm sorry, Paolo,
but now he liked to know.

Corruption ...

Corruption? We are corruption!

I, you, the people who live here ...

Look, those people over there,
they are corrupt.

If we did things well,
we would all be imprisoned for corruption.

First the old men, then the children.

No ... let's start with the children.

Corrupt from birth,
Let's get them too.

We reviewed the daycare centers,
preventive prisons

We close them all
and throw away the key!

Corruption ...

The alternative...

Let's not mess around,
we do nothing,

and die.

Look who's here!

Hello, my dear.


Do you want a ch ?

You always did this ...!

I see her, she talks to me,
I talk to her...

I go to the psychiatrist, he medicates me,

I continue to see you and ...

She beats me.

Look ...

I was suffocating today.

Is here...

Since when?

Two days.

It's wonderful.

- Are not you happy?
- No.

These things only happen to artists,
to poets

To the people who seek,
the people who do not sit.

I do not know, people like me!

Seriously ... I'm envious!

I wish I could see her!



Dad, I believed.
When were you younger?

What, my dear?

In God, Jesus, these things ...

This things...


Not really. Why?

Because I'm trying to understand.


Well, one thing I can tell you:
You believed in yourself.

- Serious?
- Yes, a lot.

And then, what happened?

You have grown.

You know how they decided to call
to one of Onda's rooms?


The Auditorium Giulio Ravi.

I did not know.

I'm glad. For them.

Father, you remember that field.
that Mother took me when I was a child,

behind the woods, down there?

She told me that she had dropped a
star, an aster ide or something.

Something fell on you
or was it invention?

I do not remember.

I do not remember any of this.

At the high,
I was always on tour.

And he had not ...

completely solved ...

My little problem with the hero.

Yes I know.

- Then I passed him.
- I know I know!

I could not be more healthy!

- Why do not you play again?
- Good ... Why?

Because when I played ...

How many people were watching?

Fifty people?

Seventy on a good night!

Then later, when I decided to stop,


people started

to follow me on Facebook.

Do you know how many followers I have now?

I have 65 000!

I got 65,000, you know?

You? It pays more not to touch.

- Okay, I'll walk.
- Bye.

What the fuck is that of Our Lady?

Ol , Arturo, how are you?
I'm well thanks.

V l , I do not have time for this.

Do you want some coffee?

Yes, but the Chinese
bought our coffee.

And then?

And then?! They swept us like
middle class, what can we do?

"I can not forget certain things.
- If you want some coffee, I'll give it to you.

- Now to the Chinese!
- I want to know!

Paper cups ...

I'm having a hard time.

"So ... try to be sensitive."

How much do you earn?

- What?
- How much do you make?

- I do not understand.
- With this story.

That of Our Lady will
to build a church in Onda.

- How much do you get out of it?
- I won nothing.


- Anything.
- Then why do you do it?

Because I see it!

- Are you going to Our Lady?
- Our Lady, this one.

As in Ftima? The cave,
the shepherds, how are they?

I'm one of the little shepherds.

If you wanted me to come back,
just a Whatsapp.

"And I sent it?"
- Not really ...

- How's Rosa doing?
- It's fine.

- Are you still fighting?
- Yes.

- Good at it.
- I think so, too.

Last year, television
passed the Olympic Games.

I always saw the fencing,
because it was like seeing her.

Me too.

Do you want us to react?

Arturo, I told you
that I see Our Lady.

So what? That does not stop us from reacting.

Listen ... My life now ...

- You have no idea.
- And mine?

Explain what you mean
the ray of Our Lady!

I see it, we talk, we discuss ...

And she knocks me.

Have you looked for someone?
An exorcist or something?

No, an exorcist no.
I went to a psychiatrist.

- A psychiatrist is even better.
- Yes, I do too.

And what did he say?

- How are you?
- I am...

I'm good, apart from my question.
with the aliens in the shipyard.

What do you have against foreigners?

To begin, I do not understand what they say.

They are always making a little party.
with each other,

there is no real integration.

They say that they have courses and speak languages,

they say that I rob them of their work,
are obsessed with it.

And now that I've got something,
specialized work,

not a thing for people without training,
but for experts like me,

l at the shipyard,

this question arises from Our Lady!

Is it my fault?
Sorry, I'm so sorry ...

But it was soon to be there ?!

Arturo, I'm afraid I'm going crazy.

And if I go crazy,
they take me to Rosa.

And they would do very well.

But I'm sure
This is going to happen.

You have me, too.

I returned.

Keep calm
You and Rosa, and you see ...

everything will work out.

