Trophy Wife (2022) - full transcript

Follows Toni, who has a complete breakdown and ends up in a mental facility after the unexpected news that his husband was murdered, and even her was a suspect. She must now fight to clear her name and figure out who betrayed her ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Get into the bag.

Get into the paper.

I want some land.

I want neighbors.

Seat in the grass,
not on the pavement.

You see the sass.

I need a payment.

I'm talking big
boats, big yachts.

I tell a bitch, go kick rocks.

I hate a bitch that ain't
minding her business.

She's just a fan.

I ain't signing no pictures.

I got the money bags,
money bags, money bags.

I got the money bags,
money bags, money bags.

I got the money bags,
money bags, money bags.

I got the money bags,
money bags, money bags.

Don't want me to lose,
don't want me to win.

They said I can't do it.

I did it again.

If you don't eat it,
I get with his friend.

I ain't on nine, bitch.

I'm on 10.

How about you not be
so worried about me?

Maybe you should be worrying
about paying your rent.

Maybe they asking me...

Good morning, sleepyhead.

Good morning, baby.

I can't.

I got an early meeting,
and I'm running late.



We just got here.

Another late night meeting?

Toni, don't start.

You promised me you would
spend more time at home.

But when business
calls, I got to answer.

Well, your wife misses you.

Look, I miss you, too.

And I promise we'll have a
romantic dinner tonight, OK?

How about a little dessert?

You know, as much
as I would love that, I can't.

So, uh, what y'all
getting into today?

Nicole is coming
back for lunch later.

All right.

Sounds like fun.

It's not what you think.

What am I thinking, Marc?

I can explain.

You promised me.

Look, I swear to
God, nothing happened.

Smells like another woman.

It was a strip club.

A strip club?

Yeah, a strip club.

Clients wanted to go.

They had a couple of lap dances.

That's it.

I don't believe you.

Who is she?

Look, baby, I swear to God,
nothing happened last night.

- Who is she?
- Hey, you need to calm down.


Calm down!

You know what happens
when you get upset.

You take your meds?

Don't do that.

I am not crazy.

I know you're not crazy.

But with your
depression, your anxiety?

I just want to make sure you're
following doctor's orders.

Look, I got to go.

But I'm gonna come
home early, we're gonna

get some quality time, OK?

Well, hello, handsome.

Hey, yourself.

I've never seen you
around here before.

Yeah, well, I'm new here.


Well, I'm Nicole, by the way.


You look familiar.

Well, I guess I just
have one of those faces.


I guess I'll see you around.

I'm sure you will.

Damn, you fine.

Toni, girl!

Hey, girl.

Oh my God, this
spread is amazing.

Maggie, you really
outdid yourself.

Girl, I got to get
you something nice.

Let me get a plate.

Earth to Toni!

My bad.


Girl, you have been holding out.

Girl, what are
you talking about?

That specimen that
is laying your grass.



Well, I ain't even seen him.


What you mean,
you ain't noticed?

That man is fine.

Because I got better things
to do than sit and watch

my landscaper all day.

Well, he can landscape my
yard any time he wants to.

Calm your little
hormones down, OK?

Shouldn't you be focused
on your wedding to Victor?

Oh, God.

Don't remind me.

Between his busy schedule and
mine, we ain't even set a date.


You still waiting to move in?

Uh, yeah.

You don't get this cookie until
you buy the whole cookie jar.


Toni, what's wrong?


What now?

He was out all night.



Where did he say
he was this time?


Excuse me, ladies.

Miss Toni, where
do you want them?

You can just put it over there.


The strip club.

Talking about his business.

I am so sick of his lies.

All it is lie, after
lie, after lie.

I'm fed up.

Honey, I am so sorry.

You deserve so much more
than what he's giving you.


And he was the one that
said he wanted a family.

Now he can't even come home?

Is that too much to ask?

No, it's not.

Listen, you're gonna
drive yourself crazy.

Just end up in a loony bin
or something like that.

Like my mother?

Toni, I didn't mean that.

I'm sorry.

Your mother was her own woman.

She had her own problems.

I just want you to focus
on your own well-being.

I'm stressed out.

I know.

I can't eat.

I'm not sleeping.

You gonna be all right.

Now, tell me about
this landscaper.

Thank you, girl.

Come on.

Promise me you'll get some rest?


I promise.

All right.

All right.

I'll check on you later.

Love you.

Hey, Miss Toni.

Are you good?

It is what it is.

Right, right.

Well, I hope you feel better.


A flower?

Yes, a gift from me to you.

You're smiling already.

Just take it.

That's really cute.

Um, have a good day, August.

Bye, Miss Toni.

Yeah, man.

New interface looks
great with the game.

Yeah, yeah.

It's looking really good.

Yeah, the demo should be
done by the end of the month.

I'm really excited about it.

I think it's gonna be great.

Well, hello, beautiful.

Long time no see.

How have you been?


That's great.

OK, great.

Marc, Carmen's here.

Hey, Thomas.

I'm going to have to call
you back a little bit later.

Maybe next week?

Yeah no problem, Marc.

All right, man, bye.

All right, man.

Hey, glad you were
able to make it.

I'm glad I'm able
to make it as well.

Have a seat.

Can I get you a drink?

Oh, no.

I'm actually good.

Thank you.


OK, so if there's nothing else,

I'm going to get
ready to head out.

Remember, you have the
meeting with Victor.


And the prepping for the
anniversary party, remember?

I'll send you a reminder email.

Thank you, Wanda.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Bye, girl.

All right, bye-bye.

If it wasn't for Wanda,
I'd forget my own name.

Yeah, you always been like that.

Well, you know, getting old.

Yeah, nothing has changed.

Hey, Marc, I tried...


You're in a meeting.

Victor Morales,
I'd like you to meet

the beautiful Carmen Riley
from "Just Be Me" magazine.

She's interviewing me
for Holden's anniversary.

Nice to meet you, Victor.

I'm pretty sure I'll be needing
to talk to you soon as well.


