Tropical Heat (1993) - full transcript

An American wife (Maryam d'Abo) of a maharajah inherits five-million dollars after he is stepped on by an elephant during a leopard hunt, but the American insurance company suspects fraud and hires an insurance investigator (Rick Rossovich) to go to India to investigate the questionable death of her husband. In India the wife and investigator start an affair that leads to several soft-core sex scenes scattered throughout the film. Meanwhile an Indian woman (Asha Siewkumar) believes that her own father's disappearance may be involved in the murder, a story that local police dismiss. She then stalks the wife to get proof of a conspiracy. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(dramatic orchestral music)

(men shouting)

(drums beating)

(men shouting)

(men shouting)

(leopard growling)

(men shouting)


(east Indian music)

(men shouting)

(speaking in foreign language)


(speaking in foreign language)

(gun firing)

(elephant calling)



- I was in shock, that they wanted me.

The police, they wanted me to identify him.

They insisted.

Look, there's some things

that just shouldn't be standard procedure.

The coroner, the police,

of course they apologize for having to put you through it,

but apologies never pay for something like that.

- Please.

- Take you time, we could take a break if you like.

- I'm sorry, I promised myself I wouldn't do this.

- I can imagine what you've been through Missus,

should we call you Missus Singh?

Or, does being married to a Maharajah

give you a title we should use?

- My husband used to say Americans are infatuated by titles,

but given a choice, they'd rather have the money.

That's why I hope you can understand

how I feel slightly embarrassed about this.

It seems my husband left a rather generous estate.

- Five million plus?

He certainly made sure you were well provided for.

- Frankly, I was shocked.

I didn't know he took out that much life insurance.

- Everything seems to be in order,

but since your husband died in India,

we'll have to see copies

of the death certificate, police report.

- I have them right here.

The police report, the death certificate,

I even have copies of the obituaries

that appeared in the local newspapers.

My lawyers prepared everything.

They assured me these things are routine.

Personally, I'm just worried it makes me look mercenary.

- Think of it as standard procedure.

Only this time the outcome will be a lot more pleasant.

- Do you need me for anything else?

- No Missus Singh, I think we have everything.

We'll be in contact with you.

- Thank you.

- Your briefcase.

- Thanks.

- Take care.


- Well, what do you think?

- I don't know, some guy halfway around the world

manages to get stepped on by an elephant.

I'm not buying it Carolyn,

not to the tune of five million and change.

- Scanlon, he wasn't just some guy,

he was a Maharajah.

- Maharajah or not,

he could have sent her over here

with one of those Nigerian death kits.

You know, spend 50 dollars,

get all the bogus death certificates

and dummied up police reports you want,

then fake your death back home,

and bilk some poor American insurance company

out of millions.

It's a regular cottage industry all over the third world.

Before I authorize this,

I want it thoroughly investigated.

- Just what is it that you don't buy?

- I don't know, I don't know Carolyn.

If I knew we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Are you still talking with Gravis?

- Sure Scanlon.

This is LA,

no permanent friends or enemies,

only permanent interests.

- Good, I'd sleep a hell of a lot easier

if he took some to check this out.

- Hi Miss Logan.

- Hi Jean, any messages?

- No.

(phone ringing)

- [Man] You've reached Dan Gravis at Gravis Investigations.

Please leave a message after the beep.


- Hi Gravis, it's me, Carolyn.

I know it's been about six months.

Listen, something's come up.

How about a cozy meal together?

I'll stop by after work.


(upbeat jazz music)

You've done well for yourself.

- Right, right.

You can see me every other Thursday

in the unemployment line.

I'm the best-dressed one there.

- You want to tell me the secret

of how you manage to collect unemployment

and still live in a place like this?

- It's not mine, I hate to say.

I'm house-sitting.

I water the occasional plants,

skim leaves off the pool, it's one of those deals.

- Living the life of the idle rich, as usual.

- Yeah, you know me, I'm a closet aristocrat.

- Champagne taste, and a beer budget.

Gravis, you haven't changed.

