Tropic of Cancer (1972) - full transcript

Married couple Grace and Fred arrive in Haiti to heal their broken marriage. But complications arise when they connect with Fred's friend, Dr. Williams, who's created an in-demand new formula that sounds an awful lot like a forerunner to Viagra. Soon bodies start piling up on the island, and Grace finds herself succumbing to the lure of native flesh around her. As Grace becomes enamoured of the island's raw sensuality, her husband's real motivation for visiting the island becomes clear. Who will wind up in bed with whom, and how high will the body count go in between Grace's erotic acid trips? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.

Goodbye and welcome.

It's all done.
Let's go.

Look, there's Columbus.
He landed right here.


- Mr. Rait?
- Yes?

The hotel Rancho welcomes you.
The car is over there.

Fantastic! I wonder if Christopher Columbus
had a similar reception.

- Are you crazy? Idiot!
- I'm sorry, sir.

- Didn't you see us?
- Don't know, don't know...

You damn irresponsible!
Learn to be more careful!

Instead of "Don't know".

We are very sorry. We'd like to apologize.
We are really mortified.

- Ripping the van doors open like that...!
- You're right, it was a regrettable accident.

Would you like
to come in?

- Hello.
- Hello, it's me, Douglas.

I got to see you at once.
I must have been crazy.

- I'm in danger. Right now, please!
- Where are you calling from?

- Why didn't you call before?
- I'm in Rue le Clerc 23.

I have the vial with me.
I want to give it back to you.

- Hurry, or it might be too late!
- Alright.




You're getting better and better, Adonis.
Carry on.

Come on, get in before
the water gets too warm.

There's no doubt about it,
your proposition is very tempting.

Even if it won't be a piece of cake
to convince Williams.

He's a strange man,
plagued with idealism.

A renouncer, a quitter.

But when one of my beauties was ill,
he saved his life. Right, Scipione?

I gave him a stuffed peacock
out of gratitude.

It was quite
a wonderful specimen.


In any case, this peacock-saver
has to be pressured to make the deal.

It would be preferable
to come to amicable terms.

My clients are so interested
in this discovery...

that no obstacle
will stop them.

I do understand
your clients...

but a matter of this magnitude
calls for time, caution and tact.

But we have to act quick
to avoid someone getting ahead of us.

We'll do our best.

I know this country well,
and I know how to handle Williams.

A hallucinogen with this erotic potential
interests a lot of people.

There can't be any mistakes.
If someone screws up, he'll pay personally.

Mr. Peacock?

Alright, my boy,
we will take you home.

He and my car
are at your disposition...

- if you need to go somewhere else.
- Thank you.

Good night.

And let's try not to get lost.
Right, Adonis?

Where's Crotz?
Answer me!

- Where's Crotz?
- I don't know!

- I will waste you. Where is Crotz?
- I don't know anything!

- Come on, talk!
- Tomorrow at hotel Rancho.

- To do what?
- I don't know! I don't know!

- Talk!
- He's meeting someone there.

I don't know who.

I have yet to understand
your enthusiasm for Haiti.

I thought so. It's been a while since
you've been enthusiastic for anything at all.

You expected the heat of the tropics
to rekindle the flame?

I actually had
this illusion.

A marriage can't be saved
by a vacation.

And a liaison cannot be based
on good will alone.


What does your friend do?

Lots of things:
medicine, biology, illusions...

Prepare yourself
to meet an eccentric.

Eccentric how?

Like someone who could have everything
but is happy with nothing.

Or almost nothing.

The sun is no fun
around here.

You think that your friend
could show us around?

I don't know.
Who knows if he's got time.

- Why?
- He likes to kill himself with work.

Looks like the house
of the Addams.

- It's a little creepy.
- Wait a minute.

Oh, Fred,
this house is deserted.

We'll come back later.
Come on!

Madam! Madam!

Can you tell me
when Dr. Williams will be back?

- Don't know, don't know.
- "Don't know"...

