Tropical Malady (2004) - full transcript

'Tropical Malady' explores the passionate relationship between two men with unusual consequences. The film is divided in two parts. The first half charts the modest attraction between two men in the sunny, relaxing countryside and the second half charts the confusion and terror of an unknown menace lurking deep within the jungle shadows. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
All of us are by nature
wild beasts.

Our duty as human beings
is to become like trainers

who keep their animals in check,

and even teach them to perform tasks

-Ton Nakajima -

Take pictures for our report.

HQ, do you copy? Over.

This is Unit 2. Do you copy? Over.

Get closer. Group photo.

Take a picture.

It's for my girl. Make me handsome.

Closer. Kneel down.

He's already stiff.

Help me move him.

We've found a dead male. Over.

Pass me the rope.

We're at M.O. 4 by the forest fringe.

Forest fire on M.O. 12.
Copy, over.

Is Oi there? Over.

Oi is on lunch break. This is Patcharee.

Pretty Patcharee all alone.
Do you need a friend?

I have lots of friends.
But my heart is still free.

Then I'll stop by. Don't be a stranger.

Is that Sawang?

I've only heard your voice,
never met you in person.

Can you sing us a song?

What? Too much static.
I can't hear you well.

That's static from my heart.
It's calling out to you.

Can I request a song?

I'm afraid your batteries
will run out.

I'll request a song from the radio.
Is there a signal out there?

This is for you lonely guys.

You're hot and wild like a forest fire.

It's a sad story!

Here are the vegetables.

Where did you find them?

I stole them.

Let's get them washed.

Put them in this bowl and wash them.
Then put them on the plate.

I'll cook you a great meal.

Do you know him?

No, I don't.


Tonight, the body will bloat
and change position.

And its spirit will...

You talking about ghosts?

When are the police coming?

You don't have to chase us away.

I may be a sweet talker
but my heart is sincere.


What's up?


No need to bow.
Are you heading home?

No, I'm picking up my nephew from school.

-Where to next?
-Aren't you in the jungle?

I may be transferred to Chiang Rai.


The wood mafia is angry with me.

Sounds like a movie!

He's after a girl up there.

Being honest gets you shot at.

The weather there is good.

Do you want to come?


But I've forgotten your name.

What? I don't want to speak to you now.

I remember your face but...

Tong, stay calm.

I am calm. But it's hard.

-RRelease the clutch slowly.
-I can't drive this thing.

Anyone with two feet
can learn to drive.

-Let's try again.
-Maybe later.

Today. I'll help you start it.

My boss said I can deliver ice
if I learn to drive.

Sit down.

It's pouring.

Are you cold?

If you're cold, try this.

How did you know I like Clash?

I've done my research.

Can you get me a poster
of the singer for my room?

Only if you come to market with me.
And my camp, too.

Your camp is too far.

It's not that far.

Keng, can you do this?

Stop showing off.

So, are you coming?

I can't. I'm afraid
I'll look foolish in town.

You won't,
you listen to cool music.

Here's me as a soldier,
with a crew cut.

Taken at Kanchanaburi.

Ah, a soldier has a lonely heart.

You never die a natural death.

I'd hate to die without having loved.

You're so sappy!

Who's the other guy?

I'll go another day when I'm free.

A kid!

It's my dog.

Is it dead?

What style are you looking for?

I'm just looking.

This style suits you.
Perfect for impressing girls.

They cost too much.

Not for real ltalian leather.

Too much. I'm broke.

What unit are you from?

I'm not a soldier. I'm unemployed.

I hope the uniform will get me work.

Where have you applied?

This is the first place.

Do you know much about shoes?

Shoes? What's there to know?

I'm kidding.

Thank you for the pork.
I'll make you pork salad tomorrow.

You're welcome.

Let me know if you like it.
That shop's quite famous.

You always bring us food.
You really shouldn't.

Why don't you move in
and help us on the farm?

Her stomach is full of fluid.

We can see lots of fluid in the pancreas.

We know she has cancer here.

But in this other x-ray...

it looks like another tumor
may have spread from there.

Surgery is the only way to know for certain.

But it's up to the owner

because the dog is quite old.

If we put her to sleep
she might not wake up.

The other option is chemotherapy.

It depends how soon
the owner wants to see results.

Can you please fill in the form?

What's your name?

I feel sorry for her.
You should let us operate.

Maybe you should try vegetables.


what does this say?

You can't write your name
in the address box.

Can you do it for me?

I'm out of bullets.

Don't come out yet.
Stock up on ammo first.

Super immaculate man!

Without you I go crazy...

Without gel I would die.

Don't you mean you'd die without Es?

Thank you.

Even though I may be old,

please think of me as a younger sister.

This next song, I dedicate
to that handsome man over there,

Keng of the Forest Patrol M.O. 21.

The gentleman seems happy tody.

As usual, man. It's payday.

His majesty has changed.

You're handsome today.

I can't help it.

I haven't seen you lately.

You alone today?

In town for the internet.


don't forget the Colonel is due tomorrow.


Wait, won't you finish the movie?

"l like you very much" - Keng.

I found this note in your pants.

-What is it?
-See for yourself.

The dog is cold.

The note is for you.

For me? Should I leave your dad?

Come here, Suea.

Is this correct?

-Stop joking.
-Sign here.

RRemember my uncle

who can recall his past lives?

You believe him?

Sure. It's a true story.

He was 90 years old
when he came to our house.

He could recall 200 years.

I don't want to remember that long.

'Cos you don't have good memories.

From now on I will.

Oh, come on...

I have good memories.

Such as?

In my past life,
I may have had 10 wives.