Nice meeting you.

Hey, can you meet me
in the conference room?

I want to show you a deck
I'm presenting to the venture

capitalist tomorrow.

Well, I can't.

We're about to have dinner.

Can we just talk
about it tomorrow?

Yeah, yeah.

Whatever you say.

I'll let you finish
your meeting.


Sorry about that.

You always have
something up your sleeve.



You know, I just realized, I
haven't eaten anything all day.


Well, I guess you better
be lucky that I'm not

turning down a free meal, then.

I hope not.

I know a good spot near here.

Let's go.

All right.

Let's go somewhere
where we can be alone,

pulling you close,
wrapped in your arms.

By the way you're
looking in my eyes,

I can tell you want me now.

I ain't worried
about no wait, miss.

I'm gonna kill it
till you make a sound.

Ooh, like a siren,
you're going off.

And we're spilling everywhere
like somebody left the lid off.

The way that I feel,
ain't no way I'm going.

So just watch that beast
come out of me, girl,

like a monster.

Standing in pain,
take the charge.

Like we got unfinished business,
let's link back up tomorrow.

I'm gonna have you feeling
you can take on an army,

if they standing in between
with you in front of me.

I'm gonna go to work on
your body like an army.

No surrender.

I ain't gonna light you
up like the morning.

I'm gonna have you feeling
you can take on an army

if they standing in between
with you in front of me.


Who would have
thought, you know?

After all these years,
us connecting again.


I got a confession to make.

What is that?

When "Just Be Me" magazine
called me for an interview,

I requested you.



Well, speaking of work, we got
to get back to that interview,


Let's do it.

So talk to me.

10 years of designing
and selling games.


All of them which landed in
the best top 10 sellers list,

may I add, you know,
that's very impressive.

Thank you.

How does a wife like
yours deal with having

such a successful husband?

Well, first of all, she's fine.


She has nothing to worry about.

Because at the end of the
day, I'll always choose her.




We just work.


Her name, status got me
into a lot of important rooms.

I wouldn't have
Holden without her.


But it seems like you're the
one with the status now, right?

No more talk about work.

Or my wife.


So what do you
want to talk about?

Let's make up for lost time.

I guess the interview's over.

Toni, come on, babe.

Open the door.

I'm sorry.


Come on, babe.

Open the door.

I called you several
times last night.


I'm sorry, babe.


That's all you have to say?

I'm sorry?

"Sorry" should have brought
your ass home last night.

I can't even believe you.

And you're never gonna change.

You act like I
did this on purpose.

You do, Marc.

And it's time for you to
make some better choices.

What kind of choices
are you talking about?

I'm talking about
you considering

selling the business, so
we can start our family.


You promised me.

I gave up a successful
modeling career

because you wanted me to stay
home and raise our children.

Where our babies at, Marc?

All I get from you
is lies and women.


Where all these imaginary women
that you're talking about?

Don't play me, Marc.

I packed all your shit, and
I put it in the guest room.

You don't care about spending
time with me anyways, right?

Toni, don't do this.

It's done.

And I'm done with
this conversation.

I'm so sick of Marc and
his lies that it has

my anxiety at an all-time high.

Are you still having
a hard time sleeping?

No idea.

I don't know what to do.

Have you felt the
urge to harm yourself?

I'm not cutting anymore,
if that's what you mean.

OK, that's good.

I'm really happy to hear that.

The progress that
you've been making,

Toni, has just been phenomenal.

Now, at times it
may feel difficult,

but you are managing
your stress.

OK, so what do I do?

Well, I'm still going to
write you a prescription

to help you with your sleeping.

Please, don't give
me any more pills.

The last pills you gave
me, they made me lethargic.

My mind was all foggy.

I understand, but it's just
your body getting adjusted.

That's all.

So let's just stick with it for
now, and we'll see how it goes.

I just reviewed the
terms of the deal.

And I think we can
make this happen.

Yeah, yeah.

Just... just give me
a couple of days.

Let me talk it over with Marc,
and I'll get back to you.

Actually, we're having
our 10-year anniversary

of Holden Gaming tonight,
and the Carters are hosting.

You should... you
should come through.


All right.

I'll... I'll send you
the information later.

All right, bye.

Hey, babe.

What you doing?

Well, well, well.

Isn't this a nice surprise?

I was in the neighborhood.

I thought I'd come by and
see my handsome fiancé.

Well, I'm glad you did,
because it made my day.


While I'm here, we might
as well make an appointment

with the wedding planner.

Or... or we can head
straight for the Justice

of Peace right now.



What would you say to that?

You better stop.

Where's Marc?

I don't know.

I can't keep up anymore.

It's like... it's like
he's avoiding me.

What happened?

Just ever since we got this...

This offer to buy us out,
he's just been ghosting me.

I mean, I get it.

He doesn't want to talk
about selling, but this...

This will change the
game for both of us.

Well, he's gonna come around.

Yeah, he better.

Because we only got a
small window to sell.

Plus, I need all the money I
can get to fund this wedding

you're planning, right?


- Yes, you do.
- Mm-hmm.


Hey, sunshine.

You're home early.

I thought I told you you were
staying in the guest bedroom.

Well, I haven't been
around much lately,

and I wanted to
make it up to you.


Open it.

Come on, let me
show you some love.

Please, open the bag.

It's nice.

Look, Toni, don't be like that.

I'm trying.

If you were trying,
I'd have babies by now.

If you were trying,
you wouldn't have

to give me this peace offering.

If you were trying,
you would love me.

I do love you.

I don't know what's
wrong with me.

I know you deserve better,
and I want to give you better.

Just give me a chance to try.

How many chances do you need?

Toni, I am begging
you, just let me try.

You really think
it's that easy, huh?

You can just come in here
with expensive gifts, kisses

and what?

I'm supposed to?



You just don't even
take anything serious,

unless it's Holden Games.

This is our marriage.

You do not get to
keep hurting me.

I know.

And that's why I'm here
with you, in our home.