These people can't say
anything else.

What are you doing?
Look what you did!

Where are your eyes?
I was almost standing.

Didn't you see
that I was standing there?

Come on, get lost!
Go, go!

Oh, Fred, please, let's go!
Come here!

And what do you know?
Where were you?

Madame, he voodoo.
He magician.

Madame, he voodoo.
He magician, he magician.

- I had to break, didn't you see?
- Fred!

- No, I'm telling you no!
- What are you doing in Port-au-Prince?


You're the last person
I would have expected to meet in Haiti.

- How are you?
- Doing good.

- I've been looking for you all day.
- You should have told me you were coming.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- I'll tell you later.

Look, this moron ran into me...
Oh, and that's my wife.

I'll introduce you.

Grace, Williams.
Williams, Grace.

- I'm delighted.
- Hi.

- I compliment you.
- Thanks.

That's very nice.

And thanks for saving us
from the lynching.

No, you were in no danger.
These folks are very peace-loving.

- They're just a little idle and curious.
- Oh well...

Let's go to our hotel
and have a Tropicana.

That's a good idea.

I'd love to accept,
but I have to go to the hospital.

I have some serious patients
I need to check up on.

- Thanks a lot anyway. I'm really sorry.
- Oh, I understand. Sure.

Listen, we're staying
at the hotel Rancho.

Why don't you join us
for dinner tonight?

Come on, say yes.

- At hotel Rancho?
- Yes. We'll be waiting for you, okay?


- When?
- I'd say around 7 p.m.

Then we have time
for an appetizer.

Alright then, at 7 p.m. at the Rancho
for a Tropicana.

Hello Dr. Williams.

How many jobs do you have?
Now you even take care of accidents?


Have you heard anything
from your assistants?

No, inspector.
That's just what I wanted to ask you.

- We found one of them, Douglas.
- Ah, that's good.

- Dead, Doctor.
- That's bad.

Dead in a strange way:
The coroner discovered that the blood...

has been exchanged...
with water.

You mean exsanguinated?

We're just
ignorant policemen.

His skin was very pale.
Much paler than yours.

I've never seen
such a pale corpse before.

Truly strange.

If you hear from your other assistant, Crotz,
don't forget to tell me.

- Hi Williams.
- Good evening.

Good evening.
Here I am.

See that? He disproved me.
He's actually on time.

Damn it...

What was that?

I've been bitten,
and it hurts like hell!

- An animal bit me! Do something!
- Get a doctor!

- What happened?
- Hurry up! Come on!

- Go call a doctor!
- Don't squash it! Bring it to me.

Kill it. Fred!

Open this.

- I think we were in time.
- I'm sure of it.

It's very fortunate that Dr. Williams was here.
I don't understand it...

These spiders are very rare.
Especially around here.

It seems they can't stand
our civilized ways.

You are an expert in this. You can confirm it.
I've never seen one here before.

Their bite isn't fatal.

it is dangerous.
It might cause madness.

But as you said,
it's unusual to find one here.

Unless someone
brought it here, right?

Yes, exactly.
Please excuse me.

I will give you a dose of antibiotics.
Now get some rest.

Thank you.

The proprietor of the hotel
has a high opinion of you.

- Yes. He has a reason to apologize.
- Dr. Williams.

I can't tell you how grateful I am
that you saved me from madness.

This in no way makes up
my debt to you...

but would you be my guests
at dinner tonight?

I'm sorry, but I'm already invited
by my friends.

But that's no problem at all.
I will invite them as well.

Your friends
are my guests.

If you allow me
to make a proposal, gentlemen.

This would be the perfect occasion to try
our new chef's "Lambic ? Ia creole".

"Lambic ? la cr?ole"
is the number one specialty of Haiti.

The natives believe these mollusks
have great effect on men's virility.

That's why they offer it
everywhere in the streets.

Nonsense! I've eaten them for years,
and I don't feel virile at all!

