Tropique de la violence (2022) - full transcript

Moïse, a boy who was abandoned at birth and adopted by a nurse in Mayotte who raised him alone and cherished him until she died when he was 15. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Mayotte, the youngest and poorest
French department,

70 km from the Comoros
in the Indian Ocean.

Need help?

It's too late for him.

Another boat coming
from the Comoros.

It's almost here.

Shut up!

Settle down.

- Shut the fuck up!
- Be polite!

He's looking for his brother.

Calm down!

C'mon, wake up!

Are you ok?
What's wrong with him?

Come with me.

Sit here.

Want some water?

Is your baby ok?

What's wrong with him?

No, you keep him.
What's wrong?

His eyes hurt?

He's a devil. Take him.

I'll get you a blanket, ok?

Stay here, ok?

The police!


Seen a girl with an orange sari?

We need more help.



It hurts!

What's going on now?

Hello ma'am.
Can I see your papers, please?


And the boy's ID?

He's my son.

We check everyone's papers.


You can go.

- Have a nice weekend.
- Thanks.

You ok, honey?

Why do they call this "snow eggs?"

Ever eaten it?

All kids eat snow in the mountains.

It's not very good.

Stalling for time?


Isn't it your turn to do dishes?

Sounds like a good teacher.
Will he stay next year?

No, he's returning to the mainland.

You ok, honey?

I saw bodies floating around me.

I was underwater.

I couldn't breathe.

It's ok, you're awake now.

It'll pass.

I couldn't get out
because of the police.

Breathe. Shall I get you some water?

Do you think she's dead?


The one who brought me here.

I don't know.

Lie down.


probably went back to the Comoros.

Why'd she leave me?

She wanted a better life for you.

As I've told you.

Did you want a child?


Very much so.

I was lucky I met you.

On the beach?


The sand was black.

The waves were crashing
on the mangroves.

The moon was shining.

I want to go someday.

I think the road is closed.

But we will.

I promise.

Sleep now.

The situation is not getting better
throughout the territory.

All weekend in Mamoudzou,
violent combats

and mourengués took place

in the M'tsapere, Kaweni
and Tsoundzou districts.

These terrible scenes shocked

both locals and the police.

The youth continue
provoking authorities,

says the deputy in charge of security.

- Bye.
- See you tonight.

Hey, La Teigne.

Yes, I know.

I'll call and ask him.


How are you, boy?

We finished late.



Was it a good day anyway?

Yeah, fine.

Are you ok, Mom?

I'm fine.

It's just...

we're busy at the hospital.

Eat, it's getting late.
You're up early tomorrow.

La Teigne would love to go to school.

His cousin goes.

Who's his cousin?

A kid in my class
but he won't speak to him.

Could we help him get his papers?


it's pretty darn complicated.

- No one looks after him?
- No.

And you're worried?

Be careful yourself.

What are you doing?

The school called me.

I finished early.




You have no right!

We'll talk later.

I think it's the roof.
Someone must've kicked off a tile.

No sooner?

Next week?

I need someone now.

I'll call you back.

You ok, not too wet?

I said to take a raincoat.

I'm not a baby.

Right, but you are my big boy.

What are you doing?

He's waiting for me.


I said no, Moïse.

I don't... want you... hanging...



La Teigne!

Come here!


It's my mom.
She fell and now she's not moving.

She's not moving. She's bleeding!

What happened?

Come quick, please!

- What happened?
- She fell.

- It's too late.
- Mom!



Help me!

They'll check my papers!

Get the compresses in the bedroom.

Help me!

Mom, I'm sorry, so sorry.

Mom, I'm so sorry, say something.

Say something, please, please!

In the wardrobe!

Answer me.

We gotta go, they'll arrest me!

They'll send you to a home!

C'mon, hurry!

- Mom, please!
- What's going on? Go see.

What are you two doing here?

She's my mom.

Move over.

What happened?

We came for a woman...

What did you do to her?

Looks like an attack.

She fell.

We have two suspects here.

Ok, we'll wait.

Ok. They're on their way.

Let's go!

Stop them!

- What's up?
- I want to see the boss.

I brought a friend.

His name is Mo.

His mother died.

His mother was white.

There's more money at his house.


Come see.

Buy some chimique .

Good stuff. No crap this time.

Get lost.

Come here.

He has nowhere to sleep.

Right, Mo?

Over there.

Gourmand, wake up!

Can't you hear me?

You're not at your mom's.

What's the point of a dog,
if it's not dangerous?

Go on, eat.

You feed him, too?

You give him my food?

He has to eat.

"He has to eat!"

He has to eat, my ass!

Your eyes scare them.

They think you have superpowers.

I don't believe in that shit.

That's for illiterates.

Here, good chimique .

From Daddy Bruce.

Smoke, smoke!

Breathe it in.

You'll see the Eiffel Tower.

That's good.

Go on.

Hey, guys.

We're in France here.

We speak French. Ok?