I want to start over.

I want to start a family.

I want to start now.

Why are you calling me so late?

Yeah, I know I promised to
come over, but plans changed.

You know, this thing,
this isn't working for me.

It's over.

Good night.

Mom, what are you doing here?

The party's not till tonight.

Well, hello to you, too, son.

Yeah, Mom wanted
us to come early,

to see if you needed
help on anything.

We've got everything covered.

You know I do have a staff.

Where's Toni?

Uh, she's out shopping
with her grandmother.

I thought she
wasn't feeling well.

Yeah, didn't you say she
had some sort of a breakdown?


I mean, that is
what you said, right?

She's got some anxiety issues,
but she's dealing with it.

But she has to
get herself healthy.

Everybody knows she wants
a house full of children.

Grandkids would be
great right about now.

We are working on it.

I just wish you wasn't so
far away from the family.

45 minutes is not that far away.

It's far enough.


Seems like ever since
you got with Toni,

she's pushed you further and
further away from the family.

No, no, hold on.

No, you need to stop that.

She's always acting...

You pushed her away, and
you never gave her a chance.

She's always acting
like she's better than us.

- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.

Look, enough, you two.

Y'all making me feel like
I'm still raising teenagers.

This is driving me crazy.

Doris, London.


Why are you here so early?

We came by to help you
set up for the party.

We didn't want you to
stress yourself trying

to handle everything alone.

No, ma'am.

That's not necessary.

I'm sure Marc told you
everything is covered.

I did.

Maggie, can you take
these upstairs, please?

Thank you.

Miss Thing, I see you
still out spending up

all your accounts at those
bougie boutiques again.

And this is coming from someone

who doesn't have an account
or a job, for that matter?

What you say?

Hey, Mom, Sis, let's just
go by the pool and hang out?

Let's go upstairs.

Maggie will bring us
some drinks, all right?

Can you join us for a bit?

London wants to run
something by you.

What, for another loan?

And what if it is?

It's not like you
can't afford it.

Look, Marc, I thought
you told me everything was

good between the two of you.

Everything is fine.

Just, you know how she is.

Baby girl, I can't take my eyes

off of you when you're dancing.

Oh, darling, there
is nothing I'd

rather do than dance with you.

Isn't she fancy?

London, don't start.

She's your brother's
wife, for God's sake.


Oh, is that my girl?

Oh, Nini.

Girl, you look like you're
about to rip the runway again.

Thank you, girl.

You look good, too.

Oh, Marc, I like that look, too.

Y'all look like cake-toppers.

Come on, give me a hug.

What can I say?

It's a special night.

Me and Victor are
celebrating our milestone,

and my wife put together
an incredible party.

Yes, everything turned out nice.

Can you guys hold
on for a second?

I got to go holler at Victor.

Girl, let me see this bracelet.

This looks like the
one I've been eyeing.

Did Marc get this for you?

Yeah I guess he feels like
it'll make up for his cheating.

If you like it so
much, you can have it.

- Toni.
- Take it off.


I don't know if I should.

I do like it.

And as soon as I get
into the office Monday,

I'll talk to Marc and we'll
get things squared away,

figure out the next steps.

What's up, man?

Hey, man.

How's it going?

What the hell is Matthew
Armstrong doing here?

He's my guest.

I wanted him to see
how good we were doing.

I see.


Yeah, we were just trying
to figure out the next step.

Next steps?

Holden's not for sale.

Come on, Marc.

What's your problem?


If I don't know any
better, I'd think

you were trying to
sell this company out

from behind my back.

I told you I was talking
with different investors.

There's a big difference
between talking with investors

and talking to buyers.

Matthew... Matthew
wants to acquire

Holden for $200 million.

Man, for the last
time, I am not selling.


Yeah, well, this ain't
your company by yourself.

But you can't
sell it without me.

And it ain't gonna happen
unless I'm in a bodybag.

Yeah, well, if
that's what you want.

It's like that?


It's like that.

Everything OK?


Sorry if we caused
any disturbances.

You look amazing, by the way.

Thank you.

Can I borrow my husband?


Yeah, he's... he's all yours.

What's going on?

He wants to sell
Holden for $200 million.

So what's the problem?

Sell the company.

The problem is that
I don't want to sell.

You promised me you
would spend time with me.

Again, it's about you.

About me?

I try so hard.

I've worked so hard to
try and make you happy

and... and it's never enough.

You're selfish.
I'm selfish?


The last person you
can call selfish is me.

I've done nothing but give.

And I'm sick and tired of
coming second to your job.

Hey, Toni.

You all right?

Not really.

Look, it won't
always be like this.

Thank you.

I was just trying to get
him down the aisle, Mama.



Well, don't try too hard.

Maybe you're pushing him
away if you're trying...

I mean, he asked.

Oh, well, then
when are the plans?

We're going to plan soon.


He's just been busy
with the company.

Hey, hey.

How are you?


Thank you.

Have a seat.

See you.

Hey, babe.


You, uh... you ready to leave?

I know I am.

How are you gonna
leave your own party?

It's Marc.

I... I just I can't
with him right now.

That fool still
don't want to sell.

I'll just make
you a stiff drink.

Enjoy this old school music, and
I'm gonna check on you later.


All right?


All right.

Girl, who is that over
there talking to Marc?

I don't know.

But she's gorgeous.

And she looks like Marc's type.

Another drink.


Girl, you know you're not
supposed to be drinking.

Nicole, give me this drink.

I'm going over there.

Let me know if you need backup.

Well, don't you
look good tonight.

Carmen, why are you here?

Well, I just figured since
we was working on the article,

it wouldn't be right unless
I spoke to your wife.

That is not a good idea.

You need to go.

I'm here.

Hey, babe.

This is Carmen from
"Just Be Me" magazine.

She's doing an interview about
me and Victor and Holden.

It's so nice to meet you.

Such a beautiful dress, Toni.

So is Carmen the reason
you're out late at night?

Toni, don't do this.

Don't do what?