But we have to admit
that these local specialties...

are preferable to spiders.
Right, Mr. Garner?

By the way, I heard that you are
an avid collector of spiders.

- Did you study them, Dr. Williams?
- I studied them for a while.

But I gave them up when I realized
that their poison...

could also poison
my existence.

Garner's here.

This way, please.

You absolutely have to visit me
at my place.

Oh yes, that would be
very nice.

- Yes.
- I'll be right with you.


- Oh, my dear Prater!
- What a nice surprise!

- A nice surprise indeed.
- Haiti seems to be en vogue this year.

Much better than the cold in New York
in these months.

- That's true.
- Would you like to join us?

No, thank you.

I have a better idea:
We could have a get-together after dinner.

And I'd like to offer
a bottle of champagne.

- That's very nice. Thank you.
- See you later.

- See you later, Prater.
- Alright.

- Here.
- Thank you.

That's not
what I wanted.

Speaking of specialties of this place:
Something has always interested me...

- Yes, which is?
- Voodoo.

- I'm interested in all things magic.
- Voodoo is not magic, it's a religion.

It originates from Dahomey in Africa.
It's a real cult.

- A cult of spirits.
- Yes, the lloa.

Spirits that communicate
with God.

It's the lymphatic fluid of Haiti.
Voodoo is a reaction to slavery.

It can be considered a rebellion
against the Catholicism of the French.

You want to say
against the religion of their masters.

The slaves said:
"We are Catholic in front of our masters...

but practice voodoo
when the masters aren't there."

So the followers of voodoo
wore Catholicism as a mask.

As provoked
by the Catholics.

The Blacks find in voodoo all the answers
to the great mysteries of life and death...

protection and even healing,
love and pleasure.

But that doesn't explain the fact
that it's usually considered black magic.

It's easy to explain,
Mr. Garner.

This religion is infiltrated by magicians
and charlatans who practice black magic...

to make a pact
with the evil spirits.

And these pacts always come
to the same end:

They destroy those
who made them.

I really hope that
you don't believe in this bullshit.

In Haiti you have to be careful not to step
on the feet of wizards and witches.

That's not so easy...
Every Haitian might be one.

I never grow tired of this advice:
If you don't want trouble...

stay away
from that stuff.

Please excuse me
for a moment.

- Listen, I need an information.
- Excuse me.

Can you tell me if Mr. Gordon is back?
He arrived last evening.

it's not up to me.

- We hardly see each other anymore.
- That's true.

Make no plans
for tomorrow night.

Where's Williams?

He wasn't spirited away
by a wizard now, was he?

I'm beginning to fear
he was...

It's just a joke.

Its taste may be arguable,
but it's just a joke.

Perhaps it is, as Dr. Williams said,
just a joke.

But as far as I know,
the presence of a slaughtered animal...

could mean that a wizard will send
the spirit of a deceased to kill one of us.

Oh, Williams, could you take us
to a voodoo ceremony?

- I'm so curious. - I'm sorry,
I didn't want to stay up so late.

Oh no, you're also responsible
for my curiosity.

Come on, Williams,
be so kind.

- Would you do me this favor?
- Alright.

- If you insist.
- Let's go then.

Hey Garner,
your champagne!

It's at P?tionville.

They are preparing
their sacrifice.

- What sacrifice?
- You'll see.

- Fred, I'm nervous.
- There's a good reason for it, huh?

This dance unites them spiritually
with their goddess.

Erzulie enters the bodies
of her followers.

After that they sacrifice a bull.
Are you squeamish?

That's how they prepare the bull
before they kill it.

Now the woman possessed by Erzulie
will drink the bull's blood.

Then the more dramatic part
of the ritual begins.

What happened to him?

He's dead.

Go get a knife.

There's no blood, only lymph.
I thought so.

- That's right. But how is it possible?
- Things can happen...

when a man tries to go beyond
the accepted limits...

and the spirits punish him.
According to voodoo, of course.

We can only
call the police.