- I see you still dress for success with off-the-rack.

- You don't like it?

(sexy jazz music)

- I thought you were here for business.

- I like to mix my business with pleasure.

(sexy jazz music)

I brought you some dinner, some of my saladosa,

and basmati rice.

And for dessert, (foreign words).

- I hate Indian food.

You know that, don't you?

- And I thought perhaps you should have

a head start getting used to it, and the rain,

after all you're going to the land of the monsoons.

- No, India?

- Scanlon wants you brought back into the fold to do a job.

It would be five days tops,

all expenses paid.

All you have to do is confirm the paperwork

on a policy claim.

It's a piece of cake.

- I don't want to go to India.

It's halfway around the world.

I don't want to fly for 24 hours at 30,000 feet.

- You're afraid of flying.

- No I'm afraid of crashing, actually.

- We'll pay you $5000 when you turn the report, cash.

- Cash?

When do I leave?

India, ha.

Look at all these people.

I can't believe it, I made it.

It's amazing.

It's beautiful.

You're a beautiful people, you know that?

And I think you're a beautiful guy, too.

I like your smile.

(speaking in foreign language)

What is this?

Is this like some kind of festival going on?

What are all these people doing in the street?

(speaking in foreign language)


(speaking in foreign language)

Take it easy, just take it easy.

We're not in that big of a hurry, okay?

I'd like to live through this whole deal.

(pigeons fluttering)

Name's Gravis.

Golden Bear Insurance,

I have an appointment with Beverly Singh.

- Maharani?

- She has a title?

- Yes, she is expecting you Mister Gravis.

Please follow me.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Would you like to have a drink, Mister Gravis,

while you're waiting?

- Yeah a beer, a beer would hit the spot, thanks.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Taking pictures on a palace premises

is strictly prohibited.

- Sorry.

It's beautiful.

- You're Gravis?

- Yeah, the Maharani?

- Missus Singh will do, please.

- Thank you.


- Indian beers don't have the body of a Stroh,

or the aftertaste of a Lone Star in the bottle.

But like the song says, (muffled).

- A woman who knows her beer, I'm impressed.

- I'm a dilettante compared to my father.

- Why, he owned a brewery?

- Hardly, he was a machinist.

Extremely well-read though,

he spoke fluent French.

- That's a story.

- His entire savings went into my education.

He wanted me to be the first in the family

to have a degree.

- Your records show you never graduated.

- No, that's true.

I met my husband while in college,

and gave up my studies to marry him.

I wanted to pay back my father every dime,

but he died shortly after our honeymoon.

Two years later, I lose my husband.

- Sorry.

(thunder rumbling)

The weather is unpredictable here, huh?

- It's the monsoons Mister Gravis.

Anyway, you have some questions?

- Yeah, look I hate to put you through this again,

but there's just a few small points I have to clear up.

- Please, ask me anything.

- According to the reports I read,

the accident happened miles from here,

but you were the first one who reported it.

- The Indians who accompanied my husband

brought his body here out of deference.

After all, I was the wife of a Maharajah,

and these people have their own sense of protocol.

- So you identified the body?

- I was asked to.

The police said it was a formality.

- So, according to the report,

you notified the police, you ID-ed the body,

and then at some point during the day,

you gave a press conference?

- No, I gave a statement to the press.

- A statement.

Well, there are those at Golden Bear

who are a little curious

as to how a woman in your condition,

feeling the stress you must have felt that day,

could have accomplished even half of those things.

- I was in shock, Mister Gravis.

To be perfectly honest,

I don't recall how I managed any of it either.

(thunder rumbling)

(horn beeping)

- Are you the head honcho here?

- Sir?

- You had a local gentleman,

a Maharajah by the name of Ramdeer Singh,

got stepped on by an elephant to too long ago.

Ring a bell?

I was just wondering how I might get my hands

on the official police record.

- Sign here please.


Take him to the chief.

- Okay, thank you.

(speaking in foreign language)

- May I have your identification please?