Just asking a question.

Uh, you shouldn't be drinking
that in your condition.

Oh, I... I didn't
know you were so sick.

You hide it so well.

I'm perfectly fine.


Well, listen, I don't know
what Marc has told you.

That's the thing, Carmen.

Marc always lies,
especially about what

he does late at night.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have come.

You're right.

You shouldn't have come.

But I do have something for you.

- You know what?
- What is this?

That's enough.
That's enough.

You need to go.

I think we should talk.

Handle this, or I will.

Bye, Toni.

Trampy ho.

Now, hold on.

After all these years,
you're still crazy.

I'm not crazy.

And all of this
should have been mine.

To my house!


How could you
embarrass me like that

in front of my guests?

Embarrass you?

Stop right now, son.

I'm trying to calm her down.

I am tired of her antics.

Every single time,
it's another episode!

I do not need you
stressing her any further

than she is right now.

No, no.

You don't get to talk
your way out of this one.

Out of what?

I heard you on the
phone last night!

I heard you talking
to another woman.

Was that her?

Did you sleep with her?

Did you sleep with her?


I did.

And she's not the only one.


Finally, for once in your life,
you want to tell the truth.

Maybe I wouldn't have
stepped out on our marriage

if you weren't constantly
having these mental episodes!

I hate...

I hate you!

You know what I am?

You know what I am?


I'm done.

I am done.

- Oh, you're done?
- I'm done.

You're done?

I don't need you anymore.

I'm calling Denver, and
I'm drawing up the papers.


I hate you!

You stupid bitch!

You could have killed him!

Shut up!

I hate you!

Come on, baby.


What, Marc?
Hold up.

Hold on.

I just need to...

What do you want, Nicole?

You know that's
not all her fault.

You're kidding me, right?

Come on, Marc.

You got this drop dead gorgeous
woman drooling all over you.

Of course she figured it out.

What did you expect?

You can't have your
cake and eat it, too.

You need to mind your
business and stay out of mine.


I want to talk to
you about Victor.

I'm not gonna talk
to you about our business.

You're not his wife,
and you're not mine.

So you don't need to know.

Oh my God.

Grandma, it smells so good.

You know you don't
have to do this, right?

I do have Maggie.

Honey, can't nobody cook
better than your grandma.

I can't argue with that.

How are you
feeling this morning?

I'm OK.

I just have this
migraine headache.

Have you seen Marc?


You check his office?

Yeah, wasn't there.

Checked the guest bedroom, too.

Baby, can I be frank with you?


I saw something in you
last night I don't like.

I know.

I know.

I'm just fed up.

I can understand that.

But you can't keep mixing
alcohol with your meds.

I know.

Trust me.

It only made it worse.

Is that Marc?

No, it's just a reminder.

Toni, what's going on?

Hey, Victor.

Have you talked to Marc?

No, I haven't.

He... he missed our monthly
board meeting this morning.


He never misses a meeting.

Yeah, I know.

He's... he's probably just
blowing off some steam.

Can you have him call me as soon

as you talk to him, please?



I will.

I'm sure he's fine.


Hey, girl.

Hey, girl.

How are you feeling?


Stressed, disrespected.



All the above.

Can you believe I haven't
talked to Marc all day?

I bet he's with another woman.

Probably that Carmen trick.

I'm surprised you ain't hit her.

You know I bopped her.

No, you didn't.

Got her right in her throat.

I should have bopped her.

Had the nerve to
show up at my house.

Do you think he was
serious about the divorce?

I don't know.

But we ain't never had a
fight like that before.

I mean, you know
we argue, we fight.

But we work through it.

I just need him to come back.

Y'all two always pull through.

You know, his ego might
be bruised a little bit,

but he gonna call you.

He ain't stupid.

That part.

Hello, Carmen?

Yes, this is she.

This is Marc's wife.

Oh, I didn't expect to
hear from you so soon.

Have you seen my husband?

Is he with you?

Oh, hold on 1 second.

Hey, Marc.

Are you here?

Marc, are you... are you there?

Look, I don't have
time for games, OK?

This is serious.

Look, I don't
have time for you questioning

me about a husband
that you clearly do

not know how to take care of.


You don't know what I
know how to take care of.

Your marital problems
are not my problems, OK?


Mrs. Carter, I'm
Detective McKenzie.

Thank you.


This is Detective Anderson.


So your husband, Marc
Carter, is missing?


I haven't seen him or
spoken to him in two days.

No one else has heard from
him, not even his mother.

Well, it says here that he
owns a boat and it's missing,


Perhaps he's just taken a trip.


Something's wrong.

OK, one thing I know about
my husband, he's consistent.

He wouldn't just
leave his company.

His company is everything.

OK, Mrs. Carter.

Why don't we start
with a list of people

that we should contact, a
description of the boat,

and we can put out a
missing persons bulletin.


What do you think?

Well, I'm pretty certain that
a highly successful man doesn't

just vanish into thin air.

Let's start with
the missing boat.

I'm with you.

This doesn't make any sense.

Marc would never just disappear.

I know.

Well, what did Toni
say when she called you?

That Marc hadn't been seen
since the night of the party.

What took her so long
to call the police?

I don't know.

I don't believe her.

She's lying.

London, please!

Mom, you know that
she's a nutcase.

I wouldn't put
anything past her.

Come on.

Calm down.

I'm just saying.




You found the boat?


Chesapeake Marina?

All right, I'll be right there.

Come on, baby.

Answer, please.

I don't know what's going on.



I don't know what to do.

It's been days.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's OK.

It's OK.

It's gonna be OK.


I didn't mean for you
to see me like this.

It's OK.

It's OK.

This view is so gorgeous.

I remember when Marc first found
this place, how happy he was.


Yeah, I remember when
he was telling me

he wanted a place of serenity.

And then he found this place.

And it was perfect.

Hey, uh, the detectives
are back at the house.

Do they have any news?

I... I don't know.

I came right out to get you.

Come on, let's go.

Detective McKenzie,
did you find Marc?