At your age,
you're not in school?


Hey! We're talking to you!

He used to go to school.
But he stopped.

Shut up, you.

Nasse, turn up the music.

We got better things to do.


Let him breathe.

You ok?

See that, kids?

See what chimique does?

You're not looking too good.

Hey, Ismael.

I just finished these.

No market for me today.

How about 10 euros each?

You have papers?

I set the prices.
Otherwise go yourself.

Guys, we're out of here.

You ok?

Seen my dog?


Can you wash the kid's clothes?

Him, over there.

Amir, come here.

Take this money.

Buy me sweatpants and a T-shirt.

Get moving.

What don't you understand?

Strip down.

Don't worry Mo.
You'll find your dog.

But first we'll get your money.

What money?

We better not go for nothing.


It's here.

This is Moïse's mom's place?

La Teigne, look out.

- The house is huge.
- Oh yeah?

I swear.

What are you waiting for?

What's going on?

What are you up to?


Who's hiding there?

Get lost.

I'm calling the police.

I'm calling them!

This is it.

The other boy
was sent back to the Comoros.

You can stay.

Don't worry. I sleep here too.

Sit down.

Here, your mother's purse.


You guys will go with Samir.

Listen and listen good.

Bring back fruit, antennas.

Anything you can find.

I don't care what.

And you little guys,

go to the barge
and pinch money off the whites.

Mo, you know the cops are after you?

A white woman dies
and money goes missing.

Fishy, don't you think?

It's nice of me
to keep you with us.

If you buy all the pots,

we'll cut you a deal.

Stop loitering here!

Go home, you're not welcome.
Get lost!

- This is my home, I'm French!
- Hell you are!

Go back to the Comoros!

We're sick of you!
Go back where you came from!

Settle down!
They're just kids.

You better calm down!

We're not leaving!

We're not leaving this place!

- It's your fault.
- You and your organizations.

You bring us misery. Go home.

You should leave.

Think you're our father?

- They're upset.
- You're not our father!

Calm down.

It's time, go on.

Get into position
and do exactly what he does.

Mo, move! Hurry!

What're you doing? C'mon!



Give me that bottle.

We're gonna get nice and drunk.

What'd you bring me?

Cassava, right.

Come here.

A French flag!

Where'd you get it?


State building.

Stealing from the government?

Good job!

Go ahead, you can go.

Children of the Fatherland...

Day of glory, my ass!

Arise, children of the Fatherland

The day of glory has arrived

Against us, tyranny

has raised its bloody banner...

Nothing I could do.
He's useless.

Yeah, he's useless.

Totally useless.

He's scared.

Did I ask your opinion?

He thinks we'll feed him for free.

Do you decide?

You always say that.

I decide, not you.

His eye brings us bad luck.

Hey you.

Here in Gaza,
we gotta earn our grub.

He wanted to keep
the car radio for himself.

Nobody wants you on this island.

You're lucky I keep you.


You, come here.

Here, if you're weak...

you die.

The boss who was here before me

was twice as strong as me.

But he let too many things slide.

The kids strangled him
with his own chain.

The one I wear now.

Those kids have no education.

They're not like us.


Are you hungry?

Then have a seat.


Come here.

I went to school too.

Even when I knew nothing
I raised my hand.

I made everybody laugh.

Did you like school?

Sometimes. The problem

was the damn teachers.

Those mainland French whores
who come to flunk us.

They called in my father one day.

My father thought

it was to register me
for middle school.

He wore his best suit.

I didn't even recognize him myself.

But it was bullshit.

They told him they were putting me
into a school for retards.

My father was ashamed.

I didn't go to their retard school.

He started hitting me.

He hit me and hit me.

And one day,

I stole his watch.

He threw me out.

I'm not an illegal immigrant.

I was born in Mayotte.

What about you, Mo?

The white lady...
Why was she your mother?

Come on!

Did you hurt yourself?

Are you a fag or what?

C'mon, hurry up!

This way.

What are you waiting for?

Hey Mo, nice job.

Keep up the good work.

We'll cook our own chimique .

You'll end up stronger than me.



Hey, cool-headed Mo! Smoke.

Hey, guys. Need help?

We're fine.

Haven't you heard it's dangerous here?

Sure, but I'm wary of hearsay.

The space is almost finished.

We'll do something nice.
A place for the youth of Kaweni.

Do you know the youth of Kaweni?

- Not well yet.
- Well I do.

They say fuck your space.

Who knows,
some might want to check it out.

Chill out a bit.

We get it. You keep the money
and give us comic books.

You talk pretty about the slums.

You're into isolated minors, right?

You know nothing of their lives.

I promise you, that's not it.

Give me a chance. Drop by.

See you there?


From Bruce.

Get dressed, he's expecting us.

The princess got a new gown.

Shut up, Nasse.

We'll see what he's made of.

He wants to help us, no?

He thinks we're bums.
We'll show him.

Hi, there.

Thanks for coming.


So this is your space?