- I also have a letter from Golden Bear Insurance,

authorizing me to check any and all documentation

regarding the Maharajah's death.

Do you want to see that too?

- Please.

- Thank you.

- I realize at first glance,

you don't appear to meet your American standard.

- Wait a minute, now just hold on.

- But you can assure your company

that we have conducted an investigation,

that was both thorough and proper.

- I didn't come here to step on anybody's toes.

My boss just wants me to confirm

that you guys did a great job.

- Yes.

(speaking in foreign language)

I have given instructions that you'll be given

a copy of the very first original report.

- The very first original report?

I thought we already had a copy of that.

- We did provide the Maharani with one, yes.

No doubt that's the version you have read.

- Are you telling me there are two versions?

- As I said, we've conducted an investigation,

that was both thorough and proper.

- Maybe I'm missing something here.

- I'm assuming that you can read Kannada,

a south Indian language.

- Touche.

- I hope your visit is a pleasant one.

- Okay, well uh, listen,

just for the record so to speak,

who prepared this report?

- I did, (muffled).

- Well great, so if I have any questions

I'll come knocking on your door.

- I'll be more than happy to, how do you say?

Set you straight?

- Right.

One other thing,

where would I find the coroner?

(dark orchestral music)

I'm looking for Doctor Sundrum.

- Turn right, second corridor.

- Doctor Sundrum?

- Yes?

- I'm Gravis.

- Hello.

- I called about the Maharajah case.

- Yes of course, I remember the case.

Maharajahs are the relics of the old aristocratic age.

Since independence,

democracy has threatened them with extinction.

And surely, being trampled by an elephant

is adding insult to injury.

- I wonder if I could get a copy of the autopsy report?

- Yes, I prepared one previously,

and I heard it was for your insurance company.

- I need something more specific, charts, diagrams,

photographs, those kind of things.

- Now there we may have a small problem.

- What problem's that?

- We have a better chance of finding

a needle in a haystack than a file in our records room.

It may take some time.

- I can wait.

(tense orchestral music)

- Questions Mister Gravis?

- Good morning.

Quite a collection.

Is that your husband's rifle?

- They belonged to my husband's grandfather.

Family heirlooms and all of that.

- There are a few more questions I need to clear up

before my job here is done.

- Something told me you didn't rise yourself

this early in the morning because you like my beer.

- Actually, I'd like to meet an eyewitness.

- The only eyewitness was the mahout,

the caretaker of the elephants.


(elephant growling)

- Good boy.

Good boy.

- I know this must be painful for you.

- Not quite as much as being cooped up

in a large and empty house.

- Yeah, I could see that could be lonely.

- Are you married, Mister Gravis?

- I was.

It fell apart a couple of years ago.

- Why did you get divorced?

If you don't mind my asking.

- Like a lot of women in Los Angeles,

my wife, my ex-wife,

got a little disappointed when I couldn't

provide the kind of lifestyle she envisioned.

- You sound bitter.

- I got off easy.

Most of the men I deal with

are supporting rich divorcees in Beverly Hills.

- All my husband left me was a title,

which means nothing outside the country,

and a palatial home, where the upkeep alone

has me this close to winding up in the poorhouse.

- I wasn't suggesting that--

- I don't know why people think that marrying rich

means you life happily ever after.

Believe me, rich or poor,

there's no greater loneliness than a bad marriage.

(speaking in foreign language)

- So, you've been here before?

- Yes, this is the village of the mahouts.

- Were you involved in the hunt?

- No, women in India

don't participate in hunts, Mister Gravis.

- Okay.

And, mahout?

Maybe you can ask him what happened that day,

give us a little description.

(speaking in foreign language)

- He says he wasn't there that day, he doesn't know.


- Hey hey.

You all right?

- Yeah, I'm fine.


- I think we've seen enough here.

You sure you're okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm okay.

- I knew we could count on it.

Send Columbo home.

I know he's cute, just get rid of him, okay?

Bye bye.

- Get rid of whom?

What poor schmuck's heart are you breaking now, Carolyn?

- It's girl talk.