Toni, honey.

I need you to come sit down.

- Why?
- It...


What's wrong?

Who... who are you?

I'm Detective Anderson.

And we found your husband's boat
about 25 miles from your house.

It was docked at the
Chesapeake Marina.


Where is he?

Mrs. Carter, a body
washed up on the shore,

and we've confirmed it
is indeed your husband.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

No, you're lying!


You did this.

No, no, no, no!

You killed my brother!


I loved Marc!

You stupid bitch!

You stupid bitch!


You only wanted
him for his money!


His money!

No, I didn't.

I want to
live so God can use me.

I want to live so
God can use me.

Any time, any... any way...

Goodbye, little bro.

You'll forever be in my heart.

Oh, my Lord, I want to live.

I want to live so
God can use me.

Anybody want to live?

Any time...

Check this out.

Autopsy confirms homicide.

Question is, who had motive?

I mean, the guy was rich.

I'm sure he pissed
a few people off.

OK, so the primary
people we start with

are the wife, business
partner, and the sister.

But only because
she had money ties.

Yeah, but Marc Carter was a man

of means with expensive taste.


I'd be very surprised
if he didn't have more

mistresses than Carmen here.

Mistresses have
been known to kill.

Yeah, but fortunately for this
eyepiece, her alibi checks out.


So what do we got?

We got love.



And what?

Possible jealousy?

Which means they
all have motives.


So where do you want to start?


I'll start with
the company first.

- Yeah.
- See what I find.

What about Mr.
Carter as a person?

Were you two close?

He had a lot of admirers.

I just wasn't one of them.

And not like that.

He was my boss.

He was my mentor.

That's it.

The last time I talked to Marc
was at the anniversary party.

We had a little
disagreement, and I

stepped away to grab a drink.

Witnesses at the party
say it was pretty intense.

"Intense" is such a
strong word, Detective.

More like, had a
little heat to it.

So what was the
disagreement about?

Just business.

So these admirers
of his, did he ever

get involved with any of them?

Mr. Carter loved women.

I hated it for Toni, because
she really loved him.

He just treated her
like some status symbol.

Is it true that you and
Marc weren't on the same page

about selling Holden Gaming?

We were in discussions.

Well, from my understanding,
there was $200 million

on the line that Marc
was shooting down.

Now, Victor, that's a
lot of money to lose.

I don't like what you're
insinuating, Detective.

Just make your point.

Well, I'm just doing
my due diligence, Victor.

And to be frank, you're
one of the people

who had the most to gain
from Mr. Carter's death.

Marc and I were best friends.

We started this
business from scratch.

Yet you argued about selling it.

Was Mrs. Carter aware of
any of these indiscretions?

We all knew.

It... it was an open secret.

I remember she came
in one day, and she

was screaming about some
email that she'd found.

The whole office heard her.

The walls were shaking.


How long ago was this?

Maybe a year ago.

But nothing like that
has happened since.

Marc got into arguments with
a lot of different people.

He was stubborn like that.

That's just who he was.

Now, five minutes
after I stepped away,

Toni was coming at him
about something else.

So from your point of view,
how was the business doing?

It was good.

We doubled the company's
revenue in the last year.

I don't know what we're
gonna do now that he's gone.

One last question.

Where were you 2:00 AM,
the night of the party?

I was at home, making love
to my beautiful fiancée.


Any more questions?

Well, thank you for your time.

Sorry, Denver.

Had to get myself together.

No problem.

Sorry for the, uh, short notice.

I just needed to get
everyone under one roof.

OK, let's get started.

"I, Marc Devon Carter,
being of sound mind,"

do hereby declare this
document to be my last will

and testament, and hereby
revoke any and all other wills

heretofore made by me.

I appoint Denver Lawson to serve
as the personal representative

of my estate, and he will work
directly with my wife, Toni

Kathleen Carter, to make all
business decisions pertaining

to my business properties and
finances totaling $25 million.

If for any reason Toni Carter is
deemed unfit to make decisions,

Denver will serve as the
conservator of the estate

and Toni's rights
will temporarily pass

"to my mother, Doris Carter."

Wait a minute.

So you're saying if
Toni is deemed crazy,

Mom makes the
decision in her place?

London, stop.

Is that what you want, London?

You and your mom
to run my estate?

Marc's estate.

Ladies, please.

I'll be glad to answer any
questions once I've finished.

Uh, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Um, what's this here on page 6?

About a holding period
before we can even begin

discussions on selling Holden?

So there's a 60 day holding
period after death in which

the company cannot be sold.

After that time, if Miss
Carter is interested,

then you can enter
into negotiations

regarding sale of the company.

So I need both of
their signatures?

That is correct.

I'm just here to act
on Marc's wishes.

Don't shoot the messenger.


Toni, there are parties
interested in buying holding

for a minimum of $200 million.

I'm not ready, Victor.

Marc just died, for God's sake.

He didn't die.

He was murdered.

At least get that part straight.

Bitch, you got one
more time to try me.

Toni, baby, listen.

We know you've been
dealing with mental issues.

Maybe you should consider
letting me handle my business

until you get better.

I've been running the business
behind the scenes for years.

I know what I'm doing.

Oh, now the gold-digger thinks
she knows what she's doing.


Let me tell you something.

Oh, here we go.

You never respected
me as his wife.

You always want him to
choose between me and you.

And he chose me, his wife.

And if it wasn't
for me honoring him,

I would completely cut you out.

Toni, look.

I didn't mean anything by it.

I just wanted to
make sure you were

well enough to handle things.

Miss Doris, I'm fine.

I will not be
relinquishing my rights.

And I know Marc left you
completely taken care of.

So I suggest you take
whatever he gave you

and leave me the hell alone.

Now, I'm gonna leave before I
say something I might regret.

And the rest of you
can see your way out.

We'll handle this
tomorrow, Mr. Lawson.

Toni's beginning to give
us some real problems.

And you were supposed
to be working on her.

That is easier said than done.