Did you miss me?

I'll always miss you.


"I want to share with you,"

"this wonderful thing
what happened to my daughter Lucia. "

"Our Lady appeared to Lucia,
they speak."

"I'm not joking,
It's even an apparition. "

"After years of silence,
I feel renewed energy. "


Lucia ...

Sign this.

- What?
- The pushing.

It was Fabio who did.

- You copied the map of 2011!
- I know, you would have done better.

Not at all, it was starting to look ridiculous.
Please sign.

Thank you.


You guys are some shit.

Do you know how many people
Were you expecting this?


People like us. People who live here,
who wants to improve his life.

How bad is trying to be happier?



Because I want to live, okay?

I want to see s ries on TV
with Rosa at night,

I want to talk about wine,

the fruity taste that is on the palate,

whether mbar or metallic ...


I want to have a book of Buddhism
on the bedside table and never open it.

And then I want to go eat fries,
I want...

I do not want to catch a glimpse!

Because of it

Tell me what's going on.

Problems should not be ignored.

They must be faced.

The only person who runs away
to your problems

You're not telling me the truth.

My God!

The truth is we have problems.
of electricity and that dangerous.

Arturo was right.

- What do you mean?
- He did good to leave you.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.


This is our beautiful unity.
of intervention in the crisis.

- The press?
- It's two or three.

Three local newspapers that knew
and they want an interview.

But nothing critical,
nothing very important.

I will make a point of the situation:

Our Lady says that we can not
build here, and that's a good news.

Because I know from my own experience
how's this going to end?

It will end a conversation.
type "Progress against Nature",

how we became bad,
that before that was

everyone was happier,
the babies were born at home, etc, etc ...

I do not anticipate a positive outcome.

Above all,
because Our Lady ...

as I have to agree,
has a large number of followers.

Not only here, but all over the world.


- Paolo?
- Yes?

Maybe you should tell your collaborator,

to Lucia Ravi,

whereas the instruments
to which we have access today

they're a little more sophisticated

than those that existed
in the time of the good Jesus!

Oxal could deal with him.

I think he would be
much more profitable than the mother.

We will get
conquer it too.

Paolo, there's nothing there, I assure you.

There's a joke ...

Seriously, it's really funny ...

Seriously, that's a joke.

Stop us!


You to


You can not be here,
We started the work already.

Tell her!

Who do you think you are?

You know how to say "Go to men"
and I will go,

Let me do this!

You say that on this earth
Can you build a church?

It's okay, I'm going!

Good Morning.

Good morning everyone.

Listen, I do not want to cause problems.

I swear I hate trouble.

But the survey of quotas that I did

differs too much
of the previous maps.

And that means ...

what's up, anything
with this terrain.

- Anything?
- Something, I do not know what.

But there is something that is not right.

Alright ...

Let's stop being around.
Everybody knows. Admit it.

I can see Our Lady.
I talk to her, we argue, I see her.

Said that,
I understand that it is difficult to go there,

but the technical data
are the technical data.

And it was not she who created them, it was I, I swear.

What's the matter with these grounds, Lucia?

I do not know.

I only did a survey of quotas,
but here is an anomaly.


I feel it.

Do you feel it?

- It says "water."
- What does that mean?

Why water?

- Say.
- I say water?

I say!




Water Water


Lucia? Is she here?

Where exactly?

How fascinating!

No ...


Lucia ...

Arthur ...

What are you doing here?

I was sleeping.

Why do not you go home?

Because I have no home,
I subjugated it.


- To whom?
- Some Russians.

- Online.
- I do not believe it.

- There are some websites ...
- Serious?

- Please, late.
- H websites ...


Let's eat.

- Let's go!
- Let's eat.

Sleep here. Sleeps.

Lucia, tell yourself

that everyone treated you
like crazy today?

Do you realize that?

I do not want to argue ...

but they were not ...

completely cheated.

No, they were right.

- Were they right?
- Yes.

So you realize ...?

If you go mad, you'll get Rosa.

- You told me.
- Shut up.

French fries!

- M e ...
- French fries!



An! I already ate it!

What is this?

Good things should be shared
with everyone.

We have talked about it many times,

We agreed that everything,
less potato chips.

Indeed, after careful consideration,
we combined the french fries ...

Remember? I had already forgotten ...

You can not fry the potatoes.
at the same level as ...

Other things to share.
Go get the mayonnaise.

- Right.
- She remembers.

And it brings water.

You're ruining everything because of this.

You risk losing everything.

What do you want to do?