- Here, take a look at this.

Seems as though your Maharajah checked out.

- No Nigerian death kit?

- No, I guess not.

Look, fax Gravis, tell him thanks.

Now I can sleep easy.

- It's a shame I have to leave,

just when I was starting to enjoy India.

I was hoping that maybe you might have a chance

to show me a few of the sights, before I go.

That's okay, I'll serve it.

- Do you always take charge of any situation Mister Gravis?

- Do I detect a note of disapproval?

- Well you must admit with all this

charm and sophistication,

you certainly don't come across

as the typical insurance investigator.

- Thank my ex-wife.

She smoothed out most of my rough edges.

She thought I was a diamond in the rough.

I turned out to be a zircon.

- I'd rather have a good zircon than nothing at all.

- Ah, you're turning my head.

Your husband was a lucky man.

- I think the only thing my husband really appreciated

was the thrill of the hunt.

Soon after we were married,

I realized I was just another trophy

to be kept on display at home.

- You know I think any man could take one look at you

and understand the 'thrill of the hunt' part.

- Tell me another lie.

- Compliments,

you know they're a lot like good sex.

You enjoy them most when it's unexpected.

- Well maybe it's your problem Mister Gravis.

- Would you like to dance?

- Yes.

(light orchestral music)

These temples were built in the 17th century.

They're devoted to various Hindu gods.

The most popular one was to Lord Krishna,

mostly because legends make him out to be

a real heartthrob to most of the women.

- Hey.

- He had thousands of wives.

But, Radha was the love of his life.

They even have a festival here,

like your Mardi Gras,

called Hali, to celebrate his passion for her.

Their love story was literally epic.

You'd better take off your shoes.

This is Lord Shiva.

He was the god of creation.

- Very phallic.

- Yes it is,

symbolic of the union of the male and the female,

ying and yang.

- Sounds like a turn (muffled).

Every man's dream.

- Are you coming on to me, Mister Gravis?

- What do you think?

- You have a lousy sense of timing,

and even a lousy sense of propriety.

- Then why did you come here?

- Don't be presumptuous.

- Hey.

(romantic orchestral music)


- Oh, geez.

- That woman is deceiving you Mister Gravis.

- Who the hell are you?

- My name is Kamla.

This is my father, Shankar.

The woman and her husband murdered him.

- Look, I want you out of here now,

or I'm calling the police, okay?

- My father has a birth mark, here you can see it.

You read the police report.

They say an elephant killed the Maharajah.

You honestly believe a Maharajah

knows how to handle an elephant all by himself?

- What about the mahout?

- That was my father.

He hasn't returned since the day of the accident.

(tense orchestral music)

(horn honking)

- [Gravis] You're very determined for a young lady.

How old are you anyway, 20, 21?

- [Kamla] I'm 19, why?

- You must have plenty of young men knocking on your door.

I just wonder why no one's snapped you up yet.

- Snapped me up?

- You know, how come you're not married?

- Are you always so personal?

- I'm American.

Where'd you learn to speak such good English?

- India was a British colony for over 200 years.

English was the medium of instruction in many schools.

My father worked hard so that I could go to school.

He could not read or write.

People like him always want better for their children.

He had sacrificed so much for us.

- The girl's father is what she told me.

Why didn't you have your one and only

eyewitness make a statement?

- You mean the mahout?

- Her father.

- Actually, he's gone missing.

Run away?

- He was murdered.

- The man's elephant accidentally killed a Maharajah.

No doubt this caused him a great deal of shame.

He lost face Mister Gravis, so he ran away.

- That's a lie.

- Twice, twice I instructed a district officer

to visit the man's village,

and both times he came back with the same answer.

No one has seen or heard the mahout.

- Why wasn't that in your report?

- My duty was to investigate the death of a Maharajah,

not to find out why an ignorant villager has gone missing.

With the evidence at hand,

we have been able to satisfactorily piece together

what did in fact take place.

- She's made some serious allegations here.

- It's not for the first time I've been asked Mister Gravis.

She has been hounding us to distraction

with her so-called allegations.