She is a mess over Marc.

I'm afraid she's gonna have
another blackout or something.

Yeah, well, you
need to figure it out.

And fast.

Or we gonna lose this deal.

And I'm not having that.

I've been trying
to get away from this

company and Marc for years.

And even from the grave, he's
still making it hard for me!

What exactly do
you want me to do?

I want you to play
your damn position!

All right?

Either get Toni on
board with selling,

or get her fully committed.

I know if you get
Toni committed,

I can get Miss Doris on board.

And all you need is
Toni and Denver to sign?


Yeah, that's it.

I think I can make
something happen, if you

can get Miss Doris to sign.

Oh, I will.

Then we'll be $200
million richer.

Come here, girl.

August Washington?

Who's asking?

My name is Detective McKenzie.

I'm investigating the
murder of Marc Carter.

You have a moment
to speak with me?

Yeah, sure.

When was the last time
you saw the deceased?

At the anniversary party.

But it wasn't for long.

I had to leave early.

You have anyone who
can back up your alibi?

I do.

Do you know anyone
who would have

wanted to see Mr. Carter dead?

Man, I'm... I'm...

I'm just a landscaper.

All right.

I mind my business.

I do my job.

And Mr. Carter...

I'm sorry... the deceased,
paid me on time.


But if you think of anything
else, please, give me a call.

Absolutely will.



The last time I mixed alcohol
with my meds, it was bad.

Well, that's the point.

After the week you had,
you deserve a little drink.

A little wine ain't
gonna hurt nothing.



Victor told me the reading of
the will got a little rough.

Especially with
that bitch, London.

I can't stand her.

Have you spoken to your doctor?


I speak to him every day.

He gave me sleeping pills.

It makes me feel like a zombie.

Then I got Victor pressuring me
about selling Marc's company.

I mean, if Marc were alive,
I'd probably be begging

him to sell the company.

But I... he's not,
and I need time.

Look, if you sell, you
can get a fresh start.

You don't owe nobody
no explanations

for doing what's best for you.

Aren't you a piece of work?

Speak of the damn devil.

What are you doing in my house?

I see you still plotting
how to get even more money out

of my dead brother.

Get the hell out of my house.

I know you killed him.

And I'm not gonna stop
until your ass is locked up!

I didn't kill
nobody, but I do know

you better get out my house!

Or what?

Listen, you got a
lot of nerve coming up

in here accusing Toni.

She loved Marc.

Please, she loved his money!

Oh, and you didn't?

Weren't you always
begging him for a loan,

begging him for some money,
get your damn hair braided?

You don't know nothing about me!

- We know you ain't got no hair.
- Shut up!

I know you a leech.

That's what I know.

And I know the only
reason Marc ever

gave you anything is
because he felt sorry

for your little pathetic ass!

You're pathetic,
pining for a man that had

a vasectomy behind your back.

He was never gonna have
kids with your crazy ass!


Bitch, slow down.


Wait, wait!

You stupid bitch!

You cut me!



Toni, I'm gonna
have to call 911.

We can figure this out.

Toni, it's OK.

You're safe.

You're safe.

Where am I?

When I got the call, I had
them bring you here, to the New

Haven Mental Facility.


What's the last
thing you remember?

Um, I remember having lunch.

And London showed up.


Do you remember anything else?

No, I must have...

I must have blacked out.

Where... why... why are
my hands in restraints?

Last night, you attacked your
sister-in-law with a knife.


No, I didn't.

I did not... Let me out of here.
Get me out of here!

It's OK.
It's OK.

What do you mean, it's OK?
Let me out.

Everything is gonna be fine, OK?

We're just going to have
one of the nurses give you...

- No!
- Hold her down.


Give her the shot.

Go ahead, go ahead.

Doctor, thanks for
coming down tonight.

Of course.

Don't mention it.

So how is Mrs. Carter feeling?

She's fragile.

I mean, she doesn't
remember the incident,

but with time she will.


So what can you tell me
about her state of mind

before the incident?

Miss Carter suffers from
depression and anxiety,

which is not uncommon.

But it is uncommon to
attack someone with a knife.

Well for someone like Toni,
who lives this perfect life

in the public eye, to deal with
the deep pain that she carries

can be overwhelming.

Now, in the past
she has resorted

to cutting as a means
to ease the pain

and gain back a
sense of control.

Well, has she ever
attacked anyone before?

You know, become violent?

Not to my knowledge.

She's much more likely
to engage in self-harm.

Now, the incident with
her sister-in-law, that

was an extreme response.

Doctor, I'm gonna have
to speak with Mrs. Carter,

ask her some questions.

When she's more stable, we
could definitely arrange that.

Dr. Franklin, this is
a murder investigation.

I understand, but my duty
is to my patient first.

It's important that
I keep the stresses

around Toni down to a minimum.

We do that, then I think we'll
be able to take questions.

Can't believe you got
her fully committee.

What was I supposed to do?

She tried to kill herself.

I'm actually scared for her.

So maybe you should
have let her die.

I mean, that way I'd be
able to sell the company.

I can't believe
you just said that.

It's true.

It's true, OK?


Getting her committed
is not enough.

She hasn't been
deemed incapable.

I need her rights
to the company.

What do you want me to do?

I already got her put in!

You know what you need to do.

I'm not making you no promises.

I can't convince people to do
things they don't want to do.

Figure it out!

Because if you don't do whatever
you've got to do to get them

signatures, I'll
tell your best friend

that you were sleeping with
her husband behind her back.

You're an asshole.


Yeah, but what would
you be without me?


Hey, Miss Doris.

It's so good to see you.

Come on in, Victor.

How are you?

All right.

Uh, is... is London around?

No, she stepped out.

What's on your mind?

Um, look, I...

I know you must feel angry at
the way Toni came at London,

but I'm really
worried about her.

It would break Marc's
heart, seeing them like that.

I remember when
Holden first blew up.

Marc made me promise
him that if anything

ever happened to him, that...

To make sure that his
family was taken care of.

