Trondheim på film: Del 1 (2019) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Here we will have playing grounds
and here we shall have industry

that future generations
were also satisfied.

I was impressed by
the colorful maps.

Eventually it dawned on me
me that the green fields -

- was set aside for agriculture.

The brown areas were
areas where there were now homes.

The reds were planned residential areas.

The light blues were areas
where it was industry.

The dark blues were set aside for new industry.

The violets were for all kinds of schools.

The yellow ones showed parks and green areas.

There was no shortage of plans.

Many were upset
that the actors -

- had such bad
working conditions in the old theater.

Yes, the city needed a new
theater and a new town hall.

The town hall and the theater
should lie in the middle of the city.

In a whole it was a great
width in the cultural life of the city.

Out on Ringve, a farm where
great chieftens had lived, -

- it was a protected place -

with a unique collection of
musical instruments from around the world.

The barn was the funniest
concert hall I've seen.

People came from everywhere
to study the collections -

- or attend the intimate concerts -

- or the musical tableaux.

The music activity was inspiring.

Wherever I went
I heard musicians rehearsing.

Everyone prepared
the great interplay of the orchestra.

That I should ever get
skis on my feet, I had never thought.

But I had to!

Because in Trondheim the mothers brought
even young babies out in the ski terrain.

While I admired the children and young people, -

- it struck me that it was
for these all the drawings, -

- the models and future plans were made.

So that their living conditions
can get even better!

For me, Trondheim was an adventure!

Here the elected representatives used
imagination, time and abilities -

- to plan for the generations
that come after them.

What was the most important thing
I learned during my studies in Trondheim?

You do not jump into
the future without being prepared!

Without good planning.

And that wasn't that the secret to
the tremendous growth up here in the north?

Willingness to look ahead,
look into the future -

- even though much was still in the dark.