- Is that true?

- I came to report a murder,

and he tells me I'm being hysterical and stupid.

- Do you expect me to act on the ravings

of an emotionally distraught girl,

when she has no substantial proof?

- Here is the proof.

Look at it.

That is my father.

- How exactly can you tell?

- See, my father had a birth mark.

- [Coroner] No, it's a bruise.

- What?

- You're absolutely sure?

- You have read my report.

What she calls a birth mark

is in fact a discoloration from the subcutaneous hemorrhage

in the thoracic region.

In layman's terms, it's a bruise.

- Look, I already sent off the claim.

I don't want to get burnt because I overlooked something.

Can't we just exhume the body to make sure?

- The body was cremated Mister Gravis,

within three days from the time of death.

- This is my father.

I'm telling you,

he was murdered.

- I'm sorry, but it is not enough to warrant

a homicide investigation.

- Yeah.

- You're letting them get away with murder.

How much did they pay you?

- Watch what you say!

- I think you've overstayed your welcome.

Let's go.

- Look, I have to admit this thing about the birthmark

was pretty thin to begin with anyway,

but I ran with it just the same,

and they came back with answers

that sounded pretty satisfactory to me.

I can't fight the bureaucracy in this country,

my job is done.

- She's got into you too, hasn't she?

How much did she promise you?

- I'm not gonna listen to this.

- Or are you sleeping with her?

Is that where you were all last night Mister Gravis?

In her bed?

Is that all it takes?


- Listen, just stop it okay?

Stop it, I want you to leave right now.

Just go.

(muffled) you got a lot of growing up to do.

Go on, get out of here.

- I haven't seen you since yesterday.

Have you forgotten me so soon?

- Something came up.

I had to do some work.

- Well, I shouldn't keep you away from it.

(soft orchestral music)

- I missed you.

- I'll scratch you.

You're a mess.

- I think you should stop, you're spoiling me.

- Just wait until I get through with you.

You won't know what hit you.

Lean back.

- Okay.

- There was a girl waiting for me

when I got back to my hotel room.

- Are you telling me I have competition?

- She says she has proof that your husband is still alive.

- Really?

- According to her, you and your husband

murdered her father, the mahout.

And you dressed him up like a Maharajah,

so you could collect the insurance money.


- Aren't you taking a big risk,

telling me this while I have a razor at your throat?

- Don't you want to know how the story ends?

- Oh, the suspense is killing me.

- Naturally, I had to check out the allegations

with the coroner and the police.

- Naturally.

- They couldn't come to a conclusion, one way or the other.

- But you have your suspicions?

- Five million dollars is a lot of money.

I've seen people do a lot worse, for a lot less.

- Then you can tell your insurance company

they can keep their money.

- Are you making a confession?

- I've already made one mistake in my life

by marrying the wrong man.

I'm sorry he's dead,

but I don't want his money,

not if it's gonna come between you and me.

- Right.

You're mine for richer or poorer, huh?

- Don't make fun of me.

- I'm sorry.

Hey, hey, hey.

- You taste of soap.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(crickets chirping)

(tense orchestral music)

- Move away from her.

- God dammit.

Put it down.

- She had a poor man murdered to make herself rich.

- You know, you have no business being here.

- She killed my father.

I won't allow her to get away with that.

- Put that gun down, put it down.

It's an old gun, it's not gonna even work.

Put it down.

(gun firing)

(Kamla screaming)

- What are you gonna do?

- Stop.

- She's gonna kill me.

- Just stay here.

(tense orchestral music)

- All right, hey hey hey let her up.


What you trying to do?

Hey hey hey, wait.

- Hello?


Is this bus one (muffled) station?

Yes, could I speak to Inspector Rao?

- You want me to make an arrest warrant at his hour?

- For attempted murder, aggravated assault,

breaking and entering.

Arrest that Kamla girl, she just tried to kill me.

- I'll see what I can do.

- Wait a minute, what are you saying?

You can't or you won't?

- Look, we have more than

three million people in the city.