I do not know ...

What do you feel?

Something is not right.

Where in the universe?

There is something, and I do not know why,
but it has to do with me.

- It has to do with us?
- No, no ...


To Our Lady!

- I 'm not her ...
- .

- Let go, lady. Help-me!
"Please, let me touch you."

No, no!

- Are they nuts?
- They're just praying.

- Exactly!
- Ready...

- Sit down a little.
- Yes.

Ol .


- How are you, Lucia?
- So what? What's up?

When we started digging,
we had to use the bombs, of course,

and our only option was to use
the conduits for drainage,

only the last maintenance
was made in 1978.

The bombs could not handle and the water
began to overflow everywhere.

I say this without irony, believe me!

But it was not a miracle.

It was just a problem with sewers.

We're still waiting for a miracle.

and we expect it to arise,
for the next one.


Yes! Yes!

Yes! Oh, my God, yes!


It's not a miracle.

Do you understand? It's not a miracle.
It was just the sewers.

You go home, my lady.

It's not a miracle!
Just the sewers, they're just the sewers!

Go home.
You go home, too.

Thank you!


Look around.

Look around you.

This ... your church.




- Is anyone here?
- V l ...

I just wanted to make sure.
Why did you turn everything off?

"I did not want to see you again."
- What the hell...?

It was not necessary to destroy the meter.

You would have done the same.

No, I would have turned the picture off.

But not for being a specialist.

- Can?
- Yes.

If I am not mistaken,
There used to be a screwdriver here.

- You dumped her?
- Why would I lie down?

Because when a person leaves,
we cast away all that hers.

- To forget.
- I did not throw anything away.

- You are sure?
- Yes.

Look how fantastic we were.

Look at this.

Were things that bad?


Did she tell you that?


It's unbelievable.

You're crazy swept most of the time!

You're medicated,
because you see Our Lady.

And you scream "Water! Water!"

But when it comes to us, you're ...

really lucid.
How do you explain that?

s against us.

If you can not find the screwdriver,
I still have to look at this ...

or we can pray for a miracle.

P ra!

You should have done what all women
They do when the ex is gone.

I did not throw anything away.

It's like being in a haunted tunnel.

Remember when we took Rosa
That haunted tunnel, at Lunapark?

We walked in a few ...

- Remember, Lucia?
- Yeah, I remember.

You remember that we had
of pretending to be scared?

Because Rosa was too big
to be scared.

How old was she, eight or nine?

Do not hide, you scared me.

We looked stupid,
and she only laughed.

"My God, a monster!"

I do not know why, but the laughter
Goofy are always the best.

Look here...

The screwdriver?

I knew it!

Where were you hiding?

- Was here.
- No, I was there.

You remember that I left the train
to pee on the monster?

- On the haunted tunnel.
- Yeah, they called the security.

Yeah, but we lied to the monster!

He never made that face!

We were so happy,
to laugh and to play and to pretend ...!

Because we left
from that haunted tunnel?

We were happy there.

Give me your sword.

Do you like me?

- It's weird.
- That is...?

- You're different.
- What do you mean?

What does that mean ?!

What's she like? Tell me.

No. Not as I imagined.

- No?
- No.

What's she like?


Ol , Lucia Ravi.

- Hello, my lady.
"Is the boy all right?"

Yes, it's fine.

"Are the parents here?"
- Yes.

- Great.
- You have to sign some papers.

- Come with us.
- Yes.

The Av comes c ter.

If you can not
How do you expect Rosa to get it?

How can you see what's beautiful?


No, no! Do not do this, please!

If you do not show it to you
that there is something beautiful,

no one will show.

And she'll never know.

Do you understand?

Smash it, Lucia.

It shakes with everything.

Do it for her.

Slow with everything, how?

I do not know anything about bombs.

I am here.

Was her?


What did she say?

He told me to blow everything up.


I do not know anything about bombs.


Because I think this bomb scene
great nonsense!

Rosa has to go to school,
You do not need to blow bombs.

- Sounds obvious to me.
- Yes.

You are l , v ...

What do I do?

- Fabio, is not it?
- Sim.

- Do you work at the shipyard?
- I worked.

I understand ... Those guys are ...
Me too.

No more talk about it.

- Did you work with Lucia?
- Sim.

I work there as an electrician,
force-you ...

spectacular to Lucia, n o ?


Did we make noise? No?



This more manual part
no right now


It's the hardest part.

You are l , v !


- Go away!
- Porqu ?


It was me!

It was me!


Argument and realization

And the debut of

Argument and realization



M sica