Trying to make me jealous?

Well, are you?

Stay that way.

If our lines form a royal barge,

we're meant for each other.

That's not a royal barge.
That's a row boat.

Go row it.

What are these cuts?

Can I lie on your lap?


I was going to say, problem.

Don't keep it to yourself. Sing for me.

I was about to. You ruined the mood.

Don't play tricks.

-Am I heavy?

I wish I had a guitar.


So I can play for you
like in the movies.

You can play?

You should see me.

Look at this.

I'm not a dog.

Stay away.

When I gave you the Clash tape,

I forgot to give you my heart.

You can have it today.

Here it is.

-Are you getting it?
-It's coming.

I can feel it.

Can I join you?

Do you want flowers?

I sell them at the temple.

Only if they're free.

If you want good karma,
you have to invest.

The same goes for love.

Such wisdom!

I moved here with my husband
thirty years ago.

Back then there was only forest.

Sounds like a jungle romance.

Yeah right, romance full of malaria.

Let me tell you a story.

Two poor farmers

once met a little monk.

The monk asked them,

"Do you want to be rich?"

The two farmers said, "Yes".

He told them to go to the pond.

This one right here.

And collect rocks from the water.

Then he disappeared.

The two farmers did as he said.

They filled their bags with rocks.

One man's rocks turned to gold,
while the other's turned to silver.

They both wanted more so
they went back to the pond.

But this time they only found rocks.

The gold and silver turned into toads
that jumped away.

Greed is our downfall.

I was watching
"Who Wants to be a Millionaire".

The woman won a lot of money
but wouldn't stop playing.

She lost and only got 30,000 Baht.

I don't even earn 10,000 Baht.

I want to meet that little monk.

He must be dead by now.

Come along.

Let your elders lead the way.

This cave is very big.

The area below is equal to that above.

Above here is the pavilion.
And up there is the temple.

Come on. Hurry up.

It stinks of bat shit.

-They'll shit on you.
-Speak for yourself!

Through this hole is a small tunnel.

It emerges in the lake outside.

It's quite amazing.

Only the blessed can pass through.

After 2 meters, your candle goes out.

-That means there's no air.

Even flashlights go out.

What's that sound?

Once, someone went in without light.

Halfway, there was poison gas.
He almost died.

Do you want to try?


Are you crazy? It's dangerous.

Quickly. Then we can leave.

No way. You heard what she said.

Let's go. It's okay.

Stop it.

Take it out.

She's watching us.

Noi, come over here.

I found these two at the temple.

You are soldiers, right?

My sister likes soldiers.

If she meets one,
she always brings him home.

I'm just a soldier's friend.

Soldiers are cute.

They helped me harvest my corn.

They wouldn't take any money.
So I made them dinner.

They were really cute.

You two don't look alike.

Come on, let's have some soda.

But it's comfortable here.

Let's go get some soda.

Have some soda.

How much is it?

It's our treat.

My sister is rich. This small shop

pays for her son to study abroad.

Have some pomelo.

Do you want to smoke pot?

No, thank you.

It's fresh bud I grew myself.
I guarantee you'll like it.

You shouldn't advertise too much.

His duty is to defend the nation.

With all these cornfields,
you must need a driver.

My son-in-law drives for me.

He used to drive for TV crews.

He got fired so I let him be my driver.

Last month, I went to Goo Temple
and brought back a wooden phallus.

You point the head out for good luck.

I've had so many customers since.

I'll show it to you.

It's been blessed
by holy water at the temple.

Here, ever seen one?

Business has been booming since I got it.

Do you want to go to the mall?

Come with us.

Tik, tell Jamm I'm going into town.

Jamm's wife sells plants there.

Keng, about tomorrow...


I haven't washed my hands.

I found a paw print this morning
and a cow has vanished.


This is the third night in a row.

All the villagers are scared shitless.

A monster.

Yes, a bigone.

A spirit's path

inspired by the stories of
Noi lnthanon

Featuring Banlop Lomnoi &
Sakda Kaewbuadee

Once upon a time,
there was a powerful Khmer shaman.

who could turn into various creatures.

He roamed the jungle
and played tricks on villagers.

Excuse me, is anyone up there?

Who's there?

What are you doing here?

I came to fetch you.
My mother has a high fever.

Don't come in the forest alone.
It's dangerous.

Show me the way.

The hunter shot the tiger

and trapped the shaman
in the tiger spirit.

The tiger corpse is on display
at Kanchanaburi Museum.

Now every night,

the shaman's spirit turns into
a tiger to haunt travelers.

The villagers and their livestock
have started to disappear.

HQ, do you copy?

HQ, do you copy?

As the tiger ghost tries to enter his dream,

the soldier thinks about
the missing villager.

The ghost is fascinated

by the soldier's mysterious sound device.

HQ, do you copy?

This is Ekarat.

Calling HQ.

Suddenly, a strange feeling
gripped the soldier's heart.


The tiger trails you like a shadow.

His spirit is starving and lonesome.

I see you are his prey
and his companion.

He can smell you from mountains away.

And soon you will feel the same.

Kill him to free him
from the ghost world.

Or let him devour you
and enter his world.

Wait for me.

Once upon a time...

there was a powerful shaman

who could turn into animals.

A creature

whose life exists

only by memories of other.

And now...

I see myself here.

My mother.

My father.



It was all so real...

so real that...

they brought me to life.

Once I've devoured your soul,

we are neither animal nor human.

Stop breathing.

I miss you...



I give you

my spirit, my flesh...

and my memories.

Every drop of my blood.

sings our song.

A song of happiness.


Do you hear it?