And the police force is no more than 1500 officers.

Can you appreciate the discrepancy Mister Gravis?


can I give you a lift to your hotel?

Or are you gonna stay here?

- All right.

How is it you are at the Maharani's palace

this late at night?

- Lucky thing I was, don't you think?

- Most certainly.

How fortunate for her.

(gong ringing)

- Please be seated doctor, she'll be right with you.

- Make yourself at home, by all means,

this late at night.

- The insurance agent came to see me.


And he had a lot of unpleasant questions to ask.

There was a girl with him,

who claimed to be the daughter of the deceased,

and she had him nearly convinced

that I falsified the autopsy report.

- He told me the evidence was inconclusive.

- Suspicions have been raised, nevertheless.

- I identified the body.

Your job was to simply confirm the cause of death.

- I have far too much to lose.

- Hmm, have you?

- And I have decided to leave the country.

- I thought you wanted to avoid suspicion,

not create it.

- As far as my colleagues are concerned,

I'm on my annual holiday.

And, a new life of course will cost money.

- Now, you're being greedy.

- Double what I was paid I think should be reasonable.

Now, don't lie and tell me that you don't have

that kind of money.

- Not here in the house I don't.

- Not to worry.

When the banks open I'll call you tomorrow

and tell you how and where the money is to be delivered.

Now, I'll show myself out.

- You vile little man.

- That's high praise compared to what you are.

- Now get out of my house.

(ominous orchestral music)

- [Man] There, right ahead.

That's Kamla's village.

(speaking in foreign language)

(knocking on door)

- Jesus, you don't quit do you?

- Maybe this time you'll believe me.

- Get me the police.

- They killed Doctor Sundrum last night,

your girlfriend and the servant.

I saw them.

He arrived soon after you left with Inspector Rao.

- Go on.

- What I suspected all along was true.

But, what I underestimated,

is the viciousness of these people.

- I don't buy it,

this whole thing could be a figment of your imagination.

- Put her on the phone, hear what she has to say.

- You expect me to just ask her point blank,

by the way, did you murder the coroner last night?

Come on.

- No, I will, I'm the one who saw everything.

- Why come to me?

Why didn't you go to the police then?

- I don't trust any of them.

Besides, you stand to lose a great deal if I'm right.

- Yes, Gravis, 251.

Can you connect me with that number

to the Maharajah's palace?

Thank you.

Listen, go in the bathroom,

pick up the extension, you talk.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- I saw what you did.

- Who is this?

- You know.

- What do you want?

- I was by the fountain last night when you killed him.

- I beg your pardon?

- I'm willing to ignore it for a price.

- What makes you think I would agree to this?

- Because I'm sure you don't want me

telling that American what I know.

- [Beverly] Why would he believe anything you have to say?

- He doesn't have to.

Once he finds out the doctor has gone missing,

I'm sure he'll ask the police to investigate,

and no telling where that might lead to.

- Must we talk about this over the phone?

- Meet me in the Vishnu Temple in one hour,

before the procession starts.

She's smart, she's not about

to admit anything over the phone.

- You just made me an accessory to blackmail.

- Bear with me Mister Gravis.

If she agrees to pay me to keep my mouth shut,

then you will know I'm telling the truth.

- If the police show up, I don't know you, okay?

(gong ringing)

- I could have you arrested.

Don't forget I have two witnesses

who will testify you tried to kill me last night.

- I think you would rather pay me off.

It would be a far more sensible thing to do,

given the precautions I've taken,

should anything happen to me.

- How sensible can I afford to be?

- Say, five lakh rupees?

- Is that the going rate for dead fathers, these days?

How typical of your class.

- Think of it as insurance against life in prison.

- I need time.

(east Indian marching music)

- Excuse me, look out.

- Hey.

- Come on, let's go.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Beverly] Gravis, where are you?

I've been trying to get hold of you all day.

I need to talk to you, it's urgent.

Please, can you come over?

- Yeah yeah, I'll be right there.

Give me five minutes.

Okay, I'm gonna figure this out once and for all.