I'm very sorry,
Dr. Williams...

for being forced
to use methods like these.

I'm a business man,
and I detest any kind of violence.

My assistant, however...

is convinced that this is the best way
to shorten a negotiation.

I don't have anything
to negotiate with you.

Did you hear that,

Dr. Williams just said he has nothing
to negotiate with us.

What do you think?

Not so hard,
you might hurt him.

Poor Dr. Williams...

Well, can we arrange it now...
this deal?

I don't do business with you,
like I said.

You're a bone-head!

I'll give you 24 hours
to make a decision!

And don't you whistle
to the police!

Murdoch doesn't fancy
squealers all that much.

- He's better.
- Say thanks to the doctor.

As I said, the fame of certain discoveries
of yours in the chemical field...

has already surpassed the boundaries
of our little island.

My friend Garner even came
all the way from Boston.

He represents
an important chemical firm.

- You should be flattered.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Peacock...

but like I said,
at present I'm exclusively a doctor.

Everybody appreciates
your exceptional skills as a doctor...

but that shouldn't prevent you from
profiting from the fruits of your studies.

The chemical firm I mentioned
doesn't worry about expenses.

I'm sorry to disappoint
your friend...

there's nothing I discovered
that would interest his firm.

What a shame,
a real shame.

It's sad to see a friend throwing
such a great chance out of the window.

By the way, did you hear
about the murder of Douglas?

The newspapers say that his body
was chalk-white...

Mr. Peacock...

like you, I've been living
in this country for several years now...

and here I managed to find the equilibrium
I couldn't find anywhere else.

And I want to maintain it
at any cost.

So I have to ask you
not to insist.

- It was a pleasure to meet you.
- The pleasure was all mine.

His temperature
has gone up, doctor.

Let me see.


Exactly as I thought.
It's useless.

He stays closed
like an oyster.

Perhaps he wants
to protect someone.

- Maybe even himself.
- It's all a bluff.

- For me, there's something else behind it.
- What?

Bring us two rum.

Let's examine the situation.

Of Williams' two assistants,
one, Douglas, is dead...

- and the other one, Crotz, disappeared.
- Exactly.

If Williams refuses
to make a deal...

he might do so because
he has nothing on his hands.

- Right?
- Right.

The assistants, apart from the sample,
could also have taken the formula.

And there's only
one assistant left now...

Yes, but he's disappeared.

I have the impression
that this is like walking on a mine field.

Those bloodless bodies...

then Douglas and that negro who died
yesterday at the voodoo ceremony...

And who says that Crotz
didn't come to the same end?


That's exactly your new assignment.
So get going.

Try to find any trace of Crotz,
dead or alive, huh?

In the meantime,
I'll take care of Williams.

See you tomorrow.

- Hey Grace.
- What?

- Do you want to buy it?
- No.

I was thinking... about the dead man
at the voodoo ceremony.

Do you think it's true
that when the god...

If Williams said so...
Don't think about it.

- Grace!
- What is it?

Take a look at
these wooden statues.

Madame, madame!
Not expensive. Buy.

Buy. Not expensive.

Not expensive.


- Madame...
- Fred!

- Fred!
- Madame, buy this.

It's cheap.
It's beautiful.

No, thank you...





You don't need to be afraid of these people.
They just want to sell you their goods.

Fred disappeared.
I don't know, I can't find him.

He probably left already.

It's easy to get lost here,
in all this confusion.

Yes, but it's strange.
I have this premonition...

He was here
just a minute ago.

Fred's not a child. Calm down.
He's probably searching for you now.

Erzulie, the goddess
of love and fertility.

- It's a gift, she brings good luck.
- Please, Williams, do something.

Alright. Wait here.

I will ask around
if anybody has seen him.


When her spirit chooses a woman
and enters her body...

that woman will know
the secret of life and happiness.

I'm sorry,
nobody has seen him.

That old woman...
I think I know her from somewhere.

No, I don't think that
she's ever left this quarter.