Now, I can't help
Toni, but I can make

sure you and London are OK.

What do you mean?

Look, there's... there's
nothing more that I want

for Toni than for her to be OK.

But right now she's...

She's just too unstable.

This is about selling
the company, isn't it?

Look, right now the offer
on the table is a good one.

Oh, OK, and I know you
worry about London.

I know.

But this way... this way you two
will be taken care of for life.

Victor, you and I both know
Marc didn't want to sell.

Yeah, but he also
thought he would be

here to help run the company.

Look, all... all I'm saying is
if... is if Toni gets deemed too

unfit, OK, I want us to be
able to work together to make

the best decision for everyone.

Just... just think about it.

If the time comes,
we'll talk about it then.


OK, good enough.

Good enough.

Denver, so good to see you.

You too.

I was worried about you.

How are you doing, love?


I'm scared, though.

The doctor extended
my stay, so I can

deal with the outside world.

I can...

I can only imagine,
with everything

that you've been through.

Listen, I... I'm sorry
to bring this up,

but we need to talk about
Marc's family and Victor.

What happened?

Let's just say that I
need you to get out of here,

because both Victor
and London have

reached out to me
about getting you

deemed unfit to make decisions.

I expected it from London.


That's a blow.

Toni, I think they're
gonna do anything

they can to keep you here.

I know.

Listen, get me out of here.


Denver, you cannot let them
take Marc's part of the company.


Don't worry.

I won't let them take
what's rightfully yours.

You need anything, I'll
be right outside the door.

Thank you, Doctor.

Mrs. Carter.


I hope you're feeling better.

I am.

I understand you wanted to talk
to me about my husband's case.


How were things between
you and your husband?

Things were good.

I know your husband
had some indiscretions.

You're talking
about the other women.

Every marriage has its problems.

Well I'm sure
that made you angry.

It did.

But it didn't make
me want to kill him.

I loved him.
Did you?

I did.

Is it true that you and
Marc were getting a divorce?

I know what you're thinking,
but I didn't kill him.

Well, then who
did, Mrs. Carter?

Did you talk to Victor?

I know he wanted to
sell the company,

and Marc was
completely against it.

His alibi checks
out, Mrs. Carter.

Right now, you're out
number one suspect.

I loved him.

We were planning
to start a family.

A family?

According to your
husband's medical records,

he had a vasectomy.




No, you're lying.

- Mrs...
- You're lying.

Mrs. Carter!

No, no, no!

Calm down.

Dr. Franklin!
You're lying.

You're lying!

Dr. Franklin!

You're lying!

He didn't!

No, no, no!

Restrain her, restrain her!

No, no, there's no way!

I didn't do it.

I didn't kill my husband!

Wait, wait!

Please, no!

No, no, no, no!

No way.

No, I didn't do it.

I didn't do it!

Nicole, I thought this
was a business meeting.

Oh, it is a business meeting.



So why are you here?


What about her?

Oh, you haven't heard?

Heard what?

She had a meltdown
when Detective McKenzie

went to go question her.

She had to be restrained.


What are you doing?

I'm calling Dr. Franklin.

I need to check on Toni.

She's in a place with
doctors all around her.

She'll be fine.

Uh, what are you doing?

Trying to have a conversation.

I'm listening.

We both know that Toni
is not fit right now.

Nicole, she has
not been declared

unfit to make decisions.

I know.

As you know, Holden has
a big deal on the table.

I can't sign for Toni.

You know that.

Denver, Toni trusts you.

You can convince her to sign
before we lose this deal.


Look, there's a lot for
everybody to benefit here.

It's $200 million.

You don't really
think I wouldn't let

you get a piece of that pie?

That is, unless you like pie.

Baby, I know this is rough.

But you're gonna get through it.

It's so hard, Grandma.

I'm trying to keep it together.

And you will.

You will.

Your mother suffered
with the same issues.

Depression and anxiety had
her all over the place.

Mama killed herself.

Honey, she refused to get help.

You didn't.

Now, I have talked to
Dr. Franklin every day,

and he says you're
doing really well.

Baby, you've been through a lot.

And you know I'm gonna
get you the best help.

I love you, Grandma.


Thank you.

I brought you a friendly
face with me today.

You two catch up while
I go talk to the doctor.

Baby, I love you.

They're all just pawns, honey.


Hey, August.

So good to see you.

I have more, but um, they
wouldn't let me bring him in.

So I snuck this one in for you.

So sweet.

Well, I'd like to see
a smile on your face.

So I got the books
that you wanted.

Thank you.

So I mean, how have
you... how have you been?

I mean, you... you look better.

Honestly I'm scared.

They think I did it.

Hey, hey, hey.

Don't... don't... don't
worry about that.

That... that'll never stick,
I know you didn't do this.

Toni, I... I know you.

Anything you need me
to do, I'll do it.

Thank you, Mrs. Carter,
for meeting with me again.

I want to do whatever I can
to help solve my husband's case.


Tell me about the fight you
had the night of the party.

It was stupid, really.

Um, honestly, I just let
my jealousy take hold.

I... he invited
somebody to the party

I thought he was sleeping with.

I mixed my alcohol with
meds, and I fell asleep.

All night.

I see.

This is your husband's
boat, correct?


It is that blood?

Mrs. Carter, your
husband was bludgeoned

to death with a blunt
object and thrown overboard.

Oh my God.

Why would somebody do that?

Toni, this was an
impulsive act, unplanned,

the kind of thing a
person does out of anger.

Do you know who this is?


Looks a lot like you.

That's not me.

You're sure?

Yes, it's not me.

Recognize this?


Marc gave me that bracelet.

I was wearing it the
night of the party.

Where did you get it?

Mrs. Carter, it was
found on the boat.

Detective, someone
is trying to set me up.

Who, Mrs. Carter?

Victor, I told you that.

His alibi checks out!

Take a seat.

Let me prove it.


Just exactly how are you
going to help me prove it?


Nicole is covering for Victor.