Just stay right here,

just make yourself comfortable.

I'll be right back.

- Thank God you're here.

Ramsingh, can you leave us alone for a moment?

Thank you.

Now she's blackmailing me, that Kamla girl.

Accusing me of ugly and despicable things.

I had my servant follow her but she's disappeared.

- Why didn't you call the police?

- And have them make another useless arrest warrant?

Believe me, it would do no good.

- I don't know who to believe anymore.

Just, I don't know.

- I need your help.

Please hold me.

- I don't know, who are you?

- I'm still trembling after what I've been through.

(crickets chirping)

(ominous Indian music)

- You know I worked up quite a thirst.

You want to split a beer?

Do you have any of that Indian beer?

- Yeah, I'll get it myself.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- Who's there?

- Room service.

- But I didn't order any room service.

- Mister Gravis said to look after you.


- Kamla, open up.


Hey hey hey.

What's going on, what happened?

- He tried to kill me.

- Who did?

- The Maharajah.

- The Maharajah?

(Kamla crying)

It's okay.

- It was a simple job,

you could have killed two birds with one stone.

Gravis would have gone to jail for Kamla's murder,

and you were out of it.

You screwed it up.

- I screwed it up?

My God, after all the things I've done for you.

I was born of royal blood,

and you have me masquerading

as a common servant in my own house?

- Calm down, Ramdeer,

you're overreacting.

- I watched you make love to another man.

- You needed it for the money just like the rest of us.

- That's right, I've got the check right here.

When Gravis said it was okay,

I rammed the paperwork through accounting.

Tomorrow we'll be out of India.

- You're both crazy.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

Just give me my share and leave me alone.

- As you wish, Ramdeer.

You are alone.

A dead man.

- Well you solved that problem.

- He was always the weakest link in the plan.


(romantic orchestral music)

- Rise and shine.


It's time to pack and leave.

- Already?

- Yes.

- Oh.

- I've arranged a charter plane

to take us across the border.

- You really know how to spoil a girl.

Just like old times.

Our old college dream, and now it's real.

- Just you and me,

and five million dollars in the bank.

And we won't have to deal with

dumb dicks like Gravis anymore.

- Poor Mister Gravis.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

Speak of the devil.


I'll be there.

We have a problem.

- What problem?

- The problem is,

there is no other eyewitness to the alleged crimes,

except Kamla.

- You're not listening to me.

Look, the Maharajah tried to kill her last night.

He's been disguising himself as a servant.

Just look at the picture again.

- You may be right.

But unless the Maharani turns over the ransom money,

I will not be able to arrest her.

She has to be caught red-handed.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(bell ringing)

- What if she doesn't show up?

- She will, she has no choice.

One call from me to the insurance company

spoils everything for her.

She's not gonna take that chance.

- You're right Mister Gravis.

Here's your money.

Enough for her to lead a life she couldn't even dream of.

And you won't have to support her.

- The game is over Missus Singh.

You are under arrest.

- Not so soon Inspector.

Beverly, the gun.

- Oh, come on.

- Lock them in there.

- Gravis you do it.

- For someone so reluctant come here Gravis,

you seem to have quickly taken to India.

And to Indians.

But now it's time to say goodbye.

Let's go.

- Just relax, relax.

- Move it.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Come on.


(elephant trumpeting)

(cows mooing)

(elephant mooing)

(car failing to start)

- It's over.

It's over.

Come here.

Stop, stop.



- Okay you won.

Let's just leave with the money together, okay?

(elephant trumpeting)



- [Man] This high court denies the motion for bail,

and orders Maharani Beverly Singh

to remain in custody and face prosecution

for the following charges.

One count of criminal conspiracy

to defraud Golden Bear Insurance, Los Angeles

of five million dollars.

Three counts of accessory to murder for financial gain,

in the deaths of Mahout Shankar, Doctor Sundrum,

and Maharajah Ramdeer Singh.

The trial date will be announced in due course.

The court is now adjourned.

(gavel pounding)

(soft orchestral music)