Looks pretty empty.

I'm expecting a few deliveries.

It's cool you came, guys.

We can do things together.

Dude is shifty!

Can we borrow books?

What do you like?

Meet my right-hand man,


Here's one for you, Bruce.

- See?
- Yeah yeah, ok.

Bats. Like Batman.

Right, I see, I got it!

Stop doing my head in.

We've got more than just books.

We'll organize events.

I don't know, outdoor screenings,


- It's not just books.
- You saying I can't read?

You saying I can't read?

You calling me illiterate?

"Can we borrow books?"
Who do you think you are?

I'm the one
who got you out of the banga.

So keep your trap shut.

Go on, drink.
It'll make it easier.

You shamed him.

I told you to keep your trap shut.
Not so proud now!

Don't touch, kid.

Looks good.

If he's hurting...

give him this.

Don't scratch it.

I live here.

With La Teigne.

La Teigne left.

Where'd he go?

Can I come in?

I can't find my things.

Where's my mom's purse?

Your things?

I think the kids
wiped their asses with 'em.


Hey guys,

those with money can come with me.

The girls don't do credit.

The rest of you
can stay behind and wank,

you wankers.

It's me.

What happened to you?

I got caught

but they let me out.

And you?

Does it hurt?

Mo the madman.
He has fucking superpowers.

Mo the madman, no shit?

It's true, boss!
The guard dog ate out of his hand!

It's true. He's a djinn .

So you bring bad luck?

Calm down.

Put the rocks down!

You don't have a clue.

Sons of djinns are tall and hairy.

But Mo is small

and smooth as an eel.

So Mo,
since you have superpowers,

go find us some food.

We're starving here.

Hey, La Teigne!

You're the one who brought this guy!


What are you doing here?

Come on in.

You're on your own?

Want something to eat?

Or drink?

I'll get you something.


What happened?

I need to go down south to Kani-Keli
to work on a space.

Wanna come?

We'll leave tomorrow morning.

Sound good?

Know what? We'll leave now.

I just need to... I'll be quick.

Wait there.

Come join us.

Kids, this is Moïse.

Hi, Moïse!

All good, Moïse?

- Kids, introduce yourselves.
- I'm Jimmy.

You'll like it here.

I didn't have the heart to wake you.

Hand me that thing.

Look away.


Come on over.

Join us.

We're gonna fix the holes.

So the fish can't escape.

We'll make a knot up here.

One here, and another here.

All these holes were made by coral.


The net gets stuck on the coral.

Crabs too.

Yeah, crabs too.

That's how fishing goes.

You stay out on the boat all night.

I might net 100 kilos of fish,

10 kilos of fish...

Sometimes, nothing.

Wanna try it?

Do you get seasick?


Do you sing?

Stéphane, do you sing?

I know you do.

Sure I sing. Badly, but I sing.

Go on then.


Mayotte is dope
Hangin' with my bros

Flag flies high
For my compatriots and I...


And you, Moïse?

Show me your stuff.

Go on, Moïse.

You could join our concert
with the local kids.

Look at me, Moïse.

Yeah, no worries.

Call me back.

Sounds good.

What are you doing?

It's for over the door.

I see.
And I thought I was corny.

Is it back in fashion?

We had one at home.


Where was home?

Come show me.


Show me on this.


My space is up here.

We drove down to here.

Where was home?


Bandrakouni beach?

What's there?

A secret?

A memory.

Wanna go?

We can, if you like.

The road's closed but I'll ask Didar.

This is where she left me.

This is where I arrived.

Need to be brave to make that crossing.

You can't go back to Gaza.

You know that?

There are solutions.

Places that take in orphans.

This is France,
there are structures.


You can stay
at the space up north.

I'm wanted by the police.

If you explain, I can help.

You can talk to me, that's my job.

Here, Moïse.

This is for you.

Come back soon, ok?

We need you.


- Bye, Didar.
- Drive safe.

Come see us up north.

I called a friend here.

He works for the Mamoudzou police.

He told me about a boy
who recently went missing.

The boy's mother is dead.

- I didn't do anything.
- I know, Moïse.

There was an autopsy.

Your mother had a stroke.

Know what that is?

Are you ok?

Wait here.


Dirty pedophile.

C'mon guys, we're outta here.

Hey, Mo!

Get me some water.


How was Kani-Keli with your boyfriend?

"Youth of Mayotte."

Sit down.

So, my beauty...

You like it?

Show me your little ass.

Show me your little ass.

Why so shy?
Show me your little ass!

Leave him alone.

What do you want?
What are you doing here?

I told you to stay out of my face!

Who do you think you are?
Lower your eyes!

Lower your eyes!

His mother's bastard!


We're almost there.


On the radio?

What do they say?

Stay down till we get to the barge.

They'll take you to Reunion.

You'll be safe there.

Stay down.

Mo the madman!

Stay down!

Mo the madman!

Stay here!


This film is dedicated
to the children of Mayotte.