Grace, you should go back
to the hotel and wait for Fred.

No, I don't want to go back
to the hotel alone.

But Fred probably did the most logical thing
and went back to the hotel to wait for you.

- Why don't we call the police?
- Or the office for lost husbands.

Williams, would you please
come with me?

I feel much calmer with you.

If you wish.
But first I have to take care of something.

- I'll come with you.
- Get in.

- Where are we going?
- To Damien.

Where are you going?

I'm Dr. Williams, I have to check
the exportation certificates.

- Thank you.
- Pass.

- Why is there a control post?
- It was an idea of the old Duvalier...

after the attempted invasion
of the island.

- Hello Doctor.
- Hi Pierre!

Please keep the lady company.
I'll be back in a few minutes.

Madam, if you like to come in,
the plant has air conditioning.

You will be
more comfortable.


Thank you.

In this section,
the animals arrive for slaughter...

and the
meat preparation begins.

The whole process.

Here they get hung up
and skinned.

Then we choose the better parts
and pass them... Yes?

- Excuse me for a moment.
- Sure.

He was your secretary, so you should know
why he was at the meat plant.

Right, Mr. Prater?

Listen to me, Lieutenant.

Murdoch left the hotel
to go to the bank.

He was killed in a barbaric way,
and you should hurry to find the culprit!

We have a homicide at our hands,
that's for sure!

- Don't tell me what I should do.
- It's crazy!

We came to Haiti
for vacation...

and not to become victims
of some sadistic butcher.

I will not stay another hour
in a country...

which cannot guarantee
the safety of its guests.

Do whatever you please,
Mr. Prater...

Don't get too worked up
over your secretary-gorilla.

We know about his past, and he's not
what we'd call a guest of honor.

If you want my advice,
go back to America as soon as you can.

- Good day, M. Philippe.
- Hello.

Yes, one moment, please.

No, M. Jerome is not here.

No, I don't know
if he will be back this afternoon.

Hello New York?

M. Chedely, a call from New York for you.
You can speak now.

- I'll be right back, Andre.
- Hello, hotel Rancho.

Yes, Rancho.

No, M. Lordeux is still talking
on the phone, monsieur.

Why are you asking me that?
Like we have something to hide!

Of course we have to collaborate
with the police...

but I insist that an internal inquiry
assesses the responsibilities.

Listen, chief, I'm the proprietor,
and my good name is at stake...

and that
of the hotel Rancho.

If the killer isn't one of you guys,
someone must have certainly let him in.

And I want the head of the responsible!
Got it? Good!

- Hi Robin.
- What happened?

Murdoch, Prater's secretary,
was found dead in Damien.

- Murdered.
- In the plant?

Don't worry,
they will find the killer.

You think so?

You're a sweetheart.

How dare you!
Can't you knock? Get out!

I did knock, madame.
Maybe you didn't hear it.

I'll report this
to the manager.

I thought you'd visit other people
only when you were invited.

And for this visit
you left your wife in the lurch.

Listen, Williams,
I got a proposition for you.

You think it was a good idea
to leave her all alone in that chaos?

You should have stayed
with her.

I think we should
work out a deal.

- Your discovery...
- No chance!

And you better be careful,
you're not the only one interested.

What are you trying
to say?

There are lots of others,
people who don't joke around.

Big figures...
or big threats.

Yes, the fatso with his friend Garner,
I know.

But who
are the others?

Here's an advice, Fred:

Get out of this now.
It's useless and dangerous.

You're in a wonderful country,
you have a beautiful wife.

Enjoy your vacation.

Stop already
with your sermons.

If you think
you can exit this game...

you're mistaken!

- Yes?
- Williams... Williams, it's me, Grace.

- Please come to the hotel immediately!
- What is it?

- I'm begging you, I don't feel well.
- One moment.




Hello? Hello Grace!

Grace! Answer me, Grace!


Grace! What happened?

Ah, Garner!
Come on in. I'm done here.