If you just let me call
Nicole, I can prove it!

I'm not sure that's advisable.

Please, I have to do this!

If Victor is the murderer,
that means Nicole is in danger.

Detective McKenzie,
I have to call her.


I can prove it!

Nicole, I'm freaking out.

No, you have to come up here.

No, it has to be now.

It's about Victor.

Oh, my goodness.


Oh, you look awful.

You OK?


Exactly what I need
to hear right now.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that.

What's going on?

You sounded frantic
on the phone.

Nicole, I'm so scared.

They think I killed Marc.

But... no, you
could never do that.

I know.

That's what I told them.

But they're not Listening.

Nicole, I got to
tell you something.

Baby, what is it?

I know you love Victor.

And I know he was best
friends with Marc.

But I think he did it.

What do you mean?

I think he killed Marc.

Well, maybe... maybe he
hired someone to do it.

I don't know.

I'm not sure.

Toni, that is the craziest
thing you've ever said.

I know it sounds crazy.

But think about it.

Victor was the only
one that had something

to gain from Marc's death.

And he had the means to do it.

I think he killed Marc.

And now he's trying to frame me.

Toni, Victor was
with me that night.

I know he didn't do it.

We went straight
home after the party,

and I know he didn't leave.

I know you're trying
to protect Victor,

but you don't have
to protect him.

I got to tell you,
Doc, this isn't looking

too good for your patient.

Just give it a second.

See how this plays out.

This is awful for you,
and that you are still

in deep grief over Marc, but...

But it's taking you to extremes.

Girl, listen to yourself.

Oh, fuck.

Oh my God.

You're right.

I just miss him.

And I just keep
thinking about how

awful I was to him sometimes.

And how I didn't appreciate
that he was trying.

He knows that you loved him.


Even... even with
all of his faults.

Do you still have that bracelet

that I gave you at the party?

Oh, now, this is interesting.

It's the only thing I have
left that Marc tried to give

to me that I didn't appreciate.

Of course I still have it.

You gave it to me.
Oh my God.

Thank God.

Can I have it back, please?


You practically threw it at me.

Yeah, I was being spiteful.

I was angry.

That's the one thing I have
left that Marc gave to me.

Because everything
else he gave you wasn't

good enough for you, huh?

Why are you so angry?

It is always
about you, isn't it?

Nicole, I'm just trying to...

You had the perfect life,
but that wasn't enough for you.

You had a gorgeous
husband who adored you.

But you couldn't
support his dreams.

No, you wanted him to
cater to your every whim.

Hell, you want everybody in here
to cater to your every whim.

I begged Marc to leave
you, but he wouldn't.


You heard me.

All you did was whine
about everything.

So this is the one thing
you will not get back,

because that
bracelet should have

been mine in the first place.

Um, you mean you and Marc?

Me and Marc.

Marc and I had been seeing
each other for over a year.

He couldn't deal
with your crazy ass.

I consoled him.

I was his relief from the
wife he didn't want kids with.

If it wasn't for his
crazy devotion for you,

he'd still be alive.

That's a confession.


I'm gonna be sick.

Toni, before I walk out of
here and never talk to you

again, I want you
to know the truth.

It wasn't Victor.

It was you.

We spent so many nights
out there on that boat.

When he drove away, I knew
he was going to our spot

at Chesapeake Marina.

So I drove over here
and I got on board.

God, Nicole, how could you?

I didn't mean to.

I tried to reason with him.

I told him he could
just sell the company

and we could run off together.

But he didn't listen.

And then he had the nerve
to bring his other side

piece to the party.


I just...

I... I snapped.

And I grabbed that
fire extinguisher,

and I hit him in
his entitled face.

And when he went
down, I hit him again.

But I didn't mean to kill him.

I loved him, too.

I gave so much to him, but every
time I did, he just chose you.


Nobody's gonna believe
you, you crazy bitch!

Thank you for killing
my husband for me.

You did me a favor, bestie!


Toni, enough, enough!


Go to jail, bitch!

No, no!

Go to jail, bitch!


Rest, Toni.

Just calm down.

How'd you know?

The bracelet.


I don't have to
fake it, so I guess

I won't need these anymore.


Let's go, my queen.

Let's go.

And you need to
check those accounts.

My brother was a millionaire.

I know there's
something in there.

Sorry, ma'am.

I've checked the
account several times.

The account is at 0.

It's been closed.

Have a good day.

What did she do?

Now that we got
that out of the way.


Now give me some.

- Toni.
- Take it off.


Anything you need
me to do, I'll do it.

Is that Marc?

No, it's just a reminder.

Mrs. Carter has a
proposition for you.

I want it bad.

I want a piece of you.

Diamonds and things,
without any strings.

If it ain't about money,
then what's it about?

Stick to the plan.

There's too much to count.

I need a trophy.

I need a trophy wife.

I need a trophy.

I need a trophy.

I need a trophy wife.

I need a trophy.

It ain't about money,
then what's it about?

Stick to the plan.

There's too much to count.

I want it bad.

I want a piece of you.

Diamonds and things,
without any strings.

If it ain't about money,
then what's it about?

This is the thing.

There's too much to count.

I need a trophy.

I need a trophy wife.

I need a trophy.

I need a trophy.

I need a trophy wife.

I need a trophy.

If it ain't about money,
then what's it about?

Stick to the plan.

It's too much to count.

I don't even know who to trust.

Money can make your
adrenaline rush.

Even your family
be doing too much.

You want to love, OK for lust.

I ride alone when I'm
traveling to places.

Want me a ship, but
I had to be patient.

Then they forget all the
bread you was breaking.

I said, whatever I came
with it, I'm taking it.

They want what I have,
and want what I got.

I try to be clutch.

I'm rich and I'm cut.

This shit's like a
movie, thick is the plot.

You say you love me.

I hear that a lot.

However silent, time to favor.

We'll shoot for the street.

It's too late to savor.

I got the cheat code.

I got the data.

If it ain't about money,
I'll talk to you later.