- You may go.
- Thank you, sir.

what I was afraid of:

Someone got in
ahead of us.

Oh well,
it cost him his life.

No, my dear Garner,
I don't like this at all.

And least of all,
I don't like your methods!

The day I have
to leave this world...

I want to do so
with all my red corpuscles.

- Did you find Crotz?
- No, nobody knows where he's at.

And as I told you, I firmly decided
to withdraw from this matter.

That Crotz is surely dead,
just like his other assistant.

Alright then.

I wanted to tell you
that I'll go on alone.

But watch out, Peacock...

don't give in to the temptation
to proceed on your own...

if you want to stay
on this world.

Fred, please take me away
from this place.

If I have to remain here for one more day,
I think I will go insane!

I had this nightmare because
they tried to drug me last night.

I felt like I'm going to die...
And then I had to search for you all day!

Why did you disappear
all of a sudden?

I told you a hundred times,
and I will say it again:

You're the one who left.
I just stopped for a moment...

to buy one of the mahogany statues
at the other end of the market.

You, however,
instead of running off with Williams...

- could have kept on looking for me.
- Don't change the facts.

You know that if it wasn't for Williams,
I'd still be in the middle of that market.

If he hadn't been there...

perhaps last night, I would have...
Oh my God...

Fred, be honest...

For all those hours...

- where have you been?
- Again?

Starting all over?

So this is
your good will?

Out of good will I planned to resist
to idiotic jealousies.

I'm honestly starting to doubt
that I can save this disaster!

Grace, wait...

- Don't be ridiculous.
- I've had enough of being here.

If they don't pay, no delivery.

Yes, Peacock.
Please leave, my dear.

- Who is it?
- I told you. It's Crotz.

I know you've been searching for me
high and low.

- Where are you?
- You know Ibo Beach?

- Sure.
- Still interested in doing business with me?

- What business?
- Don't you want to talk about it?

- Yes, yes!
- I have the sample and the formula.

If you want them,
come to Ibo Beach now.

Behind the tennis court
with 30,000 dollars in cash.

Yes, I'll be there.

Mr. Peacock!

Mr. Peacock!

- Mr. Peacock!
- No! Help!


No... no!



Well now, when have you
decided to leave?

- If you want to leave, be my guest.
- You'll always be the same bastard.

Do you want this situation
to become an armed truce?

Excuse me, Williams.

A whiskey.

Listen, there's something
I wanted to ask you, Fred:

You're still into deep sea fishing?
I remember you were a champion...

when we went
to university together.

Yes. But you were pretty swift
with the speargun as well.

- Alright, to a peace treaty.
- Between me and Grace or me and you?

Fred, I don't want you
to get into trouble.

Why don't you accompany Grace
on a trip into town?

The distraction would be beneficial
for your peace treaty, right?

Damn fatso!

- Oh, Dr. Williams.
- Hello Fritz!

Haven't seen you
for ages.

Tell me, are we in time
to visit the castle?

- Sure, of course. Please come in.
- How is business?

Very few tourists.
We save ourselves through export.

But if it doesn't get better,
M. Philippe will have to close.

Would you accept
a sample of our rum?

Yes. Of course, Fritz.
That's another reason why we came.

- Rum from Haiti, the best in the world.
- Try it.

- Thank you.
- It's excellent.

- Isn't it wonderful, this Alexander?
- Magnificent.

Thank you, madam.

If it's okay for you, Fritz,
I will show the lady around. Alright?

Why, of course, doctor.
Make yourselves right at home.

- Please.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

What is this machine
used for?

Dozens of slaves
have spent their lives...

under the whip of their overseers
to move this device.

Sweat, blood and sugar cane
to make a good rum.

And when one of them
didn't work hard enough...

he had to spend the day
with this gadget around his neck.

I'm sorry.

- Slavery has been abolished for some time.
- That's good.

This country has a unique fascination,
in its own way.

Our civilization
hasn't contaminated it yet.

I think that deep inside
you're actually sentimental.

Who knows what success
you could have had...

in our country?
Don't you think so, Williams?

Instead, you're vegetating
in this earthly paradise.

Watch out, Williams!

You did that, huh?

Didn't do nothing, nothing!
Don't know, don't know!

Hey pal, tell your boss
it's raining rum here.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad
if Philippe closes this shack.

It's a shame that you don't love
this country at all. Isn't that true, Grace?

I don't know...

I don't know...
I don't think I could settle in here, and...

This heat
is suffocating.

The water is so wonderfully cool!
Why don't you come in?

It's really beautiful.

- You like it?
- Yes, very much.

Poor Peacock gave it to me
when I managed to cure one of his birds.

He said: "I surround myself with these
beautiful creatures because I'm ugly and fat."

For once it's useful
to have a whore for a wife.

Get dressed. Move!

- You're a coward, Fred!
- Be careful what you do, Fred.

What you have taken from me
is extremely dangerous.

- And you will never be able to use it.
- Listen a minute, Grace.

Have you never asked yourself
who this man really is...

and why he lives in Haiti?
Now I will tell you.

This missionary here
has discovered a powerful drug...

which he is trying to sell
to the highest bidder...

and then plans to take off
with his friend's young wife.

Isn't that true?

Williams, this time
it went bad for you!

Be careful,
don't try to follow me!



But when?

I understand.


Yes, absolutely. Bye.

Who was that?

I'll explain it later.

Now get dressed,
we have to go.

- Hello.
- Hello, I'm Crotz.

Have you checked the documents
you stole from Dr. Williams?

You will notice that they contain
absolutely nothing of what you're after.

Son of a bitch!
What do you know about it?

A lot. The sample and the formula
are in my possession.

- Where are you calling from?
- I'm willing to do business with you.

If you're interested, take a motorboat
at the wharf of the casino...

and meet me at the mill of Delougers,
behind the village of Saint-Marc.

Don't forget to bring
30,000 dollars.

- Alright.
- In cash.


- They went to the mill of Delougers!
- Get in.

It's a matrimonial rite.
Interesting, don't you think?

Stay here and watch.
Wait somewhere here for me.

- I have to meet someone. I'll be quick.
- Yes.

Okay. Hurry.

Want some?



They must be here

If all works out, we will soon know
who's been masquerading as Crotz.

- We go this way, doctor, it's shorter.
- Let's go.

I don't trust you.

Who can give me
a guarantee?

How could I trust a cop
who wants to push this stuff?

- Who could prove that it's good?
- You just have to try it.

The 30,000 dollars?

No, you won't get a cent before I know
that this is what I'm looking for.

Got a needle?

Come here, Grace.


- Williams.
- Hi!

Thanks for the call.
So far, everything works as planned.


Now all we have to do is wait and see
who takes our bait...

and ends up
in our trap.

I gave Fred a tranquilizer
instead of the drug.

But how do you know
that Crotz isn't the culprit?

Crotz could be guilty
of one single murder...

that of his
colleague Douglas.

In fact, I found him killed
at the hotel Rancho...

the night I followed Prater
looking for some clue.

Our experts always talked about a drug
without ever knowing what caused the death.

What actually
killed them?

A substance that destroys
the hemoglobin of the blood.

Then it's all clear:
Douglas and company didn't know that...

and were the first
to pay.

Don't move, Marvin!

It was ingenious.

It might sound strange to you,
but Robin works for me.

- And women talk.
- I know.

That's why I told Robin
I'd come here.

I used her as a messenger,
and you fell for it.

But it's of no use for you!
You won't talk!

Take the gun!

Be careful.


- Get lost.
- Stop it, Philippe!

Get out of here!


- Murderer!
- Murderer!

Leave me alone!




No! No!

Help! Help! No!

The flight to Miami.

A Pity...

Haiti could have been

this is the last call.

The flight Panamerican number 612
from Port-au-Prince to Miami...

boards immediately.